A Glorious Day[]

10th Oskavarida, ID.219501

The bells of the grand cathedral rang as citizens gathered in the square. Citizens of Dagonris as well as tourists had flocked to the city's central cathedral district where the guests of honour were arriving. Uriel stood outside the doors of the cathedral with Alensia, Alessa, Septis and Larnus. They had organised private transport for any guests of honour in order to avoid the traffic. Since not long after the bettle of Alcanti, a colossal statue of Tyraz eight stories tall stood between a grand fountain and the steps of the cathedral. While it did closely resemble him there were a few changes: Most notably he wore angelic armour and had much larger wings. Kithworto was the first of the guests to arrive; remarkably, with an aura of Life Energy in order to drive away any fears of his dark presence. He was well dressed in a silver-white militant ceremonial uniform made of expensive fabrics and metals. He also carried with him a Kicathian ceremonial sword.

Uriel - Welcome Kithworto. It has been a while since you last graced us with your presence.

Kithworto's eyes narrowed slightly as to wondering if it were sarcasm or not. He gave a simple uttering of respect. Out of the limousine arrived Koluap, his wife Windey and their daughter Maryah. Windey and Maryah looked in awe at the beauty of the cathedral, while Koluap simply looked around.

Uriel - I was sincere, Kithworto. Geretings Koluap, Windey.
Kithworto - Then greetings.
Windey - It's a pleasure to meet you again, Paragon.
Koluap - Eh? Oh! Hey there!

Kithworto looked up at the cathedral's size, comparing it to Kicathian architecture. from his face he was impressed at the ornate design and the general scale of it. Even compared tothe modern city around it, it was a very impressive building.

Kithworto - I must say...it's more regal than most of our buildings.

Chancellor Lamenar Reminocles appeared seemingly out of nowhere, observing the surrounding in silence. He seemed to be more interested in the buildings than the wedding itself. Slowly, he approached the Ultanos royal family and bowed to them respectfully. Uriel bowed back to Reminocles out of respect. Another limousine arrived and out of it stepped Apollo, Gianne, Laoi and Kara. Apollo and Gianne approached the group with friendly smiles but Kara was looking visibly bored already and kept close to the limo. Laoi however was moer cheerful and tugged her towards the rest of the group. Despite her best efforts to resist.

Behind them, a black limousine carrying Guolivian, Senator Chuinaylia and Ramashe followed behind and Guolivian stepped out first once it stopped.

Reminocles - Glad to see you again, lady Alessa Ultanos.
Koluap - Hey Kithworto, i'm surprised they let you in.

Kithworto stood in silence, towering over the majority of the group. Alessa smiled at Reminocles' gesture. Alessa smiles - You as well.

A customized transport soon arrived on the scene, as if designed and crafted by Zazane. It stopped by the gathering group and the doors opened - Tyraz stepped out and bowed to them all, dressed in fine, black armour. Beside him was Kezoreg, who was dressed in red

Tyraz - Morning.
Koluap - There you are! I've been looking for you!
Tyraz - I must say, it is honour to have you all in the same space without having to plan the events of a battle. This is a social occasion.
Kithworto - ...Indeed. Uriel - Indeed it is.I hope you don't mind, I discussed with the clergy, they are happy for a more secular ceremony than normal.

A few moments after Koluap arrived, another transport arrived with Arkarixus. He looked at the group, only recognizing a few of them. Koluap ran to Tyraz and pressed his chest against his, then extending his wings over his head. As the rest of them talked, Gianne proded Laoi and Kara over to the other kids. Kithworto walked over to Apollo and Gianne. Kithworto then looked at Koluap, slightly confused. As they gathered, camera probes drifted in, keeping their distance but remained in observation.

Koluap - This is my people's way of wishing good luck for a man about to get married.
Tyraz - Hehe, thanks, it is...much appreciated. And a secular ceremony shall be fine, Uriel. Thank you.
Kezoreg - Whoa, look at that guy!

Kezoreg ran up to Kithworto and pointed at him. THis prompted Kithworto to look down at him Koluap jokingly pushed Tyraz slighty.

Koluap - Try not to screw up this time!
Tyraz - Hehe, yeah...Knowing us, we probably forgot to invite the bride.
Reminocles - The architecture is beautiful, don't you agree, lord Ultanos?
Uriel - This city has much history, chancellor. According to legend, the lake nearby is the location where the Following of Drakons' Path was established.
Reminocles - Fascinating.

Spetis walked up to Kithworto with a broad smile on his face. Kezoreg blinked when Kithworto paid little attention to him and kept looking at Kithworto until he noticed Maryah. He smiled at her and his attention seemed quickly focussed on her. Kithworto looked down at Septis.

Kithworto - And you must be the Paragon's son?
Septis - Yeah! You look tall!
Kithworto - Well yes, I am a Kicath.
Septis - My dad told me about them. Are you one of the nice ones?

Arkarixus approached Tyraz and leaned down slighty to get on his face level. Kithworto laughed slightly at Septis's remark.

Kithworto - I guess so.
Arkarixus - I hope I am not too late.
Tyraz - Considering you've came all the way from Borealis, I'll let you off this time.
Arkarixus - While interspecies marriage was not...common...in my time, I can see why you chose this woman, and I respect your choice.

Tyraz looked to Kithworto and his smile faded somewhat.

Tyraz - ...Greetings, Kithworto. I must say, it is a surprise to see you here.
Alensia - If everyone is ready, please follow the cleric to the Rotunda... and I hope you all don't mind the iconography in there.

Kithworto offered out his arm to shake Tyraz' hand. Tyraz looked to Kithworto's hand and he shook it, albeit slightly reluctant, although his smile returned. Kithworto's essence pressed against Tyraz' shocked Tyraz' hand in a nasty manner.

Reminocles - Lord Arkarixus? I have heard of you. A living precursor, in flesh!

Arkarixus - Greetings. You seem to be another one of the Tertamians' children.
Reminocles - One day, you should tell us about... the Ancients.
Arkarixus - I could, but only after the wars in Borealis are over.
Kezoreg - Come on guys! We aint got all day, I mean the sun aint gonna be out forever!
Maryah - Why the impatience? You're not the one getting married.
Kezoreg - ...Dad said I could train with some of his soldiers after the wedding.

A senior cleric apporached the group. He wore a plain red robe and a hood, trimmed with silver.

Cleric - Is everyoen ready? The bride shall be arriving soon.
Tyraz - I am certainly ready.

Tyraz brushed his hand on his scales, grunting slightly.

Koluap - Worry not, it's gonna be easy. You just go there and...do whatever Zazane do to show affection.
Tyraz - Not in public, surely?
Kithworto - We might have to stand back then.
Koluap - Not THAT kind of affection!
Kezoreg - Hehe, is that what the adults call it? "Affucktion"?
Maryah - Ooooh you said a bad word!

Alensia looked with wide, disdained eyes at Kezoreg. A hooded figure clad in plain white robes appeared from the crowds, seemingly out of nowhere; taking her hood out Iovera revealed herself, smiling to Tyraz.

Kithworto - ...I see where this child gets his manners from.
Iovera - I do not like all these ceremonies.
Koluap - Huh, mammals.
Cleric - Let us go inside then, follow me.

Tyraz smiled back at Iovera and approached her, taking her hand and walking her inside. Arkarixus looked at the couple with a sight of slight sadness. It made him remember his own wife.

Tyraz - I assure you, a ceremony like this shall be worth while!

The cathedral interior was huge inside and elaborately decorated. Their footsteps echoed in the halls as they headed towards the rotunda. Along the way passing murals of past paragons through one of several corridors. This particular corridor was populated by murals of house Voxis; the first family of Paragons ever to rule the Imperium. The images acted as a visua lhistory lesson, showing how far the Imperium had come in terms of fashion and technology since the very beginning. The armours worn by these paragons resembled armoured and styled combat fatigues compared to the laminated plates worn by more modern paragons like Uriel. The outfits themselves, in several murals, appeared more plain.

Kithworto - Just how many Paragons have there been?
Uriel - Several hundred. Most rule for only a few centuries before handing their title down.
Kithworto - Hm. As far as I remember there has been just under two thousand leaders of the Kicath. And as far as I remember most of them have been assassinated.
Koluap - Huh. Spinker history is not that interesting. We only had 2 rulers.
Uriel - Sadly, some of these paragons are recorded in name only.

Iovera hugged Tyraz slightly. Tyraz looked to Iovera and placed his hand on her cheek, rubbing her ear with his finger. Kithworto looked at the two.

Kithworto - Save the sentiment for the altar.
Koluap - Now, don't be grumpy.

Kithworto sighed and kept walking.

Kezoreg - I wonder if there'll be food. Places like this should do food.
Maryah - I wanna eat but not too much so I can be in good shape.
Kithworto - ...So how long did this place take to build?
Uriel - The original structure I believe around 80 years. But they've been adding to it since the cult's birth.

As Iovera walked, she looked at the murals, being somewhat fascinated by the architecture.

Iovera - There was a palace like this on Vendespode... Before it was destroyed.
Kezoreg - Yeah, don't wanna get fat and pudgy like Septis at the dinner table.
Septis - Hey, i'm not fat!
Maryah - That was mean of you, Kez.

Kezoreg rubbed the back of his head and placed a hand on Septis' shoulder reassuringly.

Arkarixus - This place reminds me of Hyperborea. We had a similar hall which housed statues representing each of our protectorate races. There were 58,627 statues by the time of the Grox war.
Reminocles - Your empire sure had been great, lord Arkarixus. If only it didn't- nevermind. My apologies.
Uriel - The oldest parts of this cathedral are some three-hundred millenia old. The Rotunda we are heading to now was built perhaps twenty thousand years ago.
Tyraz - And what about the giant statue of me outside?
Kithworto - Impressive. From what I remember there's no building standing from the old times that are still in use.
Uriel - Ah..yes. The clergy insisted a commemoration to your efforts during the Battle of Alcanti.
Iovera - And you deserve it, Tyraz. You definitely do.
Uriel - That statue was erected a year after the battle.
Koluap - I never had any statues of me!
Kezoreg - Probably cuz you're as old as one.

Iovera stared at Kezoreg disapprovingly.

Arkarixus - There was a statue of your precursons in there. I remember it being one of the first you saw once you entered the hall.
Kithworto - There were statues of me from the past....Nevermind. That should be a conversation for later.
Iovera - The Asgord blood must be strong in you, kid.
Kezoreg - Ngh! Why do people mention that...
Koluap - Tyraz, your son is a twerp.
Tyraz - Hehe, yeah, he is.
Kezoreg - Why are you agreeing?!

Maryah giggled.

Kithworto - ...At least your history is kept together well. For four hundred thousand years or so our planet was split in a religious war. Not a nice history to investigate...

I Pronounce Thee...[]

As they passed through the corridor, they entered the rotunda: A huge circular room with walls adorned with symbolic murals of Drakon on every wall. The centrepiece was a truly colossal sculpture of Drakon as a dragon in gold and gems. it was easly the size of a city block, with its wings outspread. It looked as though it was peering down on the group. Everyoen could nto help but stare up at the enormous construct that loomed above them, awestruck by the immense scale and level of detail on it.

Windey - Impressive architecture.
Koluap - Shiny for sure.
Kezoreg - Geez, that thing looks as big as my---
Tyraz - Kezoreg!
Kithworto - Vi'Naherza above, this is something Nu would like to blow up...That's a compliment by the way.
Uriel - Then thank you. Koluap - Nu? What kind of name is that? Kithworto - Agent. A bit...insane. Arkarixus - If Nu was here, he could serve as the joker. A chained joker, that is

Arkarixus laughed briefly. Both Iovera and Tyraz were transfixed on the sculpture of Drakon. Perhaps he was watching their union from above, his wings reaching out as if protectively over the rotunda's vistors.

Iovera - Beautiful.
Tyraz - This is very impressive, fitting for a woman such as you, Iovera. Though, I'm not sure I could say the same about myself.
Iovera - You underestimate yourself, Tyraz.
Uriel - Everyone to your positions, the other guests will arrive soon.
Kezoreg - Oh boy, here comes the boring part.

Kithworto went to sit down in one of the front rows. Other nobles and dignitaries joined the guests of honour and graduall filled up the room. At the back, a cleric dressed in white robes stood behind a lectern. Uriel ,as best man, stood at the lectern while his family sat down. Koluap, Windey and later Maryah all got to their positions. Arkarixus followed right after, trying to get himself confortable. Kezoreg sat by Maryah, not seeing another place to sit.

Kezoreg - Nngh, I have to sit by a girl...
Maryah - Why being moody? We're friends!

Maryah grabbed Kezoreg's cheek for a moment and let go. Alensia sat nearby with Kezoreg, a few places down from him. Septis sat with her.

Kezoreg - Eeek! What was that for?!

Maryah giggled at Kez's reaction. Tyraz approached the alter with a smile on his face, while Kezoreg began to twiddle his thumbs out of boredom.

Cleric - Friends and relatives. We gather here today to consumate the marriage of Tyraz Breek and Iovera Eloania under--

The cleric was interrupted hwne lmade a swift motion with his hand, metaphorically slicing his neck. the cleric nodded and stopped abruptly. He remembered Uriel asked for a secular wedding and cleared his through, regaining his composure a few minutes later.

Cleric - Do the bride and groom mahve anything to say to each other?
Tyraz - W-Well, eheh, I never really prepared anything but then again, when do I ever? Iovera, a shining star in a black, darkened abyss of chaos and destruction. May you continue to shine onwards eternal, and brighter than ever before.
Iovera - All these words describe you, not me, Tyraz. You are the hero of Andromeda.
Cleric - Tradition within the Following has the bride and groom wear bracelets marked with their houses' coats of arms. But as I understand it, you two would like to signify the bond in your own way?
Iovera - My people are not known for their pompousness. Our wedding practices are rather simple.
Tyraz - Hehe, one cannot shine without the other.

Tyraz turned to Kezoreg and nodded to him, which Kezoreg replied by throwing a small box at Tyraz which the latter caught perfectly. Tyraz looked to Iovera and opened the box. He dipped his finger inside the box and when he pulled it out, the tip was covered in a small amount of glowing, golden liquid.

Cleric - Iovera, do you promise to stand by Tyraz in good fortune and bad?
Iovera - I do.
Cleric - Do you both promise to look after and protect each other in good times and bad?
Tyraz - Of course I do.
Cleric - Then as tradition dictates, you may apply the paint.

While Tyraz was looking at Iovera, he briefly moved his sight to a pillar, located away from the guests. However, the pillar's shadow was obviously not right. It instead appeared as a slender being with tentacle-like fingers and a round horned head. However, soon as Tyraz blinked again, the shadow was back to normal. Kithworto looked confused at the whole ceremony. Applying paint wasn't what he'd thought as an expression of commitment. Koluap, Windey, Maryah and Arkarixus watched with fairly indifference while Apollo and Gianne watched on with interest. Tyraz had an uneasy face on him for several seconds, his eyes flared. However, they soon returned to normal after he reassured himself in his mind nothing was wrong, although the sight of the shadow was burned into his mind. He looked to Iovera and gently dotted two small dots beneath each of her eyes. Iovera smiled and closed her eyes, savouring the moment.

Alensia was slightly confused. As the paint was applied, Uriel shuffled closer to her and rested his hand on her leg. Kithworto looked uncertainly at Tyraz, being oen of the only people to notice that something wasn't quite right with him. Maryah watched curiously while Koluap and Windey held their heads together. Kara looked around and rolled her eyes. Bored at the rather mushy look of everyoen in the room. Far from being a happy time, Kara was downright bored to death.

Tyraz - The paint shall shine permanently for as long as you live. A permanent seal of our love and loyalty within my culture, I ask you to do the same for me, as it would be my greatest honour.

Tyraz handed Iovera the small box of paint and knelt down on one knee in front of her. His face looked rather uneasy though, as he still had the image of the shadow in his mind. Alensia reciprocated to Uriel by leaning over to him, smiling and closing her eyes slightly. Kexoreg bumped Maryah's shoulder with a rather immature grin on his face.

Kezoreg - That's only the beginning of it. The ritual actually ends when the two...you know.
Maryah - What?
Kezoreg - When...like, the two are alone...with each other...sharing a bed...

Maryah looked at Kezoreg with confusion and Kezoreg placed his hand on his face and sighed in some frustration. She had little idea waht he was referring to. Kithworto noticed all of the displays of affection around him, and he sunk in his seat and sighed heavily.

Septis - Mummy i'm bored.
Alensia - Shh.

Arkarixus looked at Kithworto with a smirk, as if he understood his situation. Iovera looked at the paint with confusion, but eventually accepted the paint and, with a shaking hand, did the same thing Tyraz did; applied two small dots of paint to his face. Tyraz smiled as she did, the thought of her applying the paint erasing the trouble from his mind. He stood up slowly and took her hand, nuzzling it gently with the tip of his snout in affection. Guolivian looked at the ceremony with an amused expression on his face.

Reminocles - Aw... *whispers* still, pretty weird...
Kezoreg - *whispers* Man, he's such an attention whore.
Maryah - I think it's cute.
Kezoreg - How can you think that's cute? He's kissing her hand like she's royalty or something.
Maryah - It shows he likes her.

Alensia raised her head and nuzzled Uriel gently. Kithworto muttered to himself, all this affection was only reminding him how lonely he was.

Cleric - By all rights and status, I pronounce you both husband and wife. May you remain true to each other and hold every day as special.
Kezoreg - *whispers* That guy is only encouraging him!
Kara - Finally...
Laoi - Be quiet!

Tyraz smiled and hugged Iovera, his tail swaying gently side to side and his wings spreading. He had a geniune look of happiness on his face, while Kezoreg sat with his arms folded.

Reminocles - Congratulations, newlyweds.

Newly Married[]

Uriel cuddled Alensia close, he had by now opened one of his wings over her while Septis was almost falling asleep. Kithworto began to applaud the couple, clapping his hands. The sheer power behind it resonated through the room. Reminocles approached Tyraz and Iovera and handed them a small ornate white locket. The crowd joined in with the applause and the hole room filled with the roar of clapping as hundreds congratulated the new couple. Apollo and Gianne walked over to Tyraz and Iovera and shook their hands. Koluap, Windey and Maryah all applauded, while Arkarixus watched with a smile and his arms behind his back.

Gianne - Congratulations!
Kezoreg - Great, wedding over. Where's the food? I'm starving and I aint even had shyrak for breakfast.
Septis - You said a naughty word!

Kithworto went over to offer his hand to Tyraz, but this time allowing his arm to undertake his Death-aura.

Kezoreg - You look like a naughty word!
Maryah - That's not nice of you!
Septis - Nuh-uh!
Kezoreg - C'mere and say it to my face Septis!

Tyraz smiled and shook their hands graciously, though he was a little reluctant around Kithworto. Uriel stood up with Alensia and they both walked over to Tyraz and Iovera to show their appreciation.

Tyraz - It's not gonna shock me this time, is it?
Kithworto - The most it's gonna do is make your hand numb.

Tyraz chuckled and shook Kithworto's hand, smiling at him with an appreciative look on his face before turning to Uriel and Alensia.

Kithworto - ...I might as change now. The hard part is over.

Kithworto's body assumed his Death-form, his militant suit turning black in colour. Septiz and Kezoreg continued bickering with Maryah tanding inbetween them looking very worried. Koluap, Windey waited their turn while Arkarixus awaited last. Koluap suddenly panicked as Kithorto changed. Apollo walked over to Koluap, eager to begin reminising, telling him about the latest happenings in Cyrannus.

Koluap - Hey ey ey ey! No killing inside the wedding place!
Kithworto - Did I say I was going to level the planet?
Koluap - I've been in enough missions with you to know how you think!
Kithworto - I assure you I have this under control.

Reminocles then approached Iovera and handed her a fine silver nacklace which she accepted warmly. Reminocles nodded in response to her kind gesture. Uriel shook Tyraz's hand while she was busy with Reminocles.

Uriel - It's been a long time coming, but I couldn't be more proud of both of you.
Tyraz - Thank you, Uriel. Admittedly, this is the first time I have felt genuinely happy in the whole of my life. I think back to hard times and I sometimes think they mean nothing now that I have something to value and protect.
Uriel - Savour this day Tyraz. Who knows hen a good day like this will coem around again.
Reminocles - That's a Tertamian necklace from Tirar. The Ancients did not only make starships and guns, you know.
Iovera - Thank you.

Septis - You're smelly!
Kezoreg - You're fat!
Maryah - Stop you two!
Septis - He started it!
Kezoreg - Nu-uh!
Septis - Yah-huh!

Kithworto, unamused by the bickerig of the two children - who were now snout-to-snout with each other - unleashed a very small bolt of energy between Septis and Kezoreg, attempting to split them apart. Septis jumped back in fright, a little unfamiliar with such eenergies. Looking to the source of the shot, Septis's eyes locked onto kithworoto's scolding face as though he was a dissapointed father. Septis whimpered from the rather chilling look he gave. HeKoluap waited his turn, when he approached he shook Tyraz's hand and bumped chests with him again.

Koluap - If you need any help, just give me a call, okay?

Tyraz nodded to Koluap and bumped his chest, knocking Koluap back by accident.

Koluap - Aaaah I'm gonna kill ya!...Nah just kidding i'm okay.

Gianne prodded Laoi and Kara over to the other children while she wandered over and talked with Senator Chuinaylia. Laoi looked at the trio and decided to indtroduce himself to Maryah. As they did, Kithworto looked at Laoi and Kara, the first time he has seen them since they were small children. Kezoreg looked to Laoi and Kara and scratched his head before he walked back over to Sarec.

Laoi - Greetings. My name is Laoi Cretacea, and this is my sibling, Kara.
Maryah - Hi! i'm Maryah, daughter of Koluap!
Septis - Hi, I'm Septis. I'm Uriel's son and when I grow up i'm gonna be paragon just like him!
Kithworto - Wow. I haven't seen you two since you could fit in your parents' arms.
Septis - Is this your first ime on Alcanti?
Arkarixus - If I may have the couple's husband for a second...

Tyraz looked over to Arkarixus and he approached him, nodding swiftly to Uriel as he approached.

Tyraz - What do you require, friend?

Kithworto walked over to Apollo and Gianne, but not offering his hand out under the instance that they would be damaged if they touched his hands. Arkarixus climbed the altar and his hands shone with psychic power. The pointed up and both Tyraz and Iovera started to levitate. He blasted small orbs of psychic energy which exploded above the guests, creating a large and beautiful array of colours, much like if he was throwing fireworks.

Tyraz - Whoa...This is truly beautiful, Arkarixus...I never knew you were capable of such power.
Arkarixus - May the time goddess smile upon thy future, Tyraz and Iovera. I may have been created as a soldier but I am not a complete killing machine. I'm also allowed to learn fun tricks.
Iovera - That was kind of you, lord Arkarixus. Truly you are a magnificent being.
Kezoreg - That's fuckin dangerous!
Apollo - Ah, hello Kithworto. How have you been?

Kithworto reached out his arm slightly and shown his somewhat warped appearance to Apollo.

Kithworto - I've been better.
Apollo - ...I see. Well it was good to see you again.
Kithworto - Your children have definitely grown since I last saw them. Then again, I haven't seen you two for...what...how long now?

Kithworto turned to Arkarxius and made a joking comment.

Kithworto - Heh, now my turn for fun tricks!
Koluap - Oh no don't!
Uriel - Do we need to stand back?
Tyraz - Quick, prepare evac!
Kithworto - Kidding, kidding. Although I might need some time for meditation later. Any particular place where I can meditate and not destroy buildings whilst doing so?

Arkarixus put Tyraz and Iovera back down, bowed to their level and came back to where he was sitting. Free to walk again, Iovera came to Apollo, surprised somewhat by his presence

Uriel - It was very impressive. This certainly beats my wedding.
Arkarixus - When your son is an adult, you can invite me again.
Septis - You are awesome mister! Maryah - My daddy is better. He can kill Xhodocto with lava buckets! Right daddy?
Koluap - Yup.
Gianne - He can also destroy my furniture with them.
Kithworto - ...You told your daughter that?
Septis - What's Zho-doc...tow?
Koluap - Hey I was trying to kill a bug! You should thank me, really.

Kithworto turned to Septis.

Kithworto - I'll tell you later.
Windey - I keep telling him to not alienate our daughter but discussing with Koluap is like trying to teach computer physics to a rock.

Arkarixus let out a quiet laugher. Kithworto meanwhile paced up to Koluap and kneeled own to his level with a rather concerned look on his face.

Kithworto - Do you think talking about the Xhodocto is a good idea right now?
Koluap - Hey, it was her, not me!

eyes shined at the mention of Xhodocto, he looked over to Kithworto with some curiosity.

Cleric - Well... there are catacombs downstairs if you need privacy, or the cathedral gardens.
Iovera - President Aedanius Cretacea?.. I thought you were dead.
Apollo - The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I do not believe we have been formally introduced. I'm Aedanius Cretacea.
Iovera - Glad you're alive then. Iovera Eolania Menorah. Didn't the Empire brand you as a traitor to Cyrannus?
Apollo - They have since given me a reprieve.
Tyraz - Gardens?!

Tyraz looked around excitedly, overhearing the discussion between Kithworto and the cleric.

Kithworto - Hm...I think the gardens will suit me better. I'll be there later.
Cleric - This place is not just an edifice to His majesty, but also the beauty of his creations. Cleric - I will have one of the junior clerics take you to one.

Kezoreg walked up to Arkarixus and tapped his leg. Kithworto walked over to Iovera, nudging her side.

Kezoreg - Hey wrinkley, what did you mean by your comment? You weren't suggesting I was gonna get married, did you?
Arkarixus - I meant the Draconis' son, not you. But why would you not get married?
Kezoreg - It would mean being with a girl! And girls are yucky!

Arkarixus laughed and shook his head at Kezoreg's immature comment.

Arkarixus - You'll learn in time, kid.
Iovera - Asgord blood is definitely strong in him.
Kezoreg - Ngh! I'm not an Asgord!
Kithworto - I wouldn't have thought talking about...her...is a good idea...especially if you're the new subject in question.

Kezoreg folded his arms and pouted, looking away from everybody. Iovera turned to Tyraz, lowering her voice so as to not draw attention while he had a broad smile on his face.

Iovera - So is Kezoreg going to live with me now?
Kara - Who's Kezoreg?
Tyraz - Hmm...would you like to have Kezoreg? We could share him.
Iovera - I... I will think about it.

Septis pointed to Kezoreg, Kara followed Septis' direction to see the mutated Zazane child talking to Kithworto. Tyraz looked to Iovera and placed a hand underneath his chin. Kithworto looked at Kezoreg's eyes, noticing a horrifyingly familiar quality in them. He turned away slightly disconcerted and rejoined the group.

Septis - Kezoreg is that one.
Kara - Ew.
Septis - He's ugly but he is awesome, he and I are best friends.
Maryah - He's best friends with me!
Septis - Can we be best friends?
Maryah - You and me? Sure, you look cool!
Septis - He's ugly but he is awesome, he and I are best friends.

The Reception[]

Alensia had booked a local lounge club to be the venue for the wedding reception. The group arrived Kezoreg looked away from the group with his arms still folded. He was rather quiet. Kara bent her legs dwon to Maryah's level. Although bieing of a similar biological age, differing biologies meant that Kara was significantly taller.

Kara - So, are you his girlfriend?
Maryah - What? No, I'm too young for that. We're just friends.
Kezoreg - Course we aint! She's a girl! And boys are too cool for girlfriends!
Maryah - What? Well I should have to you know that I'm cooler than you!
Kezoreg - Whaaat? No way! You're a girl! And girls can't be cooler than guys!
Maryah - Oh yeah? I bet you can't even fly with your wings!
Kezoreg - ...Septis is fat!
Septis - Meanie!
Kezoreg - You're a meanie!
Septis - I didn't say anything!
Kezoreg - Because you're too busy stuffing your face!

Septis sagged his wings and growled.

Windey - Now Maryah, where are your manners?
Maryah - But-
Koluap - No buts.

Kithworto pressed his claws against his skull in annoyance at the children. Kara looked puzzled at the sudden argument and walked away while Laoi watched the group with a confused expression on his face. Uriel gave Alensia a nod and walked over to Apollo. He greeted Apollo with a respective nod. Apollo returned the gesture. Next to Kithworto were around 30 empty bottles of Imperial wine, one of the few alcoholic beverages alongside fruit drinks that had been ordered. Considering Kithworto could not get drunk, there could only be more on the way. Tyraz had barely drunk anything, though instead he was eating like a monster.

Uriel - Uriel Ultanos the Sixteenth, I have heard a lot about you.
Apollo - Likewise, Paragon. It is a pleasure to meet you.
Apollo - They are in the midst of adolescence. And your children?
Uriel - Septis, the boy over there, is still well into his youth. He only started his studies two years ago. Alessa is in her prime. Oh but those two aren't my only offspring. My eldest I'd say is hmm... He must be closing in on his first century.

A waiter passed by Uriel and Apollo and Uriel took a bottle and a glass of Ultanos Gold from the tray ,pouring APollo a glass.

Uriel - Apollo, how are you with wine?
Apollo - Gianne and I will have a small glass, thank you.
Uriel - Perhaps you'd like to try a glass of a blend grown in the palace's vinyards? It would have a little kick, given your figure. Apollo - Oh, it would be an honour.

Uriel made a hand gesture and a servant brough a glass fit of Apollo filled with a golden brown liquid. It tasted like honey mixed with milk, but would hit someone liek Apollo like vodka. Kezoreg stood up from the children's table and walked over to Kithworto, sneakily grabbing one of his bottles off the table and holding it in his hands, examining it. Apollo didn't like the taste of the wine, but made an effort to make it seem like he did. Kithworto noticed Kezoreg, and with his mind degraded the bottle to dust.

Uriel - Too strong for you?
Apollo - Oh... no. It tastes... divine.

Uriel chuckled as he watched APollo's face contort upon tasting the wine. Kezoreg's wings sagged as the bottle turned to dust and he glared up at Kithworto. Kithworto did not look at Kezoreg back, much rather concentrating, nor did he say anything. Reminocles appeared seemingly out of nowhere and joined Uriel and Apollo, once again having problems with sitting.

Kezoreg - Meanie.
Uriel - You don't have to be shy if it is too strong. my peoples' wines do that to those of...lighter builds.
Apollo - I generally do not drink, unless at special occasions. I suppose I am picky. Koluap and Arkarixus watched Kithworto.

Kithworto began to drum his fingers together under concentration. The sound could be heard underlying throughout the whole crowd.

Uriel - I can offer you a weaker version if you like.
Reminocles - May I join in, your Majesty?
Apollo - I'll be fine with water, thanks.

Tyraz looked to the glass beside him and lifted it, gulping it down in one in sight of Iovera. Gianne accepted the bottle from Uriel's hand chugged down the wine.

Uriel - Suit yourself.
Reminocles - ...still do not understand the purpose of these... devices.

Being polite, Uriel offered a slightly weaker version of the drink to Reminocles. On the kid's table, Kara looked incredibly bored. She looked over at Reminocles and muttered something like "creepy old man". Kezoreg looked over to Kara and pointed at her, smiling and calling her attention, Kara rolled her eyes. Reminocles took a small glass of the Draconis wine, somewhat unimpressed.

Reminocles - ...Tastes good, but not strong enough for me, I guess.
Kezoreg - Hey you!
Kara - Yes?
Kezoreg - Hehe, nothing.

Kara indicates to Laoi, she whispers - Wow, he has no game. Septis tilted his head as he was eating and looked at Kara. Kezoreg poked Maryah's cheek and began to start stealing small amounts of food off her plate.

Septis - You two look really skinny. Are you not cold?
Kara - No.

Maryah pushed Kezoreg into the ground and Kezoreg laughed and rolled on the floor for a few seconds. Kithworto muttered to Arkarixus at the adults' table.

Maryah - Go get your own!
Septis - Oh... Hey did ou know my dad's sword can glow and cut through metal and stuff?

Kithworto - I can't help but think something cataclysmic is going to happen.
Arkarixus - I felt something before, when they were painting each other. It was certainly not good.

Tyraz leaned over to Kithworto and Arkarixus, a tone of seriousness as he ate some more pie.

Tyraz - ...I assume you two felt it too.
Kithworto - Indeed. It felt like Kolossus to me.
Iovera - And so did I. It was... a shadow. Of time.
Arkarixus - You have a story with him, don't you, Tyraz?
Kithworto - I think we all do in this day and age.
Tyraz - Indeed, but he seems to have developed a fondness for torturing me. Then again, it may a trick of the mind or paranoia.
Kithworto - It is better than having two gods wage war inside your own head. For the most part...anyway.

Septis - Umm... have you two ever seen something nasty happen to your dad?
Kezoreg - I've seen lots of horrible, nasty stuff happen to my dad. Like the time he got with my mother. Laoi - Our dad?
Septis - Yeah. Mine...well... he doesn't talk about it much.
Laoi - Well, he has been on the run from the Galactic Empire for the last few years, but apart from that, not really.

Septis played with his hands as his wings sagged, clearly nervous about the event that had dawned on his mind.

Septis - Daddy died once. if it wasn't for Tyraz or Iovera, I would never have got him back.
Kezoreg - Dad saved your dad? Damn...I'm surprised he managed to save somebody for once.
Septis - Yeah. He and Tyraz have been best friends ever since.

Arkarixus - Well, the presence vanished as soon as it appeared.
Kithworto - But it was enough for the four of us to notice it.
Arkarixus - Well, you three are ascended and descended, and I have been trained to detect such things from birth.
Kithworto - Whenever Kolossus is around, something usually follows in a similar light. I'm just waiting for that similar light to shine now.- Also I am also concerned about your son...I looked at him and every aspect of him just breathed Angazhar at me.
Koluap - Your father is a hero for my people since he first slaughtered Kolossus years ago.
Tyraz - Kezoreg is...yet to learn the truth. I have been meaning to tell him, but...it's hard.
Arkarixus - I must be missing something.
Kithworto - I would be wary of what he knows. Knowing that he has the same blood of a being who has tormented this universe for countless millenia is...dangerous to say the least.
Arkarixus - Wait...are you saying the child has a Xhodocto's blood?

Kithworto looked away from the two and started to concentrate again.

Kithworto - That is precisely what I am saying.

Reminocles - So, Uriel, how does it feel like... to be a Paragon of the empire that spans millions of worlds?
Uriel - In a way, it feels isolating. I find it hard to distinguish everyone, you end up seeing a mass of faces. I've lived for two hundred years, I must have seen only a quarter of the Imperium with my own eyes yet I remember hardly any names of the faces I have seen.

Slightly distracted, Reminocles turned to listen to the discussion. Arkarixus looked at Kezoreg with confusion.

Arkarixus - How is that possible?
Reminocles - So this child is a demon?! Well, that explains his behaviour.
Tyraz - Angazhar cursed his mother without knowledge of Kezoreg's conception.
Arkarixus - Oh dear...
Koluap - I always knew he was too much of a twerp!
Tyraz - But I am teaching him against all that! And try and keep your voices down...
Uriel - Tyraz you have to tell him at some point. The boy is entering adolescence.
Apollo - Speaking of his mother, what has become of her?
Kithworto - No one knows...for all we know the Cult have snatched her up and fed her to The Unfathomable.
Tyraz - No, that would be too good for her.
Koluap - We don't know, and we don't care.
Iovera - Some tell she died. Not much is known about the Kraw Galaxy after the Neo Iteok invaded it.
Uriel - If it comforts you Tyraz, I can help to bring the news, the boy does know me after all.
Tyraz - Gah...Kezoreg will know one day. But not today. I can't risk him getting angry at his current age.
Kithworto - I am also slightly concerned about the safety of Andromeda. Something has been stirring...and I don't like it. At all. Koluap - Whatever shows up, I will make it bleed!
Guolivian - Good evening.

Guolivian joined the conversation with a glass in hand, Tyraz looked to Guolivian and gestured him to sit welcomly and Guolivian planted his rear on one of the spair chairs around the table. Reminocles met Guolivian with a friendly smile.

Uriel - Ah, you must be Guolivian. You are friends with Maxios, correct?

Kithworto looked at Guolivian slightly and then returned to concentrating.

Guolivian - Yes, Paragon. I would very much like to speak to him again. This is my colleague, Senator Chuinaylia of Rambo Nation.
Reminocles - A representative of the Great Cyrannian Empire? I am... honoured.
Guolivian - Yes, indeed. And you are?
Reminocles - Lamenar Reminocles. Prime minister of the New Tertamian Alliance and an honourable lord of the Andromedan Light.
Tyraz - Do you think I'm a bad father because I haven't told him yet...? I mean, I could risk him having him be oblivious for his entire life.
Chuinaylia - Pleased to meet you all!
Iovera - Don't worry about that. He will learn the truth one day.
Kithworto - With a quality like his, being a bad or good father does not come into question. It's only a matter of time to see if he will...anyway. You understand unpredictability.
Uriel - If he is to find out, perhaps it should be from the people he knows best.
Kithworto - That is my primary concern. Have you ever spoken with a Xhodocto?

From behind him, a pair of Uriel's body guards walked towards Guolivian, they had been studying him all night but as they approached, uriel called for them to step back. A sign the Imperium was still wary of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Uriel did not want t odamage relations further, especially when Guolivian was a close friend to Maxios Telvenum, the crown-prince of the United Drallivian Republics.

Tyraz - Once or twice. Nothing really important...but I managed to gain a Firesword as a gift due to Kezoreg's conception. I can say Angazhar was not happy.
Kithworto - Exactly.

Kithworto sighed deeply, fully aware of the consequences that such a situation entailed.