Our forefathers had build the greatest force of democracy ever known to Andromeda - and this force won't vanish without a trace! It is an imperative that the new Tertamian Alliance must arise - a rightful heir to the old one.

- President S'Nar's speech upon the foundation of the Alliance

The New Tertamian Alliance is a (self-proclaimed) protector of democracy in Andromeda Galaxy, a federation of worlds spread over Segmentum Umbra, one of the more obscure parts of the galaxy ruled by the vast and omnipresent Grand Council. The Alliance acts as an agent of civilisation in this primarily lawless region, and incorporates many species, most notably the Tertanai; by the very name of the nation it is seen that the Alliance is his creation; the descendants of the ancient proudly declaring themselves the descendants and heirs to the Tertamian Alliance of the old times.

While the NTA seemingly serves the ideals of democracy and pledges its allegiance to Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, currently the most infulental force in the galaxy, the Alliance is not without corruption and darkness in its heart. Being an amalgamation of many different cultures and species, NTA worlds are not always at peace with each other, and members of the Grand Council, while benevolent, are far from being paragons of purity either; there is still corruption within.




The infamous Battle for Cathemera is considered to be a catalyst for NTA's formation.

The NTA's history dates back to the Andromeda War, where the first major contact of Andromedan community and Segmentum Umbra was estabilished through AGC diplomats. The sight of a far more advanced civilisation intrigued many species and civilisations; the most intrigued were Imperix, Tertanai and Solarites: for them, an intervention of just few members of the outer civilisation changed everything; Imperix and Tertanai were saved from a brink of extinction while Solarites experienced a great, if brutal, revolution that made their society quite different.

The following conflict on Cathemera was even more awe-inspiring for Umbra inhabitants. The battle was closer to something they saw in holodramas than on a true battlefield; wonders of technology shown by warriors of AGC and DCP did affect the Umbra soldiers who fought there. It was obvious that those who returned now did want their society to become greater, to match with the others. A secret meeting was called between Imperix, Tertanai and Solarite leaders, and they three have formed an agreement; the species of Segmentum Umbra would unite in a force akin to AGC and their united efforts will bring the whole region to glory. The accord was made and Tertanai, Imperix and Solarites soon officially merged their nations into the New Tertamian Alliance. A powerful Imperix politician and rhetorician, Consule S'Nar, was elected a President of the new state to lead it, while the Tertanai leader, Lamenar Reminocles, pledged to act as S'Nar's advisor and right hand. The militant rebel-turned-dictator of Solarites, Aurenon, was put it in charge of NTA's war and intelligence affairs.


For the following months, NTA has been absorbing more species from Segmentum Umbra while maintaining good relationships with AGC; eventually, they did join the great alliance. Over time, the Alliance's citizen grew to dislike the similarily growing Coalition of Twilight Sector; neverthless, both nations still worked together, most notably in charge of AGC's recently founded archeologist force, Commonwealth Reclamation Service, dominated by Artharons, Coalition species with knowledge of Rades relics, and Tertanai with the knowledge of Tertamian ones.

After estabilishing itself as the formidable power in Andromeda, the Grand Council of the Alliance decided that it was time for the people of the New Tertame to expand further - beyond their home galaxy. Under the Prime Minister's decree, the brightest scientists of the NTA started researching the Il'larionian Cold Relay, the ancient machine that brought the UNO armies from Borealis Galaxy during the Second Borealis Galactic War. While the first attempt to make the Relay work in the opposite way resulted in the Alliance's greatest mind, professor Lanatonos, vanishing, the NTA scientists did not intend stop, and eventually their efforts became fruitful; the Il'larionian Cold Relay could now transport ships from Andromeda to Borealis rather than the other way around. The explorer sent to the mysterious galaxy, captain Lemmo Meronis, soon returned with tales of ancient empires akin to the Tertamians of Andromeda, apocalyptic wars and, above all, vast riches to be plundered. The Council's response was swift: Borealis was to be colonised.

Arriving in Borealis, the NTA's fleets estabilished a foothold in the galaxy and started expanding in the Arm of Wildness, hunting for Kormacvar relics at the same time. The newfound artifacts boosted the Alliance's technological level greatly and, along with technology reverse engineered from the Borealis Grox Empire, has ushered a new age for the New Tertame's citizen.



The Alliance is built on diversity. All species are welcome and all species are equal. Yes, some may be more equal than others, but that's the sad fact of life that we can't really change.

- Prime Minister Reminocles

Unlike many other societies that form the AGC, like Draconid Imperium, the national and species' equality is maintained; no species is considered to be inferior or superior and all have an equal say in the Grand Council. Theoretically, at least. Practically, several species like Tertanai generally dominate the Alliance society; however, this domination is not as extreme as in other nations: this is the reason so many species join the alliance; as long as they pay tithes and uphold the Alliance law, their life changes little.


Eyes and ears, our shields and spears.

- A Tertanai saying that is often used by members of the NTA intelligence agencies

The New Tertamian Alliance's military force, the Tertamian Security Force, is much smaller in scale than it should be for such a large civilisation, lacking the Divinarium's technology, Brood of War's might or Draconid Imperium's training; most of the Security Force is, fitting its name, remaining in Segmentum Umbra and NTA's military operations outside it are quite limited. The Security Force is composed of well-trained soldiers funded by several major corporations within the Alliance and overall has an irregular, independent nature; every soldier is trained to operate on its own as much as within its squad, and that means that even a small Tertamian force is able to operate with relative ease.

However, much more important branch of the Security Force is the Tertamian Ministry of Intelligence, an army of agents and spies meant to gather information from all the Gigaquadrant. The network of spies used by the Alliance is quite extensive, especially for such a young nation, and expands actively. The agents of the TMI are ready to do whatever it means to expand Tertamian influence across the galaxy.


The key to the New Tertamian Alliance's society is liberalism; democracy is the prime value to most of the Alliance's citizen and even its less liberal members, like the Solarites, do agree with at, at least partially. A citizen should have full rights to fulfill his dreams and goals; as such, citizen are allowed, and encouraged to, to form organisations to represent their goals and ideas; there are many politic parties vying for dominance in the Grand Council. Of course, the exact culture differs from a world to world; vestiges of the dictatorial regime still remain in Solarite space in form of extensive police forces and brutal governors and Tertanai still debate and scheme in the great halls on Il'larion.

Economy in the Alliance is primarily capitalist and many things in NTA are not state-funded but provided by large corporations, cartels and other economic organisations; if you have the money to afford it, you will live in luxury. Overall the Alliance's government has a certain meritocratic view towards its citizen; the state only provides the possibility for those who have wits and talent to rise above the others.


The main NTA legislative and, partially, executive branch of the government is so-called Grand Council, the unicameral parliament that holds most of the power. The Council decides laws and also has a major voice in important decisions in internal and external politics; however, the Council shares this voice with two other members of the government: President of the Alliance, elected on a longer term independently from the councillors, and its prime minister, a "first among equals" chosen by the Council to maintain its functioning.

The Alliance's space is divided into autonomous regions, largely independent sectors of space chosen by national principle; for example, the space that once belonged to the Consulate of Erix forms autonomous region Erix. The exact method of governance varies greatly from a region to region. Usually, the current leaders of the region are given the title of Dominion and continue to rule without much control; however, elected governors loyal to the Council itself restrain and oversee these local rulers: sometimes, these two positions are one and the same. The Grand Council generally cares about the welldoing of regions, although as often it shows a blind eye to whatever atrocities happen there.


The New Tertamian Alliance's worlds are all different from each other. As it is composed of several species, each bringing its own customs and architecture into it, and since there are little to no borders inside the Alliance; these species are venturing from world to world; those who are less advanced often become servants to more advanced, fleeing their own planets to find work and a place in a massive society of the NTA. As such, cultures merge and clash, which causes conflict and nationalism often.

While Il'larion and other major region capitals, such as Erix or Helia, are highly important, the Council operates from a small moon called Pheon, a faraway colony world in the core of NTA space. The reason for this was to ease the conflict of multiple cultures (choosing Erix, for example, would signify Imperix dominance over other species, which non-Imperix wouldn't enjoy obviously) as well as for security reasons: Il'larion, for example, is very close to Crystalline space and as such not suitable for a capital.



President & Ministers


At last, the time of the New Tertame has come!

  • Name - S'nar
  • Age - 30
  • Species - Imperix
  • Position - Head of state

S'nar's two defining characteristics mirror each other in some way: he can be easily impressed and can impress easily. Inspired by the legendary leaders of the Exitus wars to become a consul, he used his charisma to earn his people's respect and adoration; as he found himself in the position of leadership, however, he realised that there was nothing interesting at his position, only administration and bureaucracy.

The sight of outside heroes saving his world from the Grox invasion, however, did change the young Imperix's viewpoint on politics. His interest in the ancient Tertamian Alliance as well as the modern galactic superpowers grew and S'nar found a new meaning in life: he now imagined himself as a head of a mighty Andromedan empire, spanning countless worlds. Thanks to Reminocles' aid, his dreams were soon realised.

Now, the visionary Imperix has but one imperative: to make the new Tertamian Alliance as powerful as the old one. While leaders of the more estabilished powers in Andromeda look down at young S'nar and are slightly creeped out by his attitude, he does not care. He found his place in life and the crowds adore him - what else can one possibly want?


I like my new position.

While S'nar is the public leader of the New Tertamian Alliance and its "face", it is Reminocles' duty to keep it together and administer those worlds that S'nar won over with his charisma. A supreme bureaucrat and a head of the NTA government, Reminocles' face rarely appears on the holovision, but his power is great and in some way, exceeds S'nar's. He acts like the president's advisor: telling him what to say, providing him insight on politics and informing him of events to come. S'nar trusts his prime minister greatly, and the two share supreme power over the Alliance equally. Reminocles' position also allows him to easily get what he wants; he is not above taking a million or two out of the Alliance's government budget when he wants to.

A veteran of the war with the Crystalline Hive, Reminocles found himself in charge of his people, the Tertanai, in face of the great crisis; since the Archon of the Ascendancy died during a Crystalline attack, Reminocles, at this time a prime minister, became the leader until proper elections could be made. It was during the war that he secured the future of Tertanai by going into hiding.

Reminocles sees S'nar both as a powerful speaker to be admired and as a naive child; sometimes he acts like a mentor to him - when he cares, that's it. After all, years of warfare eventually made bitter, and then, cynical and uncaring; he does not believe in any ideals and considers politics to be a dirty job where everything is allowed to succeed. Neverthless, when impressed, he can be a good friend and will lend a hand to those who he cares about; the only problem is that impressing Reminocles is practically impossible.


If you truly want freedom, then you must fight for it.

  • Name - Tarsus Aurenon
  • Age - 34
  • Species - Solarite
  • Position - Commander-in-chief

Tarsus Aurenon is considered by many to be a fallen hero, one who fought monsters but eventually became one in his pursuit of justice: other Solarites and Tarsus himself might disagree, but that the NTA minister of war is a merciless man is certain. Coming out of downthrodden Solarite masses, he faced the worst aspects of Helia's military dictatorship; he had the will to fight and that was all about it; through tenacity and willpower, his revolution survived and became a major threat to the Solarite ruling junta. As the battle continued however, he answered cruelty with cruelty, spreading terror across the planets he liberated from the junta. Eventually (not without the help of AGC, though) his revolution did succeed and Aurenon became the Solarites' ruler: in some way, one tyrant replaced another.

While ruthless and violent, Tarsus, despite what many say, did not lose his ideals in the flames of war; he did not forget what he fought for and he shows deep respect for his fellow soldiers and revolutionaries, and while he does not fear throwing millions to their deaths, he is as willing to sacrifice himself for the cause; his many scars and his missing eyes are a living proof of this.

Currently a NTA Minister of Warfare, Tarsus oversees the organisation and functioning of the Alliance's military forces. While he rarely fights on the battlefields himself nowadays, he is still a soldier in his heart and tries to meet his men as often as possible; due to the hardships of administration, such precendents are rare nowadays, especially that his own homeworld is now under the attack of the Old Order, a group of terrorists formed from the old military rulers of Helia.

The Grand Council

Lady Nelana.png

Show some respect to a true Tirarian aristocrat, commoner.

  • Name - Nelana mi Anar Satelemene
  • Age - 34
  • Species - Tertanai
  • Region represented - Illaria

Nelana's look, demeanor, accent and apparel are all quite distinct among the modern Tertanai; she carries the blood of the Tirarian Empire's nobility; once a thriving nation, the Empire fell to corruption and decadence and was ultimately finished by the Crystalline Hive invasion. Nelana is still proud of her fallen home and the noble house of Satelemene she was born to, even despite the fact she was practically disowned by her family, being sent to Il'larion only to get her out of the way. With no inheritance and only her own talents, Nelana learned to rely on her wits and intelligence in every situation, and eventually made her way into the higher circles of Tertanai society as its councillor, reclaiming what she saw as her true birthright.

Nelana is often seen by other Tertanai as an exemplar of Tirarian Tertanai; proud, polite, cultured, vain and arrogant, and while all of this is more or less true, her personality is deeper than that. Being disowned by her family gave Nelana a mild inferiority complex; feeling betrayed and stripped of what was her rightful place in the galaxy, Nelana's political endeavours were ultimately bring driven by a desire to bring it back. She also has certain obsession with her destroyed homeworld, and it was Nelana that appealed to the Grand Council to save Tirar during the reclamation of old Tertanai worlds from the Crystallines; she insisted that instead of glassing the planet from the orbit, it could be reconquered and recolonised; her plan succeeded, and the ancient Tertanai capital is currently slowly terraformed back into its original glory. Nelana herself has taken residence in her family's ancient manor, styling herself the new countess of House Satelemene - even though the only person that is still concerned with old titles and noble houses is Nelana herself.

Hadd Lwa Naame.png

A brand new galaxy to exploit!

  • Name - Hadd Lwa Naame
  • Age - 65
  • Species - Althar
  • Region represented - Varealica

Hadd Lwa Naame is an exemplar. An exemplary arrogant Althar, an exemplary Neo-Tertamian corrupt corporate executive, an exemplary oppressor of the masses - nobody knows for sure how did Hadd get elected in the first place. A shrewd enterpreneur, he believes strongly in meritocracy: only the truly competent should be in charge. And Hadd is almost certainly competent: success is his only goal, with no conscience and empathy to stop him. However, he also has certain redeeming traits, notably lacking his species' famous speciecism.

Born in a middle-class Althar family, Lwa Naame grew in a society driven by extreme chauvinism: those who weren't Althar were to be subjucated. Hadd however, was free of such prejudices; as an administrator of one of the Stellar Union's distant mining colonies, he knew the species Althar enslaved weren't that different from their masters - not different at all, in fact. Tired of constant prejudices, he dreamed of a society where a person's status would be decided by merit alone and not one's species or upbringing. The rest of his species, however, didn't share Hadd's beliefs and as such he soon found himself on the very bottom of society, rejected and exiled. When the New Tertamian Alliance had absorbed the Stellar Union, Hadd Lwa Naame was the first to welcome the new regime, and the first to have left his old home, leaving Umbra to Borealis Galaxy to build a new society based on his ideals.

Since then, Hadd Lwa Naame has become a respected politician and a successful businessman, controlling the Alliance's Borealis colonies with an iron fist.


Marshal Vendradu.png

We fight for you - as long as the fight is just and honourable.

  • Name - Vendradu'ndaradaran
  • Age - classified
  • Species - Anvradaran
  • Position - Supreme commander

Vendradu would like you to remember that while he was - and still is, in his heart - a bounty hunter, he is an honourable bounty hunter. Yes, he slaughtered countless enemies on the battlefield; yes, he has a tendency of covering himself in blood of his fallen foes and keeping their bodyparts as trophies, but Vendradu is a man (if you call him so) of morality and conscience. Having a long but largely unknown history of working for the highest bidder, he and his gang of rag-tag soldiers has been fighting alongside Imperix, Oriito and Solarite soldiers: over time, Vendradu has gathered many weapons and became known as an extremely skilled warrior. Through all his life he has carried a code of honour: he never harmed civilians, he never tortured meaninglessly, he never served tyrants and brutal conquerors. Furthermore, he had a goal and a vision. A vision of a unified segmnentum.

As such, as NTA was formed, Vendradu quickly became its supporter; soon, NTA Minister of Warfare, Tarsus Aurenon, approached him and his army of mercenaries with a proposal: Vendradu would make a permament contract with the Alliance and become a general of the recently formed Tertamian Security Force, his bounty hunters becoming a backbone of this army. Vendradu did not immediately accept the proposal but eventually decided to agree with Aurenon's terms - as long as he will have a chance to leave the military whenever he wants. As such, Vendradu became known as a Marshal of the Security Force.

Vendradu holds his position with a mix of honour, contempt and boredom. After all, his job is maintaining order in the NTA territory primarily - which Vendradu believes is below a true warrior's honour, and he is confined to serve the NTA leadership, particularily the Minister of Warfare. As these two hold supreme power over NTA military, they often disagree with each other.

Lemmo Meronis.png

Hey, that belongs to a museum! Or myself, if that matters.

  • Name - Lemmo Meronis
  • Age - 23
  • Species - Tertanai
  • Position - Unofficial captain

A famous archeaologist and treasure hunter, Lemmo Meronis has been hunting for Tertmamian relics for years, and while not truly a member of the military, he frequently works with NTA Security Force. Both skilled with laspistols and well-versed in Andromedan artifacts, since NTA's formation he has been working with other alien treasure hunters and gathered a small but strong crew.

Relaxed and lazy overall, Meronis is good at his heart, but rarely shows this: he only helps someone when he is benefited somehow or if he was impressed somehow. He, however, holds a deep reverence for science and studies Tertamian lost technology thoroughly and with great interest. He also is extremely loyal to his crew, and will go on extreme measures to save them if required.


Like no other civilisation in Andromeda is NTA dependent on ancient artifacts and relics; since NTA was built atop the ruins of a precursor empire, their technological level overall is quite high, but most of this technology is impossible to reproduce and exists in form of obscure relics; in the past, wars were fought over them, and even now, when Segmentum Umbra is more or less united, NTA government, and many of its citizen as well, will take great measures to take and secure pieces of ancients' technology. When NTA leaders became aware that ancient civilisations exist not only in their home segmentum, but in other parts of Andromeda and in other galaxies, this mentality extended towards the outer Gigaquadrant as well. The most well-known relics of NTA are their small fleet of Galactic Tyrants, the superadvanced tier 1 battleships, and the Cold Relay on Il'larion, known by the local leaders as Menali's Gates.

While NTA's use of ancient relics is widespread, they are by no way completely dependant on precursortech; while possessing no unique trump cards like Brood of War's advanced materials or Unified Nation of Ottzello's nanotechnological prowess, the Alliance is still quite advanced, enough to be classified as a tier 2 civilisation.

Spaceships and vehicles[]

Since the NTA formation, a unified fleet's creation was jump-started; however, instead of creating brand new designs, old ships were remade to serve the new organisation's purpose; usually, each nation that joins the Alliance donates several spaceship designs, which are then upgraded with other NTA members' technologies. For example, the Alliance's Mercator-class supply ship was based on traditional Imperix merchant vessels. As with many aspects of NTA society, Tertanai aestethics dominate the unified Alliance fleet, and its ships are traditionally colored with Tertanai white-and-cyan color scheme.

  • Name - Carrion-class
  • Length - 6 meters
  • Role - Fighter/bomber
  • Origin - Solarite/Tertanai
  • Weaponry - One hyperlaser (can be refitted)

Designed for brutal efficiency and deadly precision, Carrion-class fighters boast surprising firepower for their size. The most notable feature of this ship class is its massive cannon, which composes most of the vessel's bulk. Carrions are notable for creating a very loud, easily notable noise when flying or firing their weaponry, which is, while useful for bringing fear and confusion, makes these fighters easy targets for enemy fire.

  • Name - Pacificator-class
  • Length - 750 meters
  • Role - Primary warship
  • Origin - Tertanai
  • Weaponry - Four heavy hyperlasers
Tertanai Pacificators are veterans of many wars; this ship class was used during their unification wars as well as during the Crystalline invasion. Its design reflects this; armed with heavy but precise weaponry and protected by relatively durable armor, Pacificators excel at surgery attacks. These ships' captains know how to utilise minimum force for maximum result, striking with their heavy hyperlasers to create breaches in enemy defense and target ships' vulnerable parts, leaving the whole enemy force in disarray.

  • Name - Mercator-class
  • Length - 500 meters
  • Role - Supply ship, transport
  • Origin - Imperix
  • Weaponry - None, can be refitted
Since Andromeda War, Imperix makeshift merchant ships were brought into the fold of NTA fleet, where they were upgraded and refitted for uniformity and practicality. These former trader vessels, now called Mercators, now perform all kinds of duty in Allied space, transporting goods and civilians from a planet to planet. On the battlefield, they can deliver fresh supplies and ammunition to military vessels, although they are more or less useless in combat.

  • Name - Juggernaut-class
  • Length - 3200 meters
  • Role - Dreadnought
  • Origin - Tertanai
  • Weaponry - Ion cannons, superlasers, railguns
Juggernauts are a product of ancient technology being reverse-engineered, and boast cutting-edge technology used in both its armouring and weaponry. Essentailly flying fortresses, they are meant to protect important parts of Allied space. They require little to no supplies due to their solar batteries and can survive on their own for long periods of stuff.

Tyrant of the Galaxy.png
  • Name - Galactic Tyrant
  • Length - 1200 meters
  • Role - Warship, ancient relic
  • Origin - Tertamian Alliance
  • Weaponry - Tier 1 weaponry
While extremely rare and precious, ancient Galactic Tyrants, created by the mythical extragalactics called Timpus, are definitely the singlemost powerful weaponry in the NTA arsenal, and are used only against the most important threats to the Alliance. Most of the time they lay hidden on secret vaults on a desert world Lanor, where the Tyrants were first found, away from the watchful eyes, because any destroyed Tyrant is gone for good and can't be repaired or replaced.



Blue face.pngOur cooperation is beneficial so far.


Yellow face.pngWe look forward towards a prosperous relationship - in the future.

In bad terms[]

Orange face.pngIt's not that we like violence much, but sometimes...


Red face.pngViolence is the last solution, but our hand is forced. From shadows we shall strike.

Quotes from other empires[]

Decievers with no honour.

- Warmistress Abal'nyan

You impede the flow of Uff'Wuj through the universe. We will now aid Uff'Wuj by... eliminating you.

- The Crystalline Hive

In some ways they're like us, multi-cultural and diverse yet we question their government's ideals sometimes.

- Prime Minister Inattlish Taurveno


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