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Note: Monet47's fiction is in bold, TheImperios' fiction is in italics, Hachi's fiction is underlined.
Galactic events
The New Dawn rises.

TIme is like a branch, not an arrow. Every decision and every action, no matter how implausable, will have alternate outcomes and the timeline splits, we only get to witness one timeline, but what if we could see the tree of time as a whole? Could we cross between timelines and change history ourselves? Perhaps, but that would create yet another branch.

- Verius eridalus, Draconis scholar postulating the idea of a quantum timeline

As The New Dawn explored the depths of Segmentum Exterioris, eldrich forces were setting a plot in motion. Free from the constraints of inhabiting a linear timeline, the Vyro'Ralza know nas Kolossus was free to explore and manipulate these events as he saw fit. Within his incomprehenseable mind he had an idea that could change history. Both for his victims and for the prime universe...


Act 1 - The Great War for Miminas[]

The Experiment Begins[]

The draconis were not always spacefarers, despite their age even they had a humble past. Over 250,000 years ago, in one timeline a pair of Draconis trudged through the undergrowth of the Juracarian jungle that lined the southernmost coast of Miminas, Alcanti's southern continent. They were hunters, wearing light clothing armed with bows and carving knives and were accompanied by a Krann and a small bird. They stalked the undergrowth looking for prey to bring back to their village.

Orderium - First time hunting, Rodion?
Rodion - Yes, don't worry I know how to use a bow.

The krann searched ahead and after sniffing the ground it stopped and hissed. This prompted Orserium to block Rodion. Listening closely they could hear strange sounds coming from an unknown source, but somewhere within the jungle. Orserium pulled out an arrow from the quiver attached to his wasit and pulled the string back on his bow. he sniffed the air himself.

Rodion - Do you hear something?
Orserium - Yeah... It sounds like nothing i've ever heard before.

The krann stalked the undergrowth in an attempt to find an origin of the noises. As they entered deeper into the jungle, the sound slowly became louder. A voice could eb vaguely heard within the rustling of the trees "The experiment begins...now." The hunters trekked onward, they headed deeper and deeper into the jungle and eventually came across a large, dark coloured portal. Orserium drew his bowstring slightly as he cautiosuly moved towards the portal, the Krann was hissing loudly, which was taen as a sign of danger. Orserium pulled his bowstring back ready to fire. As he did so a large Zazane leaped out of the portal, growling and roaring. he was dressed in minimal, yet strong, armour. Orserium jumped and fell backwards, he let go of his bowstring and the arrow dug itself into just under the Zazane's shoulder. He ripped the arrow out with a roar. Apprehensive, Rodion equipped an arrow pulled back his bowstring

Rodion - Is it a demon?
Orserium - Can... can you understand us....?

Regos, the Zazane they had encountered grunted and looked at the Draconis. he slowly reached to grab the hammer strapped on his arm. Rodion fired an arrow at Regos's left torso. The arrow hit, Regos roared loudly and tore the arrow out. Mud-like blood seeped fro mthe wounds as he spoke in his native tongue, which could nto eb understood by the hunters.

Regos - You challenge the iron sons of Zagdala!

Regos was joined by Karjakun, another large Zazane. he wore sapphire-coloured armour and looked equally as confused and angry. Rodion drew another arrow and muttered for Orserium to run. The Krann hissed at karjakun and leaped at him. Karjakun swunghis arm and batted the creature away, which caused it to yelp from the impact. Orserium managed to bring himself to his feet and drew a carvving knife. After batting the Krann aside Karjakun pushed Regos aside and looked down towards both of them. He spoke in his native tongue, sounding very angry and as though he was roaring.

Orserium - Rodion... run. Warn the village!
Karjakun - What are you? Are you serving Zagdala? *he sounds rather angry, as if roaring
Orserium - Who... what are you?
Regos - They are abzane! They are not us!
Karjakun - Then we must eliminate them! They disgrace our world!

Rodion stood defiantly but a glare from Orserium convanced him to back away. Rodion looked back with worry as he retreated.

Orserium - I.. I am Orserium, hunter of Kei'Vontos village. What do yo want with us?
Regos - I tire of these vermin!

He stepped past Karjakun and raised his combat hammer. Rodion looked back, saw his pertner was under threat and drew his bowstring, he fired an arrow that went through Regos's eye as he let out a fierce roar. He dropped his hammer while frantically trying to pull out the arrow while Karjakun pushed Orserium aside and ran after Rodion, who paniced and turned, trying his best to make his way through the brush as fast as he could. As he ran he tripped on a tree root and fell flat on his stomach. Back at thep ortal site Orsirium took advantage and plunged his carving knife into Regos's stomach. Regos let out a long roar and grabbed Orserium's shoulders, he threw him back before he fell onto his stomach as Orserium was stunned from hitting a tree. The angle he fell the angle of his fall caused the knife blade to twist and tear open his internal organs, which eventually killed him. As rodion lifted himself up Karjakun stood above him, he looekd dwon and laughed.

Karjakun - You strange creatures...you shouldn't exist on our world...

Rodion pulled his face out of the dirt and looked up at Karjakun who kept laughing adn walked closer. He grabebd a shortsword strappedo n his arm while Rodion rached for a carving knife strapped to his leg. Upon stumbling up, Rodion pulled the carving knife from its sheath and plunged it towards one of karjakun's armour plates. Karjakun swung his sword which barely missed Rodion's head as he ducked. The knife bouncedoff the armour but stunned Karjakun temporarily. The knife itself was damaged and bent and he resorted to plunging it into the stomach. Karjakun grunted and swung Rodian around, he threwing him near the portal while the knife was still rammed in his stomach.

Karjakun - Urgh...Weak scum...

He felt the knife and tugged on it a little as he returned to the area around the portal. Rodion hit the ground and rolled to end up very close to the portal, he picked himself up and coughed as he felt himself broken and bruised. By now he was afraid as the Zazane had the power to surpass him. Karjakun growled and then jumped down he approache Rodian unaware that Oserium had recovered. Oserium walked over and picks up Regos's hammer. Keeping subtle he prepared to hit Karjakun in the head with it. The latter roared loudly as he raised his shortsword ready to slam it into Rodion. orserium was weighted down bythe heavy material of the hammer and was too slow to save his partner as Karjakun drove the shortsword into Rodian's chest, he snarled as he drives it far inside his body. Osirion roars for Rodion's death, he let go of the hammer and leaped at Karjakun who clenced his fists and turned the impact was right against Orserium's snout and the force threw him aside. He looked up at Karjakun in anger and muttered a few final words before Karjakun drove his foot into the skull.

Orderium - Gods spit on you... you are all monsters!

karjakun roared in triumph as more Zazane emerged from the portal, a voice was vaguely heard in the rustling of the trees:

"Huhuhuh...yes, you are all monsters...MY monsters..."

The Minosian Empire[]

Zazane had continued to pour out of the portal and began a war of extermination on the Draocnis population. They discovered that the Draconis lived in numerous fortified city-states dotted across the continent. States that were alone and unprepared were easily beaten back. The Draconis were fighting their own wars and were left unprepared for the Zazane.

Not all city states kept to themselves, some gathered into minor nations that could hold out somewhat against the Zazane. One nation stood larger than the rest - the Mimosian Empire. A decade after the Zazane first appeared the city of Vinkeras had agreed to join the Mimosian empire, patrols had been sent out to secure the lowlands and one patrol caught word of "demons" that were infesting the regions around Juracaria. In an outlying farm a patrol of 50 soldiers were watching over the land. Night was falling and a camp had been set up. A legionnaire watched the horizon , as he looked out he noticed a plume of smoke coming from a nearby village. He called another legionnaire to see.

Terius - Wasn't there a garrison stationed in that village?
Davius - Yes, 250 soldiers I believe.
Terius - I am not sure what to think of that.
Davius - I would rather not think, those demons do not believe in mercy, it is rather obvious waht happened.

Terius sighed and continued ot scan the horizon as Davius returned to the group. An hour later and the group woke up to feel the ground rumbling. The Udulovs the soldiers used for scouting were panicking as the rumbling became louder and louder. Squinting Terius could not believe his eyes - a Zazane warband was charging in their direction, roaring and eager to spill blood. Several legionnairs mounted up and charged at the lien while archers fired to soften the warband. The barms on their arrowheads stuck into the flesh of those hit and pulling them out woudl cause severe internal damage.

nearing melee range several legionnaires gathered wearing glistening steel breastplates and equipped with metal-plated shields. Zazane leaped at them and the legionnaires held theri shields high to throw the warriors off-balance. The first wave was met with a swift and effective "slam-and-stab" maneuvere where soldiers in close range would hit the Zazane with their shields and stab the stunned Zazane with theri broadswords. The Minosain sldiers fight hard and were diffivult to break, the fury of the battle kicked up dust as the two sides fought frantically. The Zazane's preference for close-combat was theri disadvantage - their rear flanks were decimated by bow and javelin-wielding skirmishers who had circled the warband. The warband was trapped and as oen of the standard-bearers had blow na horn, more soldiers arrived.

By dawn the attacking Zazane were dead, but the Draconsi ahd also suffered heavy losses and many more had survived with injuries. The unit's centurion walked among the bodies to analyse the threat they faced. Both Draconis and Zazane lay together and while this was oen less warband to worry about, it was impossible to know whow many more Zazane lay in wait beyond the portal.

Centurion - Send word to Minos'Drakon, tell them these demons can be killed and we know how.

The centurion drew up a strategy on a notebook he had in his posession. He gave the notes to a messenger who had accompanied the Centurion who saluted and added the notebook to a pouch. She spread her wings and with a powerful thust soared int othe air and flew northwards.

A messenger arrives outside Minos'Drakon

It took her a few days to fly all the way to Minos'Drakon far in the north. She flew across miles of tundra before she descended towards a lush valley at the foot of a volcano. She flew towards a tower near the volcano's face and landed on a balcony wehre she was greeted by a herald to the High King.

Messenger - bring these notes to the tribunal of warmasters, the war against these demons depends on it.

The herald nodded respectfully and accepted the notes. The messanger turned around ald looked in the tropical valley below; nestled within the basin was a large city of some 240,000 people. Lush farmland surrounded it where trees once stood. The city was a marvel to look at and she sighed, it was almost surreal how beyond the cliff face was bitter tundra, nomads and tiny self-sustaining villages inhabited these snow-blistered regions but Minos'Drakon itself was well-known for its mysteriously warm climate.

After spending some time gazing out the herald returned and informed her that the warmasters were grateful for the information. he handed her a bag of coins and patted her on the shoulder before he returned inside. Satisfied her work was done, the messanger spread her wings and flew down towards the city's central square.

A Monster Born[]

Two centuries passed since the first contact. The Zazane continued to advance unabated and Miminas was engulfed in a nendless tide of war. Deep underneath a fort in the Kaldrus foothils, several hundred miles from Minos'Drakon, Legionar Terenus arrived to oinspect some prisoners. He pulled his leather coat over his stomach as the wind blew, the field outside was littered with Zazane and Draconis bodies after a recent attack. As he descended with Relenus, a local translator, torchlight flickered against the walls as he was taken though a series of tunnels where he was shown to a prison cell containing a female Zazane. He peered through the door. One of the Draconis guards, with deep black eyes, watched as Terenus did this.

Guard - It took four of our men to subdue thi one sir, quite a find don't you think?
Terenus - I will be the judge of that, legionary.
Guard - Why are you so interested in them? They raid, pillage and kill. They are exterminating us sir.
Terenus - The Minosian empire is a beacon. If we can control them, all of Miminas could come under the rule of the emperors.
Guard - Controlling animals... it is your choice sir.

The other guard, who kept his identity secret suddenly became curious. The door was opened and Terenus walked in to see a female Zazane manacled to the wall by her wrists, stomach, neck and ankles. He chuckled as she grunted and struggled to free herself.

Terenus - Enjoying your time here madam?
Halcania - Damn you!
Terenus - Can you say that in Mimidian? My apologies I forgot.

The deep eyed guard watched closely.

Relenus - It is better, general, if you did not understand what she just said.
Terenus - I am curious now, what makes your people think they can stop our glorious empire?

Relenus walked between them and offered to translate.

Halcania - Your empire disgraces Zagdala! You disgrace Vollux! You disgrace Umbrux!
Terenus - Is that so? You creatures need to know your place!

he walked up to her with a mocking smile, Halcania growled and continued to struggle. Terenus pulled a blackjack fro mhis belt.

Terenus - Of course, I can always remind you.

He struck her in the side of the head with the blackjack. She screeched and continued ot struggle, shouting at Teerenus and cursing at him. As Terenus smacked her again, the deep eyed guard entered the cell and stayed behind Terenus. Relenus sighed at the barbaric event and Terenus turned to him. As the deep-eyed guard spoke, Terenus turned ot him.

Guard - This is really entertaining. You know...they may be nothing but scum...but call me crazy, they are some pretty scum.
Terenus - Legionnaire, did I say you could intrude?
Guard - Excuse me?

The guard looked at Terenus' eyes. As he stared, Terenus felt different, he was now wanting the guard's presence.

Relenus - Legionar, are you sure beating a prisoner half-to-death is a good way of showing we are the better people?
Terenus - Urgh, I'm sorry. I could do with some company other than this animal and this sympathiser.
Guard - Oh, no need to apologize, legionar.
Terenus - I suppose they are somewaht pretty, in the same way my niece's pet is pretty.
Guard - They somewhat have a nice body structure. You might call me crazy for this, but it's my opinion...
Terenus - My father used to breed Udulovs, so I suppose I see your point.
Guard - These damned things damaged my eyes. Look at them, they look black as the night's sky.

The guard approached Halcania and leaned his head toward her. She struggled aggresively.

Guard - I wouldn't mind giving them something worse in return.
Terenus - We could always bring them to the torture chambers.

Halcania growled and tried to bite him. The guard quickly evaded the bite.

Guard - Hah. Look how energetic it is. And their mouths aren't that bad either...

Terenus folded his arms defensively and in agreement as the guard passed his hands through Halcania's wings.

Guard - And these wings are so soft...small, cute wings on a small, cute prisonor.
Terenus - Small? *snorts*
Guard - To our Empire, they are nothing but tiny pests. Tiny, pretty pests.
Terenus - As a whole, yes.

The air in the cell slowly grew hotter as the guard kept rubbing his hands over Halcania's wings.

Terenus - You sound like you are infatuated with this... thing.
Guard - As in love? Of course not. But, it would make a good pet. A cute pet, like you said.
Terenus - If it can be tamed.
Guard - Oh, we can find ways...
Terenus - I have yet to see it, myself.

As the guard moved around the cell, his words pierced through Terenus and Relenus' ears. There was something about his words that made sense to them and the two of them slowly started to feel the same way as the guard.

Relenus - I only wanted to take a neutral standing in this war but... I supose I can see benefits to pacifying them.
Guard - Yes, pacifying...Tell me legionar, do you have a mate?
Terenus - I have laid with two women, both of them were killed by these creatures.
Guard - I see. You want a suggestion...avenge them, with this one.
Terenus - Execution is too good for them. No.. I want them to suffer...
Guard - Yes...
Terenus - They took the women I had laid with, one of them was with clutch...

Halcania struggled and roared at them both. She cursed once again and demanded for her release.

Terenus - Perhaps... she should experience what her kind took from me?
Relenus - Legionar you cannot be serious!
Guard - Yes. Make her pay, make her suffer your losses!
Halcania - You're all abzane monsters!
Relenus - I am somewhat concerned myself, what exactly will come of such an act?
Guard - Retribution, general. Retribution!

Terenus walked up to the Zazane and lifted her chin with a devilish smile the guard closed and locked the cell as Halcedia screamed out in anger. This drew curiosity and concern from the other guards as the thick walls and heavy door muffled her cries. Terenus laughed sinisterly, his cackles echoed in the halls...

The Revolution Begins[]

Terenus was the beginning of something. A trend had begun throughout the Minosian Empire where generals and soldiers had begun doing unspeakable things to Zazane prisoners, within a few years there were sightings of a new hybrid - a mix of Draconis and Zazane. As theri numbers grew the influence returned to the royal courts. Draconis, even the empire's High King had decided that rather than exterminate the newly-dubbed 'Draconizane', they would instead use the creatures for war.

The plan was a success as the new hybrids, strengthened with Draconis genetic traits of flight, useable wings and stamina along with Zazane traits of regeneration, shidium bones and genetic memory created a force that turned the tide of the war. Two centuries passed and the armies had driven the Zazane back as far as the jungles from where they emerged. Centurion Kordan, a Draconizane officer looked out to see a a jungle before him. he signalled his men by roaring and they charged in to fight a group of Zazane. Krdan was flanked with two others, his eyes darted about for Zazane ambushes.

Kordan - I want the Zazane escapees to be found and slaughtered! No survivors! Otherwise the Draconis shall have our heads! Do you want that?

Che soldiers cried out with enthusiasm, eager to impress theri comamnders.

Kordan - Good! The Zazane defile this land like vermin, but do not underestimate them! They are a foe adapted in fighting, as are we!
Voradis - Shouldn't really be that much of a problem. We are more powerful.
Kordan - Indeed, but still. The Draconis wish the area cleared of Zazane activity!
Voradis - Huh.

Both of them drew their weapons as a horde of Zazane charged at them. Under Kordan's order a line of Draconizane fired crossbow bolts at the horde, felling many of them. Kordan shouted to hold the line. The skirmishwas somewhat brief but the Zazane fought hard and to the last man. The last one was killed when a soldier cracked a Zazane's skull with his mace.

Voradis - Pathetic.
Kordan - Hmph! That seems to be all, but we shall continue our search, as the glorious Draconis wish.
Voradis - Glorious Draconis? You can't be serious.

Kordan turned his head to Voradis and narrowed his eyes. Other Draconizane approached him.

Kordan - You wish to speak, brother?
Voradis - Why must we follow the Draconis' orders?
Soldier - They gave all of us life and a home, for that we should be in their debt.
Kordan - Well, they are our predecessors. It is Draconis tradition to respect the elders.
Voradis - We are slaves, brother. We owe them nothing.
Kordan - What do you mean? We are fed, armoured and armed.
Voradis - We are their war pets. Look at us, we are larger, we are stronger. We should be in charge, not them!
Soldier - The masters prefer intelligence and merit over strength.
Kordan - Does that mean we are not intelligent?
Voradis - Their "intelligence" has only led to us being used to their war against the Zazane. They see us as tools and nothing more.

The soldiers looked at each other. Kordan looked to the soldiers and then back to Voradis.

Kordan - What are you suggesting? We just...turn back and slaughter them all?
Voradis - We must unite and take over. Maybe by killing their leader. If all of us fight together, they would have no other choice than to submit to us.
Soldier - Our Draconis masters fight not only the Zazane but their own kind. Perhaps they are not as wise as they say.
Kordan - Indeed. We have their weapons, we have their armour. We have their strength and the Zazane's!
Voradis - Yes! We have no reason to continue being their tools! We can become the rulers of these lands!
Lieutanant - The strengths of both... the weaknesses of neither.
Kordan - Yes, we are the new masters now! We shall no longer spend our lives as simple soldiers or exterminators, we are a race too! And strongest race is the race that survives!
Soldier - We shall stand behind you sir!
Voradis - And after we are done with the Draconis, the Zazane are next. The lands beyond the portals will also be ours!

The soldiers eagerly talked about the suggestion in agreement.

Kordan - Yes, we shall take our mighty conquest to beyond this plane! We shall control two worlds, and we shall have our mark in history!

The soldiers cheered, as they do so a Draconis Legionar arrived, flanked by two centurions. Kordan walked up to them.

Legionar - Centurion Kordan, what have you to report.
Kordan - I think you'll find...I am Commander Kordan now.
Legionar - Excuse me...
Kordan - Ahem, you mean, excuse me, "Commander".
Legionar - Who gave you such a position? Because it certainly wasn't me!

Kordan grabbed the legionar by his throat and threw him into one of the centurions. Helping the legionar up the centurions glared at Kordan.

Centurion - Centurion Kordan, what is the maning of this insolence!
Kordan - Your deaths shall be the pillar of our new reign! To a new age of freedom from your tyrannical rule!

All three draconis drew theri swords. Voradis smiled evilly, his eyes briefely turned pitch-black before they reverted back to normal.

Legionar - You dare betray the empire!?
Kordan - You call this an empire when you won't even tread beyond the portals! Brothers, massacre!

Kordan drew his warsowrd and the other soldiers joined in. The officers fought bravely but out-matched and outnumbered they are torn apart.

Voradis - This is but the beginning. We shall be victorious.

The Draconizane marched on Minos'Drakon, uniting other Draconizane legions under Kordan's banner. Draconis legions that resisted them were ambushed and taken apart as their own soldiers turned against them and they eventualyl descended on the basin where the great city of Minos'Drakon was nestled. The city was heavily fortified and over the course of several weeks the Draconizane attempted to break into the city. Kordan led an army towards the imperial palace built at the foot of a dormant volcano. After he and his men forced the doors open he and Voradis fought through a small army of the High King's guards.

Within the great hall, high-king Toronius sat on a mighty throne at the back of the room. He was approached by a servant who entered the hall, hsi face was wracked with fear.

High King Toronius - Someone inform me of what is going on.
Herald - The servants.. they've gone mad!

Upon hearing the news, Draconis and Draconizane gaurds guards moved to keep their king defended, they surrounded his throne as the doros to the great hall's doors buckles. OFrcing the doros open, Kordan and Voradis walked in. Voradis looked to the Draconizane guards with disgust.

Voradis - Fools. Why do you protect him? You should be on our side! Draconizane - Why, so we can kill them as well as the Zazane!? Kordan - What have they ever given you? Toronius - It is bad enough you lay waste to my empire and kill my people, now you turn my own subjects against me! Voradis - Our people deserve these lands, Draconis. You are unworthy! Draconizane - We vowed to protect our lord and master. Voradis - Don't you want to be your own lords and masters? Kordan - If we rule this land, we will all be brothers! No slavery, no poverty!

The Draconizane guards looked at each other, it was a tempting offer.

Toronius - Do not listen to them!
Voradis - You know we speak the truth...
Kordan - We are stronger than they shall ever be! He dare not even send his own Draconis troops beyond the portals, he is cowardly!
Toronius - That realm is a hellscape, I would not dare sacrifice my own people for such a wasteland!
Voradis - So you throw us into it. That's how much you care for us!
Kordan - Hmph! We are ashamed to have you as our predecessors! We shall claim both this land, and that beyond the portals!

Toronius puleld his claws back and lifted a gilded mace. Kordan stepped forward holding a blodied greatsword.

Toronius - I will die before you sit on my throne!
Kordan - I shall prove you wrong!

The Draconis guards stepped foward but each of them were swiftly killed by their Draconizane counterparts. Voradis stood and laughed Kordan stepped towards Toronius and raised his blade.

Kordan - Step down before I beat you down!

Toronius growled and lifted his mace and swings to bring it down on Kordan's head. Kordan swung his sword and moved the mace out of harm's way, before he grabbed Toronius by his throat. Toronius grabbed Kordan's arm, a look of fear an danger could be seen in his eyes as he tried to force Kordan's arm waway from him.

Kordan - You shall witness the birth of a new rule! How the strong removed the weak!

Kordan threw Toronius onto the floor and the king rolled to end up at Voradis's feet.

Kordan - Restrain him, while I take my rightful place...

As Voradis did so, somehow paralysing Toronius by grasping the king's shoulder, the former smiled.

Voradis - Now you'll watch.
Toronius - This won't last... We will prevail!

Kordan slowly sat down on Toronius' throne, somehow embracing the moment. he then slammed his sword into the ground beside it and observed the Draconizane.

Kordan - I now proclaim this land in the name of Draconizane! The old empire is dead!
Toronius - The Mountain Lord will not tolerate your insolence!
Voradis - Huhuhuh...your god is false, as is your rule.
Toronius - When he learns of your actions, do not be surprised if he brings the valey's walls down on you!
Voradis - The rise of the Draconizane empire...Oh how I have waited for this.
Kordan - Look how he weeps. Look how this man had kept us in shackles throughout our lives!
Voradis - Would you like to give the killing blow, "High King"?

Kordan smiles and stood up, he walked down to to Toroniusand wrapped his his hands around his skull tightly, denying Toronius any chance to speak. Teronius was terrified as death was moments away, his eyed widerned and his heart raced and with a twisted smile, Kordan slowly and painfully snapped his neck. Kordan let go and allowed for the body to collapse onto the floor. Voradis smiled and looked at Kordan.

Voradis - Yes...you have done well, Kordan.
Kordan - Thank you, brother Voradis. I shall now take my place as the High King of this new empire, and free all those still kept captive.
Voradis - More awaits for the Draconizane...
Kordan - Yes, such as exploring the lands beyond the portals, where the Zazane reside. We shall have them eliminated as well.

Kordan returned ot his throne and sat down. Voradis laughed as his eyes turned pitch black again, giving Kordan a slight cause for concern. Voradis' body turned black, and he grew in size. He slowly turned into a tall, slender figure. Such a being was already present on old Draconizane folklore.

Kordan - It can't be...
??? - I've been watching your bloodline for many, many years. And I knew that eventually you would be the perfect leader for the Draconizane race.

Kordan stood and then lowered himself to his knees in order to bow to the mighty figure; Zr'An'Kar

Kordan - It is an honour, to have finally met a legend such as yourself.
??? - My name is Zr'An'Kar. I am the beginning, and the end of everything. You could say I am a god. And Kordan, you are my herald. The Draconis will bow to you, and your next step will be submitting the Zazane.
Kordan - The Zazane shall taste the raw power of my fist, and whoever their leader is, shall suffer the same fate as the coward.
Zr'An'Kar - The Draconizane will succeed, never doubt of that. But now, I shall depart. Eventually, we'll meet again.

Zr'An'Kar disappeared through the shadows of the palace. Kordan rested back on his throne and observed his new followers, before he raised a hand with a smile. Smiling proudly he explored his new palace and eventualyl founda balcony lookingo out to the city. Fires bruned fro mthe streets as his army systematically exterminated every draconis within the city. Women and children were taken captive and some were killed and any man was killed on sight. Within less than a day the local population was reduced to a mre handful.

Thus, the Draconizane Empire was born.

Act 2 - Forging A New Empire[]

Assault on the Juracarian Portal[]

Shortly after his ascension to the throne. Kordna wasted no time in sending his armies out to liberate mroe Draconizane and subjugate former Minosian territories. Prior to its collapse, the The Minosian Empire had contructed a castle to defend the portal to Vollix. Kordan had personally journyed back to the Juracarian portal (as it became known) with an army to oversee an assault of the last holdings of the old empire.

His soldiers stormed the walls, catapults and ballistae battered the castle. Draconizane stormed the parapets and overpeowered the soldiers. It was not difficult as the stationed soldiers had not seen action in months. training was poor and they were soaked to almost-breaking point. As the assault progressed Kordan cleaved his way through elite guards. As he inhaled in the courtyard a Draconizane soldier called for him to head to the barracks. WHen he arrived there were still freshly-killed Draconis. He noticed two soldiers drag a Zazane from the fortress's prison cells below and dropped them at Kordan's feet.

Soldier - We found this one in the cells below, We thought you may as well do the honours, High King. Yarin - Let go of me, mutant scum! How dare you defile me with your filthy claws!

The other soldier swiftly punched the captive in the side of the head.

Soldier - Watch your tongue in the rpescence of the High King! Yarin - Grah! Zagdala shall have your skull for a toothpick! Kordan - Enough.

Kordan bended down and lifted the captive's chin up so he looked at Koran in the eyes

Kordan - Tell me of this "Zagdala". Yarin - Zagdala is the mighty emperor of Zazane civilization! The one who brought us together! The immortal god king! Kordan - I am the herald of Zr'An'Kar, and I know a god when I see it! If Zagdala is so mighty then why, in all these years, has he not bothered to grace this realm with his presence! Yarin - Because he would rather not waste his own time hunting the mutated children of Draconis! Kordan - And what of the empire before mine? Admit it, he is just as content to stay within his own realm as my prececessor was to stay in his own palace. Yarin - Hmph! Your predecessor was nothing but cowardly scum! Zagdala could sweep aside an entire army with just one hand!

Kordan gripped Yarin by the throat.

Kordan - Forgive me if I doubt that. Yarin - Get your filthy mutant hands away from my throat...

Yarin gagged and then vomited up some of his blood onto Kordan's crest. Kordan scarred as eh felt the blodo burn his face as he promptly wiped it off.

Kordan - My brothers and I are the future of both worlds, and I intend to prove it! Yarin - Your brothers are the product of rape and failed abortion! The Zazane are true pureblood warriors! Kordan - And yet my kind are stronger, smarter! We hold the strengths of both races and the weaknesses of neither! Yarin - You are but vermin simply evolving a brain!

Kordan growled as he crushed Yarin's neck. teh Zazane gagged as his mouth filled with blood. Kordan continued to squeezes until the last ounce of life faded form Yarin before he let go, leaving the limp body to slump lifelessly onto the floor. Kordan stood up and turned to his soldiers.

Kordan - Inform the men we are to begin our conquest through the portals, I want legions pouring thorugh the gateway within the month!

The soldiers saluted and headed out of the barracks. Kordan looked down at the zazane corpse and spat beside it. he walked out of the barracks to prepare.

Into the Unknown[]

A few weeks later the soldiers emerged through the portals, Kordan led one of the armies and he scanned the landscape in sesperation to look for signs of life. The land was desert for as far as the eye could see, with strange large structures in the distance.

Soldier - This is the home of the Zazane? Its a wasteland, how could they even survive.
Kordan - They did and that is what matters. I say we march to those structures in the distance.

His commanders nodded and the armies headed off, while other legions spread out in search of other possible settlements. The intense heat baked them in the day and almost froze them at night as they travelled over the course of several days. As they trekked on the structures became more reconiseable. Some scouts tried to determine what they were with littlel uck. The armies were constantly plagued by large creatures resemblance a mix of crabs and scorpions, and would often be kept awake by the small pterodactyl-like creatures that flew at night. It became more and more apparent as to how the Zazane became as war-hardened as they had been. As they approched, the structures in the distance became more recogniseable and consisted of large huts and spires, with some pyramid-like structures also in the distance. As they closed in the legions set up camps to erect siege equipment in order to assault the city at dawn.

that night a scout scanned the horizon, keeping an eye out for any Zazane raiders* Several pterodactyl-like creatures flew above the camps, before flying back to Zazane territory quicker than they could've been shot down. As they flew off, one of the scouts forced his way into Kordan's tent. Because he was not permitted, the guards restrained him as he shouted into the tent the struggle woke Kordan up and he apporached the scout with a look of irritation.

Scout - My king, these flying creatures, they muse have been scouts for the Zazane, we tried shooting a group of them down but some managed to return to Zazane territory...
Kordan - WHAT!? Get back on guard, centurions make sure all our soldiers are ready for battle.

Several soldiers within the tent saluted and spread out within the camp to rile the others. The siege engines still needed assembly ready for the assault but a few engines were ready for use. In the distance, a large warband of Zazane carrying swords. Closer to the warband a group of udulov riders surveyed the force, some of them rode back towards the camp. In the Zazane warband, a general looked at the field of tents that was the Draconizane army.

Zazane General Askurn - Men, the vile mutant spawn of Draconis have defiled our lands. Now is the time to cleanse them.

Back in the camp, Kordan was in his tent, he kneeled down and muttered to himself in prayer to Zr'An'kar. After praying, he emerged from his tent. A centrion stood on top of a mound near some hastily-built catapults. As the horde drew closer, the centurion raised his arm and waited patiently. The horde moved ever closer and after waiting, the centurion threw his arm down and the catapults launched boulders and dead animal remains at the warband to demoralise them. Askurn called for the Koda riders to charge ahead with other Zazane soldiers.

The battle raged into the dawn as Kordan and his men managed to defeat Askurn's army and breach into the city. He swung his blade, cleaving any Zazane in his path. Askur nhad survived the assault and ran into a room in the largest pyramid. The room was filled with gold and Zagdala breek, enormous Zazane sat on an equally-large throne.

Askurn - L-Lord Zagdala...The mutants have breached our walls!

Zagdala simply laughed, watching the carnage from atop a his pyramidd as well as watching the white sun rise.

Zagdala - Then it seems I shall have to make my way down.

Back within the city, Kordan plunged sword blade into the sternum of a Zazane warrior, he yanked it out as Draconizane soldiers rushed past him towards the pyramid. Zagdala stood at an intimidating height of five metres, and with one jump, he fell toward the ground. When he landed, he caused a shockwave that knocked over the surrounding Draconizane. Kordan yanked the blade out and looked towards Zagdala. Several soldiers stood up and charged, lettingo tu intimidating roars. Zagdala held a firm grip on a huge Shidium glaive and then proceeded to swing in a perfect circle, slicing the attacking squad in half at the torso. Upon reaching Zagdala's position in the heart of the city, Kordan swung his greatsword and positioned it at his side, he walked towards Zagdala. Draconizane were now cautious to attack him but several Several Draconizane marksmen perched on rooftops and fired crosbow bolts at Zagdala, who looked at Kordan and laughed whiel crossbow bolts either bounced off his golden armour or were lodged in his skin; neither of which he felt.

Zagdala - So, you must be the leader of the mutants here!
Kordan - I am High King Kordan, of the Draconizane EMpire. Kingslayer and herald of Zr'An'Kar. And he calls for your blood to flow!

Zagdala scoffed. and held his glaive with both hands.

Zagdala - Oh does he now? You know, it's interesting that you're the "High King", and yet you only reach my torso.
Kordan - The Draconis were just as stupid to consider us lower then them, and their emperor lay dead because of it. You will join him!

Zagdala - Not before I cleanse you first!

He swyng his glaive in circles and raised it above his head. Kordan rolled hs shoulders and made pacing steps towards Zagdala, as he moved his pace quickened and he prepared to swing his balde to his blade, he He slashed upwards, directing it at Zagdala's waist who was struck by Kordan's blade. he spluttered and dropped the glaive to his side. He grunted and took a few steps back as he held his waist. Kordan smirked and swungs his blade back down to strike Zagdala on the head, who dropped to the ground as the blade hit him, he remained silent.

Kordan - They called you a god, with the power to sweep away armies with jut one hand. *scoffs* I have yet to see it. And now, you will die, and here I thought you would be a worthy opponent.

Suddenly, Zagdala's skin turned black, and large, glowing yellow scars emerged on his body as he grew in size. Kordan lowered hsi greatsword and stepped away. he as in denial but in gatherign the courage he plunged his sword into Zagdala's stomach. the now-demonic Zagdala laughed laughs as he grabbed the sword and crushed it within his palm. he swung swings his hand and threw Kordan and many other troops away from him. Kordan hit a wall, he could feel he had injured his wings and as he recovered he looked up at Zagdala.

Kordan - No... I am the herald of Zr'An'Kar he... he chose me to end you!
Demon Zagdala - You came to me, claiming you would kill me! In my homeland! Your petty empire shall be crushed, and the Zazane shall destroy what remnants of an army you have!

As he boasted, the ground suddenly shook with very loud footsteps being heard.

Kordan - Your death... will come.

A gigantic shadow, the size of a moutain, made its way into the battlefield. Kordan could see it as it walked up behind Zagdala as the Zazane raised his hand.

Kordan - Behold Zagdala, a true god!
Demon Zagdala - Lies! You try to decieve me to spare yourself!
Zr'An'Kar - Turn around...

Zagdala blinked and then slowly turned around, he looked up at tthe towering figure of Zr'An'Kar.

Zr'An'Kar - Look what we have here. The Zazane leader. Bigger than I expected, but still minimal, compared to me.
Demon Zagdala - You must be this god that the mutant tells me about.
Zr'An'Kar - I am Zr'An'Kar, the beginning and the end of everything. And you are an obstacle to the future of my "children".
Demon Zagdala - Ha! I have spent my whole life trying to find the stronger foe. It seems I found myself a real god.

Zr'An'Kar lost height, he became only slighty smaller than Zagdala.

Zr'An'Kar - Well then. Attack me with all you got.
Demon Zagdala - My pleasure, "Zr'An'Kar"!

He pulls his arm back and launched a powerful Descension-fuelled punch straight towards his eye. Zr'An'Kar remained indifferent, while Zagdala could feel some of his fingers breaking. Zagdala smirked smirks and punched Zr'An'kar many times, not tiring due to his Descension. Zr'An'Kar continued to remain indifferent, not even moving from the attacks. He lifted one finger, and with a swift attack, blasted Zagdala against the ground.

Zr'An'Kar - Are you done?

The demonic Zagdala looked up at Zr'An'Kar and laughed as he slowly stood back up.

Demon Zagdala - I do not expect to defeat you, but it shall not change me trying!
>Zr'An'Kar - Hm. Ain't you a stubborn little creature.
Demon Zagdala - Haha, yes...

Zagdala reached to grapple Zr'An'Kar, who grabbed him by the neck and threw him back to the ground. He put his foot over Zagdala's neck and asked Zagdala if he had any last words. As he did so, Zagdala simple smirked and becan to cackle both hystericalyl and demonically. The noise unsettled soldiers who were still fightingi n the city's streets.

Zr'An'Kar - Hm. Say hello to Umbrux for me.

kordan lifted himself up as he watched Zr'An'Kar crush Zagdala's neck and head unti lthe Zazane died. As the battle died down, other soldiers turned to see their god and all Draconizane kneeled to him.

Zr'An'Kar - The lands beyond the portals are now yours.
Koran - What is next for us, great master?
Zr'An'Kar - Next...*looks up* the stars...

Zr'An'Kar disappeared in a black fog. Kordan returned to a standing position and looked out to his army.

Kordan - Zr'An'Kar's will is set! These two words are under our rule, and the stars will be next! I do not know how, but I do know thisL In time the Draconizane. Will. Rule. All!

The other draconizane chanted with him, their battle chant carried an aggressive tone as it echoed through the streets.

Once A Man, Now A God[]

Kordan looked down at Zagdala's broken body. Dark, mud-like blood glowed from the injuries the body had sustained. Kordan felt compelled to walk towards it. He picked up an intact bowl that had been scattered in the battle and slowly walked towards the corpse. One of his lieutenants looked to him as Kordan kneeled down near an open would with blood flowing from it.

Kordan - Blood is life. But such power should nto go to waste.

He held the bowl under the wound and blood trickled in, slowly filling the bowl. he stood up and, while other soldiers were nto looking he raided the bowl to his mouth and let the mud-like substance flow down his throat. He choked slightly as the blood's viscosity made it feel like he was drinking treacle. Wiping his mouth he could nto help but fill another bowl. He opened his eyes after a second bowlful and, unknown to him, a faint red glow flickered from them.

As it all settled in he felt nauseated, his eyes became heavy and he collasped to the floor feeling sick. The thud prompted some other Draconizane to run over and attend to their king.

He woke up several days later in a camp. he was back on Alcanti. As he awoke his eyes re-adjuted to see one of his generals smiling. As he tried sitting up he felt a pain in his head as though he had been drinking heavily the night before.

General - My king, I am so glad you are awake. How do you feel?
Kordan - Urgh, like I could eat an entire Udulov. No, seriously I'm famished!

The general aproached one of the doctors and asked for him to bring Kordan plenty of food. Attendants returned with a hearty meal. Kordan was starving and once they arrived he began to quickly devour the meal. shoving handfuls of food into his mouth. His eyes lit up rather literally, bringing soem mild concern to the general. It was only a few minutes after he was handed the meal that he called for more and more. Seeing his king with an unusually hearty appetitle, the general cleared his throat.

General - My king, it has been many days since we ended the Zazane threat.
Kordan - Let's keep it that way. I shall relocate my palace from Minos'Drakon to the Jungalian portal. Expand the castle.
General - May I ask why, my king?
Kordan - We are children of two worlds. So it makes sense *scoff* that we construct a mighty citadel at the site where two worlds cross.
General - I shall call for court architects right away. Sir.. are you sure you are feeling fine?
Kordan - Apart from *nom* being as famished as a stockaded krann I feel fantastic.
General - Sir... You are on your fourth plateful of Krann meat...
Kordan - I said I was famished.
General - Most Draconizane can handle two, perhaps two and a half. Are you sure you are okay.
Kordan - A little shaken but never better.

The general shook his head and left him to it. Over the next few weeks Kordan changed. His voracious appetite manifested in a considerable growth in height, becoming seven metres tall. Over time he discovered he had inherited the same abilities as Zagdala. At first he was cuncertain of these gifts. As the initial construction of the new fortress took place he trained himself to hone his new abilities, becoming morwe and more powerful. He became more physically imposing and used that to his aadvantage as he expanded his empire to areas in Miminas where the Minosians had not conquered.

The Draconizane Empire had expanded across Vollix and Alcanti's continent of Miminas.

Across the Sea[]

As Kordan's influence grew he watched as his mighty citadel rose around the portal. His empire had stretched across the continent and only pockets of resistance had remained. The empire was experiencing a revolution in the two centuries of his rule, blackpwoer weapons slowly replaced bows and crossbows. With the pockets of resistance under stagnncy, only able to develop what they could salvage, the Minosian remnant, as well as the remnants of other Draconid nations, graduallly submitted, accepting execution or becoming second-class citizens to the Draconizane.

But for Kordan it was not enough. His people were thriving, but he longed for the days where battle was a challenge. Rumours escalated of a warm continent to the south of golden grass and plains as far as the eye could see. On the southern port of Morilemus he travelled to gather his armies. He wanted to be one of the first to set foot on a new continent and a new oppertunity to expand his empire. Kordan accepted that none could kill him; assassins tried and failed, visionaries and rebels tried to dethrone him but he could not be removed. In these years a determination was born to rule his empire eternally. As he boarded a ship bound for the new landmass looked back on the city one last time. He saw people, his people, going about theri daily lives. A crowd had gathered to celebrate the voyage their king was undertaking. Glad that his people encouraged him he gave a rpoud wave as the deck creaked with his weight and settled down in a rpivate cabin aboard the first of a new line of ships; one that was designed to safely traverse the open oceon and cross the teal seas of his homeworld.

After months of sailing the ship finally spotted. Upon closing in the party boarded boats and arrived on the beach. Kordan was in one of the first boats to make landfall. When it hit the beach he jumped out and after walking a few steps he plunged his sword into the sand and sniffed the air. In the distance there were faint wisps of smoke rising rom the horison; thelltatle signs of settlement. His officers also snifed the air and met the same reaction.

Kordan - I smell a vile, wretched stench upon this land...
Officer - Yes mighty Kordan. More Draconis....
Kordan - How come wherever we go, vermin always plague the lands? First Draconis, then Zazane...and now more Draconis.
Soldier - We shall stain the grass with their wretched blood.
Kordan - Hmph, I shall have their skulls set beneath my feet, as I sit on my throne. Let us go see if they pose an actual threat this time.

The officer nodded and Kordan led his armies up the beach. They marched for a few hours and noticed the grass was a golden brown compared to the reds of Miminas, the land was flat and high peaks could barely be seen on the horizon. When they arrived in view of a quiet hilltop village they saw Draconis lving simple lifestyles and tending the fields. Unlike in Miminas, they were smaller and those in the outlying fields turned to look at the approaching army with curiosity.

Soldier - Bah, they look pathetic! Kordan - It seems they have much resources here. We could make use of this, conquer this place and make it our stronghold here. I doubt they have an army as impressive as ours.

Their arival was causing a commotion. The villagers had never before seen a Draconizane. Some villagers ran into the village to call the elder. After a little time the village elder walked up to meet Kordan, flanked by two Draconis wearing leather and wielding spears. KOrdan stepped forward.

Kordan - Back away soldiers, I shall deal with this scum.
Draconis - Explain yourselves, who are you and where do you coem from?
Soldier - <<Ancestors that one is huge>>

Kordan growled and sent a reply. He used telepathy to translate the words that were exchanged.

Kordan - We are the Draconizane Empire. I am Kordan Rex, ruler of worlds, destroyer of races.
Draconis - You are conquerors?
Elder - What do you wish for our humble village?

Kordan kept a firm grip on an enormous greatsword, he blade was longer than anyone in his army was tall. The elder's guards gripped theri spears with cution.

Kordan - Conquerors...? We are the redeemers of these tainted lands, and I shall be the one to purge you all.

Realising Kordan's plan with a sense of fear, the elder called for the villagers to protect the choldren. As he panicked, kordan extended his hand and clenched his fist. The elder could feel his throat bing gripped tightly by an unknown force. HE raised his hand to his throat out of a reactionary repsonse and the elder's bodyguards supported him up.

Elder - For-For what r-r-reason...
Kordan - You are Draconis, you are but all relics in a new age!

A militia spread across the fields in an attempt to to ferry the villagers behind the gates, some of them were set upon by Draconizane soldiers who overpowered them all

Elder - Orras..D-dacon w-wil not... stand... For *coughs* this!
Kordan - You shall not tell me what you shall not stand for. We are your successors!

His guards let go of the elder and thrusted their spears at Kordan's body. They looked with horror to see that the spears had shattered upon hitting his skin. In response, Kordan snapped the elder's neck and swung his massive blade in a circle, slicing the soldiers in half at the waist.

Commander - We should kill them all!

Kordan raised his hand swiftly to interrupt.

Kordan - Wait! Preserve the children and the pregnant females, we shall need a labour force while we conquer! It will show them real revenge!
Soldier - Yes, your majesty. Spare the broodmothers and the hatchlings!

The commander nodded and roared. The battle cry was an order for the draconizane soldiers to slice the throats of the militia and the soldiers stormed the village.

Several hours after the raid, several females were brought to account before the commanders. Kordan looked down at the females who had been forcedo nto theri knees and smirked. He proceeded to speak to them telepathically

Kordan - I am your new master...You shall do as I say from now on.

One of the older females, a mate for the former village elder glared at him, she stood up despite a Draconizane soldier trying to forche her down. She tried desperately to wrestle from his grip with little effect.

Female - We will not obey a murderer like you!

Kordan looked to her and he grabbed her jaw tightly, this stopped her from talking and forced her to stare right into his eyes.

Kordan - Murderer? More like redeemer...

She snorted and tried to free herself by thrashing her snout.

Soldier - She is a fiesty one.
Kordan - Fiesty indeed...Heh, I will save her for later.

The other soldiers laughed malliciously at the thought while the women looked at each other with dread. Kordan later left with his armies to continue their campaign on the newly-discovered continent. They left a garrison of Draconizane soldiers who oversaw the construction of an imposing fortress right outside the village. Women and children toiled for their new masters and Kordan's vision was becoming more and more real. He admired as his armies moved from village-to-village with little challenge. There were larger settlement which required more force. It took 30 years for the fortress of Purgation's Landing to be fully completed. Children and hatchlings who were captured were raised as a slave force and news spread of the massing armies plaguing the continent, and the unstoppable king leading them.

The Siege of Orras'Dacon[]

For a few years now the empire's cursade across Osillas was met with resistance. However while the Osillan Empire retained traditional weaponry such as fire-fored swords, spears and composite bows, the Draconizane had brought with them fearsome cannons and flintlock muskets. With this weapon advantage, Kordan's armies marched almost unopposed. CHallenged only by the fortifications the Osillans had built long before his arrival.

The campaign eventually reached the canals of Orras'Dacon; the Osillan EMpire's capital. To an artist the city was mesmarising with terracota tiles and stattaco walls tinted gold by the sun, but to a conqueror the delta was a risk. The Draconizane resorted to funneling theri cannons across bridges and through choke points where the Osillan draconis ambushed them. Aggrevated, KOrdan teleported his army groups-at-a-time into the city.

The soldiers swarmed the maze of canals and narrow streets that made up the city. Ossilans continued attacking from above but the Draconizane cared little. In desperation fo the assault the Osillan EMpire's grand council had organised within the senate hall in the centre of the city.

Kordan - Remember, kill all the men, capture the Broodmothers and infants!

Kordan's laughs echoed through the streets, Ossilan soldiers tried desperately to push them back as they protected civillians who were not capable of fighting. Arrows broke on Kordan's skin and armour as he ordered for his troops to raise their shields to deflect the ambusher's attacks. The smoke of blackpowder crept through the city but the Draconizane pressed on, using theri size advantage over the Osillans against them.

The battle reached it's tensest in the main square. Kordan plowed through Ossilan ranks with his greatsword and slammed though a pair of heavy wooden doors. Council guards wearing decorated armour and wielding war glaives stood to chellenge him by standing between him and the council. Kordan blinked and smirked, eager to see what the pair of guards could do. As expected the guards charged him only to discover their glaives shattered in an attempt to pierce his skin. He laughed and grabbed a pair their snouts, he lifted them high int othe air before he slammed their skulls together.

He used a guard's body to burst into the council chamber. He tore the body off his greatsword and stared down at a female Draconsi wearing a senator's robe. She was acocmpanied by a dozen other senators, all of them were finely dressed.

Aridana - I am Aridana Derexa, chancellor of the Osillan empire and I demand talks!
Kordan - Talks? Fine, you shall have your talks.

Kordan slammmed the sword into the ground and he sat in the auditorium with his legs folded.

Aridana - Can there not be any peace between our people?
Kordan - You call yourself "people"? You are nothing but fossils!
Aridana - This city and this empire was not built on blood, unlike your empire. We built a nation of peace and union. You would destroy that without a thought?
Kordan - Peace and union? You are weak, just like pest you are. Zr'An'Kar values the strongest, he wishes you gone, vermin.

Aridana looked to her fellow councillors and when she turned back she spat on the ground near Kordan's feet.

Aridana - So this is purely a religious matter? This is why we Ossilans venerate our ancestors, not tribal gods.
Kordan - Soon, you shall worship me as your lord.

She walked up to him and growled aggressively.

Aridana - Never.

Kordan Smirked as, unknown to her, the other council members' heads exploded from his Descension powers. He near-effortlessly killed each of them them with just a thought while he kept her alive.

Aridana - Why should I serve you? In fact, what can I gain from being your puppet?
Kordan - Puppet? You are my slave, you are worthless and you are not even above the value of the dirt beneath my foot!

He spits in her face and the acid i nhis salive burned the right side of her face. She held the site of injury with her hand and cringed in pain as she felt her scales corroding.

Kordan - Return back to your precious council...

Aridana turned around to see the dozen headless bodies. She almsot retched as she backed away in horror. Kordna stood up to tower above her and as she accidentally bumped into her he took her arm and dragged her to throw her down the palace's steps. She landed at the feet of several Draconizane and noticed the battle in the plaza was over and the Osilalns had lost.

Kordan - Place her into the cages along with all the other Broodmothers and children. This place is now ours.
Aridana - You are a monster! One day you will pay for this! One. Day!
Kordan - But not today...

She snarled and grunted as several soldiers picked her up and dragged her to a cage. eventually she managed to wrestle herself out before she was put in a cage and desperately reached for a dead Draconizane's flintlocke, her hand shock as she pointed it at various soldiers who, for a moment ,backed away.

Aridana - I have little idea what this will do, but if it hurts you then so be it!

Kordan walked over to her calmly and leanined down to her level so that he was right i nher face. Her grip weakened as the towering entity bent down and she resorted to pointing the weapon in his face.

Kordan - Go on...kill me...I'm right here...

Aridana was not a soldier, she was a senator and not a killer and the more she stared into his eyes the more afraid she was to pull the trigger. She squeezed slightly, only to drop the weapon and fall to her knees with a pained look on her face. Kordan stood back up with a smile.

Kordan - Good little slave girl... Take her away.

Aridana exhaled deeply and with sorrow. Within a moment she had lost the desire to rebel and she let the soldiers take her away. Kordan was approached by one of his centurions as the crates were packed onto the back of a cart. Kordan smiled as he observed the reamins of his new conquiest.

Kordan - We have taken Orras'Dacon. Our campaign continues to grow, and we shall keep gaining more and more power!
Soldier - Zr'An'Kar truly favours you my lord.
Kordan - I am his herald, I am his prince. And like him, I shall be eternal!
Soldier - And it makes me proud to serve under you, rather than these pathetic creatures. None can stand before you.

Kordan looked up to the sky as the sun began to set, he could see the stars in the sky and the sky was darker than it would have been as the lamp-lighters were either dead or rounded up into cages. We shall see, Tordrus. We shall see...

Soldier - The stories they say, that Zr'An'Kar wants us to rule the stars. How are we supposed to do that?... I do not doubt his words, my lord. But I sceptical at whether or not it is possible.
Kordan - We shall build mighty boats to have us ascend into the heavens. With the resources from this world and the land beyond the portals, we shall construct war ships to take the stars from whatever pests stand in my way!
Soldier - For your glory, the empire's and for Zr'an'kar.

Kordan nodded as he observed the events of the plaza. The entire population was subjugated, he felt no remorse for clearing a city of vermin. The city would be restored and rebiult in his image, and in his mind it would be glorious.

Act 3 - The Gruggysul War[]


In the following centuries the Draconizane continued ot solidify their new rule. Under Kordan's guidance the newly-named Draconizane Dominion worked tirelessly to expand.In this time there were changes and Kordan now fostered three children.

The oldest two were Kragh and Yarda, brother and sister they were a rare occurence; two nonidentical twins born in the womb. Both were physically strong and Kragh was easily the tallest of his siblings. The third and youngest was Vetarion. Born of a different mother after Kragh and Darda's mother passed away from a terminal illness. As the new empire flourished, expanding evermore into interplanetary space, they were to unwittingly discover they were not alone. Passing through and into Vollix's system was a baroque starship more advanced than anything the natives had ever seen before. Its size suggested it was a patrol crusier. Aboard the bridge was Gruggysul captain hadu'koral, a slim figure with brught auburn skin. He groaned to himself as the ship exited hyperspace and performed a sensor sweep of the sytem.

Captain Hadu'koral - Alas we have arrived. I enjoyed travelling through the vacuum where no outsiders lie. Hmph, it seems the filthy natives have built a small empire for themselves. We should establish contact, I suppose.
Helmsman - Understood sir. Scan show that the largest populations are found on a desert planet in the inner system.
Science Officer Taru'parol - we can only guess this is where the natives call their homeworld and--

The officer paused and looked at t sensor scan of Vollix with curiosity.

Taru'parol - Odd.
Hadu'koral - What is odd, Taru'parol? Have you found anything of interest?
Taru'parol - There's a spot on the surface of the planet's northern hemisphere where transmission signals are entering and leaving an anomoly. Taru'parol - I don't think we've see nanything like it among natives like these.
Hadu'koral - Hmph, nothing but a tiny wormhole! These natives have possibly migrated here from another place in the universe...and ruined the world they landed in. Why else would it be a desert?
Taru'parol - Hrmph. May as well establish communications with them.
Hadu'koral - Ugh, then let communications commence. Let's get this over with.
Helmsman - A little strange that a wormhole like this exists among a species this primitive isn't it?
Conn - Captain I have established a link with their primitive communication systems. We're being redirected to a suitable authority. Hadu'koral - Good, let us speak with the vermin.

Within Kordan's palace a Draconis servant aproached the man himself and told him that there was a strange transmission directed at him. He nodded without a word and sat on a large throne in an enormous hall littered with various trophies from his days as a warrior and a conqueror. He looked at a mobile projector screen as Hadu'koral's face came into view.

Kordan - I am Kordan Rex; Leader of the Draconizane Dominion and herald of the ultimate god, who is this?
Hadu'koral - I am Hadu'koral of the Gruggysul Society and 705th captain of the Paradise Fleet.
Kordan - I was told you come from many light-years beyond. I consider it a point of gratitude that you came to me.
Hadu'koral - It would only have been a matter of time. I would assume we are the first extrasolar life that you have made contact with.
Kordan - From beyond this pair of stars, yes.
Hadu'koral - You seem a small empire, very puny. The Society has colonies all over this galaxy, and within others. We have been around for many eons, long before your birth. But now...I have a proposition for you.

Kordan's lips curled and he growled quietly at being referred to as "puny". For a brief moment, the lights on the ship's bridge flickered.

Kordan - Please... speak.
Hadu'koral - We offer you a chance to join the Society. You and your race could live within our borders and travel to many stars beyond, and leave behind the dusts of this world. You would be treated as equals within the Society as well as meet many other foreign lifeforms. However, in return, you must declare an end to this empire, and give up your technology.

Kordan was displeased with the proposal, he still remembered Zr'An'Kar's suggestion to him and he felt he could not give in the moment the first group of aliens came along wishing for the mto give up theri sovereignty.

Kordan - I am afraid that is not possible due to events beyond my complete control. Call it a prophecy if you will, but my people work best when our borders and our identity are kept intact.
Hadu'koral - Consider our offer carefully. You could become a part of the strongest civilization within the Universe, instead of a simple speck in a beach of stars.
Kordan - It is difficult to explain, but the outcome of events difficult to describe that occured centuries ago require us to keep our territory.

hadu'koral smireked and sighed, he hand his crew knew whet would come next.

Hadu'koral - That is not the case. If you refuse our offer, you shall only be met with extermination.
Kordan - Extermination? Are you joking with me? That is a very extreme alternative. And we were getting along so well.

Outside Hadu'koral's knowledge, Kordan Telepathically summoned Vetarion and Yarda, his two eldest children, to him. Within minutes they appeared out of view of the communication but stood directly facing Kordan.

Hadu'koral - The Society has no time for outsiders. We offered you a part in our civilization, and you refused. As far as I am concerned, you are but simple animals.
Kordan - It is a shame you think that. We could have become very powerful allies. <<Children I want you to board that alien ship, take it over but leave the captain to me>>
Hadu'koral - I highly doubt that. You have barely managed to conquer your own star system.
Kordan - You would be surprised...

The lights on Hadu'koral's bridge flickered again. When they were restored two large Draconizane were standing at the back of the bridge. Kordan smiled devilishly as the ships' crew were startled.

Kordan - Enjoy my counter-offer captain.
Hadu'koral - What is the meaning of this? Vermin on MY ship? Eliminate them.
Yarda - Our father wants to pay you in kind for your brutality!
Hadu'koral - Brutality? The end justifies the means. And the end is that the Universe will be filled with alliance. Those who do not wish to follow have no place.

Gruggysul crewmembers fired bistols at the pair and watched helplessly as their weapons impacted on theri skin and armour with no effect. As the captain was distracted Kordan appeared behind him and with a wave of his hand, lifted him into the air as black energy leaked from his body.

Hadu'koral - Urgh! W-Whaat? A PSYCHIC?!

Kordan turned Hadu around and pulled him to the end of his snout. His voice was sounding more demonic as his scales blackened.

Kordan - Call us puny would you?
Hadu'koral - Agh...What? You believe yourselves strong? You are but one man!

Kordan peered to his children who finished killing or incapacitating the crew.

Kordan - One of three who have managed to effortlessly take over your ship! It is the destiny of the Draconizane to rule the stars! My children and I hold power beyond mere mortals and yet you still challenge us!

Kordan flicked his wrist and pinned Hadu to a wall. As he spoke, yellow scars emerged on his body and he grow larger before the captain's eyes.

Hadu'koral - This is but one ship! This proves nothing!
Kordan - Your life is forfit under MY authority.
Hadu'koral - I would rather die than to submit to lowly vermin!
Kordan - *smirks* So be it.

He let Hado'koral drop but before the Gruggysul could fully stand Kordan weighted him down telepathically, forcing the captain onto his hands and knees.* Kordan - This is the fate of those who challenge my domain. Savour it. Hadu'koral - Agh...y-you may claim my l-life...but you shall not claim the Society! You have unleashed hell! Kordan kneeled down and grabbed Hadu'Koral by pinching cheeks. By now he was so large he only had to do it with his fingertips. he slowly squeezed, which gradually crushed Hadu's skull. All he could do was scream in pain.

Kordan - Then let hell come. Submit and I will be merciful!

hadu repsonded by spitting in Kordan's face and growled as Kordan smirked, understanding his answer all too well.

Hadu'koral - Dead man walking!

Kordan continued to squeeze, eventually causing the head to burst, exploding all manner of organic material across the bridge. After finishing he stood up and shrank down to his normal size and looked ot his children.

Kordan - I want this ship reverse-engineered and the technology assimilated. Probe the minds of the survivors if you have to learn every secret.

The two of them nodded and headed deeper inside the ship as Kordan teleported back to his throne room. He smiled as he sat back down while Vetarion an yarda combed the cruiser for any survivors. After coming the ship the pair probed the heads of surviving crew to understand how to wor kthe ship. Once brought under theri control it was brought to one of Vollix's shipyards. There the crew were escorted to holding cells and for the next few months several Draconizane marked with a peculiar insignia enterted theri cells and probed theri minds. yarda was one of the overseers while Vetarion returned to the palace.

It would be years before the dominion reverse engineered the ship, however the Society would not wait that long to retaliate...

Battle for Balakarr[]

The Gruggysul were nothing if not unforgiving. Within months they had dispatched a battlefleet to crush the dominion, led bycaptain Gran'paratal. Meanwhile, a Draconizane fleet arrivef in orbit of Balakarr; a colony based on an ice planet within the Vollix system. Vetarion, the youngest of Kordan's three children, stood on the bridge as he parepared to contact the local garrison. As he prepared himself sirens balred on the ship and the ships sensors showed several ship signtures near to one of the dominion's more remote outposts. Gran'paratal grinned as a small amount of Gruggysul battleships approached the planet. As they readied themselves, Gran opened a communication channel to all ships in the fleet. She stood up as he made his announcement.

Gran'paratal - Today, we stomp out the vermin born under this star, and eliminate yet another unneeded nuisance to the Society. Prepare your guns, and prepare for ground assault if need be.

As the Gruggysul approached, the Draconizane patrol fired an opening volley of Shidium weaponry on the fleet. The small fleet fired back with intense beams of golden energy, though they took some damage from the Shidium volley, the Dominion fleet was hit hard form the mreo advanced weaponry. They kept firing as their shields were battered. In desparation a carrier launched dozens of strike craft to pick at the Gruggysul fleet.

Gran'paratal - They swarm like the bugs they are...patch me through to the highest authority of this fleet of worms!

Vetarionhe smiled as he sat relaxed in his chair. Gran'paratal's image appered on the viewscreeb but all Vetarion did was act smug.

Vetarion - Look who reared theri faces out of the shyrak?
Gran'paratal - We have no time for your resistance. You may as well simply hand over your star system.
Vetarion - Cute. The mortal is making demands.
Gran'paratal - "Cute"? You dare mock a general of the Paradise Fleet?
Vetarion - *smirks* Yes. Compared to me you are an insignificant speck of life.
Gran'paratal - And what would you know of being significant, worm?

Vetarion smirked and closes his eyes. Gran'paratal could feel himself being pulled to the floor by an unknown force.

Gran'paratal - Grr...Fire gold upon their ships...and shatter their very souls!

At that moment, the battleships sent out more beams of golden energy towards the Draconizane fleet. The ships rocked from the impact and some smaller Draconizane ships were torm apart.

Vetarion - You are asking a son of Kordan Rex what he knows of significance? That is like asking for the significance of the son of a god.

Vetarion threw Gran'paratal backwards before he ended communication. The Gruggysul grunted as he pulled himself up and ordered for his forces to descend onto the planet below. Seeing the raiders heading planetside, Vetarion ordered for the captain to resume command while he also headed planetside. Several Society drophips of vatying sizes approached the planet below and fired their mounted guns at any ground-based AA defences. Gran'paratal opened a communication channel to a large and scarred Igunik, who wore markings signifying heh ad a high rank.

Gran'paratal - Grand Brother Gorethok, lead your Igunik raiders into the city and slaughter them!
Gorethok - Yes, lord Gran'paratal. Your wish is my command.

Vetarion teleported to the largest coloney on the planet, where the fighting was at its most chaotic. He was backed by Draconizane soldiers and looked to see approaching Igunik forces. He gripped a shidium-edged scythe in his hand and thumped the base on the ground, hed grinned with eagerness as the igunik approached, who called out to unleash hellfire and crush theri enemies. he turned to look bak at his troops with a cunning smile as his coat blew in the wind.

Vetarion - Remmeber brothers and sisters: Kordan Rex sends his blessings, he looks upon all of you with favour. Under my leadership we shall be victorious!

He thrusts his scythe into the air as a signal of impending triumph and with savage roars the Draconizane fire volleys from shidium rifles at the Igunik, who returned fire with heavy machine guns into the crowds of Draconizane, while bulky walkers launched miniature missiles into buildings. Vetarion clutched his scythe tightly; this was an extermination, plain-and-simple. he lifted it as he sprinted for the nearest walker and leaped on top of it, swinging the scytthe to pierce into the cockpit

Igunik 1 - What the...Fire on him! Don't let the worm survive!

Vetarion tore open the walker with his bare hands, impaled the pilot of the walker with his scythe and yanked him out with energy weapons imapcting on his flesh and armour. Igunik raider squads began to fire upon Vetarion, all launching slugs, bullets and energy at him while some Igunik ran towards him with large hammers in hand theri target gazed down with a sinsiter laugh. He summoned electricty in his hand and fired it at the Gruggysul, he then jumped from person to person, electrocuting them all in series. Afterwards, he leaped into a crowd of Igunak and punched the ground, causing a shockwave that crushed the Igunak soldier he had landed on and threw back everyone nearby. He stood up with a proud and sadistic grin on his face. Gorethak grunted as he watched as his forces were hopelessly decimated by this one soldier.

Vetarion - See how your armies collapse before me. You cannot hope to stand against my power!
Gorethak - Hmph, a challenging one. Lord Gran'paratal, we require orbital bombardment near our location.

A single battleship entered near the orbit of the planet and unleashed a heavy blast of gold energy towards the city, blasting a great deal of the buildings to rubble. As the beam fired, Vetarion stood within and shielded himself with a barier of descentsion energy. He looked around t osee the destruction after the devestation. Shock turned ot rage, his skin blackened as he let out an echoing growl. Gorethak was shocked by this revelation.

Gorethak - He still lives? Grah, hand me my hammer! I shall crush his puny life!

He grabs a large spiked hammer that sparking with electricity. Fueled with rage, vetarion reached out to pull the battleship into the atmopshere. Not noticing Gorethax until the last minute, his actions caused screams and cries of disbelief aboard as the battleship tilted on it's side as Vetarion's power pulled it into the lower atmosphere. As Vetarion grew larger he leaped into the air and soared towards the battleship. Gorethak managed to reach Vetarion in time and took ahold of Vetarion's tail as he leaped, and raised his hammer. Vetarion felt something on his tail and swung it about in an attemt to dislodge Gorethak.

Gorethak - Crush, kill!

He slammed his electric hammer into Vetarion's side in an attempt to injure him. Vetation flinched as he felt the impact, but he only laughed and performed a vigorous barrel roll to throw the igunik off his back. Vetarion diverted his attention from the battleship, rather than flying towards it, he focused on performing various acrobatics to throw Gorethak off his body. Even with his endurance, Gorethak was eventually launched into the air, but in the process he swung his body round and slammed his hammer into the side of Vetarion's head, who roared and - taking the oppertunity - he reached to grab Gorethak, wrapping his hand around the igunik's body and giving him little room to struggle. He looked into Vetarion's burning eyes in horror.

Gorethak - Agh...! Who are you...You are not like the rest of your vermin kind!
Vetarion - Oh I am so much more.

As vetarion cackled, Gorethak growled and, with one hand, swung his hammer at Vetarion's snout. Vetarion stopped the hammer by cathing it in the palm of his other hand and crushed it violently. Gorethak stuggled as eh realised he was helpless.

Gorethak - Agh...I regret nothing...aside from being defeated by you, prince of worms!
Vetarion - it is amusing that I hold power beyond your comprehension and you still' consider me a worm.
Gorethak - I am faithful to the Society, to the Gruggysul!
Vetarion - Then you will die because of them.
Gorethak - There is nothing...p-prouder!

Vetarion tightened his grip around Gorethak to crushing levels. Gorethak could feel his bones breaking and his skin burning before Vetarion eventually let go and left the commander to fall several miles to his death. With satisfaction, Vetarion flew upwards as the battleship only just regained orientation. The captain stood up and called to his bridge officers.

Gruggysul Captain - Unleash another orbital bombardment!
Helmsman - But captain, it would be suicide at this ra--
Captain - I said do it!

Vetarion was now the size of a tower block as he latched onto the battleship. His claws were powerful enough to pierce through the bulkhead with little effort as the battleship unleashed another devastating wave of energy, vapourizing many Draconizane who could not escape the blast. Vetarion saw this devestation and roared with rage he began tearing away at the ship, creating large gashes in the armour. panic gradually filled the captain's mind as the beast attacking his ship became more furious.

Captain - Set turrets to autofire! We need to get that thing off of us!
Vetarion - Each of you will suffer for every Draconizane you kill this day!

When the turrets fired, Vetarion continued tearing the ship apart while barely noticing them. He smashed the turrets he passed with a feeling of satsfaction as he crawled over the ship. The captain looked about as sirens blared. The gashes in the armour had caused explosive decompression on the exposed decks, which killed dozens of crew almost on the spot.

Captain - Launch evacuation! Save yourselves while you're still able!

As he spoke, an enormous large clawed hand erupted from the floor of the bridge, which barely missed the captain.

Captain - Holy--

He stood up fro mthe attack and grabbed his pistol, firing in panic at the hand; he had never seen anything like this and the sensation of fear grew as his shots did only marginal damage as the hand tore through the floor towards the captain.

Captain - Grr! For the Society, for Gruggysul!

He clenched his hands and his veins glowed red. When the hand reached him, he exploded violently with heated blood splattering all over Vetarion's hand. A demonic roar that shook the room was accompanied by the hand retreating from the floor. The helsman was still in shock and was panicing and looked to the navigators who tried their best to steer the ship away from ground. Bearing his teeth, Vetarion used his unnatural strength to tear the ship vertically. Once a large enough opening was made a jet of demonic fire from his mouth flooded the exposed decks, which incinerated anyone cagh in the jet. The battleship had explosions occuring from all sides and everyone was caught off-guard as a jet of demonic fire reupted from the hole in the floor and killed them all.

In space, the Paradise Fleet began to retreat, with more Draconizane ships able to damage the large battleships of the Gruggysul as they fled. Satisfied of the damage, Vetarion shifted the ship's direction so it would hit the ground in a remote region of hte planet. one this was done he parted fro mthe ship's path and flew to the ground, returning to normal as he landed and almost collaped with exhaustion. As he landed, several Draconizane soldiers, who were on patrol and had survived the battle approached his location.

Sons of the Herald[]

Vetarion lay in the snow and was panting slowly, his eyes flickered as he tried to keep awake.

Draconizane Soldier - Prince Vetarion, how are you faring?
Vetarion - I have been... a lot better... Anything to... report?
Draconizane - The alien attackers are retreating from the system, and your brother, Prince Kragh, has requested to see you ASAP. Vetarion - I will.. once I catch my brealth. Did he say wahy he wanted me?
Draconizane - He wished to speak to you about the battle today. It was sudden and he displayed concern that they were able to set foot upon this world. When I say "concern", I mean "anger".
Vetarion - No surprises there.

Gathering the strength he had, Vetarion heaved himself out of the snow. Some of the soldiers closed in wishing to help.

Draconizane - Do you require assistance?
Vetarion - No need. Do any of you have any food with you?

One soldier opened a pouch and pulled out a bag filled with pre-heated meat. He offered it to Vetarion

Soldier - This is all I have.
Vetarion - Good enough.

He took the bag and pulled out a handful of the meat chunks before popping a them into his mouth.

After a few mouthfuls he telported near to Kragh while still holding the bag. His brother was reading a small book and raised his head when Vetarion entered, whom he had his back to. Vetarion gulped down the meat in his mouth.

Kragh - Brother...
Vetaarion - You wanted to see me.
Kragh - I hear news of alien invasion and city-wide destruction. I thought we could trust you with our fleets.
Vetarion - With all due respect, those ships were very powerful and all I was given was a patrol fleet.

Kragh was about to speak, but hesitated and turned to his brother. he had an eyebrow raised as he stared down at the bag Vetarion was holding.

Kragh - What are you eating?
Vetarion - Some pre-cooked meat from one of the soldiers....

He tore another piece off with his teeth and swallwoed it

Kragh - Pre-cooked meat? Sometimes I think you spend too much time with the soldiers.
Vetarion - I just fell thirty kilometres after spending a prolonged period of time as a demon. Pre-cooked meat was the closest piece of food available.
Kragh - That aside, I expect you to not allow alien scum to touch our cities! Do you know how long it takes to construct a perfect working colony?
Vetarion - No...

Vetarion looked down as Kragh leaned in, who was clearly taller than his brother.

Kragh - Years. We lost too many lives today from what I have been told. We lost a majority of one of our bigger colonies.
Vetarion - I did my best, and so did the soldiers. Collateral damage was almost inevitable against firepower like that.

Vetarion pointed at Kragh with another meat piece in hand.

Vetarion - Although as I recall, rebuilding a colony takes a lot less time than building one from the ground-up.

Kagh sighed and placed his hands on Vetarion's shoulders.

Kragh - Look, we cannot afford anything like that to happen again. Not everybody has the privilege of being immortal like us.
Vetarion - If these weapons you and Yarda helped develop are as good as they say, it might not. Although I think there is one good thing that came out of them reaching the pleant's surface.
Kragh - And what would that be?
Vetarion - They know what people like us can do. I did hear a lot of screaming and panicking.
Kragh - I was told they retreated. You didn't do so bad. But you're still young, and you cannot use your divine transformation for everything.
Vetarion - I was careful... I only did it to stop a battleship.
Kragh - A battleship? You fought it close up?
Vetarion - Tore it apart piece-by-piece.
Kragh - You realize you should've just ripped it in half with an energy blast.
Vetarion - True, but my way was more memorable.
Kragh - And look at you now, eating ready meal out of a bag.
Vetarion - It was all I could find.
Kragh - Ugh, you belong in a barracks.

he smiled smugly, with a hint of sarcasm over Kragh's attitude.

Vetarion - I am so glad to be home.
Kragh - I suppose...you haven't heard the news...?
Vetarion - You're going to have to narrow it down...
Kragh - It's about father.
Vetarion - Well... I have been in the outer system so.. no I haven't.
Kragh - He desires another heir.
Vetarion - He does?
Kragh - Yes, for what reason I do not know however.
Vetarion - It's not like he wants another successor... is it?
Kragh - Successor? He feels lonely, what with us being away from this world a lot of the time. Well, you and Yarda. He tires of my company.
Vetirion - I ahve always figured you need to relax more, brother.
Kragh - Relaxation is not on my list of desires. You know how much I would love to tear into the throat of some poor soul who challenged me, but lately things have been boring, aside from the invasion.
Vetarion - We could always swap stations?
Kragh - I guess that would be wise, especially after today.
Vetarion - I think these Gruggysul will be coming back, imagien how fast they would retreat after meeting you?
Kragh - The Gruggysul pest shall simply retreat on sight of me, especially as I have managed to overcome the tiring effects of my transformation.
Vetarion - How do you manage that exactly?
Kragh - Blood, sweat and tears. More than you can handle.
Vetarion - I can handle it.

He folded his arms confidently as he spoke. Kragh took the bag of meat from him, took a piece of meat from it and bit into it.

Kragh - I highly doubt that.
Vetarion - It's nto like I'm going to die from it... am i?

Kragh smirked and simply chuckled. He let go of vetarion's shoulders and stepped back.

Vetarion - What?
Kragh - Only you can find out whether you will die or not.

Vetarion tightened his grip on his arms in response to becoming apprehensive at Kragh's implication.

Vetarion - Uhh.. oaky.
Kragh - You should rest. It has been a tiring day for you.
Vetarion - I can tell you the full details later if you like. But yes, I could do with soem sleep.
Kragh - I would appreciate that.

He then gripped Vetarion's shoulders and slams his crest against Vetarion's. This prompted Vetarion to gulp.

Kragh - But I swear, if another city gets destroyed I will reduce you to nothing but Shyrak remains, brother or not.

He was speechless and felt intimidated by Hragh's threat. With a snarl, kragh pushed Vetarion away before he let go.

Kragh - Get some rest. We have no idea when the Gruggysul will attack again.

Discovry of the Cyrodi[]

The Gruggysul did return. They continued to break through the dominion's lines, but every time they failed. Over a few hundred eyars the dominion etched a small empire in the galaxy, although they had established a firm foothold, the war was far from over.

On the fringes of the dominion, a moderately large Draconizane ship entered the orbit of a tropical planet, which was covered in forests and small oceans. Wild sounds and screeches could be heard from the forests down below. Yarda stood on the bridge and looked at a viewscreen shoing a view of the planet as Kragh stood beside her. He folded his arms, somewhat irritated.

Kragh - Remind me, sister. Why are we even here?
Yarda - Apparently there is sapient life on the planet below. Every ally we can gain is an extra enemy against the Gruggysul.
Kragh - Hmph, they sound pretty primitive. I do not expect arrows and spears to work as effectively as guns against Igunik raiders, or Gruggysul troopers. I do suppose we could weaponize them though.
Yarda - Perhaps, we might strike lucky and find a race of great hunters. I would enjoy to see an Igunik take on one of these primitives when the alien gives them no time to react from a surprise attack!
Kragh - Hmph, hopefully they are a better challenge than what father has made Zazane out to be.
Yarda - And if not?
Kragh - Then we use them as cannon fodder.
Yarda - You always had a backup for everything, brother. Helmsman give us appropriate arrival coordinates. Brother we are taking a few warriors with us.
Kragh - A squad of soldiers, huh? I guess if it really proves the worth of these primitive creatures, then sure.

Kragh and Yarda, along with several soldiers teleported down to the surface within a jungle clearing. Screeches of alien creatures echoed within the massive trees as they looked around. Kragh sniffed the air with soem dissapointment.

Kragh - How I miss the smell of industrial pollution.
Yarda - Remmeber how father told us about the jungles that used to inhabit the site of his palace on Alcanti? This must be like it.
Kragh - Whatever foul beasts this planet houses, bring them to me! I shall slay everything!
Yarda - Always the headstrong one?

Soldier - Sirs, surface scans showed these jungles were thick with animal lifeforms.
Kragh - Animal life forms? Bah, like I said! We're better off throwing the planet at the Gruggysul!
Yarda - Since you are so fond of industry we could always set up a few foundries.
Kragh - Yes, we need to make it known that this is our territory.

The group trekked through the jungle, as one of the soldiers pushed back a branch, it reboudned and smacked kragh on the snout. he let out a surprised growl before he placed his claws around the soldier's throat, causing the man to panic.

Kragh - Watch what you are doing, you imbecile!
Soldier - Apologies sir! I was not aware you were that close!
Kragh - Where else do you expect me to be?!

He dropped the soldier and laxed his shoulders, still furious as Yarda turned to find out what the commotion was.

Kragh - You are lucky I am not permitted to kill my own men!

Yarda - I think he means he thought you were far enough away to not get smacked in the snout.
Soldier - Apologies sir! It will not happen again...
Kragh - It better not! And Yarda, I'd keep quiet if you don't want me to launch a tree at you!

Some of the soldiers chuckled as Yarda rolled her eyes.

Yarda - Soldiers, in order to make sure we do not have a repeat incident, use your blades to cut obstructions.

At that point, the downed soldier was struck in the side of the neck by a thin, but sharp, arrow, tipped with yellow poison. Yarda turned aound with her eyes darting around the trees. She held up her fist and the soldiers grouped up as she walked over to the soldier and grasped the arrow. She gently pulled it out but the posion was already setting into the soldier's wounds. Kragh looked around, he pullied out his blade and snarled as he did so.

Kragh - Come on then! Strike at me if you have guts!
Yarda - Soldiers, get ready. Do not fire unless you ar sure it is a hostile.
Kragh - Yarda, they just shot an arrow at us! Of course they're hostile!
Yarda - *growls* I was warning them against false alarms.
Kragh - Hmph! Reveal yourselves cowards!

There was a loud screeching sound, followed by a rattling noise, and then more arrows were shot from the trees. Kragh was hit in the knee but he swiftly pulled it out, immune to its effects, and threw it to the floor.

Yarda - Incoming!
Kragh - Gah! Come at me!

Draconizane soldiers fired controlled bursts of Shidium into the brush as several Cyrodi hunters leaped onto the Draconizane, striking or stabbing at them with spears and the Draconizane continued to fire and managed to strike a few Cyrodi with their bayonets. Yarda managed to grab a Cyrodi and sliced its head open with her axe. Kragh picked up a Cyrodi hunter and choked the life from it before he tossed its body aside. He let out a bellowing laugh out of satisfaction.

Kragh - Haha! Now this is entertaining!
Yarda - Glad you approve brother.

A Draconizane manages to dodge a leaping Cyrodi and, in using the oppertunity, Yarda launched it at a tree wit a wave of her hand, which allowed the draconizane to shoot it in the head. A larger, more mature-looking Cyrodi carrying a large spear leaped into the fray and dislocated the jaw of one of the soldiers by slamming him with its spear. The soldier reeled from the attack and launched himself to stab the Cyrodi with his bayonet only to see the creature grab the weapon and threw it aside as it opened it's ebak and clamped onto the soldier's neck. As the soldier struggled, Yarda grabbed the Cyrodi by the jaws and she summoned her unnatural strength to pry the elder's beak open. Kragh held up his hand as he plunged his sword into the torso of a Cyrodi that leaped at him.

Kragh - Wait, spare it! Perhaps we can use it to our advantage! Maybe if we threaten to kill it, the primitives will cease attack!

Opening the beak enough, Yarda pushed the soldier aside and wrapped her claw around the ecreature's throat. The Cyrodi seemed to stop and they show themselves, coming out of the trees and bushes, although they keept a firm grip on their weapons.

Kragh - What would you say Yarda...do you think these creatures are worthy of fighting alongside us?
Yarda - They have spirit.
Kragh - More spirit than our soldiers, obviously.

Yarda glared at the elder, her eyes flashed red as he could hear her voice inside his mind.

Yarda - <<We come from the stars. Our warriors are strong and powerful. Join us and we will give you prey more dangerous nad more worthy of the hunt than yo can imagine!>>

The Cyrodi elder growled and snarled, but then squawked back in it's bird-like language.

Elder - <<Teach us your ways, and give us your hardest prey! A hunter more skilled than Cyrodi deserve Cyrodi respect!>>
Yarda - They agree to join us brother. And we have theri respect.
Kragh - Good...tamper with their brains and then weaponize them! We need them to be smarter!

Yarda stood before the cyrodi and closed her eyes. Each of them could suddenly hear whispers in theri minds, compelling and coercing them to accept the Draconizane as their masters.

Kragh - We are your masters! You shall fight alongside us, as our allies and as our soldiers! You shall dedicate yourselves to our cause!

The voices continued, they compelled the hunters to spread the message to other Cyrodi across the planet. The aliens complied almost willingly, convinced by the power they had witnessed.

After a few hours, Yarda entered the ship's conference room. She pressed her palm against a console and after a few minutes a hologram of Kordan appeared. She bowed with respect to him as he smiled warmly at her. it was clear that he had missed ehr for a long time.

Kordan - Yarda, my young, beautiful daughter, how you have grown since I have last seen you. You've spent too much time away from the palace.
Yarda - I do miss you father. However I bring good news.
Kordan - Let me hear your news. Surely it is more interesting than what your brother Kragh ever has to say.
Yarda - We have discovered a race of primitives who call themselves the Cyrodi. We are working to make them smarter but they are very effective hunters and ambushers.
Kordan - Cyrodi? Exactly how primitive are they?
Yarda - From what we can tell, they are of a stone age level of advancement. They live as hunter-gatherers however their weapons are known to carry a pwoerful toxin.
Kordan - Powerful toxin? Perhaps we can use them for purposes more than cannon fodder.
Yarda - A few of our soldiers were injected with the posion during the mission. Unfortunately the first to get hit did not survive past a few minutes.
Kordan - Huh, they managed to kill a Draconizane soldier with a single arrow? That is impressive, perhaps it shall work against the Society. Maybe have a few of them carry guns if they are that good at hunting and ambushing.
Yarda - I would advise it.
Kordan - Are you certain that these primitives are now on our side?
Yarda - We gained their respect in a fight and I used my gifts to coerce them further. They would die for the Dominion.
Kordan - They had better. I put my faith in you, Yarda, your brothers seem only good for fighting. I trust you are the smartest of my spawn.
Yarda - With respect, my brother Kragh continues to treat the soldiers more as machines than warriors. There was an incident on the mission that makes me wonder if it was intentional.
Kordan - Oh? Please, tell me.
Yarda - As we trudged through the forest one of our soldiers pushed back a branch to move it out of his way. The brance reboudned and hit kragh directly in the snout.

Chuckled loudly for a few seconds, but quickly regained his composure.

Kordan - Hehe, and what did Kragh do in response?
Yarda - He grabbed the soldier responsible by the throat. From his attitude, I would say protocol stopped him from killing the man on the spot.
Kordan - I assume he made some rather irrational threats?
Yarda - Like I sad, threat of death were it not for protocol.
Kordan - Typical Kragh, always angry.

Yarda nodded quietly.

Yarda - Has there been any news of Vetarion?
Kordan - Vetarion recently defended one of our colonies from a Gruggysul fleet.
Yarda - That is good to hear. Our mission has a few more systems to visit. Once complete I will return home father. I promise.
Kordan - It has been a good few decades since I have seen you in the flesh. It shall be a reward.
Yarda - I will keep to my promise, father. Farewell.
Kordan - Good luck in your voyages, daughter.

Yarda signed off the communication and slumped in a nearby conference room chair. As hse sighed, Kragh stepped inside the room and looked to her as she rested her head in her hand.

Kragh - What's up with you?
Yarda - Nothing, just a little homesickness.
Kragh - You miss our father? Or do you miss a certain Draconizane butler boy?

Kragh smirked and leaned against a wall with his arms folded.

Yarda - Lay off. At least I know how to entice someone.
Kragh - Ha! Why concern yourself with a suitor when you could be on the frontline, smashing in a skull or two?
Yarda - Because that is not all I want to do with my life.
Kragh - So is that why I sometimes see you adorning yourself with glitter and bright clothes when we're in the palace? To attract that servant boy?

Kordan chuckled to himself, clearly garering some sort of entertainment from mocking his sister.

Yarda - When was the last time you cared for something other than your own pleasures?
Kragh - Who said I cared?
Yarda - Besides, what makes you think it is that one particular servant that interests me?
Kragh - Oh, so you're planning a wedding with various grooms, huh?
Yarda - That doesn't answer my question; what makes you think it is him I am interested in?
Kragh - Because, dear sister, I have seen you talk differently with him from your other servants. You seem more demanding of him.
Yarda - Perhaps father wants a dynasty; something I doubt he would get from you.
Kragh - You doubt my ability to allure the opposite sex?
Yarda - Have you tried aluring a woman?
Kragh - No, but that doesn't mean I can't.
Yarda - *smirks* It might.
Kragh - It doesn't. Though I do doubt Vetarion's ability to allure "women".
Yarda - Maybe you're secretly jealous.
Kragh - Jealous? Of Vetarion? He is a soldier-lover.

Yarda stood up and walked up to his snout, stil lgiving him some sense of space. I think that soldier intentionally smacked you in the snout with that branch.

Kragh confronted her by placing his very near hers.

Kragh - If I had not been under protocol, I would've ripped his head off.
Yarda - It's things like that that prove why you're not exactly adored in the legions.
Kragh - I do not ask to be favoured. I could take on a whole legion by myself and not even break a sweat.
Yarda - Oh I'll bet you could.
Kragh - Do you doubt my power?
Yarda - *chuckles* No, but I doubt father would be impressed.
Kragh - Father is a believer in the old ways. He is but a dinosaur!
Yarda - Don't you rememebr the old stories? He rose up against commanders who saw the Draconizane as nothing better than machines or slave soldiers.
Kragh - You mean the vermin scum that is extinct today? They were obviously weak.

Yarda shrugged as Kragh looked at her smugly.

Yarda - Well no matter. Tell you what; when we get home I'd like to see how good you are with attracting women.
Kragh - Please, I would have hundreds of maidens at my feet!
Yarda - Is that a wager?
Kragh - No, it is a guarantee.
Yarda - How about this: I will give you 100 crowns for every woman you can allure.
Kragh - Then I shall be even richer than father!
Yarda - Or how about we spice it up; for every woman that rejects you, you give me, hmm.... 200 crowns?
Kragh - Ha! I would happily accept that deal!

Yarda held out her hand with a smile and kragh took ahold of it and squeezed somewhat. Both were confident that each other would lose but Yarda was counting on Kragh's overconfidence in himself.

Yarda - The bet starts when we get home.
Kragh - You're on. And you're gonna be so much in debt.

Yarda then quickly pulled Kragh closer.

Yarda - And if you try lying, I can always read your mind.
Kragh - I shall have no need to lie!

The Ungruggysul[]

The war dragged on and the Dominion continued to push through the Society's territory. A Draconizane fleet arrived within a Gruggysul system and pushed towards the central planet. The Gruggysul were using the system as a shipyard to build warships and was therefore a key strategic asset in the war. Upon arriving in high orbit, the three heirs arrived on te command deck and looked out at the tactical view. Vetarion folded his arms and looked to his siblings who stood around the readouts on the centre of the room.

Vetarion - Now what do we have here?
Kragh - Here we have glory! All for ourselves! I cannot wait to fight!
Yarda - Planetary-scale manufacturing, troop production and a shipyard. Claiming this place in the name of the Dominion will be a fine blow to the Society.
Vetarion - What should be our first target?
Kragh - Shipyard, keep the scum grounded once we blast their ships out of the very sky!
Yarda - Without any naval support we can turn or exterminate any aliens we see fit.
Vetarion - Sounds like a plan then. Hold on we have movement.

Vetarion was right. A Gruggysul defensive fleet approached the planet, as well as ships that werebeginning to rise up and join the defense fleet from the planet below. Kragh smiled as he felt himself ready for battle. It was clear the Society had amassed a very large fleet to confront the invaders.

Kragh - Now...this is what I call a challenge!
Vetarion - We can go planetside with armies to engage them.
Kragh - Heyar! That sounds like my kind of engagement!

Coming fro mthe opposing fleet was a communcation request. The heirs agreed to accept it and instead of seeing a Gruggysul, there was a larger creature with golden skin on the screen, surrounded by Igunik and Gruggysul.

Ungruggysul - Behold. You are communicating with a mighty overlord of the Society.
Yarda - <<what have we here, brothers>>
Kragh - <<Whatever it is, it's big>>
Vetarion - <<I still think it can be put in its place like the worms it surrounds itself with.>> You gaze upon the heirs of Kordan Rex. God king of the Draconizane Dominion and herald of the true god.
Ungruggysul - I gaze upon the vermin spawn of an ignorant fool. I know of you, Prince of Worms.
Vetarion - Then you know of our reputation.
Ungruggysul - I am known as the Druid, supreme overlord of the Paradise Fleet in this sector. Your race has put up quite a fight, converting our technology.
Yarda - And we shall continue until your pathetic excuse for a domain has been wiped from existence.
Vetarion - You deny the will of Zr'An'Kar, scum?
Druid - I believe not in gods. They are the product of hope beyond defeat at our hands. In our Society, we are the gods.

A smiel spread on Vetarion's face as he looked ot his siblings.

Yarda - You will break just as your soldiers and your ships have done before you.
Druid - On the contrary, I doubt you could even leave a scratch upon my body. Even now, your ears are so sullied, you cannot even comprehend my words of purity.
Kragh - You talk too much!
Vetarion - is that a challenge, alien?
Druid - It is no challenge. It is a guarantee. Paradise Fleet, launch purification upon these scum.

The screen was abruptly shut off as the siblings looked at each other.

Vetarion - I say we take up his little boast. Imagine the morale blow if we broadcast a picture of his severed head across this sector?
Kragh - Ha! I say we stick his body upon a pike, and leave it up high so that the entire world can see!
Vetarion - I have an idea: What if we split our forces. One goes for the command centre for the orbital defences, one goes for him and one battles the resistance?
Yarda - He was not like the other Gruggysul. This 'Druid' felt powerful.
Kragh - I shall face this "Druid"! But brother, you reacted a little to his taunt. "Prince of Worms" I believe he said.
Vetarion - I was apparently given that title back when I had to defend the home system from the Gruggysul.
Kragh - Ha! A fitting title, little brother, seeing as you don't compare to my strength! You are but a worm, and that is why I shall kill this creature!
Vetarion - Well if you gave me the chance in battle maybe I could grow as strong as you.
Kragh - I thought you would've learned from your friends in the barracks!

Kragh chuckled to himself and folded his arm with confidence. Upon hearing this, Vetarion's face dropped into a scowl and he paced up to Kragh.

Vetarion - And what is that supposed ot mean?
Kragh - Don't act like such a fool! You share your presence with that of lowly soldiers!
Vetarion - At least they won't smack me with a tree branch on purpose!
Yarda - Enough. Kragh, you may as well be the one to kill this creature since you have the most passion for it.

Kragh's eyes flared and he grunted angrily.

Kragh - HMPH! I shall kill this 'Druid'! His skeleton shall be hung from a spike!
Yarda - Vetarion and I will attack the orbital command bunker. I'll take good care of him while our ships tear these scum apart.

Hearing this, Vetarion puted and folded his arms, looknig to his side.

Vetarion - I don't need my sister protecting me! Kragh - Hmph, I wouldn't worry Yarda. He'd much prefer the company of our men!
Yarda - Very well. If yo're so keen Ventarion, then I will assault the planet's central operations.
Vetarion - He called me Prince of Worms. I may as well tear his spine out for it.
Kragh - While you shall be titled 'Prince of Worms', I shall be crowned "Godslayer"!
Vetarion - More reasons why I should kill him.
Kragh - Brother, I doubt you'd even have a chance in your normal form!

Yarda felt desperate. Kragh then heard her vocie inside his head.

Yarda - <<Perhaps we should let him while you go for central command. Look at it this way: You have an entire city to fight in.>>
Kragh - <<Fine, but if anything goes wrong, then I will not hesitate to sort it out>>

Kragh grunted and slammed his foot down, denting the metal floor somewhat. Yarda then smiled and turnedslowly to Vetarion who was still pouting.

Yarda - On second thoughts Vetarion, Why not show the creature how wrong he is?

Vetarion's face lit up as he heard this. He suddenly became very exited.

Yarda - Excellent. We should get ready.
Kragh - Let me grab my blade. I am sure those aliens would love to meet Anarchy.

Brutal Assault[]

Yarda teleported to the ground. She stood holding her greataxe horizontally and glared with a sinister smile towards the objective; A hardened bunker and between her and this bunker were several rings of trenches. She walked towards the wall of the bunker. Electricity sparked between the fingers of her left hand and she threw a few arcs at Gruggysul and Igunik troops. Amidst the carnage, an Igunik commander holding a massive hammer watched as his squads ran towards Yarda. Soldiers fired at her only to see the shots bouncing off her armour and scales.

Yarda - Join me or step aside, it is your choice!
Igunik - Braah! Tustus shan't join your vermin side! I rather die!
Yarda - Very well.

More soldiers approached. She threw her left hand towards the right and several Igunik soldiers found themselves flying in that direction. Several Dominion soldiers were then teleported in behind her, guns ready and firing to give her support. Another few Igunik charged at her. Readying her weapon she twirled her battleaxe and, pulling them towards her she sliced them at the waist and cut each of them all in half with a mighty swing. Tustus readied his hammer and ran towards yarda ready to swing it.

Tustus - I am bullet proof!

As he swung it she seemed oddly passive. As it cam down she grabbed the head and swiftly crushed it in her palm. Tustus retaliated with a headbutt however the she cackled as the impact on her crest made it felt like he had collided with a wall of solid rock. She then wung ehr axe and vut him in the side.

Tustus - Argh! How dare you?!

Tustus roared into her face and sent some spittle and food leftovers onto her crest. Once he had finished, Yarda looked at him with disgust and with a thrust of her palm she pushed him flying into the bunker wall before leaping towards him herself. He watched as she leaped towards him and roared out in anger, clenching his fists in an attempt to stand back up but as she came down she landed directly on top of him and punched him repeatedly in the head. Tustus was weakened as he tried to throw her off but it was no good, the impacts slowly dragged him towards unconsciousness. After that flurry she grabbed him by the throat and used him as a battering ram to break through the bunker wall. She roared with ferocity as she repreatedly smashed though the wall. When she finalyl borke through she jumped down inside and approached the bunker's staff. Domnion troops covered her flank and took positions to defend the vicinity. Inside, Gruggysul and other aliens looked to them and laid down their weapons in fear of dying. She looked at the surrendering aliens with a smile.

Yarda - Good aliens. I want the targeting parameters for the orbital defences changed. I think you all know what will happen if you do not comply.

An alien nodded timidly and he began to type in commands on a console.The orbital defences were changed to suit the Dominion's need in the sky. In orbit, guns were now firing at the Society's fleet much to their surprise. When Yarda was satisfied she closed her eyes, whispers emerged in the heads of the aliens. Coercing them into believing that the Dominion was the superior side. A few Dominion soldiers emerged through the hole to inspect the prisoners as the aliens chattered amongst themselves and eventually had looks of shame upon their faces.

Yarda - You know it is the right choice. Those who accept the truth... kneel.

A majority of the aliens, mainly Igunik, kneel down in fear, though several Gruggysul picked up their weapons and fired back, picking off oen or two domiion soldiers. he assault group retaliated while Yarda stepped rather aggresively towards them and threws them aginst the wall with a wave of ehr hand. She slammed each one repeatedly against the walls until they died of brokan bones, detroyed organs and lsot blood, covering the walls in gore. One of the soldiers whispered quietly to another.

Soldier - Damn, she sure is brutal.
Soldier 2 - How do you think she's gained so much respect?
Yarda - That is the fate of traitors, rebels alike. Obey our laws, respect the Draconizane and rewards await you.
Igunik Raider - A-Affirmative, miss! W-We belong to the Dominion now!
Yarda - Then all of you rise and prepare to defend this location with your lives!

The surviving aliens stood and picked up their weapons. They nod to each other, now serving Yarda's needs. She walked past the solders and muttered to them.

Yarda - Treat them with respect, but if any so much as think of turning theri weapons against you.... subdue them.
Soldier - Y-Yes, ma'am!
Soldier 2 - Don't mind him, he's still new.

The first was still somewhat intimidated and blushed as he nodded. Yarda walked to somewhere where she was on her own and closed her eyes, sending a telepathic message to ehr brothers.

Yarda - <<The Command centre has been taken care of, and many of them have agreed to serve us.>>

Anarchy and Carnage[]

Kragh approached the city, his massive blade still in its scabbard, decorated with sharp and violent patterns to represent Kragh's own vicious nature. As he walked, thousands of gunshots were fired in his direction. He paid no attention, the shots either missed or didn't effect him. He simply smiled and walked, his sharp, knife-like teeth showing.

Soldier - Fire again! Hold the line!

Kragh began to laugh as they continued to foolishly fire at him. He was the oldest brother of the trio, and probably the most nefarious and violent, having bullied Vetarion in his youth and was obviously the more violent and aggressive out of him and Yarda. It was as if Kragh was the incarnation of Kordan's own internal anger and aggression. Soon, he began to run.

Kragh - Worthless scum!

Clenching his fist, veins began to pump with his divine blood all across his body and arms. He lifted his clenched hand and then slammed it into the ground, unleashing a powerful shockwave which threw back the soldiers firing at him, as well as toppling several buildings. Kragh's aura began to become visible, a fiery red and yellow colour. Kragh was now behind the barriers.

Soldier - Focus all fire on him! Soldier 2 - Kill him, quickly!

Many more soldiers prepared to fight, entire squads of Igunik warriors and soldiers charging at Kragh. With soldiers beginning to charge him, Kragh slowly drew his sword, the fine blade known as Anarchy. It was a massive longsword, the red blade carrying black enscriptions. Along the blade were words written in the language of the Draconizane; Murder, Carnage, Aggression, Wrath, Anger and Bloodlust. Kragh's decorated, massive blade was now fully drawn and Kragh began to chuckle. His hand clenched around the hilt, which was covered in small spikes, and he swung his muscular arm. The violent aura emanating from the sword sent Igunik flying backwards and buildings were sliced in half from the force of the swing. Kragh's chuckle got louder as he prepared for another swing.

Kragh - Behold, pathetic mortals! The Seven Aspects of Violence, decorated upon my blade of Anarchy! You shall all fall and dare not stand before the might of a demigod such as myself! You should feel honoured I even considered using my very blade on you worthless creatures!

With those words, he swung his blade properly. Thousands of soldiers and vehicles, along with hundreds of buildings, were completely devastated in the resulting swing. Soldiers were eviscerated, the mere aura of the sword burning them to a crisp. Vehicles melted, ships were knocked out of the sky, the structures of the buildings exploded. The mere slash brought death and destruction across the entire city. The black enscriptions began to glow a fiery, molten gold, burning brightly in the darkness. The entire city was at his feet.

He moved onward, towards a mobilized unit. Tanks equipped with energy weaponry fired at the demigod, although he merely side-stepped and charged. He grabbed ahold of one of the tanks and with little effort, used it as a bat, swinging away other tanks, vehicles and soldiers before throwing the vehicle away as if it was a mere toy. Kragh's expression turned from enjoyment into a more crazed, bloodthirsty look, his eyes flaring up like a raging fire. He had lost himself, indulged in the thrill of combat. His own bodily aura melted and cracked the ground as he laughed louder and louder, before unleashing a fierce roar into the sky.

Kragh - Mere mortals shall look upon me as a Godslayer! A demigod of Zr'An'Kar, a God of War in my own right! None shall challenge my ferocity, my power! I am the strongest of all demigods, second only Zr'An'Kar himself! Blood boils in my mere presence, my enemies are eviscerated by my aura! NONE SHALL STAND BEFORE ME!

Heated blood began to rise into the air and become absorbed by Anarchy, through its burning enscriptions. Blood was being devoured by the sword as Kragh became increasingly violent. His mere image burned into the minds of enemy Igunik soldiers, who dared not stand against him. They laid down their weapons and fled. However, Kragh was not so merciful as to allow them the shame of fleeing. He swung his sword in a full circle, eliminating the entire city and transforming the enemy into nothing but blood and burning gore. A message from Yarda came through on his communicator, but he was too caught up in his own carnage that he wouldn't listen.

The Worm and the Druid[]

In the bowels of the Druid's ship a squad of Gruggysul troopers were casually guarding a room. They could hear the thumping of impacts outside but felt certain the Draconizane could be beaten back.

The calm was abruptly broken when a cloud of black energy rose up from the floor and twisted laughter could be heard. Forming from the cloud was VVetarion armed with a rather twsted-looking scythe. Black glyphs and grim engravings marked the flats and the black shaft was host to numerous knots. As the Gruggysul and Igunik soldiers fired at him he stepped forward, the shots bouncing off him as he swung his scythe and sliced several soldiers at the knees.

As they fired they were flung against the walls.

Vetarion - Is that ii?
Igunik - He is bullet proof! We must sink our knives into his flesh!

Before they could react, Vetarion raised his hand with a slgiht chuckle and arcs of electricity surged down the corridor fro mhis fingertips. The soldiers collapsed, smoking and twitching as Vetarion gracefully stepped over their bodies and down the corridor.

Vetarion - Oh Kragh, if only you could see me.

He continued his way up the ship and left a trail of corpses in his wake, each of his victims scarred by the inventive ways he killed their comrades-in-arms. His journey took him through a mess hall. All through his journey he could hear a vocie talking to him.

Druid - Do you enjoy this bloodshed, Prince of Worms? Do you not fight for honour or glory, as your pathetic excuse of a race would?
Vetarion - Oh I fight for glory, but I also do not see why I cannot enjoy myself at the same time.
Druid - You seem to be having fun, slaughtering my men. It seems as if this massacre is your way of making a red carpet.

Within the mess hall, black energy leaked fro mhis body and crept across the floor, slowly filled the lower part of the room. The inhabitants choked on the energies that sourrounded them and they could feel their legs burning. By now however vetarion was nowhere to be seen. The crew attempted to leave the room, but the thick fog and the burning and choking sensations made it difficult. As they found the doors locked, one by one each of them vanished beneath the fog with interrupted screams.

Underneath the smoke Vetarion was half-materialising and dragging them down, killing them where they could not be seen

Vetarion - Nowehre to run. and nowhere to hide.
Druid - As is your way, Prince. You bury and hide yourself, and then attack from your dirt where nobody can find you.

Once the last of the crewmembers was killed, the fog was pulled back into his body to reveal the floor was covered in burned bodies. Vetarion licked his lips and smiled deviously.

Vetarion - One of the most prevalent fears mortals have is that which they cannot see.
Druid - I am no mortal.
Vetarion - Of course not, you claim yourself to be a god. But I shall break you.

Vetarion continued onward, carving a path of bodies as he reached the door to the Druid's bridge.

Druid - You are no threat to me. There is a reason why I am proclaimed a god.
Vetarion - Are you trying to tell em it wasn't your people's idea?
Druid - The Society is a collective of thoughts and imaginations. We live in this utopian state in harmony, and my kind have been accepted as the master race.
Vetarion - You mean you made yourselves the masters somehow.

Vetarion approached the blast door and palced his hand on it. By focusing the metal of the door heated towards melting point.

Druid - We formed the Society, we make it what it is. We work beyond your comprehension to have this Universe in peace. Your presence disrupts the Universe's way.
Vetarion - My people were given a destiny. I work with my brother, sister, people and father to achieve that.
Druid - Your destiny is in the ground, Prince of Worms.
Vetarion - Oh I am so feeling eager to tear your spine out.
Druid - Have at me.

Suddenly, the door was blown to pieces, and Vetarion was sent backwards, with a purple energy surrounding the debris. When he stood back up with a grunt he charged at the Druid. He teleported up to the Druid's vicnity and swung his scythe at the druid's neck, his target simply grabbed the scythe's rod, and swung Vetarion around in a circle, throwing him down the corridor. This second tiem he had a little difficulty standing up.

Vetarion - I don't think you can stand me being around you, can you?

He chuckled and threw an arc of lightining at the Druid. The two of them engaged in a battle between blasts of psychic energy and lightning as they slowly walked towards each other.

Druid - Is that what you think?
Vetarion - I do, you can't stand the smell of me.
Druid - I cannot even stand the sight of you. But nonetheless, you should feel honoured, to have even seen my presence, let alone fight me.

Vetarion drew his scythe and as another psychic blast headed towards him he teleported behind the druid and choked him with the shaft. In the struggle, a blast of psychic power threw Vetarion out of a window and towards the floor below. As he used his scythe to catch a ledge and lay quietly in the shadows. The Druid slammed the ground and stood up without harm. He turned to look upwards at Vetarion who jumped and tackled him to the floor.

Vetarion - I will burn you, alien, and your remains will be shamefully fed to my koda!

The druid grunted as he was knocked to the floor. Vetarion then felt the Druid's aura intensify as the Ungruggysul wrapped a large hand around Vetarion's throat. Stuggling to maintain dominance the Druid stood up and lifted Vetarion high into the air with the Draconizane prince digging his claws into his arms.

Druid - You have laid hands upon a god. I shall see that karma is swiftly delivered. Prince of Worms, return to the earth from which you came.

Vetarion could feel immense pressure inside his head ad the Druid focused his energies. The Druid then tensed his arm muscles and violently slammed Vetarion into the ground with the pressure still being applied. After a few seconds Vetarion's scales began to blacken and his body tore open in various places revealing luminous yellow scars.

Vetarion threw the Druid over his head and into a wall before standing up himself. Once he stood up the Druid turned to him and purple energies erupted from his muscles. Vetarion grew larger and walked towards the Druid. Clenching his fists, the Druid delivered a strong punc which knocked Vetarion back.

Vetarion - Let the gods do battle!
Druid - It is a shame I must resort to such primitive conflict, Prince of Wor--

The Druid was knocked back into the wall by a strong punch to the chest, but recovered by delivering a strong punch to the side of Vetarion's head, who retaliated by gruipping and burning the Druid. A blast of psychic energy hit Vetarion's crest powerful enough to cause an open wound. he felt it and growled audiably as the wound visibly closed up.

The Druid hit him again as Vetarion threw himself, impacting a wall Vetarino looked up to see the Druid approaching him slowly

Vetarion - No... Not possible.
Druid - And to think you could prove a challenge to I, a true god!
Vetarion - You stil believe?
Druid - It doesn't take a god to defeat you, Prince of Worms.
Vetarion - Many mortals tried... and failed.
Druid - As I said. I am no mortal.

The druid lifted his finger and a Vetarion felt a piercing pai nrush through his stomach. Playing on the Druid'sconfidence, Vetarion grabbed hi mfirmly by the leg and threw him upwards. vetarion staggered up and caught the druid by the throat as he fell and slammed the Druid into a wall.

Druid - Argh! What the...how did you recover?
Vetarion - I thought you could read my mind.
Druid - Your mind is clouded with vicious thoughts! Ugly, bloodthirsty!
Vetarion - Not all knowing I see.

Vetarion hit the Druid repeatedly with descention-empowered punches. The Druid opened his palms and sent piercing blasts of energy through Vetarion's sides, causing the latter to roar in pain and throw him to the ground. When he stood back up he growled and slammed both hands against Vetarion's chest and sent hi mflying into the far wall. The druid approached and lifted his finger towards Vetarion's crest.

Druid - Say goodbye, Prince of Worms.
??? - This is painful to watch!
Vetarion - Brother...
Kragh - Vetarion, what was it I said earlier? You should've let me handle with this pest!
Druid - And who are you?
Kragh - I am Prince Kragh, a child of Kordan Rex! But you may refer to me as Godslayer!

Using some of remaining power, Vetarion lifted his hand and pushed the Druid towards Kragh, who entered his Demon form and slammed the Ungruggysul into the ground. Kragh slammed down his massive sword, Anarchy, chopping the Ungruggysul in two halves, before reverting back to his normal state with ease. As Vetarion stood up he reverted to his normal form, alook of dissapointment on Kragh's face.

Vetarion - The scum was expecting me, I feel like an idiot.
Kragh - I was watching the whole time, Vetarion. You obviously need more control.
Vetarion - Urgh, I think he dislodged a few of my ribs.
Kragh - Be lucky I was here to save you!

Kragh grabbed the nearest pole, tore it from its fixings and slammed it through the Ungruggysul's neck, having the creature bleed to death.

Vetarion - I am, I also feel humiliated you're going to rub it in!
Kragh - Brother, you need to learn to control your Demon Form!
Vetarion - Then teach me how! You keep telling me I am a bad warrior but yo never do a thing about it! You, Yarda or father. I couldn't really care right now.

Vetarion slumped against the wall feeling miserable. kragh sighed and walked over to Vetarion, who looked up at the apprent sympathy his brother was about to give him only for the lok to turn to a scowl.

Kragh - You'd expect a son of Kordan Rex to know how!
Vetarion - That's it? No "Don't feel bad" or "you could have asked"? I hate you!
Kragh - Settle for hating me, little brother! I had faith in you that you could master it!

Vetarion had enough, he pushed past Kragh and teleported back to the ship. Kragh placed his sword back into its sheath and joined him.

Tension Among Siblings[]

Yarda was waiting on the ship andapproached Kragh when he got back. her face said it all - she was not happy.

Yarda - Mind telling me what you did this time? Vetarion was supposed to debrief me on his mission yet when he got back he pushed past me and headed to his quarters.
Kragh - Hmph, then I'll debrief you! Aliens either dead or captured, defensive fleet in this system defeated, and Vetarion almost had his brains blasted out of his skull!
Yarda - Let me guess, you saved his tail and then shouted at him?
Kragh - How did you know?

Yrda folded her arms and glared at him. They both walked and talked all the way inside a briefing room.

Yarda - He had his "Kragh called me useless" face again and one of the soldiers in the conquered capital informed me you had vanished after completing your objective.
Kragh - I was watching my brother get his tail handed to him by that creature from earlier, the Druid.
Yarda - He was interested in vetarion earlier. Damnation why did I choose to send him! I suppose you were right to want to destroy him yourself, ego aside.
Kragh - If you had sent me, he wouldn't be feeling like Shyrak and everything would've been easier!
Yarda - Sometimes It feels like I am playing babysitter with you two.
Kragh - He needs to learn to control his Demon Form, otherwise he won't last much longer.
Yarda - How did he react this time?
Kragh - He slumped against a wall and sobbed like a weakling! And then...he proceeded to tell me he hated me.
Yarda - If I recall the last time you said this he said "shut your snout about it before I consider hitting you with a car".
Kragh - Hehe, yeah, that was sort of funny. But today he could've died. He needs to learn! I don't hate him, I honestly don't!
Yarda - Then perhaps yuo should stop acting like a sleep-deprived Koda whenever he screws up.
Kragh - I act the way I do around him so that I can make him strong.
Yarda - By reminding him how badly he screwed up?
Kragh - So he can learn what he has done wrong!
Yarda - I'd say this is the... 210th time this decade you've told him he needs to control his demon form.
Kragh - Well, then how do I make him learn?!
Yarda - He has asked, right?
Kragh - ...He needs to learn!
Yarda - Well someone is going to have to teach him.
Kragh - Indeed. Good luck with that, Yarda.
Yarda - Me!? You're the one who keeps toelling him to learn.
Kragh - Grah, fine! Calm your tail!
Yarda - There's always father. You know how much he misses Vetarion and I when we are away.
Kragh - You think pipsqueak is worth father's time?

As they talked in the briefing rom. *one of the ship's crew walsk up to them and hands Yarda a datapad.

Lieutenant - The conquest of the planet is proceeding as planned mylady. Morale apparently crumbled when they learend their leader was dead.
Yarda - Thank you lieutenant.

Yarda looked up at Kragh after aknowledging the officer who nodded and continued on his way.

Yarda - I take it you two are still on bad terms.
Kragh - Father is a fossil! His way of thinking is old!
Yarda - You've told us all a thousand times. Father likes spending time with us when we return. Luckily with the advances being developed we might not have to spend so much time way from him as we used to.
Kragh - Hmph! Alright, fine. Oh and by the way...
Yarda - Yes?
Kragh - I got scared out there. For Vetarion.
Yarda - You don't have to act like an uncaring sod around your siblings.
Kragh - It's the only way I know!

Yarda sighed wearily, as if she understood the mafnitude of it all.

Yarda - Sometimes being as powerful as we are has its downsides.
Kragh - I never realized why Vetarion preferred being with the soldiers until now.
Yarda - They treat him a lot better than you do, maybe you could learn from them.
Kragh - Me? Learn from GRUNTS?!
Yarda - They're more than machines you know, they have lives, connections, that sort of thing. it might be good for you.
Kragh - I doubt it! Ugh, as soon as we get back to the palace, father can take the little whelp off my hands!
Yarda - We'll see. Now, if you will excuse me, someone I know needs some cheering up.
Kragh - Good luck with that. I hope he doesn't stay in denial too long.

Yarda rolled her eyes and walked away as Kragh headed in another direction. She headed to an elevator to the lower decks, looking at the field reports all the while as a soldier reluctantly walked up to her and joined her inside.

Soldier - Ahem...
Yarda - Soldier.
Soldier - I uh...I was dared by the fellow privates to say this, but, uhh...

Yarda looked down at him suspiciously.

Soldier - D...D-Do you d-desire a soldier?

hearing this, she exhaled rather aggressively which intimidated the soldier, causing him to back towards the elevator wall with his palms up level with his chest.

Soldier - W-Wasn't my idea! Yarda - I take it they think you have little chance.
Soldier - Y-Yeah...W-Wouldn't be far from the truth...
Yarda - You would be right. However I am in the mood for amusement, if you tell the dare participants that I would agree to it within the month I will grant you an extra week's shore leave.
Soldier - Y-You'd do that, m-ma'am?
Yarda - I have been talking with comamnder Kragh. I could do with something ot take my mind off him.
Soldier - Ahh...I see.

Yarda unclipped one of her diamond-studded earrings and held it in her hand.

Yarda - You can take this as proof if you like.
Soldier - S-Sure! Uhh t-thanks! M-Much appreciated, ma'am! I'll m-make sure to tell them!

Yarda handed him the diamond-studded earring with a sly wink. When her floor arrived she stepped out and walked towards Vetarion's room, leaving the soldier with his mouth open holding a diamond-studded earring in his hand.

Act 5 - When Gods Meet[]

The Fourth Child[]

The three siblings arrived in the main hall of the palace. Kordan had made this place their home for millenia. Adorning walls and plinths were various trophies that had been collected by Kordan throughout his life. Vetarion looked around in awe, every time he visited he was amazed at his father's collection.

Vetarion - Whenever I come back here I always wish I could have trophies like this one day...
Yarda - You might one day Brother. Of course, that all depends.

As they looked around, a Draconis submissively walked up to the group and coughed to grab their attention. When they looked at her she bowed submissively.

Servant - M-masters. His Highness would like to see you in the northern wing... he is very excited. Yarda - Excited? About what exactly? Servant - He asked that I not tell you, only that I brought you to him...

The servant nodded and led them up the stairs. When they reached the top of the first flight, Vetarion stopped to stare at a war glaive behind reinforced glass. This war glaive had been wielded by none other than Zagdala Breek, a legend in Zazane history and mythology. Kordan had kept it as one of his most prized trophies, for it marked the day he became more than a man.

Vetarion - Hey Kragh, do you remember the stories father used to tell us about the wielder of this weapon?
Kragh - A supposed god Zazane? Yeah, I remember.
Vetarion - Sometimes I dream of that day they fought. I just wish that could one day be me....
Kragh - Heh, I reckon it's all myth and that he got some craftsmith to carve it.
Vetarion - You don't believe the stories of how father became as powerful as he is?
Kragh - You believe father's powerful?
Vetarion - Well... yeah.
Yarda - Hey boys. I know we're immortal but this servant isn't and I don't think father wants to wait forever to see us.
Kragh - Fine! Probably more of father's bullshit.
Vetarion - Hehe, good thing this palace is large enough to fit you inside, what with your head.

Yarda chuckled as she followed the servant up the stairs. Hearing this, Kragh twitched and Vetarion straightened hsi back with a gulp.

Kragh - What did you say, weakling?!
Vetarion - Well... that you have a big head....?
Kragh - I have a big head?! Says the guy who couldn't even kill some psychic thing!
Vetarion - Says the guy Yarda told me couldn't entice a single female when a wager depended on it!
Kragh - Gaaah! You told him that?!
Yarda - You have to admit, it was funny. Plus he was curious as to where I suddenly got several thousand credits.

Vetarion shrugged cheekily and ran upstairs to catch up with Yarda. Kragh ran up to catch up with them.

Kragh - Gaah! Were you lying to me bout that time you said your earring fell down a drain?!
Yarda - Well.... That's a long story.
Kragh - Long story?! We have an entire eternity!
Vetarion - I remmeber overhearing one of the soldiers saying... You don't really... did you?
Yarda - What do you mean?
Vetarion - Well. I was in the mess hall the day after the attack on that Gruggysul shipyard. Apparently one of the legionaries came in posession of one of your earrings.
Kragh - YOU WHAT?!

Yarda suddenly blushed.

Kragh - Yarda, tell me, you did not have relations with a soldier! I'd expect it from Vetarion but not you!
Vetarion - The whole re-- wait what?
Yarda - It is not as bad as it sounds.
Kragh - I thought you were after the servant boy! Yarda, why must you tease so many?
Vetarion - Yarda loves a sol-dier!
Kragh - You're such a hypocrit, Vetarion.
Vetarion - How? I don't go that far.
Yarda - We never did anything, alright.
Kragh - Oh really Vetarion?

Kragh chuckled and looked back to Yarda.

Kragh - Come on, I'd rather not have the old man start moaning.
Yarda - He ambushed me in the lift, asked really nervously and I thought, for a few giggles, I'd make his regiment think he managed to do the impossible. It was easy to tell the poor git was hopeless with women.
Kragh - Vetarion loooves the nervous guys from what I have heard. Or do you prefer the bigger, tougher, more masculine sort, Vetarion?
Vetarion - Fuck off. At least I can attract a mate, unlike -someone-.
Vetarion - O-okay I went to far...

As they approached the door, the servant placed a finger to her lips, which indicated for them to keep quiet.

Kragh - Why should we be quiet? The old man fell asleep again?
Servant - Lord Kordan asked that you enter quietly...
Kragh - Hmph!

Kragh did not care. He opened the door and walked in, stopped in his tracks after a few steps and blinked a few times. Cradled in the arms of a Draconizane female was a newborn girl with amber scales. Kordan looked up to his other three children with a smile. The baby stirred a little and yawned quietly.

Kordan - Isn't she beautiful? I want the three of you to say hello to your new sister.
Yarda - She's adorable.
Kragh - I didn't think you, old man, would have it in you to produce more.

The mother smiled at Yarda who slowly approached, and looked sternly at kragh. Yarda was the first to approach. She neeled down and reached a hand out slowly. The newborn opened its eyes and squeaked upon sight of Yarda.

Yarda - Hello, I am Yarda.
Kragh - It probably doesn't understand you, Yarda.
Vetarion - So... I'm not the youngest anymore?

As she moed her hand close, Mithra creached otu a tiny hand and grasped one of Yarda's fingers. Kordan smiled.

Kragh - Urgh, this makes me sick...
Kordan - I hope you are a lot nicer to this one, Kragh. Go on, say hello.
Kragh - You want me to talk to it?
Kordan - She IS your new sister, you may as well.

Without another word, Kragh walked over to Mithra and slowly leaned in. Looking at him for a few seconds she began to sniffle and cry. Kordan comforted the baby by leaning in and stroking her arm with his finger.

Kordan - It's okay.... it's okay... Vetarion would you like to greet Mithra?

Kragh stood up and looked at the baby with a grunt.

Kragh - Hmph. I don't think she likes me.
Yarda - Maybe she smelt the blood still on your hands?
Kragh - I wouldn't know, I've never had to deal with a baby before.
Yarda - You have, remember? *points at Vetarion*

She pointed to Vetarion as he cautiously walked up to Mithra. He snapped back at Yarda

Kragh - Oh yeah, hehe. Oh how fun it was to practice skoggan (rugby) with his head.
Vetarion - Don't think I've forgotten the 'fun'. Why do you think I prefer to spend time away from you?
Kragh - Hehe, because you're scared that I'm gonna slam your head into the floor again.

Mithra looked to Vetarion and yawned, sticking out her tongue. Vetarion scoffed at Kragh's comments and turned around briefly to notice Mithra's tongue sticking out.

Vetarion - Did she just-- Did she just stick her tongue out at me?
Kragh - Oh she's definitely gonna use you for a scratching post.
Vetarion - ...She's not is she?
Kordan - Your brother is teasing. Again.
Kragh - Hehe, am I?
Mother - Do not worry about him, child. I'll make sure to lick your wounds clean like when you were little.

Kragh chuckled and laughed holding his sides. Vetarion stuck his tongue at Kragh and Yarda rolled her eyes.

Yarda - I don't know who's worse, you two or the hatchling.
Kragh - Well Yarda, least you ain't picking up MY shyrak from now on, are you? Yarda - I suppose. But at least with the hatchling it will only come out of the rear and not the mouth.
Kordan - Children, please.
Kragh - Hmph. I guess this is going to be a hell of a lot of fun, huh.

Krragh confidently folded arms and looked to Mithra as Vetarion reached out to tickle Mithra's stomach.

Vetarion - Heh, she's not that bad.

Mithra giggled and then pukes over his hand. Vetarion found this disgusting and waved his hand everywhere, some of the vomit flew onto Kragh's snout. He started shaking as rage built up inside him.

Kragh - You...did not...just...
Vetarion - I did not mean it I swear! I didn't see where it was going!
Kragh - YOU CAN'T HANDLE A LITTLE VOMIT, YOU SHYRAK EATING SCUM?! *begins to chase Vetarion*

Mithra giggled at the two of them, tail wagging a little. Vetarion was darting and weaving about the room as Kragh charged for him. Vetarion teleported to just in front of the door. He stuck his tongue out as Kragh's eyes glowed ferociously.

Kragh - Get back here you little shit!

Vetarion stuck his tongue out and teleported behind the door. He held it from the other side but Kragh was much stronger and forced down the door, Vetarion vanished again with a yelp.

Kragh - Get back here so I can use you for skoggan again!
Kordan - Kragh enough!

kragh turned to look back at Kordan and sighed. Accepting his father's wishes beggrudgingly, he wiped the vomit from his face with disgust.

Kordan - Now that you have all met your new sister, I have a gift for you all in the map room.
Kragh - A gift? Hmph, old man, you are becoming soft with age.
Kordan - You might like this one.

They all were taken to the map room. It was here that Kordan's idea for the five realms was unveliled - with the fifth being founded when Mithra would come of age, ready to take up her place by the side of the rest of her family.

My Lady Mithra[]

Mithra had a questionable chidlood. While she did grow up under the constant affections of her father she also had to deal with being picked on by her brothers. Vetarion, who was always picked on for being the youngest, was now releasing his frustration on her by pulling pranks and making her feel upset. Kragh saw her as weak and took every oppertunity to make her life miserable and make her feel week.

For 17 years she had to put up with it, lacking the agression her siblings had to lash out. The war however was drawing to a close. As she reached maturity the Dominion pressed home, one night she lay in her bed as the fleet travelled to what was presumably the Society's capital system. She found herself in a village she remembered from stories from her childhood. The village had gathered for a celebration of the harvest, everyone was in their finest gowns and were dancing happily. All was well until dark red clouds loomed over the village. Trees withered and when Mithra looked up she saw waht looked like Kragh, the size of a mountain and towering over everything.

She panicked and tried to shoo him, he looked down at her with a scowl. Raising his foot Mithra watched in horror as it slowly dropped down on her. Screams rang though the village as the foot came down and a mere second before Mithra was squashed flat her view was envoeloped in darkness.

Mithra's eyes shoot open and she panted heavily, sweating a little as she looked around, scared as she noticed nobody was around except for a few guards outside her room. The quiet hum of engines could be heard and as she woke up the lights in her room brightened gradually. She panted and she sat up, her wings opened and she sighed, placing a hand on her crest. The panting drew attention from the guards outside and there was a buzz on the communicator to her door.

Mithra - Huh? Oh...w-who is it?
Guard - Pardon. But we sensed distress in you as you woke up, my lady. Is everything alright?
Mithra - Oh...i-it's no trouble, j-just a bad dream...w-where's daddy?
Guard - He is in his personal quarters, my lady.
Mithra - G-Good...errm, c-can we go there?
Guard - If you insist, we may escort you.
Mithra - Don't worry...I-I'm his d-daughter, he'll l-let me in...I hope.
Guard - We shall remain here until you aer ready.

Mithra was about to dress into her casual clothes, but she sighed and looked to the door. The guards waited patiently outside as the occasional crewman passed by the door.

Mithra - ...Pleeeease...
Guard - Do you really think she needs an escort? We both know she can handle herself... right?
Guard 2 - She's a daughter of Kordan Rex. Whatever she asks, she gets.

The guards whsipered to each other, Mithra hung around the door while holding some clothing.

Mithra - ....pleeeaaase...
Guard - You hear that?
Guard 2 - I'm not going in there

One of the guards sighed and activated the intercom.

Guard - Yes, my lady?
Mithra - C-Could you please escort me...? I'm in my n-night wear...

The guard shrugged and opened the door to her. He saluted her once it opened.

Guard - On your word my lady.

Mithra smiled a little and looked down wth modesty. The other guard peered isnide and whsipered to his parner.

Guard 2 - Psst, why not hold her hand for her?
Mithra - W-What was t-that...sir?
Guard 2 - Uhh... Nothing.. nothing, my lady.
Mithra - Oh, okay...

She smiled at the other guard and walked slowly behind him as they travelled through the ship.

As they passed through several corridors, Vetarion was coming down in the oppopsite direction. He smiled whe nhe saw Mithra with her gaurds.

Mithra - Oh, uhh, h-hey V-Vet.
Vetarion - Hey sis, I thought you retired for the night. Does my baby sister still need an escort to get a glass of warm milk?
Mithra - I-I was g-going to see f-father...
Vetarion - Oh right *chuckles* still scared of that monster under your bed?
Mithra - I-I didn't k-know it was a b-baby K-Koda at the time...
Vetarion - Still had you scared though. Heh, worth it.
Guard - My lord, may Lady Mithra and I continue?
Vetarion - Pfft, whatever. See you around baby sis.
Mithra - N-Night, Vet.

Mithra looked down with a sigh as she continued walking. Vetarion chuckled to himself and walked away.

They eventually reached Kordan's quarters.he was reading to himself when Mithra quietly knocked on his door.

Mithra - H-Hello...?
Kordan - Enter.

As the door opened, Mithra rushed through the door and ran over to Kordan, quickly sitting by his side and hugging his leg. Kordan reciprocated by curling his arm around her.

Mithra - Daddy!
Kordan - It is always wonderful to see you, sweet Mithra.

Kordan noticed that as Mithra looked up at him, there were tears iin her eyes.

Mithra - Daddy! I'm so glad you're still awake!
Kordan - What is it? What is wrong?
Mithra - I-I...k-kinda had a n-nightmare...
Kordan - It is alright Mithra, I am here. You have nothing ot fear. It was just a dream.
Mithra - Father...w-where are we g-going again?
Kordan - To one of the fianl strongholds of the Ungruggysul, where they will pay the price for defying and disrepsecting us.
Mithra - Y-You mean the one t-that scarred V-Vetarion...?
Kordan - There are others like him. We shall find them and pay them in kind.
Mithra - N-Nothing to be w-worried about then.
Kordan - No. Your brother has come a long way since those days, we will succeed.
Mithra - W-What if w-we don't?
Kordan - That is unlikely. We all carry a gift within us, for millennia we have prepared for this day and I have faith in our soldiers, but most of all in you.
Mithra - B-But...e-everyone is m-more powerful than m-me...
Kordan - You are young, Mithra, and your siblings have spent millennia mastering their powers. Do not let their power make you feel inferior. Being my children, you are each capable of incredble power. I hope that one day you realise what burns inside of you.

Kordan gently stroked Mithra's head.

Kordan - I hope you never forget this...
Mithra - I won't daddy! Your words mean so much!
Kordan - I'm glad. Feeling better?
Mithra - Y-Yeah...I g-guess so...
Kordan - Would you like to stay with me for a little while?
Mithra - Y-Yeah...t-that'd be g-great, d-daddy.

Mithra stayed with Kordan for a few hours before taking her back to herown bed. She felt more comfortable after their talks, she always loved sepnding time with her father. But there was still that sense of what lies ahead.

A God of Gods[]

A few days later, everyone gathered in the ship's war room. Vetarion walked in and felt satisfied with himself however Kragh scowled at him as he approached a central table.

Kragh - Vetarion! Why are you so late?
Vetarion - I'm only three minutes late, why the rush?
Kragh - We're about to engage in the largest alien fleet in our entire history, and you're three minutes late!
Vetarion - Get off my tail alright! I apologise for delaying the oppertunity for you to pull someone's jaw apart.
Kragh - I'll tear YOUR jaw apart in a minute if you don't keep your trap shut!
Yarda - Kragh, maybe you should give Vet a break. The last thing wer need is infighting between siblings.
Kragh - Hmph. Vetarion, sit down. You also deserve a chance at history. Barely.
Kordan - Children, please. Apparently we are recieving a transmission.

Upon accepting the transmission, a holo-screen displayed the Society's symbol. Along with this there was a rather ominous sound playing through the transmission. Another voice could be heard in the tranmission, sounding somewhat ominous.

Vetarion - And I thought I liked to show off...
Voice - Do you hear that sound, dirt-dwellers?
Vetarion - It's going to be replaced with you screaming in agony.
Voice - That is sound of a true godly presence. He speaks in a language only the divine can understand!
Kordan - Show yourself, worm.
Voice - You do not deserve to glare at our mighty presence with your filthy, sullied eyes.
Kordan - For the past millenia your 'gods' have been ground into the dirt they rose from by me and my kind.
Vetarion - I hear only cowards who dare not show their faces to their slayers.
Voice - Those Ungruggysul were over-confident, they displayed much similarities with you mortals. But we are the true ones, ones with the entire Universe. Enlightened, empowered beyond your curses.
Kordan - Then you hear it on the solar wind. We are coming, and we will shatter the heavens with your deaths.
Voice - Death. We are beyond that very concept, we are beyond even life. We are...perfect beings.
Kordan - I am eager to test such an idea.
Voice - You sense it. You can sense a small fraction of His might, the aura of this planet.
Yarda - 'His' might?
Vetarion - Are you saying there is an overgod among you people?
Voice - Overgod...of my people? Incorrect.
Vetarion - Then what is 'He'?
Voice - You cannot comprehend, so I shall explain. He is Everything. All the stars, the planets, the very fabric of the Universe! He constructs everything to His will, as well as destroys! He governs the very laws of physics, and he rules over all the mortals within this plane of existence.
Yarda - Isn't that Zr'An'Kar?

The other siblings chuckled over Yarda's remark however from the tone of it, the voice was unimpressed.

Voice - I care not for your False Deity. We work towards complete peace within this Universe...for He demands it!
Kordan - I would very much like to meet with this 'being', and show him that he needs some better ideas ot deal with resistance.
Voice - Communicate with the Universe? Young one, you shall not even reach this planet.
Kordan - We shall see about that. End transmission.

As the transmission closed, they could still hear the ominous sound, and the voice continued, spooking the others somewhat. Vetarion looked around in a hope to find the source of it.

Voice - Blinded by arrogance. Blinded by achievements meaningless! I am half-way through the process of becoming truly enlightened. I am beyond Ungruggysul, I am beyond even the godraces!
Kragh - Graah! He is starting to piss me off!
Vetarion - Okay I am starting ot get worried we might need more help...
Kordan - We shall see. Whatever comes, we must be ready.
Voice - Let me reveal a truth. The sensation you are feeling as you approach...it is the sensation of not feeling His almighty power for the first time. As you get closer to this very planet...his power becomes even beyond your cursed senses, thus you cannot comprehend.
Kragh - Hmph, I do feel a little strange...Maybe something I ate.
Kordan - He cannot be speaking the truth. Kordan - But... is this how you discovered my people?
Vetarion - Father I don't feel so great myself.
Voice - He tells us everything, as he is everything. Since you evolved far away from this planet, you were birthed into his mighty aura, his mighty energy. But now...now that you are nearly at the core, you can no longer feel it. You will begin to feel...empty.
Kordan - This feeling... it could easily be your psychics trying to make us feel drained. You are playing upon what we know about, I challenge your supreme power and if he really is as you say, then I would not be so eager to challenge your leaders in battle.
Voice - Even now, you speak against...no, you DENY His power?
Kordan - Urghn, are you surprised?
Voice - Your cursed power, you can feel it waining. You, the most powerful of your kind...reduced to aching in agony as you speak words of heresy.
Kordan - You all fear our power. I just know it...
Yarda - We will end you, your delusion... it cannot save you.
Voice - Your sciences and technologies shall be reduced to nothing. Your religion and culture, erased, never to be taught again. Forget your promises of progress and power. You disgust us with your vile energies, you disgust even Him! Because of you, the stars scream for your end, and the very planetary essences ring with the sound of cheering as you approach your final destination.
Vetarion - One question: If he's so all-powerful and all-knowing, why didn't he just erase us sooner? You make it sound like reality could be reformed with but a thought from Him. If so, why is it that He let us kill trillions over the course of millennia. Why not wipe us from existence from the beginning and spare the suffering?
Voice - Because He believed you shall contribute to his Universe. Instead, he entrusted us to rid it of your selfish presence. Because of you, our Universe...His Universe, is nothing but a savage plane of blood and slaughter!
Vetarion - So you're saying that an all-knowing being didn't have a suitable backup for if we refused your offer? Because as far as extermination parties go, your guys have been pretty terrible.
Voice - No, this was part of His very plan. To bring the leader, the father of your kind before us, to be disgraced in the eyes of all of his people!
Kragh - Bah! You think that father is the strongest of our kind?
Yarda - Well... Seeing as how he holds the strongest energies out of all of us I would think so.
Vetarion - Sacrificing an entire empire to disgrace one leader sounds like a pretty shyrak-ridden plan to me.
Voice - All those who joined our cause are now one with our Universe. It is His will. Thanks to you, the many trillions of sacrifices have ascended beyond you. But when you die...you shall not be enlightened. Your essences shall be obliterated.
Kordan - Is that what he told you? Hrmph. We shall see.
Voice - No, you shan't. Do you not notice the draining of your senses. First, your touch. And then, you smell, and then your taste. Soon, your eyes and hearing. That is the side effect of not being with our cause. You are not immune to being without comprehension.
Kordan - I have stared Zr'An'Kar in the face without ill-effect! Your master shall be little-different.

The voice soon ceased, however they could still hear the ominous, continuous sound*. Kordan's eyes were fileld with fear and he rushed out of the room and ran down the hallways, leaving his children to wonder.

The face of Emptyness[]

WHen Kordan arrived the the door he could hear Mithra whimpering and crying He bannged worriedly on the door but Mithra did not answer, too engulfed in her sorrow to respond. He teleported past the door to see Mithra laying on the floor in the corner of the room. Her boy was almost lifeless as she cried and pukes up various bodily substances from her mouth, her eyes appeared as empty, bloodied sockets, while he ears looked to have exploded.

Kordan - Please Mithra... Please don't go... stay with me...

Mithra did not reply, simply convulsing as she laid covered in her own substances. However, she then uttered a few words quietly, forcing Kordan to lean in to hear her, black tears streamed form his eyes as he closed in.

Mithra - Zr'An'Kar...has abandoned us...

As she said this, her head twitched and twist ed around in a 360 circle, slowly as the bones in her neck broke and shattered. She opened her mouth once her head finished rotating to reveal nothing but emptyness. Kordan's eyes flared red but as they did the emptiness shot outwards and engulfed Kordan as he could not even feel his body obliterate, losing all his senses before it even struck him. However, Kordan's vision suddenly changed. Regaining composure he saw Mithra asleep in her bed, stirring a little. Tears still streamed from Kordan's eyes. he called ehr name and she yawmed and rolled over. She was still asleep and in her arm was a stuffed toy Koda.

Kordan stood up and slowly waked towards her he rested his hand on her shoulder and called her name out again, quietly. Mithra's eyes fluttered open slowly and she yawned again, before she before looked to her father. When she looked at Kordan she tilted her head.

Mithra - Hmm? Daddy? Why are you crying? H-Have I done something wrong?

Kordan exhaled with relief and suddenly hugged her tightly, not realising that Mithra had trouble breathing within his grip.

Kordan - I-I am so glad you are s-safe...
Mithra - Eeek! D-Daddy, I a-appreciate the l-love..b-but y-you're kinda h-hurting my spine.
Kordan - I'm sorry... I thought they h-had done something horrible to you...
Mithra - Hmm? T-They? W-Why would the guards do things to me?
Kordan - Not the guards... something else.
Mithra - Ooh? D-Daddy, I feel strange...
Kordan - It's okay, I am here.

Suddenly, they both heard a laugh coming from the other room - it was Kragh, laughing hysterically. All communication channels turned to static as they approached the Society fleet.

Kragh - Haha! Kragh can't feel soldiers anymore!
Kordan - These Gruggysul, they're doing something to us.
Kordan - I don't want ot lose you.
Mithra - 'B-But dad...you aren't g-going to l-lose me. I'm r-right here.
Kordan - What is saw them do... it was horrible.
Mithra - Huh...? What did they do, daddy? D-Daddy...? What's wrong?

Kordan hugged more tightly out of fear.

Kordan - They used... they wanted to scare me.
Mithra - Hmm? T-They? Y-You mean the bad people?
Kordan - Yes... They tricked me into thinking you were in pain.
Mithra - Pain...l-like, when K-Kragh or Vetarion pushes me?
Kordan - W-worse... I don't want you to be afraid...
Mithra - D-Daddy, w-why are you so s-scared? I-I haven't s-seen you scared b-before...
Kordan - I was afraid you were dying. They made me think you were on the brink of death.
Mithra - D-Dying...But I c-cannot die...c-can I?
Kordan - Not by mortals, no.
Mithra - T-Then...i-is it true what they s-say...? T-That they really ARE g-gods?
Kordan - I do not believe that, not entirely. But there is something else on their homeworld...
Mithra - S-Something else?
Kordan - I cannot explain, but there might be a great power hidden amongst them.
Mithra - G-Great power? B-But I can't feel a-anything...c-can you?
Kordan - That is what has me worried. We all feel strange, Mithra. This is not natural.
Mithra - Then...s-should we r-retreat?

Kordan released his grip slightly and looked at her with a smile.

Kordan - No, we have come too far to retreat.
Mithra - W-What if we do die...? We w-would be like those Z-Zazane...We tried to i-invade their w-world and were k-killed...
Kordan - If we are to die, then retreat may be our only option. If that is the case I will do everything I can to protect you and your siblings. Should I fall, I entrust you all with ruling the dominion. Either we all die on that world, or I do my best to save you and your siblings.

The ominous sound returned, heard by all ears within the Dominion fleet. It called for no mercy and an Ungruggysul fleet arrived and opened fire on the Draconizane.

Kordan - Captain, we need a status report, now! Captain report! Damn it, those scum must be blocking comms. I have an idea. <<Mithra, can you hear me this way?>>
Mithra - <<Yes, daddy. I'm worried.>>
Kordan - <<This is good. it means we are not completely in the dark>>

Disorganised, the ships took a beating from the Ungruggsul fleet, some of the Dominion's ships were destroyed i nthe ensuing firefight.

Kordan - <<All Taskmasters who can hear me. Assume key logistical locations aboard all ships, captains and officers are to use them as conduits for all ship-to-ship and officer-to-officer communication>>
Mithra - <<Daddy...a-are we going to win...?>>
Kordan - <<We will Mithra, for we are Zr'An'Kar's chosen.>>

We Shall have Retribution[]

After a period where the ships were disorganised, the capital ships fired a volley at the Gruggysul fleet. Amid the chaos the fleet reorganised.

Taskmaster - <<This is Taskmaster Bahrol, reporting to Lord Kordan Rex!>>
Kordan - <<Have any other taskmasters join you. We have to compensate for the lack of electronic communication>>
Bahrol - <<Already accomplished sir! I am the highest commanding Taskmaster at present!>>
Kordan - <<Yarda, Kragh, Vetarion, the enemy must be crippled>>
Kragh - Whoa, I can hear voices!
Mithra - <<That moron...>>
Kordan - <<Kragh! You are not delusional>>
Kragh - Seriously, Yarda, Vetarion, I think I can hear the old man in my head!
Vetarion - I hear him too, genius!
Bahrol - <<The Dominion fleet is operating on a standard level at the moment, but the Society fleet is operating at peak performance, we've already lost several ships>>
Kordan - <<We need to even the odds. I have been away from the heart of battle for a long time.>>
Mithra - <<Daddy, no! Those Ungruggysul...they are strong! And that planet...!>>
Kordan - <<Taskmaster, I shall personally tear their admiral's spine apart. Have a taskmaster escort join me inside their flagship. Any fire on that target is to keep it busy.>>
Bahrol - <<Affirmative, Lo-- Oh, it seems I am no longer the highest ranking officer anymore.>>

Kordan kneeled to Mithra and rested his hands on her sholders. meanwhile another taskmaster made himself known - Lord Taskamster Indricas, the head of the organisation.

Kordan Stay strong for me. But I have to do something.

Taskmaster - <<This is Indricas, Lord Taskmaster, commanding officer of all Taskmaster forces within our territory. It's been a long time, Kordan.>>
Kordan - <<Excellent. I plan to send a boarding party aboard the enemy flagship. What wouldI be expecting?'>>
Indricas - <<You would probably be expecting a majority of Ungruggysul crew of high rank and power. I assume you would mean the largest flagship of the fleet, yes?>>
Mithra - <<I-Indricas!>>

Mithra she smiled brightly and her eyes seemed to shine as he spoke.

Kordan - <<Yes. if there are large numbers of Ungruggysul then in my state I will need some considerable power>>
Indricas - <<Heh, perhaps you should take Kragh and Yarda along with you, in that case! Been a while since I have seen the family, as well. There would be no better time!>>

Kragh's voice echoed across the ship. Either fro mdelusion or ignorance, he thought he was going crazy from hearing voices.

Kordan - <<'Indeed. We can leave Vetarion and your subordinate in charge of the fleets while we deal with the scum.>>
Indricas - <<Kordan...I remember words my great grandfather passed down to me. He said he was close to you while on your journey across the worlds...He said you were a fantastic man.>>
Kordan - <<I remember him. Your grandfather was a dutiful man, he served the dominion withe pride.>>
Indricas - <<Nothing makes me feel more honoured than fighting by your side, Kordan. It makes me feel as if I am following in my grandfather's footsteps.>>

Kordan teleported into Kragh's room and forced him against a wall.

Kragh - Graah! Old man! L-Let go of me! Kordan - Are you done beling delusional? Kragh - I swear, I was hearing voices! And I heard you damn voice too, old man! Kordan - You were hearing voices, communicating to you within your own skull!

Kordan let go of Kragh and stepped back.

Kordan - Prepare your weapons, we have gods to slay.
Kragh - Huh...Hehe, old man, it's just like those old days. YARDA! GET YOUR WHORE ASS OUT HERE NOW!

Yarda walked out of her room fully dressed and armed to take on an army.

Yarda - Are you done blowing ear drums, dear brother?
Indricas - <<Yarda, Kragh, how you two have grown. Do you remember dear old Indricas?>>
Yarda - <<I remember something about an aspiring Taskmaster.>>
Indricas - <<Hehe, let's go make lunch. I hope you have your utensils ready.>>
Yarda - Knowing Kragh, he doesn't need them to be ready.
Indricas - <<In that case...we need to fetch the ingredients.>>
Kragh - I don't know who is talking in my head, BUT HE'S MAKING ME DAMN HUNGRY!
Kordan - I can take care of that.

House of the Seraphim[]

Kordan stretches out hs arms and in a flash, Kordan, Indricas, Kragh, Yarda and a unit of taskamasters teleported themselves into the belly of the flagship. Alerted by their sudden appearence, an army of Ungruggysul swarmed the group.

Ungruggysul - Heretics! Vermin!
Indricas - Taskmasters, I order you to kill on sight!
Taskmasters - Affirmative!
Kragh - I'm feeling hungry tonight!

Kordan drew his greatsowrd with a devious smile. Hoisting it up he raised his arm and an Ungruggysul found himself flying right into the blade. Everyone else drew their weapons in unison and fired and slashed at the enemy, cutting swathes into the Ungruggysul fireteams. Kragh's rage grew and he entered his demon form, using his mighty claws to tear Ungruggysulapart pairs at a time.

Kordan swung his balde to throw the ungruggysul off. The blood clung to the blade. As thr unes glowed with power the blood crawled towards each of them as he swung his weapon through their ranks. However for soem reason, none of them could fight at full strength. Each of them felt weak in some way. As Kordan forced a door open, Indricas approached him.

Indricas - Kordan, I guess you can feel it too...that strange feeling of emptiness as we get closer to the planet. Kordan - These creatures are insidious. Yet they think thay can stop us!

At that, the Voice returned

Voice - What do you hope to achieve? To defeat the source of the Society's fleet? To get a footing on the homeworld? In the end, it will all be futile.
Kordan - Your futile efforts to taunt only intensify my desire to destroy you all. And though my rage my strength grows!
Voice - Rage...You become blind to reason. Such power, such strength, all of it...is not even a speck compared to what I can achieve.
Kordan - You have little idea.
Voice - I need not even think about your power...

Suddenly, several members of the Taskmaster unit began to cry out in pain and spew out various body liquids; the scene suddenly became eerily similar to what Kordan saw earlier. Kordan's eyes flashed red and Indricas looked at the torment in utter horror. Sweat roleld down his face however Kragh continued to fight on, not caring what was happening around him.

Kordan - You try this on me again?
Indricas - What...is happening?
Kordan - It is a trick, it must be...
Indricas - Kordan...what is happening to my men...?
Kordan - I never fully told her but... I saw them do this to Mithra.
Indricas - What...My entire unit....gone in such a horrid way...
Kordan - We shall avenge them. We have to keep movin.
Voice - Now do you see...? With just a small thought, I have exposed your men to a small amount of the comprehension needed to sense my power...and this is the result.
Kordan - I will devour you for that!
Indricas - Bastard...horrid bastard! Who are you?!
Voice - I am beyond your 'titles' and 'names'. In fact, there is no true term for myself, for I am above your little terms. However, in your language...I am what you would call...a proto-deity.
Kordan - We will destroy you either way.

Breaking out of the army that sourrounded them, the group proceeded up the ship towards the command deck. As they approached however they felt no power. In fact, just a deeper emptiness inside themselves, while the voice was definitely close.

Kordan - Whatever this... thing is, it is close. I... I have not felt this way in millennia...
Voice - ...You are near.
Kordan - Taskmaster... I feel... mortal.
Indricas - Yarda, Kragh, how are you holding up?
Yarda - I feel nothing, nothing at all.
Kragh - Grr...I'd hate to admit, but...scared. I...Wait, what am I saying? I DON'T GET SCARED...But I don't feel...like I usually do....I feel...like I'm not even here.
Yarda - I...I feel it too.
Indricas - Then I guess we're not alone, Kordan. Come on, one last push.
Indricas - I cannot even feel my own power anymore...
Kragh - Even while retaining my Demon Form, I don't feel empowered, nor do I feel incredibly weak. What is this...magic?
Yarda - Father....H-how do w-we defeat something... when we are like this?
Kordan - I...I wish I knew.
Voice - If you shall not come to me, then I shall come to you.

KOrdan collasped to one knee near the door. His eyed widened with dread as he could feel 'something' approac. Suddenly, they all became deaf and blind. Their sense of smell vanished, as did their taste. They could not feel a thing either, and yet, they could still hear the voice.

Kordan - Yarda... Kragh.... Indricas?
Voice - ...As expected. In my current form, you all struggle to sense me. In that case, I should lower my power somewhat.
Yarda - Father? Where did you go?

They slowly regained their senses, though they all felt as if they're not really there, as if they were not connected to their bodies. It was as if their consciousness abandoned their physical shape.

Kragh - Argh...this is one hell of a trip...
Kordan - Steel yourselves, that entity is here somewhere.
Indricas - I...I-I think...I think I c-can h-hear you now...

Behind Kordan, a figure the size of an average Ungruggysul was there, though its form didn't appear to be physical. It was very transparent, difficult for them to see although somewhat possible if they focussed or squinted. Yarda panicked as Kordan turned to look behind himself.

Voice - You're finding it difficult to move, even breath, within my presence. I have brought down my power just enough so you can see as close to what I used to be. I am what you you would give the term a "proto-deity", halfway in the process to true ascension. As for a name...you may address me as the Seraphim.

The Seraphim stepped away from Kordan before the warlord could reach him, looking down upon him as Kordan collapsed to his feet.

Seraphim - You shall not interfere in His plan. Whatever false deities you pray to, I shall grant you one last moment to speak with them.
Kordan - You are benevolent...Honourable to your victims...
Seraphim - It is not honour...It is pity. Benevolent and malevolent, I am neither. Though, I must respect you for coming this far, but you shan't go further.
Kordan - Then I pay my last respects to Zr'An'Kar... And thank him.
Seraphim - Thank him...You thank an idol, a false god. My enlightenment is nearly complete, the hour I become a true servant of His...

With a smile, Kordan's eyes suddenly ignited with a supernatural fire. Empowered, he stood up over the Seraphim who looked at Kordan silently.

Kordan - I want to thank him for giving me this oppertunity....

Gathering his descention energies in his hands he slammed his fist it into Serpahim's chest, who withotu a sound was sent staggering backwards.

Seraphim - ...Amazing. You dare lay a hand against I?
Kordan - Much more.

He picked up his sword and as he held it the blade becomes sheathed in descentsion energy. Twisted and blackened the inscriptions glowed like melted gold and a red light surrounded the blade. The others began to feel rejuvinated, even empowered, by the energy coming from Kordan, though nowhere near his level, but just enough to stand. Kordan paced up to the Seraphim and swung his sword, cutting into the soulder and leaving the recipient to gasp in surprise. Suddenly concerned for his life he teleported several metres away. Kordan, in response, reased his hand and intense arcs of electricity jumped from him to the Seraphim as he walked closer to his target.
As the Seraphim held out his arms, several large swords made of energy materialised at his sides and were sent flying towards Kordan. To defend himself, Kordan spun his sword in front of himself like a propello and the swords impacted the shield. Kordan braced as the swords were either deflected or sliced by his blade. Kordan finished by sending a blast of descension energy at the Seraphim, who let out a snarl as it impacted his body.

Seraphim - You are more than just a heretic...you are a demon! A demon risking his chances against a proto-deity!

Without a word, Kordan telported up to the Seraphim and clutched the enitty's throat.

Kordan - I knew it all along... you creatures fear me. You fear that I am the instrument of your downfall!
Seraphim - ...I do not fear you.

The Seraphim grasped Kordan's throat in retaliation, bringing his face close to his own. Kordan began flooding Seraphim's body with descension energy from his hand with the purpose of destroying him. The Seraphim gasped and tried in vain to pull himself away, he slammed a ball of energy against Kordan's head but Kordan hardly felt it, instead slamming Seraphim into a wall. He could feel the energy's effects on his body, his golden skin turning a crimson red.

Kordan - Do you feel it? To you now feel the powers at my command?
Seraphim - ...Come closer.

Kordan leaned closer with an aggressive look.

Serpahim - For millions of years...countless civilizations spoke of divine and hellish battles...wars between the light and dark...knights of good against the warriors of evil. For millions of years...I have pushed myself beyond the limit of my own race...to confront this evil and...destroy it...I...chose this because...He told me to...He told me to fight this great evil with all my might...and power...I was chosen by His will to be the saviour...But now...you have proven yourself...worthy. You are powerful...powerful enough to defeat the one who...was chosen by Him to save this place...
Kordan - You?
Seraphim - I...was the most powerful being in this Universe...He told me that. But He also told me...to fight the one who...would bring about his armies of demons and heretics...It would determine the fate of this very Universe...and all creatures in it...I was only doing, what I was told...
Kordan - I admire your devotion... But your first mistake was declaring the execution of MY people!
Seraphim - Do you wish to know WHY? The true reason we choose to execute those who...refuse?!
Kordan - You say it is to presereve order. That in order to prosper you have to rule over those who could bring chaos to themselves or is the real reason that you do not wish to be challenged?
Seraphim - There was that... but then...It is...not to prevent a threat...but bring it forward. He told me that...by choosing to destroy those who refuse...the evil would present itself as the ones...to successfully survive our assault...They would then go on...to destroy the Society...and face me...We were searching for the evil to fight it! And if I could defeat it...it would cease all other evil...
Kordan - It seems we are not so differnt. Both of us brought here by prophecy...
Seraphim - I was acting on His will...It is fitting...We are here by the command of our deities...we believed each other the scum of the Universe...We both led our people with valour to fight one another...It makes me wonder if...you are indeed the saviours...and the Society are the evil... Killers of many people...forced to either indoctrinate those to our will or destroy them...We, I, cannot believe...that we are the light of the Universe...Is it possible...that He was actually trying...to have us find the real light of the Universe...?
Kordan - Perhaps... My people have come so far...
Seraphim - You...may be called a hero...You slew the one behind all of the Society's acts...and have saved countless civilizations from our power...I see now...You are not the evil one, Kordan Virios...

Seraphim attempted to stand, grunting as he did so. Kordan looked away for a moment. He let go, the descension energy in Seraphim's body was slowly absorbed back into Kordan as he did.

Seraphim - He told me...when I reach my dying moments...to command you to reach the homeworld...He desires to speak with you...Teleporting shall be no good...You must have this ship land...
Kordan - S-speak with me?
Seraphim - A word with Him...You must if you are to save this Universe...And Kordan...one last thing before I pass...
Kordan - ...Yes?
Seraphim - I'm...sorry...for everything...
Kordan - You were only following orders.

Everybody began to feel their natural power return to them, while Seraphim's form returned to a usual Ungruggysul, which was reduced to dust before Kordan's eyes. Kordan was silent, with an exhale the fire in his eyes died down and he looked to everyone. Indricas was panting and lifed himself up with assistance from his own sword.

After a long pause, yarda stepped up to speak.

Yarda - I am speechless on everything.
Kordan - Kragh calm down. He's gone...
Kragh - Gone? What do you mean by GONE, old man?!
Kordan - His body turned to dust before my very eyes!
Kragh - Oh...Well, you must have defeated him, old man...Is it really over?

Kordan walked over and helped Indracas to stand up by grabbing his other arm.

Kordan - Not yet, he said he wanted me to...
Indricas - Wanted you to what?
Kordan - To... talk with this diety of theirs.
Kragh - Hah! Screw talking with him, you're going to drive a blade through his brain! Right, old man?
Kordan - I'm not so sure anymore.
Kragh - What does THAT mean?
Kordan - Maybe I will, but quite possibly there is a reason other than my death that this entity desires to parley.
Indricas - You must do what must be done...My grandfather would've said the same.
Kordan - Without their supreme commander the fleet will fall easily to our guns. Seraphim admitted himself that if there was a 'good' side in this war, the Society wasn't it.

The conversation was interrupted when a fleet captain attempted to contact the grop. Kordan lifted his sword and rested the balde on his shoulder.

Captain - Hello...? Hello? Is anybody there?
Yarda - Lady Yarda here, we read.
Kordan - We read you captain.
Captain - Comms have come back online! We needed your confirmation, was all! It happened a few moments ago!
Kordan - Their supreme commander is dead. We are clear to travel to the society homeworld.
Captain - Their supreme commander...dead?
Kordan - He died at my hands.
Captain - Holy shyrak...
Yarda - I've never seen out father so powerful... not in person anyway.
Indricas - I don't think anybody has...he completely went past the demonic state and...
Kordan - Retained complete control...
Kragh - Is that what it means to truly control the Demon Form...?
Yarda - I think he might have goen beyond being a demon, he didn't change at all.
Kragh - Hmph. Old man...father.
Kordan - It has been a very long time since you called me that, Kragh.
Kragh - It has been a very long time since I've seen you worthy of such a title as being my father. Though, I never said I wasn't proud.
Kordan - We had best return to the ship. This war is not over yet, but the final hurdle is apporaching.
Indricas - Indeed, you had best recover, Kragh, Kordan...Yarda.

Kordan hed out his arms and teleported everyone back to the ship.

Revelations Abound[]

Kordan, Indricas, Kragh, Yarda, Vetarion, Mithra and a few Taskmaster units had gathered on Kordan's ship as the Dominion fleet approached the planet. They had all gathered in his war room and Kordan had a wary look on his face.

Indricas - Kordan, how are you to fight a god, if there even is such for the aliens?
Kordan - Honestly? I'm still trying to figure it out. Seraphim fell because we 'convinced' him to lower himself to near our level.
Indricas - More like he underestimated you.
Kordan - I do not believe whatever waits for us would make the same mistake, but...
Kragh - Bah! Old man, this telling of a god is probably a lie!
Kordan - I am hoping so. However I thought the same of Seraphim and look hout that turned out.
Kragh - Yeah, he's dead now!
Kordan - As I was saying, Seraphim's wish was that I... speak to whoever his master is.
Mithra - Daddy, what if it's a trap?
Kordan - It might very well be. Which Is why I do not plan on going alone.
Mithra - Huh...? Who's going with you?
Yarda - Mithra may be right. All that stuff the man said about us being the true good of the universe? I think he may have been setting you up, playing turncoat for his master's benefit.
Vetarion - Don't look at me I wasn't there. I had to babysit little Mithra.
Kragh - Only thing you're good for nowadays, and you're not even very good at that!
Kordan - If I am to stare a god in the face, it would make me proud if my children stared at it with me.
Indricas - Is that really a wise choice? What if this really is a deity we're talking about? You put them at risk!
Vetarion - I'm not exactly keen on getting erased by some alien god because my dad told me to go...
Kordan - There isn't much option: if I go alone then I may be at it's mercy, if I go with allies I put them at risk.
Kragh - Ha! I shall go! I am no coward like Vetarion!

Kragh turned and spat in Vetarion's face. Vetarion wiped the spit off with a growl.

Kragh - Pussy!
Vetarion - You won't be laughing when your atoms are scattered across the planet's atmosphere by whatever it is.
Kragh - So you also believe in this god?
Yarda - Vet is right, we have no idea what we are up against.
Vetario - Look at the facts Koda-brain: That Seraph-guy was a servant and look what he could do, what's to say his superior is any weaker?
Kragh - And what is to say he is any stronger?
Yarda - These Gruggs still hold a heirarchy of power, ever noticed how more advanced psychics hold higher positions? If the corrrelation is right, this thing might be the strongest yet.
Indricas - Yarda is right. Though I do not believe Kordan shall go alone.
Kordan - The last time you brought in support, they were wiped out by a single thought. Are you prepared?
Indricas - Kordan, my ancestor served by your side against the Draconis and the Zazane. I would be willing to face gods if you have it of me!

Kordan smiled and rested a hand on Indricas's shoulder with a cofident smile.

Kordan - You have his fire. It is good to see time has not dampened it down.
Indricas - His fire has not dampened, in fact, in me it blazes!
Kordan - It will be good to have you by my side.
Comm - My lords, we are on approach to the planet now.
Indricas - Alright, I suppose we should prepare ourselves.
Mithra - W-Wait! D-Daddy, M-Mister Indricas!

Kordan kneeled down to Mithra and rested his hand on her shoulder.

Kordan - What is it?
Mithra - I-I don't w-want you both to die!
Kordan - It is my job to worry about you, not the other way around.
Indricas - If we are to die, then at least you shall be safe. As soon as we land, you should leave this planet for a while, until you determine it is safe.
Kordan - No... The troops need someone of our bloodline up here. Mithra, do you think you can do that?
Mithra - Huh...? W-What?
Kordan - Can I trust you to be a brave girl and inspire the soldiers up here?
Mithra - I-Inspire them? H-How?
Kragh - Simple! You undress an--

Kragh was interrupted when his jaw was forced shut by Yarda. She looked at him with a scowl as Kordan turned back to look at Mithra.

Yarda - Kragh, please not in front of the youngling.
Kordan - Show confidence, be brave, and show the men you would defend them.
Mithra - Well...alright, I g-guess I can to that, d-daddy...
Indricas - I am hoping this shall not be our final fight. Then again, if this is to be the end of our long lives, then I am glad I am spending it with the man who made the Dominion what it is today.

Kordan hugged Mithra lovingly and with a warm smile before he stood up.

Mithra - I love you, d-daddy...
Kordan - I love you as well, and I believe in you.
Yarda - All those years ago these creatures called us scum, vermin, win or lose they will be afraid of us: We drove a war to their homeworld awhere we will either end their reign or bring ruin to their world trying.
Kragh - Aye! If we are to die, then let us do so screaming and dragging!
Kordan - The plan is this: We shall advance directly on the centre of theri power. Indricas, your taskmasters will support the men and disrupt their defence as much as possible whiel ground-troops deal with an resistance. If we can keep this conlict as planetwide as possible we can scatter their resistance forces, amking it harder for them to resist.
Indricas - Affirmative, my lord. We shall descend upon them and bring havoc with us. Though surely they cannot carry on much longer with Seraphim?
Kordan - Unless Seraphim had a backup they will be disoganised.
Yarda - It is time we finished this!

As the Dominion fleet orbited over the planet, they were surprised to find was no resistance ground-side. In fact, it almost seemed peaceful on the ground, as if nothing was bothered by the Dominion's presence. By now Kordan was on the bridge and joined by the others who looked at a screen display of the empty planet.

Kordan - Something's not right. Either we are being decieved or they genuinely did not expect us to find this planet.
Indricas - What is this? Have they all died with their fleet? Nothing is coming up on the life signals, something isn't right...
Kordan - Continue with the plan, there could be millions lying outside sensor detections.
Indricas - Alright, let us proceed. Surely a whole population cannot vanish with their entire fleet.

Under Kordan's command, millions of shuttles and transports descended palnetwide and landed at various locations. As the shuttles and transports landed upon the planet, there was nothing; No cities, only large open fields and huge seas with no other fauna on the planet. The planet was almost devoid of all animal life.

Kordan - Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't there be... something here?
Indricas - Something definitely isn't right...

Kordan closed his eyes and attempted to sense for life-signs nearby. There was nothing, msot of the planet was largely devoid of life however in the distance they could see a large, black Ungruggysul approaching them slowly, though seemingly not aggressively. The large, black Ungruggysul suddenly materialized in front of the group, and looked down at them. Kordan stepped back in surprise.

Kordan - Are you.... 'Him'?
??? - ...Yes.
Kordan - One of your servants told me you... wanted me?
??? - Indeed I do...and I see you've done expecially well so far.
Kordan - Why did you want to see me?
??? - To prove your species was strong. To prove my experiment was a success.
Kordan - Experiment?
??? - Hm hm hm. You still don't get it, do you?

The Ungruggysul's eyes shone red as he grew in size considerably. The Ungruggysul was surrounded by a pitch black energy until he took the form of Zr'An'Kar.

Kordan - I realise now...
??? - A hundred thousand years have passed, and you still look as young as I remember.
Kordan - You said experiment.... my people...Were we just... creations in a laboratory to you?
Zr'An'Kar - No, you don't understand it. I manipulated the Gruggysul society to antagonize your progress. The purpose was to show the strength of your race and the result was perfect.
Kordan - You wanted us strong, I get that. Was it curiosity or some other motive?
Zr'An'Kar - With the defeat of the Gruggysul, the first step is complete. However, the strength oif the Draconizane must be spread beyond.
Yarda - How far beyond?
Zr'An'Kar - Beyond this universe.
Kordan - Every time I met you, you encouraged me to spread my people further and further. First across the portal, and then towards the stars, now beyond the confines of the universe.
Zr'An'Kar - And look how far you have reached. You are the uncontested masters of this universe.
Indricas - Ah...now I know how my great grandfather felt. Stood beside his king, communicating with his very god.
Zr'An'Kar - Your great grandfather was a powerful warrior. And I can see you share this trait.
Kordan - Indraicas' family has served since the empire's birth. If only Mithra were here... Wait.
Vetarion - Do we have to call her down?
Kragh - Vetarion, I think that even Mithra deserves to see the god she believes so firmly in.
Kordan - <<Mithra, green-light has been given I would like you to come planetside to my location>>
Zr'An'Kar - Yes, bring her in. Bring all your men.
Indricas - <<All Taskmasters, bring whatever personel you have under your command planet-side. There is...something you need to see.>>
Kordan - Children, help me bring some of our people here.

Soon, the ships and many shuttles and transports begin to land or hover above the ground, with Draconizane being transported or teleported down, with Mithra running over to her father. Kordan recieved his daughter with ope arms and smiled as she leaped into them.

Mithra - Daddy! I'm so glad you're alive! But...w-who is...t-that...?
Kordan - Everyone, behold Zr'An'Kar. The one who gave us life and guided us to this very planet!

The Draconizane all stood in surprise or shock, but then they began to lower their weapons and kneeled to Zr'An'Kar from all sides. Two skeeltal wings sprouted from his back and opened up. This gavehim a large and very formidable presence. Everyone; Kragh, Vetarion, Mithra, Indraicas and his taskmasters, they all kneeled before him.

Mithra - That's...Z-Zr'An'Kar...? He...is b-bigger than I i-imagined...
Kordan - *chuckles* I was surprised myself when I first met him.
Zr'An'Kar - I am the beginning and the end. Zr'An'Kar. The battle against the Gruggysul has proven how strong and valuable you all are. I am very proud of each and every single one of you.
Kordan - We would accept nothing less, my master.

Two images appeared in Zr'An'Kar's hands which resembled galaxies.

Zr'An'Kar - Time is a river with many eddies. This universe is but one timeline in infinite others across the infinity of existance. However, there is one which...bothers me greatly.
Kordan - Say the word, master, and your will shall be done.

Zr'An'Kar moved one of his hands closer to the crowd. In this hand images of a Zazane and a Draconis were formed.

Zr'An'Kar - In one particular timeline, these two still exist. Draconis and Zazane. And the Draconizane were never born at all.
Kordan - And without our birth... what have they become?
Zr'An'Kar - They are still the same. But they are advanced, intergalactic empires. Worst of all, they are "friends" and "allies".
Kordan - Those two? How is this possible, they were tearing each other apart.
Zr'An'Kar - In your timeline, yes. But in this one, they are the bestest of friends. This particular timeline...

The image briefly transformed into into Tyraz and back again

Zr'An'Kar - Irritates me.
Kordan - Then we shall sweap across this timeline, master, and destroy this irritance!
Zr'An'Kar - That's the spirit. Travel there, and bring them down. Show these scum that they cannot hide, no matter where in reality they exist. Show how the Draconizane are the one and only supreme race!
Kordan - We shall do as you ask. They canot hide forever.
Zr'An'Kar - Your future is one where the Draconis and Zazane must be eradicated.

Zr'An'Kar slapped his tail against the ground, which caused an earthshock and a few Draconizane close to him temporarily lost their balance.

Indricas - My Taskmasters and the entire Dominion shall dedicate their forces to eradicating this vile scum! We shall bring fear across the folds!
Kordan - It has been a long times since I have hunted them en-masse. My children and many of those here never truly knew the glory. This. Shall be. Glorious!

Zr'An'Kar laughed as he disappeared in a black fog.

Yarda - ...Father talked about him but... Wow.
Indricas - Today, we defeated the Ungruggysul, the entire Society, killed an angel, and spoke with our god. I see many more miracles happening in our future.
Kordan - The Draconizane are truly blessed this day.
Mithra - But...w-what now? Yarda - We prepare. One daty we will cross the cap and we must ready our forces.

Yarda looked over to Indricas.

Yarda - You have made your great-grandfather proud.
Indricas - Thank you, miss Yarda. Heh, I remember the first day I saw you, I was a youngling and you looked as beautiful as ever. Still do, in fact.

Yarda blushed fro mthe compliment and Vetarion folded hisarmos out of jealousy.

Kragh - Watch your tongue, Taskmaster!
Yarda - Much appreciated.
Vetarion - She's always attracting men, how do you do it sis?
Yarda - It is something natural I suppose.
Indricas - Hehe, well, if it's not too much of a bother, I would like to make the offer of being, well...a partner of yours.

Yarda blushed even more with what Indricas was saying.

Yarda - Are... you serious?
Indricas - Since when have you known me as a joker, miss Yarda?
Yarda - I.. am not sure what to say... it has been some time since I last had a... partner.
Indricas - Then how about we stop this loneliness, and face the folds together?

Yarda walks up to him and clasped Indracias's hands. She got very close to him and the two nuzzled each other, with Indricas blushing as he did - it was as though his dreams were becoming a reality.

Yarda - I would gladly brave them alongside you.
Kragh - Hey! Hey! HEY STOP THAT!
Vetarion - Lay off, brother. Let the lady have her interests.
Mithra - Aww that's so sweet...Reminds me of you and mummy, daddy.
Kordan - I hope the two of them fare well together.
Mithra - How are we going to cross into other universes, daddy? It sounds like a dream.
Kordan - You forget the portal back home fulfils such a role.
Mithra - Home...it has been a while.
Kordan - Yes. A celebration is due for what we have done. Everyone gather up and prepare to leave. We shall be returning home.
Indricas - Affirmative, Kordan sir. All Taskmasters, take whataver personel you have and return to your ships.

Kordan and his children teleported who and what they could back to the ships and then returned themselves. The fleet soon departed the system and set a direct ocurse home to Vollix.

One hundred thousand years of blood and war. Empires were forged, armies clashed in battles worthy of epic sagas. This is how the Draconizane Dominion was born, an empire ruled by those their subjects treated like gods. With this final triumph the Gruggysul Society - an empire that once had no rival had been toppled and in it's place a darker regime had risen. The Eternal Emperor however had new plans, and his gaze turned to the possibility of spreading his influence across the interuniveral fold to other universes, other timelines.