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The New Cyrannian Republic is a member of the Mou'Cyran Accords
"United in the hopes of a better future..."

There is a great cycle in our history. Some generations live with much given, while from others much is expected. We have endured much, but we have emerged victorious. Our rendezvous with destiny is not over. We stand at the gates of a new era! And we stand ready to rebuild our galaxy. Long live the Republic!

- President Apollo, 26 NE[1]

The New Galactic Republic of Cyrannus, commonly referred to as the New Cyrannian Republic or the New Republic, is a federal presidential republic composed of millions of worlds, sectors, federated states and autonomous territories throughout the First Gigaquadrant, centred in the Cyrannus Galaxy. The bulk of Republic territory is located in the Cyrandia Cluster, with significant regions of both Cyrannus and the Quadrant Galaxies governed by the New Republic Senate. In the aftermath of the Second Great Cyrannus War, it is the recognised galactic government of Cyrannus, with the ecumenopolis Orbispira serving as the Republic's capital.

With the contiguous Republic territories in Cyrannus spanning over 178,500 light years, the Republic is the largest civilisation in galactic history, measured by both total astrographical extent and population. Considered to be a veritable beacon of prosperity, the Republic benefited from large-scale immigration from across the Gigaquadrant, often along heavily populated hyperlanes which permeate Republic space.

When the Great Cyrannus War ended with the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire, various groups immediately sought to restore the Republic and reestablish democratic rule over Cyrannus. Led by former URC President Apollo, various Republic remnants ultimately unified, establishing the New Republic, with recognition from the Imperial government, on Concordia in 3 NE. The subsequent rapid expansion of the Republic led to conflict with the Rihanae Pact and the Icolian Assemblage, though both factions were defeated by the resurgent power of the Republic Navy. Emerging from conflicts such as the New Cyrandia Wars and the Neraida War as a Gigaquadrantic hyperpower, the Republic faced intense opposition from the Empire, leading to the end of a period of detente and the outbreak of the Cyrannian Cold War, which subsequently erupted into the Second Great Cyrannus War in 15 NE.

With much of the government destroyed during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, the Republic faced collapse, and despite weathering civil war sparked by the True Republic, it remained ill-equipped to contend against the Empire, and was forced to surrender during the Fall of the Twelve Worlds in 17 NE. In the aftermath, the Republic continued to exist as an Imperial puppet government under President Zare'Anne, while a loyalist remnant under President Apollo emerged to continue the war against the Empire. Apollo's faction ultimately emerged victorious due to the intervention of its allies, restoring the Republic during the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds in 20 NE. Subsequently, the Republic liberated the galactic capital Orbispira, defeating Emperor Tyrómairon and becoming the de-facto galactic government, battling the remnants of the Empire prior to its surrender in 26 NE. In the aftermath, the Republic entered a period of reconstruction.

A highly advanced civilisation, the Republic economy is considered to be proto-post-scarcity, characterised by the abundance of essential goods motivated by a free market capitalistic system animated by individual freedom and liberty. A founding and leading member of the Mou'Cyran Accords and the United Gigaquadrantic Alliance, the New Republic is also a member of the Universal Trading Union, the Lianna Initiative, the Grand Three, the Onuris Alliance and the Seven Starr Alliance. Indeed, the Republic government officially aspires toward ever-closer cooperation between the civilisations of the Gigaquadrant, while the New Republic itself is often referred to as "a centre of peace and progress, a bright beacon of hope in the darkness of space".



As long as we live, the Republic survives.

- Apollo to his followers three days after the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Ianuaria 01 NE

The earliest origins of the New Republic can be traced back to the dawn of galactic civilisation in Cyrannus, sparked by the ancient Praesator Apollóe Cyran'nus' pioneering ambition to forge "a Republic greater than distance or time". The aspiration to establish democratic governance over the civilised peoples of the cosmos, a term dubbed the "Cyrannian Imperative" continued to influence the formation of subsequent galactic governments such as the Federation of United Worlds and the United Galactic Republic of Cyrannus, with the New Republic styling itself as the direct successor of the latter.

Ever since the days of the First Republic in eons past, democracy as been at the heart of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Throughout the millennia, this would earn Cyrannus the soubriquet of the "shining light of democracy" helped in no small part due to the efforts of the United Republic of Cyrannus in the period of First Gigaquadrantic history characterised by the demonic attacks of the Xhodocto and aggression from extragalactic empires such as the Imperial Alliance. Led by figures such as Fleur Inviere and most famously Apollo, Cyrannus was led into a golden age of peace and advancement unrivalled in the galaxy's modern history.

However, contact with the civilisations of the Quadrant Galaxies would forever change the face of the galaxy. A strong friendship was forged between the United Republic of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation, which ultimately blossomed into the Cyrandia Alliance, an intergalactic organisation designed to provide order and stability to the sprawling expanses of the Cyrandia Cluster. Together, the Cyrandia would fight in a series of conflicts which continue to this day, including the Second Galactic War, the Intergalactic War and finally, the Great Cyrannus War.

During an address on Concordia, Apollo officially proclaims a New Republic.
19 Novemex, 03 NE

Fighting against the secessionist forces of the Confederacy of Allied Systems during the Great War would change the very nature of the Republic. Orchestrated by the mysterious power broker known as Tyrómairon, the Republic would militarise to an extent unseen in galactic history, all in preparation for the inevitable fall. By the end of the conflict, the galaxy was in ruins with both the Republic and the Confederacy desperately fighting to gain an advantage over the other. At the close of 01 BNE, Tyrómairon made his move. In an address before the Republic Senate, the mysterious figure declared the death of the Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, bringing Cyrannus under the "enlightened" rule of a single sovereign.

Republic loyalists led by the ousted President Apollo however, dared to fight back. Throughout what would become known as the Dark Times, various Republic Remnants fought to restore democratic rule to the Cyrannus Galaxy by forging a New Republic from the ashes of the old. Though their trials would be arduous, figures such as Apollo, Apaltar, Mer Mirea and even Ramashe of Rambo Nation were successful in gathering enough support for the Republic's rebirth. At the monumental Cyrandia Conference, the Republic was declared as the legitimate successor of the old, existing in uneasy coexistence with the Empire.

Rise of the New Republic (03 NE - 05 NE)[]

A Nascent Democracy

Immediately after the formation of the New Republic on Concordia on 19 Novemex, 03 NE and the establishment of its government and Senate on Apatalore, the Republic opened diplomatic relations with many civilisations from across the First Gigaquadrant, including the Delpha Coalition of Planets, the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation and most importantly Rambo Nation. Many of the more idealistic senators of the New Republic hoped that reopening relations with the Rambo would lead to the swift rise of a reborn Cyrandia Alliance, though the reality would prove quite different, with many in the Nation distrusting Cyrannians due to the events which led to the creation of the Empire. Nevertheless, a passionate speech by Proconsul Apollo before the Rambo Senate led to Rambo Nation agreeing to restore positive relations with the Republic Senate.

Swift Republic victories in battles such as the Battle of Mou'Cyran in late 03 NE assured citizens that the Republic could defend the galaxy.
40 Neochios, 03 NE

Two months after the foundation of the Republic, Captain Helo Roslia of the Star Destroyer Aeolus discovered a previously uncolonised world in the Coru Secundus region of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Within three weeks, the planet was named Mou'Cyran and was fashioned to become the new capital world of the Republic. The location of the planet however raised tensions in the region, with the Regellis Star Empire, the Jenassian Regency and the Icolian Assemblage all engaging the Republic in border conflicts during this period. Despite these conflicts, it was noted by political analysts that they ultimately proved favourable to the nascent government, with the swift Republic victories over the Icolians and Regellians in particular reassuring citizens who doubted that the peace-loving Republic could defend the galaxy.

By the beginning of 04 NE, the fledgling Republic government sent diplomatic envoys to thousands of neutral worlds throughout the Cyrandia Cluster, with many joining the new Cyrannian Senate alongside the likes of Achiliquin, Coruaan, Coruanthor, New Capricaerón and Venetia. Those who refused or vied to stay independent would be respected, with President Apaltar stressing in an address to the Senate that "the New Republic is not the Empire. We are a voluntary union dedicated to the common good of the galaxy."

Conflict and Expansion

The year 04 NE was a time of both conflict and expansion for the Republic. In the first month of the year, Proconsul Apollo spearheaded the creation of the Mou'Cyran Accords and the Pax Infinitus Armada, two organisations designed to faciliate Gigaquadrantic protection in the absence of the Seven Starr Alliance. A consequence of the creation of the Accords saw the Republic establishing diplomatic relations with civilisations from all corners of known space, united for their shared committment to order and peace. The capital of Mou'Cyran would become a Gigaquadrantic centre of diplomacy and commerce as a result.

The New Republic was instrumental in fostering peace between the Galactic Empire and the Confederacy of Free Planets during the New Cyrandia Wars.
37 Dekemurios, 04 NE

Simultaneously, the newly formed Rihanae Pact would open a new theatre of the New Cyrandia Wars against the Republic's border colonies, pitting the New Republic Navy against the Pact at key engagements over worlds ranging from Khaidev to Lloannen. However, these conflicts would be overshadowed by the Republic's struggles against far more powerful threats in the form of the Bisistar Domain and the Corruptus. Though successfully rallying their allies to fight in both the Great Battle of Venetia against the Bisistar and the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone in opposition to the Corruptus, both conflicts would hit the Republic's military hard, prompting the creation of a new era of ship designs ranging from the sleek and deadly Phoebus-class Star Destroyer to the massive Liberator-class Star Dreadnought.

Despite these devastating conflicts, the Republic stayed true to its word to promote peace and understanding thoughout the Gigaquadrant, though particularly in the Cyrandia Cluster. Republic diplomats were key in soothing tensions between the Galactic Empire and the Confederacy of Free Planets as well as repairing the strained relationship between its two closest allies, Rambo Nation and the Indoctrinate Collective.

Ending the Conflicts

The New Republic currently has colonies in nearly every galaxy of the First Gigaquadrant, and controls enough star systems to rival portions of the Empire.

- Imperial Captain Mortgrel, Borealis Incident, 05 NE

As the New Cyrandia Wars drew to a close, the New Republic Military began preparations for the final collapse of the xenophobic Rihanae Pact, which had been hounding the Republic since the early months of its existence. Republic agents with Strategic Intelligence worked in the shadows to exacerbate tensions within the Pact through a campaign of sabotage and disinformation, eventually leading to the outbreak of rebellion which gave the Republic the opportunity to deal a death blow to the Pact. With the fall of Rihanae, the Republic turned its attention to strengthening its defences and maintaining its borders in the multitude of galaxies it now inhabited.

The New Republic was one of the many civilisations to aid the Indoctrinate Collective during Project Exodus.
10 Neochios, 05 NE

Emblematic of this period in Republic history was the onset of Cold War between the Republic and the Empire despite joint Republic-Imperial operations against the Bisistar, the Neraida and the Corruptus. In the Borealis Galaxy, shadowy elements of Republic intelligence working in consort with the Polar Crystal Alliance worked to forment rebellion within the Empire's Heleanorian territories, ultimately succeeding in this endeavour with the added benefit of renewed conflict between the Empire and the Cognatus. The Republic's involvement in the Borealis Galaxy increased with their involvement in Project Exodus, when they aided the Indoctrinate Collective in moving all of their Plazithian colonies to Borealis.

Tensions between the Empire and the Republic reached a high-point in Dekemurios 05 NE, when the Cyrandia Resistance attacked the Libertus homeworld of Capricaerón. Simultaneously, the Cyrannian Imperial State hired the services of the Cyrannian Syndicate to provoke a full scale conflict between the two superpowers. The two powers almost came to full scale war before the Syndicate and Imperial State's deception was revealed. In exchange for Republic entry into the war against the Imperial State, the Republic Senate demanded that control over Capricaerón be ceded to the Republic. In a decision that stunned the Cluster, the Empire begrudgingly agreed to do so. Over the next two months, the Republic would launch many successful attacks against the Imperial State, culminating in the Siege of Vasuband, during which the Imperial State and the New Cyrandia Wars came to an end.

Cyrannian Cold War (06 NE - 15 NE)[]

The year following the collapse of the Imperial State was one of prosperity and growth for the New Republic, which saw the ascension of various major powers throughout the Cyrannus Galaxy to Republic membership. The Republic would also continue to pursue the resurrection of the Cyrandia Alliance, attempting to rebuild relations with Quadrantia powers in joint operations such as the Concordian Liberation. Three months into the year, Republic-Imperial relations would collapse in the aftermath of the disastrous Conference of Daeohre'eri, during which the Imperial delegation callously asked the Republic to swear fealty to the "rightful galactic government".

President Nexarón Valkistair makes his inaugural address to the people of Republic City.
3 Ianuaria, 08 NE

Fallout from the Conference would lead to the beginning of the Cyrannian Cold War, a reality quickly followed by the Republic's escalation of anti-Imperial activities throughout the Gigaquadrant. In 06 NE, the Republic and many other civilisations from across the Gigaquadrant, were instrumental in forming the United Gigaquadrantic Alliance, an intergovernmental alliance formed to ensure that peace is maintained in the Gigaquadrant. Noted Republic diplomat Athan Apostila was present at the signing of the Gigaquadrantic Concordance which created the organisation and was later made acting President of the Alliance for the first year of its operation on Station Halcyon.

The Republic government expressed hope that the Alliance would foster increased cooperation between all elements of the Gigaquadrantic community and was particularly pleased when the Republic was unofficially considered the legitimate galactic government of Cyrannus, due the Empire's refusal to join the Alliance as well as growing tensions between the Imperials and extragalactic powers such as the Draconid Imperium.

New President, New Threats

We, as a Republic, know the truth that democratic government shall always triumph over oppression, that we as a civilisation are bestowed with the innate capacity to protect all of our people against threats once considered insurmountable, to solve problems once considered unsolvable, to defend those once considered beyond our reach.

- President Nexarón Valkistair during his inaugural address, 08 NE

The Republic political arena was thrown into flux in 07 NE when President Apaltar announced that while he did not feel comfortable leaving office during the fraught Cold War with the Empire, it was time to step aside to allow other leaders with new ideas to come to the forefront. A popular leader, Apaltar did not endorse any one of the candidates in the run-up to the election, which was ultimately won by Nexarón Valkistair of Caelis'caeri. The first Trucinex to hold such a high position in the Republic, Nexarón Valkistair began his term by offering his political opponents a position in his cabinet, hoping to promote unity within the Republic in the face of the ever-growing threat of the Empire. The first test of Nexarón Valkistair's presidency would be the unexpected threat posed by the Loron faction known as Da Rogue Boyz, which had attacked a Republic colony in Cyrannus. Nexarón Valkistair responded by calling for a session of the Council of the Mou'Cyran Accords, which resulted in the formation of a coalition led by the Algolurn Popular Republic against the threat. Nexarón Valkistair's first state visit took him to the Rambo Capital, which had been devastated by the Galvarus superweapon.

Neraida War

Assimilation is now irrelevant. Prepare for annihilation. Your cities will burn. Your planets will be sundered. Your civilisation will be terminated. We are the Neraida. We are coming.

- Aedanius II of Neraida

In the early months of 09 NE, the outer Republic colony of Ithirebor was destroyed by the Neraida Gigamatrix, which launched a vicious attack against the Republic in what would become known as the Neraida War. The opening stages of the conflict saw the fall of several more Republic colonies, as the Republic military struggled to defend against the highly advanced Neraida host. Though the war first seemed dire, costly Republic victories on worlds such as Cernunnos and Mou'Llhei rallied the populace under the decisive leadership of President Nexarón Valkistair. On Coruanthor, Proconsul Athan Apostila rallied many of the Republic's allies to form a coalition against the invading cyborgs. To the Republic's surprise, even the Jenassian Regency and the Regellis Star Empire, joined the alliance—their mutual hatred for the Neraida uniting them against a common threat. However, even the combined efforts of these allies would fail to prevent a massacre at the Concordian Nebula, when a vast Neraida fleet was found to emerge from a intragalactic wormhole linking to Neraida space. Fifty thousand allied personnel died in what became known as the Massacre of the Nebula.

The Republic and their allies fight against the Neraida during the closing battle of the Neraida War.
40 Novemex 09 NE

The vast Neraida fleet responsible for the massacre went on to besiege many Republic worlds, both close to the Nebula and thousands of light years away, such as Venetia. Desperate not to lose the adopted homeworld of the Ermitant, the Republic military rallied to the defence of the peaceful world. The Venetian Campaign would be the largest ground battle of the war thus far, taking place over the course of three months and causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians and soldiers alike. When the battle had ended, the Republic won a hard-earned victory. A turning point in the war would be the decisive Defence of Angrenos, when Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea led a vast allied fleet to victory over the primary Neraida horde through the use of an experimental new weapon system developed by the former Neraida drone Selanius. The new weapon incinerated a vast portion of the Neraida fleet, though the apparent leader of the invasion—Aedanius II of Neraida—fled the battle, later attacking Coruanthor, before being forced back to Neraida space, where the menace would finally be destroyed.

End of the Cold War

With the end of the Neraida War, the New Republic began the Pathfinder initiative with Rambo Nation, with the intent to stake out claim to the Unknown Regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy, where colonisation had been rendered impossible due to the dark shadow of the Gigamatrix. During these explorations, the Republic established thousands of new colonies far beyond the watchful eyes of the Empire, coming into contact with new civilisations such as the Ecclessoth Convocation, as well as discovering new Oikoumene spheres. During this period, the Republic officially allied with the newly formed Aldárae Order, whose members swore to defend the Republic against the rising threat of the Empire. Indeed, with tensions rife between the Empire and the Republic, border skirmishes between both factions became common along the Neutral Zone, though neither government declared such incursions as acts of war, both seeking to bide their time until the proper moment. However, when evidence reached the Aldárae that the Empire were planning on deploying the power of the Ecimaex Wall against the Republic, High Command began formulating plans for the destruction of the superweapons, leading to the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall—the first battle of the Second Great Cyrannus War.

Second Great War (15 NE - 26 NE)[]

Our languages lack the requisite words to describe the level of destruction that has been visited upon us. Today, as I relay this information to the Gigaquadrant, the cinders of Mou'Cyran burn and scatter across the stars, while our great democracy lies decapitated. Our very way of life has been attacked, our hopes for the future, our freedoms and liberties, by a despicable enemy capable of unquantifiable depths of evil.

- Senator Ramdard Ramthrace

Simultaneous to the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall, numerous events occurred in close succession. On Mou'Cyran, President Valkistair and the Senate received an official transmission from the Empire, which demanded they sign the P'ax Cyrannica Concordat, and thus renounce support for the Mou'Cyran Accords, the Aldárae Order and the Cyrandia Resistance, as well as significant territory demands including all Republic systems in the Core. Some within the Senate wished for the treaty to be signed, fearing that a refusal would spark a galactic war from which there could be no victory.

The Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation destroys Mou'Cyran, sparking the Second Great Cyrannus War
39 Ianuaria, 15 NE

Such arguments evaporated as quickly as the Mou'Cyran system, however, when the Empire burned away the capital, the Senate, Republic Command and the Presidency in a single moment. Across the galaxy, the Empire emerged from an era of relative peace with a fully mobilised and mechanised military and thus, the galaxy was engulfed in a new galactic war. In the chaos that followed, Apollo was selected by the surviving members of the Senate to serve provisionally as President and moved the capital to Capricaerón.

When the Empire launched lightning strikes into Republic territory during the Coru Secundus campaign, the shattered Republic struggled to mount an effective defence, with world after world falling to the Empire's superior might. Simultaneously, contact was severed between the Capricaerón government, the Surdana Sector and the Republica Elen'Nanethia, as more and more rose to challenge Apollo's leadership. Though the Coru Secundus campaign ultimately ended in a decisive Republic victory at the Battle of Coruanthor, tensions from within exploded in the form of the New Republic Civil War, during which Praesator Adelheidis declared the formation of a True Republic in opposition to Apollo. She was aided in this endeavour by High King Rambert Ramveral of Rambo Nation, who betrayed Apollo's government and took up arms against it. However, faced with the combined force of the New Republic's allies, the True Republic was pushed back to the Quadrants, where it soon fell to the Empire.

The New Republic starfleet struggles to push back the Empire during the Fall of the Twelve Worlds.
21 Martex, 17 NE

The Republic, aided by the Aldárae Order and the Saviki Void Combine, redirected their efforts to defeat Rambert, who was revealed to have been corrupted by Mar-Júun. Though the High King was defeated, his death prompted the Empire to seize control over Rambo Nation, dissolving the proud government and securing almost total control over the Cyrandia Cluster. Upon Mar-Júun's defeat at the Battle of Vasuband, the Republic was forced to contend with a revitalised Empire, which annihilated Republic fleets at the Second Battle of Lianna and the Battle of Cianbur, before moving to capture the Twelve Worlds themselves.

With the full force of the Imperial Navy, the Empire besieged the Calithilaen system, concentrating their forces on seizing the capital Capricaerón. There, Apollo's administration struggled to maintain control over the battle, though with the aid of Kara Inviá and Aoirtae Valaeris, they were able to escape the Empire's clutches. In the aftermath, Senator Zare'Anne, whose knowledge had made the invasion possible, was appointed President by his Imperial masters, and forced to sign a document of unconditional surrender known as the P'ax Cyrannica Concordat. On the fringes of Calithilaen, Apollo and his supporters, bolstered by the remaining vessels of the Grand Republic Fleet, formed the New Republic Remnant—aspiring toward the restoration of the free Republic and the defeat of the Empire.

The Republic Remnant took up residence on the distant world of Harborage, which fell under attack by Grand Admiral Tector Decimius in 20 NE. Though the Remnant faced extinction, the timely arrival of the Aldárae Order turned the tide, resulting in Decimius' death and the beginning of a galaxy-wide insurrection against Imperial forces. Strengthened by allies such as the Revanchists and a coalition of its extragalactic partners, the Republic Remnant launched Operation Liberty, seeking to overthrow Zare'Anne's government and restore the legitimacy of the New Republic.

The battle for control of Cyrannus rages in the skies above Orbispira.
Ianuaria 34, 20 NE

During the subsequent Liberation of the Twelve Worlds, Zare'Anne was killed and his government collapsed, allowing Apollo to re-establish the New Republic as an independent government. With Imperial fleets massing in the Inner Rim in retaliation, Apollo tasked his allies in the Singularim Pact to open a second front against the Empire, while the Republic and its allies launched a daring strike at the heart of the Empire; Orbispira. The subsequent Great Battle of Orbispira was the largest battle in the galaxy's long history, and while the Republic faced heavy losses, the intervention of the Oikoumene Apolithanatár, Chaneonix and Libraé resulted in the defeat of Tyrómairon and ending the battle in a decisive Republic victory.

With the galactic capital in Republic hands, Apollo's government swiftly moved to capitalise on the chaos within the Empire, and for the next five years, the New Republic fought to liberate the entire galaxy from the flailing remnants of the Empire, which fractured between competing warlords vying for the vacant Imperial throne. By 26 NE, the Republic had grown to surpass the Empire at its height, and stood poised to achieve total victory against the Imperial remnants. Thus, Henera Medé surrendered to the Republic on Orbispira, marking an end to the war and the beginning of a period of galactic peace and reconstruction under successive New Republic governments.

A Galactic Republic (26 NE - )[]

Apollo speaks before the people of the galaxy at the conclusion of the Second Great War.
Ianuaria 10, 26 NE

There is a great cycle in our history. Some generations live with much given, while from others much is expected. We have endured much, but we have emerged victorious. Our rendezvous with destiny is not over. We stand at the gates of a new era! And we stand ready to rebuild our galaxy. Long live the Republic!

- President Apollo, 26 NE[1]

Light shone from Orbispira once more, with the Republic Presidency and the Galactic Senate re-establishing themselves following the planet's liberation during the Second Great War. With peace now reigning throughout Cyrannus, the Republic began to rebuild a galaxy ravaged by decades of war and oppression. From the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim, the banners of the Republic flew once more, and while it would face many challenges, the subsequent period of Republic rule would be considered by historians to be a Golden Age in galactic history, during which the New Republic stood poised to inaugurate an era of prosperity that would exceed that of the ancient First Republic of eons past.

Government and Politics[]

The Republic has been the centre of peace and progress, a bright beacon of hope in the darkness of space.

- Empress Ramashe

The New Republic is a federal representative republic with executive power being vested in a President and legislative power in the New Republic Senate. When elected by a majority in the Senate, the President chooses a cabinet made up of the Vice President and the heads of each of the executive departments of the Republic's government, which remains in power until it loses the support of the Senate, at which time a new President and cabinet will be elected.

Though the New Republic styles itself as the legitimate successor of the United Republic of Cyrannus, the Federation of United Worlds and the First Republic, when it was initially established in 03 NE, numerous changes were made to ensure that the failures of democracy which portended the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus would not be repeated. Nevertheless, during the early months of the New Republic, it used the Constitution of the United Republic as the basis of how its government would be structured, with President Apaltar exercising many of the same powers as President Apollo had during the Great Cyrannus War. Over time however, a constitutional convention on Apatalore debated vigorously on how this New Republic would be distinguished from the old. The position of Proconsul was ratified early in the Republic's existence, who would act as the chief diplomat and ambassador at large, representing Republic foreign relations while the President dealt primarily with domestic concerns. The powers of the Proconsul were wide during Apollo's tenure in the position, though became somewhat limited under Athan Apostila, who held the position during the Valkistair Administration, largely due to his political differences with the hawkish Trucinexi president.

Apollo, the third President of the Republic, in his office on Capricaerón in 15 NE.

Similarly, the Galactic Senate of the New Republic proclaimed itself to be the legal continuation of the Senate of the United Republic and in so doing, rejecting the legitimacy of the Imperial Senate on Orbispira. Unlike the Imperial Senate, however, the congress of the New Republic would enjoy considerably greater legislative power than that under the United Republic, while more powerful checks on corruption were imposed to prevent the rise of separatist movements akin to the Confederacy of Allied Systems within the New Republic's outer systems. However, during the Valkistair Administration, the Senate became mired in partisanship, between the Centrists, the Reformists and the Federalists, each with a radically different vision for the Republic. These divisions continued to intensify throughout the Cyrannian Cold War, leading to political gridlock and talk of secession in the Eastern Borderland Alliance. However, by the end of the Cold War, rising tensions with the Empire resulted in the Senate embracing unity in the face of a common threat.

However, when the Second Great War began amidst fire and ash in the Mou'Cyran system, the government was utterly shattered. With Valkistair and the vast majority of the Senate dead, continuity of government came into effect, resulting in Apollo of Capricaerón being sworn in as President, with the Twelve Worlds as the new capital. However, in the outlying regions of Republic space, rival Praesators and surviving Senators began to plot against what they considered to be Apollo's powergrab, thus crippling the Republic to the point of almost certain collapse. Though these internal divisions would be put to rest with Capricaerón's victory in the New Republic Civil War, the Empire's brazen invasion of the Twelve Worlds resulted in the traitorous Zare'Anne to surrender to Imperial forces, serving as a puppet President for three years, until Apollo liberated Capricaerón in 20 NE. President Apollo would continue to serve as President for the duration of the Second Great Cyrannus War, and was succeeded upon the war's conclusion for Kyrsá Nimrais of Mandatine, who presided over the reconstruction of a galaxy ravaged by war.

Executive Branch[]

Seal of the Office of the President of the New Republic.

I, Nexarón Valkistair of Caelis'caeri, do now avow and affirm that I take the Office of the President of the New Galactic Republic of Cyrannus, and that I will protect and defend the sovereignty of the Republic with every fiber of my being.

- Nexarón Valkistair taking the oath of office during his inauguration, 08 NE

Executive power in the New Republic is vested in a democratically elected President, who functions as the head of government and the head of state. Presidential candidates are selected by the Republic Senate and then put to popular vote among the people. If a President resigns or is killed while in office, the Vice President assumes power and serves out the remainder of the former President's term. A President's term lasts two standard Cyrannian years and can be renewed indefinitely. When elected, the President will choose an executive cabinet made up of the heads of the various departments of the Republic government and a Proconsul, who serves as the chief diplomat. For short-range interplanetary travel, the President travels via special Presidential Shuttles while for interstellar and intergalactic travel, the President uses the civilian ship Colonial One.

The first President of the Republic was Apaltar, an Apationagtus Count who led the Republic in Exile during the Dark Times. Elected in 03 NE by the first sitting of the New Republic Senate, Apaltar would serve for two consecutive terms, which saw the Republic rise to new heights of Gigaquadrantic influence. The former President of the United Republic of Cyrannus, Apollo, served as Apaltar's Proconsul, having a hand in the creation of many organisations such as the Mou'Cyran Accords and the United Gigaquadrantic Alliance, as well as the restoration of many of the relations that the old Republic enjoyed but were severed by the Empire when it rose at the close of the Great Cyrannus War.

When he declined to run for a third term, Apaltar opened the playing field of the Presidential Election of 07 NE, which was eventually won by Senator Nexarón Valkistair of Caelis'caeri. A powerful and decisive figure, Nexarón Valkistair appointed a cabinet of consisting of his former political rivals in order to ensure stability in the Republic during the dark days of the Cyrannian Cold War. Apollo's successor as the Proconsul of the Republic Senate was Athan Apostila – former President of the Gigaquadrantic Alliance – a noted diplomat and a crafty negotiator. The Valkistair Administration presided over a golden age for the New Republic, despite the Neraida War and the Eastern Borderland crisis, though it was utterly destroyed during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm. In the aftermath, President Apollo was sworn in, with former Senator Ramdard Ramthrace as his Vice President. Apollo's government led the Republic through many challenges in the Second Great War, overcoming both Imperial invasion and civil war from greedy rivals such as Adelheidis and Zare'Anne.

Apollo would serve as President for the duration of the Second Great War, presiding over the Republic's expansion from a handful of sectors in Coru Secundus and the Core, to a galactic hyperpower after the Great Battle of Orbispira, capturing much of Imperial space in the process. When the war ended in 26 NE, Apollo was succeeded by the famed Osteolan diplomat Kyrsá Nimrais, whose administration was tasked with reconstructing a galaxy ravaged by war.

Notable Presidents[]

Portrait President Major Achievements

22 Neochios, 44 BNE –
(aged 59 in 15 NE)

World of Origin: Apatalore

Vice President: Rashmiya Washnan
Proconsul: Apollo

9 Novemex, 03 NE – 2 Ianuaria, 08 NE
Re-elected: 05 NE
  • As President, Apaltar worked to restore the legacy of the United Republic of Cyrannus through the New Cyrannian Republic, reclaiming it from the Empire and ensuring that the democratic tradition of Cyrannus could endure.
  • Apaltar's Presidency was largely considered a success, elevating the Republic from a handful of colonies to burgeoning intergalactic superpower. Some detractors claim that he was overshadowed by the endeavours of Proconsul Apollo, which included the creation of the Mou'Cyran Accords, though the President had an equally key role in its inception.

Portrait President Major Achievements

Nexarón Valkistair
1 Martex, 39 BNE – Ianuaria 39, 15 NE
(aged 54)

World of Origin: Nexios

Vice President: Ryn Arocáa
Proconsul: Athan Apostila

2 Neochios, 08 NE - Ianuaria 39, 15 NE
Re-elected: 09 NE · 11 NE · 13 NE
  • A decisive President, Nexarón Valkistair enjoyed far-reaching executive power during his Presidency, which in turn led to less support in the Senate when compared to his predecessor.
  • He was celebrated for his leadership during the Neraida War, regarded by historians as his finest hour, and for weathering threats from the Loron and the Cognatus Empire, as well as Imperial incursions.
  • Valkistair was killed on Mou'Cyran, along with his cabinet and much of the Senate, at the beginning of the Second Great War.

Portrait President Major Achievements

(aged 46 in 15 NE)

World of Origin: Capricaerón

Vice President: Ramdard Ramthrace
Chief of Staff: Jeron Isaruan
Press Secretary: Reneé Valentae
Special Adviser: Naelys Valraenos

Ianuaria 40, 15 NE – Ianuaria 10, 26 NE

Portrait President Major Achievements

Kyrsá Nimrais
MARTEX 29, 34 BNE –
(aged 60 in 26 NE)

World of Origin: Mandatine

Vice President: Amirtae Buroa

Ianuaria 10, 26 NE - Ianuaria 10, 34 NE

  • Was elected in the Presidential Election of 25 NE, during the closing stages of the Second Great War. With victory guaranteed, her policies of reconstruction and postwar prosperity won widespread support.
  • Nimrais' administration was the first to take place during an era of galactic peace, allowing her to focus on domestic issues and government reform in planning since the days prior to the Cold War.

Legislative Branch[]

The Seal of the New Galactic Senate.

It is important to remember that neither the President or the Senate is the true leader of the Republic, but rather the people who vote them in.

- Sola Naberraé

The Galactic Senate is the legislature of the restored Republic. Formed in 03 NE, the Senate styles itself as the successor of the Congress of the United Republic of Cyrannus—officially denouncing the legitimacy of the entirely ineffective Imperial Senate based on Orbispira. Headquartered in the New Republic Capitol Tower in Republic City, Mou'Cyran, the Senate exerts considerable authority on the direction of the democratic superpower, to both the benefit and detriment of the Executive Office of the President.

The Senate is comprised of one senator from each member state of the Republic, which is chosen by the popular vote of the population and ratified by the leader of the respective state. Each senator is given a single vote regardless of their representative populations, which—in theory—promotes equality between the Senate's members. In reality, worlds such as Coruanthor, which consist of many trillions of individuals are considerably more influential than a low-population world such as Venetia. Considered to be a more deliberative and effective body when compared to the Senate of the URC, the leadership of the Senate constantly works to ensure that the mistakes and corruptions found in the body's predecessor are not repeated. Nevertheless, the Senate is not without partisan gridlock.

The Senate Tower on Orbispira housed the Republic Senate since 20 NE, as it had for millennia beforehand.

During the Cyrannian Cold War, three main political groups emerged with vastly divergent ideas on the future of the Republic. The Centrists, the largest of the three, believe that the Republic should act with a more forceful hand against the Empire and the Republic's enemies. The Reformists, believe that the Republic should be reformed to more closely resemble the Federation of United Worlds, thus providing greater levels of autonomy to member states. The Federalists are generally inspired by the United Republic of Cyrannus, seeking to restore a galactic republic with sovereignty over the free peoples of the galaxy.

Most members of the Senate were killed in 15 NE, when the Empire destroyed Mou'Cyran with the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation. However, a group including Roth Caesenn, Amirtae Buroa, Ramdard Ramthrace and the future President Apollo happened to be on Aldár at the time, while other senators such as Zare'Anne and Aneen Daerethal were on their respective homeworlds. In the aftermath of the Cataclysm, Apollo sought to establish a new Senate on Capricaerón, though his efforts were hampered by the Republic Day Attacks, which further eroded public confidence in the Republic's ability to defend itself. However, an interim Senate had been established by 17 NE, becoming a hotbed of rebellion during the era of the Occupied Republic. The Senate's independence was restored with the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds in 20 NE, and it subsequently was moved to the ancient Senate Tower on Orbispira, following the planet's liberation. After the war with the Empire ended, the Senate would become the largest legislative body in galactic history, with the period of galactic reconstruction and postwar harmony fostering spirits of nonpartisanship and effective governance.

Society and Culture[]

The New Cyranian Republic is a vast intergalactic power spanning the Gigaquadrant and thus, it boasts a diverse culture and society inculcating elements from saurian species such as the Libertus and even truly alien races such as the shapeshifting Pseudomorphs. However, member states of the Republic tend toward a generally liberal attitude, reflecting the broad spectrum of pan-Gigaquadrantic cultures joined under the Republic Constitution. As a veritable beacon of peace and progress, the citizens of the New Republic enjoy exceptionally high standards of living in which issues such as poverty, hunger and disease are long extinct.

The Libertus are the most common, though by no means the only, species in the Republic.

The New Republic is a melting pot consisting of thousands of different species. Like the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Confederacy of Allied Systems, the majority of the Republic's population consists of Libertus, a species native to the Twelve Worlds. However, the Libertus are far from the only inhabitants in the Republic, with other notable species including the Apationagtus, the Mon Nahdar, the Andormaru and the Trucinex. However, these species are only a small handful of the multitude of races that call the Republic their own. In the Republic, no gender-based discrimination is present in the Republic, with no restrictions or expectations placed on the citizenry due to their gender. This has resulted in the military, government and other branches of New Republic society being equally made up of both males and females. Similarly, no discrimination exists based on sexual preference, with heterosexual and homosexual relationships viewed equally in culture and in law.

The New Republic, like its predecessor has an incredibly diverse culture thanks to a liberal attitude toward the arts due to the sheer volume of alien cultures which vary from the more traditional Libertus culture to distinctly more alien hivemind-like communities. Unlike the Empire, which is known to suppress any art deemed to be anti-Imperial, the Republic is not severe in censorship and embraces art and culture not only from Cyrannus but from across the Gigaquadrant. Like the Empire, the New Republic has access to the HoloDomain, a vast network containing a near omniscient connection of information that provides the citizens of the Republic with news, instant communication across the Gigaquadrant and entertainment. Unlike the Empire however, the HoloDomain is not the subject of invasive surveillance.

Music is an important aspect of life in the New Republic with a great deal of genres being popular with citizens, though traditional Capricaerónian classical music remains as popular as ever, with the official anthem of the Republic being a Capricaerónian composition composed several centuries ago. The New Republic is also strongly influenced by the cultures of neighbouring civilisations including Rambo Nation, with the consumption of Rambo food and drink being popular in the Republic.


The Republic takes no position on matters of theology, and we permit each citizen to discover its own purpose, as long as the rights of other citizens are not violated.

- Scrolls of Order

Freedom of religion is one of the fundamental rights provided to citizens of the New Republic. Despite the multitude of religions in the Republic, the vast majority of its citizens are either agnostic or atheist. Due to the abundance and influence of the Libertus in the New Republic, the most commonly practised religion is the polytheistic belief in the Thirteen Lords of Caelestes, known as Tredecimism, which has a strong emphasis in the philosophy of eternal return, with "All this has happened before and all of it will happen again" being a key cornerstone of faith in the New Republic. Though Tredecimism has roots in the Libertus of the Twelve Colonies, it has since spread to many other races in the Republic. The second largest belief in the Republic is the worship of the One God, a monotheistic faith similar to the worship of Spode but in a much less fundamentalist fashion. Believers in the One God claim that it is a force of nature beyond good or evil and that all beings have a part to play in life. Another common religion found in the Republic is the belief in the Rambo Gods.


Hyperlanes are the veins which carry the lifeblood of Cyrannus. The Republic, for all of its rhetoric, is not exempt from this one galactic truth.

- Magister Tanor Brumask, TransGalactic Bank of Cyrannus

The New Republic, like the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, subscribes to a quasi-post-scarcity libertarian system in which a form of currency, known as the cubit is used in trade between worlds and sectors. Indeed, much like the Empire, the Republic's economy is based on the shipping hyperlanes which crisscross Cyrannus—of which the most notable is the Republica Run. Originating at the Inner Rim world of Salihnir on the galaxy-spanning Perliama Run, the Republica hyperlane enters Republic space close to Coruanthor, before feeding into the vast economic markets of Cyraband, Coruaan, Mou'Cyran, Mos'Notho before entering the Quadrant Galaxies at Saxhleel.

Coruanthor is one of the most prosperous worlds in Republic space.

Like much of Cyrannus, the Republic's economy is fueled by the standardised use of the Cubit as well as Cyrannian Basic—the de facto first language of the galaxy's bulk. Much like under the United Republic of Cyrannus, extraordinarily powerful galactic conglomerates—of which the TransGalactic Bank of Cyrannus is the most notable—maintain influence over the Senate. The acquisition of material goods is widely considered less important than the primary driving force of an average Republic citizen, namely a desire of self-enhancement and cultural enrichment. Therefore, an individual’s occupation – or lack of one - generally coincides directly with their personal desire to better themselves. This element of choice has been a cornerstone of Cyrannian civilisations for millennia, and is no different under the New Republic, allowing it to become an extraordinarily industrious and productive economic power.

Even massive hyperlanes such as the Republica Run can become congested near busy departure points such as Coruanthor.

Though the Republic may sound like utopia in which everyone is equal, this is not the case. The reality of the New Republic is like that of any democratic civilisation dedicated to liberty above all, some individuals naturally have a higher status in society as others, whether that is the result of election, appointment or even inheritance from one of the planetary governments under the New Republic still exercising a monarchic or aristocratic government. Additionally, the influence of guilds such as the TransGalactic Bank of Cyrannus and the Commerce Alliance over the Republic government is often regarded with suspicion. Thus, true equality does not exist, though equality of opportunity regardless of species or gender is a fundamental tenet of the Republic’s founding document, superseding all governmental decisions of the myriad of civilisations joined under the Republic's economic and governmental system.


Ten years ago, we held but a handful of worlds in the undiscovered reaches of the galaxy. Today, our Republic is one of millions of systems, thousands of species and quadrillions of beings united in our pursuit for the one goal set out by Praesator Cyran'nus nearly fifty millennia ago—a Republic greater than distance or time.

- President Nexarón Valkistair, 13 NE

In the aftermath of the Second Great War, the New Republic's territory includes vast swaths of the Cyrannus Galaxy, from the Core Worlds to the distant Unknown Regions. Including the vast majority of the territory once claimed by the Empire, the Republic is the largest civilisation in Cyrannian history in terms of both astrographical extent and population.

The map of Cyrannus in 26 NE.

The New Cyrannian Republic was formed with most of its key space in the unclaimed territory of Quadrant 82, centred around what was once the Republic in Exile, the loyal democratic colonies that refused to submit to the Empire when the Great Cyrannus War ended. In consultation with the other civilisations of the Cyrandia Cluster at the Concordian Conference, the Republic was allowed to remain in this space and was permitted to set up a permanent capital in the Coru Secundus Region of the galaxy. This planet was eventually named Mou'Cyran, which soon became a great centre of diplomacy to the entire Gigaquadrant prior to its destruction in 15 NE. Important planets considered early members of the Republic included the Libertus homeworld of Capricaerón—considered the cultural heart of Cyrannus—the ecumenopolis of Coruanthor, the old Quadrantia capital of New Capricaerón and the shipbuilding worlds of Coruaan and Scorpiae.

Much of the Republic is divided into federated states with a high degree of internal autonomy, while retaining strong links to the central government. While each state differs significantly in terms of politics and structure, most are governed by a democratically elected Praesator, a regional senate and a judiciary. Though the Praesator's authority is below that of the President of the Republic, he or she has significant executive sway, while serving a largely ceremonial position as the commander-in-chief of the local defence fleet and ensuring that the laws of the state are upheld by the legislature and the judiciary. Amongst the extragalactic territories of the Republic, Republica Elen'Nanethia, in the Quadrant Galaxies, is by far the largest and most prosperous, being the evolution of the Republic-in-Exile, which played a crucial role in the establishment of the Republic in 03 NE. The fastest growing state is Republica Heleanor in the Borealis Galaxy, due to the Republic's prosperous relations with the Polar Crystal Alliance. In addition to these states, sovereign powers such as the Andormaru Empire and the Sovereign Domain of Azuxachor retain a far greater degree of autonomy, though are expected to abide by the President and the Galactic Senate.

Orbispira, the capital of the Republic since 20 NE.

At the nadir of the Cyrannian Cold War, Republic space had grown to encompass vast reaches of space across the Cyrandia Cluster and beyond, stretching from frontier worlds such as Nadir to Core Worlds such as Capricaerón and Apailiana. While the Republic remained a fraction of the size of the Empire, which continued to hold almost the entirety of the galaxy's western reaches, the Republic's expansion into the Unknown Regions—aided immeasurably by the defeat of the Neraida Gigamatrix at the end of the Neraida War—was hindered only by threats such as the Rihanaen Star Empire and the Jenassian Regency, neither of which wished for an armed conflict with the emboldened Republic. Indeed, straddling the Neutral Zone along the Republic's western border, Republic territory had grown to include several sectors in the Core Worlds, the Inner Rim, the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim—exacerbating geopolitical friction between the Republic and the Empire.

After the the Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE, the Republic relocated its capital to Orbispira in a show of continuity with previous galactic governments from the First Republic, the Federation of United Worlds and the United Republic of Cyrannus. Over the course of the next five years, the Republic capitalised on the hyperlanes leading from the ecumenopolis to claim the vast majority of the galaxy's interior, reducing the Empire to a rump state centred around the distant world of Antemurale in the Outer Rim.

Military and Defence[]

Our imperative is to protect our citizens, not to wage war. We attack only as a last resort.

- Willelmus Cretacea

The Military of the Cyrannian Republic (Officially, the Republica Cyrannica'l Regha'sam) is the marshal force of the New Republic, formed soon after the Declaration of the Republic in the fifth month of 03 NE. Consisting of the naval Starfleet, the ground-based Army and the enigmatic New Republic Intelligence, the military is a large though efficient body tasked with the defence of the Republic, the exploration of space and the protection of the Republic's allies. The Republic Navy is the largest and arguably the most important arm of the Republic Military, responsible for the protection of the vast stretches of space under the Republic's banner. However, the Navy places a much heavier emphasis on peaceful exploration than its predecessors and its neighbours, with exploration vessels similar to those used by Rambo Nation being used in deep-space and extra dimensional exploration.


Branches of Republica Cyrannica'l Regha'sam
Name Function Description
NewRepublicFleet.png Republic Navy Space Operations The New Republic Starfleet (also known as the New Republic Navy) is the primary military and exploratory body of the New Cyrannian Republic. The main purpose of the fleet is to provide defense for the Republic against alien threats, to explore the cosmos, to engage in diplomatic relations with new, undiscovered species and to wage war should worse come to worst.
RepublicMilitaryBase.png Republic Army Ground Operations Due to the emphasis that the Republic places on space combat, the Army functions primarily to defend Republic worlds against the threat of attack by a foreign power though it also serves alongside the Navy during planetary invasions or liberations. Though ultimately reporting to the overarching Republic Command and serving at the will of the Senate, the Army is led by General of the Army Anqual Gahan, a Mon Nahdar with a noted hatred for the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.
RepublicIntelligence.png Republic Intelligence Intelligence Gathering An enigmatic and somewhat shadowy organisation, the New Republic Intelligence Service is the largest and most important intelligence agency acting in the name of the New Republic. Officially overseen by the Senate, in truth NRIS is a primarily independent organisation which only ostensibly acts under the supervision of the civilian assembly. Though not as pervasive as its Imperial counterpart, Republic Intelligence is nonetheless a force to be feared.

Foreign Relations[]

"Peace is the child of order and reason." - The Dictum of Republic Diplomats

The New Cyrannian Republic promotes an active foreign policy based on ultimately achieving peace and order within the galaxies of both the Cyrandia Cluster and the outer Gigaquadrant. To do so, once the Republic opens diplomatic relations, the Proconsul will assign an official ambassador who will generally live in the respective empire. In turn, the Republic will recommend the empire it is conducting relations with to also send an ambassador to live in the New Republic. Before any diplomatic relationship can be established, it will first have to be approved by a majority in the Republic Senate. Similarly, before the President has authority to wage war, he or she would need the permission of the Senate.

Notable Treaties and Pacts

Key Relationships[]

Main article: Fiction:Grand Three

The United Republic of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation enjoyed a great alliance the envy of the First Gigaquadrant, known for founding the Cyrandia Alliance together and fighting alongside each other in conflicts such as the War of Ages and the Second Galactic War. When the Republic fell to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, relations between the Quadrants and Cyrannus soured. However, when the Republic was reconstituted as the New Cyrannian Republic in 03 NE, relations between the superpowers began to increase once again, though due to the manner in which the URC was transformed into the Empire, relations remained somewhat tense, especially in the Nation. Unbeknownst to modern times the origins of the special relationship find their true origins in the prehistoric interactions between the Oikoumene and the Atlantica, the protectors of the Cyrandia Cluster. During the New Republic Civil War, under the leadership of High King Rambert Ramveral, Rambo Nation sided with the True Republic against Apollo's government, attacking several Republic worlds in the Quadrant Galaxies and poisoning the atmosphere, beginning a period of open war between the Republic and the Rambo.

In addition to the relationship with Rambo Nation, the Republic also maintains close ties to the Delpha Coalition of Planets, much to the confusion of those who claim that the ideals of the civilisations in question are incompatible. Nevertheless, the Republic government claims that without the DCP, the entire Milky Way Galaxy would have been lost during the Annihilation and that the universe is ultimately safer with the DCP than it would be without. However, the Republic is also quite vocal in its opposition to some of the more dubious aspects of the Coalition's modus operandi in war. As the two largest civilisations in the Cyrannus Galaxy, tensions between the Republic and the Empire were palpable for much of their shared history, eventually resulting in the Cyrannian Cold War, which in turn gave rise to the Second Great Cyrannus War, during which both sides became resolved to utterly destroy the other.

Civilisation Description Attitude Quote
RamboflagII.png Rambo Nation
Former Closest Ally · House Le Rambo are the rightful monarchs · Imperial Puppet
Abysmal under Rambert
"We will end Rambert's reign."
AltDCPInsignia.png Delpha Coalition
Close Ally · Questionably Warlike · Honourable
Somewhat Positive
"We wish them well. We also wish for less brutal imperialism."
ImperialEmblem.png Galactic Empire
Fundamentally Opposed · Open War · Oppressive tyrants
"We will end their stranglehold on the Gigaquadrant."

Intergovernmental Organisations[]

The Republic is an active member of the First Gigaquadrant's community and has a hand in many of the universe's most important intergovernmental organisations. The Republic's sky-rocketing influence in Gigaquadrantic affairs is often attributed to the success of the United Republic of Cyrannus, which had a hand in organising and administering a plethora of organisations including the Cyrandia Alliance, the Seven Starr Alliance, the Universal Trading Union, the Universal Alliance of Nations and the United Defence Network. However, the New Republic has also made a mark of its own, having a hand in the creation of - and a key leadership role in - the Mou'Cyran Accords, a gigaquadrantic behemoth devoted to spreading peace, order and diplomacy into the dark reaches of the First Universal Square. According to many political scientists, the Republic's role in the Mou'Cyran Accords has elevated it to the level of nascent hyperpower, only two years after its inception, much to the displeasure of the Republic's Imperial rivals.

Organisation Policies Attitude Quote
MouCyranAccords.png Mou'Cyran Accords
Neutrality · Peace · Order · Growth
Extremely Positive
"The Gigaquadrant's greatest hope for sustainable peace and order."
UTU Emblem-MushrumKing.png Universal Trading Union
Trade · Cartography · Development · Cooperation
"The venerable market-place of the universe."
SSA Flag.png Seven Starr Alliance
Defence · Protection · War · Arbitration
"Observer status only? After all we have done for the SSA?"
Lianna Initiative.png The Lianna Initiative
Security · Disarmament · Arbitration · Peace
"A new hope in the Quadrant Galaxies."
GigaquadranticAlliance.png Gigaquadrant Alliance
Conciliation · Integration · Arbitration · Cooperation
"A force for order and stability."



We will stand with you.

Good Terms

It's lovely to see you again.

Non-Aggression Pact

Stay within your borders and we'll stay within ours.


We hope we can come to some sort of understanding.


You have committed an act of aggression against us and will therefore be brought to justice.

At war


At first, I truly believed the Empire was the best choice for the galaxy. Order. Power. Peace. I realize now that those were lies to give one man more power then anyone ever should have. While I disagree with some of the Republic's ideologies, I remain firm in my belief that they are the single best hope for our galaxy. They are the rightful galactic rulers.

- Admiral Taraen Hyperion

The existence of the New Republic, in my opinion, highlights just how powerful an idea can be, how much hidden potential is contained inside an intangible concept. The Empire thought the principles upon which the ideals of its predecessors were long gone, stamped out by the fleets of Star Destroyers and its legions of bioengineered warriors. Yet, against all odds, they persevered and once again flourished. Why? Because an idea can never be killed completely. There are those in the Imperial Senate and the Council of Mandators that urge the Emperor to wage war against the Republic, to crush its people underneath our iron boot heels, to turn Mou'Cyran into a barren wasteland, to send Apollo and Apaltar to the spice mines of Vurdon. They are foolish. The Republicans can be destroyed, but the Republic - if only as a whisper, a silent call for democracy, indeed, a thought of democracy- will nevertheless live on.

- Senator Guolivian

A government of the people, by the people and for the people will never perish from this universe.

- Apollo

Let them create their New Republic. It is of no consequence to the Empire!

- Tereyn Aeresius

Cyrandia heretics. Let them all burn!

- Vos Adamae

Irrelevant. Prepare for assimilation.

- Neraida Gigamatrix

They were so optimistic back then. If only they knew what the future held.

- President Le Rambo, circa 1250 NE

Long live the Republic, the shining beacon of democracy in the darkness of space!

- Captain Lorrelas of the TIAF

They persist.

- Xhodocto

All hail democracy!

- Lamenar Reminocles


- Iovera IX

My loyalty stands where it does; I stand for Cyrannus and for my people. And His Eminence was and is Cyrannus's true and only sovereign.

- Commissar Aerlon

They say a second chance allows for one to learn from their past mistakes. Let us hope that this new republic does so to prevent a repeat incident.

- Paragon Uriel Ultanos

Long live the Republic. No matter how many times this detestable Empire attempts to crush it, it will always survive and strive.

- Jerkon

Cyrannus doesn't suck anymore!

- Koluap

The Republic and her people will always be held deep within our hearts.

- Aenoch Colos of the Aekite Union

True upholders of Liberty and Democracy, despite all the things Cyrannus has been through they have endured!

- Marton Gracuscae

Democracy controlled by a high individual. Backed up by a cabinet of willing people. For short; an average "democratic" nation. But, they are above the average medium. They have endured through dark apocalypses and times. Regard them an uncommon above-average empire. Don't even consider attacking what looks like an inferior, it's its outer self you see.

- Antro'divaccro

With our first steps being taken in Cyrannus I'm glad to have them on my side.

- Empress Besta

Little needs to be said, what has not been said before. Their tenacity and perseverance is worthy of any being's respect. My people are happy to stand with them.

- Barda Clett

A desire for peace is not a sigh of weakness, but of the courage needed to move forward to a bright future. It is for this reason our alliance with the New Cyrannian Republic has carried over from our reforms. May peace over come war for as long as the stars may shine.

- Exarch Zuki of the Vanara Houses

The New Cyrannian Republic is not simply a nation, but an idea. It is the bond between us and the people of Cyrannus, and a force for progress, for good or ill. The Republic may fall, but its essence will live forever

- Balbus Marinus



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  • The New Republic is shared between Cyrannian and Dinoman82.
  • The New Republic was in planning since the end of the Great Cyrannus War, but the road leading to it was significantly more violent than the actual series of events.
  • The Republic was reintroduced to the wiki on Sunday, the 21st of July 2013. This is one year, eight months and fifteen days since the fall of the United Republic of Cyrannus.
  • According to polls conducted on Cyrannian's userpage, the Republic was voted the most popular civilisation that Cyrannian created. Additionally, in a poll of 70 people, 55.7% of those who responded claimed that they would side with the Republic over the Empire.
  • Some musical themes of the New Republic include the Republic Theme from Star Wars: The Old Republic, the March of the Resistance from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the Colonial Anthem from Battlestar Galactica, which serves as the canonical anthem for the Republic in-universe.


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