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Hope will endure.

- President Apollo, in the aftermath of the Fall of the Twelve Worlds

The New Republic Remnant was a resistance movement active in the Cyrandia Cluster during the Second Great Cyrannus War, formed to oppose the reign of Emperor Tyrómairon and restore democracy to the New Republic. Formed in the aftermath of the Fall of the Twelve Worlds in 17 NE, the Remnant initially constituted fourteen Republic naval vessels commanded by Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea, though in the aftermath of the Battle of Cognalorilos, it was reduced to a meagre four vessels led by Helo Roslia, who began the daunting task of forging a rebellion against both the Empire and the puppet Republic government under Zare'Anne.

After the fall of Capricaerón, the Remnant banded together under the guidance of President Apollo, who narrowly managed to escape the planet with the aid of the Aldárae knights Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá, both of whom would become some of the Remnant's most capable operatives in the weeks and months to come. In many respects, the early days of the New Republic Remnant mirror those of the original U.R.C. remnant during the early years of the Dark Times, which proved to be instrumental in the eventual formation of the New Republic in 03 NE. Unlike its earlier counterpart however, the New Remnant aimed to inspire a pan-Gigaquadrantic resistance against the Empire's imperialist ambitions in addition to its goal of deposing the Empire.

Although Apollo stepped back from leadership in the aftermath of the Battle of Cognalorilos, he continued to serve as the symbolic "President" of a Republic government-in-exile, which rejected the legitimacy of Zare'Anne's administration and by extension, the Empire's claim as the galactic government of Cyrannus. In this new dark era for the Cyrandia Cluster, the Remnant sought to re-establish communication with the New Republic's allies and inaugurate a new campaign against Imperial forces throughout the galaxy. This ultimately led to the Remnant leading a coalition of allied powers in Operation Liberty, during which much of Republic Space was liberated from the Empire and their puppets. The New Remnant came to an end on Ianuaria 16, 20 NE, when the New Republic was re-established following the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds.



We may be bloodied, but we are not defeated. We may be tired, but we will not rest. We may down, but we're not out. We are the Republic! Here, from our new Harborage, we begin the war to reclaim Cyrannus!

- Admiral Roslia

In the aftermath of the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm in 15 NE, which destroyed the New Republic capital Mou'Cyran, the now-decapitated democracy rallied under the leadership of Senator Apollo of the Twelve Worlds. Having already proved his experience as commander in chief during the Great Cyrannus War, Apollo was deemed the third President of the Republic and sworn in on distant Aldár. In the aftermath, the colossal challenge of rallying the Republic to war against the Empire emerged, and despite holding out in spite of incredible odds, the Republic ultimately collapsed during the Fall of the Twelve Worlds in 17 NE.

The fourteen original vessels consisting of the Republic Remnant.

In the aftermath of the conflict, Apollo and many members of his administration were rescued by the crew of the Auethnen Raptor, which rendezvoused with the flagship Republica in the distant reaches of the system. There, once reunited with Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea and the remaining officers of the Grand Republic Fleet, now reduced to a mere fourteen vessels, Apollo declared the formation of the New Republic Remnant. Simultaneously, the Empire forced the Republic Senate to sign the P'ax Cyrannica Concordat, which placed the New Republic under Imperial rule and the puppet President Zare'Anne. Faced with the threat of annihilation, the entirety of Republic Space agreed to surrender to the Empire, and in response, the Republic Remnant retreated toward the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, hoping that Primarch Voro Acetenus would be able to provide safe refuge.

In the weeks that followed, the starship Aeolus under the command of Commodore Helo Roslia happened upon an abandoned U.R.C. starbase in uncharted space, and upon further investigation, discovered that the base's entire crew had mysteriously vanished in an event seemingly linked to the alternate timeline in which the Aeolus originated. With the fleet's complement of X-15 starfighters depleted during the fall of the Twelve Worlds, Commodore Roslia ordered the station's complement of X-19 Advanced ReConnaissance strike fighters be transferred to the Aeolus. These fighters would prove instrumental in the subsequent battle in the Nameless System, during which the Imperial fleet under the command of Admiral Irenwen besieged the Republic from the bridge of the Absolution—a Mandator-class dreadnought. Leading the charge on an Advanced ReCon fighter, Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá punched a hole in the Imperial defences and managed to knock out the Absolution's gravity well generators, allowing the Republic to safely make the jump to distant Cognalorilos.

The ReCon fighters attack the Absolution.

Once they arrived, Valaeris and Inviá escorted Apollo to the City of the Ancients, where he met with Primarch Acetenus to discuss the war effort. During the meeting however, agents loyal to the Cognatus Empire permitted entry to the system to the nefarious Great Star Dominion—a malevolent force under the command of Grand Imperarch Zillum. Once Apollo returned to the Republica, Zillum boarded the vessel with legions of Mortalitas warriors and in a final confrontation on the vessel's bridge, killed Fleet Admiral Cretacea. Although Apollo was able to escape due to the self-sacrifice of Gorf, the Dominion managed to destroy the Republica before fleeing the system. They were soon followed by the majority of the vessels in the Remnant, whose commanders had lost all hope with the death of Cretacea. In the aftermath, Commodore Roslia emerged as the de facto leader of the Remnant, and began preparations for the establishment of a base from which they could begin a guerrilla war against the Imperials.

Several weeks later, in the midst of the Empire's daring offensive against the Confederacy of Free Planets on the far side of the galaxy, the Republic Remnant utilised navigational data gleaned from the Great Library of Aldár to chart a wormhole leading to a system far above the galactic plane of Cyrannus. Upon sending scouts to ensure that one of the system's planets was safe for establishing a base, Admiral Roslia ordered the fleet to enter the wormhole. Upon arriving, Roslia christened the new world "Harborage", and declared that the war to defeat the Empire had just begun.

Emerging from Hiding[]

The Remnant leadership discuss the theft of the Star Destroyer Phoebus.

After several months establishing a base on Harborage, the Republic leadership, sans President Apollo, dedicated their time planning their initial forays back into Cyrannus. Fleet Admiral Roslia soon dispatched Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá to capture the Star Destroyer Phoebus, to add to the Remnant's meagre forces. During the subsequent mission to Coruaan, Valaeris and Inviá unexpectedly witnessed a raid on the planet by Admiral Quarantar's faction of Republic loyalists known as the Revanchists. Once the Phoebus was in the Remnant's hands and brought back to Harborage, the Remnant's leadership made contacting Quarantar their highest priority.

Shortly afterward, the Remnant began planning an attack on an Imperial facility in the Unknown Regions, located close to known activity by the Revanchists. However, in route to the system, the Aeolus was transported to so-called Mirror Universe, dominated by the ruthless Libertan Imperarchate. Seeking a means to return to Cyrannus, Admiral Roslia infiltrated the Imperarchate's flagship and apprehended Emperor Aedanius, the mirror counterpart to President Apollo. With Aedanius' unwitting help, and in the midst of an invasion by the fiendish Xeranbha, the crew of the Aeolus managed to capture one of the Imperarchate's Valiant-class Heavy Star Destroyers, using it to return to their universe and turn the tide against the Empire, which had laid a trap for the Remnant at the Coventina facility.

The Valiant-class destroyer versus the Imperial fleet.

After the battle concluded, the Remnant took Emperor Aedanius into custody, and rechristened the Valiant-class, which had been known as the Terroriser under the Imperarchate, the Resolute, in honour of the one of the first ships commanded by Admiral Cretacea. Soon afterwards, the Revanchist fleet under the command of Admiral Quarantar detected the Remnant's victory, and soon committed his forces to the fight against the Empire.


A turning point for the Remnant occurred on Iunius 39, 17 NE, when Grand Admiral Decimius' armada entered the wormhole to Harborage and besieged the planet. Though the rebel forces came close to almost total collapse, the timely arrival of Master Du'utahrovin of the Aldárae Order resulted in the swift destruction of the Imperial forces under torrents of starfire—killing Decimius in the process. After the battle concluded, the Remnant emerged from the wormhole as a changed force, and now pushed their advantage against the Imperials.

The Battle of Coruaan.

Joining with their allies from the Singularim Pact, the Indoctrinate Collective and the Rambo Loyalists, the Republic Remnant initiated Operation Liberty, intending on liberating the Twelve Worlds and all of occupied Republic space. With Imperial forces unprepared to contend with the power of the combined allied armada, the Remnant swiftly swept coreward along the Republica Run, liberating numerous worlds such as Coruaan, while Coruanthor was the site of a sizeable battle between the Krassio and Imperial forces. By Neochios 20 NE, the Republic Remnant stood poised to besiege the Twelve Worlds themselves.

On Ianuaria 12, 20 NE the campaign to liberate the Twelve Worlds began, when a vast allied armada coordinated by Admiral Roslia dropped out of lightspeed, catching the Imperial and Occupied Republic fleet offguard. Over the course of several days, the Republic Remnant and their allies fought tooth and nail to liberate Capricaerón and its sister worlds, ultimately leading to the capture of the Presidential Pyramid by a team of rebels including Gavakar, Aoirtae Valaeris, Kara Inviá and Vanikaimar. Rather than surrender, Zare'Anne attempted to kill Inviá, only for his blaster bolt to be redirected into his chest, killing him.

Subsequently, President Apollo arrived on the surface of Capricaerón and declared that the liberation was a success, and that the New Republic had been reborn.


In the weeks between the Fall of the Twelve Worlds and the Battle of Cognalorilos, the Republic Remnant was led by an informal agreement between President Apollo, the leader of the government-in-exile, and Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea, the commander of the mighty flagship Republica and the former commander in chief of the New Republic Starfleet. However, with the destruction of the Republica during the Battle of Cognalorilos, and the reduction in the Remnant's fleet to the Aeolus, the Ardaeinos, the Mou'Llhei Star and the Allecto, Apollo lost much of his faith in the fight against the Empire, thus resulting in a leadership shakeup which saw Fleet Admiral Helo Roslia emerge as the Remnant's highest military authority. Indeed, while Apollo retained the nominal title of President, in reality, Roslia oversaw the day-to-day operations of the Republic Remnant.

As a successor to the New Republic, Remnant personnel were exceedingly diverse, and could be of any number of species found throughout the Cyrandia Cluster and beyond. While most of these personnel originate from the original crews which joined the Remnant after the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, during the first crucial weeks leading up to the Battle in the Nameless System, hundreds of individuals from across Republic space later joined, while others pledged their loyalty clandestinely, so as to avoid Imperial retribution. Like many Cyrannian organisations, Libertus constituted the single largest group active in the fleet, with the humanoid Ortella and the aquatic Mon Nahdar also making up large groups.

Beyond the formal military structure of the Remnant-proper, when word of President Apollo's survival, and Admiral Roslia's bravery, began to spread across the stars, many individuals, resistance cells and military units refused to give up the fight against the Empire, and while they were unable to join forces with the Remnant due to swift Imperial reprisal, they remained potent symbols of the Remnant's aspirations of galactic liberation.


The civilian leadership of the New Republic Remnant denied the legitimacy of President Zare'Anne's administration on Capricaerón, openly decrying it as a perversion of democracy and an obstacle which must be abolished. Much like the first Republic Remnant, President Apollo served as the symbolic leader of the fleet, and was aided in this capacity by those who remain from his administration such as Vice President Ramdard Ramthrace and Chief of Staff Reneé Valentae. However, in the aftermath of the Battle of Cognalorilos, Apollo began to delegate large portions of his duties to the newly promoted Admiral Roslia, much to the Admiral's discomfort. Nevertheless, the officers and personnel of the Republic fleet, despite the overwhelming odds facing them, universally regarded Apollo as the President of a functioning galactic government, as though the free Republic's return to rule was imminent.

Notable Figures[]


With the death of Fleet Admiral Cretacea at the hands of the Great Star Dominion during the Battle of Cognalorilos, and the retreat of the Remnant's remaining flag officers in the battle's aftermath, military authority fell to Commodore Helo Roslia of the Venator-class Star Destroyer Aeolus. Despite the shortage of military personnel, the commanders of the remaining ships in the Remnant's fleet, Captain Nerazachi of the Star Destroyer Allecto, Captain N'vae Celeneos of the Mou'Llhei Star and Tymonir Vargeryan of the starship Ardaeinos were counted among the Republic's best and brightest. Indeed, as the ships of the fleet originated from the Grand Republic Fleet, responsible for the defence of the Republic's most important worlds, they benefited from being staffed by capable veteran officers and crew.


Notable Officers[]




Green face.pngIt's good to know we're not alone in this.


Green face.pngAre you still out there?


Red face.pngWe will never surrender.


They do not know what it takes to win. Unfortunately for them, we do.

- Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius

The Republic is the true threat. The Empire is merely an obstacle. When it falls, and fall it will, it will be mourned by few. The Remnant... the Republic... it is an ideal. And such things are not so easily excised.

- Zillum

A shroud falls over all and the days grow colder, but hold out your hands and catch the last sparks of a dying flame. Hold them close to keep them warm and feed them kindling. Soon you will have your little flame sending of sparks for others to catch and create a roaring inferno that can burn even the mightiest of empires to the ground.

- Old Vanara Saying

Your glory shall be unending, ally. Keep up the fight. No matter how many years it will take, we will march alongside you once more. Don't let the darkness choke out your light just yet.

- High Queen Kirta Clett the Avenger.

Since my time, the Republic has been remarkably difficult to annihilate. It was an annoyance for my people, yet now, it may be its greatest virtue.

- Vanikaimar

The Republic falls, the Republic rises again. We have been through this same scenario before, and we will treat it just like before. With our support.

- Royal Marechal Jerkon

Stubborn lesser beings cannot understand they have no means to hinder the Great Plan. Let them throw themselves into the meat grinder if they wish; it makes no difference.

- Thaurlathrón

Sometimes, total mobility is advantageous. I think I'd know after so many years of it...

- Qurik Skel


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