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Plazith Rim[]

The War Begins[]

The first Grox attack in several years was against, of all civilisations, the Human Coalition. Since they were still recovering from their battles against the Borg, the Coalition fell quickly. This was probably the reason why the Grox chose them as a target - they were a highly advanced civilisation, yet would also be easy to destroy. After each battle, the Grox assimilated any useful technology, exterminated any survivors that they could find, and dropped Conqrix pods onto each planet in order to purge them of life and use all useful resources to make more troops and ships for the Grox war machine. Some Coalition ships survived the invasion, though, and fled to the Human Republic in hope of refuge amongst their relatives on the other side of the galaxy. The Republic, being a peaceful society, accepted the refugees. They also made use of the Coalition's technology in order to boost their own military defences, since they knew that the universe was becoming a dangerous place with groups such as the Tokzhalan Empire, the Cult of the Deathmarch - and now the Grox - ready and able to destroy them at any time.

The Salsetthe Republic Invades[]

In response to a failed invasion of a colony by the Grox, the Salsetthe Republic decided to put their plans into action in order to destroy the Grox colonies in Milky Way Galaxy/Plazith Rim. A Tokzhalan Empire backup fleet along with some Grox starships were found when they were doing an intelligence scan of the entire Galactic Core area, and so, became one of the first targets.

Other than the Tokzhalan/Grox backup fleet being targeted, Grox colonies closest to Salsetthe colonies in the area were targeted, and the invasion of Grox space began. Due to recent upgrades the Grox had been making on their ships and tactical systems, these invasions were more costly than previous ones, but most resulted in a distinct Salsetthe victory. Battles that were more costly often occurred due to the lack of a very thick atmosphere on the colonized planet being targeted, and so, the Salsetthe Republic would be forced to destroy/defeat the colony using more conventional means instead of destroying the atmosphere using a modified high yield plasma torpedo.

The Salsetthe task force that led the attack on the Tokzhalan backup fleet, however, was not so lucky. That issues such as lack of creativity and lack of knowledge about the Salsetthe that had plagued the Grox were not an issue for Tokzhalat's forces, and they were helped by a 45km Mothership vessel. The Salsetthe forces were defeated, and Tokzhalat showed them some of the technology he had gained from other empires (for example, the ability to beam through shields as developed from the Daleks was displayed by beaming antimatter missiles into the Salsetthe Dreadnoughts) before letting the survivors (which ended up being a mere three ships) escape. However, only two ships of the Tokzhalan force had survived. One of these was the Mothership, which was so large as to be almost impenetrable by the Salsetthe fleet's weaponry, and the other was the Apalos which had been safely inside the Mothership for the duration of the battle.

The Grox were also given information about this battle, and learned of "non-conventional" tactics. These included the aforementioned beaming through shields, but primarily (due to it being a far easier strategy) the use of cluster missiles that were developed by the Tokzhalan Empire as "Project Bolide" and used effectively against the cloaked Salsetthe ships during the battle.

DCP/Human fleet strikes[]

Note that for the DCP's side, this is not a new war; to them it is part of the Imperial Civil War.

The DCP and humanity were two of the greatest influences in Milky Way Galaxy. However, the two powers rarely interacted, being on opposite sides of the galaxy. This was about to change. With the Grox' attack on the Human Coalition, not too far from DCP space, the Delpha Coalition was enraged. 200 years before, the Grox and the DCP had ended a terrible war, finished with a treaty in which the Grox were not allowed to attack empires outside the Galactic Core zones. However, this new rising of the Grox broke the treaty, which the DCP held very importantly. Despite the treaty, the DCP still hated the Grox, and fought them in other galaxies. The DCP proposed an alliance with the Human Republic, in a joint attack on the Grox. The DCP would lead the first attack, while humanity prepares.

The first attack was not a fleet or nanoswarm invasion, rather, it was an attack from hyperspace. The DCP recently colonized this new dimension, giving them extreme power on spacetime in this universe. The DCP decided to use quantum tunnelling, where they fired heavy mass particles that existed in a quantum state, allowing the particles to penetrate solid barriers or shields, and then releasing their explosive power of radioactive decay from the inside. The outermost fleets of the Grox in the sector the DCP were planning to invade were destroyed, from the inside out. Next, the DCP deployed thousands of torpedo platforms, which while effective at first, eventually fell to the Grox' new transphasic torpedoes. The Grox then created a subspace disruption which interfered with the DCP's early hyperspace weapons. The Grox were expecting the DCP to use their peculiar strategies, but the Grox were now advanced enough to repel them. Soon, the DCP would have to engage them ship to ship.

"Huge Success"[]

After the engagement that reduced the Tokzhalan backup fleet in Grox space, intelligence reports as well as scans made by some of the ships that escaped were coming in. The following conversation between two individuals is what occurred due to Salsetthe Intelligence receiving the scans.

"We are receiving tactical information on the technologies encountered during the most recent Tokzhalan engagement along with a brief scan of the inside of the largest ship done by the individuals that were taken captive before they terminated their lives. It also appears they were foolish enough to allow three of our ships to escape."

"Really? Send the data to the engineers in the Defence Forces with a small note attached. Have it read 'huge success'. While we lost that battle, we have gained more valuable information that will aid us in any further engagements."

First Clash[]

Human Republic and DCP forces fight the Grox.

The DCP and human ships had rendezvoused and their flight pattern had prepared. Over a million DCP and human ships had grouped. The human and Near-human ships all varied in type, due to the fact that up to recently, humanity was still split into different empires, like the Nations of old Earth. Meanwhile, this would be the first time in 200 years the DCP and Grox ships would have clashed. The DCP had advanced since then, but so had the Grox.

At the first battle, the Grox were ready and waiting, phasers, disruptors, superlasers, quantum torpedoes, tubolaser fire and many other weapons were exchanged between both sides. Then the DCP fired their special "Drone weapon" (somewhat like the drones in Stargate, perhaps the DCP were inspired by the Ancients, but they'll never admit). The drones were released in their thousands, and passed through the Grox's first wave quickly. Not all of the first wave was destroyed, and was so was backed up by a second, and a third and a fourth, in fact, scans showed the Grox outnumbered the attacking fleet five to one, just in the sector. However, many were fighters. The main Grox ships looked like they did 200 years before, but were much more advanced. Several Grox hands of Death ship headed straight to the DCP capital ships, ripping some of them to shreds, while Grox motherships flanked by several new unseen ships decloaked.

The DCP and humans pressed on. 45 Grox Motherships headed straight for a flotilla of near-human heavy cruisers that had got carried away strayed too far (warbirds). 6 of them was destroyed, only 2 Grox motherships were down, but then 100 DCP Star Dreadnoughts intercepted the motherships and outgunned them. The near-humans were warriors, and were not too happy that they got rescued. Meanwhile, back on the frontline, the Grox held their ground. The DCP fired ion cannons at the Grox, only to find they were not so effective.

Eventually, after a great struggle, the DCP and humans fought their way to several star systems. The DCP used star killers, which resulted in the systems annihilation.

The battles continued, until...

A few more systems were destroyed, however, the Grox had been terribly underestimated, only 300,000 ships had survived. The DCP wanted to sacrifice itself, however, an emergency transmission was received. Mysterious, organic ships were attacking the sector they had came from. They were the Shadows, which quickly eradicated every ship the DCP sent after. The fleet returned, however, the Grox followed. Nearby, the Daleks attacked another sector, recently weakened by Taberon. This made the DCP forces withdraw. But the human ships stayed, and continued their attack.

The attacking empires hadn't finished with the DCP yet. The Shadows, Grox and Daleks invaded the DCP's core, the Delpha sector with over 10 million starships. The Shadows destroyed the DCP's spatial barriers in hyperspace, and the Daleks foiled the DCP's high-tech defences such as ghost phasing, holotech, nanoswarms, cloaking fields and spatial distortions. However, the DCP's fleet size in the sector was astronomical, and due to sheer size and firepower was able to keep the invading fleet from getting too far in. Despite this, there was much devastation, until the other First Ones lent a hand. The Shadows were pushed back, the Daleks destroyed by the Vorlon's advanced weaponry, and the DCP took the opportunity to cripple the Grox fleet. The First Ones then left the galaxy to continue their war and then ascend; now it was the DCP's job to guide the younger empires.

Plazith Rim in chaos[]

The Grox knew that they were unlikely to survive in the Plazith Rim with so many enemies attacking them, so they decided to do whatever they could while they were still able. Grox forces swarmed across the galaxy, picking off some of the weakest of the civilisations there. These civilisations were not so capable of fighting the Grox fleets. Other civilisations who also allied with the Tokzhalan Empire in the Imperial Civil War joined in with the invasions. Over the course of the next few days, several of the targeted nations collapsed and fell. Amidst the destruction, a few of the extragalactic civilisations with a presence in the Plazith Rim fled, abandoning their colonies. The galaxy was falling into chaos.

The Great Rising[]

The surviving Milky Way nations were not going to go down without a fight, and to save what is left of their glorious galaxy, the DCP rounded up various empires large and small. The DCP has 5 million starships poised for the attack, the empires of humanity have readied their large combined forces, over a million strong, the Jovar have sent 968,000 destroyers, the Vartekians will join in their various weapons, and Admiral Kaios, a famous mercenary will join the fray. Later the BNSC sent a fleet in revenge of their destroyed homeworld.

Admiral Kaios' Arrival[]

Since the DCP had not encountered the Admiral before, they decided to test him. They ordered him to land on a heavily defended Grox colony, one with so many orbital defences a ship based attack would be suicide. Kaios' response was to quickly call up his crew. Once on the ground, Kaios outlined his plan. Xoratas and Nascaw were to take the lead, while Emirillia and Saya would move along the walls and eliminate the Grox picket line. Kaios would be right in the thick of it, ready to give orders to whomever needed it.

A time was set one hour later, when Xoratas, Nascaw and Kaios would attack. Emrillia and Saya quickly dealt with the gate guards, and started to remove the sentries posted around the main Grox base. This citadel had a standing army of over 2000 infantry, armed to the teeth, but Kaios' crew were all sporting the best armor, weapons and equipment money could buy.

The first notice the Grox had of the Crew's arrival was when Xoratas brought the doors down with a bolt of dark energy. Immediately after, Kaios and Nascaw stormed in, launching plasma blasts and missiles wherever the Grox showed their faces. The DCP watching from Kaios' tactical camera brought out some popcorn and enjoyed the sight of the Crew's horrendously powerful guns obliterating team after team of Grox fighters. Kaios chuckled to himself, remarking that the Grox had upgraded their ships, but completely neglected their ground forces.

Emrillia and Saya weren't done, though. Giving each other a quick nod, they both leapt from the ramparts, their jump followed by a resounding crack as the tower they stood on was brought down by demo-charges. Sympathetically, the tower landed on a column of Grox reinforcements, and as if the walls themselves were on the Admiral's side they collapsed, crushing many of the Grox defenders. Kaios let off a smile, revealing his adamantium-plated right incisor, before firing off a plasma blast that punched clean through a Grox's plate armor.

All in all, it was a good day. When the DCP contacted him to arrange payment, Kaios told them to forget it. He'd had too much fun that day to ask for money. What he didn't know was that the Grox learnt from this attack, and began to outfit footsoldiers with personal energy shields and superior armor. Kaios' next mission was going to be much harder.

Vartekian Intervention[]

Not far away from Grox space an ominous ship drifted ever close. Watching through the cockpit view screen Admiral Votarah watched. His eyes deep in thought seemed almost lost as he scanned the space around him. He grinned at the sight of a coming planet. The computer scans reported Grox activity. Votarah already knew about this planet however. Years ago another Vartekian captain made his last stand here. The captain reported strange activities before he died. It was Votarah's mission to find out what that was. In the distance Votarah could see four Grox ships heading toward him. The Transmission lines popped up. "Identify!!!" the monitor ordered. Votarah replied firing off his anti-matter missiles. The missiles struck the Grox ships hard the explosion rippling through space as Votarah's ship inched closer. "You have been scheduled for termination! Prepared to DIE!!! The monitor screamed. Votarah looked past the screen. An entire fleet of Grox approached. Votarah grinned as he leaned into a second transmitter. "Go."

From either side two portals erupted. Vartekian battle cruisers began to pile out. In an instant Particle beams flew wildly around. taking advantage of the situation Votarah slipped through and began to land on the Vartekian planet. (more coming soon)

Rage of the Coalition![]

The DCP unleashed an attack once more, now they have more knowledge on the Grox's new technology. Over 5 million warships of various classes dropped out of tachyon shift, above various worlds of the Grox, with more ships set to follow, plus the Fordan's Vendetta class ships they supplied. The DCP's used many torpedo platforms, drone ships, "berserker"-type Von Neumann probes at first, to target weaker points of the Grox's fleet, and as the DCP watched, the infrastructure of the fleet began to collapse. Next the DCP hit industrial systems with star killers, infecting the stars with Q-balls, which soon disrupted the weak nuclear force, causing fusion to either speed or slow down. But the battles gradually got tougher and tougher, as the Grox regrouped and struck again. At the battle of PsX.95 Alpha, the DCP lost 600,825 ships, with a further 20,000 damaged beyond repair and 5000 missing. This is because the Grox unleashed nearly all of their autonomous "Hands of death" (over a million), as well as other ships. Very tough robots, these giant machines latch onto the hulls of starships and rip them apart. With armour plates of neutronium, they are very hard to stop before they latch on and rip through a ships shields with EM-based devices, powerful tractor beams and anti-proton lasers. Furthermore, the Grox still had other tricks up their sleeves, but the DCP continued to fight on, even until the last escape pod was down.

The fleet was led by a mystery new ship of the DCP, the Expunge class as it was known to the DCP, it was actually a ship for space exploration, but was the most advanced ship. The Grox tried their best efforts to defeat it, but lost miserably every time. Before the Grox knew it, as much as 7,500 systems were gone within days. To make matters worse for the Grox, soon the DCP, Admiral Kaios and Vartekians will be joined by the rest of the galaxy. The Jovar and others, will make their move on soon, now with renewed courage.

Human and other empires join the DCP[]

The DCP joined with the human fleet once more, but found itself bolstered by even more ships, left by smaller empires of the galaxy as well as ones nearly destroyed and devastated in the Imperial Civil War, it seemed everyone wanted to join in and get their own back, with the DCP! The Borg also emerged, but fought on their own, sending several Borg Cubes to Grox space and assimilated several new colonies and technology, the Grox's cybernetic bodies easily turned to the collective. Their appearance was not so much rejoiced though, as this only meant that the Grox's tech might re-emerge once more.

The Glidiosaurian empire, Welky Grand council, Rhodiaxian empire, Birpok Theocratic Dominion, Swine Moose Order and the Elucaphon (Wormulon's other empires not counting the Borg) decided that to escape destruction, they must also join the Delpha Coalition of Planets. The DCP happily accepted, they had met these empires before, most being in Tier 5 except the Tier 3 Welky Grand Council. Even the hostile and xenophobic Rhodiaxian decided to help. The Swine Moose Order has amazing mind control, even overwhelming the Grox on a few occasions. The Glidiosaurians contributed with their intelligent actions in the new war.

Cephalodian Imperium's might[]

The Cephalodians were a Tier 4 empire on the edge of the galaxy, despite being Tier 4, their biotechnology and understanding of bioscience was as advanced as a Tier 2 empire. Being extremely peaceful, it takes a lot to annoy the Cephalodians, but in the defence of life, the Cephalodians will fight. After observing the Grox trash one of their biosanctuaries for no reason, the Cephalodians fought back. Only 450 bioships (willing to help their symbiotic pilots) went to attack, both ship and pilots coloured purple (their skin colour changes in response to different emotions), with purple meaning anger, a rare colour, which meant they meant real business.

At first, the bioships were gunned down easily, however, they have the ability to learn and quickly evolve, soon their exoskeleton had adapted. The Cephalodians unleashed both biological-based weapons (living ones) and non-biological, however, for every death on either side to be lost, the Cephalodians planted ten times as many organisms. They also seeded Grox planets with life, killing yet more Grox.

Hogomoth Refuge's bravery[]

The Hogomoth had been suppressed by the the Grox and their allies like the Marinox for too long. They had nearly been eradicated and despite being in a very weakened state, sent one cityship, defended by several escorts. Cityships were still very big and equipped with various weapons. The Grox laughed when they saw the Hogomoth coming "Well look at them! They think they can...", however, by then, Hogomoth mercenaries, now well adapted for secrecy and stealth, had infiltrated many Grox systems far from the main attack, destroying then from the inside! The Hogomoth hope that this courageous act will give them some more respect among the community.

The great rising/DSB[]

Although the DSB could not spare much from their fleet, due to the War of the Blocs, but they did want to help. A DSB dreadnaut, backed by seven cruisers, flew into Grox territory to aid the other empires.

As if the Jovar weren't going through enough already...[]

The Jovar dispatched 968,000 destroyers to engage the Grox. However, being able to send so much of the fleet was no easy task. The Empire was currently struggling internally, and instability within the government's interior was ever-increasing. A victory over the Grox would probably boost the morale for all Jovar, no matter what side of the civil war they were on.

So, using Gagran as the base of operations, the Jovar launched about an eighth of their fleet into Grox space, aided by DCP starships. They eventually encountered the Grox not far into their boundary, and the battle began. Along with the DCP's many advance battleships, the Jovar ships, with their extremely thick shields and hulls and powerful weaponry, were able to stand a chance against the small Grox fleet. The Grox had been surprised by the Jovar's sudden strength, for in their previous meetings, Jovar starships were nowhere near as powerful. Now, however, they were comparable to many Tier-2 empires' ships!

The Grox had a plan up their sleeves though. A smaller diversion of their fleet actually warped spacetime, using this warp, they were able to completely surround the Jovar with little time wasted! Surrounded, the Jovar seemed to have no chance of survival. Retreat was (obviously) not a viable action, and the Grox ships now outnumbered them, with reinforcements coming in constantly.

Of course, the Jovar would not be the heroes of the battle; in fact, it was the DCP! Out of a gesture of friendship, the Coalition used their most powerful ships, the Expunge-classes, to defeat the Grox. The plan worked brilliantly.

Technically, the DCP won the first battle between the Jovar and Grox. However, both the T.S.O.I.B and Jovar Empire used the success as a way to spark public relief in the nation, showcasing the nation's "power and intelligence". The propaganda machine that was the battle was a fraud at best, as nearly all Jovar ships had been destroyed. It worked, however, to help boost citizen morale. However, the nation would still be split in civil war. The effects of the battle would soon wear off, as another event would soon overshadow it...

The birds strike back[]

The Dyson sphere had activated the wormhole, and it was time to head for the Grox. The LSS Corenin slowly entered the gigantic portal, Admiral Arian was used to it, the feeling of being stretched out trough the galaxy was nothing new to him.

The Corenin arrived a grox space, together with 50 Stardestroyers, a newer model in the Gablinus-Avis navy, The Grox immediately sent their starfighters against the fleet. But they where soon stopped, as the Gablinus fleet sent a hail of proton and antimatter missiles. Small Grox bodies floated around in space.

Smiling, Arian sent the ships towards the closest Grox system, the great assault, had just started.

(More to come)

The great rising/BNSC[]

The BNSC attacked with fierce force, they sent all their forces towards the Grox's colonies, destroying them one by one, then a transmission from Grox appeared on Lieutenant Commander Benjamin XII's Normandy 137's screen, the transmission from the Grox said the Grox asked for mercy, and then the message appeared on the screen, "</Transmission_to_BNSC/>_BNSC=Strong_Enemy,_Transmission_Reason=Mercy_Freestyle_Turned_ON,_Universal_Langauge=Earth_Human_American_English_/:>Greetings oh powerful BNSC, I'm the Grox Emperor, and we want you to take our mercy and stop attacking our colonies, we shall stop bothering you and your colonies.<:/Transmission_End/>", then the transmission ended, but the BNSC never stopped, then Lieutenant Commander Benjamin XII then replied with another transmission, "Never, remember, you tried to destroy us just to prove to the DCP you're a strong enemy, but you aren't, now, prepare to die!!!", he replied, then the BNSC just kept coming with billions of warships that came out of Slipspace from the middle of the Orion Arm, they kept coming, and destroying every colony in just seconds, even the Grox ships didn't even survive to be promoted, the BNSC never stopped attacking the Grox until they only had 700. colonies left around Milky Way Galaxy Galaxy's Galactic Core, then Captain Benjamin XII sent another transmission, "Grox, we're now going to leave you alone, and let the DCP finish you off, prepare to face your death Grox, it will be your last, and like what you always say, EXTIRMINATE, EXTIRMINATE, EXTIRMINATE!!!", said the message, then the BNSC fled back to BNSC Space, then the Grox sent them a transmission, "</Transmission_to_BNSC/>:/>You BNSC fools are sissys, we will destroy you when we become stronger and you become weaker and beg for our mercy, but we'll refuse and destroy you!!!</:</Transmission_End/>", said the transmission, this is what pissed the BNSC off the most, but they still left the DCP to handle the rest and they never touched the Grox again in the whole war.

The great rising/AGA[]

(set after the events in the Kcaj galaxy) the fight happening in Milky Way Galaxy was raging, when a massive emp fired from the kcaj galaxy, causing grox ships to go haywire, the shipcrews on both sides looked up as AGA behemoth class ships came out of hyderdrive, and activated their wormhole generators, causing AGA ships to pour out of the wormhole, literally raining into the atmosphere of grox worlds. ship pilots laughed as they fired proton missile after proton missile into grox colonies while the ctron's revenge class ships fired EMPs into grox fighters trying to escape. suddenly huge grox motherships in orbit deactivated their cloaking devices and started converging on the planet Jack was attacking, the leader, Jack saw was his brother sam, who was assimilated to the grox piloting the lead ship. there was only one option for reppelling these grox ships, and that was take out the main ship, and to do that you have to get inside... (more coming soon)

project Xsoldiers[]

the AGA decided to bring it's top scientists together to create a weapon to turn the war in the AGA's favour, they decided to expand the CregorineX project to other creatures, and project Xsoldiers was born. The AGA decided to distibute the Xsoldier technology to other factions in the war, to really make a dent.

What Lies Beneath[]

Meanwhile, the Salsetthe Defence Force's ships were focusing on eradicating the remnants of the Grox Empire threat in Milky Way Galaxy/Plazith Rim with remarkable success. However, a colony which was under construction at the time was targeted by a small Grox fleet. Only one ship was able to navigate through the plasma storms in the system with some success, but the Conqrix pod was destroyed, leaving only the Grox crew to attempt to take over the colony or destroy it. Little did they know what lay ahead of them. A blue transfer beam beamed around twenty Grox soldiers to the surface of the planet. Other than the hexagonal metallic structure that lay ahead of them, the surface of the planet was incredibly unremarkable, and was strangely enough, uninhabitable by most species. As they approached the building that would bring them into the colony, the doors opened for them, almost as if they were being welcomed to the colony. The Grox soldiers entered the building, descending the short ramp that lead into a dark hallway that was apparently divided into sections every 20 metres. Strangely enough, there was no sign of any light at the end of this hallway, and they then noticed that it was a trap. Ten different doors made out solid neutronium fell into position, crushing one of the Grox soldiers, and dull muted thuds could be heard as the locking mechanisms activated. The circular impressions on each wall, floor, and ceiling lit up, and a voice could be heard coming from each one. "Hello, friend." Then, they started to fire their polaron beams at the intruders, and any atmospheric gases that were inside of that part of the building were replaced by gases such as anesthizine and neurozine in an attempt to cause any intruder to be knocked unconscious if they were to breath in any of the gases. Several minutes in, only one Grox soldier remained, cowering in a corner that was a blind spot to the internal defence systems that had yet to be fixed, and had managed to activate an emergency respirator device so then he couldn't breathe in any of the gases. However, even this wouldn't have saved him, as two of the walls started to move towards each other after the internal defence systems shut down, and the individual was eventually crushed. Several minutes later after the walls had reset themselves to their default positions, plasma from the fusion reactors inside of the colony were vented into the different sections of the hallway, and were ignited, vaporising any evidence that the conflict had taken place. The Grox ship in orbit was suddenly destroyed as a cloaked tricobalt mine struck it, and the "battle" was over.

Final deathblow[]

Soon, the 70 systems dotted around the Galactic Core were easily picked off by the allies, however, there was still over a 1000 systems spread around the center, and another few near Taxton space. The Jovar's internal struggles meant they must return home, and other allies returned to their homeworlds to rebuild. The Borg salvaged various systems, scavenging on the remains, but returned to their space. The Grox were left in tatters, and the DCP would lead the final deathblow. The Coalition decided they wanted a swift victory, and used their advanced technology and superweapons to sweep away any final colonies. However, there was still a few left near Taxton space. The Taxton were a large empire, and so to not continue the war any further, the DCP knocked out the colonies quickly using hyperspace missiles. The Taxton, when found their allies were gone, decided not to interviene in revenge.

And so, the Grox's long reign of terror that lasted millions of years had finally ended. Not a single Grox or ally continued to survive in the galaxy. Whether they will return again is unknown, but with the DCP's new plans, it seems most unlikely that they will ever find their chance again...

Kraw Galaxy[]

The Kraw Galaxy has never known the threat of the Grox. There was Grox in the galaxy, but they were a splinter faction, called the Kraw Galaxy Groxic Colony. The KGGC was far less advanced than the main Grox empire, but seeked neutrality. This didn't stop the hatred.

The Delpha Coalition of Planets vowed an oaf of blood to destroy every last Grox and Groxid in the universe. To "wipe the scourge that once plagued their worlds". However, at this time, the DCP was at war with a far greater threat, an alliance between the Vartekians, Cult of the Deathmarch and the Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets. But it was known to the universe that the Grox threat was rising. Superships had been detected in Grox space. The DCP was attempting to monitor known Grox territories, including the KGGC. Eventually, massive surges of energy, even having an effect on subspace was detected in the Kraw Galaxies Core. This gave the DCP the justification they needed to attack, but with a smaller fleet.

Massacre on the first worlds[]

The KGGC desperately try to fight the AtmoGens.

After an announcement to the DCP's allies, the DCP attacked without any forewarning. The DCP's hatred for the Grox meant the DCP was planning very aggressive force.

On the airless world of Chektonica, the DCP began its first attack. A sprawling world with a population of 3 billion, the DCP's ship slided by like ghosts. This would be the first contact (save transmissions). The DCP released hundreds of pods the size of small buildings that landed on the surface in a blue flame. Curious Grox approached, even taking recording devices to take holopictures and movies. Then, the top Unscrewed, and the sides of the pods fell. A giant machine has risen, accompanied by many small ones. There was some panic, security held civilians back. But then it began gather resources from the ground.

Gas, then erupted from the pods in all directions, it was oxygen. To a Grox, oxygen is many times deadlier than cyanide. As it hit the civilians in a focused wave, their skin literally flayed and peeled off, turning to dust as their flesh oxidised and rusted. Many ran, ecaping the gas, but wherever they would go, another pod had cornered them. The Colonies defenses then fired everything they had at the DCP cruiser, which harmlessly bounced of the hull. The ship hanged in the sky motionlessly, an dark and ominous omen. The pods began to quicky replicate themselves on their surroundings, now destroyed cities. The pods were called AtmoGen weapons, designed to destroy Grox colonies. By now, the true Grox had a defense, but the KGGC didn't. As soon as every Grox was dead, the AtmoGen's began to hop from planet to planet, wiping out life and then feasting on the remains to build more. As the DCP watched from observation platforms, the commanders laughed and troops cheered seeing the utter desperation in the Grox's little faces.

Mobilizing defenses[]

The KGGC gathered all of their ships and military, they were under attack, the DCP was true to its word. But after centuries of seperation from the main Grox, they had barely advanced while the DCP had. The fleet spread out throughout KGGC space, in a ghost phase. Weapons passed through the ghostly spectres of the DCP cruisers of war. Ships would randomely de-phase and unleash deadly weapons on their cities. The DCP soon knocked out several major industrial systems, but then they moved towards the population centers, as the DCP found the KGGC was defensles anyway. Within a few Kraw nights, hundreds of systems had been cleared. In perhaps their first victory, the KGGC slammed every ship they had in one system against a small warcruiser, the collision destroying both sides. The DCP recently had contact from another race who wanted to attack. The KGGC was in trouble, and had reverted to desperation. Yet, they died with diginity, after saying bye to their loved ones they jumped straight at their impending doom.

Genocide of Xat[]

A planet populated by over 10 billion, this world was one of the KGGC's most populated systems. With a thirst for war, the DCP showed its real rage and bloodthirst when they unleashed terror, for the fun of it. A Dreadnough hovered over the colonies capital, and abducted huge amounts of Grox, but instead of holding them in cargo, the ship released them over the city, flailing Grox fell like rain from the sky. Others were captured, amd placed on inhospitable worlds. Other ships began blasting entire cities. Many retreated underground, only to find the DCP lifting off the planets surface and pouring antimatter down. Things would begin to slow down from now on, as the DCP searched for the superships and other tech the Grox had, including the use of groundforces. Now 60% of the KGGC was gone, and 40% of its population slaughted, it would be easier to search, but once the DCP found what they were looking for, they would destroy anything left...

But, the eradication had ended. For a day there was no word of invasion. The Kraw Grox now sat in their homes, waiting for oblivion. Ships tried to escape, but anything that tried to slip through the DCP's net wouldn't last long. But fear began again, the spectres of cloaked DCP troopers now began searching colonies. On one world, their shields failed and the Grox troops fought back, and destroyed both sides when releasing a nuclear weapon underground. However, some of the personal shielding survived. The Grox quickly reverse engineered it and then sent it to their untouched colonies, to create city-shields. Now, it was harder for the ground troops, but now the DCP was only more sure where the KGGC was hiding their superships.

New turn[]

Another energy surge was detected in the core. DCP forces rushed to the location, it had been confirmed, there was a ship in the Kraw, and it looked as if the DCP was right about the Grox deception.

There was a ship, but it wasn't KGGC. It was the Grox, the true Grox Meta-empire. The DCP fleet engaged the super-dreadnought with full force, but it did a new maneuver, - spatial compression wave. It phased into hyperspace, then impaced on two subspace layers, creating a faster than light sine-wave of energy in real space. The DCP ships in the battle dissolved. A huge fleet of True Grox warships and motherships now jumped out of hyperspace and attacked the rest of the DCP forces in KGGC space, taking the DCP by surprise and pushing them to the edge of the slip net. Now the DCP got caught in its own net and lossed even more. Meanwhile, the True Grox proposed to the KGGC that the KGGC should join in order to survive. As they both negotiated, the DCP Remnant fleet contacted its new ally...

From the Shadows[]

The Farxaeri Directorate exit phase jump.

The Xarik-Radux attack KGGC Ships.

The Farxaeri Directorate are purifying a Planet.

Mysteriously, several Blue "Comets" came out of nowhere, and stopped, revealing Ships that made a brief burst of White "Smoke" from their Engines, they were Farxaeri Directorate Ships exiting Phase jump, the Farxaeri Directorate are the DCP's so-called "New Allies", the ships began to move towards KGGC Colonies and Fleets, they, at one point used Fast and Aggressive Blitzkrieg-style Attacks, then, the other Directorate Ships constantly Phased, Cloaked, Decloaked, and Teleported, making quick and stealthy Hit n' Run attacks, they were smashing fleets of KGGC Ships, as for the Colonies, they bombarded them from Orbit, and once they finished the Colonies, to leave a horrifying reminder, they "Purified" or, as most Races call it, Glassed the Surface of the Planets.

DCP Re-engage[]

The surprise attack from the Grox did mean the DCP took losses, embarrassingly when it was pushed into its slip net. But the attack fleet was small anyway, comprised of just 200 starships and AtmoGens to do the job. There was now 68 ships, but not for long, the DCP now had sent 50 new ships to take on the True Grox. These Grox were as advanced as the DCP's technology, so the new Bowships and Subjugators were brought in to meet with older Dreadnoughts and destroyers.

By now, the DCP's ally the Kraw had broken their alliance, and was crying. The DCP did not really miss an alliance with a Tier 4 (especially now the DCP think they are weak for crying without dignity), but warned that if the Kraw stepped in the DCP's way they would be next. The Taharians attempted to help rebuild the KGGC thinking the war was over, but the DCP never surrenders. The Tahar were still allies, but the DCP decided to warn the Tahar not to get involved, but the Tahar didn't listen...

In return for the silence, the DCP broke it by firing a star killer at the nearest KGGC colony to Taharian space, to demonstrate the DCP's readiness. Several Q-ball forges orbited the star Kraninos and infected its core with Q-balls, it was a high mass star and exploded days later (but was releasing huge amounts of energy within hours, enough to wipe out a planet). The Tahar seemed to have heeded the warning. Meanwhile, the new ships engaged the Grox once more. In the first battle, the Bowships fired their great lances into the hearts of several motherships, while Subjugators took on the warcruisers. The battles were far more even now (as the true Grox were as if not more powerful than the DCP) and chaos raged across the Galactic Core, but this time the DCP ignored the KGGC completely, as the XR was glassing world and after world.

Securing a Foothold[]

However, not all planets were purified, a few were terraformed to the Cold, Icy and Snowy conditions that Farxaeri Directorate thrive on, and they began establishing Bases to "secure a Foothold", and then, there were also Planets that were already suitable for the Farxaeri Directorate (Cold, Icy and Snowy Planets, or simply, Ice Planets) and Bases were also established there, soon, more forces are also coming, and some, if not, most of the Farxaeri Ships began to join the DCP Fleets...

Asgord intervention[]

Diplomat Lezia decided to travel with some Kraw ships to a galaxy infested by the Grox. They encounted the Grox destroying a living planet with the Staff of Death. After failed diplomacy, the Grox destroyed most of the ships, and choked the Kraw commander to death while he was downloading the Grox's mind data. The Grox also hacked into the Taharian severs, cauing them to shutdown for 30 minutes.

Luckily, the DCP was in the area and quickly teleported her to safety. But now the Grox new of the Kraw's location. Back in the Kraw galaxy, the Grox prepared to strike down the Major 4 Races as well as other native civilizations, however, the DCP was able to convince all but the Friendly Republic of the Asgord to join the DCP in battle. Now, it was the Great 4, DCP and Farxaeri vs. the Grox forces. However, there was only 70 DCP ships left now, but combined with the others had the strength of a Tier 3 military force. It was decided, that they would now strike the center...

Ready the Army[]

As the Farxaeri Directorate continued on Purifying Planets, but soon they knew about the incoming Grox Empire attack, because these Grox were more powerful than the KGGC they had to help out the DCP, so their Massive Force of Ships came to the DCP, they readied their Weapons and prepared for battle, to destroy this Grox threat, with their Surprises, and as soon as supplies were given by the House Xarikuz to the Bases and resources were being Mined and taken, they began to more construct Ships, Vehicles and Weapons for the Xarik-Radux March of Doom.

Final battles[]

As the DCP, Farxaeri Directorate and natives of the Kraw gathered their fleets at the edge of the galaxy, so did the Grox. It was estimated that tens of thousands of Grox ships were going to invade the Kraw, their first target. Far more ships than they needed, because its native empires were far less advanced. It would be the perfect galaxy to invade the First Gigaquadrant.

Battle on the edge
Luckily, the DCP Hyperspace Station observed the massive movement of Grox ships transvering hyperspace, yet due to their techniques of scattering, it was not known how many ships they had. The allies were now sandwhiched between the Super Dreadnought and the large fleet. Knowing that the DCP fleet in the Kraw had no chance, the DCP sent a reinforcement fleet of 4000 ships as well as many more Drove Hunters, Torpedo Spheres and Berserker Probes where its clashed heads with the Grox. The Grox had 10,000 ships, Yet, the battles raged on for two standard days. But the Super Dreadnought struck again, using more spatial compression waves, destroying many ships. The DCP realized they would have to defeat the Dreadnought in order crush the invasion.

Unexpected Attack
Farxaeri Directorate seized the opportunity to attack, while the Grox were busy fighting DCP and Kraw Galaxy Forces, it was an attack the Grox could not see coming, when several Hyper Pseudomatter (AKA Majoron Swarms) Missiles fired from very far away by the Hyper Missile Platforms used by Farxaeri Directorate struck the Super Dreadnought, clouds of Nano-replicators releasing lots and lots of Majoron are swarming the Ship, and starting to consume it, Farxaeri Directorate all the time was waiting and hiding, waiting for the Grox to foolishly let themselves exposed to the element of surprise but could this be enough to destroy the Super Dreadnought? however, not risking and/or wanting to take too many losses, Farxaeri Directorate Forces hid, and observed, but will intervene if the DCP was suffering too much already, or the battle becomes even more heated.

And so, the attack on the Super Dreadnought begun. The DCP, Farxaeri Directorate and Kraw forces re-entered KGGC space and travelled corewards to attack the Super Dreadnought, once that was down, it would be easier to fight the Grox invasion, at least until the next Dreadnought. The civilians of the KGGC looked on in horror as more DCP and Farxaeri Directorate ships had entered the warzone that was once their ancient home. Meanwhile in the core, thousands of Grox ships prepared.

The DCP were in the frontline with Farxaeri ships in tactical groups and the weaker Kraw ships at the back. However, large spidery black ships phased in realspace within allied lines. The new ships fired purple beams of energy which sliced through every ship, with no distinction between DCP, Farxaeri Directorate or Kraw 4 ship. The DCP first thought it was the Shadow Ships, the seemingly invincible ships of one of the First Ones, who had allied with the Grox earlier in the war (ands must have technology shared). But it was slightly weaker and of a different design.

Still much weaker than a true Shadow ship, the DCP was able to repel the Grox hybrids, but their attack lines had been disrupted, and now Grox ships were coming in from every direction, but bravely the allies pressed on. The Asgord not used to war soon were defeated as the crew hid between their knees. But now they reached the Super Dreadnought. The Farxaeri fired their Pseudomatter at the hull, while burning the Grox armour it only revealed Shadow bioarmour underneath which repaired itself quickly. The Dreadnought, was huge and fired a large burst of energy which took out half the Farxaeri Directorate fleet. The battle wasn't over yet... The Super Dreadnought was heavily defended, but it had to be defeated so the fleet gathered round as if in orbit and began bombardment, firing everything they had, while Grox ships rained fore down and the Dradnought fired from the inside of the formation. There was terribly heavy losses but eventually the Super Dreadnought was forced to flee and it phased into hyperspace. Its wherabouts is unknown. But the Grox ships in the core were now fired on by a new enemy, the last remnants of the KGGC. The KGGC decided to act and was now attacking the Grox ships. The allied fleet then pushed out and the Grox were once again forced to retreat. The KGGC now feaed they were next for finishing off, but luckily, they had chosen to side with the DCP in battle, enough for the DCP to stop their war with the KGGC. The DCP lowered weapons and left, leaving the Farxaeri Directorate to do what they want with the KGGC.

The Grox had now earned their respect again. Their new fleet of ships were advanced enough to trouble the Delpha Coalition of Planets, they had stronghold galaxies in the Unknown regions and could easily manipulate empires to get what they want. While no one had noticed the Grox had conquered a few clusters around the Kraw galaxy too.

Desire for Retribution
Not being able to gain the satisfaction of total destruction of the True Grox Fleets, and the destruction of half the XR Forces has caused great frustration and anger for the Farxaeri Directorate, and they are not happy about it, and seem somewhat frustrated at the DCP, and is going to declare war on the entire Kraw Galaxy, and is extremely, and already furious at the Grox, and the KGGC, now that their March of Doom is beginning, and it seems that they are going to choose the Kraw Galaxy as one of their first victims, and their priority, the Grox Empire and the KGGC.

The aftermath[]

The KGGC may be in seclusion, and the battles maybe over, but not for the Farxaeri Directorate, they are now going berserk upon the Kraw Galaxy, starting to kill empires from left and right, and they seem to be going insane, and it seems that they are trying to take colonies from the KGGC as well, and now the Farxaeri Directorate has begun to become a bloodthirsty, insane, destructive force as they are attacking the Kraw Galaxy, and are about to attack the Kraw and Tahar.

The Elalma Galaxy[]


Meanwhile, in a small galaxy nestled in a corner of space next to the Andromida Galaxy, beacons long unused flickered to life on across the grox worlds. Every grox mind knew what it meant. The unthinkable had happened, the lesser races had threatened the very existence of the greater grox empire, and the call was accepted. Across the thousands of worlds grox ships loaded with soldiers, weapons, and the brightest tacticians in the galaxy were loaded and set off to Milky Way Galaxy Galaxy. Civilizations across the galaxy first quaked in fear at the sight of more grox ships than they could have imagined leaving their space. Fear turned to astonishment and confusion as they left the galaxy, leaving their empire open to attack. As war raged across the Elalma Galaxy, the grox fleet pushed onward, undeterred by the events behind them.

The Alliance Responds[]

In the Galian Alliance, word quickly spread of the grox leaving, but as other races threw themselves at the grox defenses, the the Alliance Senate agreed that the grox fleet would one day return and drive out any race who would set foot in grox space, bringing everything to the way it was before. Many races proposed that the destruction of such a massive fleet would at least cripple the grox military for decades or longer. Agreeing to this, each member race sent a small fleet to form a large armada led by the werewolf Andita, and the zith Urmi, and began tracking the grox fleet, discovering that it led beyond the confines of the galaxy. The Alliance used the new werewolf wormhole technology to harness the power of wormholes to travel to a remote tip of Milky Way Galaxy, being the first of their galaxy to steep beyond into the wider universe.

First Encounter[]

Spore 2011-01-14 14-16-24.png

The Alliance armada encountered the very rear guard of the grox fleet, and although they were just a small portion of the rest of the force, they outnumbered the Alliance Armada. The battle would have been lost if Andita not been leading the force. Allowing his fleet to scatter as if in retreat, then when the grox pursued the flanks swung around to catch the grox ships in a cross fire, and the center (mostly made of hardier zith battle ships) held the grox in place long enough for the fleet to annihilate every single ship. No grox survived to warn the rest of the fleet.

The Lost Siblings[]

The rest of the grox fleet meet the main grox force at the center of the galaxy and began the joining proses. Although normally they would have been merged easily, the centuries of isolation had changed the Triangulum Grox. There connected consciousness had given birth to individual minds, and those minds felt a threat from these alien Grox. Although they did merge the Elalma Grox still felt uneasy with this merging, and kept their deeper minds hidden from the rest of the Grox Collective. They quickly set to work on giving the Collective all the weapons and tactics that they had learned in fighting the species of their galaxy, and they especially recommended the Criii as the perfect compliment to the Dronox ground forces. Unimpressed with the "barbarians" that they saw, the Criii were sent to be tested against a large empire, and a small detachment of criii were sent into the Empires of Milky Way Galaxy.

The Alliance Fortify[]

Seeing how badly they were outnumbered, Urmi and Andita sent word back to the Alliance for reinforcements as they settled on a nearby uninhabited planet which they named Nakia (frontier in the werewolf language). The Alliance for their part felt a wave of excitement across its worlds. The thought of reaching out beyond the blanket of empty space and the thought of finally striking back at the grox for the devastation of the Malevolence War was sending waves of excitement throughout member races, (and the defenses the grox had made around their galactic center was so far unbroken by any empire). The massive Alliance military, only made larger by the Malevolence War, went to work in gathering a second armada, twice the size of the first to reinforce Urmi's and Andita's fleet.

The Ravengers Test[]

The criii assault was made of several criii battle ships carrying the ground forces, and an escort of Elalma Galaxy Grox war ships. The attack force headed straight towards the Vartekian Empire, using the stealth systems the grox escort was able to approach without being noticed. The fleet headed into Vartekian territory, approaching a remote colony used by the Vartekian as a staging ground in the sector. The fleet stopped just out of range and the escort proceed ahead to clear the way for the transports. The system had a decent sized fleet around it patrolling for grox attacks that noticed a small signal on their sensors, discovering the approaching grox fleet. The commander of the Vartekian ordered the assault confident of victory; they were slightly out numbered but it appeared to be a small fleet with no warships larger than a grox. Nevertheless, the grox of the Elalma Galaxy relied on speed and the destructiveness of their weapons and not large hulking war ships. The grox escorts jumped into action, using portal technology to appear behind and surround the Vartekian fleet, flying circles around the larger warships, while going toe to toe with the more maneuverable Stingers. Although losses were heavy, in a few minits, the Vartekian commander sensed they were out matched and called a retreat, but the Elalma grox ships could easily keep pace with the fleeing fleet and made sure no ship escaped the battle. With the space guardians dealt with the criii battle ships landed on the planet and went to work.

The planets ground forces were by now fully aware of the grox incursion and were ready, but they had never faced criii before. The battle on the ground is were things really started to get savage, as Vartekian robots and their commanders, faced against a hoard of swarming criii and their towering war machines. The Vartekian robots, although durable and massive in number, were out maneuvered and torn apart by wave after wave of criii assault. The Vartekian themselves fared better, fighting with all the skill of their race, they held off both infantry and vehicles for hours. Trapping the enemy at choke points, laying ambushes, and drawing the criii into killing fields . However the criii adapted, seeing that they were being slaughtered they had their vehicles and aircraft distract the Vartekian while infantry found alternate routs and surrounded the out numbered fighters. When the battle ships came into low orbit to provided air support the last resistance was smashed. Although losses were heavy the grox collective were impressed, the criii had proven themselves capable, and soon plans were made to send further fleets filled with criii armies across Milky Way Galaxy galaxy and possibly beyond.

The Gathering[]

Across the Alliance the single largest gathering of ships and personal since the Malevolence War brings well over twenty thousand ships together. The majority of the armada is made of zith, antics, werewolves, chat chine, and heroic, with the rest of the races taking support roles in the fleet. The armada set out in force thought the worm whole, and gathered at Nakia. Soon after the fleets arrival Urmi propose to begin a massive exploration of the galactic arm, both to asses the situation of the grox’s strength and any local allies they might enlist. The plan was accepted and Nakia was left with a small token force for protection. The fleet began moving down the galactic arm. However, all they found in their path was the smoking ashes and ruins of dozens of small civilizations. What little life they did find was likely spared because of a lack of space faring inhabitants. Just when it seemed the grox had wiped all civilized life from the galaxy, the fleet picked up a signal. They find a ship that matches no known records of the Alliance, floating in the depths of space badly damaged. The ship did not respond to any hails, and there were no signs of power or life on board. A boarding team was dispatched and discovered the crew just recently died from a tear in the hull that let all the atmosphere out. On board they discovered a star map, still fully functional despite some minor blacked out regions due to damage. On the star map it was clear that the ship was heading to a territory marked Human Republic. Putting the star charts into their systems, the fleet decided to head to the Human Republic to see if they could be help against the grox.

A Faulty in the Circuit[]

Although the war was going well (as far as the Elalma Grox saw anyway) they were troubled. More and more the greater Grox Collective was becoming increasingly invasive, demanding accesses to deeper mental areas, removal of personal emotions and activities to promote effectiveness, and the ever increasing seance that they were no longer the masters of their own domain. Finally, the Elalma Galaxy Grox came up with a “solution” that would enable them to complete their function of helping in the destruction of the lesser races without sacrificing their independent thought or without going to war with the rest of the grox. They created great “false files” for the greater grox to be content with, while the true files the true memories were safely locked away back in the Elalma Galaxy. With their worries dealt with for the moment the Elalma Grox became even more integrated with the Greater Grox Collective, both militarily and mentally, and their fleets and their creations became more integrated with the greater grox fleets. However for all of their closeness the Elalma Grox were still distant, alien from the other grox, they knew they had willingly disobeyed and deceived the Grox Collective, and the entire Elalma population felt like they would have to answer for it some day.

In the current moment however they needed to focus on the younger races who had dared grieve them, but for all their intelligence they had become overconfident. They saw that the criii had spread far already, they had taken worlds previously held by other races and they blossomed, multiplying at a frighting rate, there were already stable fully productive colonies deep in enemy territory. They had gotten the chance to test their weapons against a great power and triumphed in their first try, although it was a small victory it had made their already great egos grow even greater. Believing victory was inevitable in this galaxy, the Elalma Grox ordered a general advance on the enemy forces, a wide sweeping approach was to be taken to fully wipe out the races of Milky Way Galaxy Galaxy quickly and effectively. Although the Greater Grox Collective warned the Elalma Grox that the lesser species were not to be underestimated, the plan went ahead without their consent, and the forces that had terrorized the Elalma Galaxy marched boldly to what they thought to be their greatest victory.

Bunsen Galaxy[]

Much like the Kraw Galaxy, the Bunsen Galaxy's Grox faction had never been terribly violent. They were in fact a group of diplomatic Grox which had been exiled to the then-desolate Bunsen Galaxy long ago. They were stripped of all they had and were forced to live off of the available resources in the Bunsen Galaxy. They grew a bitter resentment for their parent empire as time went on.

As the four major Bunsen Powers emerged, the Grox were shunned by all four of the powers, seeing many similarities to the main Grox. In the Bunsen War, they allied with the Levisala to gain some influence, but this ultimately failed. They realized that they would not survive much longer if they were still connected to the main Grox. So they split.

After that, most of the other Powers warmed up to the Bunsen Grox Republic. They joined the Allied Bunsen Galaxy and became one of the Five Bunsen Powers.

However, the Grox now see the possibility of resistance in the Bunsen Galaxy, especially with the Bunsen Grox Republic's anti-Grox policies. Also, the Grox have never formally recognized Bunsen Grox independence. The Grox have sent some fleets to shut down that resistance before it becomes too strong...

First Encounter[]

With the TIAF and the Allies resting comfortably in the Bunsen Galaxy after successful victories over the Vartekians and VFP, the Allies were brimming with confidence. Such good feelings would not last, as a Grox fleet suddenly materialized in the outskirts of the Adriana Nebula. They invaded the galaxy down the Omega Arm, where the least Allied influence resided. By the time the Coleph Alliance could send word to the TIAF on the invasion, the Grox had already wiped out a few minor Allied empires and set up a foothold in the Beta Sector. Confused, the TIAF sent a scouting party to meet the invaders. They never returned. In response, the TIAF sent a small military fleet of 10,000 soldiers to stop the Grox. They too were never heard from again. The Grand Spodist Church, AWA, and TIAF sent fleets totaling up to 500,000 soldiers to attack the Grox. At the border of the Coleph Alliance, both sides fought a brave battle, with the Grox being forced to retreat to their Beta Sector stronghold. However, the Grox now had a base of operations in the Bunsen Galaxy now, and with the right resources, the Galaxy could be conquered and the rebellious Bunsen Grox could be reabsorbed.

Barrier Colonies[]

Spies returned with info on the Grox Bunsen stronghold. There were heavy defenses and ships which could match and even overpower the TIAF's. However, they had settled in a bad part of the galaxy, in the barren Beta Sector, so they were running low on supplies. If the TIAF and the Allied Galaxy could isolate the Grox colony, it would deal a serious setback for the Grox's Bunsen Galaxy operations.

Using an old TIAF war technique, the five powers set up Barrier Colonies several parsecs out of Grox space, far enough to allow normal expansion, which would lower suspicions, while still close enough to effectively cut off the Grox from outside support. The TIAF, GSC, and Bunsen Grox would set up their Barrier on the south side of the Grox colony, preventing any Grox movements to Allied space. The AWA and Levisala would cover the north, preventing outside allies from sending supplies. Now, the Allies wait silently in the background, quietly holding the Grox under siege. They have little knowledge of what the Grox have up their sleeves...

March of the Grox[]

Having waited the Grox out for 7 days, the Allies were sure that they were suffering. So far, 10 supply ships had been intercepted by the AWA and Levisala Barrier, and a scouting fleet of 1,000 soldiers was captured by the TIAF, GSC, and BGR Barrier. However, the Allies knew not what was to come that day.

Sensing a trap in the Bunsen Galaxy, the Grox had left behind some 400,000 soldiers in the Adriana Nebula, the remaining 200,000 making up the initial attack party. The Grox were very well aware of the Barrier Colonies, but let the Allies bask in their glory until the reinforcements arrived. The Grox fleet spread out into two groups, both made up of 200,000 soldiers each. These parties would be joined by attack parties from the Beta Stronghold, which would be made up of 50,000 soldiers. The 50,000 soldier groups would distract Allied forces at the Barriers while the 200,000-soldier groups attacked the defenseless colonies. The Allies would be sandwiched in, and the invasion would happen quick enough to avoid Allied reinforcements from arriving in time.

The plan went smoothly. While the Beta attack parties distracted soldiers at the AWA and Levisala Barrier, the Adriana attack fleet moved in silently. Though the Beta fleet was eventually taken down, the Allied fleets would return to find the Grox flag flying over the colonies. Caught between two enemy zones, they had no choice but to surrender.

The TIAF, GSC, and BGR had better luck. When a secret relay outpost near the Barrier detected mass movements of Grox fleets, the outpost relayed to the Barrier commander of the plan. Of the 250,000 troops fighting the Grox in the southern Barrier, 100,000 managed to arrive at the southern borders in time. The Grox were ravaging the planets, leaving nothing but charred masses on habitable planets while raising the Grox flag over the T0 planets. The Grox were now showing off their true colors to the Allies; the Beta Stronghold soldiers had none of the modern Grox technology, to lead the Allies into thinking of an easy victory.

Finally, the Allied fleets were defeated by the Grox, but with a cost. The Grox had lost 200,000 soldiers fighting in the south, and 75,000 in the north, almost half of their military presence in the Bunsen Galaxy. Nevertheless, the Grox had succeeded in removing an Allied threat to their invasion and build up their numbers while the Allies scramble to find a solution.

Cyrannus Galaxy[]

The Grox had by now allied with the Confederacy of Allied Systems, and together invaded EDCP sectors in Cyrannus. The CAS had trohble pnetrating the DCP's sector-system defenses, however, the new Grox technologies proved time again to trouble even the DCP.

  1. DCP Countered - The CAS had cut the Rambo Nation off from the Cyrannus galaxy by blockading Yadumarth, so the DCP sent a large fleet in ghost phase to liberate the Quadrant-Cyrannus Wormhole. However, the DCP was attacked by the Grox on the way, who were using ghost phase themselves. The battle did not go well for the DCP.
  2. Inside out invasion, hyperspace warfare and the seiges - Using technology acquired from the Shadows, the Grox now had resilient, intelligent bioarmour and the ability to phase in and out of hyperspace as well as a weakened Shadow weapon. Using these abilities the Grox invaded the DCP from inside out, taking the defense perimeter out. And in hyperspace, the DCP's graviton spheres were shut down because a Grox fighter was able to take out the DCP's Hyperspace station.
  3. Race to the Commonwealths - As the DCP competed with the CAS over the abandoned sector of the Core Federation, the Grox continiued to harrass DCP forces, beating them back on several occasions. However, after withdrawing forces, the DCP was able to establish dominance.

The Grox proved a powerful asset to the CAS front, and also had now proved their technology was a match for the Coalition's. The Grox now began to recolonize what they had lost from the War of Ages.

Return to Milky Way Galaxy[]

The Grox fight Gobongogon, the Crystal Beast

Fog rising[]

As the events of the Second War of Black Fog unravelled, it was revealed that the Grox's old ally had returned, the Marinoxidiz, but this time, they were deadly enemies. The Grox didn't want the Marinoxidiz to reveal information about them so they declared war. At first they caught the the Marinoxidiz ships off gaurd, as they were attacking DCP space. They were becoming a hindrance, so Shu'rimrodir sent his monster Gobongogon, a cyclops seemingly invunerable to the Grox's weapons. He began to punish Grox worlds, and seemed unstoppable, until the Grox ghost phased and detonated planet busters inside him, blowing him out from the inside.

Unholy Alliance[]

Not long after, the DCP forces in the Vartekian War had returned and travelled to Marinoxidiz space, during the struggle, the Grox interviened, but this time on the DCP's side (well, not as an ally but from sharing a mutual enemy), and together they both forced the Marinoxidiz from their territories.

The Grox then began to establish secret colonies in Milky Way Galaxy, out of harms reach, in hope of after defeating the Marinoxidiz, installing themselves into the galaxy once again. However, the Marinoxidiz found these colonies and crushed them with their entropic powers. Now with no colonies at all, the Grox decided to officially join the resistance against the forces of the Corruptus, agreeing to leave the galaxy after they were defeat.

Final moments[]

Uniting forces with the Dracogonarious and the DCP, the Grox fought hundreds of battles against the Marinoxidiz and their allies, the Loron'Kikra. Later, they were also aided by a newcomer, The Junction, who caused the Corruptus forces to quickly fall.

During the final invasion of the Corruptus Overworld, the Grox aided in putting an end in the Marinoxidiz, as well as distracting the Xhoustoe and Xhonet while the resistance stormed the planet and killed Errr.

After Shu'rimrodir was defeated, the Grox left Milky Way Galaxy like they said they would. However, this didn't meant they couldn't return later...

Also, during this time, several Grox colonies across the Gigaquadrant started to build Marinox Life Generators, reviving the Grox's old servants, the Marinox Empire. The Meta-Empire now had about two times more militay than it already had.