Several years back, the Galactic Empire annexed large portions of the Zoles Imperium. Much of the Heleanorian in particular. We are here to ensure that this crime against the intergalactic order is resolved.

- Aev Tempaere

The signing of the Mou'Cyran Accords had done much to bring the Borealis Galaxy and the Cyrannus Galaxy closer together. Though many in Borealis distrusted Cyrannians due to the actions of both the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Cognatus in past conflicts with the natives, the friendship and alliance between the Polar Crystal Alliance and the New Cyrannian Republic provided a beacon of hope that the future between the two galaxies could emerge from one of conflict and mistrust to a new era of peace and mutual prosperity. Thus was the power of the Accords. However, both the New Republic and the Alliance had come to the realisation early on that a severe barrier to this future of peace was the massive territory claimed by the Empire after the Heleanorian Civil War, which saw Imperial loyalists within the Heleanorian people to break off from the Zoles Imperium to join the imperialist hyperpower, taking a large chunk of the Imperium with it. However, this would not be the end of the matter...

Important IndividualsEdit


Chapter One: "Thus It Begins..." Edit

Hurtling out of the Borealis-Cyrannus Wormhole came a Venator-class Star Destroyer, the workhorse of the Republic Navy and a beacon of hope and protection to all who see one. This particular ship was the Allecto under the command of Captain Nerazachi, a Trucinex officer who has loyally served various Republic faction since before the Great Cyrannus War. Standing in the hangar bay along with Aev Tempaere, the Director of New Republic Intelligence, Nerazachi awaited the arrival of the delegates from the Polar Crystal Alliance to discuss a matter of great importance to the future of both the Republic and the Alliance. As the Cyrannians watched, the Alliance shuttle touched down, revealing the passengers.

Arriving were a quartet of figures, two Niaka, one Heleanorian with pale, white scales and a Paladian wearing battle armour. They were Councillor Xeron, one of the leaders of the Polar Crystal Alliance, who was followed by Xevern, one of the members of the Penumbra Unit, the Alliance's topmost enforcers. And by their side was Prime Minister Lumian Friulum, the leader of the Helenoarians living in the Zoles Imperium. The Paladian was Legate Olcinius, famed for his exploits in battle. Nerazachi approached the new arrivals with respect.

  • Nerazachi: "Greetings, honourable representatives of the Polar Crystal Alliance. Welcome on board the Allecto."
  • Xeron: "Greetings. I assume measures were taken for you to not be followed here."
  • Aev Tempaere: "Believe me Councillor, I am very paranoid about such things. We are alone in space."
  • Xeron: "Then let us not waste time."
  • Nerazachi: "Yes. Follow me if you please."

The PCA ship meets with the Alecto near the wormhole.

Nerazachi led the group into a small conference chamber near the hangar bay, where the gathered individuals sat in a circle, the flags of the New Republic, the Crystal Alliance and the Mou'Cyran Accords hanging in the background.

  • Aev Tempaere: "I presume you all know why we have gathered?"
  • Xevern: "The politicians probably are but I'm out of touch here, so if you could explain, I'd be grateful."
  • Aev Tempaere: "Several years back, the Galactic Empire annexed large portions of the Zoles Imperium. Much of the Heleanorian in particular. We are here to ensure that this crime against the intergalactic order is resolved."
  • Lumian: "The Imperium never recovered from that horrid civil war. A whole third of our empire fell in one swift blow."
  • Nerazachi: "If only the Accords were around back then, it could have been quite different. Your people may live under a peaceful society rather than an imperialist one."
  • Xevern: "And how are we solving this? So far we've all been ordered to leave this Empire alone because of how strong it is."
  • Aev Tempaere: "Don't be so sure. Back in Cyrannus, there are whispers of a rebel movement forming within the Empire loyal to the Old Republic. Their tactics have proven to be far more successful than those utilised by the Cyrannian Imperial State. Perhaps we should employ similar tactics in this instance? For too long the Empire has enjoyed their position of irreproachability. No longer."
  • Xeron: "I like your way of thinking, mister. Most certainly more courageous than some other Cyrannians I've spoken to. Sure the Accords are about peace but this Empire ain't worth peace."
  • Nerazachi: "They have sullied the name of our galaxy. Once Cyrannus was synonymous with peace, democracy and cooperation but now thanks to that detestable Empire, we are thought of as conquerers and deceivers. I swear to you this; the Republic will aid you in this struggle and reclaim the honour of our home."
  • Xeron: "We shall start by removing the root of our problems. The Heleanorian by the name of Harana! He must be eliminated!"

Nerazachi shifted uncomfortably, though Tempaere remained stoic.

  • Aev Tempaere: "Please understand that this is above top secret. Not even the President is aware of the full details of this operation. The Republic cannot be seen to be involved in this and neither can the Alliance. War with the Empire must be fought from the shadows... At least for now."
  • Xeron: "I'm aware, boy, and you didn't let me finish my sentence. I have no intention of sending my soldiers after the Empire, and like you, I'm here in secret. The other Councillors think I'm just paying a diplomatic visit. But there's nothing stopping us from say, hiring a few neutral mercenaries and sending them over to Heleanorbis to make a mess."
  • Lumian: "A Niaka hiring mercenaries? I must have gone insane."
  • Xeron: "Desperate times call for desperate measures, Miss Friulum! Do you want your race to live in peace or not?"
  • Aev Tempaere: "The ends justify the means, I suppose."
  • Xeron: "With Harana dead, the Heleanorians enslaved by the Empire will have to think twice if they made the right decision. Plus we get to mess with their government right by the head. It will make our next move much easier."
  • Nerazachi: "I suppose I find comfort with the fact they have been doing the exact same thing to us. The amount of Imperial spies and assassins in our space is truly frightening."
  • Xeron: "We must not be afraid to act now that we have finally begun formulating a plan of action! The Empire needs to leave our galaxy immediately! And there is one more thing we may do. Those other aliens by the name of "Cognatus" have caused us trouble from the beginning, and back during your Corruptus issue, I heard some talk about them and the Imperials being at each other's throats. We could perhaps make them fight each other, killing two birds with one stone."
  • Nerazachi: "That makes sense. The Cognatus aren't the best neighbours either. We had a major conflict with them in the past, so I can understand the aggression and religious zealotry they promote."
  • Xeron: "They enslaved the Eaglartin after the Niaka went through the trouble of pacifying them. You can see before you arrived, we had little reason to trust Cyrannians."
  • Nerazachi: "Well I hope we can help rectify that. I assure you, we hate them all the more."

Xeron let out a quick laugh.

  • Xeron: "So, when shall we get started with this? I assume immediately."
  • Tempaere: "Thus it begins. I assume you are aware of suitable mercenaries? Untraceable ones?"
  • Xeron: "I do. The Empire will never know we are involved."
  • Tempaere: "Good. I trust you're aware of their power and the permeability of their Intelligence?"
  • Xeron: "We have faced much worse, friend. We have no reason to fear. Our plan will work and the Empire will pay for their transgressions."

Tempaere and Nerazachi shared a brief glance, both not entirely comforted by Xeron's reply.

  • Lumian: "I think you're scaring them more than you're convincing them, Xeron."
  • Xeron: "Bah! I know what I'm doing. This is a joint, secret operation. I would not suggest such a plan of action if I wasn't certain it would work. I have decades of experience in the military, you know."
  • Tempaere: "In that case... may fortune favour the bold..."
  • Xeron: "Down with the Empire!"

Chapter Two: Attack of the GarukutEdit


Harana is attacked by the Garukut just prior to being rescued.

Harana sat alone in his office, overlooking a holographic display unit showing a map of the local region of the Borealis Galaxy, with the frigid Heleanorian homeworld of Heleanorbis at the centre. Beyond it lay the vast stretches of Heleanorian space, once a member of the Zoles Imperium but now a province held by their ancient ancestors in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Since rising to power, Harana had done much to further his influence amongst the other Imperial mandators, though many found him to be overly proud and unlikable and so thus, he tended to remain in Borealis rather than the Imperial Capital on Orbispira. Rising from his desk, Harana gazed out into the streets of Heleanorbis below, watching the commoners go about their daily business. Truthfully, he considered to himself, he detested them. Puny, ungrateful fools with no eye for the bigger picture, only their own selfish whims. In the middle of his train of thought, the doors to his office were suddenly, and violently, kicked in, and the sound of heavy footsteps were heard. Whirling around his feet, Harana was surprised to see that nobody could be seen.

As the mandator approached the door to close it, confused for why it would open by itself so aggressively, he found himself colliding against something on his path. It was then that he found himself facing a massive bird-like creature, a Garukut, who was cloaked from view through the use of advanced muggled cloaking devices. The shrewd-looking bird wyvern narrowed his eyes as he looked down at the mandator, who was only big enough to reach his chest.

  • Garukut: "Some folks want you gone. I'm here to attend to that."
  • Harana: "Wha- What?! I will pay you double whatever you are being paid if you spare me and tell me the names of these traitors!"
  • Garukut: "Hah. A courageous one, trying to negotiate. Not gonna happen, lizard. Between you and my employers, I'd rather see you gone."

Harana attempted to cower behind his desk.

  • Harana: "Foolish bird, my government will eradicate your people for this!"
  • Garukut: "Just stand still like a good politician!"

The Garukut raised one hand, holding a bladed knuckle-like weapon as he attempted to strike down at the mandator, but missed and instead smashed his desk. Taking his chance, Harana ran at full speed out of his office and into the sprawling corridors of the building, pursued relentlessly by the intruder. The Garukut was not too fast on his feet due to his size, but he nonetheless gave chase, taking out a blaster to fire at Harana as they ran.

  • Garukut: "Now you're just asking me to make it painful."

it was at this moment that shots were fired from behind the intruder, hitting him across the back and wing webbings and forcing him to stop and turn back. As he did so, he was tackled into the ground by a large Mortalitas, who held him down and, with his own blaster, executed him on the spot with a shot in the beak. Harana turned around and sighed from relief.

  • Harana: "My thanks, Captain Mortgrel."
  • Mortgrel: "Mandator Harana. Did the invader harm you?"
  • Harana: "Fortunately, no. However, he was employed by a group clearly with no limit of resources."
  • Mortgrel: "Hm. Garukuts are petty thieves who neighbour the Paladians. They would have no resources or reason to target you. This creature was sent here by someone else..."

Chapter Three: A Turn for the WorstEdit


Olcinius, Nerazachi and Xevern discuss the failure on the Allecto.

Back on the Allecto, Xevern, Nerazachi and Olcinius awaited the news of Harana's assassination at the hands of their hired mercenary. When none came, they began to become nervous. In the war room of the vessel, a holographic image of Heleanorbis was visible, with various dots and circles indicating the presence of Imperial troops, walkers and refueling starfighters. Nerazachi scratched his chin, deep in thought.

  • Nerazachi: "It has been three solar cycles and no word. I believe it is reasonable to suggest that your assassin failed."
  • Xevern: "Damn. That ain't good. Like, that is actually a huge problem."
  • Olcinius: "We cannot allow this to impede on our efforts. We must come up with Plan B."
  • Xevern: "Oh boy, I bet your superiors want to kick Xeron around right now. We should probably not even ask their opinion."

Xevern began walking around the room in thought, trying to come up with a solution for their dilemma.

  • Xevern: "What to do, what to do... the Empire is definitely investigating the assassin's origins right now. It's the only safe assumption. That means we need to shift the blame to elsewhere as fast as we can."
  • Nerazachi: "What about the Cognatus? They are at war with the Empire back in Cyrannus and as far as I'm aware, you're not big fans of them either."
  • Xevern: "Oh yes, I remember that name being discussed. We could have the Empire believe it were these Cognatus who hired the mercenary instead of the Alliance or the Republic."
  • Olicinius: "We would however need to steal Cognatus ship signatures, which raises more problems."
  • Xevern: "How good are the two of you in infiltration?"

Nerazachi appeared a bit startled.

  • Nerazachi: "... Well the Allecto has a highly advanced phase device which should be invisible to Cognatus sensors, but personally? I command ships and don't have a lot of experience with such things."
  • Xevern: "Well maybe you can take us there and wait for us on the ship. What about you, Paladian?"
  • Olicinius: "I will fare well, no doubt."
  • Xevern: "Guess we got our plan then. If we mess that up then everything will be lost... including our lives."
  • Nerazachi: "Not to mention our civilizations... The Empire is bad enough but the Cognatus settle for nothing less than complete annihilation."
  • Xevern: "... Maybe the high-ups should have planned this all better. Now we have to fix their mistakes. Anyway, when we're all ready, we need to find a relatively unprotected Cognatus world, space station, ship, I don't know, and get those signatures. I just hope they're as stubborn and therefore gullible as the Eaglartin were."

Chapter Four: Intrigue on HeleanorbisEdit


Harana and Mortgrel discuss matters on Heleanorbis.

Back on Heleanorbis, Harana paced through his office rambling constantly about the events which occurred several days previously. Captain Mortgrel, more accustomed to waging war in space than caring for a politician's problem, stood with his arms folded in the corner of the room, a distinctly displeasurable expression on his fearsome reptillian face.

  • Harana: "As I said, my good fellow, this was not the work of petty bounty hunters or criminals. By which of course I mean that the assassin obviously was, but his employers? Obviously powerful enough for the assassin to refuse my offer of more money. Quite atypical for a Borealisan..."
  • Mortgrel: "I've done my share of investigating. For the bandit to refuse your offer and claim to prefer you gone means he was hired by someone who opposes the Empire's presence in Borealis. And there are at least four civilizations which fit this description."
  • Harana: "Pray tell."
  • Mortgrel: "The Indoctrinate Collective, one suspect I find rather disbelieving as they are afraid of us, and the three main suspects. The Cognatus, the Polar Crystal Alliance and the New Republic."
  • Harana: "The New Republic? They wouldn't dare oppose us. Last I checked, they controlled only a couple of worlds in the unknown regions of Cyrannus! They can barely keep the Regellis under control."
  • Mortgrel: "... When was the last time you have spoken to the other mandators? The New Republic currently has colonies in nearly every galaxy of the First Gigaquadrant, and controls enough star systems to rival portions of the Empire. Besides, the Regellis were recently defeated as far as our intelligence agents say. By the Republic, no less."

Harana was genuinely surprised, but dismissed the comment with a wave of his hand.

  • Harana: "It matters not, they don't have the gall to order an assassination. But the Alliance? Perhaps. As for the Cognatus, I can't imagine they'd hire a thug to do their own dirty work. Cogsangui honour is such a peculiar thing."
  • Mortgrel: "Maybe. But war is about who fights dirtier than the other. And as far as we are aware, the Alliance and the Republic have become closer and closer ever since the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone. The chances of them conspiring together against us are not to be ignored."

Harana appeared irritated.

  • Harana: "Bah! It's maddening. Continue your investigation, Captain. We will find those responsible and punish them accordingly!"
  • Mortgrel: "Very well. But keep your eyes open, mandator. For years have thousands of sapients hungered for your blood. This assassin will definitely not be the last event which will transpire."

Harana finally slumped into his chair.

  • Harana: "... Joy."

Mortgrel nodded and turned back to leave the chamber. As he did, an irritated frown grew on his face. It was clear he hated talking to politicians, even more politicians like Harana.

Chapter Five: Infiltrating the CognatusEdit

Exiting hyperspace near the borders of the Cognatus Empire, the Allecto quickly engaged its phase device as it passed into the territory claimed by the infamous zealots. On the bridge, Nerazachi ralyed information to Xevern and Olcinius as they made their way to the hangar bay, where they would board a stealth fighter and board with a nearby Cognatus Paradeis-class Star Frigate.

  • Nerazachi: "Best of luck. The ship signature should be located in the main computer on board the station, so I've assigned an AI to help find it. Her name is Ailbe and she should help locate the information quickly so you don't outstay your welcome. Clear?"
  • Xevern: "Copy that. We should take extreme caution. And in case any Cognatus spots us, we silence them as soon as we can. Can't afford them getting alerted of our presence."

As they made their way into the fighter, a feminine voice sounded in their heads.

  • Ailbe: "Hey there, my name is Ailbe. I'll be your liaison for this mission."
  • Olcinius: "Hmph. I distrust your kind, machine."
  • Xevern: "We don't really have a lot of options here, unless you'd rather go over to the Cognatus and ask their secret codes very nicely."
  • Olcinius: "Hmph."
  • Xevern: "Let's just get this over with before we're discovered."
  • Aible: "Agreed. I'll launch the fighter and set a destination for the Cognatus vessel. After that, all we have to do is ring the bell and that's that."

The fighter flies to the Cognatus Frigate.

The ship lifted off from the hangar bay and shot off into space, engaging the cloaking device as it approached the small, though powerful Cognatus vessel. When they reached a close enough distance, the fighter suddenly stopped.

  • Aible: "Since we obviously can't just dock with it, you'll need to teleport inside. I can remodulate this fighter's shields to provide the energy necessary, but suffice to say the shields of the Cognatus craft may impede on the teleportation process. If you notice any severed limbs, please don't hestitate to consult a medical practitioner. All set?"
  • Xevern: "Boy are we up to a good start already. Just do it before I start regretting it."

Space outside the fighter began to contort as the shields lit up followed suddenly by a faint "pop". Opening their eyes, Xevern and Olcinius realised that they had just transported to the Cognatus ship. Thankfully they were unharmed. The room they had teleported in was surrounded by crimson-purple walls seemed to be made from a mixture of organic and mechanical structures. It was then they noticed a single small Vevilog, who was shaking uncontrollably upon seeing the new arrivals.

  • Vevilog: "Aahh!! Bad guys!"

As the Vevilog ran to find cover, he picked up a small Cognatus pistol but before he could fire at the intruders, Olcinius whirled around and killed the Vevilog with a single headshot.

  • Aible: "Wow! Went directly through the cortex!"
  • Xevern: "Nice shot. Let's hope nobody heard him. What way to the data we need?"
  • Aible: "Out of this room, into the next corridor and into the central control room. I'll keep you updated as you go."
  • Xevern: "Off we go then. Make as little noise as you can."
  • Olcinius: "Understood."

As they moved out of the room, Aible kept them updated on which paths to take and which ones to avoid, occasionally telling them to hide in an adjacent room as a patrol of Cogsangui warriors passed. Giving them the all clear, Aible marked out the location of the central control room, prompting Olcinius and Xevern to make their way toward it. Suddenly however, a camouflaged Cogsangui warrior decloaked holding the corpse of the Vevilog killed earlier by Olcinius. Growling in annoyance, the Cogsangui looked over the area, searching for the murderers.

  • Aible: "Get out of sight! Now!"

Xevern's eyes widened as he quickly ran into a Jefferies tube, using his small size for his advantage to keep hidden. Though somewhat larger, Olcinius also managed to squeeze into the tube, the two watching the Cogsangui closely. Clearly enraged at the loss of one of his soldiers, the Cogsangui slammed the corpse into the ground and moved on with a roar.

  • Aible: "Well he's just a ray of sunshine, eh? Come on. The control room is directly ahead."
  • Xevern: "Yickes... if he did that to a member of his own empire, I'd not like to be on his grasp."

Moving quickly, the team made their way into the empty control room.

  • Aible: "That computer display unit up ahead. Plug me into it."

Grumbling loudly, Olcinius took a small device out of his pocket given to him by Captain Nerazachi and inserted it into the computer. Within a few seconds, Aible spoke up.

  • Aible: "Bingo. I found what we need. Unplug me and I'll teleport us back to the fighter. You should also leave your rifle behind, I'll transmogrify it into an Imperial model. That should avoid any complications from the Cognatus."
  • Xevern: "How about you leave a message in the computer? Perhaps something like "Hail Tyrómairon!", that should make them mad."

Appearing holographically next to the computer, Aible contemplated the suggestion. She took the form of an Ausare.

  • Aible: "Hmm... egotistical. Seems pretty "Imperial" to me. Good idea."

Aible left the message as asked, also including an image of the symbol of the Cognatus Empire being defaced by a cartoon depiction of an Oikoumene construct. Managing a smile, Olicinius took Aible's chip and inserted it into his pocket.

  • Aible: "That should do the trick. Now, lets head back."
  • Xevern: "Heheheheh. I'm a front-line soldier but I won't lie, infiltration is fun. Now off we go, we have much to do!"

Chapter Six: Mischief on the BorderEdit

Over the last several days, the Allecto spread the signals recovered from the Cognatus warship, all the while using a holographic ship-wide device, turning the Venator-class into a bulbous Cognatus warship of a comparable size and weight. On the bridge, Nerazachi stood alongside his new Borealisan allies, all of them incredibly tense about their current mission parameters. As they skimmed around a star system located directly along the Imperial border, Nerazachi was caught by the wonder of a nearby nebula.

  • Nerazachi: "Your galaxy is truly beautiful. In the tongue of the Libertus, it is known as Heleanór, which means "Ice Star". You should be proud of your attempts to provide order and stability to it."
  • Xevern: "Well, thanks. We don't really have a name for your galaxy but I'm sure it's also nice.'"
  • Nerazachi: "It appears that the signals are working well, they seem to correspond identically with real Cognatus symbols rather than those which are being broadcast from a Republic ship."
  • Xevern: "Any response from the Empire's territory?"

Nerazachi turned to his science officer.

  • Nerazachi: "Lieutenant?"
  • Science Officer: "We are detecting five Imperial starships within a ten lightyear radius, Captain. All five appear to be investigating the signals we left in other systems, with one in particular trailing us directly."
  • Xevern: "Perhaps they're working a bit too well then. I think we should leave this area."
  • Nerazachi: "...Perhaps. It is likely they still haven't detected "us" directly, merely our signals."

At this moment, a Victory-class Star Destroyer emerged from hyperspace, directly flanking the Allecto. Most specifically, it was the Crusader, which had come to this system to investigate the Cognatus signals the trio were spreading in the region. A transmission was sent to the Allecto, showing the captain of the vessel to be none other than Captain Mortgrel.

  • Mortgrel: "No point trying to run, zealot scum. I see you as clearly as the day."
  • Xevern: "...Oh shit."
  • Mortgrel: "Wait a moment... you are not Cognatus."

Nerazachi attempted to back track.

  • Nerazachi: "Erm... silence heathen scum! Your words fall on the righteous ears of the worthy!"
  • Mortgrel: "You think me a fool? A Trucinex, a Niaka and a Paladian in a Cognatus ship? Conspirators of the Republic and the Alliance! You were the ones spreading these signals!"

Chapter Seven: Clash of the TitansEdit


The Allecto clashes with the Crusader.

Nerazachi whirled on his feet.

  • Nerazachi: "Block all transmissions from that ship!"
  • Bridge Officer: "Yes captain!"
  • Mortgrel: "Imperial Command will be warned of your transgression! The whole Empire will learn of your actions!"
  • Nerazachi: "And hang up for the sake of the gods!"

The transmission from the Crusader suddenly ended and as Nerazachi looked out into space, he began barking out orders to his crew.

  • Nerazachi: "Target the main bridge and fire everything!"
  • Xevern: "We need to kill that guy before he warns Harana and everyone else!"

The Allecto, disguised as the Cognatus ship, bared down on the Crusader, raising its shields and using a pinpoint hyperspatial jump to warp to just behind the Crusader's engine core. However, the Crusader quickly reacted, whirling to face the disguised Venator. With a single volley of turbolaser fire, the holographic disguise of the Allecto collapsed, revealing the ship's true form as a Republic Star Destroyer. Aible's voice sounded in the bridge.

  • Aible: "Captain, our disguise is out of the picture!"
  • Nerazachi: "Come on Aible, move above that ship. Then open up our little surprise."
  • Aible: "Aye, aye!"
  • Xevern: "Man, I hate spaceship fighting. If I could go up to that guy and smash his face, it'd be so much simpler."

At the bridge of the Crusader, a malevolent grin grew on Mortgrel's face as he watched the Allecto's disguise vanish in front of his eyes.

  • Mortgrel: "I will enjoy this greatly. No mercy!"

Blazes of blue energy erupted from the turbolaser cannons of the Allecto, shooting across space before impacting the secondary shield generator of the Crusader, destroying it and causing the Star Destroyer's shields to fall. Moving across space in a trajectory that would take it above the Imperial vessel, the Allecto was hit several times, though luckily the ship's systems were protected by the hull.

  • Nerazachi: "Fire the ventral superlaser!"

In the ventral hangar bay, the massive superlaser was put into position by some weapon specialists. Once aligned with the Crusader, a torrent of pure energy was unleashed, seemingly cutting across space like a hot knife through butter. Mortgrel's eyes widened and he barred his teeth in rage as he watched his destroyer be defeated by a mere Republic ship.

  • Mortgrel: "Damn your Republic. Damn your Alliance. Damn you all to the depths of the void!"

The beam of energy bisected the Crusader and left it spiraling through space before the main reactor finally exploded in a vast flower of flame and debris. On the bridge of the Allecto, Nerazachi sighed in relief.

  • Nerazachi: "Thankfully our weapon signatures should still read as Cognatus rather than Republic."
  • Xevern: "Phew! That was close. Too close. Let's get out of here before reinforcements arrive."
  • Olcinius: "I think I'll stick to ground battles..."

Shooting off into hyperspace, the Allecto escaped the system leaving the Empire to work out those responsible for the Crusader's destruction.

Chapter Eight: End of a MandatorEdit

Harana sat in his office, the events of the previous days filling his mind. He hadn't slept in over a week, fearful that his potential assassins would return to finish the job. Indeed, these fears were made all the worse with the death of his protector Mortgrel at the hands of a Cognatus ship near the edges of Imperial space in Borealis. Rising from his seat, he walked over to the window where he overlooked the city below. The sun was already setting, reminding the mandator that he had been sitting aimlessly in his office for the entire day, ignoring all scheduled meetings with foreign dignitaries and fellow Imperial administrators. Suddenly, he heard the sound of heavy footsteps approaching from behind. As he turned around, he felt as if he had turned to stone. A massive Cogsangui stood staring at him with sinister intent.


Vos Adamae kills Harana.

  • Harana: "W-who... are you?"

The Cogsangui slowly approached, with Harana noticing that he was brandishing a sword of some kind.

  • Vos Adamae: "I? I am the last face your woeful eyes shall ever see."

Harana backed away quickly toward the window, turning his head momentarily as if planning on jumping, he was not prepared for the Cogsangui's attack. Grabbing the mandator by the neck, Vos lifted him off the ground and slammed him several times into the wall. By the third hit, Harana was disorientated. Falling to the ground, he heard the sword of the Cogsangui ignite with fiery energy. With a single thrust, Vos drove the sword through Harana's back before driving it out through his side, bisecting him.

Meanwhile, thousands of light years away, Aev Tempaere arrived in a shuttle on board the Allecto. He made his way to the conference room from before, where the group awaited him. He walked in with his arms outstretched.

  • Aev Tempaere: "My good fellows, well done! Well done indeed."
  • Xeron: "Hahahahah! Harana is now only half the man he used to be!"
  • Lumian: "Oh Xeron, that's so... ugh. I can't help but feel sorry for him. He had good intentions before, but power must have gone over his head."

Aible appeared holographically.

  • Aible: "And through his abdomen, if the reports are to believed."
  • Aev Tempaere: "Yes, yes. What's more is that the Cognatus are believed to be responsible for the assassination, which I can actually confirm for you all. Things certainly worked in our favour."
  • Xeron: "See? I knew it would work."
  • Xevern: "Honestly, chief, you messed up big time and me and the boys here had to fix your mistakes."
  • Xeron: "Bah, alright. The three of you did do an exceptional job."
  • Olcinius: "Gee, thanks."
  • Nerazachi: "I admit, I hope I never have to undertake such a mission again. There is no honour in these sorts of tactics. We should not resort to the tactics of the Empire to defeat them. We will prevail in the conflict to come by sticking to our ideals."
  • Lumian: "Indeed. Regardless, this has sparked further conflict between the Empire and the Cognatus, and if we are lucky, part of the Heleanorians who followed Harana will migrate back to the Zoles Imperium to escape being destroyed. I just hope Heleanorbis was not too damaged..."
  • Aev Tempaere: "... There are reports that the Cognatus bombarded the capital building alone, thankfully. They have since moved on. In any case, I hope for more cooperation between the Republic and the Alliance in the years to come, hopefully under less stressful circumstances, of course."
  • Xeron: "Indeed. Prosperity to us both, my friend, for while we had a bit of a rocky start, we have won this day."
  • Xevern: "Bit of an understatement."
  • Xeron: "Shut up, you."

Nerazachi raised a glass.

  • Nerazachi: "To our alliance!"


As the Allecto made its way back through the wormhole, Nerazachi retired to his chambers, sighing deeply as he sunk into one of his chairs. While updating his log of the "official" version of the mission, he was caught unaware by a voice in the shadows.

  • Unknown: "Captain Nerazachi. Back in Cyrannus, I take it?"
  • Nerazachi: "Yes. I'm not going to ask how you know that."

The voice eminated from a screen in the corner of his room.

  • Unknown: "Probably for the best, my friend. My organisation is planning something. Something big. I just thought you should be aware of it."
  • Nerazachi: "What's going on? I was told nothing would happen until after the fall of Vasuband."

The once obscured picture of the screen shifted into that of a Tenerensis.

  • Sesoka: "No, Nerazachi. The day of the Cyrandia Resistance has come!"


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