It is time, my Mornûnendur. By failing to cast the Traitor from corporeality, I have loosed damnation upon this galaxy. It is time for that failure to be rectified for now and all-time.

- Tyrómairon

The Vectors of Chaos and Order describes the cataclysmic Battle of Cognalorilos, a conflict sparked by a joint Imperial and Cognatus Order invasion of the Cogsangui homeworld of Cognalorilos, throne world of the Cognatus Empire as well as the mysterious Primercer. Orchestrated by the Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon, the Battle of Cognalorilos would be forever remembered as a key moment in galactic history, for good or ill...

Prelude to BattleEdit

Meeting of the MornûnendurEdit

Deep in the caverns beneath the endless cityscape of Orbispira, the Mornûnendur had gathered. In the centre of the grouping stood Tyrómairon, Dark Lord and Galactic Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Surrounding him stood the other Mornûnendur, Ekrillium, Thaurlathrón, Apeligateza and Morumadáin focusing their power and speaking non-verbally. The time had come for the final stage of their conflict with the Primercer. When the Dark Lord finally deigned to speak to them, they all listened intently.

  • Tyrómairon: "It is time, my Mornûnendur. By failing to cast the Traitor from corporeality, I have loosed damnation upon this galaxy. It is time for that failure to be rectified for now and all-time."
  • Thaurlathrón: "The Traitor will pay for his transgressions, and so will his servants."
  • Ekrillium: "I would advise severe caution M'Lord, the Traitor is not powerless and these Cognatus are not to be taken lightly."
  • Thaurlathrón: "The Cognatus are no match for the power of the Empire and the Phaedric Order."
  • Morumadáin: "Even so, perhaps it would be prudent to contact the Unified Order of Cognalorilos. They would assuredly make for sufficient cannon fodder."
  • Ekrillium: "Of course, let others do the dirty work for us! Why not ask all of our protectorates to fight them as well? Why waste efforts and energies in trusting others of their own to slaughter members of their own kin?"
  • Thaurlathrón: "Relying solely on the lessers to this task is a mistake. It requires direct intervention."
  • Apeligateza: "Aya and aya, again. I have always felt that a more direct approach is required in such situatio-"

He was silenced by the Dark Lord's raised hand.

  • Tyrómairon: "The Primercer has always been an impediment. But now he is an impediment that I can no longer abide."

The Emperor left the circle and walked with his hands templed, conjuring up images of their struggles against the Primercer.

  • Tyrómairon: "His existence is an chronicle of arrogance and self-appointed authority. Ignorant of my true power. Through his destruction however, he shall transcend ignorance."
  • Thaurlathrón: "We are yours to command, my Lord. Just give the order."
  • Ekrillium: "B-b-but my Lord, you cannot mean that his magnificence himself is going to confront thi- this annoyance?"

Tyrómairon regarded Ekrillium closely. Uncomfortably.

  • Tyrómairon: "You doubt me, Ekrillium?"
  • 'Ekrillium: N-no your majesty, its just, just....... it would be ill-timed for the Plan if you might be unnecessarily injured..."

The Emperor laughed. Though it was without mirth. He spoke as a peer. Though with not an ounce of comradery.

  • Tyrómairon: "I am afraid the risk is necessary. Banish such thoughts from your mind, Ekrillium."
  • Apeligateza: "I will dispatch an acolyte to coordinate the initial attack on the Traitor and his thralls, my Lord."

Ekrillium eyes his other Mornûnendur in disbelieve, how could they allow their own leader to take such risks. Not that he doubted Tyrómairon's abilities, but the Primecer was once the leader of the Oikoumene, a dangerous adversary and still remains a danger to all Mornûnendur. Plus he didn't feel much himself to face the wrath of the Traitor, as in his eyes the Mornûnendur were the traitors.

  • Thaurlathrón: "Even we are within death's grasp. But today is not the day it will reach us. But the Traitor, on the other hand, must learn to fear death like the mortal he is."

Apeligateza huffed.

  • Apeligateza: "Even death bows to the Dark Lord."

With another gesture of the Dark Lord's hand, the group appeared hovering over the endless void of space, the splendour of the Cyrannus Galaxy laid out below.

  • Tyrómairon: "You ask why I must strike him down, monaus? With each day his power grows and soon, space around him will be turned to sickness."

Below, the Mornûnendur could see the influence of the Primercer spread unabated, raising in them distant memories beyond their reach of a time long past, when the Dark Lord faced his true Enemy.

  • Tyrómairon: "Yet- without the cloud of the Primercer obscuring my sight, our enemies shall be helpless against such vision. Time was the Primercer's saving grace, but it has now evaporated."

Unlikely AlliesEdit

Maethoruin stood on the bridge of a vast Imperial Dreadnought hurtling through the exotic dimension known as coronaspace. After several seconds of travel however, the massive vessel transitioned to normal space. As expected, it was soon joined by a vast Cognatus fleet which hurtled into few several thousand kilometres away.

  • Maethoruin: "All as the Emperor predicted."

The hulking Phaedra turned to one of his crewmen.

  • Maethoruin: "Hail the Cognatus flagship, immediately."

Though it was clear that the Cognatus fleet did not expect to see an Imperial dreadnought in the system, they refrained from immediately attacking. "Good. The primitives recognise their betters.", Maethoruin remarked in a quiet whisper.

Vectors of Chaos and Order 02

Xellunaion speaks with Maethoruin prior to the battle.

After several minutes, the Cognatus responded to the hail, opening up a transmission to the Imperial flagship with the golden hued armour of N'thavo Xellunaion filling the screen. From his lofty throne on the Resolution and Truth, Xellunaion closely scrutinised the Imperial now defacing his screen. The spikes and cords of Maethoruin's armour gave the Phaedra an intimidating glow.

  • N'thavo Xellunaion: "Speak, Imperial. Do not waste my time with your games."
  • Maethoruin: "I come before you with an opportunity, Cogsangui. The Empire marches on Cognalorilos to excise it of the sickness which spreads from it."
  • N'thavo Xellunaion: "What is it that you propose?"
  • Maethoruin: "A truce for the time-being. We seek the same goal."
  • N'thavo Xellunaion: "Very well. I long to place my boot on Adamae's throat. But if you attempt to deceive me, Imperial, I shall gut your ship from stem to stern."

Maethoruin folded his armoured arms over his chest, but remained silent for several long moments. N'thavo huffed and clicked his mandibles together.

  • N'thavo Xelluanion: "I will inform the Primarch and rally our fleets."

The Primarch's DecreeEdit

Though apprehensive about working with the Empire, Primarch Voro Acetenus was convinced by a majority decision of the Council of World States that a chance to cripple their dishonourable brethren in the Cognatus Empire was an opportunity too lucrative to pass up. Travelling to Xellunaion's flagship Resolution and Truth, Voro was impressed with the amount of ships gathered under his banner including vessels from Xellunaion's Supreme Fleet of Concordant Resolution and from Thaur Vicliquam's Fleet of Majestic Integrity. Docking with the Resolution of Truth, Voro travelled to the bridge were he met with Xellunaion, who was as ever perced on his lofty hover throne. However, as Voro approached him, the Supreme Lord of Concordant Resolution stood up from his throne and bowed in respect.

Voro raised his hand.

  • Voro Acetenus: "No need to genuflect, my friend. I am but another warrior here to fight the curs who sully our name. Let us leave our titles in the debating halls where they belong, as we prepare for this, the deciding battle of our struggle."
  • N'thavo Xellunaion: "Alas, noble Primarch, I am too old to enjoy the fervour of battle."
Vectors of Chaos and Order 03

Voro rallies his forces for the fight to come.

Voro placed a hand on Xellunaion's shoulder.

  • Voro Acetenus: "You will lead our fleet, N'thavo. Though you do not hold a sword in your hand, think of these vessels as your blade. And there is nobody I would trust more to wield it against our foes."

N'thavo curved his mandibles in a Cogsangui expression evocative of a smile and sat back on his throne.

  • N'thavo Xellunaion: "But what of the Imperials, Voro? Can we trust them?"
  • Voro Acetenus: "No. Though my decision stands with that of the Council. Their firepower would be useful in the fight against the Primercer and his thralls, and while I do not believe that they will betray us with the New Republic as their allies against the Basileus, we must be eternally cautious in our dealings with them. Today my brother, we fight as allies, though allies often make for the worst of enemies if betrayal raises its head."
  • N'thavo Xellunaion: "My thoughts exactly. Fear not, if they turn their guns on us, we will respond ten-fold."

The two Cogsangui turned to the viewport to see the arrival of the vast Imperial armada led by Maethoruin's Assertor-class dreadnought Emperor's Sword around which included other Imperial vessels such as the Basilisk under Captain Marquar Cuinn, the Victory under Captain Rela Loupál and the Silencer under Captain Nirndal. Narrowing his eyes as he watched the scene, N'thavo awaited the signal from the Imperial flagship that their fleet was ready. After several moments spent arranging fleet positions, the signal was given. All across the system, vast numbers of ships disappeared into the hyperspatial void preparing for their battle against one of the greatest threats in Cyrannian history.

Battle of CognalorilosEdit

Battle in the VoidEdit

Space erupted into a cacophony of fire and debris as two massive fleets clashed. Taking up the rear, the Imperial fleet provided cover fire for the Order's fervour to destroy their brethren loyal to the Primercer. On the bridge of the Resolution and Truth, N'thavo barked out commands to his crewmen as the mighty cannons of his flagship spewed fire on his enemies.

  • N'thavo Xellunaion: "Hit them! And again! And again!"

Across space, globes of crimson energy erupted from the Resolution and impacted violently against the hull of an enemy Cognatus vessel, superheating its sheilds and boiling away large portions of its hull before the remnant's of the cruiser collided with a nearby Cognatus dreadnought, destroying both in a vast flower of flame.

  • N'thavo Xellunaion: "An honour to the gunner who coordinated that kill."

Several kilometres away, Imperial Marquar Cuinn stood on his bridge with his hands folded behind his back. Before him stood the holographic image of Lord Maethoruin.

  • Maethoruin: "Engage the enemy captain. May the Empire finally be prepared to shed blood."
  • Marquar Cuinn: "As you wish, my lord."

Cuinn bowed his head slightly as the hologram disappated. Forward turbolasers four through seven, provide cover fire for our fighters. Helm, bring us into the thick of it."

Vectors of Chaos and Order 01

The battle rages over Cognalorilos.

The mighty Imperator-class Star Destroyer hurtled through the battle followed closely by its escort frigates and fighter squadrons into the very heart of the combat. Bombarding a flotilla of Cognatus frigates, the Basilisk soon drew the attention of a fearsome Angelós-class Destroyer, which lined up its cannons against the Star Destroyer. Narrowing his eyes, Cuinn pointed at the destroyer and smiled deviously.

  • Marquar Cuinn: "Prepare for broadside! What fools they are to face our cannons."

Lances of green energy pierced into the blackness of space before impacting against the enemy destroyer, causing its deflector shields to flash. The Cognatus soon responded in kind by launching their own barrage against the Basilisk, causing the Star Destroyer to shake violently. Regaining his footing, Cuinn ordered another barrage which once again failed to reach the ship's hull.

  • Marquar Cuinn: "Fire the displacement cannon."

The Basilisk shuddered under the sheer force of the cannon, which seemingly ignored the destroyer's shields and punched a large hole out of the side of the enemy vessel. Cuinn smiled to his second in command.

  • Marquar Cuinn: "Ah the sight of an enemy blister and burn."

Warmaster's DecisionEdit

Back on the flagship Sword of the Emperor, Maethoruin coordinated the fleet as it dealt with the final throes of resistance from the Cognatus Battlefleet.

  • Crewman: "My lord, we are receiving a transmission from both the Cognatus Warmaster Theu Vandon and Xellunaion."
  • Maethoruin: "Onscreen. Now."

On one half of the viewscreen was Theu Vandon while on the other was Xellunaion, who appeared somewhat curious about the Warmaster's intent.

  • Theu Vandon: "What is your purpose here, N'thavo? Why attack your own homeworld with these dishonourable wretches at your side?"
  • N'thavo Xellunaion: "I fight with Voro Acetenus, Theu. That is all that should matter to you."
  • Theu Vandon: "Traitors. Traitors, all!"

Maethoruin stretched out his hand, gaining insight into the workings of Vandon's mind.

  • Maethoruin: "Your words belie your feelings, Cogsangui. I know of your plot in years past against the Licent. I know of your distrust of the Primercer and I know of your loyalty to the Primarch. You desire to see the end of the false one as much as I. Are you too cowardly to act?"

Vandon growled.

  • Theu Vandon: "Stay your tongue, Imperial dog! Your words are poison!"

In Xellunaion's place, Voro Acetenus appeared.

  • Voro Acetenus: "You have fought admirably, Theu. But this demon speaks the truth, I know you are not of Adamae's ilk. Please, join with the Unified Order of Cognalorilos and taste the benefits of a universe devoid of those who would sully our good name."
  • Theu Vandon: "There was a time Voro, when I would have followed you into the Inferno and back. It is true that I do not trust this Primercer, but surely our people cannot endure which such a being as an enemy. The gods shaped and moved the cosmos, who are we to question their designs?"
  • Maethoruin: "You begin to irritate me, Cogsangui. The Primercer is no more divine than my boot. Enough talk. Stand with us and live. Stand against us and may this space be your cold grave."
  • Voro Acetenus: "Choose wisely, old friend. What does your heart tell you?"

Vandon appeared conflicted for several moments before sighing deeply.

  • Theu Vandon: "... My heart is with my people, Voro."

His eyes became steely and full of confidence.

  • Theu Vandon: "Thus, my blade is with you. My boot however, longs to kick the Primercer's cloaca off of our home!"

The Sundered CognatusEdit

The warriors readied their weapons as the shuttles touched down near the central city on Cognalorilos, the opulent Basilica of Cognalorilos rising high above the horizon. Almost as soon as the leader Cognatus Order shuttle landed, it was greeted by an eruption of plasma fire from unknown assailants hiding in the thicket. Narrowing his eyes, Voro activated his sword and used it to deflect the incoming fire, rallying his warriors as he did so.

  • Voro Acetenus: "Fear not pain or death, warriors! With me!"

Following Voro as he jumped from the shuttle were dozens of crimson-clad Cogsangui warriors, who in turn activated their swords and primed their weapons. As the Cogsangui began to engage their foes, Imperial troops began touching down not far away, bringing with them a multitude of vast war machines designed to trample over enemy fortifications while in the skies above, Imperial gunships rained fire down on the forest, burning it and all those loyal to the Primercer underneath. Translocating to the ground, Maethoruin began engaging the Cognatus individually, cutting down scores of warriors with both his blade and his devastating Phaedric powers.

After several hours of fierce and heavy fighting, both the Order and the Empire reached the massive gates leading to the Basilica. At the front of the joint army, Maethoruin met with Voro as the gates to the Basilica slowly began to open. Two large Cogsangui stood in the centre of the gate while behind them lay a vast army loyal to the Primercer. Stepping forward with his blade ignited, Voro recognised one of the enemy Cogsangui.

  • Voro Acetenus: "Vos Adamae. For too long have I awaited this moment."

Adamae merely held his hand out for the Primarch to stop.

  • Vos Adamae: "Take care, heretic. I stand beside the Blade of the Primercer."
  • Voro Acetenus: "Inconsequential, Adamae. Face me blade to blade to prove your worth. Do not hide behind your monstrosity."

Maethoruin became infused with dark energies, amplifing his voice to a thunderous boom.

  • Maethoruin: "Enough of this. It is time for the dreaded Blade to fall to the Empire. As all must."

Crackling from his finger tips, Maethoruin shot bolts of lightning toward the Blade, who was blasted backwards toward his army, which in turn began to fire on the joint Imperial-Order force. Taking his chance, Vos came right at Voro.

Vectors of Chaos and Order 04

Voro and Vos prepare to clash as the battle rages on behind them.

Acting quickly, Voro blocked the thurst and countered, causing energy to ripple between their blades. As they continued to clash, Voro noticed that Vos was moving in a systematic sequence designed to determine his strengths and weaknesses as quickly as possible in order to gain the advantage.

Vos parried and thrust forward, pleased to see Voro back up under his fearsome attack. Stepping back from each other, the two powerful Cogsangui regarded each other closely as they circled each other like sharks, the din of the battle interrupted by the crackle of their weapons. Roaring, Vos once again thrust forward and fully expected Voro to once again block the thrust. To his shock however, Voro pivoted, spun backwards and came around to the back of his enemy. The mighty Vos Adamae cried out in alarm as Voro slammed his blade through Vos' back and through the front of his armour. Attempting to remain standing, the world seemed to explode behind Vos' eyes as another slash from Voro's blade severed his sword arm. Collapsing to the ground, Vos' eyes were filled with both fury and a strange sense of admiration.

  • Vos Adamae: "You... have bested me... You feigned incompetance..."

Voro's voice was calm.

  • Voro Acetenus: "Yes. You are beaten."
  • Vos Adamae: "Very... good... But you will die..."
  • Voro Acetenus: "Indeed. But it will not be today. And it will certainly not be by your hand."
  • Vos Adamae: "You cannot stop... us all."

To Voro's surprise, Adamae was beamed up by his crewmen in orbit, his body disappearing from the battlefield. Voro sighed and looked at the blood of his foe on the ground.

  • Voro Acetenus: "Perhaps not. I can however certainly try."

Blade of the PrimercerEdit

In the corner of his eye, Maethoruin caught sight of Voro Acetenus dueling with Vos Adamae before focusing all of his attention on the Blade, the mysterious right hand of the Primercer whom he had met briefly before during his awakening on Nandóband. The Blade was unfazed by the Phaedric Lord's telekinetic blast and got to his feet with his sword in hand, a globe of energy in the other.

  • Blade of the Primercer: "You cannot stop the Primercer, ancient one. Know the folly of your ignorance!"
Vectors of Chaos and Order 05

Maethoruin and the Blade do battle.

The Cogsangui warrior charged ahead, launching the energy globe at Maethoruin's direction, only for the Phaedra Lord to evade the attack by moving to his side before the two blashed their blades with each other. The energies of the two mighty warriors released sparks around them as they parried each other's blows at frightening speed, until the Blade of the Primercer sent his foot into the Phaedra's chest, causing him to slide across the battlefield some distance away, forcing his feet down into the ground to not fall over. The Cogsangui warrior jumped into the air for a plunging attack, but before he had the chance, bolts of electricity formed around Maethoruin's sword which he launched at the Blade, blasting him in midair and sending the Cogsangui down into the ground again, his black armour being left with scorched marks and his cape left tattered.

  • Maethoruin: "A formidable warrior you are, regardless of your allegiance to the Traitor. It is a shame your life must come to an end, for you would serve well under us."

Merely such a thought was enough to anger the Cogsangui champion, who quickly rushed to face Maethoruin in melee range again. The Phaedra continued parrying the Blade's blows, but even with all of his age and skill, he understood keeping at the defensive would not be enough. The Blade was more powerful than individual Phaedric Acolytes, and his sheer size meant he was incredibly strong. With a swift strike, the Blade slashed at Maethoruin's helm, creating a visible cut which almost went through the ancient warrior's right eye, but it had opened him the opportunity he needed.

His blade engulfed in energy once again, Maethoruin delivered an upward slash at the Blade, leaving a dent through his armour and causing him to be briefly blinded. But as soon as he regained his senses, the Blade gasped as he watched half of his sword be sent flying away. His weapon, cut into pieces by Maethoruin's own sword.

  • Maethoruin: "The Blade of the Primercer is no more."

The Phaedric Lord proceeded to then thrust his sword through the chest of the Cogsangui warrior, stabbing through his organs and skewering through his back. The Blade scramed in agony as he lost his strength, causing him to nearly fall on top of Maethoruin, who held the Cogsangui warrior with his blade into plunged into his body as he coughed blood out of his mouth.

  • Blade of the Primercer: "To fall like this... To fail the Primercer so many times... Perhaps I am unworthy of being his Blade..."
  • Maethoruin: "A waste. You followed a false light and must now pay for his crimes. You are strong, Cogsangui, and I can recognize that, even if we are opponents. But now, you must accept your false god's time has come."
  • Blade of the Primercer: "... As life fails me, I realize... I cannot remember my own name..."

The Blade coughed once again and groaned as his life came to an end. Rather than toss his body aside or anything of the like, Maethoruin choose to instead lay the dead warrior down somewhat gently before turning his gaze back to the Basilica. The Primercer's mortal servant may had fallen, but the battle was far from over.

Legacy of ApotheosisEdit

The Emperor ArrivesEdit

The dust began to settle on the Basilica of Cognalorilos, now experiencing a respite from the heavy fighting which had embroiled the region of the planet for the better part of three days. The victors were clear in this fight. Despite the ferocity with which the Cognatus Empire fought to defend their world, the overwhelming arsenal of the Imperials and the valour and resolve of the Order eventually won the day. At the tallest tower of the Basilica, an eery silence consumed the air, followed closely by a figure seemingly materialising from nothingness, his black cloak seeming to merge with the night sky. The figure began to walk toward the nearest entrance to the massive palace, where two elite Cogsangui guards stood guard.

Raising their weapons, the guards called out to the intruder. "Halt immediate-"

With a gesture of his hand, the figure latched onto the throats of the guards in an invisible stranglehold as he continued to walk to the entrance, ignoring their dying calls for mercy as he walked passed. Like a wraith, the figure moved through the halls of the Basilica toward his intended target, who waited patiently in a deep trance near the centre of the building. At the entrance to his chamber, Qulmé, the loyal follower of the Primercer stood watch, visualising countless possible outcomes of the battle in an equally infinite number of quantum realities. One dark spot however blinded her vision in all, a growing shadow edging ever closer. "Qulmé", a emotionless, precise and controlled voice called out.

"Tyro'maironis", she said calmly as she opened her eyes. The Oikoumene Protector of old, the Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur, the Galactic Emperor of the Cyrannus Galaxy coalessed before her. "You have come at last."

"Stand aside, Qulmé. Your crimes are... forgivable. Stand with the Primercer however, and you shall share his fate.", Tyrómairon replied coldly, preparing himself for her inevitable reply.

"The Primercer's dominion over this galaxy cannot be stopped. Resist if you will, Protector, but do not delude yourself into believing that you can destroy us bot-", the Primercer's Lieutenant was caught off guard. The Dark Lord grabbed her physically by the neck, his power ignoring her incorporeal Oikoumene state. Though she remained calm, Qulmé could feel her energies draining from her as she began to experience a sensation alien to the Oikoumene. "Pain", Tyrómairon remarked in a venomous tone. "A mortal sensation. Curious, is it not?" Removing his clawed hand from her throat, the Emperor nonetheless retained his stranglehold as he circled around Qulmé like a predator.

"But fear not, Qulmé. The sensation is now complete." Harnessing the power of a blackhole in his hands, Tyrómairon directed a stream of energy which enveloped Qulmé in darkness, reducing her to a haze of infinite particles destined to forever permeate existence. She was not dead however. She would experience it all and be powerless to act. A fitting punishment for her betrayal.

Clash of the OikoumeneEdit

An image of the galaxy materialised before the Primercer, using his hands to manipulate the image at it zoomed in on Cognalorilos. "So, my beloved Qulmé is defeated. A pity. Though clearly she was unworthy."

Turning his head, the Primercer watched as Tyrómairon strode into the room. "Even at the end of your existence, you cling to your egomaniacal vision of existence. It was not Qulmé who was unworthy. It was you."

The Primercer stopped before the new arrival. "Hear me, esteemed Protector of the Oikoumene," he said coolly. "Even for all your crimes, I present before you a chance - a last chance - to redeem yourself to my rightful rule. Simply submit."

Tyrómairon looked at the Primercer wearily. "You expect my fealty?" His voice betrayed his cold bemusement at the situation. For the Dark Lord saw something in the Primercer that he did not expect to experience. Desperation. All of the Primercer's polish and calm demeanour could not conceal the growing realisation that his power was quickly evaporating.

The Primercer's head leaned closer to the Dark Lord. "It is logical. You have always been mine to do with as I please. Now, submit, lest all that remains of the infamous Dark Lord be a haze of burning dust."

Tyrómairon's voice was deep, sinister and as cold and dark as a black hole. "I am the guardian of the Oikoumene's legacy. Worthy scion to those who shaped and moved realities and the one who holds the mantle of the Thirteenth Tribe. When last we faced one another, you were excised from that song as you remain to this day. It is you who has seen the last of days."

Energy erupted from both Tyrómairon and the Primercer simultaneously, colliding mid-point between them causing an explosion which annihilated the upper levels of the Basilica on a cosmic level. Grabbing hold of his enemy, the Primercer translocated themselves to a higher plane below which the endless expanse of the cosmos could be seen from below. The clashes between the two Ultraterrestrials ripped the very fabric of space apart, outshining stars and tearing open supermassive black holes. Even in their current nebulous state, the two Oikoumene continued to feel the brunt of the others assault, with both lunging at one another as time and space warped around them.

With a gesture of his hand, the Primercer blasted Tyrómairon with the power of a supernova toward the Onuris Universe once more. As the energies of the Cyrandia Cluster enveloped them, they coalesced physically once more. Summoning all of his power, Tyrómairon unleashed vast quantities of dark energy at his foe which impacted the Primercer directly, causing him to bellow loudly as they once again landed on the smouldering ruins of the Basilica. Landing on his back, the Primercer struggled to his feet as he watched a severely drained Tyrómairon land deftly.

"It is... over, Primercer. Now and forever.", Tyrómairon hissed as he made his way over the Primercer, who had been drained of his power.

"'You... think you have won, "Dark Lord", it is an illusion. I can discern all possible paths of this existence and your... victory will be all for naught. He will come, esteemed Protector. And everything you have built will be undone.", the Primercer began to laugh as Tyrómairon's dark energies continued to consume him. The Dark Lord himself however, was deeply troubled and appeared submerged in thought. The Primercer appeared amused as he watched. Suddenly however, Tyrómairon moved in a blur, a crimson lightning-like energy crackling from his fingertips. The Primercer was overwhelmed by the blast, his shell consumed by a web of energy.

Leaning toward his vanquished foe, Tyrómairon expression and cold fury was enough to chill the room. "You are not Oikoumene. You are an insect struggling to contemplate the void of space. For too long have you hounded the Grand Plan but that all ends now. Qulmé experienced pain in her final moments, though for you, I think, something... special is required." Raising his hand, Tyrómairon gathered another bolt of energy which shot from his claws and once again enveloped the Primercer.

"Not pain. Agony.", Tyrómairon said as the Primercer writhed on the ground. "When last we met, I promised that I would not destroy you. I fear that I will now renege that promise. Know this, my relentless enemy, I now render judgement on you. The judgement of eons. Doing so brings me no joy..." Tyrómairon narrowed his eyes and looked at the horizon briefly before turning his attention back at the Primercer, a sinister smile etched on his face.

"No... actually that is a lie. I am revelling in it. Nonetheless, your end is a necessicity that I am compelled to act upon. Are you still here, Primercer?"

The Primercer growled through his pain.

"Know that you have challenged me like no other since..." A troubled expression once again fell over him, but the Emperor quickly regained his composure. "In any case, know that you have my respect."

"H-he... will come...", the Primercer managed to say as a full blast of Tyrómairon's energy finally swept over the Primercer's body, which slowly dissipated into nothingness. The Primercer was banished from existence, never to return.


The Dust SettlesEdit

Vectors of Chaos and Order 07

The Resolution and Truth holds position over the still burning Basilica.

The sun was setting over the Basilica and on the bridge of the Resolution and Truth, N'thavo Xellunaion sat in his chair surveying the damage to the building and the surrounding city. With a subtle hiss, the door of the main bridge opened revealing a battle worn Voro Acetenus. The Primarch folded his arms as he stood beside the Lord of Concordant Resolution, his eyes fixed on the Basilica.

  • Voro Acetenus: "What have the Imperials done?"

The building was in flames, though it was abundantly clear that no ordinary bomb had gone off. It was more as if space itself exploded, taking with it large portions of the building and leaving behind a colossal fire.

  • Voro Acetenus: "It is as if they ignited a star within."

Stepping down from his chair, N'thavo placed a hand on Voro's shoulder.

  • N'thavo Xellunaion: "Whatever they did, it appears they have succeeded. The Primercer is gone. Dying, if not dead. The day is ours."

Voro returned the gesture and let out a sigh of relief.

  • Voro Acetenus: "The day is ours, yes. The back of the Cognatus Empire has been broken and a new day has dawned for our people. And yet... Adamae escaped my blade. If he survives, he will assuredly continue to harrass our efforts. And while the Galactic Empire may have aided us, they will not continue to be so accomadat-"
  • N'thavo Xellunaion: "Banish such thoughts from your mind, glorious leader. For too long we have been at war. Let us enjoy peace while we can and celebrate the liberation of our homeworld. As you say, a new era has dawned for our people. Let us reach for it!"



Rtas'Shagelli inspects the Zevian Skull at Aecor

At Aecor, shiplord Rtas'Shagili was once again drawn to the magnificence of the Zevian Skull. Reports reached him that the Basilica was under search by the renegades of his own kin, joined in battle by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Watching the Skull, a chill ran over his spine when he looked in the empty, hypnotizing and hollow eyes.

Remembering the crack, the shiplord decided to touch the relic of the Gods, and was soon engulfed by visions of greatness and fire. Shocked he let go of the skull, the haunting words in his head terrified the tested warrior. A lone sentence was heard again and again:

Eyes of Torment are Tiding

Unsure what to do, whether to warn his kin or their Rambo Nation allies, Rtas decided a meditation might give him the solution he needed. The other warning long forgotten, a herald of Torment would signal the Wrath of Light!

In another plain of existence, two yellow eyes opened, stirring, it summoned its servants to start their Journey of Salvation!


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