Peace Eternal. That is what our goal has been since the founding of the Empire. We have seen how frail and delicate peace can be when left to the devices of individual liberties. No true peace shall exist outside the banner of the strong, those who sacrifice their own whims for the sake of one single cause, a single purpose. We fell under the pressure of a galaxy that lacks discernment, yet we were not broken. Our vision renewed, the goal stays the same, to bring a purifying fire to each corner of the galaxy until the light of this—our New Empire—shines brighter than ever before.

- Emperor Henera Medé

The New Empire (26 NE - ), also known as the Second Empire, is a militaristic regime based in the Cyrannus Galaxy, officially styled as the successor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, having risen from its ashes in the aftermath of the Second Great Cyrannus War.

Upon the defeat of Emperor Tyrómairon at the Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE, the once omnipotent Galactic Empire of Cyrannus began to fracture, its once endless fleets and legions faltering before the resurgent New Republic. For five years, the Empire splintered into numerous competing factions spread throughout the Gigaquadrant, with the most powerful emerging under the leadership of Grand Admiral Henera Medé, who rallied the surviving lords of the Phaedric Order under her banner. Though her faction remained formidable, Medé controversially agreed to sign a peace treaty with the Republic on Orbispira in 26 NE, ending the conflict, and allowing her to forge the New Empire into one of strength, unity and singular vision.

Ruled from the Imperial bastion of Antemurale by Emperor Henera Medé, the New Empire is the most powerful remnant of the “Old Order”, and while it maintains an uneasy peace with the ruling Republic, it has not abandoned the dream of galactic domination.



Long live the new Empire!

- Potentate Tereyn Aeresius prior to his execution in 20 NE

For over two decades following the end of the First Great War, much of the Cyrannus Galaxy fell under the sway of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, and its Oikoumene Emperor Tyrómairon, who inaugurated a new era defined by stability, order and Imperial might. The Second Great Cyrannus War brought an end to this period of Imperial hegemony, when Tyrómairon and much of the Imperial leadership fell to the Republic during the decisive Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE.

Imperial remnants struggle to defeat the resurgent New Republic during the Battle of Cyroenia in 21 NE.

In the aftermath, the Empire shattered into dozens of independent Imperial Remnants, with each leader laying claim to the Tyrómairon's vacant throne. Disunited, these remnants often fell quickly to the New Republic, which grew from strength to strength with each sector liberated from the Empire's remnants. The faction led by Admiral Henera Medé emerged as the most powerful of the Imperial remnants, stabilising under her resolute influence and the power of the Phaedric Order, and building a power base on the old bastion world of Antemurale in the Outer Rim.

However, though Medé's faction stalled the Republic's advance into the Outer Rim in 25 NE, she realised that for the ideals of the Empire to survive, peace with the Republic was essential. Thus, in 26 NE, Medé agreed to sign the Imperial Instruments of Surrender, ending the Second Great War and allowing her to build an empire in her own image.

Peacetime (26 NE - )[]

Immediately following her return to Antemurale from the peace negotiations on Orbispira, Grand Admiral Medé declared the formation of the New Empire, crowning herself as Tyrómairon's successor as Emperor. Promising to create an empire of nobility and honour, Medé introduced many reforms, including the reformation of the Council of Mandators, who would be selected by the governments of the sectors under Imperial rule. Simultaneously, however, Emperor Medé conducted a purge of officers and politicians who rejected her efforts to forge a lasting peace with the Republic, cementing her hold over the throne and promising a strong foundation for the newly formed Medé Imperial Dynasty.

Government and Politics[]

Emperor Henera I Medé, first ruler of the New Empire.

We almost lost all, but look around, while we started with nothing, we rose again to build a new Empire! Our legacy will remain forever!

- Emperor Henera Medé

The New Empire is an authoritarian constitutional monarchy ruled a powerful monarch styled as the Galactic Emperor—a position inherited from Tyrómairon to the newly formed Medé Dynasty, founded by Emperor Henera Medé in 26 NE. Although the authority of the Emperor is absolute, Medé introduced a number of reforms, sweeping away many of the Old Empire's totalitarian practices which had been tolerated under Tyrómairon's inviolable reign, but were considered by Medé to create instability in the absence of the Oikoumene Emperor.

In the first years of the New Empire's existence, Medé implemented reforms which had been initially proposed by Imperator Tyermaillin of the Cyrannian Imperial State during the New Cyrandia Wars, including the formation of a legislative Imperial Council in 27 NE, consisting of five spheres of influence representing different facets of the New Empire's government. Of these spheres, the Sphere of War, which represented the interests of the Imperial military, quickly emerged as the most influential, followed by the Sphere of Galactic Influence, the Sphere of Logistics and the Sphere of Science. The final seat on the Imperial Council is the Sphere of Darkness, which is represents the interests of the enigmatic Phaedric Order, the Lords of which swore fealty to Emperor Medé following the end of the war.

Although the Imperial Council has far greater influence over the New Empire in comparison to the old Mandator Council or the Imperial Senate of the Galactic Empire, it serves as the pleasure of the Emperor, whose word is considered final on matters of state. Nevertheless, in order to maintain internal stability within the New Empire, Emperor Medé is often content to follow the decisions of the Council.


Imperial Space is dwarfed by the New Republic, located in the galactic south on this map circa 28 NE.

The borders of the New Empire fell into place during the final campaigns of the Second Great Cyrannus War in 25 NE, during which the New Republic pushed the Imperial remnants toward the fringes of the southern galactic rim, centred around the Imperial bastion world of Antemurale, which emerged as the capital of the New Empire following its formation at the war's end. With complete control over the Antemurale Sector, the New Empire also claims some territory in the Jurassican Sector of the Mid Rim, having captured many industrial worlds such as Erurnor along the Coraxaan Hyperlane during the final campaigns of the war.

Other than the Antemurale Oversector, the heartland of the New Empire includes the Miragna Sector, populated largely by the autocratic Qiranit Radeon, the ancient Phaedric Worlds of the Ord Celan Sector, much of the prosperous industrial Cliatha sector and a region of Basileus Space which remained under the command of First Justiciar Nalargwen after the War of the Holds. Nalargwen's territory is centered on Nocra, a former backwater in the Old Basileus Imperium, which was repurposed as a critical Imperial fortress world during the Second Great War.

Military and Defense[]

The military of the New Empire was formed from the remnants of the Imperial Military which followed Grand Admiral Medé during her campaigns during the closing stages of the conflict. Overseen by the Sphere of War on the Imperial Council, the New Imperial Military consists of the Navy, the Army and the order of Imperial Justiciars, the latter of which emerged following the merger of the remnants of Imperial Intelligence and First Justiciar Nalargwen following the War of the Holds.

In comparison to the old regime, the New Empire's military expansion is reliant to a greater degree on quasi-independent arms manufacturers, the most influential of which is Cortellier-Ordvestar Engineering and its subsidiaries, Cortellier-Ordvestar Fleet Systems and Cortellier-Ordvestar Army Systems, which supply the bulk of the Navy and the Army, respectively.

Though a fraction of the size of the Old Empire's forces, the new Imperial Starfleet is well-equipped and powerful, relying heavily on smaller ships while reserving capital ships for critical engagements.

Like the Old Empire, the military of its successor is dominated by the power of the Imperial Navy, which is administered by New Imperial High Command, consisting of the highest ranked admirals and reporting directly to the Imperial Lord of War, Grand Admiral Marquar Cuinn, who commands the New Empire's sole remaining Executor-class Star Dreadnought, the Annihilator. The Navy is bolstered by a handful of Mandator II-class Dreadnoughts, as well as Allegiance and Praetor-class Star Battlecruisers, though the mainstay of the fleet quickly emerged as the Judicator-class Star Battlecruiser, which largely replaced the Imperator-class as the premier ship-of-the-line, owing to its larger size and increased efficiency as a starfighter carrier.

Imperator-class Destroyers are thus largely relegated to escort and defensive roles, though many examples of the vessel serve as flagships for veteran naval officers. Occupying a similar role in the naval order of battle are the deadly Harrower-class Star Destroyers, many of which are captained by those more loyal to Nalargwen than they are to the ideals of the Empire.

Owing to the far fewer resources possessed by the New Empire, the majority of the fleet consists of smaller vessels, such as the Guardian-class heavy cruiser, the Arquitens and Gozanti -class light cruisers, modified Lancer-class frigates and Yurrus-class light carriers. The New Empire places a far greater emphasis on starfighter combat, and continues utilising numerous models of ASP fighters.

Foreign Relations[]


ImperialLoyaltyFace.pngTogether, we're stronger.


Blue face.pngThere is more to be said.

  • None


Yellow face.pngYou dare not enter our borders.


Orange face.pngBow to the New Empire!

  • New Cyrannian Republic: While you rest in your cradle of power, we will rebuild. And we will be back.
  • Second Imperium: Orestes' folly will bend the knee to the rightful Emperor of Cyrannus.


Red face.pngYour civilisation is forfeit.

  • The Corruptus: We do not forget the horrors you visited upon the Emperor's homeland.


Whatever name it uses to describe itself, may the Empire know it is not welcome in Borealis ever again.

- Olcinius, Legate of the Polar Crystal Alliance

The continued existence of the Empire is a mistake which the Republic should not have encouraged. It will ultimately only bring more bloodshed.

- Jerkon, Royal Marechal of the Indoctrinate Collective

Remember our names, Imperials. Remember them, for they shall loom over you forever. Mar-Júun may be gone, but we will never end.

- Arrtkar Crowart, Lord of the Corruptus

Bad Empire mens. But new. New bad mens.

- Gorf


- Fre'kloar of Da Rogue Boyz

Such futility in resisting the new age. The Empire had it's day, now the Orestes Dynasty and it's Imperium takes the stage.

- Dravius Orestes

Perhaps the final stand of a vision, one that refuses to die; but it may be the beginning of a newer perspective yet to bear its fangs upon the entire galactic cluster.

- Lord Psantik of the Singularim Pact

It was foolish to let even a single remnant of these Imperials peace. We should have prosecuted every last one of them to the fullest degree, ensured not even ashes remained.

- Zuki of the United Persan Descendants



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