We either show the Empire we mean business, or we become nothing more than a band of space pirates.

- Tyrant

The Battle of Imperavelli was a major engagement between the Cyrannian Imperial State and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus during the New Cyrandia Wars in 05 NE. From their hidden base on the Mortalitas homeworld, Zillum and Tyrant had their nefarious sights on the Outer Rim city world of Imperavelli, the conquest of which would go a long way to cripple the Imperial war effort in the Northern Outer Rim.



A series of strong thuds were heard down the vast corridors of the starship Benevolent. Crewmembers were quick to step aside when they saw the origins of these thuds, two of the highest ranked individuals in the fleet of the Cyrannian Imperial State, Zillum and Tyrant. Feared for their unforgiving natures, the two former Imperials stepped inside a darkened room, which at once was illuminated by the towering hologram of Imperator Tyermaillin, head of the Imperial State and leader of the rebellion against the Empire.

  • Tyermaillin: "Gentlemen, how pleasant to see you both again."
  • Tyrant: "Speak your mind, Imperator."
  • Tyermaillin: "We need another victory in the northern reaches of the Outer Rim. The situation in the south near Vasuband is quickly falling apart under the attacks of that false Basileus. We must ensure that the next battle you fight results in a victory, so I recommend an easy target."

Zillum gruffed.

  • Zillum: "An easy target will not rally support for our cause. We need a colossal victory or none at all. For too long has the Empire revelled in their greater strength and numbers. An attack on... Imperavelli is in order."
  • Tyrant: "An interesting choice. And indeed, you underestimate us. There is no point in an attack which does not cause significant impact. We either show the Empire we mean business, or we become nothing more than a band of space pirates."

Tyermaillin folded his arms and narrowed his eyes, displeased with the dissent shown from his admirals.

  • Tyermaillin: "Imperavelli is the most protected world in the Outer Rim. The gateway to the interior. The throneworld of Vosætiur. We simply do not have the manpower for such an attack."
  • Tyrant: "I have fought bigger obstacles and lived. Imperavelli is an excellent target... and if that is where that irritating Vosætiur comes from, it makes it even better."
  • Zillum: "It is settled. Before the week is done, Imperavelli will be ours. Will that be all, Tyermaillin?"
  • Tyermaillin: "On your heads be the consequences, admirals. I wish you both luck, for all that is worth."

The hologram vanished, leaving Zillum and Tyrant alone in the room. This invasion would require much planning.

Space Battle above Imperavelli[]

One by one, ships under the command of Tyrant dropped out of hyperspace over the eastern hemisphere of Imperavelli, meeting stiff opposition from the Imperial fleet in orbit. On the bridge of his flagship, the Colossus, Tyrant laughed as the massive cannons of his vessel ripped through the smaller Imperial vessels which had yet to raise their shields in the face of the surprise attack. Approaching Tyrant, one of his bridge officers cleared his throat.

The battle erupts in orbit.

  • Bridge Officer: "Lord Tyrant, we have arrived in orbit over the planet and Lord Zillum has begun his assault on the other side. There is an Imperial dreadnought directly in front of us however. Your orders?"
  • Tyrant: "Annihilate it. Show it we are not here to play around."
  • Bridge Officer: "As you wish."

Backed up by the other ships in the State fleet, the Colossus managed to destroy a Harrower-class Star Destroyer protecting the dreadnought's flank before engaging the far larger Imperial vessel with a heavy barrage of fire. Though the massive dreadnought in turn managed to cripple several State vessels, the overwhelming nature of Tyrant's attack slowly but surely blasted chunks off the Imperial flagship, which began to list to one side as massive explosions destroyed its critical systems. Suddenly, the dreadnought was annihilated in a large explosion which showered debris onto the planet below.

  • Bridge Officer: "The ship is destroyed and orbit over this side of the planet has been secured."
  • Tyrant: "Feel the might of the people of Tyranikus, Imperials. Now, prepare our deployment. The battle will not be concluded until the surface is secured."

Meanwhile on the far side of the planet, Supreme Leader Zillum led his forces against the vast Imperavelli Space Station which hung in low orbit over the planet's urbanised continent. Though no dreadnought defended this region on the planet, the station and its formidable defenders were such that even the infamous leader of the Mortalitas was hard-pressed to defeat them. While Tyrant began landing his troops, Zillum continued the fight in space for several hours before finally the cannons of the Benevolent silenced the space station, which exploded dramatically, scattering the Imperial fleet to a nearby moon. Content with the invasion thus far, Zillum communicated with Tyrant, suggesting that they both lead the ground battle personally...

Encounter with the Wardroids[]

The sprawling capital of Imperavelli was in full lockdown, a contingent of Imperial soldiers, vehicles and war machines dispatched to defend the planet's centre against the attacks of the invading State forces. Landing in a shuttle just outside the city gates, Tyrant and Zillum overlooked their ever expanding army, primarily made up of Mortalitas and Tiranozark warriors as well as large tanks designed after the fearsome ocean hunters of the Mortalitas homeworld Moreuse.

  • Zillum: "Nothing will stop our advance."
  • Tyrant: "The two strongest races of Cyrannus, united in one army. For the Imperials to believe we can be beat, they are surely insane."

Zillum and Tyrant face down the Imperials.

Nodding in agreement, Zillum interacted with a holographic display on his gauntlet, ordering the entire force to open fire on the city. Massive globes of energy erupted from the tanks while the warriors ignited their swords and primed their blasters all the while sprinting toward the city, some dodging the Imperial counter-attack while others vanishing in a haze of fire.

Just as the first warriors reached the main entrance into the city, several dozen faint "pops" were heard as elite Imperial Wardroids translocated throughout the battlefield, cutting down State forces and vanishing into hyperspace before any significant damage could be done. Suddenly appearing near Zillum and Tyrant, two wardroids raised their weapons and charged. The Tiranozark leader put down his blade as he took another weapon on his arsenal, an experimental portable hyperspatial missile launcher and fired it at one of the droids, the recoil causing him to drag his talons through the floor as the robot was obliterated.

  • Tyrant - "The strength of a Tiranozark is only rivalled by the power of their weapons!"

Another droid was cut down by Zillum's blade just as it attempted to translocate away, the mighty Mortalitas casting down the droid and crushing its head under his boot. The rest of the army however, was facing heavy losses against such foes. Growling in annoyance, Zillum used his powers granted during the Great Cyrannus War to unleash a shock-wave, destroying all nearby Imperial machines and removing the abilities of the remaining to jump in and out of the hyperspatial void. Stunned by the attack, the remaining machines were quickly destroyed by the State army which finally breached the walls of the capital, pouring into the city and fighting hand-to-hand with the Imperial troopers present.

Pleased with the invasion thus far, Zillum and Tyrant followed in their army's wake, unsuspecting that the eyes of a dangerous foe watched their every move...

Duel with the Inquisitor[]

The city was in chaos, the firefights between forces loyal to both the State and the Empire clashed in violent duels throughout the once peaceful avenues and lanes. However, the faction which would emerge victorious quickly became clear. Marching their way toward the capital building, Zillum and Tyrant failed to notice a shadowy figure approach from behind them.

Zillum and Tyrant battle Inquisitor Truptor.

  • Inquisitor Truptor: "Turn and face me, rebel scum."

As Tyrant heard the figure and took sight of him, his teeth barred in a growl.

  • Tyrant: "The Emperor's worshippers are here to face us."
  • Zillum: "Ah... one of the new Inquisitors, yes? I have looked forward to facing one in battle."
  • Truptor: "That time has now come, curr."

Rushing forward, Truptor ignited two blades and became locked in combat with the two rebels. Zillum and Tyrant retaliated with their own swords, and while the Inquisitor was skilled enough to fend them off one at a time, fighting the two giants together would prove problematic. Truptor positioned himself in a manner he would have to fight both Zillum and Tyrant side by side, delivering precise sword blows at the Mortalitas admiral in front of him while the Tiranozark leader was forced to repeatedly reposition himself to keep up with him. However, the Cavaneu Inquisitor was taken by surprise as Zillum used his powers to telekinetically hurl him forward, crashing into a wall in the process before Tyrant jumped over the head of the Mortalitas, aiming to plunge his blade at him but not before he managed to evade the blow by dodging to the side.

  • Truptor: "I do not know where you gleamed your powers, Mortalitas, but they shall not protect you."
  • Tyrant: "Bahaha. Afraid, Capricyránae?"

Tyrant rushed at the Inquisitor, using his huge strength to try and break through his defensive manoeuvres while Zillum took the opportunity to flank him. The might of the two rebel admirals was not something easily matched, and eventually Truptor found himself wounded and out of breath while his opponents sported mere scratches on their armors. Striding forward, Zillum ignited his blade and delimbed the injured Inquisitor, causing him to roar with pain. The massive Mortalitas grabbed the Cavaneu by the throat and lifted him into the air before slamming him into the ground with great force, leaving what was once a mighty Inquisitor a pulpy mess on the city streets.

  • Zillum: "We are done here. Imperavelli is ours."
  • Tyrant: "Hahaha! The so-called Imperator will eat his words."


Imperavelli was under complete State control within the week, with news reaching Vasuband quickly of the exploits of the State's most formidable warriors. On the bridge of the Benevolent, Tyrant and Zillum awaited the arrival of Imperator Tyermaillin, who travelled to Imperavelli personally to congratulate the two admirals. As Zillum and Tyrant watched, an image of the Imperator appeared on the viewscreen, smiling in a way that Zillum recognised as a Basileus method of hiding ones true feelings.

Zillum and Tyrant speak with Tyermaillin.

  • Tyermaillin: "And thus, Imperavelli falls under Vasuband's jurisdiction. Congratulations, admirals. You have done well."
  • Tyrant: "And yet you underestimated us, dear Imperator. Let this serve as an example of our abilities."
  • Tyermaillin: "You have succeeded beyond my expectations, yes. Though this is the homeworld of Grand Mandator Vosætiur. I trust you both know what he unleashed at Brezank?"
  • Tyrant: "Do not worry about it. He would not dare attack us now that we hold his precious home hostage. Politicians do not have the guts to face such threats. All is under control."
  • Zillum: "And if he does come, he will find only death and desolation."

Tyermaillin narrowed his eyes.

  • Tyermaillin: "In this instance, I shall defer to your judgement. Now if you both excuse me, I have other matters to attend to."

Closing the transmission, Tyermaillin stood motionless on the bridge of his flagship, the Tavros for several moments before leaving for a more secluded area of the ship. Upon arriving in his personal quarters, he patted his Dvottie Mr. Bigglesworth on the head before opening a new transmission. A holographic image of a Fernei-Tuu appeared.

  • Tyermaillin: "Flovos Pretio, isn't it?"
  • Flovos Pretio: "Ah, Imperator Tyermaillin. My attaches informed me you desired an audience."
  • Tyermaillin: "Yes. I have a... lucrative business opportunity you may be interested in."
  • Flovos Pretio: "For the right price, the Syndicate will take on any job..."


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