Once again, conflict grips the galaxy and the cluster. This will be the war to decide the very future of the Empire.

- Guolivian

The New Cyrandia Wars's opening year brought about a return to galactic conflict that had been gone from the Cyrannus Galaxy since the end of the Great Cyrannus War. Armed with a devotion to their cause of independence from the ever-expanding Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Cyrannian Imperial State fought tooth and claw for its independence from Orbispira and the end of the domination of the Libertus and the Core Worlds.

Meanwhile, a far more dangerous conflict began to stir between the forces under the influence of the Primercer, an ancient Oikoumene leader and those under the control of his nemesis, the enigmatic Emperor of the Cyrannian Empire and Lord of the Mornûnendur, Tyrómairon. Simultaneously, in the outer regions of Cyrannus, the newly formed New Cyrannian Republic under the leadership of Apollo and Apaltar struggled to establish itself while facing threats both old and new that seek the destruction of the galaxy's re-emerging democracy. In the Quadrant Galaxies meanwhile, old rivalries and alliances resurface as the Cyrandia Cluster is once again brought to war.


The corresponding story-arc of Quadrantia Disorder is Ortum a Dynastia

Ianuarius, 04 NE[]

Battle of Moreuse[]

A galaxy on the brink of war! Striking swiftly after the capture of Vasuband, Imperator Tyermaillin's separartists have gained control of several key hyperlanes linking to the Mortiol Supercluster, home to the warlike Mortalitas. As the vast armadas of the Imperial Navy continues to prepare for the war at hand, the deft hand of the new Imperial State may already be one step ahead...

Cry 'Havoc'!

Mortizavaé studies the approaching fleet.

In his ready room on the newly constructed Imperial Leyawiin Station in orbit over the Mortalitas homeworld Moreuse, Captain Mortizavaé ran his hand over his head-fin, deep in thought about the events unfolding across the Outer Rim. Spreading from the Basileus capital of Vasuband, the newly formed Cyrannian Imperial State had been swiftly gaining control over several key hyperlanes in the Outer Rim, including one that led directly to Moreuse. Sure in the knowledge that the separatists would seek the annexation of such a key Imperial planet, Mortizavaé had rallied his fleet over Moreuse, intent on letting nothing take the planet.

Sure enough, within the hour the triangular silhouettes of the new Centurion-class Star Destroyers streaked out of hyperspace with their mighty weapons charged directly on the large Imperial fleet waiting for them in the planet's orbit. Watching his viewscreen on board the station, Mortizavaé steepled his fingers and was prepared to give the order when a transmission from the newly arrived lead enemy flagship crackled over the bridge's intercom. The familiar voice sent a shiver down Mortizavaé's spine, Zillum had arrived at Moreuse.

The battle of Moreuse rages above the planet.

With his voice booming throughout the station, Zillum demanded the unconditional surrender of the entirety of the Imperial force on Moreuse, insisting that the alternative would be complete and total annihilation. Affirming his loyalty to the Empire, Mortizavaé bellowed that the Empire would never surrender to Zillum and his terrorist ilk. Closing the transmission, Mortizavaé gave the order to the fleet to fire all weapons at the invading fleet.

Let Slip the Dogs of War

On the bridge of his new flagship, the Mortalitas Dreadnought Benevolent II, Zillum smiled as the first shots of the New Cyrandia Wars were fired over the pristine seas of Moreuse. Ordering the fleet forward, the mighty warships of both sides clashed in brutal broadsides, with the Empire's Imperator-class Star Destroyers proving difficult adversaries for the similarly powerful Centurion-class ships used by the Imperial State. Sitting on his command chair, Zillum barked out orders to his underlings, who obeyed every command as though their lives depended on it.

Smiling as fighters engaged in dogfights across the battle, Zillum caught glance of Leyawiin Station, which lay beyond a blockade of Venator-class Star Destroyers and Aedile-class Star Destroyers. Ordering full thrusters, the massive forward cannons of the Benevolent shredded all ships in their path while the massive force of the ship itself allowed Zillum to ram an Imperial Star Destroyer, smashing it into dozens of fiery pieces which rained down onto the floating cities of Moreuse.

Zillum confronts his wife.

Launching shuttles, dozens of troops landed on Leyawiin Station and had soon captured the majority of the ship's crew. Taking a shuttle to the Station himself, Zillum cut down any Imperial that stood in his way with a blow from his energy sword. Marching towards the bridge, Zillum and his entourage blasted through the doors to the command tower and executed much of the senior staff. However, Mortizavaé himself resolutely refused to capitulate and grabbed his blaster, managing to shoot five Basileus officers in the head with a single volley. Deflecting the volley, Zillum levitated his adversary off the ground using his mysterious powers before driving his sword through his deviant foe's torso.


As the remaining Imperial Fleet retreated into hyperspace in the face of the larger separatist armada, Zillum took a shuttle down to the capital of Minasmort, where he stormed the Palace of his wife, Moch-Na. Sitting on her throne, Moch-Na was clearly surprised by his husband's apparent defection to the rebels. Rising to her feet, the Mortaltias Queen put her worries to the back of her mind and welcomed her husband with her arms outstretched. Zillum strode towards the throne, pushing Moch-Na out of his way as he walked. Settling himself on the throne of the Mortalitas, Zillum ordered the guards to arrest Moch-Na.

The Mortalitas and this world are now... mine.

A New Accord[]

Political intrigue is rife on Orbispira. Reeling from the Battle of Moreuse, the Potentate has called an emergency meeting of the Imperial Senate in the hopes of calming the nerves of the delegates from all corners of the Empire. With Senator Guolivian inviting Telvenum of the Draconid Imperium to witness his speech to the senate, mysterious parties are beginning to grow interested...

The Attempt

Guolivian and Telvenum outside the Senate Tower.

Senator Guolivian sat with his legs crossed on one of the benches outside the Senate Tower, looking out at the endless city of Orbispira that lay before him. The golden sun cast a shimmering glow onto the classical skyscrapers of the Senate District while the almost musical hum of passing speeders calmed his nerves about the very important speech he was preparing to make before his senatorial colleagues. Sensing a figure approach from behind him, Guolivian stood up and smiled warmly, recognising the individual as Telvenum of the Draconid Imperium, an influential figure that Guolivian had met several years previously.

Complementing the planet's beauty, Telvenum sat down beside Guolivian as the two political allies began discussing the upcoming Senate meeting, which was called by Potentate Tereyn Aeresius to discuss ways of dealing with the escalating conflict in the Outer Rim. As they spoke, Guolivian and Telvenum were suddenly hurtled through the air by the crackling force of an explosion, sending them crashing into a group of Katharon tourists. Gathering themselves, Guolivian and Telvenum looked in shock as a large piece of the promenade not ten metres away from where they sat was gone, leaving only fire and smoke. "A warning.", Guolivian told himself.

The Senate

The Senate prepares to meet.

An hour later, the damaged area caused by the explosion was sealed off by the Orbispiran constabulary as well as figures in black suits that Guolivian assumed belonged to Imperial Intelligence. Once Telvenum and Guolivian heard that they could leave the scene, as well as being assured that they would be kept informed about the details of the explosion, the pair walked into the opulent halls of the Senate Tower, recently renovated in the months prior to the illustrious legislative body's move from the moon of Corunnia to the galactic capital. As they made their way into the vast Senate Foyer, Guolivian introduced Telvenum to many of his senatorial colleagues, most of whom eager to hear the tale of what happened in the plaza.

The sounding of three musical notes ushered the senators into the main Senate Chambers, which was significantly more classical in its design than its naturalistic predecessor on Corunnia. Sitting in his platform with the other delegates of his constituent world Ancaoilion as well as Telvenum, Guolivian listened intently to the opening statements of Aeresius as well as the comments made by other senators. Predictably, Senator Magalen of Capricaerón and Senator Ysolda of Coruindia spoke out against resorting to armed aggression while most of the other senators led by Mizio of Cyroenia and Karocher of Neudan spoke in favour of the complete and utter destruction of the Cyrannian Imperial State.

The Senator's Speech

Guolivian had his speech prepared by the time the delegation of Ancaoilion was permitted to speak. Straightening his robes and looking out at the other senates, Guolivian began to speak.

Honourable senators of the Empire. Initially my plan today was to speak out in support of opening our Empire up to warm alliances, much like the days of the Republic. However, recent events have added a new layer to what I have to say to you all today. As I spoke to my special guest, Crown Prince Telvenum of the Draconid Imperium just prior to this session of congress, an explosion intended to derail the warming relations between our two nations almost cost us our lives.

Guolivian let the senators speak amongst themselves before continuing.

Guolivian speaks before the Senate.

I will not be deterred by those who use violence to hamper the political process. I remain steadfast. The ongoing situation in the Outer Rim has been called a civil war by some, and a galactic war by others. Why, the loss of Vasuband to the separatists wounded me greatly. However, we must stand strong against these dissidents, teaching them that one does not act against the Empire and emerge unpunished. However, I argue that we should not do so alone. If we foster peaceful relations between the Empire and the Draconid Imperium, our kin from beyond the galactic halo would be only too glad to aid us in our struggle. We share so much in common, and I feel that it is time to move from cold warriors to warm friends.

Annoyed murmuring from some senators was drowned out with sounds of support.

By the Emperor's will, let us stand together with the Draconis against our mutual threats in the hopes that a brighter future for all can be reached. It is my proposal that we extend an invitation to Paragon Ultanos to visit Orbispira in the hopes that negotiations can result in an alliance between our civilisations. Other proposals include a Tri-Galactic Hyperlane linking Orbispira, the Rambo Capital and Alcanti and an increase in Draconid worlds in Cyrannus, in return for a military alliance and closer links between our people. In the face of these dark times, the Empire needs allies and who better to turn to? Kalos mercu, senela Imperato.

As Guolivian sat, sounds of applause filled the Senate Chamber, even from figures such as Aeresius, who was known for his distrust for Andromedans. Shaking hands with Telvenum, Guolivian smiled as the majority of senators agreed to extend an invitation to the Imperium.

The Response

Telvenum was pleased with how the senate had recieved Guolivian's speech. After shaking Guolivian's hand the crown-prince announced his support in the senate's decisions and vocally applauded their decision. For the remainder of the congressional session he sat beside Guolivian and listened to the discussions that played out that afternoon.

Afterward, he approached Guolivian expressed his gratitude for delivering such words. After spending a few minutes walking, Telvenum turned to Guolivian and asked a simple favour; that the crown-prince himself, being a close friend of the Draconid paragon, would be the one deliver the invitation to Alcanti. Guolivian thought on this for a moment and, in an act of trust, agreed to Telvenum's request. He left Telvenum to attend to other matters, while the latter made preparations to return ot Andromeda.

New Republic Retaliation[]

"The Empire's difficulty is the Republic's opportunity." A sentiment common on the street of Mou'Cyran. With growing tension between the Republic and both Imperial factions, the conflict with the Rihanae Pact and the intrigue of the Icolians, President Apaltar is forced to call a meeting which will have important consequences on the New Republic and its place in the galaxy...

The Meeting

President Apaltar sat in his study, watching the daily happenings of the citizens beyond the walls of the Presidential Chateau on Mou'Cyran. Flanked by two guards, Apaltar was still getting used to the idea that he was now a powerful galactic leader, perhaps the second most powerful after Tyrómairon himself. Pacing away from the window, Apaltar contemplated recent events in the Outer Rim which saw the outbreak of violence between the Empire and the Cyrannian Imperial State. Though both powers could feasibly cause harm to the Republic, Apaltar himself found himself torn between powerful members of the Republic Senate who desire to topple the Empire while its weak, while others propose a peaceful end to the conflict that will benefit everyone.

Apaltar calls an important meeting.

Apaltar found himself wondering what the Proconsul would think, if he was not already conducting business in the Quadrants. Nevertheless, with recent unprovoked Rihanae Pact attacks on Republic Space, Apaltar had resolved himself to show the aggressors that the Republic was not a power to be trifled with, with the added bonus of sending a clear signal to the waring Imperial factions. Sighing to himself, the President interacted with a holographic display, ushering five individuals into his office; Commodore Val Niathan, Admiral Willelmus Cretacea, Senator Ilas'Shei, Commodore Thonaloc and Senator Rodyctor.

Apaltar watched as the guests talked amongst themselves about the reason why the meeting was called, but remained silent in an attempt to gauge the atmosphere of the room. It was tense. Some, like Senator Rodyctor and Val Suthra mentioned an attack on the Core Worlds while others such as Cretacea and Thonaloc stressed caution. When Apaltar did speak, he called for his guests to concentrate on the threat at hand: The Rihanae Pact between the Regellis Star Empire and the Jenassian Regency. Proposing an attack against these aggressors, Apaltar managed to convince these new members of his Executive Council to launch an attack against an enemy flotilla near the Imperial Neutral Zone, partly to show their Imperial rivals that the Republic was a formidable power.

The CRS Allecto launches a devastating counterattack.


Two parsecs away from the border with the New Republic, a Regellian Warbird hung against the backdrop of space, flanked by two Jenassian cruisers. On the bridge of the warbird, Subcommander L'Nor watched as a large triangular ship dropped out of hyperspace close to the Rihanae Pact fleet. Ordering the two Jenassian cruisers to engage, L'Nor raised his shields and waited for the Republic to strike.

On the bridge of the CRS Allecto, Captain Georewa smiled. The trap had been set. Positioning the Allecto above the Jenassian cruisers, the superior and upgraded firepower of the Venator-class severed one of the Jenassian cruisers into two and rendered another inoperative with a turbolaser volley to the bridge. Shocked that the Republic had the firepower for a single ship to outgun two of their own vessels, L'Nor retreated into hyperspace, leaving the rest of his fleet in ruins.

Upon hearing the news, Apaltar smiled. Though he detested the fact that he had been forced into conflict by the aggressive foreign policies of xenophobic empires, the showdown at the neutral zone proved to its galactic neighbours that the Republic would not tolerate enemy aggression against their borders.

Apaltar calls an important meeting.

Sighing to himself, the President interacted with a holographic display, ushering five individuals into his office; Commodore Val Niathan, Admiral Willelmus Cretacea, Senator Ilas'Shei, Commodore Thonaloc and Senator Rodyctor.

  • Thonaloc: What is the purpose of this meeting, Mr. President?
  • Rodyctor: Is it not clear, Commodore? The ongoing Imperial conflict of course. No doubt the Republic should capitalise on the Empire's misfortune by launching a surprise attack on the Core Worlds.
  • Cretacea: Don't be ridiculous senator. I'm not lover of the Empire, but we simply don't have the firepower to take the Core from underneath the Imperials.

Apaltar sighed and opened his arms in a gesture for his guests to sit.

  • Apaltar: Both sides of this conflict could feasibly cause us harm, yes. However, we have more pressing matters in the form of the Rihanae Pact. They continue to attack our borders with no regard for galactic law. We must show them that we will not tolerate attacks on our sovereignty.
  • Cretacea: You propose a counter attack?
  • Apaltar: Precisely.

Cretacea ran his fingers through his feathers.

  • Cretacea: Agreed. We cannot show weakness in the face of enemies on all sides.

The other people in the room nodded in agreement. However, Senator Rodyctor's face was troubled, her slender mouth pursed.

  • Rodyctor: Pardon me, but you still haven't explained why you have summoned us in particular, Mr. President.
  • Apaltar: The reason why you five have been invited is because I feel the need to establish an executive committee to guide the decisions of the presidency in this time of crisis.
  • Ilas'Shei: This committee will not affect the democratic will of the senate, I trust? We all know how that turned out last time.
  • Apaltar: You have my assurance that it will not.
  • Rodyctor: In that case, you have my heartfelt thanks, Mr. President.
  • Thonaloc: Hmph. Wars are not won by talking.

Cretacea patted Thonaloc on the back with a smile on his face.

  • Cretacea: What the commodore means to say is "thank you".
  • Suthra: As for this counterattack. I believe I have found a good target. Intelligence reports that a Regellian captain is in command of a fleet only a few parsecs from a heavily populated area of Republic territory and has been making attack runs against our ships in the sector. Captain Georewa of the "CRS Allecto" is in the area and has more than enough firepower to deal with the fleet.
  • Apaltar: In that case, she has my permission to engage. However, be sure to put all fleets in the area on high alert in case they decide to launch a counter-offensive.

With that, the meeting came to an end and the attack on the Rihanae Fleet was launched.

Battle of Carinateron[]

An attack on Carinateron! In a single swope, the feared fleet of Zillum has launched an attack on the Saurornithantan homeworld of Carinateron. Breaking through the Imperial blockade, the fiendish general has cornered the Royal Palace, home of the Imperial Grand Mandator of the Unknown Regions...

Fall of a Grand Mandator

Zillum corners Bri'sa'tana.

The fleet of the Imperial State held its position over Carinateron, the broken hulls of their defeated enemies serving as a testament to the power of Tyermaillin's movement. On his shuttle, Zillum smiled as they entered the atmosphere of the Saurornithantan homeworld, the entire planet was at his mercy. The shuttle managed to evade fire from the Mandator Palace's automated defenses, which were swiftly destroyed by the descending fighters and bombers of Zillum's fleet. Barging through the Palace's gates, Zillum and his droid warriors cut down all enemies that attempted to stop them from achieving their prize, Grand Mandator Bri'sa'tana.

In his throne room, Bri'sa'tana sat proudly on his lofty throne, defiantly refusing to retreat from his homeworld in the face of Zillum's dreaded campaign. Suddenly, the doors to the throne room were blasted open and a hail of blaster fire emanated from the smoke, killing the Grand Mandator's defenders but avoiding Bri'sa'tana himself. When the smoke cleared, Zillum unsheathed his vibro-sword and approached Bri'sa'tana, who remained characteristically unemotional. Zillum narrowed his eyes and pounced towards the Mandator, who managed to evade the Mortalitas' every move until finally, Zillum reached out with his powers grabbing the Grand Mandator by the throat and squeezing until he fell unconscious. Meanwhile, from an ancillary room, a lone Saurornithanta watched the events in interest.

The Surprise Attack

The space battle rages in orbit.

Throwing Bri'sa'tana over his shoulder, Zillum prepared to detonate charges that would destroy the throne room when suddenly he received a holomessage from his second command on board the Benevolent II. Zillum could see the look of fear in the Tiranozark's eyes as well as small explosions illuminating the hologram's face. Informing Zillum that the fleet was under attack by a massive Imperial Warfleet under the command of the feared Carandial of the Executor-class Dreadnought Empirical. Rushing to the shuttle, Zillum growled in anger as he saw the meteoric fragments of an Centurion-class Star Destroyer smashing into the ground nearby. As the shuttle lifted off into orbit, what little remained of the State's fleet was standing firm against the onslaught of the Imperials, forming a protective circle around the Benevolent II, with the overwhelming firepower of the Empirical cutting swaths through the separatist fleet. As soon as the shuttle landed in the Benevolent's hangar, Zillum ordered what remained of his fleet into hyperspace, content that they had what they came for, despite the heavy toll.

Consultation with the Emperor

The Emperor hears of the events on Carinateron.

Two hours later, Carandial and the other captains of the victorious Imperial fleet landed on Carinateron, entering the Palace with the expectation of finding Bri'sa'tana's mutilated corpse. Instead, they found Senator Celeborath with his arms folded standing alone in the throne room. The Saurornithantan Senator simply requested an audience with the Emperor himself. Soon afterward, Carandial and Celeborath arrived on Orbispira and made their way to the Imperial Palace. Upon entering the Emperor's office, Celeborath found himself before Vandorallen, the Emperor's aide and Tereyn Aeresius, the Potentate of the Empire as well as the regal sight of the Emperor himself. Bowing to the Imperial Lord, Celeborath told the Emperor of Zillum's exploits and powers, especially those he used to subdue Bri'sa'tana, who was believed to have been kidnapped by the rogue Mortalitas. Eyeing Vandorallen knowingly for a split second, Tyrómairon simply informed Celeborath that he would look into the matter, before dismissing him.

Forging Plots[]

This story has it's origins in Ortum a Dynastia

Garlboz, Mortikran and Rambarth forge a plot against the Empire

At the Rambo Capital, homeplanet and capital world of Rambo Nation and seat of Grand Mandator Garlboz of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus a plot was forged. At a particular day both Imperial officer Mortikran and the Hand of the Monarch, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo confronted the taken by surprise Grand Mandator and made him an offer that sparked his interest and questioned his loyalty to the Emperor, Tyrómairon.

A dangerous plot is set into motion, with who knows what kind of outcome!

Part Two

Mortikran lies siege to Angforst

Mere hours after Mortikran had his coversation with Grand Mandator Garlboz and Hand of the Monarch, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, he could finally set his plans into motion. Garlboz transferred command of the Imperial Quadrantia fleet to Mortikran, under the guise that he needed them to maintain the occupation of Yudumarth, if things went wrong Garlboz could not be proven a rebel. Mortikran took the Quadrantia fleet, mostly Ifrit- and Preator-class ships towards Angforst, the massive superweapon of Rambo Nation. As the fleet passed through the massive spiral towers of Angforst, the other Imperial ships were taken by suprise after Mortikran gave a simple order from onboard his own flagship, the prototype Infernal.

  • Mortikran: "All ships, commence fire at Angforst and the Imperial ships!"

With the words given, the Imperial captains loyal to Grand Mandator Garlboz and Mortikran opened fire at the Imperial ships, most of them still docked. Within minutes it was choas when the Imperial ships began firing at eachother. Taken by surprise, Mortirkan's fleet managed to destroy or cripple various Venator-class star destroyers, though the Imperial vessels retalliated as well, causing havoc upon the Quadrantia Imperial ships. Many Ifrit-class vessels were destroyed by the overwhelming power of the other ships present, it took three Ifrit-class cruisers, backed up by a Preator-class to damage a far superior Imperial-class star destroyer, when it eventually took damage the Imperial-class retreated and informed Imperial command at Orbispira.

After driving the Imperial-class away, as well as disabling most of the Venator-class ships, Mortikran send his forces to take control over Angforst so it could blockade the Quadrant 82-Cyrannus Wormhole near Javan. Sadly, most defensive and offensive systems besides the main weapon were disabled, so he dispatched Garlboz to dispatch various wormholes within Quadrant 82.

Part Three

Battle near Rambo Prime

Grand Madator Garlboz had taken control over Angforst, massive mobile space station created by Rambo Nation. Surviving the battle in orbit of the Rambo Capital, Garlboz set course for Rambo Prime, from there he would take the Angforst towards the Q82-Cyrannus wormhole while Mortikran would siege the other wormhole into Cyrannus by taking control of Lianna-station. However to Galrboz' surprise, various Rambo Nation vessels intercepted his own fleet and Angforst. The Miranda-Class USS Majestic under command of Ramniels and the Excelsior-Class USS Excelsior under command of Apanoida dared to engage his own fleet.

Garlboz apprehended

Laughing Garlboz believed that his escort of a Preator-class, Ifrit-class and Venator-classes were more then a match for two Rambo vessels. Approaching the wormholes Garlboz prepared Angforst to close the wormholes leading to the Milky Way Galaxy. With the Rambo Prime Space Station in the way, the massive rings of Angforst simply destroyed the station when it chrashed into it while his star destroyers engaged the Rambo vessels. However the tide turned when the Hecatoncheir-Class, the USS Zaleraunder command of fleet-captain Mjärt dropped out of warp and engaged the Preator-class, backed up by the recently arrived Imperial-class star destroyer Chimeara under command of Decimius. The task force of Garlboz soon buckled under the relentless assault and taken by surprise, the captain who were loyal to Mortikran soon fled the battle, with malfunctions on the Angforst captain Apanoida led boarding parties against Angforst and soon overwhelmed the rebellious undermanned station. Cornering the Grand Mandator, Apanoida requested the Grand Mandator to surrender. Raising his hands to use his magics, he was struck in the back by a Seven Starr Serindia soldier and fell to the ground, injured and stunned the joined Imperial/Rambo forces took Garlboz into custody.

Afterwards, captain Ramniels was left in command of Angforst, giving House Ramcelsior a boost of influance, ensuring their loyalty and support and Angforst, like Lianna-statin now guarded wormholes. With Angforst guarding the wormhole Plateau, the station guarded entrance into the Quadrant Galaxies and was a powerful weapon against possible invasions or threats from the Milky Way and other galaxies.

Part One

Grand Mandator Garlboz of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus sat in office on the Rambo Capital- studying data recordings given to him by the Empire. His boring day suddenly came to an end when an Imperial officer, the Mortalitas commander Mortikran entered his office. Surprised Garlboz demanded why the commander was at his office and not at the siege of Yudumarth. Suddenly a booming voice behind Mortikran answered for him, the Hand of the Monarch, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo of Rambo Nation, clad in his yellow and blue heavy armor entered Garlboz' office as well.

Garlboz, Mortikran and Rambarth forge a plot against the Empire

  • Rambarth: "I demanded his presence as I wished to speak to the both of you".

Mortikran smiled, a confused Garlboz crossed his arms before his chest.

  • Garlboz: "May I ask why you wished to speak us both Lord Hand?"
  • Rambarth: "Ofcourse Grand Mandator, I wanted to speak to the both of you to inform you of an impending request by the Rambo Senate to lift the protectrate of Rambo Nation by the Empire, giving us back our sovereignty."
  • Garlboz: T-that is absurd! What kind of nonsense is this? You can never back that up!"

This time Rambarth simply smiled while Mortikran took the word. It seemed Mortikran orchestrated the entire idea.

  • Mortikran: "But we can Grand Mandator. I already informed the Lord Hand that I am tired of the Empire, they replaced Supreme Admiral Zillum, once our ally during the Great Cyrannus War by someone else and less capable, opening the way once more for Libertus domination of the Cyrannus Galaxy! And don't tell me you are getting tired of Imperial rule as well."

Garlboz sighted, Mortikran made a point. Tyrómairon forced him upon this role, and at first he enjoyed it but he lost more and more power to others within the Empire, with some choices he objected against like the new Basileus Grand Mandator Erissare. Garlboz still was shocked and asked the Lord Hand and Mortikran how he wanted to pull this off. Again Rambarth said nothing, indicating that Mortikran had designed the idea.

  • Mortikran: "Actually, it is kind simple. You and I pledge ourselves loyal to the Cyrannian Imperial State, in return for their support for the Rambo's request for lifting the protectrate. In return, Rambo Nation will remain out of the conflict and will support me and the Imperial State with food and medical supplies if requested. Adding to that, you will be given an advisor postion within the High Council of the Rambo Goverment. To ensure our claim you will send Angforst to blockade the Q82-Cyrannus Wormhole while the Imperial State will be given positions onboard Lianna-station, together with a fleet, blocking a second way into the Quadrant Galaxies. This will force a reaction by the New Cyrannian Republic, but they will be allowed to use the wormhole by supporting our claim."

Rambarth smiled, Garlboz on the other hand was still catious. Ofcourse it would seem the Rambo would this way be kept out of the conflict and supported in a convient way, no legal actions against the Rambo could be made if things went wrong. If it went wrong, the Emperor would want Garlboz' head. On the other hand, if they succeed Garlboz could remain living on the Rambo Capital, out of the hands of the Empire and in wealth and keep his powerful position.

  • Garlboz: "Perhaps, perhaps this isn't at all such a bad idea. But I wonder, what would be in it for you Mortikran?"

Mortikran simply smiled.

The Primercer's Hand[]

The war grows as each day passes. As the New Republic solidifies their borders and the Empire struggles to maintain order in its outer reaches, a new and more terrifying enemy prepares to pounce as a plot over seventy five million years in the making begins to take form...

An Ordinary Mission

The Heresiarch is attacked.

In orbit over Concordia, an Imperial planet located along the Republica Trade Route leading to New Republic territory, a slight woosh heralded the arrival of a ship dropping out of hyperspace. The grey-hued Procurator-class Battlecruiser, the Heresiarch under the command of Admiral Terentius of the 54th Fleet entered a geosynchronous orbit over the temperate world with its Libertus commander quite sure that such a simple mission to back up the fleet against any possible New Republic offensives would prove tedious for both himself and his crew of 21,000. According to his tactical officer, the only traffic in the system consisted of civilian ships no larger than 300 metres and a handful of Imperial frigates under the command of a single Imperial Star Destroyer. Settling into his command chair, Terentius steepled his fingers and sighed. It was going to be a long day.

At that very much, a large crimson vessel gracefully emerged from hyperspace directly above the Heresiarch, throwing the bridge crew into a frenzy. Jumping to his feet, Terentius began barking out orders to his bridge crew just before the entire ship was rocked violently as a powerful lance of energy almost bisected the once mighty Imperial vessel, fortunately missing the main reactor by several dozen metres. On the bridge of the attacking vessel, a hooded Cogsangui bellowed out his single order.

Our Lord has commanded the destruction of these vile infidels. We shall show them who truly rules these stars. Aim for the bridge of that pathetic boat.

The Primercer communicates with his Blade.

"We shall show them who truly rules these stars."

On the bridge of the Heresiarch, Terentius looked in horror as his mighty ship began to be consumed by flame. All around him, he watched as the cold, dead faces of his former crew stared blankly back at him, prompting him to move precariously through the debris towards the escape pods. Suddenly, he felt a presence approaching him through the fire and smoke, the massive outline of a hooded Cogsangui, whose piercing red eyes seemed to glow through the darkness, sending fear into the heart of the old Admiral. Grabbing Terentius by the snout, the Cogsangui activated a translocation device, instantly teleporting both himself and Terentius onto his warship just as the Heresiarch exploded, raining chunks of debris down to the peaceful planet below.

Dragging Terentius through the halls of his vessel, the hooded Cogsangui dropped him to the purple-hued floor in front of a large holoprojector, upon which stood the ghostly hologram of the Primercer, who congratulated the individual he simply called the Blade. Looking down on the injured Imperial admiral, the Primercer made a slight motion of his hand, almost instantaneously followed by the ignition of an energy sword and the swift decapitation of the Admiral.

  • Primercer: Excellent, Blade. Now, send the remains of this... heretic to these coordinates using the translocation device I provided. Our message will put fear in the hearts of these thralls of the Enemy.

The Mandators receive an unexpected gift.


Meanwhile on Orbispira, a meeting of the Mandator Council was being held in order to discuss increasing security along the trade lanes of the Outer Rim, which face seemingly endless attacks by the Cyrannian Imperial State, as well as news from the Quadrants that Imperial interests were facing a grave threat from rebel Imperials under the leadership of Mortikran. Just as Potentate Tereyn Aeresius was about to begin the meeting, a blinding crimson light filled the room as the body and head of Admiral Terentius materialised onto the conference table.

As panic and chaos filled the room, the booming voice of Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius managed to calm the room. Approaching the body and ignoring Grand Mandator Erissare's attempts to prod the body with a scepter, Caesarius noticed the insignia of the Cognatus Empire carved into Terentius' chest, a clear act of war from the elusive zealots.

Martex, 04 NE[]

Mysteries of Phaedron[]

As battles between the Imperial State and the Empire continue and as the Cognatus Empire once again begins to stir, a mysterious beacon activates on the uninhabited lush world of Phaedron in the Outer Rim, calling the attention of those tuned to hear it...

Zillum's Search

Zillum arrives on the swamp world of Phaedron.

A lone Mortalitas shuttle touched down on Phaedron. From his lair on Moreuse, Zillum sensed a mysterious energy drawing him here for reasons he could not understand. Though he was split from the allegiance of Tyrómairon, he retained his powers granted to him by the Dark Lord during the third year of the Great Cyrannus War, powers that aided him in many battles such as his mighty duel with Khuenaten during the Battle of Carindes. Stepping from his shuttle's hatch, Zillum sniffed at the stale, stuffy air of Phaedron, a lush world all but completely poisoned by the biological attacks by the First Republic that destroyed the dark Phaedric Empire. The very ground was littered with humanoid skeletons and crumbling ruins that represented all that was left of the once great civilisation that conquered the stars.

The mighty Mortalitas Lord made his way through the festering swamps until he discovered what appeared to be a great temple, which seemed to be in a much better condition than the other buildings in the area. A strange sensation in the back of Zillum's mind compelled him to enter the temple, the walls of which were adorned with primitive hieroglyphics depicting godly beings descending from the heavens, teaching the ancient Phaedra mathematics, farming and writing. Studying the details of the tomb in detail, Zillum was caught off guard by a voice emanating from the deep.

Behold the hallowed history of my once mighty race. We accomplished everything thanks to the Lords I now serve.

Zillum and Venatorius battle to the death.

Narrowing his eyes and unleashing a blood-curdling roar, Zillum ignited his blade as he slowly approached the location from which the voice emanated. Suddenly, two crimson eyes, full of malice appeared from the pitch-black shadows. Wielding a staff that leaked the energies of the Mornûnendur, Venatorius, one of the newest and most potent of Tyrómairon's Phaedric Order revealed himself, garbed in an ancient, ornate armour atop which sat a fearsome spiked helm.

  • Zillum: Begone, slave of Tyrómairon! You or your ilk were never my equal in battle.

Suddenly, fiery green energy blasted from Venatorius' staff, violently throwing Zillum against a nearby wall. Recovering quickly, Zillum charged at Venatorius with his sword ignited, grazing against Venatorius' armour as the two powerful beings became locked in a vicious duel.

  • Venatorius: You have no business here, maggot. The Dark Lord has cast you aside! You do not have the abilities to access the power that drew you here.

Filled with fury, Zillum broke the lock between the weapons and lunged forward with his teeth bared, bypassing Venatorius' defenses and latching onto the acolyte's throat with his mighty jaws. As Venatorius struggled for air, Zillum began to clench down harder on his neck, squeezing the life from him. Just as he was about to finish him off, Zillum was caught in a stranglehold from a great black shape, barely visible against the shadows, which blasted Zillum through the halls of the temple. As he got to his feet, Zillum turned in shock as a rare feeling of dread filled his heart. The amorphous figure coalesced into Morumadáin, a Lord of the Mornûnendur, who healed Venatorius with a gesture of his hand. The great Mornûnenduran Lord regarded Zillum with disgust.

  • Morumadáin: Flee kirus and curse in vain. Consider yourself fortunate that the Dark Lord does not desire your death, for I would gladly grant it to you.

An Unexpected Visitor

The Primercer arrives.

Accompanied by the now healed Venatorius, Morumadáin explored the ruin further, confident that Zillum had been driven off. The ruins of the ancient temple grew ever darker, though significantly more intact as they journeyed deeper. At the end of the main chamber, Venatorius noticed an ancient shrine upon which the ancient Phaedra would sacrifice their enemies in the name of the gods. Mumbling an ancient chant beneath his breath, Venatorius caused the shrine to deconstruct itself into what appeared to be a translocation device, which created a glow that fully illuminated the dark room, which was full of ancient skeletons of both aliens and Phaedric heretics.

  • Morumadáin: Our prize lies beyond.

Stepping into the device, both Morumadáin and Venatorius were transported to an unknown realm of existence, reminiscent of the swamps of Phaedron, though distinctly otherworldly. In the place of the once sickly sky, the Mornûnendur could see what appeared to be the galaxies of the Gigaquadrant clustered together, the light from their cores illuminating the foliage of this unknown land. As he appreciated the view, Mormumadáin suddenly noticed a familiar figure standing behind him.

As Morumadáin turned to face the former Oikoumene leader, the Primercer banished Venatorius back to Cyrannus with a casual wave of his hand. The Mornûnenduran Lord remained calm, his eyes filled with determination.

  • Primercer: My old friend. You have let that traitor you now call master dictate your fate for long enough. Come back to the light. Come back to my side.
  • Morumadáin: You are an even greater "liú-dramán" if you believe that is a possibility.

Suddenly, massive bolts of energy exploded from the Primercer's hands, impacting against Morumadáin with such force that the Mornûnenduran Lord was blasted through a wormhole created by the intense force of the Primercer's attack. With another wave of his hand, the Primercer closed the wormhole and turned to face his prize.

  • Primercer: Thrukâl, Qulmé...

Alone No Longer

Qulmé awakens.

A great burst of green energy erupted from the ground at the Primercer's command as a great monolith rose from amongst the foliage. When the monolith stood fully emerged from the ground, the Primercer began to speak, his words transforming the monolith from an inanimate slab into an amorphous mass of energy. Slowly, the mass began to take shape as a saurian-like being vested in great power. As it descended to the ground, highly advanced Oikoumene armour began to materialise from nothingness around the being who absorbed the last of the green energy as its feet touched the ground.

  • Primercer: Welcome back, honoured Qulmé. Much has changed since the Traitor stole our power so many eons ago.

Adjusting to her new environment, Qulmé acknowledged the Primercer's authority by closing her eyes and raising her head slightly, an ancient Oikoumene gesture of deep respect.

  • Qulmé: This, I have expected Primercer. In my endless slumber, I have had much to dwell on. The Usurper and his ilk must not be allowed to spread their corruption in this timeline. Every moment they spend here tarnishes the very name "Oikoumene."
  • Primercer: I have already set a plan in motion, loyal friend. But first, we have work to do.

The Second Cyrandia Conference[]

As conflict and tension spreads throughout the Cyrandia Cluster, the key civilisations of the region meet on Lianna Station to discuss the current political events in Cyrannus, the Quadrants and beyond...

Paragon's Visit[]

As tension between the Empire and the Draconid Imperium begins to cool, the two powers find themselves on the same side in many of the new conflicts. Hoping to begin a new era of peaceful relations, Potentate Aeresius organises the first state visit to Cyrannus of Uriel Ultanos. However, what purpose does the Emperor's mysterious legate serve? Is it for good or for ill...?


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