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Soon, my new empire...shall begin.

- Kradik

In the opening year of the Second Cyrannian Galactic War, many factions arose, or traveled to, the Cyrannian Galaxy. What ever their goals, one other empire, had slipped in from the shadows. This empire, was the mighty Zarbania Powers. Leading their fleet, was the brilliant and powerful, Lord Kradik. A native to this often war-torn galaxy, Kradik sought to bring his race to heel, hoping to use the chaos not only to conquer his people under the Zarbanian flag, but also bring glory to the entire galaxy, and make it his.

However, an old saying has it that "Small steps destroy", and this would be no different. In the Forgotten territories of the Bygorians, while hyper-powers clashed, the rival empires that sought mastery of the Bygorian Race fought in a titanic duel, that would only gain the further destruction of their people.

But not everyone would have it that way...

Arrival Edit

KP 01

Kradik discusses things with Gorash.

Kradik, one of the leaders of the Zarbania Powers, and a truly massive one at that, sat in contemplation within his monstrous vessel, Ulciscor. For so long, he had plotted, waited, hungered, to finally return to Cyrannus, to see his homeworld once more, to clash with the other races he had studied for so long. Yes, today was a changing day, and he would oversee this. His plan was simple, bring the galaxy to heel, under his fist, for Zarbania.

However, he had to take this slow and steady. No conquest could begin rashly, and this was no different. Clicking his massive fangs together, he felt his ship lurch a bit, as his fleet came out of their wormhole.

His commanding officer, Gorash, contacted him from her flagship, the Devastator Frigate, Destroyer. The Deutzalanian stood at attention, standing within the holographic projector within his command room, deep in the bowels of the massive Ulciscor.

  • Gorash - Lord Kradik, sir! We have arrived safely in the Cyrannus Galaxy, and await your command. No ships seem to have detected our arrival, and we have found no native ships nearby. All is well.

Kradik clicked his claws together, slowly, as he made his first order.

  • Kradik - Send our survey drones, and find an appropriate planet near by, one that we can hopefully use to begin our conquest.
  • Gorash - *bows her head* Yes lord, it shall be done.

As she closed the transmission, Kradik's visual scanners aboard his vessel allowed him to see the hundreds of machines sent out to find a suitable world. While he had established a base back in the War against the Troodontids, to assist his ally, the Imperium of War, that base had since been abandoned, and was far too close to the former to risk them knowing he was here.

His aide, another Bygorian, named Kul'talis, approached. The being was covered in special power armor, designed to be a hybrid between Deutzalanian and Bygorian armor designs. His 3 eyes where alert as ever, and he stood at attention, his old scars glinting slightly in the low light.

  • Kul - Lord Kradik, Sir, do you have a task for me?
  • Kradik - Yes, infiltrate our old empire, the Imperium. Bring a Cadre of Changeling Drones with you.
  • Kul - What is your plan?
  • Kradik - First, we get a colony here. Then, the Changelings will infiltrate the 2 Bygorian empires to keep an eye on them. My hope is, at their weakest moment, I will bring the 2 leaders, Ancreest and Skeeni together, and hopefully make them see things my way.
  • Kul - A wonderful plan sir. High Command will be quite happy.

Kradik smiled to himself, as he waved Kul out. First thing was first. Get a base established. Then, it would be time to act...

Infiltration Edit

Kul'talis marched in front of a group of 12 Changelings, standing at attention, their stinger-tails twitching ever so slightly. Their black chitin exoskeletons glistened in the low light. Their blue eyes seemed to flicker like a candle flame. Their wings twitched, as though eager to finally take flight with their brood-mates. The dozen insectiods where the best of Hive-Fleet Macellarius, at infiltration, and almost anything really.

Gathered in the hangar of Ulciscor, as other crew members kept to their onboard tasks, the Changelings had been called forth by Lord Kradik himself, for a special task.

KP 02

Kul'talis briefs his Changelings

  • Kul'talis - Changeling servants of Macellarius and Zarbania, Lord Kradik himself has called you forth for an important assignment, and I hope you will have the strength to execute it, and and execute it properly.
  • Changeling 1 - What is our target?
  • Kul'talis - 6 will infiltrate the Bygorian Imperium, 6 the Rebel Bygorians. 2 Will infiltrate a high position, medium and lower position within each. You are to monitor all discussions and meetings that can, from your levels of government. I have a list of the government officials that have been targeted, and who they are assigned to.
  • Changeling 2 - Any sabotage we should execute?
  • Kul'talis - Negative. Simply watch and observe. Once you take out your target and assume his identity, you will report into my com system.

Kul studied each one as they looked at the data sheet for each official, some excited, some looking a little uncertain.

  • Kul - Now, we'll be dropping you via silhouette-class stealth gunship, so be ready in 0100 hours. Zarbanica Gloria!
  • Changelings - Zarbanica Gloria!

Kul'talis walked off, as he went to prepare his twin throwing blades. He normally only carried them for good luck on field operations. But he was confident. Soon, his people would be united, and under the Flag of Zarbania, a most glorious empire. And then, the hunting would begin...

Kul'talis reported back to Kradik one last time before his mission. The massive being appeared inactive, as though he was asleep. Kul'Talis made an effort of clearing his throat as he slightly approached. While the favored servant of Lord Kradik, a usually benevolent lord to his troops, he did not want to awake him up, or worst, surprise him.

Kradik's red eyes suddenly snapped open. Barking a command in Bygorian, the low lights suddenly flickered on, as he turned his 50-meter frame to face his top warrior. Kul'Talis could not help but think of how odd the pattern on Kradik's chest looked. It...was different.

  • Kradik - Yes, Kul?
  • Kul - I am going to execute the first stage in your plan, sir. I shall do my duty to you, our people, and the Creed to the best of my ability.
  • Kradik - Good luck, Kul. I shall send the coordinates of our first ground base once we arrive.
  • Kul - Yes sir. Thank you sir.

Kul'talis bounded off, as Kradik pressed his claws against the floral pattern on his chest. Time to create an empire. And end several more.

Kul'Talis marched through the streets of Bygore Major, his features mostly hidden under a long cloak and the night itself. Few Bygorians where out, thanks to the Martial Law enforced due to the civil war. Kul ignored the wandering eyes of street bums, and a few guards.

Unfortunately, with his position, he had to deal with a few overly arrogant guardsmen. Like the one that had decided to tell him what to do.

  • Guardsmen - You! Your supposed to seek shelter hours ago.
  • Kul - Don't carry, really. I'm just trying to find a hotel.
  • Guardsmen - Don't mouth off. I could kill you right now.
  • Kul - Try it.

The Guardsmen began to raise his side arm, preparing to execute him, when the Kul made a quick movement with his wrist. The soldier stopped for a second, before falling to the ground, as blood trailed down his chest. Kul reached down, and ripped his blade from the body as he walked on. Kul began grumbling to himself about ill-disciple. He missed the stone cold disciple and iron frame of the Zarbanian troops, who never talked, and simply waited for someone to step out of line before acting like a "Za'roti".

Kul smiled slightly under his hood as he heard his troops com in. Soon, it was brief sea of voices, announcing their successful infiltration into the Bygorian Imperium. Chuckling to himself, Kul'talis continued his trek to a hotel, hopefully a seedy one, where he could set and gather the needed intel. This would be fun.

Kradik sat alone in his personal quarters, the lights darkened once more, as he stroked the head of his pet. He sat in contemplation, thinking out this situation. Even if he united Bygore under the Zarbanian banner, could he conquer this galaxy? Sure, he knew it well, but he was dealing with forces that had ruled the galaxy for years, with technology to match.

He snorted to himself as he scratched his chin. To think like this was stupid. He need only concern himself with fact. The Empire of this galaxy, was unaware of his presence. He needed to strike hard, and strike fast, and deal the killing blow. Once that was done, it was only a matter of moping up any civilizations that refused to accept their new emperor.

Many questioned why Kradik hated the Galactic Empire. Some say they where involved somehow in the Bygorian Civil war, others, that they had orchestrated Kradik's exile. However, only the Broken Warrior himself could answer why. And it was really nothing fantastic. He simply hated the empire. His people lay in their hovel-sector of the galaxy, while the Empire strangled off other races. In his mind, Kradik was merely doing a service to the people of the First Gigaquadrant. He had to remove this cancerous tissue before it could spread.

KP 03

The first stage nears completion.

As thoughts of contacting Gridlock to give his report on things so far went, one of his officers, a Scimat'akar appeared at the platform, standing at attention. Kradik merely turned his head to regard the little soldier.

  • Kradik - Yes?
  • Officer - We have found a planet suitable enough to colonize.
  • Kradik - Excellent. Chart a course, and be careful. The Empire could detect us at any time.
  • Officer - We shall execute our travel with all diligence and silence, my lord.
  • Kradik - Then go and do so.

Kradik sat back, and turned his head forward, as he laced his claws. He smiled to himself, as he sat in thought. It was ironic, really, that a nation he had lead from the beginning, who where originally pirates, where now a well-disciple assault force, ready to take on one of the most powerful nations in the first Gigaquadrant. And, he would be at their head.

If only Ancreest could've seen him now...

The Decaying Imperium Edit

Emperor Ancreest sate upon his seat in the council chambers of the Bygorian Imperium. He was not really an emperor, for he was elected by the Bygorians to lead them, and had to abide by certain laws. It had all started when revolutionary forces had killed the Bygorian royal family, and declared a beginning of a society based on science and logic, less on mysticism and zealotism. Not all saw it that way.

KP 04

Ancreest and his advisors meet.

For years, the Bygorian Imperium had fought against the Royal Army, in an attempt to reunite the species, and had drained itself. The Imperium and it's rival were slowing down. Many began to notice the weakening of their economy, and military might. However, neither side seemed keen to be the first to ask for a ceasefire. Ancreest knew just as well as anyone that if they did not stop now, any empire in Cyrannus could come for them, and he would not be the Emperor to lead his people to such a fate.

  • Advisor 1 - Sir, we have managed to capture another colony from the rebels, and have taken 2 more supply bases. Our progress remains slow.
  • Ancreest - Tell Admiral Uamos to continue his current battle plan. What of our production abilities?

The second advisor bit his lip as he robbed his claws together.

  • Advisor 2 - Several of our manufacturing worlds report a lack in funds and materials, and cannot continue. Others have working going on strike.
  • Ancreest - Is there anything we can do?
  • Advisor 3 - There appears not sir.

Ancreest rubbed his temples as he contemplated what to do next. This would not end well. He knew several of the outer colonies might pick up arms in open rebellion. There could be no other option then to order military law.

Kul'Talis sat listening to the chatter his Changelings where picking up on the Imperium. This was glorious. Their talks had given up almost everything Lord Kradik would need. Planets, systems, colonies. It was simply glorious.

Kul had been contacted by Lord Kradik and told the location of their new capital base of operations. The 2 could then communicate from planet to planet via a special communications device that was undetectable by the Bygorian's technology. As such, Kul could confidently contact his master without fear of the Bygorians tracking him, or finding out about Lord Kradik. With that, he easily contacted his master.

  • Kul - Lord Kradik, I have information. Several Imperial planets are thinking of declaring independence. Poor working conditions and all. I think they can easily be "persuaded" to see things your way.
  • Kradik - Excellent. Send me information on the systems at once. We are nearing Phase 2 of operations. We will need to convince the Royal Army to join us as well.
  • Kul - How do you plan on doing so, lord?
  • Kradik - I have my ways, do not worry yourself Kul.
  • Kul - As you wish sir.

Kradik had set a magnificent base. At least in his mind. Zarbanian work forces where infamous for being able to, with the right materials, construct underground bases with little difficulty. This was no exception. The planet was a little dry, but habitable, and work crews where working to get the base fully operational. Things where looking good, though. They had finished the wormhole connecting the base to the Powers' supply bases back home, and could allow them to send more troops and warrior-beasts to the front. Kradik himself was pleased when a whole cadre of new Warrior-Beasts arrived, hungry for war.

Kradik was aboard his flagship, meeting with his top officers and captains, for discussing the plans for the war.

  • Kradik - Kul has informed me of a few planets of the Bygorian Imperium that are open to rebelling against the Emperor. I suggest we first target these planets for annexation. I will also personally meet with the Bygorian Rebel Movement and orchestrate their joining of us.
  • Toccos - How do you plan to do so, lord?
  • Darcao - Indeed. The Royal Army does not like intruders.
  • Kradik - I have something they want, Darcao. They will be begging to join us soon enough.
  • Darcao - If you are certain, lord.
  • Kradik - That I am.

With that, the meeting was adjourned, and Kradik prepared himself for the journey ahead. The Bygorian Rebel army would need to be approached carefully if he was to successfully. However, he was certain once he revealed certain facts to them, they would see things his way. With that, he went to his personal transport, and made a way for Bygor Minor, capital of the rebels.

The Movement's Plan Edit

The Movement, otherwise called the Bygorian Royal Army, where for forces still loyal to the old Bygorian Royal family. With the last member of the Royal family dead, and the Movement forced into hiding, the Royal army, despite it's best attempts, had faced degeneration in it's martial discipline, and was, like the Imperium, suffering from a degeneration in technology. It's soldiers had lost all semblance of honor, quickly becoming a nuisance to even native populations loyal to the Imperium.

Leading this degenerate band, was a mysterious warrior named Skeeni. Named after a demigod of their mythology, and servant of the Ancients, the current Skeeni was faced with a difficult stance. The Imperium was merciless towards traitors. To ask for even a peace treaty would've been suicide. While meeting with his warlords to come up with a strategy on how to combat the struggling Movement and it's colonies, things would change.

As the meeting got under way, with various Clan beginning to squabble already, there was a loud noise at their door. The base doors opened, as a Bygorian, with a heavy cloak over his face and body, stepped forward, one of the royal guard slumped backwards in the doorway, knocked out.

  • ??? - You really should get better quality guards for your top generals, Skeeni.
  • Skeeni - Who are you?!
  • Clan Lord - Savage creature *pulls out his Zaarkah-kon Throwing Blade* I will rend your flesh!
  • ??? - I merely bring a message on behalf of Lord Kradik.
  • SKeeni - Kradik...The Broken Warrior of legend?
  • ??? - Yes, that one, I am one of his agents, one of many in the new empire.
  • Clan Lord - What do we care for that foolish pirate. He's broken for a reason. Unworthy of leading anything but savages.
  • ??? - *chuckles* Kradik wishes to assist your cause in reuniting the people under one monarch.
  • Skeeni - How do you purpose to do so?
  • ??? - Lord Kradik has brought a fleet to Cyrannus. He will work to keep the enemies' fleets sidelined on other worlds, and leave a direct path to the homeworld.
  • Skeeni - So we can get rid of Ancreest.
  • ??? - Exactly. Once done, we may merely chose a new monarch.
  • Skeeni - What about native empires. We have not had much contact, but the Galactic Empire and the new Republic do not like one coming to the home galaxy unannounced.
  • ??? - They are unaware of anything, right now. Simply bring your fleets to Bygor Major when Lord Kradik gives you the signal.

Several of the War chiefs and Clan Lords began arguing and squabbling over whether to follow such advice from a mysterious being. Finally, Skeeni barked a command in Bygorian, silencing every lord there, and causing their mysterious benefactor to flinch a bit.

  • Skeeni - Tell your lord that we accept, and we hope his new empire will be our first ally on our path to further power.
  • ??? - Zarbania will gladly assist the Bygorians in any trouble they encounter.

With that, the mysterious being left, as Skeeni and his men prepared their fleets and Clans for the final battle.

Kradik returned to his capital ship, a great smile spread across his massive jaws. As his ship docked in, and he departed for the underground portion of the secret base, his favorite Cradosan commander, Tarsik, marched forward, as a contingent of Cradosan, Deutzalanian and Pirhiaquus warriors trained just outside their barracks. They stopped to salute their lord, only for him to wave his hand, returning them to their training, as he turned his attention to the commander.

  • Tarsik - Master Kradik, was it a success?
  • Kradik - Yes, one of my Bygorian contacts successfully delivered my message to Skeeni and his band. Soon, Tarsik, our first mission here will be a success. With my people united, and my agents in command of their government, the Powers will have a new member to add to it's empire. Such is wonderful, is it not?
  • Tarsik - Yes sir, Lord Gridlock will be pleased to hear this.
  • Kradik - Ah, yes, I must contact the old dragon. Heh heh. If anything develops Further, do give me a call, Commander.
  • Tarsik - Ah, Sir!

Kradik lumbered forward towards his main head quarters, a massive underground base that would hold his form and allow him to lead his people from behind the lines, as well as along him to keep his pet close by.

Kradik grinned as he contacted Gridlock back at Mirus. To think, that once Gridlock's plan was a success, they'd both get their people back. Then, vengeance against the Ugandalorians would be theirs.

The hologram of the large dragon-like creature appeared, sitting upon his throne. Gridlock smiled, revealing row upon row of fangs.

  • Gridlock - Brother Kradik! How goes your conquest in Cyrannus?
  • Kradik - Slow, my friend, much like your reflexes, but my people are playing right into my plan.
  • Gridlock - Great, have you encountered any native races?
  • Kradik - What, oh, I forgot to tell you, I'm telling this from Orbispira, I'm the new emperor.
  • Gridlock - HA! You wish.
  • Kradik - You don't think I could do it?
  • Gridlock - You could, but not now, at this stage. For one, you're not smart enough.

Kradik chuckled as he scratched his chin.

  • Kradik - So...How goes your project.
  • Gridlock - Wonderful, I have sufficient resources to begin bringing my race back. Once resurrected, we can bring peace.
  • Kradik - And Death to the Ugandal tyrants.
  • Gridlock - Exactly! We shall soar over their worlds on wings of freedom, at last...!
  • Kradik - Perfect, but first, I must liberate this galaxy from tyrants, starting with Ancreest.
  • Gridlock - You never told me why you hate him.
  • Kradik - He did more then betray our Royal Family and sentence children to death, he betrayed his Clan. I will make him suffer for everything he has done.
  • Gridlock - What about Skinny? That rebel leader?
  • Kradik - Skeeni. Get it right Grid, if you are to rule this empire, you must know it's culture. Anyway, if he accepts my control, I'll keep him alive. He's a smart lad, but is dealing with things beyond his capacity.
  • Gridlock - Alright, this sounds good. What about helping the Imperium of War's colonies out there?
  • Kradik - I will assist them in unifying as well. But if they do not accept my help, I will go for as much collateral damage as possible.
  • Gridlock - Watch it, I already got Calgiustus breathing done my neck for trying to bring back my race. How he found out is beyond me.
  • Kradik - Could be your father's agents. Those shadowy creatures are always causing trouble.

Gridlock tilted his head to the right, then the left, as though cracking his neck. He then brought his hand up to scratch the nape of his neck.

  • Gridlock - Could be them. Ah well. So, everything is well on your end?
  • Kradik - Yes.
  • Gridlock - Good, everything goes as planed here. I wish you luck brother.
  • Kradik - Likewise. Stay live out there.

Gridlock saluted him, as Kradik sat back, playing a recording of old Deutzalanian military marches. He had a few hours, before Kul'talis got his Changelings ready for the operation. He could relax for a bit, before he conquered the galaxy, one empire at a time.

Kradik's Arrival Edit

Kradik sat aboard his ship, as Kul reported in.

  • Kul - Sir! The fleets have successfully annexed several of the rebelling colonies, with little trouble. And, mysteriously, several of the officials are not reporting it. I wonder why?
  • Kradik - *Laughs* because they are not themselves.
  • Kul - The Imperium's navy is all spread out from where they think we are, and Skeeni is about to arrive. Shall we meet them.
  • Kradik - Sure. We'll be fashionably late. I enjoy making an entrance. All ships, forward, to Brygore Major!

Opening a wormhole, the fleet, entering, zoomed forward, heading towards the planet with all haste.

Meanwhile, above planet, the Bygorian's 2 fleets where squaring off above the homeworld. While the home fleet was out-gunned, it was trying to send out distress signals, only for a wormhole to open between the 2. The Admiral in charge of the homefleet, relaxed.

  • Admiral Jiaro'Kurros - Fleets, prepare to en...gage.

His jaw dropped when he saw the red and black ships that had entered, with more advanced weapons, and swarming around possibly the largest ship he had ever seen. It looked like a Bygorian Dreadnought, though much, much larger.

  • Kradik - Fleets around Bygore, I am Kradik. You will allow my allies of the Kingdom to land, alongside my agent, and open discusses for unification with our leader. Do not, and I will open fire.
  • Jiaro'kurros - I cannot, I have my orders.
  • Kradik - I understand that, I respect that, but don't want you end the bloodshed between our people? Of course, I can always open fire, and destroy your entire fleet, and force you to watch, as you can do nothing to stop me.

On silent command, his ships primed their gunneries, aimed at the Imperial Bygorian fleet.

  • Jiaro - Fine, you will all be allowed to land. Just, stand down.
  • Kradik - Alright.

With a wave of his hand, his ships powered down their weapons, as Kradik contacted his commanders.

  • Kradik - I will be sending one of my agents to speak on my behalf, while we watch the fleets here. Once I am alerted to their...willingness to accept us, I will go down as well.

The halls of the Transcending Citadel, capital of the Byogiran Government, and seat of power to countless kings and emperors, was usually a busy place. However, now the citadel was silent, as the hooded agent of Kradik, named Ima'Noones, and the leaders of the Rebel Movement marched towards the Elected Emperor's seat of power. The Council had been gathered, and now, the next few hours would decide whether Bygore would be united in peace, or through execution. Kul'talis followed closely behind, his blades at the ready, eyeing the guards of any suspicious movement.

They entered the council chambers, as Emperor Acnreest rose from his throne. Some of the council members looked ready to run for cover.

  • Ima'Noones - I am the chief agent of Lord Kradik, And I am speaking on his behalf.

Kul'talis raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. Usually, he was Kradik's top agent, and always selected for these missions.

  • Ancreest - I will have none of that! If The Broken Fool wants to talk, then he must come here himself. Unless he still wishes to hide in his little metal box!
  • Ima'noones - Respectfully, Emperor, we can either discuss this, or I can ask my friend, Kul'talis, to slash through your neck. You have a choice, False Emperor.
  • Ancreest - So do you. I cannot believe I did not see it sooner. You are Kradik.

"Ima'Noones" smiled, revealing his sharp fang-like teeth, white and shinny as day, and began laughing, slowly, but surely, the laugh resounded across the hall, silencing any ideal gossip, and causing everyone to watch the hooded stranger carefully. Even Kul'talis looked confused.

  • Ima - Oh, thank the gods. I grew tired of this. I am actually relieved you know the truth now. So many secretes! So hard to keep! *Chuckles* Of course, you know all about secrets, don't you, Ancreest?

Kradik threw back his hood, revealing his face for the first time. His scales where vibrant, emerald green, a rare trait in his kind, and they glistened like jewels. His eyes where pure red, his horns, far larger then any normal Bygorian, and as the cloak fell away, it revealed an elaborate suit of armor, unlike any that had ever been seen before. At his side, hung 2 katanna-like blades, and engraved into the green and red armor's shoulders, where the claw-like insignia of the Zarbania Powers.

  • Kradik - Or should I say, former captain of the Royal Guard, Ancreest?
  • Ancreest - Your supposed be dead...
  • Kradik - *Sneers* Yes, after you betrayed our royal family, and your own clan! You had my family killed, and you almost killed me, before you dumped me in the Mirus. Yet I found shelter with allies, and now, with their assistance, I, Kradik'Hakaras, last member of the Royal Family of Bygore, the Hakaras Dynasty, has returned!
  • Ancreest - You have no prove that you are a member of the royal family! Their bodies where burned, and no DNA survives.
  • Kradik - So, after the rebels bribed you to put them in power, what happened next? Did you silence your own clan so you could be emperor? So you could destroy those who still favored the old ways?
  • Ancreest - Lies!
  • Kradik - On the back of my neck is the royal seal, burned onto the scales of a youngling when he reaches adulthood. It cannot be removed, and is legitimate.

Skeeni turned, and glanced at Kradik's back. Indeed, across the nape of his neck, was an intricate tattoo, that looked like a snake twisting around himself.

  • Skeeni - A member of the Royal family...?

All his commanders went to their knees, bowing in reverence, as Skeeni tilted his head down, and brought his arm across his chest. Many of the Clan Chiefs of the Imperium, and other Officials, got up to see the tattoo, to wonder if the fables of one last Bygorian King, who survived the slaughter, and would return to bring their people out of civil war and bloodshed, was true.

  • Ancreest - Be seated! Do not be fooled by this one's lies!
  • Kradik - I tell no lie! I swear upon the ashes of my sisters, brother, and wife, that I tell no lie. May the Holy 13th Gods strike me down if I do so!

Many of the Imperium's Lords and rulers looked on in shock. To make such a vow was... serious. To swear upon the Deities that had raised the Bygorians from their days as microscopic seeds, was a serious claim to make. And Kradik, like any good Bygorian ruler, was serious about his claim.

  • Kradik - I have returned to unite the people, and bring us to a golden age! If I am such a liar, why would I come here, and risk my life, to do so?!

Kradik raised his fist, his cloak billowing dramatically behind him. He turned his head towards the various gathered rulers.

  • Kradik - If you wish to see Bygore brought to a golden age, where clans may work peacefully, and wear we may work towards prosperity, then align yourselves with me! Lords of the Clans, give me your voices!

Slowly, their voices grew in force, as they shouted their favor for Lord Kradik. Even the ever silent royal guard joined.

  • Ancreest - Guards! Arrest these fools. Do so or face dishonor.
  • Kradik - No true Bygorian would stand alongside a traitor to his clan. As my first decree, this one will be the first of many corrupt officials to face trials for heresy and treason. Let the United Bygorian Ascendancy, begin!

The Guards gathered around Ancreest, and marched him away, as he screamed in anger and surprise. Kradik marched forward, Kul'talis and Skeeni at his sides, as he marched to the throne. He pressed his left hand against it, letting the memories of childhood flow back, when his father ruled the rising star of Bygore, and he enjoyed childhood, his teen years, spent with Ulsia'Carna, and, when the Rebels shattered everything. They first slaughtered his family, his future wife when she tried to intervene, and Ancreest himself almost killed him. But that was when he younger. Now, The tables had switched.

Kradik smiled sadly. The Old Empire may have fallen, but he would restore it. He would restore the Bygorians once more.

With that, he took the throne, sitting down upon it, as the various Clan lords, officials, and Chieftains shouted his name. With a raise of his arm, they feel silent.

  • Kradik - The Council is dismissed for an hour. Go home to your families and celebrate. There is much we have to do.

Unification Edit

It did not take long for the United Bygorian Ascendancy to establish itself. While some Clan lords from both the loyalist movement and the Imperium moved against him, either still loyal to Ancreest or seeing Kradik a liar, rallied their small forces against him. However, the Bygorians and the Zarbanian forces he had brought with stormed every citadel, loosing not a man while eradicating every rebel in sight. Kradik had selected the "lucky" High Lords and officials to take part in extended vacation, another word for being sent to the same prison planet as Ancreest.

Within a few weeks, Bygore was again strong. From it's foundry worlds, new materials and goods poured out once more, workers happy, populations once again having money to spend, and worlds to revitalize. If any doubts where had about Kradik being a real emperor where felt, they where silenced by his magnanimous unification and revitalizing.

Taking the armies of both Bygorian Factions, and trying to mend them with the Zarbanian military was difficult. Much work had to be done so they could function within the organized, strict Zarbanian military. Many soldiers where worked hard, being pushed more and being taught the laws of war. Thievery, plundering, rape, murder, these would not be had in the Ascendancy. Many Bygorian Officers where executed by ever-trigger happy Zarbanian Commissars for refusing to follow their strict rule of war. However, soon, every Bygorian understood how the military worked, and understood to follow every order given, no matter their views on the subject.

Kradik himself sat in contemplation at the end of this unification, on what he had done. While he was happy with unification, the combined supply bases, and Bygorian city-worlds, was far more then any native race felt comfortable with. He knew the coming war, he would not afford to loose. But, if he did, and if he and his men escaped, he would need a gambit, something to give an equal edge, so he could remain in power, and not draw unneeded ire.

So, one day, he made a call to his old ally...

Kradik, in his more monstrous form, sat in his ship, once more, making contact with his old friend. When the connection finally came through, Kradik took a shaky breath as he prepared to speak his mind.

  • Gridlock - Kradik! Or should I say, Lord-Ascendant Kradik! Congratulations, my friend. High Command, and all of Zarbania, will forever remember this moment. You've worked a miracle.
  • Kradik - Grid...
  • Gridlock - What...?
  • Kradik - The native "Galactic" Empire, and this new Republic, they are very stringent on maintaining a certain colony limit. One I have gone beyond with our Zarbanian forces...
  • Gridlock - So?
  • Kradik - If I need to fall back, I will need a reason to keep my bases and colonies. I cannot be a foreign ruler, marching through Cyrannus, like how so many others will see me. I... need to "declare" the Bygorians' "independence".
  • Gridlock - I thought it would come to this. How will I explain this to High Command?
  • Kradik - Don't. Only trust the highest members. Our empires will maintain contact, but no one can know about it yet. As far as your concerned, we're rebels with too much fire power to face off against. I have already informed my general staff on this. You must do the same.
  • Girdlock - If I might ask you one final favor? Send back the Zarbanian commanders I have send with you. Judging by the name of their species only, they might very well get torn to shreds by some overexited Pirhiaquus when you tell them what lies ahead. And especially send back Darcao, if you wish. I might need him with me.
  • Kradik - So it will be, my friend. Concider it my final gift to you.
  • Gridlock - What about Kamal and Commodus?
  • Kradik - I do not need them...for now. Besides, as far as Commodus goes...if he really wants to help me out, then he will come to me, no matter how hard you'll all say he can't.
  • Gridlock - I guess that's true. Well then, I it seems we'll have to part ways.
  • Kradik - I will miss you ,brother. In the darkness of space, when I drifted, alone, scared, and thinking I would die, you came and saved me, gave me a place. You gave me armies and empires to command. I will never forget this.
  • Gridlock - You saved me too. During that cursed bombing by the Ugandalorians, I was ready to rush out and fight them, but you convinced me not to. You are a true brother. I will miss you. Good-bye.

Kradik nodded, and closed communication, then, opened communication with Tarsik.

  • TGorash - Lord-Ascendant, has Lord Gridlock received the news?
  • Kradik - Yes. I only just informed him.
  • Gorash - What now?
  • Kradik - Now? Now, we get bigger fish to fry. Prepare for war with the Galactic Empire. But first and foremost, prepare to annex the abandonned Cyrannian colonies of the Drakodominatus Tyranny and then prepare to bring the Cyrannian colonies of the Imperium of War under our command.

Tarsik smiled savagely. She always enjoyed a challenge. This would be one most worthy to her skills.

  • Gorash - Your armies will be ready, your majesty!
  • Kradik - Good.

He closed his communications projector, as Kul'talis appeared before him, from the shadows.

  • Kul - I only have one question sir. How do you achieve this...form?
  • Kradik - All will be revealed in due time, my most noble of servants. Prepare your blades. Total War approaches.
Kul nodded, as Kradik leaned back. While the Bygorians where unified and ready, a new, darker war, and new era awaited them. For while they had the strength to unify, they would need much more in the wars and battles to come. Much more.

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