Those of you who support the old corporation way, you are free to go to Hell and die, because you are not welcome here!

- Torrent

The New Wranploer Legion was one of the three largest remnants of the Borealis Consortium Network, along with the Oltauris Consortium and the Children of Synthesis.



The New Legion was formed during the first year of the Ice Age, when Torrent united several Wranploer remnants under his rule via intimidation and ordered them to expand. Torrent constantly blamed Falrik Zaarkhun for the Wranploer's defeat the Second Borealis Galactic War and claimed he would bring the Wranploer back to their old glory once again. Though, he had his own intentions in mind.

Cloning Scheme[]

Torrent's plan was revealed to be cloning the Kvargo race back to life and make it replace the Wranploer as the leaders of the empire. To do so, Torrent joined forces with the Guild of Shadows and started kidnapping scientists across the galaxy to make the perfect clone. Additionally, these scientists were forced to create special, super-powered nanomachines to be used on Torrent, his lieutenants and his future clones. Before he could make a working clone, though, the New Legion found itself threatened by Billig Oltauris, the Draconid Imperium and the Khaxvis Resurgence who all acted against them. Torrent formed the special ops unit known as Dark Grip as a rival force to the Polar Crystal Alliance's Penumbra Unit, and while this managed to delay Torrent's problems, it was not capable to get rid of them completely.

Torrent's plans were foiled when his headquarters were invaded by the Penumbra Unit and the Children of Synthesis. His perfect Kvargo clone was destroyed as well as his base, and the scientists he was keeping hostage were all saved. Torrent went into hiding due to being traumatized by Vorius, leaving Dark Grip in control of the empire. The attack, in combination to Torrent's disappearance and all the threats around it, caused the New Legion to fall into disarray until Torrent's return several months later.

War with the Alliance[]

Due to his multiple failures against the Polar Crystal Alliance and his traumatic experiences with Vorius, Torrent's leadership in the New Legion deteriorated considerably. Their attacks on the Alliance became frantic, disorganized and desperate in nature, with little planning involved. The New Legion attempted to usurp the Murgur Warbands but were stopped by Vekaron once more, and as time passed, its citizens began questioning how efficient of a leader Torrent really was. The New Legion would later launch a tremendous attack on the space-station of Hyperborea in an attempt to kill off the Polar Crystal Council, but as usual, their plans were thwarted by Vekaron and his team.

The New Legion would suffer retaliation three days later as the Alliance attacked back, locating Torrent's headquarters and destroying it. Torrent was finally killed off and all members of Dark Grip were neutralized, causing the New Legion to fall in complete disarray once more and become an easy target to the Alliance's fleets. The New Wranploer Legion was destroyed, and the Wranploer themselves were left at the blink of extinction.




Because the New Legion scrapped most Zaarkhun Consortium-related ideals, they were a considerably hostile empire who made deals with very little people and preferred to seek and loot instead of make negotiations. The New Legion actively sought and destroyed private military companies, seeing them as more harm then good for themselves, and assimilated any surviving soldiers or techs of said PMCs into their own empire.


The New Wranploer Legion's society worked in a similar fashion to its predecessor. Citizens lived surrounded by war and battles, with slaves to work for them. They had compulsory severe training for battle, and would rarely have any time for rest. Only the successful criminals or businessmen survived, as they would be able to afford a much better way of living. The main difference, however, was that the class system judged by species was completely eliminated by Torrent, meaning all citizens with the exceptions of slaves had equal rights.


The cities on the New Wranploer Legion were much like those of its predecessor. The cities varied from poor, run down towns, to rich palaces, and huge towers which appeared much richer than the rest of Borealis. The cities were made of various materials, and the healthcare varied from very good to very bad, depending on how rich the inhabitants were, which was determined by how successful criminals they were.



The New Wranploer Legion's fleet remains unchanged from that of the BCN. The ships all used the Cold Relay travel network in Borealis, and zero-point energy, as well as other stolen power sources in their vehicles.


The New Wranploer Legion's fleet weaponry remained unchanged from that of the BCN. They acquired their weaponry by stealing them, and from the black market.

  • Infantry
    • High powered particle weapons - Illegal for infantry usage across Borealis, due to its immense power and being generally unsafe
    • Subatomic disruptors - Weapons which eat away at the inside cells of organisms, causing a slow, very painful death
  • Starship
    • High powered hypermatter weapons
    • Spacetime weapons - Weapons stolen from the Vyronicia ships, and even banned by UNO, are frequently used
    • Gluonic weapons



I'll bring you back to glory, you wanting it or not.

  • Name - Torrent
  • Species - Kvargo
  • Status - Deceased

Torrent was the founder and leader of the New Wranploer Legion. Formerly the right-hand man of General Volim, Torrent wished to recreate the Wranploer's empire through all means necessary, so that he could create his own legacy where Volim failed. And like Volim, he also failed.

Brakarion Graron.png

Come at me, Alliance. I will stomp you all under my feet in the name of the Warlord!

Brakarion Gragon was an Elder Levarcor who serves as the leader of Dark Grip, Torrent's special agents. Formerly a captain of the Borealis Consortium Network, Brakarion was found by Torrent and offered a position of power for his battle and leadership skills. Extremely large, strong and intelligent, Brakarion had been given a lesser variant of Torrent's nanomachines, making him one of the most formidable individuals in the New Legion along with the rest of his unit.

Kravh Helljaw.png

Grrrh! This...is my paradise of hell!!!

Kravh Helljaw was a psychotic Varkorus who served as one of the lieutenants of Dark Grip, Torrent's special agents. Unlike the rest of Dark Grip, Kravh was never officially a soldier and was instead a serial killer well known for causing chaos and arsoning on his path. He was eventually contacted by Torrent, who convinced him to join his cause in exchange of freedom to burn and destroy everything he wanted. Through a series of cybernetic implants and mechanisms, Kravh could launch explosive fireballs as well as set himself completely on fire. Like the rest of Dark Grip, he also had a lesser variant of Torrent's nanomachines. He fully experienced the pain of being burned, but did nothing about it, for it was a pain he loved.


The age of the Zí-Jittorám is over. The age of the Sankáryn begins now.

  • Name - T'enth-ei
  • Species - Sankáryn
  • Status - Deceased

T'enth-ei was a Sankáryn who served as another lieutenant of Dark Grip, Torrent's special agents. Formerly a scout of the old Wranploer Legion and Consortium Network, T'enth-ei was chosen by Torrent for the need of an agile agent and for T'enth-ei's positive combat experience. Equipped with several mechanical implants on his legs, T'enth-ei was capable of running at the speed of average 460 m/s, with his highest recorded speed being 820 m/s. was is equipped with special head implants which negated his species' common weakness toward loud sounds and also possessed several plasma shooters mounted on his shoulders. He could attack his enemies by using a pair of large vibroblades or by outright ramming into them at high speed. Like the rest of Dark Grip, he also had a lesser variant of Torrent's nanomachines.

Dolgan Tuchaki.png

The one deemed "fragile sex" will break your bones into pieces and splash your entrails across the wall.

Dolgan Tuchaki was a Borealis Zazane who served as another lieutenant of Dark Grip. One of the few Borealis Zazane still involved with Borealis crime, Dolgan was chosen by Torrent to be a member of Dark Grip due to her exceptional skills. Personality-wise, calling her a tomboy was an understatement. She was considered overly masculine in attitude, always partaking in "manly" actions and had a distaste toward "others' desire to pass their seeds". She was equipped with a special sniper rifle-coilgun hybrid that fired powerful antimatter-fueled bullets that caused extreme collateral damage to her enemies. Additionally, she was equipped with camouflage equipment which allowed her to become invisible to the naked eye, so she could approach and backstab her enemies.


We free the galaxy, one homicide at a time.

Xegriek was a Niaka who served as another lieutenant of Dark Grip. Formerly a member of the Old Niaka Order, he had the lower half of his body destroyed in a battle against the Niaka Special Forces and replaced with multiple robotic appendages. He joined the New Wranploer Legion sometime after the Second War, where he was chosen as a member of Dark Grip for his fame across the Arm of Wildness. Xegriek fought by using a special, tremendously powerful mecha suit created from the best parts the black market had to offer, and he believed serving under Torrent would bring Borealis to a new age where there were no more rulers to be followed and no more oppressive empires like the Special Forces to stand on his way.


Born of the blood of traitors, I will give them a reason to hate me. All of them.

  • Name - Chahenthras
  • Species - Zoles
  • Status - Deceased

Chahenthras was a Zoles who served as another lieutenant of Dark Grip. Born and raised within an exiled clan of Zoles traitors, Chahenthras was the last of her kind after she had witnessed the merciless execution of her family in her younger days. Chahenthras was regarded as an expert in terms of her engineering feats and intelligence-gathering skills, often used as a means to gather information for Torrent rather than fight on the frontlines, and fought using multiple cybernetic limbs that stemmed from her back alongside a multi-bladed polearm when she was exposed in the open. She was not afraid to manipulate and deceive enemies when necessary and enjoyed watching her enemies, specifically Zoles of the Imperium, suffer - in contrast, she desired a liberated galaxy, free of empires where people were allowed to live as they pleased as long as they were willing to fight and die for it. Due to her nature as a Zoles she was often abused by Torrent and others, and was commonly regarded as the weakest of Dark Grip's lieutenants.



Yellow face.pngWe may make deals together.


Orange face.pngStay out of our path.

  • Da Rogue Boyz - If you do not show use, we shall eliminate you too.


Red face.pngTime to die!


You're annoying.

- Lemmo

Hmph. Never liked pirates.

- Venoriel

Pirates? Organized, unified? Hmph, only in Borealis.

- Tyraz

Freedom has never been so guilty.

- Crispy


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