The worlds of the Borderland Alliance hug the central-eastern boundaries of Coru Secundus.

Apollo: "I was aware that they had grievances, yes, but civil war? Rebellion? Surely they realise that they would be stronger within the Republic than outside it."
Valkistair: "Idealists and fools, logic is alien to them, as are the astropolitical realities of this galaxy. Their worlds are a patchwork, they have a league, but little to hold it together. Still, they control key shipping lanes and trade centres in the galactic east, resources and territories which would prove vital should war come with the Empire. If they leave, I fear the Republic may die."
―Senator Apollo and President Nexarón Valkistair discuss the Borderland Alliance

The Eastern Borderland Alliance is a political faction of the New Galactic Republic of Cyrannus, which first emerged in the closing years of the Cyrannian Cold War. United in mutual beneficence, and in opposition to the current government under President Nexarón Valkistair and the Republic Senate, the Borderland Alliance consists of just under one hundred individual worlds along the Republic's eastern frontier, spread throughout the Cernunnos, Khaidev and Angrenos Sectors.

The Alliance first emerged in the context of the increasingly partisan Republic in the aftermath of the Presidential election of 11 NE, which saw President Valkistair elected to his third term of office and the continued dominance of the Senate by what they considered to be Centrist ideologues. Though initially dismissed by journalists such as Tiaa Garyae as an overly idealist and unpatriotic, the Alliance quickly spread throughout the eastern frontier of the Republic, intensifying their rhetoric to such an extent that some worlds even threatened open secession from the Republic.

Though some Senators such as Tanarr-Nuin of Cernunnos attempted to forge ties between the worlds of the Borderland and those closer to Mou'Cyran and the Core, by 14 NE, the crisis had come to threaten the Republic's security, particularly in light of ever-deteriorating relations with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. President Nexarón Valkistair appointed Senator Apollo of Capricaerón to serve as a mediator between the Borderland Alliance and the Republic government, hoping to bring the disaffected worlds back into the fold. Concurrent to an escalation which included terrorist attacks against Republic military bases in the Angrenos Sector, Apollo discovered during a mission to Rihanae, that the Alliance's threats of secession was the work of manipulation by the Imperial Inquisition, which sought to weaken the Republic's eastern regions, once thought secure against Imperial incursions.

When Apollo and his companions rescued trapped Borderland Senators from Inquisitor Vandalion and the subsequent emergence of the Republic-aligned Aldárae Order, the Borderland Alliance began the process of reintegration into Republic politics. Though hardliners remained, the majority of the Alliance were placated by Apollo's endeavours as well as the revelation from Aldár that the Inquisition was involved in destabilising the region. Nevertheless, to President Valkistair's chagrin, the Alliance did not dissolve. Rather, it pledged to transition into an organisation of like-minded Republic member worlds seeking to end corruption within the Republic Senate.


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