Southern Rim Campaign is originally a military response by the Naakjian Confederation to the recent event of the Halcyon-B station. As the Naakji believed that the Cyrannian Imperial State was the criminals behind it the destruction of the station. As it was a part of the Cooperative's belongings. This triggered Naakjian's part of an oath for protecting the belongings of the alliance where they are a part of.

The campaign started with that the confederation mobilized to move and colonize a wide front-base front along a rim, which separates the state and the confederacy. Creating a giant non man's land. Soon as after this mobilization. Naakji went ahead and pushed in a wide spear-head front to detain CIS's available assets and military resources. Building up an upkeep, creating a two-front war between the pro-imperialists and the Outer-Rim part of CIS. A sole purpose to make the war more difficult for CIS.

Soon the Mardvaeli Republic would join the side of the Naakjian Confederation to improve relations with them as well as settle themselves on the galactic scene once more after a brief absence. However, Mardvaeli would also begin a series of espionages against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus to further their own goals as well in Cyrannus.

The first known battle is Battle of the Balikum Belt". One of the longest battles in the campaign.


Chapter One - The SparkEdit


New PowerEdit

Prior to the events of Halcyon-B's, a Cooperative property, destruction. The Naakji Confederation, which is a member of the Cooperative, is startled by the news. A crisis meeting is set in the Citadel in Vejlla. A debate is growing about who/which is being the actual perpetrator of the Halcyon-B event. It set on that it's the accused superpower GEC's opposite brink, CIS, being the actual perpetrators.

Two military tops, Raavii and Daali, starts an approval voting. The operation the two tops are assigned to is about creating a new front at the Cyrannus galaxy. After a small speech of conviction, the voting ends with a straight green approval. Thus, putting a strong card at GEC's side of the universal bloodshed.

Soon as rests of the Halcyon-B floated round the space, newly-printed headlines started spreading across the universe like a wildfire. Not least one of the newly recruited confederacy, the headline landed on the desk of one of the councilor's office. The council made a urgent request to all the military tops and councilors to meet in a new congregation.
The room had the from of a trapezoid, the opposite end of the room was narrower than the other end. The end opposite to the narrow end was the only one that had no windows. The other walls were technically a large panorama window. Which was a black one-way mirror, only whom was inside could view outside. Anyone who would have attempted to look in from outside, could instead only see his reflection of his or her face in close-up. The material was of a transparent by very dense sort, also equipped with an array net that would deflect, distort and block unwanted spying via scanners. Well isolated and armored that it would be impossible to exploit the soundwaves and attempts to break in through the window would be impossible without the right tools. The view outside was very admirable. In middle of the room was a device that emitted holograms, mostly for visualization purposes. It's surrounded with tables with two seats each, in a ring sunken into the floor along the emitter, the lowest area of the room, as it was surrounded by an another elevated ring of tables and respective seats. On the widest end of the room decorated with the confederacy's logo. Underneath it was a larger desk that offers place for up to 6 seats, the same height as the second ring of seats. There was no seats or tables facing away from that booth-like table, as everything was practicality faced to the holo-emitter and the booth. There, was the where tops of the council, along the councilor who took care of the foreign affairs, were seated. This time it was only 4 seats.
One of the head councilors, the one who was the first who got the news on his desk stood up and asked the congregation about about the station. Everyone nodded as a confirmation to the question.
The news was a wildfire, almost every sentient space-faring species know about the incident. It will stay as engraved on the rock alongside the universe's other histories.

  • Head Councilor - "I got a copy of the report on the incident from one of our fellow members in the Cooperation."

Continued the councilor and uploaded a detailed hologram of the station, before and after the denotation of the mysterious explosive object. So followed with information about the alleged suspects and the connections to the object between the suspects and the Cooperation.

  • Head Councilor - "According to the report, the captain from the GEC have no connections to the object, only being present by the time the station was destroyed. Obviously, the Cooperation doesn't give any technology to empires which are not being a part of it. GEC is one of 'us'."
  • Councilor Duuwan - "Ain't GEC got problems with their neighbors, right?"

Said the councilor named Duuwan whom stands near her purposed seat near the end of the narrow wall. Just soon as the head councilor ended his sentence. Implying something before someone's sentence would make a huge dirt out of you and your political reputation. Since it was very unrespectable in politics and everyday talking by the Naakjian culture.
Duuwan's question poured a new motivation of who was the actual perpetrators of the Halcyon-B. The head councilor sat down on his seat, Duuwan continued.

  • Councilor Duuwan - "We are neither acknowledged about Cooperative's enemies, neither the empires that was present in the station."

Then finally Duuwan sat down. Soon followed by the councilor, who manages the foreign affairs, Ejiik. Whom uploads a list of confirmed and possible enemies of present empires and involved alliances.

  • Ejiik - "There's many possible perpetrators. It's going to be an interemperial affair to solve this. We got a guest here who have state an important affair."

Proclaimed Ejiik without standing up. Councillors usually stand up when they have to pronounce long sentences at one time. The guest was in a military uniform, whom is sitting next to Ejiik, started typing on the table, provided that the tables are actually tablets. The cyan-colored interface was reflected in her glossy eyes. Soon she finished typing, she stands up.

  • Overseer Daali - "We remember that we have an oath. That oath is about to respond to threats to the Cooperative's belongings. As well any attacks against them. In this case, we have to prepare for an intergalactic war. This means that we have to expand, to Cyrannus and Plazith Rim. By that, we can have more control on the area while we can do a direct response against the enemy. We are actually owing the Cooperative efforts and favors. All for the technology. May the expansion be costful, but it will grant us massive advantages, as well a wider vision of our future."

Then she put her hand on the tablet. The faint cyan reflection turned into yellow and then disappeared, a new object was loaded into the hologram together with projections of the two said galaxies, areas indicating the Naakji's new expansions. The Cyrannian was fixed, while the Plazith had three different spots, suggesting the best suitable places. A voting poll was initialized into the room's tablets. A live table of the voting results was also shown. The toll for "Proceed" raised in numbers rapidly. The equivalence of "nay" and abstain remained in very small numbers. As the voting ends, the green part, "Proceed" wins. The graphics in the hologram zooms in the Cyrannian Galaxy, a white dot appears in middle of the laid-out area and some texts indicating some names, the biggest one being "Outer Rim", and the graphic focuses the area so called "Antguverpern Sector". An arrow resembling a hyperlane and fleet movement, appears from off-screen and heads to the white dot. As it arrives to the dot, it pings and shows a caption on top of it.

"Feunt" it reads. Below it, a small list with a smaller text appears. "Manutu" then followed by "Slingshot Belt" underneath.

Mardvaeli Declares War Edit

Cyrannian Second War Mardvaeli Declares

Mardvaeli declare war on the Cyrannian Imperial State!

After the Nakkjians from the Umbra sector declare war on the newly formed Imperial State, Mardvaeli decides to follow as well in a bid to build a relationship with the isolationist Naakjians who's power is increasing rapidly. Marton Gracuscae decided to attempt to ally with the Nakkjians in the war in order to have a powerful ally rather than a cold and hostile enemy. After arranging a meeting with the rest of Parliament Marton Gracuscae holds a vote on whether Mardvaeli should intervene highlighting at the importance of a Mardvaeeli-Naakjian alliance and also the possibility of Cyrannian colonial holdings. After a 68% yes vote, Marton Gracuscae gave the declaration of war to the public which was met with a triumphant roar of battle cries as Mardvaeli soon started mobilising her fleets.

Marton Gracuscae stepped up to the podium and up to face the waiting crowd who watched on with enthusiam, Mardvae, Lupis, Devine, Corgaels and Partodons all stood up waiting for the news. They were waiting for war. It was an unfortunate turn of events for Gracuscae, he had just engaged in war against a tier 2 empire not to mention some of the Gigaquadrants greatest military masterminds these last decades have ever seen. Was this how far Mrdvaeli would go in their pursuit of power? Was all this just a suicide attack?

No. Mardvaeli does not know what the future holds for them. What if the old Naaks grow too stronk? With their rising technological prowess and large fleets they would be better off a great ally than a terrible enemy. This was the right thing for Gracuscae to do, the Imperial State were Libertus haters! They wished to see them all dead! "I do not hate the Libertus people, for they will live peacefully under the new regime. However, their imperialistic government bent on forcing its will on all species will fall." Perhaps the Imperator had a point? Why would they eliminate a whole race who were useful to them anyway? No, no, no, there was no turning back, Gracuscae believed he had done the right thing, 68% said yes, so how could it be a bad decision?

Marton Gracuscae began the declaraion:

  • Gracuscae - It is the 4th of Pauntaur, 2800. We start the year off with dissapointing news. A recent terroist attack launched on Station Halycon which is neutral space, believed to be caused by the newly formed Cyrannian Imperial State, has reasulted in much anger from our trading partners the Nakkjians and the rest of the Andromedan Galactic Commenwealth. We also have news that interest bewteen the Draconid Imperium and the Empire have been growing to combat the menace that stains the stars. Some would call me a fool to combat a tier 2 empire, one that holds some of the most deadliest and merciless military figures we have ever witnessed these past few decades. They will show no mercy, but neither shall we! We will fight the oppressors in the stars, sky and ground! This is a opportunity to become the Great Power we wished to always be! This is Mardvaeli!

And at the right time the sun more brightly than ever through the stained glass dome of the Parliament building, as if the sun herself was ready to fight as well, politicans, verterans, soldiers, everyone rejoiced as this was Mardvaeli's time to show how worthy they were to Andromeda. No longer were they the miserable tier 4 empire no one cared about, all they had done was fight a group of brutish pests in Mirus and laid back, isolated for a long time and how could they let this suffering go unnoticed? Most of the frigates and battleships had not been used for decades only remaining in the space docks becoming dusty and forgotten, now they would be put to use to defeat those who had wronged them!

The crowd roared and cheered! This was the result Gracuscae was expecting. Surely these people should've been sad and sombre as war had been declared on a superpower far away in Cyrannus. Were these people celebrating war itself? They were celebrating for they knew victory was certain for Mardvaeli with the Naakjian Confederacy by their side and that they could gain vital colonial holdings in Cyrannus and in future even become a great power! The war may have seemed grim to some but past that the future seemed as bright as the sun's rays herself for everyone knew their was light at the end of the tunnel.

Next stop: Outer RimEdit

Army of AntsEdit

A drydock is occupied by a giant dreadnought being prepared to depart. It's watched by Raavii and Daali as they wait for the preparations to finish. They discuss about that they will bring few groups of agents. Before going to meetup their two first agents, Z'jep and Nijkkas. They explore the dark view of the city and the slightly hostile environment.

When finally meeting up the two agents. They learn that Z'jep is a militaristic agent who takes everything in a calm manner. Nijkkas being an avid intelligence and tech operator. Raavii non-purposely rustles Nijkkas's jimmies by the fact of being a newbie. Which Daali endorses her for that.

Drydock C-4 was occupied by a giant dreadnought. Along with it, more or less bigger and smaller ships were docked in a lane. Naakjian drydocks are simply docks for starships, but it was protected by an isolating gravity shield. Because who knows whenever would a ship bring in something dangerous unnoticed? The scanning technology can detect anything but few forms of radiation. Using a scrambler would make the results blurry, it would trigger same alarm as for intruders. However, the scrambling causes the results not to tell what is actually causing them and what's hiding in them. Naakjians doesn't like to take risks and often go by the safest say as determinated by themselves. The isolation shields does the job to quarantine the area. And to eradicate unwanted objects, anything that fail to merge with the shielding on the hull of docking ships. There's only few exits, which can be easily controlled by armed forces from outside. Better safe than sorry.

The dreadnought would be commanded by Raavii, whom watched on the ship in the drydock from a high building, which was the terminal. She had few parts of her thickest armor equipped, mainly the legs and the torso. Nothing else but a personal gauntlet, those have a long, razor-sharp blade folded in, on her right arm. She had a big courier bag, in a fashion similar to a golf bag in the from. Those are typically used by the military to easily carry munition to the battle, those were often made of gummy and metal. Raavii wasn't alone, a person who was both literally and mighty higher than her. Overseer Daali stood next to her, watching on the same ship. Considering that she will also command it and from there. But the ship command was left up to Raavii.. Daali was wearing in same fashion as Raavii. The difference though was she is wearing an armor type issued to ranks higher than Raavii whom was a sub-commander.

  • Daali - You know that we are going to bring some guests from NIA with us?
  • Raavii - Mhm?
  • Daali - Some of the agents will be moving independently, but hidden from any society but us. They can may contact us and our allies whenever they need too.
  • Raavii - Like the "Kij'cas'n" agents, huh?

Daali frowned upon the comparison between themselves and the Kicath. But it wasn't deniable.

  • Daali - More or less, but not the whole point. We are also able to order or tell them to what to do. As long it's possible on their part.

The pair was quiet for a certain amount of time. The dreadnought outside was being supplied with help of small dots, what should resemble cargo tiers and forklift-like vehicles. Long lines as caterpillars carrying cargo. Those caterpillars are like trains. Trains with or without wheels, but what they did mutual was, copying it's leader, always driving in it's path. More fexible than a regular lorry truck. Those pillars were typically trucks leading a long line of cargo wagons, copying their leading trucks. It was a lot satisfying to watch the small lively objects, just like ants building a new colony. A Mother-colony breeding smaller colonies, those were capable to move themselves. Such a satisfying thought.

  • Raavii - I wonder what it's like in Cyrannus. Apart from that "ihs'vsa" that we are going step ourselves in. I wonder how the hole will turn into when we enrule those premies.
  • Daali - They will probably fear us, more or less. Some may view us as lesser of a great evil.
  • <slience>
  • Daali - Pretty alot of mixed views, but one thing is clear, and obvious. We'll be powerfuller.

Raavii and Daali, they both giggle and smile. Raavii's giggle was in an egoistic tone. Racial egoism is a typical sign on extreme xenophobia and racial centrism combined with patriotism. But the tone disappeared shortly as she knew that they can't be the most powerful, but still be very powerful. They mean very serious business. Whatever Naakji says, does and what they are going to do, are no jokes.

And here they were standing. Raavii was still looking outside, though not at the drydock. She was watching anything else, ships and aircraft flying between the towering buildings decorating the view over the city. High mountains that raises in the background. It's quite dark outside, as it's the time of the year. Clouds are tightly packed in the sky. Fog is densely pressured on the ground. Though the Vejlla's lights penetrate the thick fog, illuminating the sky above the city and it's spread across the landscape as the light is bent to every directions in the clouds. Lit cities in this period of time look very much like a very powerful thunderstorm when viewed from space.

In a distance, a very tall tower emerged from a valley between two high hills. It had 4 lights blinking in a pattern, placed in a column. The top one was colored strongly orange, rest was cyan-white. The top lit first, then the 3 bottom, then gone. And so on. Those towers had multiple roles. A powerlink node transmitting information, beams of ionized energy and aswell far-traveling signals through a network scattered across the planet. Raavii could see another node far away, but the blinking was faint because of the distance and fog foaming under the thick clouds. Thick atmosphere would give a storm with a thickness spanning several tens of kilometers, which would result in very violent thunderstorms. Luckily thought that it's recorded that the storm won't be that violent, they were protected by those high nodes as lighting conductors.

  • Daali - I think it's time to meet up our NIA agents, we got alot to talk.

Raavii straightens herself and nods. They both go through the terminal lounge to the other end of the room. Where they meet two agents sitting on lounge seats. They have thinner armor than what Raavii and Daali wears. The agents have their lower body fully covered, leaving the rest but the chest uncovered. Their metallic vests have the NIA insignia. Upon arriving them, Daali relaxingly leaves her bag hanging on her shoulder and crosses her arms. Raavii appears from behind her, she inspects the two agents closely. One of them is coming from a planet with militaristic culture. Because he has war painting on his face in yellow, black and white. He sat very relaxingly, head resting on the back support with his legs and tail laid out across the floor. A careless and clam type. The other one seemed to be active, he was firmly browsed through his service tablet issued by the agency, for communication and mission intelligence. He sat with more care than the militaristic agent did. Raavii could judge him as a careful but avid type.

  • Daali - It could been nice if we get to know each other before we start.

The "lazy" agent straightened himself on the lounge chair.

  • Agent - You must be Daali, d'iv?
  • Daali - Yes. My accompanist is Raavii.

Raavii steps more aside to Daali. Standing with the same settled pose as her.

  • Z'jep - Z'jep is the name.

The other agent realizes that it's his turn. Without giving away the fixture on his tablet he says:

  • Nijkkas - Mine is Nijkkas.
  • <awkward silence>
  • Nijkkas - I- I do the technical work, equipment checks, intelligence and hacking.
  • Raavii - Freshie?

Nijkkas was left mute and immobile by the question. Daali lift her head, showing that she has control and is mainly excepting good news. Nijkkas noticed that, he lift down his head in shame. Daali returned to normal.

  • Daali - Jut don't let yourself down. We are not that kind.

Nijkkas was enlightened, trying to smile. But the smile is instead overflowed by the shame being a newbie, letting himself down.

  • Daali - It's time to go, see you all on the bridge later.


Raavii and Daali is walking through the giant bay towards to their ship. Daali lays an arm on Raavii and drags her closer to herself. Daali whispers something in Raavii's ears. Which makes Raavii full of eager.

  • Daali - You'll be a hell of an oniunsre.

Forobes-Drakowene Edit

Decrake Flagship New

Admiral Decrake admires his new flagship.

Admiral Decrake, the proud admiral of the Mardvaeli Starfleet, stepped out into the sunlight, his uniform emblazoned with ribbons and medals he continued to wear everyday. Decrake was quite proud of his accomplishments and was a heavily decorated military figure. The result of his work could be seen in the glistening Mirus colonies that he had conquered a few years ago in Attero Dominatus. As he stepped out on the balcony he saw the open space docks of Nachuketu before him, with thousands of glorious factories churning away at making ships.Yet today the dock was not filled up with the usual fighter and bomber planes, instead hosting two magnificent Forobes class ships along with another unknown and much much larger class between them.

One of the ships was Decrake's much beloved MSS Rekteur and MSS Kawzihanen belonging to another Admiral. Strangely enough, Decrake didn't notice the largest ship of them all. It seemed as though Decrake was too busy admiring his dear ship whom he had served in many wars with. While Decrake was admiring MSS Rekteur, a droid appeared from behind him to inform him of some news.

  • Droid - My good sir, have you been busy fawning over your beloved ship instead of paying any attention to our new masterpiece the starfleet has produced for you?
  • Decrake - For me? You must surely be programmed to understand I do not have the capability to manage two ships at once!

Upon listening to the droid Decrake turned his head around to look at the new ship as was taken aback by its beauty. A large mighty frame with cannons supported on top, a reflective shine that made the ship look like a shining stallion, it also had the robust and bulky look many starfleeters had admired. Despite being greatly taken aback by this magnificent ship Decrake only let out a small "mmhmm,". It seemed as though he was more interested in the MSS Rekteur despite being dwarfed by the new ship.

  • Droid - Did they not tell you? Did the Secretary of Defence not pass the message? Oh how inconvenient, I'll have to tell you myself. This is your new ship sir!"

Decrake was aghast by this disgraceful news! Would he have to give up dear MSS Rekteur? He had enjoyed being in the ship for many years now, even sometimes despising the thought of being separated from the ship, MSS Rekteur was the closest thing he had to a lover himself. Although at the same time Decrake could not help but be impressed by the ships design. Before him he had a tablet, opening a window to show the inner workings of the ship. It had many desirable things any Admiral could want, railguns, cannons, command bridge, living quarters and even a mini dock for launching out smaller fighters.

  • Decrake - I've had the ships for many years now, I've never requested any changes of any sort so far, why would the ship be changed if MSS Rekteur has served us so well, even though this ship is quite impressive I'm satisfied with what I have."
  • Droid - "I believe you're not getting the point sir, this isn't about you, if we are to match the old Naaks in military strength then we must triumph in the sphere of technology was well. And lets not forget who we're up against either, the Imperial State is still very formidable and has Star Destroyers by its side.What if we come out of the war inferior to the Naakjians? They'll say "We saved your butts in the New Cyrandia Wars, now time to help us and follow us around!" We don't want that do we?"
  • Decrake - Euugh, you have a point...Very well, we set off for the Outer Rim once the Naakjians are ready. Prepare the cargo and soldiers. We set off very soon."
  • Droid - As you wish Admiral."

Decrake ran his fingers through his Admiral hat and poked some of his scales. It would be a time of great change for him, a new flagship, a new war, new enemies, new friends and a new salary. It did not help that he was up against Tier 2 Imperial State with their fleet of Star Destroyers and merciless men. He would rely heavily on the Naakjians to win this one. They had better be careful in facing the new threat.

Preparing the BonfireEdit

The Gas-cloakedEdit

The Naakjian mothership drifted through the hyperspatial dimension between the Andromeda and Cyrannus. Raavii and Nijkkas was stand in the command center. Which was almost desolate and silent by the time it didn't require alot of manpower to keep the ship on check. They were standing in center near a table-like computer. Raavii was testing Nijkkas and his patience. In the background were only two other individuals who were present. One of them were silently tapping on a control panel while excitingly, but calm in appearance, scanning the values. The other was one of the operators who view the radar and sensor results. But since the ship was moving in hyperspace, there was no need or use of the sensors at the moment. The operator was sleeping on her own post. The room was almost dark. The only illumination was the big lit screens, used to convey and compile an easy overview the current situation of battles and other operations. And a large neon-like ring, mounted to the ceiling, illuminating the area around the table. There were also few lights dimly covering the paths leading to outside of the command room.

Raavii was leaning against the table and surveyed Nijkkas actions and progression. She was standing on the opposite side of the table against him. He was sitting in a comfy chair, he was ready to do anything for Raavii. Nijkkas moved his head up from the keyboard that he was been studying on for a while. He made an eye-contact with Raavii. Raavii slanted her head.

  • Raavii - I would like to receive the compiled data of Manutu from our scout drones.

Nijkkas took an easy breath and focuses on the keyboard and tapped on a few keys. Then he halted.

  • Nijkkas - S-s-should I get it up on the hologram...? Or.. the..."
  • Raavii - It would be good if you can get it on the screens.

It took a brief second for Nijkkas to find the correct key. Then a light-weight version of the planet Manutu appeared in the big screens behind Raavii. Raavii turned around and back by a few steps to aside to avoid obscuring the view for Nijkkas. The lightweight info contained a brief description about the planet and it's specifications. As well a dynamically animated render of the planet. Depsite that Manutu was being an ocean planet...

  • Raavii - Ocean planet? It looks more like a purple gas gaint!
  • Nijkkas - Perfect disguise. Eh?
  • Raavii - Yes, this should be enough to fool the filthy terrorists. It will last as long we get a big area of defences so we can intercept the enemy's scouts. So this will remain undetected.

Wait! There is more! replied Nijkkas softly. The interface of the planet changed to exclude everything but the render of the planet. A new window containing a scientifically "breakthrough"-tastic information.

The planet is close to an belt with a high density of asteroids and interstellar rocks. Thanks to it's completely vertical rotation axis, the planet's gravity pulls asteroids away their courses and slingshots them out from the system.

  • Raavii - Our scientists would love to see this miracle. I guess that they'd kill for it.

A small notification box appears from a corner of the display. It tells that there's new surveillance reports available. A small silence floods the room for merely seconds. Raavii promptly sits on edge of the table. She makes a gesture, index finger making circle movements, to Nijkkas.

  • Raavii - Go ahead.

Nijkkas accepts the notification. An new report is then unveiled for the duo. The report mostly consisted of new documentations of the planets made by the drones. Not only sent by the military in advance, they were built to last and be efficient so much as possible. Even faster than their stranded fighters.

With their efficiency, speed and Naakji stealth capabilities for their size. It makes them tiny, slippery gossip-machines. A nightmare for the slowest opponents. If worser, a perfectly polished plan, carefully maintained and polished with years worth of efforts and care, would be a waste when caught on tape. The Naakji is however not superior in everything. Everyone has their own strengths.

Naakjis have always considered that they have strength in everything. But what they lacked was, experience. If worser, no superpower would have no consideration or interest to interact and or help Naakji further on their path. Only brave ones' spirits, such as the The Civilisation and Mardvaelis, would impress the Naakji. Naakjis however hated everyone else than the impressions. Not like they would kill someone. But they hated strangers, they hated anything superior and inferior than them. A stranger approaching Naakjis would be meet with cold silence and patronizing nitpicks as for comments. Despite the hostile approach and attitude to strangers. They are still open for any matter. As long the matter had their business to do.

The Civilisation have had helped to fulfill the Naakjis' needs to survive the gigaquadrants' depths crawling with dangers. The Mardvaelis weren't of a bigger impression other than a step higher to their goal.

Raavii spent a small time day-dreaming about the confederation's future and consequences. Both glorious and unfortunate ones. Raavii shrugged herself awake when noticing herself being away in her own mental world. She focused back on the displayed information. The report indicated that there were minor enemy activity. Mainly patrols and mindless scouts. But another activity, an unknown activity. She made a gesture to Nijkkas, ordering him to take a closer look on it. The unknown activity is unveiled to be an accompaniant.

  • Nijkkas - Mardvaeli. They seen to want 'cuddle' up on us.
  • Raavii - Tsssch. That was inadverted.

Raavii made a small quiet hissing between her sharp teeth.

  • Raavii - They may be stomping on our ui'jaf. They may be of a help anyway.
  • Nijkkas - Excuse me going a bit off the line, but I would like tell you that our ship is capable to dive and stand off the strong current in the oceans of Manutu.
  • Raavii - Good, dive soon as we arrive. I'll be expecting an PAEOM to be employed , up and running by end of the date.

Raavii gets off the table, exiting the command center on a small walk to her own room. On the way out, she pats on Nijkkas's shoulder and whispers in his ear as she passes him.

  • Raavii - You have done a good work today. Don't be nervous.

(PIDOM = Planetary Automated Exploration Outpost Module)

To Cyrannus, we shall goEdit

As the Forobes-Drakowene drifted through the hyperspatial dimension between the Andromeda and Cyrannus, Admiral Decrake sat in his seat in the command bridge, legs crosses and wings relaxed. He wasn't really paying any attention to the work of his fellow officers or crewmates, instead he flicked through the latest issue of the Gentle Chuckle magazine, for about the 37th time since he started the journey to Cyrannus. Everyone else seemed to be managing their own business, operating machines or discussing the state of the starfleet. The command bridge was mainly empty anyway, most of the crew were asleep or perhaps somewhere else, there wasn't really anyone for Decrake to talk to, it made him feel slightly alienated from the others.

Decrake beckoned one of his officers over, a tall Partodon.

  • Decrake - Jayera, how long is it to the colony CYR-03?
  • Jayera - Give it one or two more hours sir, we're all frustrated and tired by how long it's taking to get there.

As Decrake slumped back into his seat he faced the monitor of the control panel. A grey dot was blinking, coming closer and closer to the the ship. It turned out to simply be a Naakjian ship.

  • Decrake - Nnngh, it's them Aemonkians again. Slimy buggers. You know this reminds me of a time when I took a vacation to the French Andromedan Colonies. They had these things they called Angler fish, looked pretty damn ugly just like a Aemonkian!

The Admiral's comparison drew chuckles from the rest of the officers who equally despised the Naakjian Confederation. The Aemonkians were distrusted amongst the military and preferred to work with the French or the Commenwealth over the Naakjian Confederation. Unfortunately there was little Decrake could do about the collaboration between the two governments of the nations, even Decrake had to admit, it had it's advantages, as they had a brand new fleet of Naakjian bombers at their disposal which had so far proven themselves very efficient in the training simulations.

Jayera looked over to the Admiral and lightly tapped him on the the back, albeit nervously.

  • Jayera - Umm, Admiral can I ask you a question regarding the Cyrannian Imperial State?

Decrake swivelled his chair around to face Jayera.

  • Decrake - Sure, shoot.
  • Jayera - I don't want to doubt your abilities sir, I mean I have been with you since Attero Dominatus and I've seen your work on the field but...Do you actually think the fleet can hold it's own against the Imperial State?
  • Decrake - Of course it can Jayera, we have our capital ship, using reversed Dominatus tech, much government funding, some considerable help from the French and of course a terrific crew. As for the rest of the fleet, well, we do have Naakjian Bombers, Mirage Omnirole fighters and I also think those Farentengo Interceptors have just came in as well, the Farentengo were quite pleasurable to work with.
  • Jayera - Aye, not like those back stabbing Angler men eh? Heheh...

As the crew had one last chuckle, most of them retreated back to their beds, with hope and fear in the hearts as they came ever closer to stopping off at CYR-03.

Chapter Two - The FireEdit

The WallEdit


Enemy at the gatesEdit

"This room is comfy"

Raavii. Lying on a wide bed, suited for Aemonkians. Had her head fixed to the roof. It were no problems with looking at the roof. She could already see the whole room for herself, the typical advantage among the Naakji. Luxury decorated for Aemonkian tastes and culture. Her own clan weapons and symbols decorated the walls next to the wardrobe. The room was illuminated by several table lamps and ceiling lightning. Every decoration and furniture had many sharp edges.

Raavii had no more clothing other than her alloy vest, plated leggings and tailguard. Other than that, she still had an armguard on her left arm. Because it was a device used to transmit intelligence and establish communication for soldiers.


Without other movement. Raavii reach her device with the right hand and pressed a button. Moving it closer to her chin.

Raavii - Aplyk'a.
VO - The command center is now ready for your command.
Raavii - On my way.

Raavii once again pressed the same button. Putting her hands on the chest and took a deep breath. Her chest expanded and more as she inhaled more. The breath stopped and she opened wide her own mouth. Then exhaled. Parting from the bed, she put on a more applicable uniform and then left her room.

Raavii arrived to the room. It is now manned to work up to it's full potential. Arriving to the holodeck facing the overview screens. Daalii is nowhere to be seen. She's stationed in the Manutu to supervise the colony activity and military presence. Raavii is now in the command to crush the pitiful separatists. Raavii turned to a bridge officer.

Raavii - Are the forces ready?
Bridge Officer - Affirmative.
Raavii - Good. Prepare to embark. Tell the others and the OS that we are now heading to our objective.

The flagship lifts from the deep ocean and propels itself out of the surface along with the fleet assigned under Raavii's command. Waiting for a small time to gather her fleet as they emerges from the hurricanes covering the planet's surface. The ships formed a diamond formation in the orbit over the planet. The formation grew bigger and bigger as more and bigger ships joined the formation. Once Raavii have gathered together her attack fleet. She walked up against the opposite side of the command room. And leaned against the handrail. Turned once again to her officer.

Raavii - Tell the others that the party is about to begin.

Raavii and the officer smirked, which was slowly spread to all crew members in the center. The officer walked over to a console and talked through it.

Bridge Officer - Execute Yuum'ilja Loofisma. Time for fun.


A CIS star destroyer was on a patrol on a proximity of the little planet. A planet far from the potential and dangerous battlefields which would border the the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Cyrannian Imperial State. Unprepared for a case of stellar battle. But it was no need of any preparation. It would be a waste when they wanted to cast their enemy GEC. The ship's bridge was manned by Basileus officers and a Mortalitas captain. One of the officers were complaining at side of his accompanying officer.

Basileus Officer #1 - <sigh> Pah, this task is beneath a superiorly bred Basileus. Surely there are Mortalitas better suited.
Basileus Officer #2 - Be silent, my brother. Sooner or later, the Imperator will call upon us to cleanse the galaxy of the Libertus filth.
Basileus Officer #1 - <moaning> By - the - gods! If you say "sooner or later" again, you'll be on the receiving end of my plasma pistol.

The Mortalias captain overheard them and stepped in. He stoop on the platform and overlooked at them. The both basileus looked up on him.

Mortalias Captain - This is better than nothing. But I think he is just paranoid. And you...

The captain pointed on the first officer who moaned once again.

Mortalias Captain - ... You, shut up. Or perhaps we can make sure that you are relegated to janitorial duty again.

The officer looked angrily up on the captain. The second officer giggled and placed his hand on his accompanist's shoulder to calm him down as he stopped giggling. The first officer's gaze moved from the captain on the second officer before moving on back to his seat. A console panel for sensory utilities. The basileus' face faded into chock soon his gaze caught the screen.

Basileus Officer #1 - By the sands of Vasuband! Massive increase in hyperspatial activity!
Mortalias Captain - Oh-! Sounds like the fun is about to begin! Where's the source!
Basileus Officer #2 - There!

The first officers and the captain looked up on the second officer, who was pointing in direction of the ship's stem. The source was in front of them. It was marked by a bright light which was slowly growing in size, mostly in the wideness.

Mortalias Captain - What the frak is that?! It doesn't look like an Imperial fleet or any known Imperial ally.

The bridge's platform slowly gathered curious audience that slowly closed in to the window. The white dot exploded into a strong light. Blinding the crewmen who were facing it. Few of them blindly fell backwards, in agony from the blinding light in the eyes, on the floor beneath the platform. One of them landed on a console, smashing it beyond simple repairs.

The captain slowly but wobbly recovered from the blinding light, blinking a few times before moving his gaze to the window. His eyes widened. Hundreds of white-grey ships with black detailing framed by additional details and outlines in neon-like cyan color. The ship in the middle appeared to be biggest out the bunch. It was backed up by teens of battleships, dreadnoughts and cruisers. Framed by smaller dots which appeared to be fighters and corvettes.

Mortalias Captain - What- the- frak-

Z'jep - Alright, it seems like the war is now about to begin.
Raavii - A single patrol ship, as expected. You know the drill.

The bridge officer smirked wide and turned to Z'jep who was standing next to him. Near to the communications console. Raavii handed over the honor to the officer, who then undoubtedly handed it over to Z'jep. He made a wide smile and gently talked through the console.

Z'jep - Bring the justice upon them.

The diamond formation split up and transformed into more similar y-like formations. One headed for the star destroyer and begun attacking it. Other formations containing least two dreadnoughts thinned out of the space as they jumped into the hyperspace, heading for other planets to conquer from the CIS' grasp. Other dreadnoughts and battle ships were left behind, in the purpose to establish a front-line base that which then would slowly crawl closer and closer to the State's core, Vasuband.

Invasions of the Imperial SpaceEdit

The HiveEdit

Somewhere on the outskirts of the territory of the Cyrannian Imperial State, a small fleet composed mainly of fighters, bombers, frigates and Star-Destroyers patrolled the outlying planets, on the look out for the usual Empire forces and the new threat from Andromeda. This new threat seemed to be in co-operation with the Empire, in the eyes of the Imperial State they were no more than puppets but even the officers could not deny that the so called Naakjian Confederation seemed like a dangerous and cunning force. The officers had heard that yesterday another fleet stationed somewhere was decimated by the shrewd tactics of the Naakjians so they were on the lookout for them. Unbeknownst to them was that there was another surprise in store for them...

Inside a Star-Destroyer, an active group of Basileus worked, clicking buttons, typing notes and discussing battle plans for the future. In the middle of the command bridge a feathered Basileus sat, holding a tablet containing information about the Naakjian Confederation. He had learnt from on of his comrades that the Naakjians were gaining ground inside Cyrannus and had quickly ruined a fleet earlier.

  • Basileus 1 - These Naakjians have appeared to attract a fellow Andromedan power along side them, one aligned with the Commonwealth as it seems.
  • Basileus 2 - What? A small backwater civilization known as Mardvaeli? Hah! They're always clinging onto other nations, they think they contribute to the world stage. I don't know why you would waste your time with them Feteróus!
  • Feteróus - They are a rising power in the universe. It seems to me that they have colonies in many galaxies. They have a number of victories from Mirus and could potentially decide to settle here, should they succeed in destroying our nation alongside the Naakjians.
  • Basileus 2 - But Feteróus, how could a weak collection of hermit kingdoms unified under a so called President, possibly reach Vausubad? The Mardvaeli is a joke!
  • Feteróus - See, this your problem Deverous! You always underestimate our enemies, I honestly feel like you don't take this job as seriously as you should. By the Gods I feel like more and more people are just joining the starfleet purely for the money... Anyway, some parts of our territory could possibly be weakened by the Naakjians, allowing them to make some sort of progress towards Vausubad, albeit not much. They're technologically inferior so I doubt they could effectively take us out in a battle.

Deverous went back to some mundane activity, disheartened by what Feteróus had told him, which he could not deny, was true in some ways. Feteróus decided to browse on his tablet, accessing Imperial State databases, unfortunately there was little to no information on it for Feteróus read upon the Mardvaeli about. Frustrated by this lack of knowledge he searched further into the tablet, going as far as contacting spies if they had any information on Mardvaeli but it seemed to not be the case. However, Feteróus did find a considerable amount of info about the techniques the Naakjians used in battle, he saved this data onto a file within this tablet, perhaps it would be of use to him later on.

The fleet went on, patrolling the space, looking for any suspicious fleets that needed to be dealt with. The day had been rather uneventful, no drug busts, no pirates, not even the odd GEC ship. Until a piercing beeping noise played throughout the ship, it signalled a ship quickly travelling towards the fleet in hyperspace.

  • Feteróus- Everyone, get the fleet into hyperspace, we need to take on a defensive formation and stop these ships, should they react with hostility, well then, prepare to retaliate.

The fleet suddenly sprang to life, each worker or soldier went around their ships, like worker bees in a disturbed hive, all ready to attack back at their aggressor in unity. Ships quickly shifted positions and took on a different formation, looking like a grey swarm, as each ship shifted pass each other. Feteróus clicked some buttons on a separate tablet and in an instant, the entire fleet switched over to hyperpsace from realspace in a blinding, white flash. Feteróus opened up the communications window and responded to the approaching fleet.

  • Feteróus - You are approaching the territory of the Cyrannian Imperial State, you must quickly state your purpose here, any hostile behaviour will be met with force. You may turn away if you have no useful purpose here.

The other fleet soon appeared familiar to Feteróus, the sleek, white look, with the dark golden underbelly, and red & blue details matched that of the starfleet of the Mardvaeli Republic, he had recognised it earlier from his research on the tablet. Feteróus decided to take a risk and attack first, it was highly likely they tagged along with the Naakjians to divide up the Imperial State so they were most likely coming on non-peaceful terms, if Feteróus attacked first he would gain a early advantage over the other side in the upcoming battle. The AI of Feteróus' ship managed to intercept a large torpedo passing through, destroying it before it caused any damage. On the other side, Admiral Decrake of Mardvaeli was taken aback by the failure of his ambush. It seemed as though he underestimated the hyperspatial capabilities of the CIS.

Battle of the Balikum BeltEdit

Floodgates to the HellEdit

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