New Tadpole Empire

The New Tadpole Empire is a sleek, highly-developed civilization that thrives within the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies. Whereas its main rival, the Kingdom of Agethime, is the spiritual sucessor to the Old Tadpole Empire, the New Empire is seen as the Old Empire's true heir, as it inherited its name, most of the Old Empire's highest technology and military firepower, and nearly all of its military and residential colonies and outposts on the Perseus and Carina-Sagittarius arms of the Milky Way, alongside putting the Old Empire's plans of colonizing Andromeda into motion.

Different from the Kingdom, the New Empire has an almost-completely homogenous population, consisted of Tadpoles. Due to their mistrust of other civilizations and fear of being extinct, it is incredibly hard for a member of another species to gain New Empire citizenship, which is granted only to members of highly-trusted allied civilizations, and to those who pass a citizenship test - a test deliberately made to be almost impossible to pass, even to those who are actual citizens of the New Empire. This, and their tendency to be cold and apathetic to outsiders tends to give them a negative reputation as evil xenophobes. Nevertheless, despite public opinions, the New Empire can be a helpful and faithful ally to those they do trust.

The New Empire is particularly known for completely submerging most, if not all of their worlds in water, partially due to Tadpoles' natural affinity to water, but also to serve as a natural defense against conquest by enemy civilizations. This particular trend has been known to influence even the Kingdom and The Garrison. However, since this has the side effect of making diplomatic envoys by other civilizations potentially impossible, a few key planets are left with unsubmerged continents and overground cities.

Though the New Empire still remains a shadow of the Old Empire's former glory, it can't be denied that it has made numerous improvements since its birth. Nowadays, it remains concentrated within the Carina-Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way and in the Exterioris Segmentum of Andromeda, with sparse but fiercely defended outposts scattered around the two galaxies.



As stated above, the New Empire is one of the two direct descendants from the Old Tadpole Empire, and was formed when the Old Empire dissolved. Since the dissolution happened not too long ago, the New Empire is an incredibly young civilization, but still inherited most of its predecessor's technologies and territories.

Agethime Grafitti

Anti-Old Empire sentiment was extremely common, leading to frequent cases of grafitti and vandalism.

The Old Empire was an isolationist civilization at heart, and had been for several decades on end. The general population, however, disliked the isolationism and accused the emperor and his supporters of cowardice and xenophobia, alongside not listening to its population. Following the news that the Old Empire's age-old ally, the Miperiors, had been annexed by the Grand Tarkan Empire, this sentiment spiked up to alarming levels. This period led to the rise of the Progressists, a group led by Wasmon which aimed to bring back Tadpolekind into the universe's presence.

The Council had a large ammount of public support, a factor which led it to spread throughout Empirical space at alarming rates. After some time, it met a peaceful group of rebels which outright demanded change on the Old Empire's leadership, led by Hapte, a popular figure throughout the Old Empire. While the movement at first wasn't recognized, it continuously grew in members and support, and finally reached a fever pitch after a petition by the Progressists surpassed one billion signatures, resulting in both the Council and the Movement to confront the emperor.

Hapte Announcement

Hapte's overthrowal of the Old Empire and rise to power, while welcomed by many, didn't sit well with others.

After a rousing speech made by both Wasmon and Hapte, the emperor admitted to being unfit to rule and ceded the throne to Hapte. However, many of the emperor's loyal followerd refused to accept defeat or to be associated with the independents, and deserted entirely from the Old Empire. Most of those who deserted, however, were key members of the Old Empire - scientists, generals, political allies, etc. - and it couldn't function without them. Nevertheless, many who were participants in the Progressists and the rebel groups were also members of those positions, and even though they weren't as skilled as those from the Old Empire, helped Hapte reform the Old Empire from ground-up, resulting in a far more diplomatic civilization based on pre-war nations.

Meanwhile, most Old Empire members who deserted to avoid supporting the Kingdom went on to secede and form the New Tadpole Empire, which seeks to maintain the Old Empire's legacy and fulfill its original role. This naturally resulted in the Four-Week War between the two, which despite its short length claimed several lives until the Mariposa Society could negotiate a non-agression treaty between the two newfound enemies.


Kingdom-New Empire Showdown

Though ultimately resolved peacefully, the Four-Week War was utterly devastating.

Due to the aforementioned treaty between the Kingdom and the New Empire, the Old Empire's territory was mostly evenly split between the two powers, with the New Empire gaining some of the Old Empire's best strategical outposts(though that's because only they know how to handle them), alongside one-third of the Old Empire's territory in the Soloth Sector - making it the only "true" boundary the New Empire shares with the Kingdom.

Even with their several territories, however, the New Empire wasn't satisfied with their position, due to the Milky Way's crowded nature and their percieved closeness to the Kingdom. Following the discovery that the Old Empire planned a vast colonization of the Andromeda Galaxy, and upon closer analysis of said destination, the New Empire decided to settle on Andromeda's mostly-empty Exterioris segmentum, where they would not be bothered by others.

Begrudgingly, with the help of the Kingdom, the New Empire re-activated the Old Empire's dormant Milky Way-Andromeda artificial wormhole and reprogrammed it to lead into Exterioris, where the New Empire hopped in to colonize and expand, while watching the rest of the Gigaquadrant fight itself from the shadows.

Government and PoliticsEdit

The New Empire's government system is a bit confusing to understand. It's like someone had thrown the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Confederacy of Free Planets and the Indoctrinate Collective into a blender, and used the result as their own system.

- A Mariposa Society observer

The New Empire, in contrast to the Kingdom, is an absolute monarchy, in which the emperor has full and unrestricted political power over its territory and citizens. Nevertheless, there are numerous other positions within the New Empire, such as the Potentate, the Mandate and the Advisors, whom despite not having nearly as much power as the emperor, still are essential to the New Empire and provide a great helping hand to govern it effectively.

The New Empire's government system is also noted to have inherited most of the Old Empire's former members of the same positions, which isn't surprising considering how the New Empire's first emperor, Linnut, used to be the right-hand man of Echoa, the last empress of the Old Empire. Surprisingly, instead of welcoming her, the New Empire branded Echoa a traitor for allowing the Old Empire to succumb to the Kingdom, and exiled her. Due to her unexpected fate, many outside the New Empire assume Echoa to still be working in an obscure position, including the Kingdom and the Mariposa Society.

Name Linnut Linnut
Affiliation New Tadpole Empire
Species Tadpole - Blue
Status 98% Approval
First Emperor · Loyal to Old Empire's policies · Mildly xenophobic · Pro-isolationism · Anti-war · Indifferent to Mariposa Society ·
Distrustful of the Kingdom · Strongly Anti-Imperium · Pro-Andromeda colonization · Pragmatic · Patriotic

Society and CultureEdit

The New Empire is fairly lenient on its society and their culture, and makes no effort to monitorize or otherwise control either. Nevertheless, there is plenty of propaganda throughout the New Empire, inviting citizens to serve in the military. The New Empire also makes sure to maintain morale high among the population, to prevent the same issue that happened with the Old Empire from repeating again.


Tadpoles represent almost 100% of the New Empire's demographics.

New Empire culture is based on pre-war Agethimian culture, and the New Empire actively strives to keep it alive and homogenous. Any type of foreign culture that manages to find its way into the New Empire is either stigmatized, or strictly described as "foreign". The New Empire's own culture is seen as "unique" and that can't be abandoned or "mixed" with other cultures, and incentivates obedience, intelligence/education and proper social etiquette. Just like in the Kingdom, lewdness and nudity are heavily frowned upon in the New Empire.

Arts and MediaEdit

As long as it doesn't go against the New Empire's moral of being cautious around others and being territorial, generally any form of art and media is allowed into the New Empire, with little to no censorship. Uniquely, films and cartoons usually don't carry subliminal propaganda, as doing so is frowned upon - especially with cartoons. The New Empire's cartoons have proven to be surprisingly popular among adults, even managing to cross boundaries into other civilizations. Since it makes for a profitable market, the New Empire does not make much effort to curb this.


Religion is a largely ignored subject, as most citizens and even the New Empire's leaders are atheist or agnostic. Since only a very small minority isn't, religion is surprisingly one of the few things in the New Empire that, if comming from another civilization, isn't punished or segregated, instead being seen as harmless or even "foolish".


The New Empire started out with the rightmost section of Soloth - infested by the Garrison and the Tadfroggy Imperium at the time - alongside the outposts at Perseus and Carina-Sagittarius. While at first only the Crystal Sector was considerably powerful, the New Empire wasn't shy to show their expansion and reconstruction abilities, which rivalred or even surpassed that of the Kingdom's. By 2801, the New Empire was already in top-notch shape and news of their accomplishments had circulated throughout good part of the Milky Way.

In fact, if it weren't for the fact that the New Empire decided to focus their expansionism into Andromeda, it would be very likely for more tensions to arise between them and the Kingdom. As of now, the New Empire's Milky Way territories tend to keep to themselves unless provoked, while they divert most of their focus into their colonies on Andromeda.

List of Milky Way sectorsEdit

Mother Sector
Location Status Description
Norma-Outer Arm, Soloth Sector At War The Father Sector is the historical "birthplace" of the New Empire. Being the area from the Old Empire's core they inherited, the Father Sector is the closest to their planet of origin, Agethime - now within the Kingdom's control. While some denizens occasionally wish to own Agethime again, overall the New Empire let go of their homesickness and tend to mind their own business. It, however, is almost always at battle due to its proximity to the Tadfroggy Imperium, their arch-enemy.

Being in the Soloth Sector, it is very close to the Kingdom of Agethime, the Mariposa Society, The Garrison and the Tadfroggy Imperium.

Crystal Sector
Location Status Description
Carina-Sagittarius Arm Idle Possibly the most luxurious of the Milky Way sectors, the Crystal Sector is almost entirely composed of stylish underwater worlds, with occasional city-planets completely submerged in oceans. It also has large military bases, and counts with one of the largest battle fleets in the New Empire's Milky Way territories.

Gamma Sector
Location Status Description
Perseus Arm Militarized Located in the Old Empire's former Gamma Military Outpost, the New Empire took it upon themselves to finish what the Old Empire couldn't, and expanded the Gamma sector to a far, far bigger size. While the sector's main role is as a craft and weapon-production factory, it still has large ammounts of residential and commercial colonies and planets, helping to boost the New Empire's ammount of potential soldiers and engineers.

List of Andromeda sectorsEdit

Lonesome Sector
Location Status Description
Exterioris Segmentum Exploring The capital of the New Empire's Andromeda territories, the Lonesome sector takes pride in its wealth, size and military prowess. Due to Exterioris' sparsely-populated nature, the New Empire hardly had any difficulties extending its banner through Andromeda and met little resistance. Originally, it was the New Empire's plans to take over almost all of Exterioris, but they quickly found that the segmentum is so big and empty, not even they could take it over without collapsing under their own weight, and thus the plan was scrapped.

Nevertheless, this sector remains a big force to be reckoned with, and the New Empire is quite satisfied with their empty neighborhood.

Sector X
Location Status Description
Umbra Segmentum Expanding The Sector X is primarily a science and military base located in the Umbra sector, and very close to the boundary between Umbra and Exterioris. It has two roles; the first, and the smaller one, is to keep track of any vessels trying to get to Exterioris through Umbra. The second, and the biggest and more practical one, is to study Umbra's mysterious nature, effectively being a research station.

Military and DefenseEdit

New Empire Soldier Rows

The New Empire's soldiers are well-known for their uttermost loyalty to their superiors.

The New Empire's military is the primary method of maintaining law and order through its worlds, alongside keeping tabs on the borders and preventing invasions or clandestine vessels. Impressively, the New Empire's military is massive and fairly well-equipped, but has been known to suffer from low durability. Nevertheless, such flaw is not enough to make the New Imperial military any less effective, especially with most of its technology being the same mysterious and highly efficient ones used by the Old Empire. There are three main branches of the New Empire's military: the Starfleet, the Army, and the Intelligence.

Possessing incredibly high numbers of soldiers in part of their high reproductivity, the Army is the main force responsible for keeping order in the New Empire's numerous cities and colonies, alongside carrying out land invasions on worlds they may wish to take over, working primarily planetside. Operating in tandem alongside the Army is the Starfleet, which is mostly focused on space and aerial fights. Boasting millions and millions of starcrafts and trained pilots, the Army primarily keeps tabs on the New Empire's borders and helps protect it from enemy invaders, but is also used during offensives agaisnt the New Empire's enemies.

Kingdom-New Empire Joint Operation

The Kingdom and the New Empire join forces to push the Imperium out of Soloth.

Meanwhile, working distantly from the Army and the Starfleet is the New Imperial Intelligence. The Intelligence, naturally, works in a far more covert method and avoids detection as much as possible, resulting in it being rather unknown by most other civilizations, and also making operations a fair bit more complicated. Despite this, the Intelligence is still an effective force and is often responsible for an upper hand for the New Empire.

Intergalactic RelationsEdit

Well... despite the ideological differences between the Kingdom and the New Empire, I hope the two can come to a sort of understanding.

- The Mariposa Society, moments before the Four-Week War between the Kingdom and the New Empire
Kingdom-New Empire Rendezvous

A New Empire mothership performs rendezvous with a Kingdom Artisan.

Unlike its main rival, the New Empire does not exactly promote an active stance regarding Gigaquadrantic matters, and prefers to stay undisturbed in its lonesome territories, content to simply observe the rest of the universe. Its large ammount of territories and self-sufficient resources and economy tend to help this behaviour, effectively making the New Empire able to sustain itself with little to no help from outside influence - which, in return, made it and its citizens dismissive of other civilizations, sometimes inclining into distrust or even xenophobic sentiments. Despite that, however, the New Empire isn't afraid to set aside their isolationism in favour of civilizations that have proven to be trustworthy, or when doing so proves to be useful to the New Empire in the long run - as is the case with the budding relationship between the New Empire and the Eldarisians. Another interesting relationship is the New Empire-Mariposa Society cooperation, as despite the Society being known to be a close ally of the Kingdom, their help is indispensable to the New Empire, and are a major influence to the truce between the Kingdom and the New Empire.

Interestingly, while the Old Empire saw The Civilisation as an ally and a beacon of hope, the New Empire does not hold them in a positive light and sees them as a potential enemy. This is due to the fact that the Old Empire has handed several of their mystic technology to the Civilisation, which makes the New Empire concerned that they may fall in the wrong hands - especially the DCP's.

For a considerable ammount of time, the New Empire was known for its strong negative relationship with the Kingdom, which is mostly due to the severely contrasting ideologies between the two. Since the New Empire formed its rebellion and seceded from the Kingdom, the two had been in a month-long yet very devastating war, and even after a truce was negotiated, maintained abysmal relations with each other. However, thanks to the Mariposa Society's intervention, they have been improving their terms, and though the two still are mistrustful of each other, they have been known to support each other - most notably when the Kingdom aided the New Empire in their colonization of Andromeda. The two now maintain cordial relations and share embassies, but still need the Society's mediating role to ensure that no conflicts happen.

Despite the low relations between the New Empire and the Kingdom, by far the worst relationship is between the New Empire and the Tadfroggy Imperium. The Imperium's highly expansionistic nature and habit of assimilating all forms of life they see into themselves made them a severe threat on the New Empire's side of the Soloth Sector, and as a result, the New Empire waged war against the Imperium, proclaiming to purge them from Soloth and the Milky Way at large once and for all. Similarly, the Imperium has very dim views on the New Empire, who is its most hated enemy.

Close Allies

Green faceNot many are as trustworthy as you. You have our respect.

  • ...

Blue faceWe hope our alliance continues to be fruitful.

On Good Terms

Yellow faceYou're different than the others.


Yellow face...

On Bad Terms

Orange faceWronging us is not a wise move.

On Awful Terms

Red faceAn excuse to eradicate you would be wonderful.

At War

Red faceWe sentence you to death.


We wish they and the Kingdom would just let go of their rivalry. Working for both of them is fruitful yet kind of risky and disturbing.

- Mariposa Society

I wish those fucking idiots would help us destroy the Imperium and the Kingdom instead of hiding in Andromeda. We have the same fucking enemies, for fuck's sake!

- The Garrison's general opinion of the New Empire

Your ancestors would be proud of what you became!

- Chairman Vostok


  • The difficult citizenship test is based on Vault City from Fallout 2, which also has a nigh-impossible test that requires 9 Perception, 9 Intelligence and 9 Luck to pass.
  • The New Empire itself is sorta-based on the Brotherhood of Steel, also from the Fallout series.
  • Most of the New Empire's cities resemble the Empire City course from Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit.
  • In a way, the New Empire is sort of a foil to the Kingdom.
  • Unlike the Old Empire, the New Empire is more territorial than isolationist.
  • The wormhole they used to leap to Exterioris is one-of-a-kind, due to being made by the Old Empire. Even the New Empire does not know how to fabricate more.
  • This page is guilty of being inspired by the Cyrannus Empire's page more than once.
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