We are informed by Lord Ekrillium that Emperor Tyrómairon is coming to visit you in person!

- Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, informing Ramashe of the Emperor's imminent arrival.

It has been three years since the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat and the beginning of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus's reign over the noble people of Rambo Nation. However, despite many in the Outer-Gigaquadrant referring to this relationship as one of tyranny, the protectorate has become a popular institution in recent years, especially when threats such as the Quadrantia Grox, the Quashowan and even the Hutters continue to infringe on Rambo borders. However, there are some who do not see the benefits of Imperial rule and have begun rumours that the Nim-Glaré Concordat will soon be repealed. However, these rumours have gained the attention of some who may not agree with this potential path...

Dramatis personæEdit


Chapter One: The Emperor and the AdviserEdit

In his throne room on Orbispira, Emperor Tyrómairon recalled a conversation he had with Grand Mandator Aporyan after the meeting at Lianna-Station, during which Rambo Senator Ram'Lendila informed Aporyan that there was talk amongst some in Rambo Nation that the time had come for the Empire to end the Nim-Glaré Concordat and begin a new relationship with Rambo Nation as allies and nothing more.

Ekrillum and Tyrómairon

The Emperor tires of listening to Ekrillium.

Approaching the Emperor was his (sometimes unwanted) advisor Ekrillium.

  • Ekrillium: "My Lord, we cannot let them continue these vile talks. We should smash these rebellious talks at once! We cannot lose the protectorate, for then the Atlantica might deem us weak and challenge our might!"

Tyrómairon waved his hand in dismissal, deep in thought and not wishing to be disturbed. Still, despite his advise sometimes irritating him, Tyrómairon knew better than to ignore Ekrillium's words. Ekrillium sighed in disbelief, nodding his head in disagreement he paced the room until he suddenly turned.

  • Ekrillium: "So how do you plan to deal with all of it my Lord? By losing the protectrate, I cannot locate any artifacts of the Atlantica or Oikoumene for you and we'll lose access to the Koerbandian Artifacts."
  • Tyrómairon: "Do you take me for a fool, Ekrillium? I would not give up our interests to sate the political desires of Ramashe's court. Have you forgotten our true enemy?"
  • Ekrillium:"No-no, not at all my Lord. I just thought..."
  • Tyrómairon"': "And we arrive at your problem, Ekrillium! When I desire you to think, I shall ask you to think!"

Ekrillium remained silent and wondered if the Emperor would share his plan or would just dismiss him.

  • Tyrómairon: "Of course I will not consent to ending the Concordat so soon, we have need of the Rambo yet. Granting their independence would leave us with no foothold in the Quadrant Galaxies, an unacceptable possibility. In any case, these dissenters are a minority. We will relinquish this relationship only when I have deemed it necessary. Fear not, my friend, I will speak with Ramashe in person."

Ekrillium smiled, and bowed once more.

  • Ekrillium: "Of course my Lord, I shall make the arrangements at once!"

Chapter Two: A Relaxing MorningEdit

At the Rambo Capital, the sun was shining in the city of Tirithsilliana where, within the lower sections of the Royal Palace; Apollo and his children, Laoi Cretacea and Kara Inviá, empress Ramashe and her daughter, Ramanei Joy Feather were swimming in the sea, enjoying a free day of relaxation and quality time.

Apollo sat at the edge of the plattform, holding a strand ball and tossed it towards Ramanei, just hitting the water just in front of her face Ramanei was unable to stop the ball, Apollo made a fist of joy!


A relaxing day is interrupted by the Hand of the Monarch and his dire news!

  • Apollo: "Goal! I win the match!"

Ramanei looks frustrated at her mother.

  • Ramanei: "Mother, you told me he was good, but not that good!"

Both Apollo and Ramashe bursted out in laughter. The moment of joy was interrupted by the arrival of her uncle, the Lord Hand Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, who always looked grim and serious holding a parchment. However this time he looked rather confused and a bit frightened.

  • Kara Inviá: Oh great, this guy is always fun.

Apollo shot an annoyed glance at his daughter, who smiled mischievously. Worried Ramashe demanded what was going on, were the Virals at Koerband broken out of their containment or was the Quashowan-dreadnought be seen again. Rambarth shook his head and handed over the parchment to Ramashe.

  • Rambarth: ""Far from that my dear, we are informed by Lord Ekrillium that Emperor Tyrómairon is coming to visit you in person!"

Ramashe raised her eyebrows in surprise, looking at Apollo she frowned.

  • Apollo: "Guess who is coming to dinner........"

Ramashe smiled at the comment, facing Rambarth she began ordering commands.

  • Ramashe: "Well then, we must prepare. Order the Royal Guard to polish and wax their golden armors, inform rear-admiral Ramkamura that he has to prepare Space Dock and monitor and redirect all incoming space traffic to the Capital. Further more, inform Rambo Command and the people of our Nation, I want his arrival, whatever we feel about it to be grand and special. We will welcome the Emperor with all grace and glory, and as the Imperial Inquisition to aid us in the security during the Emperor's visit."
  • Rambarth: "As you command my empress, it shall be done."

Rambarth nodded, though looked disgusted at the suggestion of the Inquistion, none the less he bowed and promised that all would be done before he left. Ramashe looked at Ramanei, Apollo and his children and decided to take a dive in the sea again.

Chapter Three: The Emperor ArrivesEdit


The Emperor Arrives.

The next day, the massive flagship of the Emperor arrived in orbit over the Rambo Capital. Measuring 250,000 metres, the mighty Imperium was rarely seen and was the perfect symbol of the power of the Emperor and his Empire, and the largest vessel ever seen within the Quadrant Galaxies. The ship was so large that it could be clearly seen from the planet below, sending chills down the spine of Apollo, who appeared quite nervous about finally meeting the Emperor in person. After all, the Emperor was the one who destroyed the Republic. Turning to Ramashe, he smiled weakly and held out his hand. Ramashe placed her hands in his, slightly squeezing it while looking in his eyes she returned his smile with her own. Though she was nervous too, Kara noted this display of affection with great interest, as did many others in the crowd waiting for the Emperor's arrival.

In orbit, a smaller ship undocked from the Imperium, a much smaller Praetorian-class Star Destroyer which still measured 3,000 metres. On the bridge of the Star Destroyer, its captain watched as Rambo ships began escorting it, among them a Excelsior-Class. The commander of the Emperor's Will was none other than Venatorius, who often accompanied the Emperor on such voyages. Standing beside him was vice-admiral Ramcard, who had just docked with the Star Destroyer to escort it down to the surface.

  • Ramcard: "Emperor, commander Venatorius. Welcome to the Rambo Capital, I shall accompany you down to the surface where Empress Ramashe and her consorts will await your arrival with joy. May I send my compliments, that flagship of yours can swallow Space Dock whole, most impressive!"
  • Venatorius: "Thank you, Vice-Admiral Ramcard. Hopefully it will not!"
  • Tyrómairon: "You have my thanks, Vice-Admiral. I anticipate that I will enjoy my time on your Capital."

Ramcard smiled and bowed. As the ships made their way toward the planet, the Emperor once again embarked on a smaller ship, this time an Imperial Shuttle along with Venatorius and Ramcard. As the ship flew over Tirithsilliana, they could see lines of people on the street flying both Rambo and Imperial flags.

Ramcard signaled the emperor to see the Imperial embassy, the heigest building in the city besides the Royal Palace, with the crest of the Galactic Empire made of black rubies shining in the sunlight.

The Shuttle arrives at the Rambo Capital.

The Emperor nodded in appreciation, and seemed quite impressed with the fleet of Rambo ships gathered above the city to welcome their new guest. After a few minutes, the shuttle touched down near the royal palace, where Ramashe, her closest advisers and Apollo's family awaited him. Stepping out his shuttle, the Emperor bowed slightly towards Ramashe and Apollo and approached them, as his Imperial Guards and two Imperial Inquisitors took up position in a line leading to the Palace Doors.

The moment the Emperor stepped out of his shuttle, the Serindia Royal Guard raised their staff as honor guards, their golden armor shining brightly, trumpets were heard to announce the arrival of the Emperor and both Rambo and Imperial flags were seen waving in the winds of the Royal Palace.

  • Tyrómairon: "Greetings, Supreme Empress Ramashe and Proconsul Apollo. I am quite impressed with the welcome I have received from this great city."

Ramashe stepped forward, together with her uncle, the Lord Hand Rambarth. Ramashe bowed gracefully and looked at the Emperor with her sweetest smile, her uncle bowed as well but looked grim and serious, probably wishing to be elsewhere.

  • Ramashe: "Hail Emperor Tyrómairon, I am pleased to welcome you to our humble planet. It is an honor to have your presence at the Rambo Capital, a remarkable day for Rambo Nation and celebrations are in order to announce your greatness and arrival!"

The Emperor nodded in respect to Ramashe before turning to Proconsul Apollo and his children.

  • Tyrómairon: "Proconsul Apollo, and these must be your children."
  • Apollo: "Emperor Tyrómairon, it is an honour to finally meet you in person. While the history of our interaction has not always been pleasant, I wish to thank you for allowing the Republic to grow independentally from your great Empire, a move which has secured a lasting peace in Cyrannus."
  • Tyrómairon: "It was the most prudent course of action."

Apollo smiled and introduced the Emperor to both of his children, who both bowed out of respect, though Kara appeared highly reluctant to do so. Nodding in turn, Tyrómairon turned to face Ramashe and Rambarth, his expression turning to one of cold seriousness.

  • Tyrómairon: "I do believe we have a topic of paramount importance to discuss, yes?"

The Imperial presence in the city.

Ramashe frowned her eybebrows, while Rambarth looked horrified.

  • Rambarth: "Your Highness, we are unsure what you mean?"
  • Ramashe: "Y-yes, I am not sure I am totally informed then."

That being said, Ramashe narrowed her eyes and looked at her uncle. He swallowed, crossing his arms behind his back he remained proud and unwavering. The Emperor noticed this and smiled coolly, his voice retaining its icy quality that often unnerved people.

  • Tyrómairon: "What an awkward situation. My Grand Mandator Aporyan informed me that there was talk of granting the Nation its independence from the Imperial Order by repealing the Nim-Glaré Concordat and removing the protectorate. Forgive me, but I question the logic of such a request. At least at the present time with the multitude of threats that face you."

Ramashe crossed her arms in front of her, looking confused and horrified at her uncle she wondered why he did such a thing. Rambarth remained his dignity but said nothing, his eyes betrayed his fear.

  • Ramashe: "Perhaps such talks would be better done inside over diner? We prepared a meal with all sorts of drinks and eats, though perhaps we can better eat in private before with the rest of my court? I can assure you your Highness, the Royal Crown has no intentions of repealing the Nim-Glaré Concordat, you have my word on that."
  • Tyrómairon: "Ah good. Will you be joining us, Lord Rambarth? I hear my new Inquisitor would very much like to meet you."

The Emperor motioned for Inquisitor Chi Chodecra to come forward. Both Ramashe and Rambarth nodded their head in respect while making their way into the palace together with the Emperor and the Inquisitor. Apollo, Laoi and Kara looked a bit apprehensive but followed nonetheless, followed by other members of the court like Marscalcus Kya of Rambo Command, Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior of Rambo Prime, Lord Andaurl Ramdorian of RametruNui, Grand Measter Rambo Founder|Founder, Master of Economics Robert Jonathan Lefler and senator Ram'Lendila of the Cyrannus Colonial Sector and other delegates such as Consul Firenhir Vemeryn of the New Cyrannian Republic and Potentate Tereyn Aeresius and Senator Guolivian of the Empire, who had arrived several minutes later on a seperate shuttle. The Emperor walked briskly with Ramashe, followed by all the delegates from across the Cyrandia Cluster. Indeed, this was probably the largest and most important meeting between leaders since the days of the Great Cyrannus War.

  • Tyrómairon: "An impressive assemblage, Empress Ramashe."
  • Ramashe: "Thank you your Highness, it is not everyday that the Emperor leaves Orbispira."

Arriving in the hallway of the palace, the candlars were burning, musicians were playing soft tunes and various waiters were helping the delegates to their assigned seats. Pouring their glasses, the guests could choose between water or Serindia Wine or Javan Juice. However, as an Oikoumene, the Emperor stealthily avoided the food or drink on display, while the others helped themselves to the bountiful display throughout the room. While Rambarth sat next to Ramashe and the Emperor, he noticed Ramashe place her hand at the Emperor's arm.

  • Ramashe: "About matter to discuss, do you wish to talk about it here while all are still musing in a good mood and plenty, or in private?"
  • Tyrómairon: "It makes little difference. My words will become known either way."

Ramashe placed her hand back on her legs again. Sighting she wondered what the Emperor had in mind, though enjoyed the delegates enjoying eachothers presence and company.

Chapter Four: Important DiscussionEdit

Ramashe eyed the Emperor, noticing he didn't eat of his plate, she wondered if he was afraid to get poisoned. Something in her right eye caught her attention, at a higher balcony she saw her daughter, Ramanei looking between the Balcony railings. She noticed her young daughter eyed the Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus with great eyes of amazement. The Emperor himself noticed this without even seeing her.

  • Tyrómairon: "Your daughter has grown at a rate uncommon in your kind, Empress. Has your unusual strand of DNA affected her growth patterns?"

Ramashe was perplex by the Emperor knowing of her daughter.

  • Ramashe: "H-how, how did you know?"
  • Tyrómairon: "Merely a guess. The young lady outside resembles you quite strongly."
  • Ramashe: "She is your highness, already 14 years old, and already having the looks like a teenager."
  • Tyrómairon: "Ah, so the father was Captain Rambam, yes? Quite a shame that he fell in the Battle of Matakoro."

Ramashe lowered her eyes, the one secret that could endanger her position as a Monarch of Rambo Nation was known to the Emperor, as with the situation he wanted to discuss she began to fear the Emperor's motives for coming to the Rambo Capital.

  • Tyrómairon: "But I digress. Perhaps we should discuss the matter at hand?"

Rambarh turned his head to face the Emperor and narrowed his head, watching in digust as years of careful planning were now in the hands of the Emperor.

  • Tyrómairon: "Are you objectionable, Lord Rambarth? You seem unwell."
  • Rambarth: "Everything is fine Emperor, I am just "thrilled" to hear what you have to say"

Standing up from the table, the Emperor motioned for Empress Ramashe to follow him to a location where they could discuss the matter in private. After all, with so many representatives attending the dinner, it was only natural for there to be leaks if the issue was discussed openly. Ramashe excused herself and signaled her servants to pour in more drinks and bring more food to keep her guests occupied while she follow the Emperor. Upon entering the empty throne room, the Emperor motioned for Ramashe to sit on her throne while he stood with his hands held behind his back. Ramashe carefully took her seat and laid her hands on her lap.

  • Tyrómairon: "I regret that this meeting has been delayed for such an extended period of time. Arguably, it should have taken place immediately after the rebellion of Garlboz and his supporters. After all, the protectorate is of vital importance to both our civilisations, is it not?"
  • Ramashe: "O-ofcourse your highness, but the protectorate functioned quite well without Garlboz and his authority."
  • Tyrómairon: "Yes, it is no abundantly clear that granting Garlboz the position of Grand Mandator was an error. As the leader of the protectorate, would you accept the role as his Imperial replacement? A Grand Mandator as well as Supreme Empress?"

Ramashe was taken aback by the proposal but was pleased to hear it as well, without an Imperial authority checking her every move she would now have gain complete control again over Rambo Nation, though still under the protectorate of the Empire, something she didn't really mind. Nodding in respect, a slight smile formed at her beak.

  • Tyrómairon: "Under your leadership, I foresee a bright future for the protectorate in the time it has left. I assume you will do nothing rash and contrary to Imperial interests?"
  • Ramashe: "I thank you for your kind words your Highness, and of course. Like we discussed during the signing, my people's well being is of the utmost importance. You have my word as a Le Rambo!"

Chapter Five: The Remainder of the VisitEdit

After speaking for several minutes in private about her new position as Grand Mandator, Ramashe and Tyrómairon decided to return to the dining hall, where upon their entry, the occupant stopped their conversations, stood up and bowed in respect before returning to their dinner.


The Imperium in orbit of Aecor during the state visit of Emperor Tyrómairon

Both Ramashe and the Emperor sat at the head of the table, which was full of important Rambo and Imperial dignitaries and diplomats. Ramashe, taking a nap of her wine looked satisfied, until now the meeting was not that bad at all. Sitting close to Ramashe however, Proconsul Apollo could not shake a feeling of deep unease about being in the Emperor's presence, as if some dark force was peering into his very being. Nevertheless, he attempted to ignore these misgivings and continue his conversation with the Imperial Potentate Tereyn Aeresius. Yet, his attention was often drawn to the figure on the other side of the table, the Inquisitor with the sickening smile, Chi Chodecra. Noticing the Proconsuls look, his smile broadened. Apollo attempted to ignore the Inquisitor's presence, as he had heard particularly unpleasant stories about the Inquisition and their methods used to catch potential rebels. Next to him, senator Chuinaylia sat and enjoyed listening to both the Proconsul and the Imperial Potentate.

When the meeting ended, the various delegates began to return to their home planet, though the Emperor himself stayed in order to finish up some business with the Empress and also to embark on a five-colony tour of Rambo Nation's most impressive worlds, including the shipyards of Rowar, the currently troubled Koerband, the floating cities of Rametru Nui, the mythical Atlantica bastion Aecor and before returning to Cyrannus, the colony Javan. Informing the Empress that he was most impressed with the planets he had visited, the Emperor also informed Ramashe that he had appointed Inquisitor Chi Chodecra to the position of Hand of the Monarch. Much to the dismay of the Empress and her uncle, she grudgingly obeyed the Emperor. Bowing his head slightly, but noticeably without deference, the Emperor returned to his flagship, confident that his plans for the Quadrant Galaxies would go according to plan!

Epilogue: A Dark PlotEdit

A standard month after returning from the Quadrant Galaxies, Tyrómairon, Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus sat on his throne, as the sunset slowly began on Orbispira, painting the throne room with a crimson glow. Within his thoughts, Tyrómairon noticed something moving in the shadows of his throneroom. With an annoyed expression, Tyrómairon's voice sounded like a cold whisper in the quiet throne room.

  • Tyrómairon: "Speak Ekrillium."

The figure stepped out of the shadows and bowed.

  • Ekrillium: "My Lord, I bring good tidings!"

Tyrómairon raised his brow.

  • Tyrómairon: "Did you locate any of our fallen allies? Pray tell."

His advisor began to mutter and began seeking a possible escape route. Narrowing his eyes Tyrómairon rose from his chair, sending his advisor to one knee again.

  • Ekrillium: "N-no my Lord, something else, what you required in the past. The documents given to senator Guolivian at the end of the war, I scanned it's radiating signatures, it has appeared on Koerband coming from elsewhere, one of the reasons I was unable to find it before."

The Emperor sat down in his chair again.

  • Tyrómairon: "Well, do not keep it to yourself Ekrillium, enlighten me."
  • Ekrillium: "Apparently my Lord, it hailed from the Space in Between, from a planet known as Carnthedain. According to my studies and knowledge, I believe it not to be an Atlantica or Oikoumene, but one of the Dwulairi!"


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