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What have we done...

- Majestic Agent T'mmar

The Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone is a name given to describe a conflict fought during the New Cyrandia Wars, during which the Corruptus planet-sized entity known as Brezank was accidentally awakened in the Imperial-Republic Neutral Zone by the shadowy organisation known as the Majestic. The resulting battle for survival would result in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus entering in a coalition with the members of the Mou'Cyran Accords led by New Republic Captain Helo Roslia. The Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone would be considered by historians as one of the bloodiest and most important conflicts of recent Cyrannian history.

Dramatis personæEdit


Prologue: The Neit ProjectEdit

Deep inside of a noxious, purple nebula laid the corpse of a terrible entity who was once sent to the Cyrannus Galaxy to serve as a base for a legion of fiends who sought to devour the entire universe. The Corruptus, the demons of nightmares, attacked the galaxy during the Great War, and to this day millions of people around what is now the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus remember the terrible invasion of the giant demon Okastana. This was not, however, the entity who laid dead at the center of this nebula.

During the Great War, Cyrannus was also host to one of the many Corruptus Overworlds which served as the headquarters of the dreaded Marinoxidiz. This demon planet, Brezank, was eventually invaded by the Dracogonarious Empire and their allies and killed, causing a vile nebula of entropic energy to form around the planet and make local star systems inhospitable due to demonic poisoning. The area, now known as the Decaying Nebula, was deemed off-limits due to being potentially hazardous to spaceships and their crew, and by the year 05 NE, the area was also located in the neutral zone between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic, an area where no one would dare venture into out of fear of sparking a war between the two factions.

However, there was one organization who had activity in the region, away from the eyes and radars of the Empire and th Republic. The secretive and enigmatic Majestic, an organization of such ambiguous goals none would be able to tell what they planned next, was not only interacting with Brezank's humongous carcass. They were experimenting with it. Weaponizing it. A massive construct was partially built around the planet-sized monster, its foundations rooted deep into its flesh as thousands of workers did what they had been ordered to by their superiors while wearing special hazard suits for maximum precaution. From space, Brezank appeared almost like a cyborg, an amalgamation of demon and machine.

Above the planet's bizarre orbit, which was a glowing, near mystic blue at all times, laid a space station which was used to oversee the so called "Neit Project", a name given by Majestic as they had no way of knowing Brezank's name to begin with. Overseeing the demon world, watching its oceans of blood coloured in sapphire blue were a pair of Libertus operatives, Commander T'mmar and the newly arrived Subcommander Kovalex who had been recently assigned to the Project. As T'mmar observed the planet, he was sure the Subcommander would have questions about it.

  • Kovalex: "I have never encountered such a place in all my travels throughout Cyrannus. What are its origins? Such a place could not possibly have formed naturally."
  • T'mmar: "That is because it is, in fact, not a natural "thing". What you see below you is what the Plazithians refer to as a "demon", though I much prefer to refer to it as a supernatural entity. It was discovered by the old Republic during the Great War and apparently held a race of hostile supernaturals on its surface before they were destroyed, so that they would not cause any more harm to the galaxy."

Kovalex folded his arms behind his back, and though he attempted to keep his composure, he was still visibly uncomfortable.

  • Kovalex: "What use is this entity to our cause. My clearance level into the Neit Project only goes so far."
  • T'mmar: "The Board of Elders was not specific about their intentions. But as far as I could gather, Neit is to be a successor to Terminus. An even grander weapon, of even grander capabilities."
  • Kovalex: "I cannot imagine such power, though in the aftermath of the Empire's... acquisition of Terminus, Neit is in the correct hands."
  • T'mmar: "The installations in the surface will serve both as a way for our numbers to safely traverse Neit and as gathering spots for power reactors. The 'demon' has a curious energy source on its core which can be harvested and enhanced by our technology, but as you can see, we cannot yet freely walk through the installations without hazard suits due to the planet emitting a bizarre kind of radiation... Can you imagine such power? The Board of Elders could make the Empeor himself bow to them if they so wish."
  • Kovalex: "Excellent. Our plans are cemented. With Neit under our command, our... ascendance is assured."

At this point, though, something had happened. As the reactors which dug deep into the Corruptus Overworld harvested its essence, they began malfunctioning due to what appeared to be a power overload. The crew at the planet-side installations could feel the ground trembling beneath them, and from the space station, T'mmar, Kovalex and whoever else was abord could watch as an eye slowly opened on Brezank's surface, pitch-blue in colour as he stared unblinking at space.

  • T'mmar: "...Are you seeing this?"
  • Kovalex: "Please, do tell me that this is our doing..."
  • Brezank: "MASTER --- WHERE --- YOU --- NOT --- HUNGRY --- HUNGRY --- HUNGRY"

Roaring voices hit the minds of every operative in the station and planet-side as alarms began sounding, ordering evacuation. "Alert! Neit Project has awaken! Neit Project has awaken!" The demon's eye began travelling across its own surface, confused for what had happened to his own body, startled by all the machinery installed upon him. Dark tendrils grew out of his surface, wrapping around the bodies of operatives as they failed to evacuate the planet in time, absorbing them into their flesh and soon enough also engulfing the space station. Whether T'mmar and Kovalex managed to escape or not was irrelevant for they had dug too deep and somehow awakened Brezank.

The demon was not dead, it was merely slumbering. And from his hellish, sapphire earth, new creatures began being born, one for each operative it had devoured. And it would not take long until it set its eye at the nearest inhabited star system.

  • Brezank: "CONSUME --- ALL"

Chapter One: Meeting of the Mou'Cyran AccordsEdit

In the opulent halls of the Mou'Cyran Accords Secretariat on Mou'Cyran, delegates from all across the First Gigaquadrant gathered to discuss the mundane aspects of governing space, ignorant to the fact that beyond the borders of the New Republic, a great evil was preparing to strike. The delegates from the member states listened intently to the words of the Cirith Belegian ambassador, who regaled the story of the fall of his homeworld in the Andromeda Galaxy nearly a month previously. However, before he could complete his account, an emergency transmission was beamed directly to the Council Chambers. The vexed face of Potentate Tereyn Aeresius of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus filled the main viewscreen.


Aeresius contacts the Mou'Cyran Accords.

  • Aeresius: "I am Potentate Aeresius of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. We have lost contact with three of our colonies along the neutral zone. The admiralty has called for your immediate destruction for crimes committed against the sovereign government of this galaxy, though it is proper to allow you to come up with an explanation for these crimes first."
  • Empress Maryah: "Excuse me? What makes you think it was us who attacked your colonies? What proof do you have of this?"
  • Aeresius: "Those colonies are within two light-years of the border with the so-called New Republic. Who else could have attacked them? Who else had the capabilities and knowledge of our space?"
  • President Apaltar: "I assure you, Potentate. We do not attack first. And nor do our allies."
  • Councillor Semirian: "President, is there any other force in your space who may have attacked the Empire?"

Apaltar scratched his chin, deep in thought.

  • Apaltar: "I can understand why the Potentate believes we are responsible. These attacks have occured in the Neutral Zone, which is maintained by the Republic and the Empire. It does not make sense for the usual suspects such as the Neraida and the Cognatus to attack that region of space."
  • Councillor Xeron: "He's trying to find excuses to fight you! It's obvious! This Empire is horrid no matter what galaxy it's in."
  • Aeresius: "I beg your pardon?! I do not galavant about to your galaxy and insult you, do I Borealisian?!"

Before anyone could respond, Helo Roslia, a New Republic officer in command of the CRS Aeolus burst into the chambers with a apprehensive expression on his reptilian face.

  • Helo Roslia: "Excuse me for interupting. But I've just received words from our outer colonies along the neutral zone. They've been attacked by an unknown source. I have a weak video feed from the invasion."

Interacting with his datapad, Helo sent information to the viewscreen, which was visible to both the MCA councillors and Aeresius on Orbispira. It appeared to show vile reptilian beings, vaguely similar to Libertus attacking and killing the native population. Despite cries from the chamber of Imperial trickery, Aeresius' face was visibly shocked by the revelation as was Apaltar, who was taken aback by the fact that one of the worlds he swore to protect had now been destroyed.

  • Helo Roslia: "These... beasts emanate from "within" the neutral zone. Potentate, I'd be willing to bet that these are the true forces behind the destruction of your colonies."
  • Aeresius: "Your data is sound, captain. I should have suspected the Republic would not have the gall to attack us."
  • Councillor Semirian: "What are these... things?
  • Maryah: "...I will be contacting an ally who may be useful for this. By how these creatures look, I don't believe they are "natural"."
  • Apaltar: "They look... demonic. But there haven't been demons in Cyrannus since the Great War..."
  • Councillor Semirian: "Perhaps it is time to ensure this statement, President.
  • Iovera: "I have to confirm the fears of the President. The anti-gods of the Corruptus are making a move in Cyrannus, it seems."
  • Proconsul Apollo: "The Corruptus? I hoped I would never again hear that name. So many tentacles and black fog and unpleasantness... We need to stop them before they destroy more worlds here too."

Standing at the entrance was Primarch Voro Acetenus of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, a newly formed power which broke from the Cognatus Empire only a few months previously. With his gleaming gold armour shining in the light of the chamber, the Primarch was an impressive sight.

  • Voro Acetenus: "We have sworn an oath to fight alongside our allies of the New Republic. No demon can withstand our combined strength. You will have our fleets to end this threat as well as our blades."

Apollo and Ramashe in discussion.

Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation had remained silent during most of the meeting. After Voro'Acetenus made his statement, he looked at the Serindia Empress. Raising an eyebrow she sighted, turning to Apollo she pledged her support as well, though evidently she seemed a bit reluctant.

  • Ramashe: "Very well Apollo, the ships that fought during the Battle of Antemurale will be at your disposal."
  • Apollo: "Thank you, Rama. Your help is always appeciated."

Apollo smiled and folded his arms, though he knew that Ramashe was still hesistant to help due to the fact that many nations present at the meeting did not come to Rambo Nation's aid during the war with the Empire, though he knew that she put these feelings aside for their friendship. Though nervous about the fate of the missing colonies and the potential for more worlds to fall, he was proud of the fact that the Accords had brought together such a wide assortment of different races and empires all united in their dedication to the preservation of order and peace.

  • War Predictor Jahric: "The Divinarium will do all in our power to end these monstrosities, as we did during the recent incident on Cirith Beleg. Hopefully, further bloodshed will be avoided."
  • Councillor Xeron: "If the Corruptus are at your galaxy then they must be eliminated at once. They nearly destroyed Borealis once, we cannot allow them to spread!"
  • Venoriel: "I am with the Borealis leaders on that matter. Corruptus influence is extremely volatile and infectious. Shall they be allowed to gain more impetus in their campaign, the situation will be extremely disastrous for the inhabitants of Cyrandia, lead to deaths of billions of Cyrannian lives, and - what is more important - severely overturn the political stability of their galaxy as well as ours! That, we cannot allow."

Aeresius scoffed theatrically.


Gavakar, Helo Roslia and Khortaavis Chisalka during the meeting.

  • Aeresius: "You extragalactics and your rhetoric. We need to cut to the chase. An Imperial fleet will deal with whatever threat has vomitted these demons upon us. But you are welcome to... join us. If you must. Just stay out of our way."
  • Councillor Xeron: "Likewise, "Potentate"."
  • Kithworto: "An Imperial fleet may not simply 'eradicate' whatever festers in the Cyrannus Galaxy as of current."
  • Aeresius: "Not completely, no. Which is why the Empire will send specialists in that regard. Tell me, esteemed members of the Accords, who will you send to end this threat to the sanctity of our galaxy?"
  • Venoriel: "Specialists. Knowledge. Technology. We would not waste our most precious resource - manpower - to ensure your galaxy's stability, but we could provide much Corruptus intel to your army."
  • Aeresius: "We do not need you to ensure our galaxy's stability. Tell me Radeon, doesn't the Dominion still control vast stretches of Andromeda? You cannot even guarantee the stability of your own galaxy."
  • Councillor Xeron - "Are you going to keep gloating or are you going to help kill the demons, Radeon?"
  • Venoriel: "Wars are not often won with "more dakka", Councillor, however much you would like to believe otherwise. ...That being said, an Essence-trained Guardian strike force could certainly tip the balance, so if you wish to see our specialists in action, then we could certainly give you that favour."
  • Maryah: "Commandant Gavakar should be able to handle our forces, she has experience with the Corruptus."
  • Councillor Semirian: "As for the Alliance, Archblade Khortaavis Chisalka will be of great use for the effort."
  • Kithworto: "I will send Agents to your aid. I'd wager that Tau will be more than pleased when I tell her there is another invasion of demonic forces."
  • Apollo: "Thank you, Kithworto. It is clear that we will need everyone's talent for this mission. Who will represent the Republic, Mr. President?"
  • Apaltar: "I can think of no-one else but our own Captain Roslia."

Captain Roslia saluted.

  • Helo Roslia: "We should make haste. Potentate, I recommend that you send us coordinates of a suitable meeting site in which our fleets can join up."
  • Aeresius: "Very well. May fortune favour us. Aeresius, out."

Aeresius' face disappeared from the viewscreen, leaving the Mou'Cyran delegates to discuss the situation amongst themselves.

  • Helo Roslia: "We should gather our forces immediately. It would also be wise to gather as many allies as we can, regardless of their political affiiliations."
  • Maryah: "The Corruptus is not to be taken lightly. Be prepared for the worse."

Chapter Two: Rendezvous with the EmpireEdit

In the neutral zone, a vast allied fleet had gathered coordinated by the flagship Aeolus under the command of Captain Roslia. Each second, his first officer Sevine reported to the captain that more and more ships from a myriad of factions across the Gigaquadrant had gathered to combat the Corruptus. Having fought in the War of Ages, Captain Roslia could not help but feel a sense of great unease as memories of the conflict flooded his mind. The New Republic fleet was perhaps the largest flotilla present, made up of frigates, Star Destroyers and Dreadnoughts enough to devastate entire galactic sectors. But they were not alone. One by one, the ships of the fleet sounded off to make their status known. Arriving in the newly constructed Terran flagship ATS Everest, Admiral Juliana Reynolds announced the arrival of the Terran Republic's fleet. Commander Gavakar led the Indoctrinate Collective's forces, while a combined fleet of Polar Crystal Alliance-aligned empires was led by the Zazane warrior Khorvaatis Chisalka, who watched the arrival of the ships in silence.

  • Gavakar: "Goody, we're fighting demons again, yaaaaay... Damnit!"

The Allied Fleet assembles.

No long after the Crystal fleet arrived, the Tarkion, the great flagship of the Popular Republic Cyrannus Fleet, normally stationed aboce Venetia since the Bisistar attack, came out out of hyperspeed. The majestic grey/green, red and yellow Vassilief-Class Battleship was closely followed by the rest of the PRC Fleet. Kur-Class Frigates, Rurikov-Class Destroyers and Gorba-Class Barges, the 'Popular Republic's was probably the most balanced one out of all the Allies, even though 'Battleships were occupying the majority of the visible space.

On the scene, an UNO Warship arrived. But it clearly wasn't a typical Warship. No, this was possibly the grandest ship in UNO's fleet. The UNO Omega Commander, with UNOL at the helm, arrived. And they were bringing a whole fleet.

  • Kralgon Emperor - "UNO reporting. Let's kill these fools."
  • Tuolog - "Reporting in. We take fight to Corruptus now. May the Vyro'Narza be with us."

Captain Roslia gazed in surprise at the viewscreen.

  • Helo Roslia: "The UNO... haven't heard from them them in a while!"
  • Zr'Ahgloth - "yeh man weve been kinda busy sorry (jk we aint sorry dat was fun pizza)"

Emerging into the fray was a Pantheon-Class Dreadnought, and a single Dreadnought at that, commanded by various Kicathian officials on the behalf of Agent Tau. She had brought along a vast number of her own unit to face the Corruptus, most likely thousands of fighters onboard.

  • Agent Tau: "If I had a credit for every time I faced a demon, I'd probably be rich enough to buy a house."

A halo of emerald light heralded the arrival of a sleek Fordan assault ship- though barely an escort by the standards of most races, the black-armoured figure watching the assembly from its' bow needed little introduction. While the Indoctrinate Collective armada had already sounded their presence to their allies within the amalgamation of fleets and vessels, it was from Gavakar's bridge did the sound of a somewhat familiar voice emerge from across the communications system, with noises implying yelling and disruption within the background of the speaker's message.

  • Hachiman: "Is this thing on?"
  • Gavakar - "Stop messing with my ship, boy!"
  • Hachiman: "Oh hey, looks like we've gotta lot of friends out there! And I was worried we were gonna be alone in this fight, eh."
  • Agent Tau: "I can't escape this kid, can I?"
  • Gavakar - "I don't even know how he got here."
  • Hachiman: "Don't worry, I'm not gonna tread on any toes! ... I hope. Much."

Suddenly, the background stars began to contort, as if stretching backwards and forwards at once, making all who happened to be looking upon the area experience vertigo. And with a great sigh, the vacuum was instantly filled with an amarda of small but angular shapes. Warlord Lunarai's Cyrannian Defense Force had arrived: composed of a fleet of hundreds of dreadnoughts for long range bombardment, several carriers and thrice as many support craft to supply short-range defense.

  • Helo Roslia: "Ah, the DCP. Always good in a pickle."

Less ostentatiously, Apalos probe ships, each about the size of a large starfighter, materialised amongst the allied forces. Each probe took a sleek and streamlined form that was as black as space itself and almost as cold, but made themselves known to everyone else via their transponder signals.

Manifesting on the communication screen of all the ships involved in the great fleet was an angelic figure of humanoid, though featureless form, with the exception being a pair of radiant, shioning eyes: Thea'Nhirara, who had been contacted by the Collective prior to the fleet's formation.

  • Thea'Nhirara - "Greetings. I believe you are all aware of the consequences of failure of this battle."
  • Hachiman - "Hi, Teach!"
  • Thea'Nhirara - "Hello, dear Hachi."
  • Helo Roslia: "Greetings. I hope we all do, for this is not merely a space battle. This threat is on the uber-scary end of the spectrum."
  • Agent Tau - "Yeah. Kithworto said we'd all get turned into zombies or something."
  • Gavakar: "My FAVORITE kind of enemy."
  • Thea'Nhirara - "I have taken the opportunity of analyzing the entities you are facing. They are indeed Corruptus demons, but they do not appear link to the Corruptus hive mind. They are a splinter force originating from a Corruptus Overworld in your galaxy."
  • Hachiman - "... What's a Corruptus Overworld?"
  • Agent Tau - "That would sorta explain why the Dominion aren't swarming over us like a plague...I hope. Never heard of an Overworld before though."
  • Thea'Nhirara - "A Corruptus Overworld is a planet-sized breeder of Corruptus demons. I believe mister Apollo will recognize it in specific. "Brezank" is how it is called."
  • Agent Tau - "Siná'in. That's all I can say."

Back on Mou'Cyran, Apollo and Apaltar remained in contact, with Apollo listening intently to Thea'Nhirara's words.

  • Apollo: "I remember that name from my time as President of the URC. Our forces discovered it during the Great Cyrannus War though I was told that the overworld was destroyed. Or at least, the demons that came from it. The agents who informed me weren't specific."
  • Hachiman: "Well, whatever happened, now's the time we put it to rest. Doesn't really matter who or what started it now; all that matters is that we get rid of it and all the demons inside of it before it causes anymore trouble."
  • Thea'Nhirara - "I was at Brezank myself when the Dracogonarious killed it. It should be dead. How it returned to activity is beyond me. What matters is that it is breeding a new army out of Libertus, and if it is not stopped now, it will start an infestation which will surely devour this entire galaxy.
  • Agent Tau: "I sure hope this doesn't turn into another demon war. I'm getting tired of those."
  • Kralgon Emperor - "We came here for a battle, no for a chit-chat. When can we go and destroy them? Our weapons are primed."

Tector Decimius and Caranye Valaeris watch as the Allied fleet approaches.

Across the gulf of space, one of the largest Imperial fleets ever assembled hung silently. Hundreds of vessels of all sizes loyal to the Emperor awaited the arrival of the forces of the Mou'Cyran Accords and their allies. Sitting with his talon-like hands templed, Captain Tector Decimius watched as the allied fleet approached their position. Standing behind him was Agent Caranye Valaeris of Imperial Intelligence.

  • Carayne: "I recommend full shields. This could still be a trap."
  • Decimius: "The Phaedric Lords confirm their words, agent. The Dominion has not directly attacked us, as per our agreement, but this threat is nonetheless of a demonic origin. A remnant of a time past. Nevertheless, these... new allies of ours will be acceptable cannon fodder.."

When the allied fleet entered range, Decimius opened a channel to the fleet.

  • Decimius: "How pleasant that you could join us. I am most impressed with your abilities to defy logic and congregate from across the Gigaquadrant on such short notice. There are certain pleasantries customary to these situations, but I'm choosing to skip those. We have much to do. We have a mission of grave importance and it is likely that many of... us will not survive. The enemy will show no mercy and neither will we. All ships, converge on these coordinates, aim for the planet and destroy it at all costs."
  • Hachiman: "Psst, hey, I think we just found our new source of cannon fodder."
  • Decimius: "Do not test me, rabbit."

Decimius closed the transmission and the Imperial fleet engaged their corona drives toward their destination.

Warlord Lunarai, while in hyperspace ordered his long-range battleforce group to keep a distance with the Overworld upon arrival, to not only bombard it's shields and surface, but also inflict damage upon reinforcements. The reliance on smaller support craft was a risky maneuver, but one he would take to reserve cruisers and carriers for nearly conflicts. The carriers would prove troop transport, and also repair some of the craft.

  • Warlord Lunarai - "Today we prepare for an assault on a demon world, the likes of which were experienced by the last two generations; but not yours. This includes myself. And as much as we would like to believe that the threat of the Xhodocto and the Corruptus are gone from our worlds, they have not. This is our chance to prove to our forefathers, that we can defend our territory, our allies and order in the universe, so they get the assurance they deserve."

Captain Roslia smiled and nodded, before relaying a final message from Mou'Cyran to the fleet.

  • Apollo: "You are all heroes in my eyes, braver than I could ever hope to be. Kalos Mercu, my friends. The hopes of the entire Gigaquadrant go with you."
  • Hachiman: "No pressure, guys! Just the fate of the entire gigaquadrant and all of its inhabitants on your shoulders! Good luck!"

Chapter Three: Arrival at BrezankEdit

One by one, hundreds of ships dropped out of hyperspace, warp and a plethora of other FTL modes of transportation, being greeted by the frightening sight of the massive Corruptus Overworld Brezank. On the bridge of the Star Destroyer Basilisk, Captain Decimius narrowed his eyes as he scrutinised the world, which appeared to have the remains a massive dyson sphere around it, though several large gaps revealed the true surface of Brezank, which appeared coated with an eery dark blue fog. Meanwhile on the bridge of the Aeolus, Captain Roslia and his crew had the task of coordinating the ragtag fleet made up of militaries from across the Gigaquadrant.

  • Helo Roslia: "All ships, fire on the planet. We need to break its shields before our ground forces can land!"

Throughout the gulf of space, cruisers belonging to thousands of species opened fire simultaneously in an effort to make a hole through the entropic barriers protecting the Corruptus Overworld. Of all the forces besieging Brezank, the explosive power of the DCP and the Empire did the most immediate damage, though the fleet soon drew the attention of the sinister construct. Massive tentacles erupted from Brezank, forcing the fleet in orbit to evade the deadly swipes, which managed to destroy several unsuspecting frigates.

To prevent these attacks from becoming a major setback, the Apalos probe ships moved into formation and dived towards the planet. Once they had reached a safe distance from the rest of the fleet, each probe erupted into a dazzling burst of light and colour while launching erratic blaster fire in the direction of the tentacles, weaving around in the upper atmosphere of the Overworld to draw their attention away from the rest of the allies. Meanwhile the Rambo vessels dropped back, providing covering fire for the larger and slower vessels in the fleet. The tactic appeared to be working, though the Aeolus was very nearly hit by a vengeful swipe from a particularly aggressive tentacle. The Imperial flagship Chimaera was utilising short-range hyperspatial translocators to hop across the battlefield all the while firing subspace weapons at the powerful barriers protecting Brezank.

DCP ships were not invulnerable to the tentacled attack, with some edges whipping around and snapping together at nearly a quarter of lightspeed as an impossibly tensile substance, if not for the physics altering abilities of essence. The atmosphere below, if it could be called that, churned with ionised discharges. Commanders demanded that their crews work to defeat this physics altering menace. The DCP craft slowly countered this attack and began a descent by ghost phasing and hitting back with hyperspace launched torpedoes to land where the tentacles were moving, in order to clear them out the way.

After a period of prolonged fire, the allied fleet eventually broke through the entropic barriers protecting the surface of Brezank, though over fifty vessels had been destroyed.

  • Helo Roslia: "All ships, provide cover fire for the ground teams, we can't allow this monstrosity to halt our efforts."

Chapter Four: The Power ReactorsEdit

First TeamEdit

A myriad of shuttle craft left their motherships on route to Brezank, the tentacles of which continued to swap at unsuspecting Allied and Imperial ships. The mission was this; three teams would travel to the unknown surface of Brezank and cut off the planet's energy source, which appeared to be artificial in nature. The first team was made up of Agent Tau, Hel'Bre'K, Venoriel and Morin Ehtar, the second consisting of Hachiman, Caranye, Warlord Lunarai and Rambo Captain Han'Ateeshe and third consisted of Khorvaanis, Gavakar, Helo Roslia and Voro Aceteus.

Setting down in a Cognethril shuttle, the first team landed on the now shattered dyson sphere constructed by the previous occupants before the Cataclysm began. Above the sphere fragment, the team could see the fleet in orbit, continuing to secure the space above Brezank. Morin Ehtar and the others in the team readied their blades and weapons as horrifying sounds began to sound as the denizens of Brezank approached. The spawn of the demon world charged at them like frenzied animals, claws and tentacles readied as they came in swarms. The dyson sphere itself was heavily damaged, with organic growths growing into its surface as well as bizarre, otherworldly tentacles made of shining blue liquid visibly erupting out of the machinery. Morin Ehtar attempted to deflect the attacks of the creatures by decapitating the heinous demons while Agent Tau blasted at the attackers in an attempt to hold them back.

As the team fought their way to the first reactor, they began to notice that the demons attacking them appeared quite similar to the Libertus, a race hardly known for attacking with their bare hands. Nevertheless, despite the devastating attacks of the demons, the first team managed to reach the reactor. Charging their long range weapons, all members of the team fired simultaneously, destroying the reactor in a single devastating explosion which eradicated all demons near it. Simultaneously, the teams were deafened by a thunderous pained moan as Brezank's surface shivered and trembled. The Overworld had felt the attack.

Second TeamEdit

Piloting an Imperial dropship, Agent Caranye turned her head to look at the other members of her team.

  • Caranye: "Are you all quite ready? By all accounts, this will not be pleasant."
  • Hachiman: "Lady, I was born ready for this kind of thing!"
  • Thea'Nhirara: "I was made for this purpose. Brezank must fall at all costs."
  • 'Commander-King Thylaxiz: "Indeed. My systems are primed for destruction."

Caranye turned back to her controls as the shuttle touched down.

  • Caranye: "Swell. Now, prime your weapons."

The members of the second team on their way to the reactor.

The members of the team turned as the doors of the shuttle opened. They were met by the sight of hordes of the Spawn of Brezank charging straight at them, frenzied and animalistic with their oversized talons and tentacles readied to fight off the intruders. The next reactor which powered the dyson sphere stood a short distance away, overrun with shining blue tentacles emerging from Brezank's seas. Hachiman was the first to deploy, following a brief trip over his own feet which resulted in plummeting his face into the floor, and drew the sheathed vibrokatana at his side to meet the Spawn in melee, his influence over the essence of dreams shown as the sharp, vibrating mono-edge of his blade glimmered with the energy, allowing him to cut through the daemons with swift efficiency while having to keep on eye on his own back cautiously.

Jumping out of the shuttle with her pistols primed, Caranye utilised stealth technology to seemingly jump across the battlefield, shooting and stabbing the demons with her daggers while kicking some off their feet in a near dance-like motion. Hovering in a throne, the Kralgon Emperor pointed to spots he wanted to land his Kralgon Pods. When deployed, several Loron and Tralkik troops swarmed out, including one led by the Commander-King Thylaxiz himself and a Kralgon Land Destructor, in his incredibly potent robotic form. Thylaxiz nodded towards the hovering Emperor as they proceeded forward.

  • Hachiman: "... Heh, hey Teach, shame you don't dance like that woman does over there! Hehe, I bet that would be a treat, Mrs. Serious So-So."
  • Thea'Nhirara: "This is not the time or the place for such talk. This galaxy's future depends on this demon's destruction."
  • Hachiman: "See what I mean?"

Thea'Nhirara unleashed waves of her essence, causing the Spawn of be set ablaze until she let out an echoing, ethereal howl which turned them into dust before the eyes of the rest of the team. As they arrived to the reactor itself, the very ground shook once more as Brezank spoke, its dark tongue causing their very souls to be filled with dread, especially to Thea'Nhirara and Hachiman whose essence opposed its.

  • Brezank: "BE --- GONE --- FROM --- ME"
  • Thea'Nhirara': "...Nnngh! We must be quick!"
  • Hachiman: "Urgh... T-That thing's giving me a... really bad headache. Come on guys, lets h-hurry things up around here!"

Hachiman dashed ahead, drawing the attentive ire of many of the liquidous tendrils from the rest of the team as he aimed to ease access to the reactor that the team had sought upon their penetration into Brezank's organic depths. He felt his discomfort writhe within him as he approached closer, although he remained determined to allow the team an optimal opportunity to seize Brezank.

  • Caranye: "Come! The Tā will distract the tentacles!"
  • Hachiman: "H-Hey, I have a name you know! ... And a phone number if you're interested in--"

While shooting at the demons, Caranye fired a warning shot between Hachi's legs as they continued toward the reactor. Thea'Nhirara hovered forward as she unleashed her power at the reactor, one beam of energy blasting from each of her fingers as they collided against the machine. Han'Ateeshe tossed two plasma grenades into the reactor while Caranye unleashed a full volley from her pistols. With the Land Destructor leading them and several Tralkik Demolishers and Loron Boomaz, UNO focused full firepower, with the Emperor laughing manically. As he sought to keep the many tentacles of the daemon intelligence at bay from attacking the team, Hachiman allowed himself a moment to extend an arm and launch a group of several concentrated formations of Dream energy shaped into daggers towards the machinery that served as one of Brezank's vitals before retaining his attention to the situation after almost having been gored by one of its tendrils.

The combined punishment delivered by the team led the reactor to explode violently, tearing nearby demons apart and evaporating the watery tentacles which enveloped it. The structure of the dyson sphere began to slowly crumble as Brezank moaned in agony once again, its demonic eye glaring at the teams' direction as they kept harming it though they could see the installations slowly becoming flooded with the supernatural water of the planet. They did not have much time left.

  • Brezank: "DROWN --- IN --- TERROR"
  • Caranye: "How about no! Everyone, if you value your life I recommend we return to the shuttle. It's up to the last team now."
  • Hachiman: "Don't have to say that twice, I'm not fond of water anyway. Especially wet water."
  • Kralgon Emperor - "Good. I'm itching for something angry to destroy. And make its life more miserable. Men, do not let up."
  • Thea'Nhirara: "I pray them good luck... for the demon is enraged now. It will not show mercy."

Third TeamEdit

Helo Roslia frowned from the window of the last shuttle, the supernatural water of Brezank nearly covering the last reactor. Commander T'Ran, his navigation officer was at the helm of the shuttle while Roslia, Voro Acetenus, Gavakar and Khorvaanis prepared their weapons. Turning her head, T'Ran called to the team.

  • T'Ran: "This is as close as I can get sir, I'm sorry."

A thump signalled the shuttle touching down.

  • Helo Roslia: "Don't apologise, Lieutenant Commander. I certainly hope this place isn't as bad as General Sesoka reported on his last visit. Far from pleasant. Are you guys ready?"
  • Voro Acetenus: "My blade is ready and willing, Captain Roslia. Let us end this abomination."
  • Khorvaanis: "The Corruptus are a despicable lot. Let us be through."
  • Gavakar: "Yeah, let's cut the chit-chat and get on with it. The place's flooding and believe me, that's probably demon bodily fluids, not water."
  • Helo Roslia: "Ew."

The doors of the shuttle opened, revealing the harsh landscape. It was clear that Brezank was intent on preventing further actions against him, with more than twice the number of the demons present on the other two sites protecting the last reactor. As the former Libertus charged at them in their swarming, feral manner, Khorvaanis rushed ahead and delivered powerful blows by using his cursed blade, cutting the demons in half in single strikes which launched their severed parts across the damaged chambers of the dyson sphere. Gavakar gave them support by firing her assault rifle, shouting Dracogonarish profanities for having to fight the Corruptus again. Helo used his skills as a sharpshooter to down the demons from afar while Voro was far more personal, cutting down any demon within his reach with his famed energy saber.


The third team facing great difficulties.

Writhing water tentacles protected the final reactor, with Brezank's groans of pain and rage being heard across the installation as more demons poured into the chambers by swimming through the flooding waters.

  • Khorvaanis: "Unleash all fury upon it!"
  • Gavakar: "Die, die, die, you bloody bastards!"
  • Voro: "Rise and be struck down again!"
  • Helo Roslia: "Keep it up, don't let them get close! That reactor won't be there forever!"
  • Brezank: "DIE --- MORTALS --- DIE"

The tentacles attempted to slam or crush them as the demons charged, but they were shot down by Gavakar and her forces as she focused her aim at the reactor, while Khorvaanis charged the energies of his blade to unleash a blast of descension energy directly at the machine. Voro grabbed a nearby demon by the neck, forced a grenade down its throat and tossed it at the reactor while Helo aimed four aimed shoots directly at the reactor, the combination of which caused it to explode destructively. Brezank's cries of agony deafened the team as they could watch the dyson sphere disassembling around them, allowing them to see Brezank's sapphire-blue landscape in the horizon. However, while they had destroyed all the reactors, the demon was still alive. And one particular thing could be seen far in a distance.

Something huge was approaching.

  • Gavakar: "... Erm, am I the only one seeing a mountain moving over there?"
  • Voro: "... You are not, my profanity laden friend."
  • Khorvaanis: "That is no mountain. It is... another demon... Retreat. Now."
  • Helo Roslia: "This is not a foe we can prevail against. Back to the shuttle! We'll figure out what to do in orbit!"

As they were about to retreat, each member of the team received a holographic transmission coming from the Imperial fleet currently keeping Brezank at bay. A silhouette of an unknown entity spoke.

  • Imperial Overseer: "You have completed your mission, now retreat to safety. That which you have seen... will be dealt with by me."

Chapter Five: The CoreEdit

It was no mere mountain that approached the former location of the Majestic reactors. It was a Libertus demon of humongous size. The very ground shook beneath its four legs as it let out roars which tore the landscape apart, its titanic tentacles writhing on its back and hungering for the flesh of the meddlers who had the nerve of attacking the Overworld. It stood at over two hundred meters tall and was easily over a kilometer long from snout to tail, an entity which defied all possible laws of physics and a proof that the Corruptus were an antithesis to all which called this universe home. This colossal abomination served as Brezank's fist, and it planned to destroy the invaders with all of its might though it found itself stopped in place as numbers of individuals teleported into the skies in front of it, noticeable by their great energy.

By the command of the Imperial Overseer, the Oikoumene Thaurlathrón, the Phaedric Order would face the colossus in battle. Venatorius, Maethoruin, Emperor's Wrath, Meketanor, Mezzadriel, Moranonúngur, Vandorallen, Curwé and Cythonia aall stood together to battle for the first time since the Dark Lord had begun his search for acolytes, though their presence did not intimidate the colossus as what looked like a maw grew out of the immense Corruptus Heart on its chest. A tooth-filled mouth spoke as it percieved their presences.

  • Core of Brezank: "Infantine beings. You stand before a child of Shu'rimrodir. You stand before this child's path of corruption and conquest. To oppose the will of nightmare is foolish for it is never ending. To fight us is to merely delay the inevitable."
  • Venatorius: "Curse in vain, demon. It shall bring you no respite. There are none who can face the Empire and prevail."
  • Meketanor: "I will enjoy destroying you, aberration!"
  • Core of Brezank: "You know not of true power. You will learn your place in the god of nightmare's design!"

Raising several of its hundred tentacles, the Core of Brezank launched them at the Phaedric acolytes in order to get rid of them as fast as it could. Immediately, Vandollaren, Cythonia and Mazzadriel used their powers to envelop the acolytes in a barrier of energy which shielded them from the demon's furious strike, although it was obvious this defense would not last too long against such a powerful energy. Moranonúngur vanished from sight and reappeared near one of the eyes of the titan, delivering slashes through its surface which caused the demon to shriek out in pain as it was blinded, leading to it to thrash its tentacles in place in confusion, forcing the Bisistar to levitate away to not be hit. Curwé and Meketanor used the opportunity to fly to the second eye and jab it as well, using enough of their energy to erupt the eyeball on its entirely, launching demonic blood over the acolytes in the process.

The Core roared out as it swung its tentacles in anger, bashing them against the energy shield and destroying it completely, scattering the members of the Order through the sky violently. The demon showed little regard for self-preservation as he clawed its own head to get the ones attacking it, slamming Curwé and Meketanor away while nearly hitting Moranonúngur as well. Roaring out in a battle cry, Meketanor dived at the demon's chest and jabbed as its huge Corruptus Heart, experienced with their kind and therefore aware this region was a major weakness of their race, though the Marinox was quickly swatted away by a tentacle and sent crashing down into the demonic sea beneath them.

Emperor's Wrath attacked viciously, dodging through the tentacles sent at her direction thanks to her telepathy as she carved into the demon's skull, while Vandollaren focused on bringing the fallen acolytes back to action, with Cythonia providing them cover behind barriers of energy, using her blade to slash at any tentacle who came at their direction. Venatorius and Maethoruin levitated at the demon's heart side by side, delivering series of slashes and thrusts at it with their advanced blades while the former unleashed powerful blasts of lightning which burnt through the scales of the gigantic demon. However, both the Phaedra would find themselves hit by an immense blast of entropy coming out of the mouth at the heart, powerful enough to significantly damage their armor and leave them disoriented.

  • Core of Brezank: "Nightmare bows to no one! You will spend the rest of eternity in terror and agony in the writhing claws of my master!"

The Libertus titan inhaled before letting out a breath of entropic energy which was powerful enough to cause the mountain-sized demon to be dragged backwards, forcing it to dig its talons into the earth. In a defensive maneuver, the Phaedric acolytes all teleported to the same spot and used their combined power to create a shield around them, and as the monstrous breath weapon hit it, their barrier shattered, incapable of sustaining all of the attack though serving enough to keep them alive. While their teamwork was formidable and they had successfully left a large wound on the heart, they were losing their ground to the giant and many of them were becoming exhausted.

Suddenly, a large mass of amorphous energy appeared, seemingly devouring all light and hostile energy around it, much like an incredibly localised black hole.

  • Unknown: "You will break".

The amorphous mass coalessed as the dreaded Shadow of Despair, Agonânghâsh, the Dark Hand of the Emperor and most powerful of the Phaedra. The demon, incapable of such a thing as fear, remained on its spot as the heart's maw released a cackle.

  • Core fo Brezank - "You threaten decay and infinity! That which shall break is not us, but you!"

Agonânghâsh's otherwordly cackle sent shivers down the spine of even his fellow Phaedra. Speaking in some dark tongue, a vast globe of black energy formed around him, which exploded toward the demon, halted only by the energy of the demon itself. When the two powers met, a vast explosion capable of outshining a star erupted, showing that both Agonânghâsh and his foe remained.

  • Agonânghâsh: "Now, you shall embrace oblivion. Chaláci Phaedra."

Regaining their composure, the Phaedra all united their granted Mornûnenduran Energies at Agonânghâsh's command. The demon, dazed and weakened by the initial attack, roared in fury as it charged at their direction and was met with the united energy blast of every member of the Phaedric Order. The Core of Brezank roared in agony as chunks of its head and torso were terminated by the blast alongside multiple tentacles, causing the demon to stumble backwards in pain and be left stunned. And before it could recover, the heart was assaulted once again as all members blasted it in unison, with Agonânghâsh diving into the demon and digging his talons into the very center of the mouth the heart had given itself.

  • Agonânghâsh - "I am your nightmare."

The demon roared out in pain, forcing the Phaedric Order members to back away as as its body began blasting out rays of entropy, and they could watch the monstrous Core of Brezank turn into a thick, demonic sludge from his feet upwards as it fell, and eventually the colossus' body would burst into purple flames as it let out a final, blood-curled roar at the Order's direction.

As the Core died, the ships battling its tendrils in space watched as the planet's glaring eye widened and then dimmed until it went completely dark, and all the tentacles erupting from the world went limp immediately after.

Brezank was dead.

Chapter Six: AftermathEdit

The battle between the Phaedra and the Core of Brezank was obsured to the allied and Imperial fleet above, they could see only the flashes of intense energy as the titans battled it out. The Phaedra had vanished as soon as they appeared and though Brezank was dead, that was not good enough for the Empire. Materialising several thousand kilometres away from Brezank's planetary corpse, a vast spherical space station appeared. Captain Roslia's eyes widened.

  • Helo Roslia: "What the hell is that thing?!"
  • Gavakar: "Oooh... can we please not have anymore giant planet things today? One is enough."

The Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation arrives.

On the bridge of the Imperial flagship Chimaera, Decimius and Caranye merely smiled as a voice rang out on all ships in the fleet.

  • Taev Vosaetiur: "Attention, allied vessels. This is Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. We are victorious this day. You have fought valiantly, though we shall take it from here. Divert all ships to beyond a standard light-year of this... monstrosity and behold the firepower of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation. It has seen battle with the Corruptus many years ago and I deresay it is fitting retribution against any who would violate our space."

All the allied and Imperial ships obeyed Vosætiur's command as the primary weapon of the Imperial Battlestation ignited, bathing space with bright green energy, which impacted with great force against the now deceased Brezank. The resulting explosion obliterated nearby space, tearing it open and taking what remained of the planet and the surrounding dyson sphere into nothingness.

Captain Roslia could hardly believe the sensors of the Aeolus. He hadn't seen such power in years and had no idea that the Empire had it at their fingertips.

  • Taev Vosaetiur: "A successful operation, wouldn't you say?"

The Allied and Imperial fleet diverged soon afterward, the bulk of the former returning to Mou'Cyran to memorialise the dead but also to celebrate their victory. Proconsul Apollo himself, recently returned from his own mission was present to congratulate the survivors, welcoming them to remain on the Republic Capital for well-deserved rest and relaxation before returning to their own empires.

Chapter Seven: The Dark Lord's CommandEdit

The very centre of the galaxy once housed the home of the entire Oikoumene civilisation, a mecca of intense power which did not diminish in the millennia in which the Oikoumene were absent. Materialising in space directly over the Galactic Core, Emperor Tyrómairon, the Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur narrowed his eyes and scrutinised the void below. He had witnessed the events of Brezank and deemed such an act against his Empire in his galaxy unacceptable. Lifting a hand, the aura of the core surrounded him, becoming one with his being in a way he had not experienced since Apotheosis.

  • Tyrómairon: "A curious sensation..."

Ignoring the sensation for a moment, the Emperor unleashed a full blast of his power toward the core.

  • Tyrómairon: "Never again shall a demonic force tred in Cyrannus."

An invisible energy field emanated from the Core at the Dark Lord's command, expanding exponentially throughout the Core Worlds, the Inner Rim, the Mid Rim, the Outer Rim and the Unknown Regions, strengthening the impenetrable galactic barriers to ensure that the galactic energies of Cyrannus would cast out any demonic force working contrary to the will of the Galactic Emperor.

  • Tyrómairon: "Demons, how tiresome."

Epilogue: Eternal FearEdit

Brezank had not yet been destroyed when Shu'wokerama emerged on the surface. The second god of nightmare manifested following the death of the Core, though he was not here for Brezank itself. On its arms, it carried a skeleton of a demon of power comparable to his own, a demon who had died years prior in a battle against the enemies of the Corruptus. The death of a god of the Corruptus was an unacceptable concept, and had to be fixed.

An entirely corpse made out of nothing but bones, rescued from the depths of space by the demons of the Corruptus, now laid on Shu'wokerama's arms. And the demonic god of nightmare created a hole on the ground as it buried the bones there.

  • Shu'wokerama: "A failed rebirth. A failed new beginning. The god of nightmare has no interest in this carcass of an Overworld. Its use has ended years past. But the uses of fear incarnate are not yet concluded. They will never be concluded. Fear incarnate must rise again. Rise!"

What remained of Brezank's energies were sucked by the skeleton alongside all the energies Majestic's reactors had created for the dyson spheres which was by now scattering across space. Before the planet was blasted by the Battlestation, Brezank went dark.

And from its soil, a clawed hand, filled with flesh, life and blood once again, erupted.



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