Finally we can reveal ourselves to the Empire, finally we can take the fight to them!

- Sesoka

The War for Capricaerón was a conflict fought during the New Cyrandia Wars between the newly revealed Cyrandia Resistance and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus for control over the Libertus homeworld of Capricaerón and to a lesser extent, the other Twelve Worlds. Though Imperial propaganda would have one believe that the Libertus were almost entirely Imperial, the truth of the matter began to become clear as the Wars progressed, with most sympathising with the New Cyrannian Republic rather than the Empire. Well aware of these sympathies, the Resistance organsied a large fleet with the aim of liberating the once proud beacon of democracy and self-determination.


Capricaerón as an Imperial metropolis.

For centuries, the temperate world of Capricaerón was a beacon of progress, peace and uncorrupted democracy with vast plains of grassland home to countless numbers of majestic wildlife. From this cradle sprung the Libertus, which went on to spread throughout the First Gigaquadrant, fostering a reputation as understanding and peaceful saurians who place a great deal of trust in the ideals of democracy, diplomacy and self-determination. However, opening up to the Gigaquadrantic community brought many risks, leading to the planet coming under siege by the Imperial Alliance during the Second Galactic War, the First Cognatus Empire during the Intergalactic War and the Confederacy of Allied Systems during the Great Cyrannus War. Nevertheless, the natives of the planet rebuilt each time.

However, with the end of the war, the planet found itself near the heart of the newly formed Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, with the intergalactic trade and tourist ships over the cities of Capricaerón replaced by gargantuan Star Destroyers while Imperial flags and emblems dotted each street corner. At first, many welcomed the peace and order brought about by this new Empire, though over time multiple events such as the conquest of Rambo Nation, the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic and the New Cyrandia Wars tipped many Libertus away from loyalty to the Empire and toward a vision of a free Cyrannus. Such attitudes attracted the attention of the newly formed Cyrandia Resistance.

Meeting on the Liberty[]

Deep in space, the Mon Nahdar star cruiser Liberty held position near a gas giant, surrounded by smaller ships made by many different species and factions. Inside the cruiser, a group of individuals had gathered to discuss an event of great importance to the future of the Cyrandia Cluster. The group overlooked a large map of the Cyrannus Galaxy and in particular the Core Worlds, with the system of the Twelve Worlds highlighted. Sitting in his captains chair, the young green-skinned Mon Nahdar Val Niathan sat with his arms folded, listening to the various conversations. Gathered around the map were Sesoka the famed General, Raen Magalen of Capricaerón, Fleur Inviere former President of the United Republic of Cyrannus, Selanius former Caprigrox drone and Rambas II, captain of Rambo Nation. As he looked around, he realised that it was quite an unusual gathering, though also one of great importance, for this was the first meeting of the newly formed Cyrandia Resistance.

General Sesoka was the first to speak.

  • Sesoka: "Gathered allies, friends of old and new-found comrades, I welcome you to the beginning of the future!"
  • Baloa Magalen: "Good to see you all, some of you since before the rise of the Empire. Former President Inviere for instance, quite a surprise to see you here!"

The meeting on the Liberty.

Fleur Inviere nodded in gratitude.

  • Fleur Inviere: "Dire times call for drastic measures!"
  • Val Niathan: "I quite agree! I support the New Republic completely, though at times diplomacy cannot work and a more serious approach is required."
  • Rambas: "President Apaltar is a decent and honorable man, who rather avoids conflict than truly act against the foes of the Cyrandia! He had many oppertunities to bring either the Regellis or the Empire to it's knees or bring back Rambo Nation into the fold. Instead he watched and waited."
  • Selanius: "Now marks the optimal time to begin offensive action."

Magalen interacted with the map, zooming it into the planet Capricaerón, the homeworld of the Libertus.

  • Magalen: "I trust you all know what this planet is?"

Rambas and Fleur looked at each other in confusion, such a possible target could prove problematic, so deep in Imperial space and the "soul" of Libertus culture it ought to be well defended.

  • Magalen: "Judging by your expressions, I take it that you do know. It's Capricaerón, my homeworld, that of Fleur and Selanius and homeworld of the Libertus. We are going to liberate it."
  • Sesoka: "Finally we can reveal ourselves to the Empire, finally we can take the fight to them!"
  • Rambas: "B-but, it is a high profile target, if, and if we can liberate the world how can we keep her so deep within the core territories of the Empire and the vicinity of Orbispira, not to mention the logistic supply lines?"
  • Fleur: "On the other hand, Rambas it would show the weakness of the Empire and our strength!"'
  • Val Niathan: "Magalen has provided us with intelligence on fleet movements and other such information which will allow us to besiege the planet without fear of immediate reprisal. Additionally, our friend Selanius here has assurances that the Empire will ultimately accept our takeover of the system and the handover of power to the Republic."

Fleur smiled, while Rambas nodded in amazement and surprise, convinced that such a bold move might actually work.

  • Fleur Inviere: "As for the supply lines, your station Rambas plays a vital role in it to avoid the Imperial trade routes."
  • Magalen: "Also, it's important to remember that the Empire isn't popular on Capricaerón! I'm sure the civilians will rally to our cause!"
  • Sesoka: "The time and place for diplomacy has passed. Today, we mark the beginning of our struggle and we shall not rest until not only Cyrandia, but the entire Gigaquadrant is free from the yoke of the Empire."

Rambas stood up and raised his fist in the air.

  • Rambas: "FOR CYRANDIA!"

The others gathered rose and did the same, confident that their first victory over the Empire would spark the fire of hope across the galaxy.


Battle of Capricaerón City[]

In Capricaerón City, citizens went about their daily lives in the massive ocean front metropolis, countless species working alongside one another to improve their shared planet. Rising high above the city, vast skyscrapers of gleaming glass rose to touch the white clouds while the sound of nature blended seamlessly with the noises of the bustling city. It was a day like any other. Suddenly however, high above the city, a fleet of ships arrived, baring down toward the metropolis. From the observation platform on the tallest building in the city, one civilian identified the ships as those used in the days before the rise of the Empire, including bulbous Mon Nahdar cruisers and Osteola frigates largely retired by Imperial authorities after cementing their power after the Great Cyrannus War. Also noticeable amongst the ships of the flotilla were Libertus vessels including the Capricorn Star, the personal corvette of the former President Fleur Inviere. However, it soon became apparent that the Empire had noticed too.

The Battle for Capricaerón.

As swarms of ASP Fighters lifted off to meet this new threat, the feminine voice of a Libertus sounded across the city, emanating from the Capricorn Star.

  • Fleur Inviere: "Citizens of Capricaerón, hear me! Today, we fight to liberate this peaceful world from the tyranny of the Empire."

As she spoke, the symbol of the Cyrandia Alliance appeared in screens and holographically all across the city.

  • Fleur Inviere: "I remember a time when things were better on Capricaerón. The Empire promises you order, but think; consider what the Empire has done to your lives, your family and your freedoms. Unless we stand up and fight back, it's only going to get worse. I know many of you are afraid, but we cannot allow that to paralyse us into inaction. We may fear the Empire's strength and their power to crush those who oppose them, but if we all stand up together, they are the ones who will learn to fear us! Everyone, I implore you stand up for your rights as civilised beings and cast down thi-"

The transmission suddenly cut as the Imperial fighters began to engage the Resistance fleet. The blue skies above the city became criss-crossed with red and green lances as ships from both sides began the fight to control the city. Swooping down, the Capricorn Star skimmed over the harbour as it blasted away the smaller ASP fighters while the massive Liberty hovered over the West River, engaged in a deadly broadside with an Imperial frigate. Resistance shuttles soon touched down in key areas of the city, including the plaza outside the former Presidential Pyramid, which was soon captured, the flag of the Cyrandia set flying at full mast. Meanwhile in Downtown Capricaerón City, dogfights between fighters occurred between the skyscrapers while on the streets below, rebel soldiers attempted to down a massive Imperial Walker. The battle would not be an easy win for either side.

Arrival of the Silencer[]

Nirndal watches the Silencer approach Capricaerón.

On the bridge of the Harrower-class Star Destroyer Silencer, Captain Nirndal sat with his claws templed as he overlooked a real-time map showing the Coruannus System, with four bright dots indicating the four stars which made up the system, Heran Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma as well as the myriad of worlds which orbitted them. Using his hands to manipulate the holographic representation of the system, Nirndal zoomed in on Heran Alpha before zooming in further displaying the blue-green image of Capricaerón, as well as the planet Picona which shared its orbit. Wordlessly motioning to his bridge officer, the corona drive of the Silencer was activated, almost instantaneously bringing the mighty warship into low orbit over the Libertus homeworld. Rising from his chair, the Basileus captain folded his hands behind his back as he approached the main viewscreen. The blue hue of the atmosphere was sprawled out below while the planet's terraformed moon Lunasa was just about visible over the horizon. Turning on his heels, Nirndal addressed his officers.

  • Nirndal: "Give me a system-wide status update immediately."
  • Bridge Officer: "Yes, captain. The main bulk of the rebel fleet is concentrated on Capricaerón City though I am detecting sizable rebel fleets above Styx, Canceron, Picona, Virgon and Pandrossos and smaller forces on the other worlds throughout the system."

Nirndal contemplated the situation briefly.

  • Nirndal: "Helm, take us down. We will defeat this rabble by cutting of their head. Plot a course for Capricaerón City."
  • Bridge Officer: "Aye, captain."

The massive Star Destroyer dived beneath the highest clouds like a prowling marine predator, cutting through the white clouds before finally the gleaming blue expanse of the Panthalassic Ocean appeared beneath the Silencer. Skimming over the waves, the Silencer soon arrived over the outskirts of Capricaerón City. Nirndal suspected that it was one of the oldest areas of the city, given the architecture present. On the horizon, the vast skyscrapers on the central island clearly rose into the sky, while the unmistakable outline of Mon Nahdar cruisers held position surrounding the main downtown area.

Nirndal narrowed his eyes.

  • Nirndal: "One of those Mon Nahdar cruisers is no doubt the command ship of these vagrants. Arm the primary weapon and fire immediately."

One of his Libertus bridge officers spoke up.

  • Libertus Officer: "But sir, the destructive yield of the primary weapon would cause undue destruction to the most populated district of the city. I recommend that we instead engage a broadsi-"
  • Nirndal: "If I wanted your opinion subcommander, I would ask for it. My order stands. The rebels have deliberately put their ships in position over that district under the impression that we would hesitate. But we shall not. Fire!"

Unexpected Aid[]

Sesoka watches as the Silencer is disabled.

In his Falcon-class Gunship, General Sesoka launched from the hangar bay of the Liberty just off the southern coast of Republic - now Imperial - Island. The battle below was growing more and more intense with each passing second. From his seat on the gunship, Sesoka could see large Imperial Walkers annihilating anything in their path as they strode down the once peaceful Riverside Boulevard while one of the ancient skyscrapers downtown collapsed under the strain of battle from both sides. As he prepared his blade, Sesoka's eyes widened as a Harrower-class Star Destroyer dropped out of orbit and held position over the Old Capricaerón district of the city, in line to fire on the Liberty and rest of the Resistance flotilla.

  • Sesoka: "Pilot! Identify that ship!"

Interacting with her holocomputer, the pilot called back to the General.

  • Pilot: "The Silencer under the command of Captain Nirndal, general."
  • Sesoka: "It's going to fire its primary weapon!"

Almost as soon as Sesoka spoke, a massive blast from the city's hyperadvanced ion cannon facility erupted into the sky before impacting against the Silencer with full force. Swaying in the air for several moments, the mighty Star Destroyer was disabled and appeared as though it was about to plough into the city. However, to Sesoka's relief, the Silencer instead crashed into the West River in an almighty splash.

Over Sesoka's comlink, the voice of Val Niathan sounded.

  • Val Niathan: "I trust you saw that, General."
  • Sesoka: "I had no idea we had control over the city's super ion cannon."
  • Val Niathan: "We don't. It would appear that the civilians of the city captured the facility almost as soon as President Inviere's speech finished. Magalen will surely be pleased that his constituents share his... thoughts on the Empire."
  • Sesoka: "Excellent, though I doubt the Empire will care if it's shooting at rebels or civilians. We must be cautious."
  • Val Niathan: "Keep in contact, general. This will not be easy."

Soon, the gunship touched down in one of the many plazas of the city. Jumping from the craft, Niathan ignited his blade and sprinted toward the nearest Imperial soldier.

Skirmish in the Streets[]

Imperial Walkers besiege the city.

Leaping into the air, Sesoka landed just behind the Imperial Trooper who was unable to react in time to stop the Tenerensis from plunging his blade into his chest. While holding a blade in one hand, Sesoka unsheathed an energy rifle and used both simultaneously to cut down the attacking Imperial troopers. From the touchdown site in the park on the island's southern tip, Sesoka and his forces, which now included old tanks and walkers scavenged from the time of the United Republic of Cyrannus, made their way into the streets of the city, the skyscrapers of which reminded Sesoka of the vast cannons on his homeworld. Suddenly, the distinctive thud of a heavy Imperial Walker sounded as the gargantuan vehicle smashed through an apartment complex, all the while firing lances of energy on the Resistance troopers.

  • Sesoka: "Concentrate your firepower! On the open plains the walker has the advantage, but here, we do!"

Almost as soon as the words escaped Sesoka's mouth, the walker annihilated two Resistance tanks in a single volley, forcing the troopers to clear the path of the walker. Activating his comlink, Sesoka attempted to communicate with Niathan.

  • Sesoka: "We could use an airstrike here, Val!"

Niathan's voice stuttered through the Imperial interference.

  • Niathan: "No can do, General! I'm coordinating an entire fleet here and I can't spare a single fighter or bomber - We've got our hands full up here!"

Growling, Sesoka happened to look out onto the ruined street in time to see the unmistakable silhouettes of Libertus civilians on the rooftops. Focusing on a female in particular, Sesoka watched as a group of civilians sprinted off the roof of the building and onto the back of the Walker, all the while firing on the thick armour, but to no avail. Smiling, Sesoka turned to a nearby rocket trooper.

  • Sesoka: "Let's give them a helping hand, shall we?"

Nodding, the Ausare troop activated her hyperspatial rocket launcher, causing three low-scale hypermatter warheads to materialise inside the belly of the unshielded walker. A large explosion disabled the walker and caused a large chunk to be blown out onto the street below. While firing on a nearby Imperial squad, Sesoka watched as the civilians jumped into the gaping hole. Within a few moments the walker was reactivated, though it soon became apparent that it Imperials were no longer at the helm. Globes of green energy erupted from the walker before crashing into a nearby Imperial platoon, atomising them.

  • Sesoka: "There may be victory yet."


Unexpected Arrival[]

On the bridge of the Silencer, Nirndal struggled to get to his feet, his face contorted with rage.

  • Nirndal: "Status update. Now!"
  • Bridge Officer: "We have collided with the river sir, significant damage reported across all decks!"

Growling as he stood, Nirndal pushed his navigation officer out of the way and began interacting with the control console. After several moments, the ship began to sputter back to life, slowly rising above the waters of the river and angling toward the rebel flagship Liberty. Turning to his tactical officer, Nirndal spat out his orders.

  • Nirndal: "Get the weapon systems online now! We shall blow that infernal ship out of the sky!"
  • Tactical Officer: "Aya, captain!"

Striding over the viewscreen, Nirndal caught glimpse of an Imperial walker falling under heavy rebel bombardment. The battle was certainly not going well. Muttering to himself, Nirndal continued to watch the city below in disgust.

  • Nirndal: "Where are our reinforcements?!"

Suddenly, an officer called out to Nirndal from behind.

  • Bridge Officer: "Sir! I am detecting a new arrival in orbit. Dreadnought-class."
  • Nirndal: "Finally. Hail the captain and tell him that we need an immediate orbital stri-"
  • Bridge Officer: "The ship isn't one of ours, captain. I'm detecting... a New Republic signal!"

Nirndal was lost for words.

  • Nirndal: "Wha- what?! They wouldn't dare violate our territory. Recheck your readings, crewman!"
  • Bridge Officer: "There's no mistake, captain. Specifically it's their flagship, the Republica. They're hailing us."
  • Nirndal: "Onscreen."

The face of Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea appeared on the screen, looking distinctly pleased with himself.

  • Willelmus Cretacea: "Captain Nirndal, I presume?"
  • Nirndal: "I trust you realise that you have committed an act of war against the Empire, Admiral. You are an impediment that the Empire will no longer abide."
  • Willelmus Cretacea: "This system is now the sovereign territory of the New Republic of the Cyrannus Galaxy, Basileus. We have come to an understanding with your government, this system will ascend to Republic membership in exchange for... Well, I'm sure your superiors can enlighten you."

Nirndal nodded to his communications officer, who worked to validate what the Fleet Admiral said. After a moment, she turned and nodded to Nirndal.

  • Nirndal: "It appears you speak the truth, Libertus. Enjoy your smashed cities and ruined culture. But listen well, whatever 'agreement' you have made with my government, it shall not last. Sooner or later, your indolent billions shall know the result of circumventing the authority of this galaxy's true rulers."
  • Willelmus Cretacea: "Let this battle be an example to you Nirndal. Your power is slipping and soon, it will be nought but words. Leave."

With a dismissive wave of his hand, Nirndal cut off the transmission and prepared for departure.

Change of Allegiance[]

It was two days since the end of the battle. On the bridge of the Liberty, the surviving rebel leaders gathered to discuss the recent events. Val Niathan appeared somewhat more tense than usual while Magalen and Inviere appeared somewhat more jovial. In the corner of the room, Sesoka nursed his energy sword in his hand, seemingly content with the battle's course.

  • Fleur Inviere: "Was the arrival of the New Republic expected?"
  • Val Niathan: "Not as far as I'm aware."

The former Neraida drone Selanius stood forward.

  • Selanius: "I calculated a forty three percent chance that they would use the battle for their own political gain."
  • Sesoka: "Ordinarily I would be infuriated. Though I must admit, without Cretacea, I doubt we could have held out for much longer. Capricaerón is free and it is free because of us."

Just as Magalen was about to reply, Niathan received a transmission from Admiral Cretacea. The admiral's expression betrayed his respect for the rebels, despite the tone of his voice.

  • Willelmus Cretacea: "Attention, rebe-... Val? President Inviere? Senator Magalen? Is that General Sesoka over there?! Isn't this a merry gathering... Selanius?! I knew something was off when you requested shore-leave."
  • Selanius: "Deception was necessary, Fleet Admiral."

The Admiral smiled briefly.

  • Willelmus Cretacea: "Indeed? In any case, I expect you back on the Republica within the hour. As for the rest of you, I sympathise with your plight, of course. Though you must understand that neither I or the Republic government can officially endorse your cause."
  • Fleur Inviere: "Not to worry, Admiral. We understand completely."
  • Willelmus Cretacea: "In my book, you've saved this planet from tyranny though I regret to say that you cannot remain here, lest the Empire turn their sights to other innocent worlds."

Sesoka put down his sword and walked toward the hologram.

  • Sesoka: "We were just planning on it. I may respect you, Admiral. Though if this "deal" of yours was orchestrated to our detrimen-"

Cretacea raised his hand, cutting him off.

  • Willelmus Cretacea: "It was only through the efforts of our most gifted diplomats that we prevented just that. Not that the alternative feels any better..."


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