Peace is the child of order and reason.

Other civilisations are invited to join us in our pursuit of universal order.

The New Cyrannian Republic promotes an active foreign policy based on ultimately achieving peace and order within the galaxies of both the Cyrandia Cluster and the outer Gigaquadrant. To do so, once the Republic opens diplomatic relations, the Proconsul will assign an official ambassador who will generally live in the respective empire.

In turn, the Republic will recommend the empire it is conducting relations with to also send an ambassador to live in the New Republic. Before any diplomatic relationship can be established, it will first have to be approved by a majority in the Republic Senate. Similarly, before the President has authority to wage war, he or she would need the permission of the Senate.

The ProconsulEdit

An Appeal to the Senate

Apollo, the current Proconsul is the chief diplomat of the Republic.

Unlike many presidential republics, the President does not hold the position of chief diplomat. Rather, the Proconsul holds the lofty title having the power to open up diplomatic relations, sign treaties and to appoint ambassadors to foreign governments. However, while the Proconsul's decisions are not subject to review by the President (though the President is expected to be involved), they are subject to ratification by the Senate, which can either accept the Proconsul's recommendations or refuse them.

Due to his extensive diplomatic history and familiarity amongst most major nations of the First Gigaquadrant, the first Proconsul is Aedanius "Apollo" Cretacea, the former President of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the organiser of the Cyrandia Conference, making him the first individual to organise such a summit which could have easily fallen into chaos. Apollo currently also serves as the official ambassador to Rambo Nation, living amongst his long-time allies in the Royal Palace of Empress Ramashe with his two children and extended family.



The conference in full swing.

The New Cyrannian Republic was formed in the year 03 NE during the monumental Cyrandia Conference, a great summit attended by many of the greatest powers of both the Cyrandia Cluster and the First Gigaquadrant. In the past, many feared that a return to the democratic ways of the United Republic of Cyrannus would irk the wrath of the Cluster's most powerful civilisation, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, but these doubts were swept aside when the Empire itself agreed to peace talks with members of the New Republic movement. However, in the months after the conference, tensions continue to rise between the New Republic and the Empire with many fearing that the Empire allowed the Republic to be reformed for their own nefarious goals. Both the Imperial and Republic governments deny these allegations.

Within the first few weeks of the Republic's existence, diplomatic relations were established with many of the Gigaquadrant's powers, including the Indoctrinate Collective and the Delpha Coalition of Planets, themselves strong allies of the Old Republic who were only too glad to extend a hand of friendship to the Republic. Most importantly however was the continuation of the so-called "Special Relationship" between the Republic and Rambo Nation due to a technicality discovered by Senator Chuinaylia of the Rambo Senate, which came to a unanimous agreement that the alliance with the United Republic of Cyrannus continued with its successor.


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The Republic organises its relations based on the location of the empire in question.

Cyrannus Galaxy Edit

One of the Republic's home galaxies; Cyrannus is a vast system of stars with a countless array of civilisations. Due to the orderly nature of many of these civilisations, it is often referred to as the Galaxy of Order, something the inhabitants of the Republic are proud to contribute to.

Civilisation Leader Capital Government Type Ambassador Formal Relations Began State of Relations
Cognatusi Flag
Cognatus Empire
Unknown Cognalorilos Theocracy N/A N/A A powerful zealot empire in the Unknown Regions. Though dangerous and aggressive, their peaceful relations with the Rambo gives us hope that we can get along in the future.
CAS Flag
Confederacy of Free Planets
Taros Cassynder None Democratic republic (de jure)

Military dictatorship (de facto)

N/A N/A The remnant of the Confederacy of Allied Systems seeking to implement a galactic government. Their motives towards us is unknown.
Galactic Empire of Cyrannus
Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon Orbispira Constitutional Monarchy (de jure)

Autocracy (de facto)

N/A 03 NE The Empire is among our top three trade contacts. However, this is due to our proximity rather than friendly political relations. They seem intent on ensuring their continued dominance in Cyrannus and are stringent when it comes to Republic expansion into the Unknown Regions. However, despite these cold relations, our cultural similarities make us unwilling partners in determining pan-Cyrannus affairs.
Troodontid Empire2
Troodontid Empire
President Draikon Solaris Republic Ambassador Severius 03 NE A small, but highly advanced empire native to Cyrannus. The Troodontid Empire have much to be admired, such as a strong, noble democratic government led by a Senate and the honourable President Draikon and we are pleased to call them our galactic neighbours.

Quadrant GalaxiesEdit

Civilisation Leader Capital Government Type Ambassador Formal Relations Began State of Relations
Flag Rambo Nation
Rambo Nation
Supreme Empress Ramashe Serindianiliae Constitutional Monarchy Proconsul Apollo 11 BNE A special relationship exists between the New Republic and Rambo Nation. Due to a technicality, a new alliance didn't need to be formed and the alliance the URC held with Rambo Nation is still seen as legitimate by both the Rambo Senate and the New Republic Senate. The Nation is currently a protectorate of the Cyrannian Empire and we will aid our Rambo allies in removing this constraint if they ask of it.
Hutter Kingdom Flag
Hutter Kingdom
King Captain Huttelett III Huttlangia Monarchy N/A 03 NE An honourable race of insect-like creatures native to Quadrant 89. The Hutters were among the old Republic's greatest allies during the age of the Cyrandia Alliance. In recent years however, their views on Cyrannians have been tarnished by the actions of the Galactic Empire, which annihilated a Hutter world known as Tigma.

Milky Way GalaxyEdit

Civilisation Leader Capital Government Type Ambassador Formal Relations Began State of Relations
DCP flag 2
Delpha Coalition of Planets
Emperor Wormulus II Mirenton Totalitarian dictatorship Ambassador Ponona 11 BNE The Delpha Coalition of Planets is a living legend in the First Gigaquadrant. Though we certainly do not agree with many of their... ways, we cannot deny that our partnership with the DCP down through the ages has proven to be incredibly strong.
Allied Terran Republic
Council of Humanity Terrae Federal Republic Ambassador Archontas 03 NE A Plazithian superpower that played an instrumental role in both the War of Ages and the New Grox Wars. The Republic is the only human faction we deal with and is within our top three trade contacts.
Indoctrinate Collective
Queen Maryah New Draka Monarchy Ambassador Eviran 03 NE One of our closest allies. The Indoctrinate Collective have been good friends to the Old Republic and the Republic Remnant during the early years of the Dark Times! With their help, we know much more about the Neraida Gigamatrix and of course their involvement in the rescue of Apollo from the Neraida's assimilation.
Drodo Empire Flag
Drodo Empire
Premier Harponis Coron Representative democracy Ambassador Groatu 04 NE A noble and respectable empire that shares our commitment to order and peaceful exploration. We hope our alliance will last for many years and prove beneficial to both our great civilisations.

Andromeda GalaxyEdit

Civilisation Leader Capital Government Type Ambassador Formal Relations Began State of Relations
DIFlag New
Draconid Imperium
Uriel Ultanos Alcanti Constitutional Monarchy Ambassador Rhiltovo 03 NE The Draconid Imperium is a large constitutional monarchy currently led by Paragon Uriel Ultanos native to the Andromeda Galaxy. They have made a great mark on their home galaxy and we commend them for their various actions to ensure that Andromeda remains stable and orderly.
Mardvaeli Flag Emblem
Mardvaeli Republic
President Marton Gracusace Mardvenia Democracy Ambassador Nicolly 04 NE We hope that our prosperous trade relationship leads to new heights for our people, who share much similarities such as a commitment to peace and democracy.


Civilisation Leader Capital Government Type Ambassador Formal Relations Began State of Relations
Tybusen Federation
Prime Minister Mizuko Khalosi Tropicana Republic Ambassador Torex 03 NE An intergalactic power with a strong bond with the republican tradition in Cyrannus. Despite our strong relations, we are wary of their vehemently anti-Imperial stance, which could lead to disaster in Cyrannus and elseware. Nevertheless, we are strong trade and military partners.

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