The Kralgon will conquer all.

The New Kralgon Empire is the Empire of the Kralgon empire after the events of the Second Ottzello Galactic War, and spiritual successor to the Empire of the Kralgon. A huge, extremely powerful empire, it spans the entirety of Ottzello, and is currently at war with the Hostile Xenoform Threat and United Nations of Ottzello reformed. it is now part of UNO.



At then end of the Second Ottzello Galactic War, the Emperor was in complete control of Ottzello. He restored the old Kralgons, bringin them back from before their empire had been destroyed by Ottzello. Using pure Kralgons, mixed with Loron genes, the Emperor artificially bred these Kralgons in the same cloning facilities he had used to create his empire. As a result, he had artificially created a new breed of almost unstoppable Kralgons, and was not about to stop conquering...

Entering the universe[]

The Kralgon truly immersed themself in t universe when they interacted on an intergalactic scale. They allied with the Rambo Nation and Delpha Coalition of Planets. They tried to ally with the United Republic of Cyrannus but the offer was rejected, as it was against the URCs laws to aly with the Kralgon after their exploits in Ottzello. They became involved in the Vartekian War as well as the Holy Shadow War.

In addition, the Emperor got into a huge discussion on the Universal Discussion Board with Apollo, over what should be the fate of Lezia. This made the United Lanat Empire question allying with the Kralgon.

Notably, when an unknown crook stole a copy of the Darkspore program, the Kralgon didn't care, feeling no matter how bad it got, they'd deal with it. Strange began to happen, and since the Kralgon didn't provide a rite of passage into their territory, no one knows what will happen.



They are all Kralgon in appearance, but are mixed with Loron genes. This didn't alter their appearance nor their intelligence, but it did make their muscles and bones stronger, as well as improving breeding. Kralgon are very tough and strong, capable of pulling through immense battles. The New Kralgon Empire are also researching ways to further improve Kralgon genetic structure, and it is said that Kralgon genes improve every day.


In addition to the genetic improvement, the Kralgons were also given Dark Chronoscopic. This means the Kralgon have Dark Chronoscopic powers, as well as the ability to channel Dark Chronoscopic through their bodies. This makes them incredibly powerful, gives them several Dark Chronoscopic powers, but is uncontrollable, and, if it weren't for The System, Kralgon would be unable to control it.


Kralgons actually live in perfect harmony, and enjoy many activities, such as gambling and sports. They are also particularly fond of music, which includes Loron rapping, Radeon rock and Asgord pop, despite disliking all these races. Several Kralgons are also very popular in the crime underground of Ottzello, and the empire tends to trade with criminal organizations.


Kralgon live in huge Kralgon pods, which cover the planet, and each serve an important role to the colony. In this way, nearly all their colonies are of equal value. Since Ottzelloan planets contain dark Chronoscopic & Dark Chronoscopic is unlimited, it can power even non- Ottzelloan colonies.


The New Kralgon Empire's military is identical to the old Kralgon military. Their armies are huge, and mostly made up of clones. They also have AI Weapons, which can obliterate enemy forces. Unlike their predecessor, the Kralgons do not use Loron soldiers.



Kralgon technology is highly efficient, thanks largely to Dark Chronoscopic which is harvested from Ottzello planets. due to this, their technology's power is sped up by thousands of years. It is fat effective and powerful. See here for capabilities. They use technology for nearly every aspect, in particular, The System.


Main article: AI Weapons

The New Kralgon Empire does not have vehicles, rather, it has AI Weapons. These essentially serve as unmanned vehicles. They are mostly slow but huge and powerful, and can cause huge planetary effects. As they are unmanned, they can be used for suicide missions.


The New Kralgon Empires devices mostly come in the form of robotics. Since they can use Dark Gyronidium, if a planet runs out of minerals, they can always make their own at the cost of Dark Chronoscopic (which draws away from power sources).


Kralgon weaponry runs on Dark Chronoscopic. They use very strong weaponry, that is more advanced than most Ottzello empires. They have incredibly powerful missiles, which can cause enormous damage to enemy militaries or planetary bombardments. Their Dark Chronoscopic lasers are also very effective, and can cut through most metals, as well as kill. In addition, Dark Chronoscopic gives them weapons similar to EMP, with the exception that it also works on organisms; it disrupts affected targets & kills them. The power of these, however, depends mostly on size.


The Emperor[]

The Emperor of the Kralgons can hardly remember his own name. He knows nothing of his past, his present, and only cares about revenge. The Emperor wants everything as fast as possible, and enjoys watching his foes die. He often overlooks flaws, as he is totally focused on his plan. He has very little relationship with anyone, as the AI's do all the work for him.

The AI[]

The AI is approximately 28 Kralgon AI's combined into one in the Emperor's flagship. It is a robot that thinks methodically, and double checks it's thoughts before processing them. It tends to do a lot of the thinking for the Emperor. Sociable-wise, it has the sociability of a Galot, in order to entertain the Emperor best. The AI controls the Emperor's nano machines, and can, thus, calm him down or make him happy.




  • Red face.pngDaleks- Originally allies, but the Daleks backstabbed the Kralgns
  • Red face.pngZaarkhun- Previously neutral, until the Emperor developed a distaste for Zaarkhun


  • Blue face.png United Lanat Empire- They think similarly to the Kralgon and the Kralgon respect their power.
  • Orange face.png United Republic of Cyrannus- Rejected Kralgon request for alliance, so are considered neutral. They angered the emperor when they disagreed with him.



  • The New Kralgon Empire are going to be used for the next Ottzello Galactic War (and were created purely for that)
  • So no, they won't last long!
  • The flag was created by Irskaad
The Kralgon will conquer all.