We fight for peace. We fight for order. We fight for the Empire!

- Imperial Captain Gaius Prentus

As the second year of the New Cyrandia Wars began as the year 05 NE dawned, most historians considered the new conflict to be an irregular series of fronts unlike the galaxy-spanning Great War of years past. Nevertheless, the conflict still saw some of the most important developments in recent Cyrannian history, including the formation of the Mou'Cyran Accords and the Imperial Inquisition as well as the ascension of the New Cyrannian Republic to the status of a nascent hyperpower.

In the Outer Rim, conflict between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the rebellious Cyrannian Imperial State continued to rage in both the extreme north and south of the region, with rebel admirals such as Zillum, Tyrant and Chathanglas being pitted against Imperial forces under the command of Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur and Grand Admiral Carandial. The conflict thus far saw Imperial forces in the Northern Outer Rim being pushed by Zillum's armada while in the South, the massive Imperial flagship Imperatore has spelt the end to an immeasurable amount of rebel ships.

Meanwhile, the Primercer's power continues to grow within his domain, armed with powerful new subjects in the hopes of standing against the Phaedra and Inquisitors of the Emperor's employ. Nevertheless, a small rebellion within the Cognatus themselves continues to spread and grow with the aim of restoring honour and peace to their people. In the Coru Secundus region of Cyrannus, the New Cyrannian Republic and their allies in the Accords continue to fight against incursions by both the Bisistar Domain and the Rihanae Pact.



First Month[]

Battle of Sneorus

Commodore Marrgrev's fleet attacks the rebel world Sneorus.

In the opening weeks of 05 NE, the Imperial Navy launched the Dominator, the first Harrower-class Star Destroyer in the fleet. Under the command of Commodore Marrgrev, the Dominator led a large fleet of other Star Destroyers and frigates against the ardently pro-Vasuband world of Sneorus, in the north of the Outer Rim. The Imperial State in orbit over the planet was quickly demolished by the overwhelming firepower of the Dominator and her escorts, which proceeded to bombard the surface of the planet with displacement cannons, utterly annihilating the largest population centre within seconds, forcing the rebellious planet to submit to a harsh Imperial occupation. Upon hearing the news of the devastating Imperial victory over Sneorus, Imperator Tyermaillin began preparing an assault on an important Imperial world in order to restore the quickly disintegrating moral of his people.

Conflict over Antemurale

The massive battle above the Antemurale Space Station.

He would ultimately decide that the Imperial Military hub of Antemurale would be an ideal target for a hit and run attack against the Empire. Amassing a large armada loyal to him alone, Tyermaillin attacked a large Imperial fleet over Antemurale Space Station in an attempt to provide the people of the Imperial State with a symbolic victory. The resulting Battle of Antemurale ranked as one of the most devastating in the conflict thus far, pitting a large Imperial fleet against Tyermaillin's rebels. Though the battle initially went in Tyermaillin's favour, the surprise arrival of a Rambo Nation fleet led by Captain Ramburgo Ramveral ultimately turned the battle in the favour of the Imperials. Though Tyermaillin was content with the damage made against the Empire, the battle ultimately resulted in but a brief setback for Imperial forces in the Outer Rim.

Formation of the Cognethril

Soon afterwards, the Unified Order of Cognalorilos was formed in opposition to the Primercer's leadership of the Cognatus Empire. Led by Primarch Voro Acetenus, this new galactic power quickly aligned itself with the New Republic and emerged as a force of honour and distinction in the galaxy. Meanwhile, the conflict between the Primercer and Emperor Tyrómairon continued unabated, with the Dark Lord sending first the Inquisitor Charcar'maer and then his Phaedric Lords Venatorius and Agonânghâsh to defeat the Blade of the Primercer on Carthaniapian, ultimately sending a strong message to the leader of the Cognatus.

The Empire and the Cognatus clash on Nandóband.

Second Month[]

Battle of Nandóband

All is transpiring in accordance to the Plan. Do not doubt the reality that our ascendance, and that of the Empire, is close at hand.

- Galactic Empire Tyrómairon upon the awakening of Thaurlathrón

The conflict between the Emperor and the Primercer continued to heat up as the second month of 05 NE began, with both setting their sights on the ancient Phaedric world of Nandóband, deep in the Outer Rim. Imperial forces, led by Captain Marquar Cuinn and the Phaedric Lords Venatorius and Meketanor arrived over the planet first, where they clashed both in space and on the ground with the elite warriors of the Cognatus led by the Blade of the Primercer, who despite his new-found strength gained after the events on Carthaniapian was once again cast away, this time by the ancient Phaedric warrior known as Maethoruin, who guarded a secret Oikoumene installation under the sands of the planet. Venatorius, Meketanor and Maethoruin later entered the ancient facility, where they awakened the Oikoumene known as Thaurlathrón. Rejoining his fellow Mornûnendur deep within Orbispira, Thaurlathrón was appointed by the Emperor to the position of Overseer, a supreme strategist hidden from sight but responsible for all of the Empire's most grand operations under the directive of the Galactic Emperor.

Fall of the Cirith Belegian Republic

In rare instance of the conflict extending beyond the Cluster, the Republic of Cirith Beleg was attacked and devastated by the dreaded Corruptus led by Mar-Júun. The fallen Basileus attempted to kill Proconsul Apollo and in doing so, throw the New Republic into chaos from which the Corruptus could easily consume it. However, with help from Iovera IX and Tyraz Breek, Apollo was able to escape the carnage, which was ultimately quelled by a united Mou'Cyran Accords fleet. In the aftermath, the devastated Cirith Belegians joined their brethren in the New Republic, though it would not be the last incident involving the Corruptus in the conflict.

Third Month[]

Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone

The Battle of Imperavelli erupts.

As the third month of 05 NE began, the clandestine organisation known as Majestic accidentally awoken the Corruptus overworld Brezank, which promptly attacked both New Republic and Imperial colonies along the Neutral Zone between the two superpowers. During a meeting of the Mou'Cyran Accords, Potentate Tereyn Aeresius accused the MCA of being behind the attacks on the Imperial colonies, though when more information came to the surface he agreed to a joint-mission to Brezank to end the threat to Cyrannus and the wider Gigaquadrant. Under the command of Helo Roslia, the Allied forces worked together with other powers such as the DCP and the Empire to secure orbit over Brezank while three ground teams travelled to the surface to destroy the reactors powering the monstrosity. Enraged, the Core of Brezank attacked but was ultimately struck down by the Phaedric Order while the unexpected arrival of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation destroyed the demonic world.

Battle of Imperavelli

Soon after the events at Brezank, the State fleet under the joint command of Zillum and Tyrant launched a devastating attack on the Imperial planet Imperavelli in the Outer Rim, sparking the Battle of Imperavelli. Tyrant's fleet besieged the planet from the western hemisphere while Zillum attacked the east, smashing the defending Imperial fleet and congregating on the capital of the sprawling city world. Though the Imperial defenders fought using an army of highly advanced Imperial Wardroids under the command of Inquisitor Truptor, the overwhelming force of State troops under the command of Zillum and Tyrant won the day for the Imperial State.

Fall of the Rihanae Pact

Almost as quickly as it was formed, the Rihanae Pact collapsed during the third month of 04 NE, concurrently to the Battle of Imperavelli and the closing stages of the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone. Led by Tvrae Saeihr, Rihan rebels opposed to both the Regellis Star Empire and the Jenassian Regency approached the New Republic with intelligence regarding fleet movements above their homeworld Rihanae, the planet which gave the Pact its name. Within a few days, a massive Republic fleet led by Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea of the Republica pounced on their enemies, quickly liberating the planet and forcing the Regellians and the Jenassians to sign a peace treaty with the Republic. The fallout of the battle led to the dissolution of the Pact and the expansion of the Republic into Rihanae space, as liberators rather than conquerers.

Battle of Emónoain

The Battle of Emónoain rages between the rival Cognatus factions.

On the very fringes of the territory claimed by the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, a large Oikoumene construct was discovered floating endlessly in space. A massive ring-shaped object almost the size of a small planet. The Cognethril Fleet of Majestic Integrity under the command of Fleetlord Thaur Vicliquam surveyed the object from orbit while a small flotilla of frigates was dispatched to the fringes of the system to ensure that no pirates of smugglers would take advantage of the discovery of such a treasure trove of Oikoumene technology. After several weeks of many important discoveries, the name of the object was gleaned to be Emónoain.

However, to the surprise of Fleetlord Vicliquam, as the fifth week since the discovery of the object dawned, a large Cognatus Empire fleet under the command of Vos Adamae arrived in the system, drawn to the powerful relic of their gods. A large space battle erupted over the object between the fleet commanded by Thaur's flagship Harbinger of Truth and the flagship of Adamae, the Fire of Judgement, with the two vessels engaging in vicious broadsides as smaller vessels darted across the battlefield like attacking insects. Both flagships were vast Melkón-class Dreadnoughts, making the battle between them both vicious and bloody with neither ship showing any clear advantage over the other. However, as the battle dragged on, Vicliquam decided to withdraw the Cognethril fleet, content that they had gleaned the important technologies from the surface of Emónoain, leaving the Cognatus Empire with a strategically insignificant construct.

Fourth Month[]

Diplomatic Incident on the Rambo Capital

Bounty hunters in their attempt to assassinate political leaders.

With the end of the Rihanae War, the New Republic could now concentrate on fostering peace and reconciliation between its allies, especially those between the Rambo and the Indoctrinate Collective, arguably two of the Republic's most kindred. Organising a meeting meeting Ramashe and Maryah, Apollo hoped that the relations between the two powers could mend. However, though the meeting started off cordially, the arrival of bounty hunters and Vengeful Claw assassins quickly left the leaders on the run. Ultimately however, a combination of Ramashe's powers and the arrival of Royal Guards drove off the would-be assassins and peaceful relations were established between the Collective and the Rambo once more.

Neraida Invasion of Moreuse

Sometime later, the Neraida Gigamatrix, largely inactive during the New Cyrandia Wars due to their activities in the Milky Way Galaxy launched a surprise attack on the Mortalitas homeworld of Moreuse with a vast army of Cubes led by a single Neraida dreadnought. Responding quickly, the joint fleet of Zillum and Tyrant arrived to back up the surviving Imperial State forces in orbit only to find that they had been completely destroyed. During the broadside between the Benevolent and the Neraida Dreadnought, the infamous drone known as Khuenaten managed to board the Benevolent as part of a plot to kill his nemesis Zillum. Though managing to injure Tyrant, the drone failed to kill the Mortalitas King and was killed after a devastating final duel between the two enemies. Zillum's victory however was short lived upon the arrival of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation under Taev Vosaetiur, who used a threat for the planet's destruction to repel the rebel fleet. In one fell swoop, the Empire had used the Neraida's attack to completely demolish the State's presence in the northern sectors of the Outer Rim, once the most secure region of the rebellion, leading to the recapture of worlds such as Imperavelli and Carinateron.

Bisistar Attack on Neraida Dreadnought

Fifth Month[]

Borealis Rebellion
War for Capricaerón