We do not need to hold the planet, we simply need to send our citizenry a message that even the heart of the Imperial military is not safe from us.

- Imperator Tyermaillin

The Battle of Antemurale was a large scale engagement in the New Cyrandia Wars fought between the forces of the Cyrannian Imperial State and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, with Rambo Nation later arriving to aid the Empire when the battle turned dire. The raid was fought over Antemurale, arguably the most important planet for the Empire in the Outer Rim though it did not amount to a full scale invasion, with Tyermaillin's aim simply being a short but vicious attack to demoralise the Imperial population and inspire loyalty in the people of the Imperial State.

Ultimately, the combined Imperial/Rambo Fleet won the battle over Antemurale, though the Imperial State had ultimately succeeded in winning a symbolic and strategic victory over the Empire by crippling a large portion of the Imperial fleet refueling at Antemurale Station. Nevertheless, more substantial State victories are needed to turn the tide of war.



Stting alone in his office on the Basileus homeworld of Vasuband, Imperator Tyermaillin gazed absentmindedly at the passing Vengeance-class Frigate passing high above the window. Suddenly, a large figure entered the room focusing the Imperator's attention away from the ship and toward the new arrival.

  • Tyermaillin: "Greetings Lord Mortgerro. I am glad you answered my summons."

The large Mortalitas was the Lord in command of the State's military actions across the galaxy, heading the so-called Sphere of War against the Empire. A gruff and somewhat reclusive figure, the mighty warrior nodded his head in respect.

  • Mortgerro: "My Lord Imperator. How can I be of assistance?"

Rising from his chair, Tyermaillin placed his hands behind his back and adopted a stern expression.

  • Tyermaillin: "We need to retake the initiative in the war with the Empire. Our citizens lose hope that our freedom from the Core can be won and I aim to restore their confidence."
  • Mortgerro: "I understand. Though the war goes well under Zillum and Tyrant in the northern Outer Rim, we require a major victory in the south."
  • Tyermaillin: "My thoughts exactly. I have chosen Antemurale as our next target."

Mortgerro appeared genuinely taken aback.

  • Mortgerro: Lord Palivan of the Sphere of Intelligence believes such an attack is impossible. We should not waste resources on a hopeless cause."
  • Tyermaillin: "We do not need to hold the planet, we simply need to send our citizenry a message that even the heart of the Imperial military is not safe from us."

Mortgerro remained unconvinced, but nodded ostensibly in agreement. Turning to leave the room, Tyermaillin raised a hand to stop him.

  • Tyermaillin: "And Lord Mortgerro, I will personally lead the assault."

The Battle BeginsEdit

Ship by ship, the State's armada dropped out of hyperspace in close orbit over Antemurale. Led by Tyermaillin's personal flagship the IBS Tavros, the fleet held position awaiting the inevitable Imperial response. The planet below was shrouded in perpetual night, with the only illumination coming from the planet's vast cities and the massive lightning storms enveloping the world. When the last ship had arrived, the fleet measured over two hundred warships of varying sizes, from massive Centurion-class Star Destroyers to the smaller, though no less deadly, Vengenance-class Frigates, one of which was the newly constructed flagship of Admiral Chathanglas, the IBS Martos. Suddenly, a massive Imperial Space Station decloaked in close proximaty to the fleet along with a vast Imperial fleet made up of starships of dozens of different classes, from massive battlecruisers and star destroyers to smaller corvettes and frigates all surronded by swarms of starfighters. On the bridge of his flagship, Tyermaillin frowned and furrowed his brow.

  • Tyermaillin: "The largest Imperial fleet I've seen..."

The massive battle above the Antemurale Space Station.

Addressing his entire fleet, Tyermaillin spoke clearly.

  • Tyermaillin: "Make no mistake, this will not be an easy fight but our objective has become clear. Destroy that station at all costs and take as many ships down as you can. We fight for the State and we will die for the State. Open fire!"

Lances of crimson energy erupted from the cannons of the State's warfleet, crisscrossing with the green Imperial lasers as they cut across space. A squadron of Imperial ASP Fighters and Bombers approached the Tavros with all their fury, though their laser bolts sparked useless blue whorls off of the flagship's advanced shields, only to be blasted into scrap by Tyermaillin's gunners. On the bridge of the Martos, Chatlanglas barked out orders to his crewmembers, his eyes fixed on a nearby Acclamator-class Assault Frigate. Ordering a full barrage on the unshielded ship, Chatlanglas watched as the atmoshphere boiled out of the hull of the once mighty transport before transforming into a vast flower of flame.


Ordering the fleet to engage the enemy ships at point-blank range, the State fleet moved closer and closer to the Imperial Space Station and the fleet, with some ships failing under the intense Imperial bombardment. Despite the heavy losses however, a sizable chunk of the State's fleet survived to engage in vicious broadsides with the Imperial armada kilometres above the massive Space Station.

The bridge of the Tavros shook under the heavy enemy fire, though Tyermaillin remained firm, coordinating the fleet with a surprisingly devastating degree of accuracy.

  • Tyermaillin: "Give the enemy no quarter! For you shall receive none!"

The view screen was full of swarming starfighters and massive cruisers which exchanged planet killing degrees of turbolaser fire with devastating results. The massive Antemurale Space Station below was the target of the attack and let it was not defenceless, but rather a full armed battlestation which managed to shoot down entire Star Destroyers in a single volley thanks to the Empire's deadly new displacement cannons. Nevertheless, Tyermaillin's fleet was winning. Armed with a near zealous devotion to the Imperial State and its leader, the Empire, despite its technological advantage was being pushed back.

Unexpected ArrivalEdit

Though the orbital grid of the Empire was vast, the fact that the Imperial State had managed to block all communications away from the Space Station and its escort, meaning that the other Imperial forces surrounding the planet were left completely unaware that a vast State fleet was routing one of the planet's most important installations. Just as Tyermaillin was about to order the destruction of the Space Station, a large fleet dropped into orbit over the planet within range of the Space Station and the attacking State fleet, as well as the still substantial amount of Imperial resistance in the form of the massive Allegiance-class Heavy Star Destroyer New Order under Commodore Thaeliwaen as well as the remaining fleet of Imperator-class Star Destroyers such as the Basilisk under Captain Cuinn and the Accuser under Captain Prentus.

While Tyermaillin remained besieging the Station, he sent Chathanglas to deal with the new arrivals. To the surprise of the Admiral, the vessels did not belong to an Imperial taskforce, but rather a fleet flying under the banner of Rambo Nation. At first, the Admiral assumed that it was the Empire utilising holographic trickery but when the face of an angry Rambo captain filled the viewscreen, it was clear that the fleet was genuine.


Rambo ships come to aid the Empire in need!

  • Ramburgo Ramveral: "Attention rebel fleet, this is Captain Ramveral of Rambo Nation. We are here to honour the Nim-Glaré Concordat under the orders of Her Majesty, Supreme Empress Ramashe, Grand Mandator of the Quadrant Galaxies and loyal ally to the righteous Emperor of Cyrannus. Halt your attack or we shall fire!"
  • Chathanglas: "You have no authority here, bird. We are the true rulers of Cyrannus and now we shall show you why!"

Quickly raising the shields of his Dreadnought-Class Cruiser, the USS Burning Heretic, Captain Ramveral ordered his fleet to engage the State fleet and get between Chathanglas' flotilla and the Imperator's attack force over the Space Station. Faster than the State fleet, the swift Rambo vessels quickly flew above and below the State fleet, all the while firing volleys of torpedoes and phasers at the larger State Star Destroyers, which struggled to fire on the smaller vessels. Meanwhile, over the besieged Station, Captain Prentus noticed the new arrivals and their engagement with the State fleet and opened a channel.

  • Prentus: "Rambo vessels. Welcome to the party. We should coordinate our attacks and drive off these dissidents."

Agreeing with the Imperial captain, the Ramveral's fleet quickly moved against Tyermaillin's fleet over the Space Station, which began to fail under the combined Imperial-Rambo assault. In disarray, the Imperial State began facing heavy casualties, enraging the Imperator.

  • Tyermaillin: "Rambo fools. They have chosen the wrong side... Nevertheless, our mission here is complete. All ships, withdraw back to State space."

Before the Empire could erect an interdiction field, ship by ship the State fleet under Tyermaillin and Chathanglas engaged their hyperdrives and escaped. On the bridge of the Accuser, Prentus slammed his fist on his captain's chair. Though the battle was won, the Empire faced enough casualties to hamper their Southern Outer Rim offensive.


Though the Empire and the Rambo managed to drive off the State's fleet, there was no celebration when the Imperial leadership during the battle met with Captain Ramveral. By succeeding in attacking Antemurale and successfully getting away with it, the State had apparently proved that even the most secure Imperial worlds were not safe from a State assault. Nevertheless, out of the two hundred State vessels involved in the attack, only ninety five ships survived the battle, further infuriating the Imperator, who aimed to destroy the Space Station with minimal casualties. Nevertheless, the raid had given a modicrum of hope that victory in a prolonged hit and run campaign against the Empire could be achieved, giving a significant boost to State morale. Nevertheless, armed with a vast fleet led by Grand Admiral Carandial and the devastating Imperial flagship, the Imperatore, the Battle of Antemurale was a mere setback and one that the Empire could feasibly recover from in a manner of weeks, such is the nature of the Empire's vast industrial capacity.

In addition, the Battle of Antemurale showed a new age of friendship between the Empire and the Rambo though opened the Rambo up to a potential State reprisal attack.


  • Rambo Nation's involvement in the battle was not initially planned, with Dinoman82 coming up with this new detail after seeing the initial picture, to show the good relations between the Empire and the Rambo after the events of Imperial Entanglements.

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