You'll never know about their whereabouts, their technology - and their smartness. In case of crisis, run.

- Unknown rebel leader

In the awake of the still-ongoing war against the Imperial State. Tension raise as rebels gang up to create a rebellion to overthrow the de-facto government that control over the formerly State worlds conquered by the Confederation. The tension flows in as more protests grow in the awake. But soon the tension becomes too much for the Confederation's tolerance, armed manslaughter prowls the rebellious worlds in the awake of raising, but yet brave rebellions, become armed and tactical.


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The pain in the lungs was unbearable. The throat was drier than Vasuband's deserts, not to mention how it strangles the breathes within the swollen tissue. The mouth was filled with a distinctive taste of blood, vapor and exhaustion. The dehydrating breeze smothered the mouth and tongue. Water went in every direction at every step that counted. Large and towering silhouettes swayed past her. She has seen worse during her visit in Tau. But this was a lot worse. Too much for her to handle. Soon stepped on top large pieces of debris from the fallen buildings. Which once were glorious skyscrapers, blazing by the fine arts of Cyrannian engineering. Until this war happened. Now it's torn down to pieces, ruins and debris scattered across the whole neighborhood. Rough coffins for those who once had proud jobs and lives they loved. Now buried under astonishing pressure. But it wasn't the worst. None was going to help, until those taller raptor-insecticide from the distant galaxy so called 'Andromeda' has done with the issues. Avoiding the sharp debris peeking out, waiting to cut, impale and gib unfortunate victims. She reaches the top of the makeshift hill made of fallen skyscrapers. She peeks over the other side. Scrap and pieces of waste o'war were scattered across the plaza downhill. But in delight, she finds a hollow canal of typical water-resistant metal. It was drained out as since the war fell down on her and her peoples' precious homeplanet. In awake of the delight, she knew that her rebellion group had a hideout ever since the water stopped flowing into the neighborhood. Its' almost dried out, big pools of shallow water and wrecks fill the valley.

A high-pitched sound cut through her ears, an astonishing agony stroked her right head temple. A white beam flashed past her eyes and hit a war-adorning chunk of metal debris larger than her head. The beam obliterated it as it was vaporized in a concrete explosion. The cut stung with a great pain and she tried to suppress the pain by squeezing her right palm to it. But it recoiled by the enormous heat oozing around the cut. The sound and the explosion stilled ringed in her ears, until a point she could feel a sizzling noise at her right side. Turned around to see where it came from- shit, THEM. Three tall figures discerned from the flooded ground. They all wore silver clothing which reminds of heavy armor, probably heavier than those Imperial marines use. Two were closing towards to her in a speed faster than anything she could imagine for biological lifeforms. The third had taken a high ground by standing on an overpass those height was almost parallel to the debris hill. The alien lowered a long piped rifle those muzzle and exhausts on sides of the flat pipe still smoked. She felt nauseous as she glare meet its' helmet. It wasn't the helmet which made her nauseous, its'- something not normal, like their gaze still meet each other regardless elsewhere she looked. Noticing that the two figured have reached at the foot of the hill. She tried in haste to climb over to the other side. Pushed away by another explosion hitting the tip. Which sent her sliding and rolling downhill to the plaza.

Coughing, she regains her foothold and thrusts herself forward across the plaza in a leap. With the cut still sizzling. The impression of the heartbeats pulsing through the pain. Bruises slowly fading in across her torso and arms. She aims for the halting handrail on the other side. Gravel and sharpel, from the earlier impact, shower her. Luckily she escapes the short shower unhurt. Suddenly, a constant volley of white-purple dashes hit her surroundings, they are already up there. The panic forced her body to produce adrenaline in an unstoppable pace. The world felt like it shrunk, everything became silent, only the echoes of her heartbeats could be heard. The railing. The railing - thought her. The railing is her only hope. The volley became narrower and tailed after her. To avoid getting struck by it, her movements zig there, then zag there. The volley stopped as its' effectiveness diminished by the range. That when she finally reached the railing. Slowing down and attempted to take deep breathes, grabbed the railing for support as she was about to faint by exhaustion. Falling down on knees to aid the breathing with a wide open mouth. Dry-gummy secretion dangled from the mouth. She tried to wipe it away by purse it in, and spit it off. After numerous failed attempts, she briefly strokes it away with her free arm. Plastering the half-wet saliva on the arm. Those fraking emperialists. echoes through her head along the damped heartbeats. She slowly turns head up the hilly ruins. Two figures stood alongside the little crater from earlier. One of them stepped down the hill as the third figure became visible emerging from the other side. It once again stared at her. Nausea reeked through her stomach and spine. She choked it back. It's the same sniper from earlier. The same that, for a reason - with an intention -, near-missed her twice. The female Basileus' eyes widened when her gaze caught a glimpse of the sniper's rifle arisen and ready to fire. Another near-hit miss caused her to recoil for her own safety. The railing vaporized in the same manner as before. She looked once again, the rifle was still ready to fire. She curls up and crawls quickly through the hole. Another hit threw her forward. She loses the control over the accelerating crash course towards a deeper shallow pool of water. Sliding down along the valley's metal walls burns her skin by the friction. The dark-blue liquid moves in fast and it's the last she could witness before hitting the water. Everything becomes dark as air bubbles sweep around her face. She faints by the exhaustion and slowly sinks through the shallow water.

Chapter One: Rat SocietyEdit

A gloomy mist was all she could see. All she could hear was faint pounding... and- faint... voices?

She could not hear it came from or determinate if it was her thoughts echoing in her head. She was laying flat on her side. Her clothes felt moist. But her side she was laying on felt more wet. The ground must be wet. She tries to wake up. She winks few times before slowly rolling on her chest and tries to raise with her arms. A pain render the arms powerless and she falls down on the ground with a puff. Moaning from exhaustion and pain. She sharpens her hearing. It regained slowly, as the faint pounding faded away but not the voices. They became more clear and stronger. But the environmental ambience blended in. Humming sounds echoed through the air, dripping sounds could be heard. And the distinct sound of fire crunching on its' fuel.

Voice 1 - I think it wasn't a good idea to bring her here. I would--
Voice 2 - You would leave hanging between life and death like that?
Voice 1 - What!? NO! Have you seen how she fell down the valley? She is one of them, chased by the emperialists! She is will be-
Voice 2 - What the hell is with you? What is yo-
Voice 1 - Frak you- I would rather die to the filth than ge-
Voice 3 - Shut up! Both you! Shut up!

As the two voices ceased as they obeyed to the third voice. She began to explore her surroundings. She found herself surrounded by walls and dirty metal boxes of a wide variety. The wall opposite the wall she was closest to seemed to be more far away, the other two walls on the sides ended a distance away from the wall. It must be a sort of a cabinet-room. Winking twice again, she looked up on the ceiling. Yes. It was a sort of storage room similar to a cabinet. A thick roll door was open half-way up. It seemingly rusted stuck in place because it crooked, a large dry stain ran from the crooked door's right side. Explains all those rusty crates. But why all the dirt and rust? The air felt pretty moist too.

Voice 3 - Be frakking happy that this shithole actually has a place for us.
Voice 1 - What about her-
<faint growling>

With the help of the wall behind her. She sat more straight up by leaning against it. An attempt to take a deep breath. A deeee- nausea and coughing interrupted her peaceful breathing. A stink withered her nostrils shut. Rust, moist, gloomy darkness and the persons around the fire. She must be in the city's underground sewers. With another sharp observation, she noticed that the tunnel like wall on the other side was illuminated. Same with the floor front of it The illumination swayed and was irregular in contrast and color over time. It casted shadows on the floor and the wall. Two had the form of two figures. One casted the floor like an elongated pillar of darkness. The other decorated the wall with black darkness on the dark-colored wall. Like every shadow casted by fires, they vibrated and was irregular in size over time.

Voice 3 - I thought we had an agreement. And you are fucking this up.

The wall shadow changed shape.

Voice 1 - But I-I-
Voice 3 - How many times DO I have to tell you to- SHUT, UP!?

With a feeble puff resembling a sigh, the shadow shrunk into a blob. Using the wall she was leaning, she gets on her feet. The pain-! The pain- in the legs-! echoed in her head. She inspects her arms and legs, riddled with bruises and dry scars. Despite the pain in her legs and arms. She ventiles out the foul carbon dioxide from her lungs and takes deep breaths. Just one step. Just one. She silently moves her left foot forward and pushes it down on the ground and steadily moves her body forward. Her back left the wall. Great. One more. Please, one more. Once again but with her right foot. She almost loses her balance as pain pound her legs. Still taking deep breathes.

Voice 2 - Is the dinner ready soon?
Voice 3 - I think so-.

She was distracted by the voices, she loses her balance. In panic, her legs sprung out in a leap. She bumps with a stack of dirty and rusty crates. She and the crates land with loud thump. The voices let out astonishing gasping in shock. The floor shadow changed shape and the wall became a tall stick on two other sticks.

Voice 2 - What was that!?
Voice 1 - Them!?
Voice 3 - Oh please gentlemen. It's our guest who is awake for sure.

The two shadows abandons their positions cast entirely over the floor. Another shadow strokes past the wall and joins the other two. Covering the floor in darkness. Only small springs of light escapes between them. Three tall figures occupy the wide rusty half-open doorway. Their right are illuminated by the fire. Giving them the creepy impression of only their half are visible, the other half is invisible by the darkness. The one to very left swings out a shiny object and points it to her. With a little click, a bright ray of light casts on her lying on the floor, swimming among the crates on the moist floor. Her eyes didn't adapt to the bright light in time, recoiling her head blinded. She slowly opens eyes and turns her back to the figures. The middle one has closed in to her and kneeled over her.

Findecáno - Good evening. Call me Findecáno.

She raises her head up to see Findecáno's face. Findecáno was a male basileus, those face seemingly calm and gave out the impression that he was pleased to see her. As alive and a whole. His head shone by the strong flashlight hittin both her and him. The figure to right stepped inside the room and arrive to the side of Findecáno. Judging from the figure's form. Another male Basileus. His mouth clenched shut by biting his lips. His teeth were visible stabbing the lower lip all at once. Apparently, he was the voice who complained about her. Cause he didn't look like he wanted to omit a single word. You dense dope. yelled an echo in her head. Findecáno's face morphed beyond happiness, several spots on the face sunk. The face shrunk into a thin leather wrapping a skull. Gently giving out orders with a serious tone.

Findecáno - You better get up so you won't mold away. Unless you are a flatland fish. Gódzon, get me a blanket.

The flashlight figure lightened his grasp on the flashlight device, device was left hovering in the air in its' place. The figure went back to the fireplace, a fin-like appendage shoot out from his head when she glimpsed it. The Basileus dope slowly stepped out in lack of interest to observe against his will. Findecáno stepped aside to the female Basileus' side and grasped tightly around her arm joints and lifted up her with a huff. Managed to keep her in balance as she tried to gather a comfortable foothold with her legs still stung with pain. Gódzon already returned with a rolled blanket. With his grasp on one end of it. Gódzon held it close to her, Findecáno compensated her helpless will to accept and retrieve it, he took it from Gódzon. Unfolded the blanket to a big rectangular sheet of fiber. Which then gently wrapped around her body. A moment later, she could feel the moisture warm. More comfortable than the water stealing the valuable body warmth. It even protected her from the thevious cold air. Findecáno put an arm behind her to her left side and held her on the sides. Gently pushing her forward out of the room from behind. Gódzon, apparently a male Mortalitas with a striking ocean-blue skin, backed out of the room. He deactivated and retrieved the hovering device on exit and headed back to where he came from in first place. She still shook by the cold and condensed water fondled her skin. She avoids the crates scattered across the wet floor while Findecáno maintains her balance and pace.

A glimpse of the enclosure world outside the rusty storage room was the first reward she would retrieve after finishing the seniors' level obstacle course. She found herself inside a system of tunnels filled with stink, rust and moist. What is that in the middle? Metal ditches undertaking a perfect triangular engravement the base was surrounded by handrailings. The ditch was barely filled with a gooey mucus. Judging from the colors' texture. It was foul. The tunnel connected to another one in a T-section. The six sidewalks were connected to each other as one whole platform in the section. Among the ditch front of her, metal beams placed over it under the handrailing and worked like small bridges. But it seemed to only fulfill their purpose as support fundament for hydraulic jacks suspending the roof between it and the beams. Two inactive fluorescent lamps hanged on two of the jacks with an even spacing. A black snake-like cable dangled between the jacks' handles that were facing up. This place seemed to be filled of crates and mysterious equipment of varying size and form. They are even not rusty as the storage room at all. They look more clean and new. She had many questions which she would have answered by these three men. She turns her head to right. Dead end the two men were back to the cozy fireplace surrounding it with themselves and containers with a variety of supplies. For a reason, she couldn't smell the fire smoke. Did the stank paralyze her olfactorial senses? She thought.

Findecáno - Clueless? I'll tell more soon we get to a better place.

The female Basileus obeyed his orders as a whelp. His voice and strong personality controlled her as a puppet. But it was for her better self. They both went moving not so far down to the dead end among the wide sidewalk. In front of the fireplace. An empty folding chair expressed a thrilling yearn to be sat on. The surreal feeling widened her eyes. A moaning echo filled her insane mentality and the desire to please her legs and suppress the chairs' yearning aura grew strong. Out of her instincts she pushed herself free from Findecáno's grasp and invaded the chair. The chair gave out a pleasing creak as she occupied it. She stared emptily on the fire with open wide eyes. She wrapped the sheet more tightly around herself. The gaze was emptily focused on the fire covering her vision. Her face was a single flat wide stroke with empty eyes. Findecáno stepped around her with a foldable camping chair in his hand. Within a short range, he folded up it and placed it gently on the dusty flooring. Gódzon and the dope exchanged looks with each other when Findecáno took the seat.

Findecáno - Before we start. We could make use to know more about you.

He stared into the warm flames. Gódzon fixed his look on her. In an attempt to ignore the discussion, the dope looked elsewhere. But he gave up quickly as it wouldn't help him go elsewhere, returning his look back on the fire. Just before he gave a look on her, whose face tired to show the opposite, radiating of interest and curiosity. She blink few times as the statement caught her off her guard. Findecáno looked up from the fire and gave her a stern look.

Findecáno - What about your name?
Astante - As-ash-. A-Astante is the name. Astante.

Hello Astante said the curious crowd with an unified echoing voice.


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Chapter 1
  • shithole - the rebellion war-ruined city


  • Slightly inspired by Half-Life 2's civilians' living standard utopia.