The Battle of Atrithrillia was a battle fought by former allies the Cyrannian Imperial State and the United Bygorian Ascendancy during the latter stages of the New Cyrandia Wars. The State's defeat in the conflict played a key role in their ultimate defeat at Vasuband shortly after the battle's conclusion.



Emperor Kradik sat upon his throne, surrounded by his close staff and commanders. His fingers arched in front of him as he listened closely to each of them speak in turn. Listening intently, he turned to his main adviser, Kul'talis.

  • Kradik - Kul, tell me, what has occured with the State as of recently.
  • Kul'talis - An attempt was made to turn the Republic and the Empire, using criminal elements.
  • Kradik - How pathetic.
  • Kul'talis - And... It has failed. Republic's now on the warpath against them, along with the Empire.
  • Kradik - Hmmm. Not a thing I want to hear. Not good at all. Our alliance with the state is no longer profitable. They have made a usful distraction, but we cannot afford to join them in their path of destruction.' Our alliance is over, and they are doomed.
  • Skeeni - My lord, what is your plan?
  • Kradik - The State has several important military assets that would be better served under our command.

Kradik rose from his throne, folding his limbs behind him.

  • Kradik - The key will be to find the world where they are stationed. And I believe our agents know where.
  • Skeeni - Sir?
  • Kradik - Kalix'martour's intelligence agents have given us a name. Atirthrillia.
  • Kul'talis - Sounds intrigueing. What of it.
  • Kradik - The Republic and the Empire will obvisiously move quickly to burn through what remains of the State. As it falls, we will move in on the colony and take what we need.
  • Kul'talis - Anything else? Should we move to capture any individuals.
  • Kradik - I have little patience for any members of the State. They dug themselves this hole, they can try and dig themselves out. All must be prepared for when the Ascendancy finally begins it's war for the entire galaxy.

Kradik began to walk out of hte royal palace, as he turned towards his command staff.

  • Kradik - Assign Jerako'Kalryzn to the mission. Tell him to gather a fleet and move out within the next 3 hours.
  • Staff - Yes my lord!

With that, Kradik left his advisors behind, as his bodyguards returned to flank him once more.

Fleet of Atrithrillia[]

Admiral Chathanglas stood with his hands clasped behind his back on the bridge of his flagship, the Martos overlooking the shipyards of Atrithrillia. The crystal blue seas of the Basileus colony could be seen below the viewport of the flagship, interupted occassionally by a cloud of pure white or a tropical archepeligo. The shipyards themselves are the last major military outpost of the Cyrannian Imperial State before the capital of Vasuband which was preparing to fight tooth and tail to repel any Imperial invasion. Chathanglas knew that the fleet being constructed here at Atrithrillia was critical to the survival of the State and perhaps even the Basileus as a species.

Looming on the horizon was a massive flotilla of Centurion-class Star Destroyers recently unveiled from the shipyards. These would be the saving grace of the State, Chathanglas said to himself under his breath. Approaching from behind was his first officer, a female Cargura.

  • Officer: "Admiral, the fleet is indeed impressive, but what of our allies? When the Imperator declared the beginning of the State, there were several civilisations who floaked to our cause."
  • Chathanglas: "Disloyal cretins, the lot. With not an ounce of honour."

Upon Chathanglas' words, an unidentified fleet entered the system, prompting his first officer to call out his name.

  • Officer: "Admiral, an unidentified fleet has entered the system! It appears that they are... Bygorians..."
  • Chathanglas: "Ah, speak of the Xhodocto and they shall appear. They have finally decided to pull their weight against the Empire it seems. Hail them."
  • Officer: "No response, sir. I-I don't think they're here to make friends!"

Chathanglas glanced at the viewscreen, which showed a vast armada approach aggressively.

  • Chathanglas: "... Full shields! Action stations!"

Battle of Atrithrillia[]

As soon as the order left his mouth, the bridge shock violently as the first barrage of Bygorian fire hit the Martos. The war had just become more complicated. As he stood from the shock ot the attack, his first officer reported communications incoming from the main capital ship. Pressing a button near his captain's chair, a lean Bygorian male appeared on his screen.

  • Jerako'Kalryzn - Hello, Imperial State, I earnestly regret this whole sordid affair, but the Ascendancy has sent me, Jerako'Kalryzn, to cancel our alliance, and begin the process of taking a few bits of technology you have, that have been marked as important. Now I sincerly apologize for my rude arrival, so merely step aside and that will be the only time I will have to use my incredible fire power on you.
  • Chathanglas - Are you mad? You just expect us to stand aside after almost killing us?
  • Jerako - My first officer advised the same thing. I guess it's too late to parley?
  • Chathanglas - What do you think?
  • Jerako - I was afraid of that. Good luck then, my dear friend. You will need it if you cross blades with my flotilla.

Jerako closed communications as Chathanglas growled at the Bygorian.

  • Chathanglas - Who does this arrogant clown think he is, shooting at a fleet and then trying to negotiate with us? Prepare weapon systems. Let us show this Ascendancy the price of their treachery to the Imperator and the State!

Jerako, meanwhile stood up from his captain's chair, commanding his troops' attention, as he shouted out his orders.

  • Jerako - Foward echelon, begin charging forward lances. Rear echelon, remain on stand by for my orders, and prepare to engage if reinforcements arrive. If they wish to make their last stand here, then I shall leave none of these Central Galactics for the Empire to kill! Glory to the Ascendancy!

With his last words, the larger ships up in front of the fleet moved off from the rest and prepared to engage. Across the gulf of space, turbolaser fire rained down on both fleets began their respective attacks. Though he knew he was outnumbered, Chathanglas knew that the fall of Atrithillia and the loss of its fleet would spell certain doom for the Imperial State.

The Bygorians had spared no expense for this undetaking, outfitting a fleet made up mostly of large assault ships, including Kaiser and Marauder-class crusiers and frigates. The three forward Kaiser classes opened fire, plasma lances exchanging fire with the Centurion Star Destroyers. Jerako was personally enthused abou this. He had earned many Deutzalanian commanders brag about the fire power of the kaiser-class ships and it's ability to go toe-to-toe with some of the best in the Gigaquadrant. He chuckled as a smirk crossed his lips. Time for their trial by fire.

The smaller frigates and corvettes exchanged fire, lance fire and turbolaser canon exploding across the rival ships, explosions ripping through the Bygorian ships, as energy weapons tore their way through the State's own ships. Despite the superior numbers of the Ascendancy, the State Fleet was managing to hold them off, with several frigates exploding and buckling form their assault. Jerako cocked an eyebrow in surprise. He had allowed his frigates to overextend themselves, and get too far from his capital ships. Oh well, it was poultry loses.

Chathanglas bit his lip to hold back the excitement, and ordered his fleet to push forward. Surely with such loses, and with enough concentrated fire power, he could bring down the capital ships of this fleet, and their flag vessel. Ordering his fleet to concentrate fire on the lead ship, Chathanglas concentrated everything on winning.

Jerako chuckled confidently to himself, and called the captain of the Rear Echelon to bring his Despair-class dreadnoughts online. Although slow, once he had the super-laser weapons lined up, all would be his. Then, going further, he ordered his remaining frigates and crusiers to divert power from their shields and engines into the lances and turbolaser weapons. A great risk, yes, but Jerako always went all or nothing.

Placing his elbows on the arm rests of his captain's chair, and lacing his fingers in front of his face, Jerako watched in silence as his ships charged up their Lance canons and other weapons, preparing for the final stroke that would finish the fight and bring about his victory, or his total defeat.

The Battle's Conclusion[]

Chathanglas growled in annoyance as his first line of ships fell to the mighty lance cannons of Jerako's fleet. One by one, the ships of the forward line buckled and though the State managed to destroy several enemy ships, it soon became clear that victory was beyond their grasp.

  • Chathanglas: "Fight until the last, you incompetant fools! We must not allow this world to fall into the hands of these traitors!"

The Martos fired a fiercy lance of turbolaser fire from its main cannon, which impacted violently against a damaged Ascendancy destroyer, bisecting it from stem to stern. Just as Chathanglas began to regain his confidence that the battle was not over yet, a massive State dreadnought exploded under intense Ascendancy firepower. Suddenly, the communication's officer called out to the Admiral.

  • Communication Officer: "Admiral, we are receiving an emergency transmission from Vasuband!"
  • Chathanglas: "Onscreen."

The face of Imperator Tyermaillin appeared, with a look of concern etched on his face.

  • Tyermaillin: "You are to return to Vasuband immediately, Admiral. We are detecting a massive armada approaching on all vectors. You are to take all ships under your command. The final battle approaches."
  • Chathanglas: "Surely you jest?! Atrithrillia is under attack by that damnable Ascendancy. Our war effort would be thrown into disarray if the fleet his world hides is taken from us."
  • Tyermaillin: "Our existence is under threat, admiral. Do as you are told! Tyermaillin, out."

As Tyermaillin's face vanished from the viewscreen, Chathanglas growled in frustration before contacting the fleet.

  • Chathanglas: "All ships are to disengage immediately. Atrithillia is lost. Vasuband is under attack. That is our destination."

One by one, the vessels of Chathanglas' fleet vanished into hyperspace, with those that remained due to battle damage being easy prey for the Ascendancy.

Victory of the Ascendancy[]

Jerako chuckled as he watched the State fleet retreated, his ships cracking off some final rounds at the remaining ships, as Jerako contacted Lord Kradik. His master's stern face appeared on the view screne, his face set in a glare.

  • Kradik - "I trust you have succeded Admiral?"
  • Jerako - "Yes, my lord. My fleet will clean up the last ships here and begin looting technology. My ground forces will plant our banner here."
  • Kradik - "Can you hold the planet?"
  • Jerako - "Hahahah! Yes of course. The Empire and State have no power here."
  • Kradik - "*Smiles* Excellent. Keep your forces there and claim the remaining ships under contrustion. The planet is yours to command."
  • Jerako - "*Bowing* As you wish it sir."

Kradik ended communications as Jerako activated his communications channels, and beamed down a message to the planet.

  • Jerako - Citizens of Atrithrilia, your world now falls under the flag of the United Bygorian Ascendancy. Comply with military personnel, and meet at the Re-education camps soon to be set up, and there will be no reason to worry. Rechoice even! For you fall under a true Emperor, one who shall not soon forget your place and abandon you for death!

With that done, Jerako ordered his forces to begin deploying ground forces on the surface, and began sneding out landing parties to secure the various space stations and dry docks in orbit.


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