We fight for the Republic - to victory or death.

- General Anqual Gahan

The Republic Army is the main land based force of the New Republic of Cyrannus as well as the second largest branch of the Republic Military after the Navy. Due to the emphasis that the Republic places on space combat, the Army functions primarily to defend Republic worlds against the threat of attack by a foreign power though it also serves alongside the Navy during planetary invasions or liberations, most famously during the Great Battle of Venetia, when the Republic Army fought alongside the Indoctrinate Collective, the Brood of War and others to liberate the world from the Bisistar Domain.

Though ultimately reporting to the overarching Republic Command and serving at the will of the Senate, the Army is led by a Supreme General of the Army, a rank currently held by Anqual Gahan, a Mon Nahdar with a noted hatred for the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. In the early years of the Republic's existence, the Army retained equipment mainly stemming from the United Republic of Cyrannus though it later invested in more advanced designs for both its soldiers and vehicles.



A Republic Army base on Coventina.

As with the other branches of the Republic Military, the army was created soon after the formation of the New Republic in 03 NE. Initially headquartered on Apatalore in the Quadrant Galaxies, army headquarters was later moved to the new capital of Mou'Cyran in the Coru Secundus region of the Cyrannus Galaxy, specifically on a large island in the planet's Ionian Ocean. Soon after the establishment of the Republic, the New Cyrandia Wars erupted in several regions of the galaxy necessitating a military buildup sanctioned by President Apaltar and the Republic Senate, this led to new weapon and vehicle designs being developed to replace those in use since the days of the United Republic of Cyrannus, an initiative largely helmed by the newly promoted Supreme General of the Army Anqual Gahan.

Throughout the New Cyrandia Wars, the forces of the army would fight valiantly on behalf of the Republic in conflicts ranging from the Great Battle of Venetia, the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone and the Siege of Vasuband. After the war ended, the New Republic hired the elite Kicath Agent known as Agent Upsilon from the Kicathian Republic States of Borealis to help train an elite squad of Republic Special Operations Troopers to defend the Republic in the uncertain galaxy of the future.



Special Forces commander Corvexa.

The Republic Army is the second largest fighting force in the Cyrannus Galaxy, counting millions of troops from thousands of worlds among its proud members. Logistically, the army is staggering in size and complexity, though manages to function quite efficiently—a tribute to the dedication that the Republic inspires both with regard to those who actively serve and the countless civilians of the Republic who count on the armed forces to keep them safe from the many enemies conspiring to bring about an end to democracy and self-determination in Cyrannus.

As with any military organisation however, the Republic army is organised along a regimented hierarchy of command to ensure unit cohesion throughout the galaxy. Officially, the army is ultimately overseen by the Republic's Senate, though in reality, it is the President who tends to represent the Senate in day-to-day strategic planning. As the commander in chief, all major decisions by the army must be made with the President's input, who in turn passes orders down to the army's top ranking generals.

Special ForcesEdit

Utterly different from the grand scale of other fields of the Army, Special Forces operates via a small number of elite soldiers to ultimately strike out against potential enemies when they are at their weakest, inflicting heavy damage with their weapons and tactical intelligence. Divided into squads of highly trained commandos, only the elite of the elite of Republic soldiers are approached with a position in SpecForces—the most famous of whom being Commander Corvexa of Banshee Squad, known for her service throughout the New Cyrandia Wars and the Cyrannian Cold War.



New Republic Trooper


New Republic Troopers are the most common footsoldiers of the restored democratic superpower. Known as the Republic's finest, these brave and resolute soldiers are well-equipped and highly trained with a large variety of rifles and other forms of weaponry all in the defence of the Republic and its ideals. Though not a formal rank, rather a group, and though they do not have the technological and biological augmentations of Imperial Stormtroopers, the men and women who join the Trooper Corps never retreat or back down from tyranny unless ordered to do so by their commanding officers, earning a well-earned reputation as the tireless defenders of the Republic, who are quite willing to lay down their lives for democracy.

Indeed, though the greatest weapon of the Imperials are their actual weapons, the greatest weapon of those who serve their Republic is their indomitable spirit and loyalty to both the Republic and their comrades.

Trooper Races


Land VehiclesEdit

R1 Main Armoured Attack Transport | Deinos

  • Length: 19 metres
  • Maximum Speed: 85 kilometres km/h
  • Weaponry: Turbolasers, laser cannons

The R1 Main Armoured Attack Transport, commonly referred to as the Deinos is the primary walker utilised by the battalions of the New Republic Army. The Armoured Transport is a quadrupedal walker evocative of the massive sauropods of Capricaerón, with a large central body which can hold up to thirty troopers and a cockpit section in which three pilots operate the massive walker's functions. Performing admirably in a wide variety of support roles during ground campaigns, the Armoured Transport can provide heavy cover fire for soldiers in addition to overwhelming enemy positions through force of firepower, an advantage coupled with the tendency to deploy several walkers at once which makes the Armoured Transport a truly frightening weapon of war.

R9 Main Bipedal Recon Walker | Retexa

  • Height: 7 metres
  • Maximum Speed: 120 km/h
  • Weaponry: Light turbolasers, laser cannons

The Retexa-class Recon Walker is an upgrade on similar recon walker designs first developed by the United Republic of Cyrannus during the Great Cyrannus War, being designed primarily for reconnaissance and as a front-line battle vehicle, being equipped with anti-infantry weaponry capable of destroying squads of enemy troops. However, the Recon Walker is vulnerable to heavy arms fire, as well as attacks by larger and more heavily armed vehicles. Nevertheless, the main advantage of the Recon Walker is its extreme speed, which it uses to great effect during a wide range of combat situations.

R10 Main Bipedal Attack Walker | Brevicollis

  • Height: 10 metres
  • Maximum Speed: 80 km/h
  • Weaponry: Turbolasers, laser cannons

The R10 Main Bipedal Attack Walker, more commonly referred to as the R10 Brevicollis is a bipedal attack walker developed for use by the army of the New Republic during the Cyrannian Cold War. Occupying the middle ground between the lumbering Deinos and the swift Retexa, the Brevicollis attack walker is fielded as both an anti-matérial and anti-vehicle walker, utilising powerful dual turbolaser cannons mounted on both sides of the cockpit against enemy forces. Manufactured primarily by Caeliva Armory on Taurophon, the R10 Brevicollis draws inspiration both from the walkers of the United Republic of Cyrannus and ancient Taurophonian war machines from the bloody vast of the world.

CR10 Infantry Support Vehicle | Omori

  • Height: 7 metres
  • Maximum Speed: 210 km/h
  • Weaponry: Light mortar cannon, light plasma cannons

The CR10 Infantry Support Vehicle, more commonly known as the Omori is a fast and highly adaptable light infantry support vehicle first developed by the United Republic of Cyrannus during the Great Cyrannus War. Armed with one mortar cannon and two light plasma cannons, the Omori has reasonable firepower and can make short work of infantry units on the field of battle. Though the craft possesses only light shielding over the exposed cockpit—leaving the pilot vulnerable—the Omori is highly manueverable, while its mortar cannon allows it to function as light artillery. The Omori uses an advanced gravity propulsion drive which allows it to speed over terrain at two hundred and ten kilometres an hour. Generally however, the Omori tends to stay behind more durable vehicles, with pilots well aware of the weaknesses of the ISV in open spaces.

Air VehiclesEdit

AU-15 Attack Transport | Dactylus

  • Length: 15 metres
  • Maximum Speed: 600 kilometres km/h
  • Weaponry: Autoplasma/laser canon, Rapid fire laser cannon

The AU-15 Attack Transport, commonly referred to as the Dactylus, is a highly versatile air support vehicle that entered service into the Republic Armed Forces in the early months of 2 BNE (2 ATC), during the Great Cyrannus War's second year. Common across Republic space due to its effectiveness, speed and firepower, the AU-15 Dactylus is a prized asset during land campaigns, being utilised by commanders to transport small teams of troopers and supplies while simultaneously providing air support through deadly rapid-fire laser cannons.

AU-28 Attack Gunship | Quetzalus

  • Length: 17 metres
  • Maximum Speed: 900 kilometres km/h
  • Weaponry: Heavy linkless autocannon, Heavy Precision Turbolaser cannon, missile pods

The AU-28 Attack Gunship, otherwise known as the Quetzalus is an attack gunship developed by, and utilised by the Republic Army based primarily on designs developed during the Intergalactic War by the United Republic of Cyrannus. A formidable anti-tank and anti-infantry aircraft, the AU-28 is prized by commanders for an extreme level of tactical versatility, with the craft being operated by both an organic pilot and an advanced artificial intelligence network.


All of us owe our lives to the brave beings in the army, who defend our worlds and ensure that the tyranny of Tyrómairon does not spread unabated.

- Willelmus Cretacea

Armies are a relic of warfare. What hope does a tank have against a fully armed destroyer? The Senate should pump more funding into the Navy if it truly wishes to defeat the Empire.

- Captain Nerazachi



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