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The New Idosian Republic is a member of the Mou'Cyran Accords
"United in the hopes of a better future..."

The New Idosian Republic was formed from the old democracy of the Idosian people. Its goals are to expand and protect the Idosian people. Their policy is of peace and diplomacy towards all.


Born out of the Idosian Great Depression, the New Idosian Republic implemented greater government control over the economy to prevent greed and incompetence from ruining the economy again. To this end, the financial council ordered a financial AI to manage the distribution of resources. Over time, more and more reforms brought the economy under tighter and tighter reign, until resources were entirely administrated over by the government leading to a severe reduction in the need for currency. Finally, all opposition fell away as the government showed it was fully capable of managing the many complexities and nuances of managing the demands of their population. Soon afterwards the scientists of the Republic had a revelation about space-flight leading to the first space stations. Finally with a breakthrough in cryogenics, the first out of system flights were attempted. With contact with the Allied Terran Federation however, Faster than light travel was achieved and expansion into near-by systems was quickened greatly. Soon mega-structures known as Dyson spheres were constructed in several nearby systems to serve the growing nation's energy needs. As time went on, they continued to expand.


Power is put in the hands of groups such as worker's unions, families, and other interlinked entities. Every entity recognized by the government is given representation in areas concerning them. Each group is given representation based on the number of people contained within.


Legislation is created by assemblies made up of people who would be directly affected by the legislation, as decided by an administrative AI and checked over by an oversight board. Then through a process of discussion and voting, the best course of action is decided and the legislature is implemented. For far-reaching decisions, voting groups elect a representative to join a grand council to decide the best course of action for the populace. All of this process is streamlined by an integrated communications and advisory network built for this purpose. This allows for greater participation and more informed decisions. This is assisted by the high education levels built into Idosian society.


Each region of the Idosian Republic elects from its populace a council to coordinate its various voting blocs and helping in difficult decisions. On the local level, the executive branch's main task is to identify problems to bring up in legislature. In addition, they coordinate legislative efforts and help oversee them. On the federal scale, they coordinate the efforts of the regional councils and ensure that pertinent changes are made across the entire nation. In addition, they represent the NIR in foreign policy.


As Idosians are unlikely to commit crimes on purpose, the main job of the judicial branch is to ensure the compatibility of the laws passed by the local legislatures with national and international policy. They are also capable of trying international criminals as per the policy of the Mou'Cyran Accords, should the opportunity present itself.


Idosian culture is based around intellectual activities and arts. The aristocrats are the well-educated and artistic. Very little attention is given to lavish displays of wealth in contrast to many aristocracies.


The military is primarily composed of small citizen-based militias which group together to form a large army if the need should arise. A small, well-trained standing army is maintained by the head council so as to be ready for a sudden disaster. The Idosian military is composed of a large infantry, supported by a "cavalry" of armored vehicles, an air force, and a larger space force.


The infantry is divided into two sections: peace-keeping and warring.

The peace-keeping section wears a white form-fitting suit with blue hardened plastic padding. They also wear a helmet with visor. They use sonic weapons to suppress riots. They also have fired sonic grenades which are known to incapacitate most beings tested on.

The warring section is divided into ranger, light, and heavy infantry. Rangers work with the mounted scouts to search areas too treacherous for vehicles. They wear light, form-fitting suits in camouflaged colors. They wield handguns which fire a short plasma burst. Light infantry wear a green tunic over a white suit. They wield a laser rifle and have sonic and plasma grenades (but no launcher to cut down on weight). Heavy infantry wear green body armor over a black suit. They have a triple-barrel laser rifle and plasma grenades + launcher.


The mounted section is mainly composed of light scout vehicles with a much smaller amount of heavy tanks.

The scout's main job is to locate enemy formations and provide light fire support. The tank's main task is to subdue enemy fortifications and provide more in-depth fire support.


The air force's main job is to prevent the enemy air forces from engaging in the conflict, their second role is to destroy tanks and other mounted vehicles.


Fast Conquest 1

The Fast Conquest Mk.1 was the first spaceship produced by the NIR. It has since then been retired. It fires a short range projectile, either in explosive or shrapnel varieties. It holds up to 12 crew members wit a minimum of 3.

Fast Conquest 2

The Fast Conquest Mk.2 is the flagship of the NIR fleet. It is efficient in energy and capable of taking on ships many times larger than itself. They have plasma cannons and missiles. They team up in packs to take down most foes. They are numerous and well-armed.

NIR Drone

The Acolyte-class was created to supplement the small fleet of the Idosian navy. It is a drone ship capable of recognizing friend or foe and making simple decisions without outside help. They can communicate with each other and create strategies based on their collective knowledge. They are equipped with basic lasers.



Allied Terran Republic (friends)

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