Andromeda Galaxy

Note: Monet47's fiction is in bold, TheImperios' fiction is in italics, Hachi's fiction is underlined.
Galactic events
The New Dawn rises.

The era of the Confederation's dominance is over, the era of the Commonwealth shall begin.

- Uriel Ultanos

With the end of the Andromeda War in early 2788, the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth immediately took charge of restoring the inner-rim. The Andromedan Light became the new authority in Andromeda's inner-rim but the defeat of the Grox was only the beginning for the fledgeling alliance.

With the Grox gone the Andromedan Light could begin new projects to solidify its position in galactic politics. There was still mystery and chaos beyond the inner disk and the entire commonwealth was eager to learn the ancient and untapped secrets in the galaxy it called home.