Descent into NightmareEdit

Nelasa was a novice inquisitor of Khaxvis origin. She was aboard a ship alongside a battalion of Blood Dragons. She looked though a notebook she had kept with her, detailing all manner of details in her training. She had been with the Inquisition for two years and was feeling ready for her first assignment. Because her mentor was needed elsewhere, she had been paired with Zarlik, a more experienced inquisitor of Zazane origin. The cruiser she was on approached the planet where, several months ago, Kol Daren had attacked. However no-one on bard was truly aware. As the ship approached the planet, she headed down to the hanger bay where a squad of 10 blood dragons were waiting. Due to her heritage she stood visibly taller than them. They each looked at her with uncertainty as they prepared a dropship for descent. To hide her identity and protect her head she wore a gold-plated helmet designed to look like the head of a fierce dragon. Dragon-Captain Krallia, the senior officer looked in Nerasa’s direction as she checked her equipment.

Cralia - Lady, are you sure you are ready to be killing your own kin?
Nelasa - Captain, these 'kin' of mine deified a madman, I will have no quarrels. How exactly was this world found?
Cralia - Wide-band transmission, apparently something was going on that warranted them to end their enclave's pact of subtlety.
Nelasa - Any idea what?
Cralia - From the panic, maybe a cadre of Blessed Few, maybe something worse...
Nelasa - There is something powerful down there... I can feel it.
Cralia - Hm, good thing we have you.

The other dragons chuckled. The dropship descended and landed a few kilometres near to the fortress and when the Dragons emerged they were wearing their helmets when the smell of death hit them.

Cralia - My HUD's packing up signs of sulphur, methane and various other hydrocarbons. If this is correct, we're about to see a lot of death.
Dragon - Hey sir, look at the entrance.... Damnation this place is a graveyard.

When they arrived they discovered that the graveyards of Zazane on pikes surrounding the fortress had been picked clean of tissue, leaving only shattered bones and broken pipes. Nelasa leaned in and inspected one of the pikes; the thick black substance that stained it was consistent with Zazane blood.

Nelasa - Zazane blood... At oen point these pikes supported Zazane bodies, probably as a warning.
Dragon - I thought Khaxvis and their traitor Zazane were good friends?
Nelasa - I heard stories that many enclaves isolated themselves. I suppose this enclave saw the Zazane as a threat and strung them on pikes. Something's not right tough, these bodies were picked clean than something larger than the local wildlife. Some of them have been pulled down as well.

Nelasa looked up and was drawn towards the front door. It was still missing from its hinges but something discomforted her about it. She called to the other dragons to follow her inside and they shrugged in compliance. As they entered however everyone dropped their jaws in horror to see that across the floor there were multiple bodies of large, once-strong, Draconis, ripped to shreds with their organs hanging out from their mouths, stomachs, and other parts that had been ripped open with such extreme force. One body has had its entire lower jaw ripped off and another with only a bottom jaw left atop its neck. Nelasa looked around the carnage and felt horrified.

Nelasa - I feel sick... These deaths were not by the residents, too brutal even by House Khaxvis standards.
Dragon - You freaks have standards?
Nelasa - It's what keeps us from being no different from animals.

Suddenly, there was a squelching sound as Nelasa's foot stepped on and crushed a stray, bloodied tongue. She looked down and cringed at the sight.

Nelasa - Urgh! Sacred clutches... it is like something reached in and pulled their entrails out of their mouths. Dragon - With your people's implants and strengths, it would not surprise me if you lot were capable. Nelasa - Most of us... this is too savage for th-- Those of high birth.

One of the bodies was fresher than the others, though looked as if dead for at minimum a month. Its rib cage was showing with several small, vicious-looking insects festering where the lungs were. Nelasa almost retched at the sight, she turned away as one of the dragons scanned the insects with his armour’s equipment.

Cralia - I thought you inquisitors were supposed ot be tough?
Nelasa - It's only my first mission.... Dragon - This body was killed somewhat recently, give me a moment to work out what these creatures are.

Suddenly, they heard something fall behind them.They darted round to see that a bloodied body, partially decayed, had dropped from the ceiling where many other bodies had been left to rot and bleed, their bones torn and twisted to dig into the walls and ceiling to keep them up. Some of them had been impaled in murals of what were once revered members of House Khaxvis. One of the dragons looked up and could not believe his eyes.

Dragon - What in the void.... This wasn't simply a slaughter.
Nelasa - Who would do something like this?
Dragon - This place is a bloodbath. Whatever killed these people I... I dread to think.

As they looked around, Dantarus, one of the dragons forced open a door and headed inside a security office. He worked the consoles in the room to uncover security footage dating back to the attack. He called Nelasa inside who joined him as he played security footage dating from May. On the video, there was footage of a large Zazae hybrid wrenching the door off the entrance before the camera turned to static and then later the image cleared to show the hybrid smashing the head of a Khaxvis against a forcefield from the outside

Nelasa - No... no no no not him, anyone but.. Him.

Dantarus turned his head to look at her with curiosity.

Dantarus - You know him?
Nelasa - Not personally, but i have heard of him. Shortly before Vokarus's death, he recruited a Zazane hybrid by the name of "Kol Daren". That's all I really know.
Dantarus - There's footage here dating more recently, I'll see if I can bring it up.

On a more recent video, dated at least three months later, there was footage of Khaxvis, walking around mindlessly, drenched in blood with some of them having their wings broken or completely ripped off, before they all turned their heads to see strange-looking Zazane creatures leap from the shadows, taking them out of the camera sight. There was no sound to this file, but it was obvious that the victims subsequently suffered extreme pain before death.

Nelasa left Dantarus to search through the security files while she led the group into the tunnels beneath the surface. As they entered the tunnel, Nelasa and the rest of her group could feel an imaginary pain overwhelming their bodies, as if something horrifying had happened in these tunnels, the shortage of lighting contributed as what fixtures remained intact flickered from a power drain.

Cralia - Gah! What is going on? Team, add infrared layer when things get dark. We want no surprises.
Nelasa - I sense much pain... and suffering.

On a Knife EdgeEdit

The team headed down, as they travelled Nelasa noticed a bolted door that had been sealed from the inside and called for the others to cut it open. Priming plasma torches, the dragons set to cut a hole in the armoured door, which was covered in blood writing, though strangely it was repeatedly one sentence over and over. Nelasa asked for the team to give her room o read the text in high dracid, however the way it was written suggested that whoever did so was in extreme panic.

Nelasa – It reads “Drakon has abandoned us, our faith wasted and exploited; we ask him for help in our time of desperate need, he sends us death as his answer.”
Dragon - At first I would have said this is karmic but... looking at the evidence I would say you people deserved better than this; A hangman's noose, decapitation or gunshot; anything else, not this.
Nelasa - Is that sympathy for my former house I hear?
Dragon - Drakon teaches that we are ALL his children. Usurper or not, some would agree this feud has gone on for long enough.

After cutting a hole, one of them thrusted his foot, using the power enhanced by his body-glove to kick the reinforced door open to peer inside. The light was dim and they saw Khaxvis members who were laying down, seemingly sleeping inside the cold room, with no other entrance inside. The tema checked for lifesigns and called for them to wake up but they did not respond. They had all died recently, signs showing it had happened within the last week or so, and the Dragons could smell something lingering in the air; toxic gas, deployed from vents at the corners of the room.

Dragon - Damnation... Suits read secure, that gas will pose no threat.
Nelasa – Gassed... Was it self-inflicted?
Dragon - Better than dying out there.

He walked over to discover one of them had a holoimage recorder. Pressing a few buttons he turned it on to replay one of the more recent entries. A survivor wearing tattered clothes and possessing a pale complexion appeared as a hologram. He, was looking around the room after it had been locked from inside.

Tevatrus - This is...Tevatrus Khaxvis...Date is...I'm not so sure anymore...We managed to find this room, we figured it was the only place where...the monsters couldn't get us...Galicea! Stop crying...

In the corner of the room, Nelasa noticed the body of a Khaxvis female embracing a child in a hug, slumped against the wall. Her lips were dry and her eyes were closed.

Dragon - Is there a recording to indicate if they were the ones that deployed the canisters?

The dragon holding the device pressed several buttons while Nelasa walked over to the body of the woman. The Khaxvis female appeared young, though she bore no family resemblance to the child she was holding, possibly another female's child who had suffered a worse fate.

Tevatrus - We...We don't know how long until dawn, but it wouldn't matter...The monsters outside, they've ravaged what hopes we have for food production...We were able to kill a few in the recent months, but for every one death...they gained around 20... Nelasa - If only we had come sooner! They might have had a chance! The bonds between us were strong... strong enough that this infant would accept her as his mother...

The device then played its final recordings.

Tevatrus - We...We may have a chance, if we're smart...But we...

He turned his head to see a larger Khaxvis forcing a child to his side with a horrid look in his eye.

Tevatrus - Aridakus! Don't!

The video played on to show Aridakus attempting to do something horrid with the child, however several other Khaxvis managed to grab him and force him away as the child ran over to a young Khaxvis female; Galicea. She slumped down and cries with the child, holding him tightly.

Tevatrus - Insane bastard...

He then looked around as he heard a hissing sound, and then the holoimage displayed white gas being deployed from the corners of the room, from vents while the occupants watched in horror.

Tevatrus - This...This is not possible! No! No no no!

They all turned their heads at the sounds of roaring coming up from the corridor outside, and Tevatrus turned to the other Khaxvis whispering to them to hold their breath, however as they did so the recording stopped, but it was clear what happened to them soon afterwards.

Cralia - It seems it was not as self-inflicted as we imagined. Damnation they could have held out longer.
Dragon - What of the bodies?
2nd Dragon - We blow them all to the void. Antimatter bomb in the heart of the structure should clean up the mess.
Nelasa - *comm* Dragon Danterus is the bomb where you are?
Danterus - Affirmative, Mistress. I have the charge with me now, heading to your location.

Nelasa nodded and peered outside the room, as she did there was the sound of footsteps coming from outside; slow steps. She ducked out of sight and peered to see A Khaxvis, with dull eyes, blank expression and his wings ripped away to leave only stumps at the top of his upper back. He was walking up the corridor, dried blood covered his teeth and lips as he shivered a little. As he approached Nelasa could hear him muttering to himself, his fingers twitched as he walked, somewhat ignoring or rather not noticing Nelasa. She stepped forward and grabbed his arms in an attempt to comfort him.

Nelasa - Can you hear me?
Cralia - Nelasa is someone out there?

The Khaxvis looked at Nelasa and muttered more before he forced her hands away and fiddled with his fingers.

Nelana - I am here to help.

The Khaxvis continuously recited words and phrases that spoke of damnation, and tried to walk past Nelasa. She continued to try and step in front of him but to no avail. He turned his head and drifted mindlessly into the room, uttering the same phrase over and over; “Nothing will last forever. When the all-giving sun gives out its last beam of light, so too will it be engulfed, and all will be eternally still”. Cralia drew her pistol as he recited the phrase one last time. He placed a gentle hand in a corpse he was staring at and suddenly, he wrenched flesh away from the corpse and dug his jaws into it, wrenching away flesh to feast on it. He was like an animal as Cralia looked in surprise. Cannibalism was not a horror to Draconis, however in most cases the cannibal had to respect the body of the dead. This khaxvis did no such thing and treated it as another dead animal.

Cralia - May paradise await you.

She fired into his eye, disintergrating a tube of energy through his head and destroyed a large chunk of his brain. He collapsed ot the floor with his mouth stuffed with the flesh of one of the corpses; Gralia’s corpse. Nelasa punched Cralia in the stomach as she seethed with rage. Bending over, Cralia looked up with a smile.

Cralia - I knew it, couldn't stay hating these animals forever could you! You just HAD to help them. He was lost Nelasa; a prisoner of his own mind.
Nelasa - You killed him, he could have been saved!
Cralia - I was being merciful!

Nighmare in Zazane formEdit

As they argued, Dantarus peeked around the corner of the door into the room.

Cralia - He tore the flesh from her body like an animal.
Dragon - Ah, brother, good.

Their relief was short-lived. To their shock, Dantarus's head was lifted into the air, seemingly never attached to a body even before peeking into the room.

Cralia - Okay.... something is not right.
Dragon - Not right? Our brother's head is in the air!

Dantarus' head was lifted via his spine, from a force above the door. One of the dragons muttered to himself and walked towards the door. He drew a broadsword as he closed on the arch. Suddenly, as he reached the threshold, a hand was sent straight through the Dragon's head, bursting through his skull and lifted him into the air. Growling and the tearing of flesh was then heard, before the Dragon's body was dropped, a large hole in his head. One of the other dragons began to seethe with rage

Nelasa - No no no!
Dragon 2 - No... No.. Whoever's there I'LL KILL YOU!

A dark voice was heard that recited the words "Kranndung", the same words the other dragon had muttered before being punched through the skull. The second dragon ran out and looked around to find the source of the voice.

Dragon 2 - When I find you I'll rip your skull out of your head, we'll see how you like it!

A very muscular Zazane-like creature with bony spikes piercing from its skin dropped in front of the Dragon. As it stood up, it rose to became clearly taller than the dragon who, with a fierce roar, plunged his sword towards the Zazane’s stomach only for it to grab it by the blade and rip it away from its hilt. It then grabbed the Dragon's head at both sides with him snarling and grunting. The Zazane gave a tooth-filled smile, saying "We'll see how you like it" before then moulding the Dragon's head like clay in his hands. The dragon let out a brief muffled scream as his head; helmet included, was reshaped and left limp. Cralia aimed her pistol and fired several shots only to see the Zazane leap out of sight. It left the soldier's body to drop with his head practically destroyed and his skull crushed. Nelasa was paralysed with fear; She had hardly seen anything like it and as she stood, Cralia cautiously walked towards the body.

Nelasa - That creature... Its mind was... so disturbing.
Cralia - Notice how it could only repeat what we said?
Nelasa - You mean like a baby learning to talk? No... Impossible...
Cralia - This place turned to hell in a few months, and these Zazane were running around within a few weeks of Kol's arrival.

Another voice rang through Nelasa’s intercom; it was Zarlik, who had last been with Dantarus.

Zarlik - Nelasa! Are you alive down there?
Nelasa - We're alive, however we have sustained casualties.
Zarlik - Same on my end, I had personally witnessed Dantarus' head get ripped away from his spine by some abomination that I don't want to call Zazane!
Nelasa - We believe that same abomination came after us. It used Dantarus' head as a lure to kill one Dragon and then... reshaped the skull of another.
Zarlik - Let me guess, it repeated what they were saying?
Nelasa - Yes.
Zarlik - I personally felt insulted after it looked to me and said "get the shyrak out of this place". I hate being mocked.
Cralia - I can see your reasoning. Look, Dragon-brother Erivus' head was like clay to the thing. I couldn't tell if it was killing or playing, probably both.
Zarlik - It had the mind of a baby, yet the physique of a monster. That...scares even me.
Cralia - It scares all of us.
Nelasa - We discovered some of the surviving Khaxvis became like the walking dead; trance-like state, slow movement, many of those in such a state had their wings either broken or torn off... I'm not sure how many turned to cannibalism.
Zarlik - Do you think that the shyrak-eating scum Kol is still here?
Nelasa - I'm positive. I can feel his presence even here.
Zarlik - You say they have become like the walking dead, any signs of necrosis? Decomposition? We don't want another undead uprising on our hands.
Nelasa - None, they simply acted like it. Emergent from pshycological trauma most-likely.
Zarlik - I see. Well you wouldn't believe what I have found.
Nelasa - What is it?
Zarlik - Failed experiments, an underground corridor, possibly waste disposal, filled with underdeveloped, half-developed and even stillborn Zazane abominations, ranging from looking near identical to squid.
Nelasa - Wait, squid?
Zarlik - Elongated limbs and tails, large eyes on torso with no visible head, want to come here and see for yourself?
Nelasa - On second thoughts I would rather not....
Zarlik - Well, what's our next plan of action? Carry on or get out of here while we still can? Care to call a vote?
Nelasa - Dantarus was carrying antimatter explosives with the intention of detonating them in the facility's heart.
Cralia - Since he lost his head, were you able to recover them, sir?
Zarlik - I was able to retrieve one, if that.
Cralia - Good enough. Nerasa has provided us with co-ordinates to a dining hall, can you meet us there?
Zarlik - If I can live long enough then I shall meet you the—

The comms on his side were abruptly cut-off. Cralia barked frantically into the comm. unit to see if the inquisitor could hear her.

Nerasa - If we can't get the charges then we should try apprehending Kol Daren. Otherwise we— Cralia - We give the all-clear to glass the region. Nerasa - WHAT!?
Cralia - Lady, you might be an inquisitor-in-training but I have had it with your sympathies. Any Khaxvis still alive is either mutilated or insane.
Nerasa - I will aquire the charges from the inquisitor. The rest of you secure the dining hall. We know from the recording these things are killable.
Dragon - Didn't it take a small army to take down one of them?
Nerasa - We can manage. Blood Dragons are the best and Inquisitors take on armies alone.
Cralia - Take a pair with you, just to be sure.

Nerasa nodded and two dragons headed towards the waste disposal chamber. They descended feeling cautious for any more ambushes.

Genetic WasteEdit

Outside the waste disposal area, there seemed to be several sentences written in blood, babbling about damnation and how Drakon refuses to hear their pleas of help.

Dragon - This lot certainly seemed to beg for repentance before they died.
Nelasa - Please... don't say anything to trick me into looking.
Dragon - Suit yourself, you're missing a lot of fantastic reading material.

They approached the waste disposal, which smelt of rotting flesh, bodily fluids and waste material. The helmets they wore protected them somewhat from the smell, for some reason they all felt as though they were heading somewhere nasty; jsutifiable given the ciercumstances.

Dragon - Seal your suits people, this is getting odourous.
Nerasa - Please.. don't remind me.

Nelasa looked down, not wanting to see whatever had been discarded. The disposal area was dark, filled with liquid and small blobs that dotted the water which may have been food.

Nelasa - Urgh, disgusting... Do either of you see anything other than mutant bodies?
Dragon - I think i've found what may have been a five-month old drumstick.
2nd Dragon - How are we supposed to find a pack of antimatter explosive in this mess?
Nelasa - *comms* Inquisitor, can you read me, we are in the waste disposal unit now.
Zarlik - I-- waste dispo--mutant bo--explosives far en--Za--
Nelasa - Inquisitor?... I think he said he's at the far end.

The group waded through the much towards the Inquisitor's location. The Inquisitor wasn't lying, the place was filled with countless embryos and bodies of mutated experiments, with some of them still alive by feeding off other dead embyros. Seeing them like this felt as though they were traversing a bizarre and twisted alien world.

Nelasa - Keep moving, if we don't disturb them then maybe they won't disturb us.

As she spoke, something similar to an eel leaped out from the water and devoured several smaller embryos.

Nelasa - Okay.. okay... I am not liking this. Inquisitor are you still there?

The channel only produced static; they were on their own for the while. it was odd, they could ahve been metres away but the strange interference meant he may as well ahve been out of range. The group nervously truged towards Zarlik's last-known location, Nelasa was growing increasingly un-nerved by the mutants crawling around her and the dragons picked up on this.

Dragon - I thought Inquisitors were supposed to be tough, fearless and uncompromising. You'realmost shiveringwith fear.
Nelasa - This is not what I had in mind for my first mission...

One of the dragons fished out an uneaten stillborn embryo from the water and inspected it

Dragon - Goren, what do you think; is this a good souvenier?
Goren - Urgh, please don't stick that thing in my snout! Personally I fancy a horn from one of those abominations.
Nelasa - Can you both keep quiet? The sooner we find Zamik and that charge the better.

From the sides, small deformed newborns who had survived begin to make pained, squeaking sounds, as if trying to cry but their lungs filled with water and waste.

Goren - I feel almost sorry for the little freaks.
Dragon - Do you think command would mind if I took one as a companion?

Nelasa felt guilty and waded though the muck to gently pick up one of the newborns, saving it from the waste it was left to die in. The newborn she had picked up was somewhat mutated; no eyes with a short face filled with piranha-like, yet soft, teeth and a pale body. When she raised it closer in examination the creature snapped its soft jaws together, Nerasa could see its veins pumped with green blood through its soft skin.

Nelasa - Not even House Khaxvis was this cruel, to leave a discarded experiment to die in such filth. Don't worry, You will never know me but I will see justice is played out.

One of the dragons rolled his eyes at nerasa and waded ahead. The sounds increased as they waded past more newborns, like distorted and twisted singing that rung in their ears.

Dragon - This is getting creepy.
Nerasa - *comms* Inquisitor, can you still hear me?

The comms were still static, though soon it began to clear as they moved closer, but all they heard was snarling sounds on the other end. Both dragons primed theri weapons and Nelasa promptsed them to hasten wading through the sewage to reach the Inquisitor. Suddenly, the eel creature burst out of the water, ripping embryos away that bobbed on the surface. Nelasa stumbled in surprise.

Dragon - Waste disposal ssytems don't normalyl have wildlife... do they?
Goren - You mean apart from the half-mutated babies?
Dragon - You've made your point.

Nelasa cried for Zarlik's name at the top of her voice, which echoed in the room and prompted some of the life to cry back. A hand wrapped around the creature's neck and threws it back underwater. It was Zarlik!

Nelasa - Z-Zarlik?
Zarlik - Agh! I hate things that slither!
Nelasa - Inquisitor are you alright, we heard snarling from your end.
Zarlik - One of those mutant Zazane bastards came in here and I had to drown him. It was a small one, he must've my comms.
Dragon - Good to see you're okay.
Nelasa - Do you still have the antimatter charge?
Zarlik - If I still have my legs, then yes I should.
Nelasa - We cn forget your comm nit, the rest of the team is waiting in a dining chamber a few levels above us.
Zarlik - Dining chamber, why do I get the feeling that's not goodDragon - So... do you think it's a trap?
Nelasa - I didn't want to kill everyone...
Zarlik - It's large, it's packed with food and resources, and it's where a majority of people gather at one time. This is feeding time.
Nerasa - We needed somewhere open and somewhere defensable.
Nelasa - ...the dining hall seemed like a godo choice at the time.
Zarlik - We need to get there quickly.
Nelasa - If my mentor discovers this blunder I'll be spending the next few years stuck in a monastery!
Dragon - Less pessamist-talk, we have to move!

Nelasa nodded and they all rushed for the dining hall.

Dinner CallEdit

By the time the four arrived at the dining hall, the team of Dragons stood in awe: Attached to the walls were Khaxvis, their limbs removed with wires attached into their bodies, with their torsoes eaten out with organs missing, however they slowly began to regenerate their flesh as they writhed in agony. No-one could believe the horror they were witnessing.

Nelasa - Lifefather's holy breath... waht is happening to them?
Zarlik - It looks like Kol was trying to find...a permanent solution to food shortage.
Nelasa - I think I am going to vomit...
Cralia - Soldiers set up defensive positions. Eventually this place is going to be swarming with mutants looking for dinner.
Nelasa - That table at the back ,we can use that as a barricade.

Everyone nodded and headed in that direction, looking around and staying vigilant. Looking up at the hanging torsos was distressing to see, it was barely possible to comprehend who they were before the entire incident.

Zarlik - This place...Kol has some twisted mind. Not even Khaxvis deserve this fate, to be eaten alive while their body regenerates constantly.
Cralia - It is horible... Perhaps we should end theri suffering?
Zarlik - What use would it be to shoot them...?
Cralia - We dragons came here to eliminate Khaxvis members.
Zarlik - I mean...even if you shot them, Kol would probably bring them back. They are devoid of soul already, long lost to insanity.
Cralia - Their minds are destroyed, but they still breathe and theri heads remain. If we destroy the head, theoretically the body will no longer be aware of its suffering.

Nelasa looked towards Zarlik with curiosity.

Nelasa - Brother.. could that work?
Zarlik - I don't know...but it is worth a try. If it doesn't, we have wasted ammunition on corpses.
Cralia - Then let's test our theory.

As other blood dragosn pushed the tabe over to create a makeshift barricade, Cralia primed her fusion rifle and fired at the head of one of the bodies, destroying every trace of it and leaving only a hollowed-out torso.

Nelasa - Something is not right... you all saw the footage, this place was once infested with abominations. So far we have only seen two and no sign of Kol Daren himself...

The hollowed torso kept on growing it's meat and organs, it even began to slowly regenerate the base of the neck.

Zarlik - There is a chance Kol could have moved out of base by now.
Nelasa - Lifefather's holy breath... the neck is regenerating.
Zarlik - Hmph, I see. I guess completely obliterating the body is the only way, but...I'm not trying to sound disrespectful, but it would be a waste of ammunition and time.
Cralia - These wires they are woven with.. any idea where they lead?
Dragon - If we can eliminate the source the bodies may stop regrowing and may even die on their own.
Zarlik - So you're willing to venture deeper just to stop a couple of bodies, which are restrained to a wall, from growing back flesh?
Cralia - It was just a thought, Inquisitor.
Nelasa - This room looks like a good place ot set up the bomb. The antimatter wouldalso theoretically annihilate the bodies.
Cralia - Need I remind you, mistress, we only have oone antimatter charge. All we'll be doing is blowing up this hall and a chunk of the base. We need more of an explosive yield.
Zarlik - Need I remind YOU, soldier, that being part of a military force is making good with what you have in the situation. That is what Zazane instincts tell me. But nonetheless, we need to find a place that will enhance the explosion, make a chain reaction of sorts.
Cralia - All we have to add ot the yield is the power cores of our guns.
Dragon - Wait sir: These bases are powered by sub-terrainian reactors, possibly even geothermal power. If we rig the antimatter charge to blow the mup it could cause the reactors to go critical.
Zarlik - Good thinking, Dragon. But how are we going to get there?
Dragon - Not entirely sure... kahxvis always make different layouts to each of theri enclaves to deter repeat incident swhen they are discovered.

Nekasa walked over to an alcove behind the throne as everyone else was talking. She pushed the throne aside and felt along a faint crack in the wall.

Zarlik - Hmm? What did you find, Nelasa?
Nelasa - In case of attack the fortress elder always had a secret back-door to their private apartments. let's pray that--

As her hand passed a panel, a holographic terminal appeared. It was an alphanumeric keypad and she looked at it feeling puzzled with no idea at what the code could be.

Zarlik - ...Great. Now what do we do?
Nelasa - I... I don't know the code.
Cralia - Isn't there a failsafe of some variety when this happens?

Zarlik roared in frustration and stamped his foot while Nelasa rubbed her crest with her fingers in frustration. She turned away from the console in an effort to think. As she muttered to herself, the regenerating corpses on the walls began to open their mouths and unleashed a loud, low-pitch whimpering sound, which drew the attention of the Blood Dragons.

Nerasa - Wait... there was a failsafe. the fortress master's honour guard were taught the code. What are the chances one of these are part of the master's honour guard?
Dragon - I'm more cncerned that their wailing means it's feeding time...

The corpses then began moaning out louder, and the group then heard the faint sound of growling in the distance outside of the hall. Everyone became apprehensive, it was obvious this wailing was from the Zazane creatures they had encountered, and from the echoes, even mroe were on theri way.

Nelasa - Wait! Inquisitor.. my mentor had this gift... let me think.. he could see ghosts of people, of what they did at certain points in time.
Zarlik - A sixth sense?
Nelasa - One aspect of it, yes. ut I don't think I am experienced enough for something like that.
Cralia - Would you like to give it a go sir... if you can of course.
Zarlik - I guess...a try wouldn't hurt.

The Blood Dragons placed themselves behind the barricade and primed theri weapons ready for whatever was coming. Zarlik placed two fingers against his head and focussed on the holo-terminal, trying to tap into his abilities. After a few minutes h could see the faint image of a khaxvis. The man appeared to be panicking as he pressed a code into the pannel thatspelled out "a-r-v-a-l-l-a-2-1-3". Zarlik smiled a little and walked over to the terminal, typing in the code calmly while the Dragons covered him. With a beep, an outline dissolved and a secret door lifted up to reveal a dark and narrow passageway.

Nelasa - That's our only way, we have to move!

The dragosn guarding the barricade lifted their weapons one-by-one and headed into the tunnel. When one of them made it inside, another made the same move. As the last Dragon made their move inside, she was struck from above by a thick tail. The Dragon simply stood there, slumping a little as they did. Nelasa was one of the last to enter and looked from inside the tunnel.

Nelasa - The door won't stay open much longer, hurry!

The Dragon kept standing, before she slowly turned around to reveal her jaw had been knocked away from her head. Her tongue dangled out of her throat as she bled and the jaw guard of her helmet had ben smashed clean off. Another bleep from the console triggered the door to begin to close wuith the dragon directly beneath it. Nelasa hastily grabbed the Dragon and yanked at her to pull her through just as the door began to close, while a spawn of Kol appeared outside and yanked an arm through, attempting to grab the injured Dragon. Nelasa pulled out her fusion pistol and fired several frantic shots at the arm as the door continued to lower back into position. She passed the injured dragon to one of the other team members who administered a nanospray to what was left of her jawline, cauterising the open blood vessels and dulling the pain. As the door closed down on the arm, the spawn opened its palm and grabbed the bottom of the door, before it threw it upwards and glared at them with fierce red eyes. Nelasa widened ehr eyes and yelled for the rest to run though the corridor to the other side.

Twisted OutcomesEdit

Cralia reached the other end of the tunnel and pressed a concealed button to open the door into the former master's apartments. However the Zazane was closing in fast as fusino shots merely seared the skin. The spawn didn't seem interested in the others aside from the injured Dragon, and began to run after them in a feral like manner. Meanwhile, at the other end, a hand grabbed ahold of the Cralia's horn and raised her off the ground, before throwing her across the room the path led to and slamming into a wall.; Kol Daren smiled down at them. as they emerged inside. Nelasa was suddenly paralysed with fear while the other dragons were too busy with the spawn, which grabbed the injured dragon in its jaws and ran the other way, while Kol Daren stepped out from the shadows of the room. He was greeted with raised weapons.

Kol - So, you think it was clever to invade my home?

Cralia stood up feeling bruised and looked towards Kol Daren.

Cralia - To be fair... we did not realise you were here.
Kol - So my spawn and the endless trail of blood, organs, sinew and corpses didn't give you a hint?
Cralia - We came to kill Khaxvis, but it seems you have done most of our job for us.
Kol - Well, my children were needing some fresher meat. They were getting tired of the Khaxvis corpses in the dining hall.

Cralia drew her blade and growled.

Cralia - Khaxvis or not, they did not deserve to end up like that!
Kol - Like any creature, my children need feeding. They need to play, they need entertainment, they need nutrition...You did not care much for Khaxvis...Actually, let me rephrase that. You HATED the Khaxvis, so I figured I may as well do the Imperium a favour.
Cralia - There's still.. one task that we came here to do.
Kol - And what was that? Destroy the enclave and all traces of it?

Cralid nodded solemnly.

Kol - So, that's it? You're going to explode the enclave, the birth place of MY children?
Cralia - You mean those giant-sized infants that moulded one of my own peoples' ehads like putty and batted the jaw of another. You have one sick idea of what children are you... freak of nature!
Kol - They were only playing! They have not had much experience with other aliens just yet, so they don't know their own strength! Have you ever crushed a beautiful bug by accident because you were curious or wanted to befriend it?
Cralia - You're comparing this to observing insects? We can verify it, one of your children tore one of my bretheren's head and spine out form their body. You call that 'not knowing their own strength'?
Kol - They have never seen you before, they must've thought you were like...animals, thus trying to pet you or play with you.

Nelasa finalyl gained the courage to speak.

Nerasa - So... we're animals to you?
Kol - No, I think you're the scum of the universe, vermin all over. My children happen to think you're animals.
Cralia - I've had enough.

Cralia charged at Kol with her blade dawn. Nelasa panicked and cried for him to stop. Kol laughed and slams his hand into the captain's body, his fingers penetrating her flesh as he got a firm grip around her skeleton. Cralia felt unsettled.

Nerasa - I'm sorry captain. he's too powerful.

Kol smiled and tapped on the Cralia's rib bone.

Kol - Well...what's this we have here?
Cralia - Wh-- what are you doing?

Kol moved his hand around inside, pushing through the tissue in Cralia's body before placing it around the centre of her ribs.

Captain - No... No.. spare me...
Kol - Give me a reason why I should...

Without a second thought, the captain's skeleton was ripped away from her own body and dangling in Kol's hand, dripping with blood.

Nelasa - You are a monster...
Kol - You intrude on MY home to call ME a monster?
Nelasa - We were unaware it became yours. Is this it? Are all of us destined to die at your hands?
Kol - I'm not in the nicest of moods, missy. And my children are getting hungry. Tell you what, the other Dragons may leave here alive, but at a cost.
Nelasa - W-what?
Kol - The Inquisitors stay here. I can't have you revealing my location to your...precious Inquisition.
Dragon - Mistress we swore to your mentor to keep you safe.
Nelasa - Soldier... I was damned the moment my mother laid me!
Kol - Either way, you're all dead...Just death comes at varying times.
Nelasa - Your offer... it may be impossible.
Kol - Then all of you shall die here today...
Nelasa - No, please, you don't fully understand! Brother.. can you tell him? I cannot bear to look at his twisted aura any longer.
Zarlik - Kol Daren...

Zarlik drew his balde and snarled.

Nelasa - Brother.. you can't win!' Kol - Raising arms against me now...You have condemned your fate, and hers! The Dragons may leave if they so wish, but once I am done with you, if they are not out of my sight, I shall rip them to shreds as well.
Nelasa - Why. why spare them?
Kol - Because they are not as high an authority as you two. They are worthless grunts, nobody would miss them.

Nelasa almost broke out weeping under her helmet. She pressed buttons to remove the seals and lifed it off. Her red scales and second pair of horns sealed her identity to Kol who looked at her with a smirk.

Nelasa - I do not believe anyone would miss a traitor either.
Kol - Ooh...I wondered why there was a familiar scent of Khaxvis in the room...I think I may have a change of plans.
Nerasa - I was born a mutant. he Imperium would not fully accept me so I joined the order to find a place ot call home.

Zarlik looked to her with a saddened expression, placing his sword down by his side.

Kol - Born a mutant, hmm? Mutation is what leads to evolution, and evolution is what I desire for my kind.
Nelasa - My bretheren in the imperium considered my mutations 'unnatural'. My genes were altered in a lab, not from chance.
Kol - I...see.

To Ruin a CrusaderEdit

He stood and looked down for a moment, memories began to emerge in his mind, back to the time he had created his own daughter and was-to-be mate, Kalcedia Myran, and his expression looked saddened. Nelasa was puzzled at this and asshe was abotu to ask, he shook his head and growled.

Kol - It does not matter to me, you are still inferior. However, I have got a change of plan in mind...You, Inquisitor woman, shall see the light of another day...

Nelasa looked up at Kol with both curiosity and concern. Zarlik ran forward and slammed his sword against Kol's body, however it simply broke and Kol placed a hand against the Inqusitor's head. He lifted up the inquisitor with a smile.

Kol - Yes...Only you shall see the light of day again...
Nelasa - Are... are you letting me go?
Kol - Not just yet...
Zarlik - foul demon! A pox upon your bloodline! You're more despicable than Breek clan!
Kol - Silence...vermin.

He then proceeded to crush the Inquisitor's head within his hand, the body dropping to the ground, before he threw the remains at Nelasa, covering her armour. She flinched as the remains hit her and the other dragons looked warily at her.

Nelasa - After all you've done... why do you show such mercy to me?
Dragon - I am sure he has another plan in mind mistress.

Kol proceeded to teleport behind the Dragons, while smirking/ he then began another bloodbath. First he slammed a Dragon into the ground, collapsing his body in on itself and shattering his bones and organs before then changing his voice to that of Nerasa's, much to her horror.

Kol - Take this, you loyalist scum!

He laughed and roared in Nerasa's voice and tone, killing the Dragons gruesomely and covering Nelasa in their blood and gore. Her lip quaked as she watched as her team-mates were killed one-by-one. When the last one was guesomely murdered she spoke.

Nelasa - Why... why do this?

he replied in Nerasa's voice, with a hint of sadism added

Kol - Because they are loyalist scum! I should never have trusted their petty cause! Now that I am part of the Inquisition...I shall know their greatest secrets!

He walked over and, grasping her forearm with one hand he slowly dragged his claw across her palm, making a scar in the shape of the S-shaped serpent that represented the House Khaxvis insignia.

Kol - <<Go back now...Go back to your Imperium, your Inquisition...>>

Nelasa pulled her hand away as he finished and scowled.

Nelasa - You... you know what they'll do to me when they see this...

Kol nodded slowly and smirks a fang-filled smirk and a demonic gleam in his eye.

Kol - <<That never coming off your treacherous skin>>
Nelasa - <<You are a sick man, Why condemn me in such a way! They will find me and when they do...>>
Kol - <<Execution, imprisonment, public humiliation, I don't care...You are all dead anyway...>>
Nelasa - <<Because of you I will be dead a lot sooner!>>
Kol - <<You'd best be getting home, young lady...>>
Nelasa - <<Where am I supposed to go with this!>>

She showed him the mark and he replied in her own voice.

Kol - Home. I want to go...home.
Nerasa - You... You are a twisted creature...

He smiled once again, and bared his teeth.

Kol - Twisted in the minds of mortals, humour in the minds of gods!

Nelasa bared her teeth back. Kol's tricks were wearing at her psyche as she became more and more upset.

Kol - <<So long you begged for acceptance. You shall find none here.>>

With a whimper she stormed towards him but broke down at his feet. She thumped a clenched hand aginat his stomach with such little effort it was as though she no longer cared. He looked down at her with a smile on his face and chuckled as she cried at his feet. She sat slumped, she held her eyes tightly closed as she blubbered, but Kol coontinued torment her with her own voice.

Kol - What will I do now...? Will I go back home and face the consequences?
Nerasa - ...Stop it!
Kol - Or will I escape to another place, where I can hide from my true self?
Nerasa - P-please... s-stop doing...that.

Kol - I am but a much hate fills my frail heart...

As she blubbered, variosu objects inside the room began to float upwards. She clutched his leg as she cried in a futile attempt to stand up. More objects floated upwards and began drifting abotu the room*

Kol - I came here to lead my comrades to their deaths...I could kill them for what they have done to my House...

She let go and lay slumped on the floor, still crying with Kol gleefuly looking down at her.

Nelasa - Just... just stop... I'll go.... Nerasa - Just.. s-stop torturing m-me like this...
Kol - <<Where will you go? People know of how Khaxvis are...What are you going to do, traitor, murderer?>>
Nelasa - I... I don't know. Far from you, far from any Imperials... I just wanted a place where.. where I b-belong.
Kol - <<You belong nowhere in entire galaxy hates your kind...>>

She struggled to pick herself up and walked towards the door. her face still stricken with misery. As she laened against the wall near the doorway she looked back towards Kol Daren and some of the objects were sent flying into walls, containers that levitated suddenly exploded.

Kol - Wha...Hmph, no matter. Get out, before I have you strung up like one of those corpses in the hall.

Nelasa's expression changed from sadness to anger.

Nelasa - One day I hope you suffer horribly for this.
Kol - Do not be silly, gods do not suffer. Only regret.

Hearing this she growled and pushed the doorway open. She gave one last scowl before she headed into the tunnel. Upon reaching the other side she slumped against the wall and began to blubber once again. Kol's spawn paid no attention to her, simply shredding and ripping apart their food, the constantly regenerating Khaxvis corpses. She huddled against the wall and watched with horror, eventually covering her face and shielding herself with her wings. Some of the bodies on the floor began splittig apart as she cried and the wires of some of the toros were severed as her sobs echoed abotu the room. Some of them hit the floor with a splat. Severa spawn looked with confusion but they paid no attention to her, grabbing a few of the corpses on the ground. The walls cracked and, after a few minutes, Nerasa could feel herself shifting elsewhere and ended up outside the facility.

She emerged outside: In front of her was a descending dropship, behind her was the fortress. As she retracted her wings she discovered something in her lap; one of the newborns that she remembered seeing from the waste disposal area had strangely appeared in her arms. Not hesitating she tore a large piece of her tunic away and wrapped the infant in it. She stood up with the bundle in her arms and the infant appeared to smile a little as, for the first time in its short existence, it felt warm, comfortable, and safe. Nelasa looekd up to see an AO-9 dropship landing and walekd over to it, hiding the Zazane's face under a piece of cloth. The pair of Dragons that had arrived to take her home saluted her. She sat at the back of the dropship and cuddled the bundle tightly, still sobbing from her ordeal and calming the newborn as the ship took off towards the cruiser.

In her heart however, it was only a matter of time before her superiors analysed what her armour had recorded.

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