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Description Edit

Over recent years, the Grox Empire have been improving their military technology and building up their armed forces in order to take revenge against the various empires of the universe that have opposed them in the past. Now, they have finished, and are ready to declare war on the universe.

This is different from most collaborative war fiction: no individual user completely controls the Grox (although their allies are specifically controlled by the users who created them unless stated otherwise), so everybody can write about what the Grox does to their empires (if anything) and vice versa. However, make sure to keep it realistic, in that the Grox are an incredibly powerful empire. Essentially, only Tier 2, 1 or 0 civilisations on this list have much of a chance of withstanding a full Grox fleet, although smaller flotillas (or even some large fleets) can be taken down by alliances of multiple smaller empires, and hit-and-run/guerrilla warfare tactics may even be effective in some circumstances. Also, this was is not a conflict that will probably end soon. More likely, there will be a constant state of war or cold war between the Grox and many other empires.

To compensate for all of this, neither of the normal layouts of war pages ("Week X" or "X's Story") will be adopted here. Instead, the page will be divided up into "theatres", i.e. which galaxy the battles are taking place in. These theatres are then grouped into "Phases", each being a period of the war lasting several weeks, months, or even longer.

Finally, normal rules of fairness apply, e.g. no more than a few billion ships per empire, no superweapons such as time travel or galaxy destruction, etc, unless the community agrees on an exception.

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Prologue Edit

Many years ago, the Tigris War resulted in the near-destruction of the Grox Empire at the hands of the Xhodocto. After spending several millennia being slowly worn down by hundreds of enemy civilisations, this final strike made the Grox realise that something needed to change. They began "Project Upgrade", a universe-wide attempt to improve their military technology and rebuild their space fleet. Then, recently, the Grox began to recall their ships to their colonies. They upgraded their ships with weapons such as superlasers and "transphasic"-class antimatter missiles, and their Conqrix soldiers gained weaponry that was nine times as powerful as they had before, such as phased plasma rocket launchers and hypercharged autoblaster guns.

Helped by their new allies, the Tokzhalan Empire, who reverse-engineered various technologies from other advanced civilisations - improved shielding, ability to beam through shields, efficient antimatter generators, and much more - the Grox eventually managed to once more make their empire something to be feared. Even in a chaotic universe, filled with dangers such as the Cult of the Deathmarch, the Cognatus Alliance, and many more vicious empires, the Grox were no longer frightened. Soon, they began their war of revenge.

Phase One Edit

The first phase of the New Grox Wars involved six galaxies - the Plazith Rim, Kcaj, Kraw, Cyrannus, Bunsen and the Elalma Galaxy. In the former two, cold wars against the Grox turned hot as the Grox struck out against those empires that they viewed to be their oppressors.

In each of the galaxies, the Grox ultimately lost their campaigns within a matter of weeks, but not before causing vast amounts of destruction. In the Plazith Rim they were merely overwhelmed by the might of so many empires attacking them at once, and in the Kraw galaxy, their plot to absorb the KGGC was foiled by the Delpha Coalition of Planets, which unfortunately lead to the genocide of innocent Grox and destabilised the galaxy's political relations with extra-galactic powers.

The Grox soon learnt from their previous mistakes, and with their few allies across the universe developed new ways to prevent being defeated in the same ways again. Warp-weapons could be stopped with modified inertial dampers, which could restrict the destruction caused to a maximum of one ship, preventing them from being such devastating weapons in the future.

Modifications to other pieces of technology would also give them great benefits - graviton spheres could stop enemy ships from using warp drives or entering hyperspace, the Staff of Death was now able to fire smaller blasts in order to quickly disintegrate any bioships, and new internal defence systems would prevent intruders - even if shielded or cloaked - from entering Grox ships or bases and causing any trouble.

Finally, the Grox themselves all retreated to their colonies, and made sure that their Conqrix soldiers did all of the work away from galactic cores. The Conqrix had some of the strongest armour and most powerful ground weapons in the Gigaquadrant; the Grox themselves still had little more than shielding and beam rifles.

Phase Two Edit

After the Annihilation, all the Grox's efforts had been cleanslated, the Grox lossed all their former territories and unknown galactic strongholds, however, the same could be said for every other civilisation. As the wave of chaos hit the Grox strongholds, the Meta-Emperor, a super-sentient black hole AI began to take action, and began rotating himself using electrogravitic fields, until even the singularity itself became a toroid. Large populations, colonies and military fleets of the Grox crammed through into the safe potion of the supermassive black hole doughnut, it closed up just in time before the wave of unreality hit. Even the black hole began to be affected, but ts event horizon held.

The survivors of the universe now were left to quickly repopulate and recover. The Grox Empire's response was quick, quickly claiming planets as they do not require such specialised environments as many of the survivors. However, they could risk colonising the "hotspots", there was now tough competition and chaos. Dwarf and satellite galaxies were colonised, some Grox forces began to explore the Large Megallanic Cloud, its population II stars would make a perfect home, and it was relatively uninhabited compared to the Milky Way below it. But there they would meet a rival, the Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets. Creating a temporary alliance with other like-minded empires, the Grox destroyed the MSP (who fled to the Milky Way).

The Grox had their chance to become a mighty force once more, since before the Seven Starr Alliance and Tigris War. The Grox began to assimilate split empires of the Grox in order to gain more power. The Grox Meta-Empire began to reclaim former splinter empires, managing to claim new territory in the Milky Way, adapting more quickly to the new harsh environments. And for the first time in many decades, the Grox were on the winning battle. The Grox Meta-Emperor, finally revealed himself, as the new emergence of the AI Netspace was about to rival his power, and more importantly, be the force that could finally defeat the Grox for good.