We protect the citizens of the New Republic against any and all threats.

- Republic Captain

The captains of the New Cyrannian Republic are a diverse grouping of people from many different origins. Many were previously captains in the United Republic of Cyrannus, while others are fresh out of the New Republic's recently built academies and military colleges. Upon becoming an officer in the Republic Starfleet, officers take an oath to protect the constitution and people of the Republic, to peacefully explore space and to fight honourable in any conflict the Republic finds itself in.


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Leonarrk Image
  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Name: Leonarrk Relgalll
  • Species: Ermitant
  • Born: 30 BNE, Puria
  • Service Record: CRS Republica - Tactical Officer
  • Battles/Wars: None

Leonarrk Relgalll is a young Ermitant who is the only child of Nondarrrt, the deceased commander of the former New Ermitant Republic. He was born at 30 BNE from Nondarrrt and his Ermitant wife who would be eventually killed by space pirates who attacked the colony she lived at. At the age of 16, he joined the military to follow his father's footsteps, and when the Ermitant formed the Republic, he followed him to Cyranai and later to the New Cyrannian Republic.

Nondarrrt's death heavily affected Leonarrk, who has swore to never forgive the Bisistar for it. Despite being very young for an Ermitant, Leonarrk has managed to prove himself as skilled as his father was on his age, and the Ermitant currently serves as Tactical Officer of the CRS Republica, Fleet Admiral Cretacea's vessel.

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Ramthor is a Serindia who was born in 27 BN at the Rambo planet of Koerband. When he grew older he migrated to the Cyrannus Colonial Sector where he soon found himself working with the Confederacy, as he always disliked the Republic's ways.

Though during the Great Cyrannus War he was wounded and almost died after being hit by a Republic soldier. Shavalera found the unfortunate Serindia, who at first refused any aid. Shavalera knocked him out and treated the Serindia aboard his vessel.

Upon awakening Ramthor was surprised that his enemy healed him and Ramthor pledged his loyalty to Shavalera, as his honor as a Serindia demanded it. He sound found himself as the loyal second in command of Fleet Admiral Shavalera, serving the New Republic now.

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Commander Reemuckeeus (commonly known as Ree) is a female Chavili that serves as the executive officer (XO, second in command) of the CRS Republica. Born on the Chavilli homeworld in the Quadrant Galaxies in 32 BNE, Commander Ree served as a helmsman on a trading vessel that made first contact with the Cognatus Remnant. A keen admirer of Voro Acetenus, Ree was glad when her people joined the remnant and fought alongside the Cyrandia Alliance during the Great Cyrannus War against the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

However, she abandoned the Cognatus when the Cognatus Empire rose, instead going into hiding until the New Cyrannian Republic was formed. Her impressive credentials earned her the spot of executive officer of the Republica, a position she serves with honour and distinction. Getting along well with Admiral Cretacea, who she affectionately calls "old man", Ree's relationship with the crew is rocky at best, with many claiming that she is too strict and keen to follow every rule there is.

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  • Creator: Cyrannian
  • Name: Sevine
  • Species: Ortella
  • Born: 22 BNE, Watt'Naois
  • Service Record: CRS Avenger (2 BNE - Alternate 1250 NE) - CRS Aeolus (3 NE -): Science Officer
  • Battles/Wars: Future's Beginning

Commander Sevine is a female Ortella who serves as the science officer aboard the Aeolus. Sevine is highly intelligent and she knows it, much to the annoyance of some other shipmates who see her as being a pompous little girl who is too smart for her own good.

As a crewmember of Helo Roslia's Avenger, Sevine became trapped in a future alternate timeline. Sevine was very interested in studying this future timeline before returning to her home on the CRS Aeolus, the vessel on which she currently srves.

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  • Creator: Cyrannian
  • Name: Trebob
  • Species: Apationagtus
  • Born: 38 BNE, Apation
  • Service Record: CRS Avenger (2 BNE - Alternate 1250 NE) - CRS Aeolus (3 NE -): First Officer
  • Battles/Wars: Future's Beginning

Commander Trebob is a male Apationagtus who serves as the first officer of the Aeolus under Captain Roslia. Trebob is seen by the crew of the Aeolus as being forceful at times and awkward at others, supplying the crew of the Aeolus with much needed comic relief in this dangerous time. As a crewmember of Helo Roslia's Avenger, Trebob became trapped in a future alternate timeline. Trebob did not wish to dwell in this future timeline and was glad when they returned home, eventually becoming apart of the fleet that discovered Mou'Cyran.

Trebob ultimately aspires to gain command of a vessel of his own some day, though for the moment is content with being First Officer of the Aeolus.

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Major Captains
Other Captains

  • Creator: Cyrannian
  • Name: Achille
  • Species: Lacertian
  • Born: 25 BNE, Laurantia
  • Service Record: CRS Odyssey- Commanding Officer
  • Battles/Wars: None

Achille is a male Lacertian who serves as the commanding officer of the CRS Celestes, an Odyssey-class star cruiser named after the capital city of Scorpia, one of the homeworlds of the Libertus. A young and energetic officer, Achille is well regarded by both his crew and by Republic Command, being the captain who made the most first contacts with new species in Republic history.

Achille considers the Republic to be the perfect example of an intergalactic civilisation, putting no species on a pedestal over any other and working to ensure that the galaxy prospers under a democratic government ruled by the will of the people. For this reason, Achille is fiercely opposed to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus – though he has been known to disagree with the policies of President Nexarón Valkistair, believing that the Empire will eventually self-destruct rather than fall to Republic invasion.

Ships Commanded

  • Creator: Cyrannian
  • Name: Berr'Rach
  • Species: Adelphi
  • Born: 37 BNE, Adelentia
  • Service Record: CRS Odyssey- Commanding Officer
  • Battles/Wars: None

An experienced Adelphi captain, Berr'Rach is a newly inducted female Adelphi who currently commands the prototype Odyssey-class Cruiser CRS Odyssey. Born on the Adelphi homeworld of Adelentia in Quadrant Galaxies, Berr'Rach experienced the horrors of the Confederate invasion first hand and grew to hate it when her people were forced to migrate to Cyrannus. A strong supporter of democracy, when the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, Berr'Rach gladly joined it.

Despite being a capable tactician, Berr'Rach decided to gain command over the CRS Delphi, a ship designed to explore the fringes of space, a long time dream of the young captain. With the war in the Outer Rim between the Empire and the remnants of the Confederacy still raging, Berr'Rach secretly hopes that the Imperial Navy crushes all Confederate forces, a type of poetic justice in her eyes.

Ships Commanded

  • Creator: Cyrannian
  • Name: Hakovon
  • Species: Mon Nahdar
  • Born: 22 BNE, Nahdar
  • Service Record: CRS Intrepid- Commanding Officer
  • Battles/Wars: None

Hakovon is a male Mon Nahdar who currently serves in the New Republic Starfleet. A deeply spiritual young man, Hakovon shares many of his people's sacred beliefs regarding the galaxy itself being a divine entity. Hakovon graduated from Fleet Academy soon after the Republic was created, having previously been a trader in the Outer Rim. Due to his skills in diplomacy and his knowledge of science, Hakovon was soon promoted to captain and was given command of the CRS Intrepid, the first Intrepid-class ship under New Republic control.

His first assignment sees him on a deep space exploration mission deep into the Unknown Regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy under orders from command to find and establish relations with unknown factions in the vast unexplored wilderness near the edges of Cyrannus. Hakovon is well liked by his crew and is considered a pacifist, deploring violence unless deemed absolutely necessary.

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  • Creator: Cyrannian
  • Name: Georewa
  • Species: Ortella
  • Born: 43 BNE, Watt'Naois
  • Service Record: CRS Allecto - Commanding Officer
  • Battles/Wars: None

A young female Ortella, Georewa graduated from the academy with flying colours at the top of her class during the Intergalactic War. Though a peace-lover at heart, Georewa grew to understand that in the modern universe, conflict is everywhere and thus taught herself to hold onto that fact when eventually promoted to captain.

When the Empire was formed, Georewa returned to her homeworld to ensure its safety against the pirates or slavers that often prey upon the peaceful people of Watt'Naois. However, when the Empire prevented such attacks, Georewa grew to respect it. When the New Republic was formed three years later, Georewa decided to join and was soon promoted to the rank of captain, along with her first command, the CRS Allecto, a Venator-class Star Destroyer.

Her first assignment saw her and the crew of the Allecto join the colonisation fleet over Mou'Cyran.

Ships Commanded

Helo Roslia
Helo RosliaSmall

Helo Roslia is a very capable and experienced officer; he is wise beyond his years and has experienced a great deal since the beginning of his military career. Probably the strangest thing about him is an apparition of a young woman that has been appearing to him since the end of the Intergalactic War. This apparition refers to herself only as Sonja and appears as an attractive Libertus. She is often very forceful in her beliefs of a One God and claims to be a messenger of it.

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Helo refused to join it, instead becoming one of the Exiled Republic's military leaders, with his messenger constantly by his side. During his tenure as a captain in the Exiled Republic, both Helo and his ship were transported to one thousand two hundred and fifty years into the future, where he aided both the future Empire and the future Cyrandia Alliance against the mysterious Xeranbha, who had conquered much of the universe by that point in history. Though his trusty flagship, the Avenger was destroyed, he soon returned to the present with the CRS Aeolus, and pledged his allegiance to the New Cyrannian Republic.

Ships Commanded

  • Creator: Cyrannian (original by Dinoman82)
  • Name: Pra'Nila
  • Species: Andormaru
  • Born: 31 BNE, Andormaru
  • Service Record: CRS Disovery- Commanding Officer
  • Battles/Wars: First Contact with Lacertians

Pra'Nila is a young female Andormaru currently serving in the New Republic Navy. Born on the Andormaru homeworld in 31 BNE, Pra'Nila soon gained a reputation for her fiesty and hot-tempered attitude, much like many other of her passionate kind. When she came of age, she joined the Andormaru Fleet and soon gained command of a ship of her own, an An'Ru-class cruiser, which she used to maintain order within Andormaru space.

When the Andormaru joined the growing New Cyrannian Republic, Pra'Nila saw it as a positive change in the Cluster and decided to join its Starfleet. Due to her training in the Andormaru fleet, Pra'Nila was automatically promoted to captain and was given command of the Intrepid-class CRS Discovery, despite the fact she secretly hoped for a tactical ship or even a Star Destroyer. Nevertheless, she soon fell in love with her ship and her crew and now serves loyally in the fleet.

Two months after joining the Republic, Pra'Nila made first contact with the peaceful Lacertians, a powerful new ally for the Republic.

Ships Commanded

Captain Tohon
  • Creator: Cyrannian
  • Name: Nexul Tohon
  • Species: Trucinex
  • Born: 29 BNE, Nex
  • Service Record: CRS Cavil - Commanding Officer
  • Battles/Wars: None

Nexul Tohon is a male Trucinex who serves in the Starfleet of the New Cyrannian Republic. Nexul was a young boy when the Trucinex War raged on his homeworld of Nex, but the events of the battle left him scarred for life. Growing up with a strong sense of moral duty, he took it upon himself to help prevent another conflict of such a devastating scale.

Tohon migrated to the New Cyrannian Republic soon after it was formed and his history of service in the Trucinex Defense Fleet promoted Fleet Command to promote him to lofty title of captain, commanding the newly constructed Ares-class Frigate, the CRS Cavil, named after the Trucinex Senator who was killed by Zillum during the Battle of Coruannia in the Great Cyrannus War.

Tohon is apart of the Cyrannus Third Fleet, which aims to find a suitable capital planet for the New Republic.

Ships Commanded

Captain Henry Walter
  • Creator: Dinoman82
  • Name: Henry Walter
  • Species: Ortella
  • Born: 34 BNE, Wattnaois
  • Service Record: CRS Nova - Commanding Officer
  • Battles/Wars: First Contact with the Regellians

Henry Walter is an Ortella hailing from the Cyrannus. Upon the forming of the Republic Walter flet to Apaltore, where he soon met with Count Apaltar and was allowed to join the Academy at Apaltore to become a commanding officer. Upon finishing the Academy he found himself serving in the navy of the New Cyrannian Republic.

He is known to be friendly and bold, though he is more an explorer in heart than a military orientated person. As such he was pleased when he recieved command of the scout ship CRS Nova. With this ship he hopes to explore nearby space in name of the New Republic. During his explorations in Cyrannus, he came into contact with the Regellis Star Empire which ultimately resulted in the Nova retreating from battle.

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Major Admirals
Other Admirals

Admiral Aradraen (1)
  • Creator: Cyrannian
  • Name: Aradraen
  • Species: Albersauros
  • Born: 67 BNE, Alberensis
  • Service Record: CRS Spirit of Freedom- Commanding Officer
  • Battles/Wars:
Intergalactic War
Great Cyrannus War
Dark Times

Aradraen is a male Albersauros who commands the CRS Spirit of Freedom, the venerable Phoenix-class supercarrier which once served Willelmus Cretacea during the Great Cyrannus War. An able and resourceful commander, Aradraen served as first officer to Admiral Cretacea for much of his early career, before his promotion to Captain, and later Admiral, during the New Cyrandia Wars. Fond of Serindian wine and rarely seen without a traditional Alberensian pipe, Aradraen commands great respect and affection from those who serve under him.

With close ties to Republic Strategic Intelligence, Aradraen often leads the Spirit of Freedom on deep expeditions in the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus and even into other universes, with the Admiral serving as the vital heart of the Spirit, constantly looking for ways to improve the experience of his troops and crewbeings during multi-year expeditions into the unknown. Aradraen is a popular figure on his homeworld of Alberensis, the people of which have been known to smuggle Alberensian coffee beans to the Spirit of Freedom to keep him going on extensive deployments.

Ships Commanded

Admiral Cao'ili
  • Creator: Cyrannian
  • Name: Cao'ili
  • Species: Draken
  • Born: 74 BNE, Surdana
  • Service Record: CRS Maximus- Commanding Officer
  • Battles/Wars:
Trucinex War - Battle of Nex

Cao'ili is a male Draken that serves in the New Republic Starfleet. Cao'ili has quite a history in the armed forces of the democratic governments of the Cyrandia Cluster. He served with distinction alongside Fleet Admiral Cretacea during the final stages of the Trucinex War, commanding two frigates that helped Admiral Cretacea while he killed the Nex Prophet. After the conflict, Cao'ili retired and settled on Surdana, his homeworld. However, during the Intergalactic War, he was approached by Admiral Cretacea, who convinced him to help think of tactics to use against the Cognatus.

After the Intergalactic War, he returned to retirement, though he returned to battle during the Great Cyrannus War, where he commanded the Maximus, a Legacy-class Star Destroyer. When the Dark Times began, Cao'ili refused to serve the New Empire, though was ultimately convinced to return to a military career when the New Republic was formed.

Though the original Maximus was destroyed in the final conflict of the Great War, Cao'ili gained command over the CRS Maximus-A, a newly commissioned Phoebus-class Star Destroyer. However, Cao'ili intends to stay away from exploration duties and instead opts to stay in orbit of the New Republic Capital.

Ships Commanded

  • Creator: Cyrannian
  • Name: Severius Pierea
  • Species: Libertus
  • Born: 44 BNE, Cybele
  • Service Record: CRS Angelic- Commanding Officer
  • Battles/Wars:
Great Cyrannus War - Bombardment of Trycaron

Severius Pierea is a male Libertus who serves as an Admiral in the Republic Starfleet. A veteran of the Great Cyrannus War, Pierea served as a captain in the United Republic of Cyrannus's First Core Fleet under Supreme Admiral Nagala.

Pierea was born in 44 BNE on the peaceful world of Cybele, where like many of his people, placed great faith in democracy and peace. When he graduated as a captain in the Navy of the First Republic, he gained command over the Angelic, a Venator-class, that he commands to this day. Despite his peaceful nature, he was party to the most controversial Republic action of the Great War, the bombardment of Trycaron, turning the United Lanat Empire world into ash by orbital bombardment.

The destruction of Trycaron left a heavy mark on Pierea, who resigned as a captain several weeks later. However, when the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, he decided to join and was promoted to Admiral. Once again commanding the Angelic, Pierea hopes to atone for his sins by doing good deeds in the peaceful Starfleet.

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  • Some New Republic captains are recycled characters from the URC Captains page.
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