Our culture has been betrayed. We'll make sure that it survives ages to come!

- Nondarrrt

The New Ermitant Republic was a faction of Ermitant who opposed their original empire's decision to merge itself into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.



Meketanor announces the merging

Meketanor, in the body of the dead President Gharrrko, announced that news of the greatest importance since the Ermitant Empire's formation would be revealed that day: the Ermitant Empire was to be officially merged into the Galactic Empire fo Cyrannus permanently.

While most of the population cheered, Captain Nondarrrt and his associates were enraged by this. The disguised Marinox pointed at Nondarrrt and announced that all the oppositors of the merging were now considered traitors and enemies of the Empire. This caused an uproar through all colonies, with the opposition of the announcement being harassed immediately.

Nondarrrt and his allies fled the Ermitant worlds and disappeared into the Unknown Regions. They set their way to the Cyranai Galaxy, where they would restart as what they called the New Ermitant Republic.

Dark Times[]

The Ermitant leaders contacted by an unknown alien race.

After some weeks in Cyranai, the Republic had finally established their new capital. Calling it "True Puria", they were now preparing to start expanding in this new galaxy away from the corrupted Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Choosing the young senator called Milinitt as their new president, the Ermitant hopped for a better future in there.

But they were not alone in this new galaxy. Milinitt and Nondarrrt were soon contacted by an unknown alien race. With a distorted image which only showed a silhouette in the darkness, the aliens refused to say who they were, but still greeted the Ermitant and claimed to be interested in helping them evolve in their new territory. The Ermitant, of course, were very happy with these news, and thanked the aliens for their help.

Little did they know, however, the aliens were the manipulative and cunning Bisistar, the most powerful empire of Cyranai. They had little intention in helping the Ermitant Republic, and only planned to manipulate them for their own selfish reasons.

Cyranai Civil War[]

The Ermitant attempt to attack a Bisistar frigate

The Ermitant eventually discovered the Bisistar Filtroo Catulus in their government, and after this, declared war on the Bisistar in the event known as the Cyranai Civil War. Uniting several empires on their side, the Ermitant launcehd attacks on the Bisistar Domain, but due to the vast technological advantage of the Bisistar, they suffered no losses from the event and curb-stomped the Ermitants and their allies. Catulus eventually began spreading lies about the Ermitants to their allies, claiming the Ermitants were using them to fight their war for them, until these allies turned on the Ermitant and made peace with the Bisistar Domain instead.

As punishment, the Domain launched a full assault on the Ermitant Republic, destroying it into its entirely. The survivors of the Ermitant escaped through a wormhole which took them to the Quadrant Galaxies, and they were then saved and absorbed into the New Cyrannian Republic.


President Milinitt.png

The Republic is a beacon of hope in a sea of oppression and corruption. I am the bearer of this beacon.

  • Name - Milinitt Loransia
  • Age - 26
  • Position - President

President Milinitt was the first and last leader of the New Ermitant Republic.

During the time of the Ermitant Empire, Milinitt was a senator known for her energetic attitude, something uncommon but valued by the Ermitant species. She was following her grandmother's steps, who was one of President Gharrrko's viziers during the Robotic Uprising.

When the Ermitant were absorbed into the CyraEmp, Milinitt was the one who suggested the rebels to move to Cyranai. She led the Ermitant Republic, hoping for a better life for her people, until its destruction.

Captain Nondarrrt.png

I'm sure the Republic will survive ages to come.

  • Name - Nondarrrt Relgalll
  • Age - 39, deceased
  • Position - Military commander

Nondarrrt was the main fleet captain of the New Ermitant Republic.

Nondarrrt was a skilled soldier before he was appointed to be captain of the Ermitant Empire. After gaining the position, Nondarrrt started an expansionist campaign which expanded the empire to what was before the Dark Times began. Nondarrrt was one of the leading Ermitant who rebelled against the Empire's merging with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. He and the rest of the rebels escaped their original colonies and moved to the Cyranai Galaxy, where they formed the New Ermitant Republic.

Nondarrrt and the rest of the rebel leaders would then choose the young Ermitant senator called Milinitt to be their new president, with their people's support. Nondarrrt acted as Milinitt's advisor, bodyguard and most trusted captain, until he was murdered by the Bisistar Catulus.

Senator Daleigh.png

For the good of the Ermitant...

  • Name - Daleigh Halkarrr
  • Age - 125, deceased
  • Position - Senator

Daleigh was an Ermitant senator loyal to Milinitt's ideals, and as such, proudly fled Cyrannus to help build the New Ermitant Republic. A lover of diplomacy and justice, he was an important member of the Ermitant Republic's senate until he was quietly murdered by the Bisistar infiltrator Catulus.

Catulus used Daleigh's appearence as a mean of infiltrating inside the Ermitant's government until he was discovered by Nondarrrt. As Daleigh's body was never found, he was never given a proper funeral.



The New Ermitant Republic's military was the same as the old Empire's, but far, far smaller. This made the Republic very vulnerable.


The New Ermitant Republic controlled a very limited amount of worlds in Cyranai. They were never able of actually expanding for a few more than a hundred planets.



Green face.pngYour aid to our people will not be forgotten.

  • N/A


Blue face.pngHello again, friend!

  • N/A


Red face.pngYou shall pay!


Trailor legion! The Empire's Ermitant shall never forget your filthy treason!

- "President Gharrrko"

The rebellion against the perfect order that is the Empire is a treason - you threaten to destroy our utopian stability and lawful society! You shall be dealt with... soon.

- Senator Agnassana

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