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Into the Beast Edit

As the others engaged the Bisistar fleet, the ships of the Waptoria Alliance, surprisingly enough, distanciated themselves from the rest of the fleet. While the others kept the Bisistar busy, they had set their eyes on something that interested them far more. The tentacled, organic space constructs hung motionless in orbit of Venetia, the only thing that was moving being their tentacles. None the less, their appearance was deceiving, for the Waptorian ships clearly detected alien activity upon them. The Skordi in command of the fleet, Zavarak of the Jagarta Tribes, looked at the massive constructs with a glint of anticipation in his eyes.

  • Zavarak - Bisistar...


Upon saying this, he growled, before barking an order to his second in command, an Orgaat shifter known as S'ara.

  • Zavarak - Get our closest allies out of there. We've got a new priority target.
  • S'ara - Got it.
  • Zavarak - Then open up communications with the Popular Republic and the Vanara!

S'ara did so, seemingly not bothered by the rash tone of the Skordi. She had learned they just were like that, and had as such learned to tolerate it.

Abord the Tataurov flag ship, Commander Lushka was proceeding to tactical orbital bombardment to assist planetary troops when the holodeck showed Zavarak.

  • Commander Lushka - What can I do for you comrade?
  • S'ara - Red Salute to you comrade Lushka. I hope that greeting is appropriate?
  • Commander Lushka - Of course.
  • S'ara - We have a priority even more important then assistang our troops on the ground. The tentacular ships is probably the biggest threat out of all this fleet. Would you like to assist?
  • Commander Lushka - I never liked tentacles anyway. Let's do this.
  • Zavarak - Well then, activate you cloaking devices already!

As the Iron Navy retired from orbit and regrouped with the Waptoria fleet, another fleet had followed them unasked. The Waptoria immediately recognized them: it were one of their closest allies alongside the APR, if not the closest. The fleet of the Vanara Empire regrouped with them as well, as the eerie voice of commander Miru cut trough, accompanied with an holographic image of the radioactive therapsid.

  • Miru - You forgot someone.
  • S'ara - Not at all. The APR were just slightly faster to react.
  • Miru - So be it. Shall we proceed with our mission?
  • Zavarak - We will. C'mon, before these Bisistar break trough. Cloak!

The cloaked fleet managed to avoid Bisistar detection, getting close to the structures without any trouble. However, they could not find any openings within the massive structure.

  • Zavarak - Blast.
  • Commander Lushka - I don't see any openings...
  • Miru - Prehapps an application of force would be best.
  • Zavarak - And you think that will work?

INSERT IMAGE: REPUBLICA FIRING ON WORLD EATER Contacting the Republica, flagship of the fleet, the joint Waptoria/Vanara/Algolurn task-force requested an immediate attack on the World Eater, in the hopes that a large enough hole could be made to penetrate into the interior to learn the secrets that surely lay within. Manuevering into position, the Republica unleashed a massive lance of energy across space, which burned away a portion of the World Eater's shield, but leaving the hull relatively intact. However, with another key shot, the World Eater's tentacles began writhing in an apparent display of pain as a massive chunk of its hull was gutted by the Republica's blast.

  • Admiral Cretacea: "Best of luck, we'll make sure nothing follows you in, though hurry! Bisistar technology can self-heal in a remarkably short amount of time, so you don't have much time to enter that thing and escape! Keep in contact."
  • Miru-Thank you, now let us proceed.

True to the Republic's words, the World Eater was already beginning to regenerate so the Waptoria/Vanara/Algolurn fleet slipped through the gap in the massive Bisistar construct. As the task force continued in the World Eater, an immense and eerie sound reached their ears.

  • Zavarak - Damn. This things going fire soon, we have got to find a weakness. That is, fast!
  • Miru - Allow me access to a computer terminal, I can hack the system and access the required information.
  • S'ara - Then we had better do it quick.

The fleet continued onward until their sensors alerted them to the pressence of a terminal. Miru sent out a probe beam into the terminal and began to download the information stored their. Her fingers flew across the key board, her steel grey eyes locked on the screen completely focused as she bypassed the security system and hacked the mainframe. When she was finally finished, Miru made her report.

  • Miru - There is indeed a weakness we can exploit, but it will be tricky.
  • Zavarak - What? C'mon, we don't have all day!
  • Miru - Right when the World Eater is about to fire the firing mechanism itself will become vanurable, if we concentrate ship fire on it the mechanism and damage it enough the weapon will missfire back into the World Eater destroying it.
  • Commander Luska - Then let's go.

The fleet sped quickly onward, there wasn't much time. When reached the destination at the base of World Eaters main tentacle they saw the massive construct was soon to fire.

  • Commander Luska - Now, please, Comrade? This thing is about to fire!
  • Miru - Not yet. Wait for my signal.

Miru began to count down, waiting for just the right moment...

  • Miru - Now.
  • Zavarack - All ships open FIRE!

The fleet let loose, their projectiles smashing into the exposed firing mechanism with deadly accuracy and force. The World Eater fired, but its own attack rebouned right back into it. Flames spewed everywhere as the World Eaters tentacles writhed in pain.

  • S'ara - Now would be prudent to make our escape. Too bad I din't manage to get any DNA, though...
  • Zavarak - We can get that later. Our first objective is to get out of here ALIVE!

The fleet fled swiftily as explosions tore their way through the construct, flames writhing throughout. The fleet flew out a sizable enough hole that had been created by one of the explosions, just as the World Eater began to collapse, its billowing form consumed by flames as it was turned to ash. But there would be no relief for the taskforce, for as they where making their escape several Bisistar ship were heading right for them.

  • Zavarak - We'll spilt up our fleets, the Vanara taking on one portion, the Algolurn, and us the other. We take mid.
  • Commander Luska - Roger that, Comrade.
  • Miru - Alright.

Fight Like Demons Edit

Miru sent the Hell's Angels Drove to the right of the Bisistar attack force, the two clashed, weapon fire blazing past each other smashing into sheild and hull alike, occasionally a Vanara ship would dive in and attack a Bisistar ship with it's fangs and claws. Miru sent her own ship, the Ayanaki into the very center of the conflict, masers slicing through Bisistar hull, drill missiles blowing portions of them to smithereens, but even with her skills the Jithra class Cruiser took some hits, eventually a direct one leaving it's left fin burning. Miru signed she knew there would be no way they would get out of this alive, but then something on screen caught her attention.

A Koridalbe-class battleship. A Mendel Pact vessel. She at first was confused. Where the Mendel involved here? She had not heard anything of the Pact being part of the Mou'Cyran Accords. Why had they showed up now. Suddenly, several more Mendel vessels arrived, of all sorts of races that had joined them. She was contacted by the lead ship, seeing the face of the leader of this fleet. And it was not a pretty one. The skeletal, demonic face of perhaps the most infamous Mendel warrior, Mentrex, nicknamed the Demon of Truxn.

  • Mentrex - This is Commander Mentrex.
  • Miru - So it is, your presence is most welcome.
  • Mentrex - Happy to be here in time. Hopefully, there is enough enemies left to kill. I require a Bisitar for my Trophy room.
  • Miru - Quite, though I suggest we continue this conversation after we destroy these monsters.
  • Mentrex - Alright. Do stay alive.

With that, Mentrex closed communications, before putting hit skeletal claw at the nearest, largest Bisitar vessel. He growled slightly as roared out his first order.

  • Mentrex - Warriors! Open fire, I want these maniacs elimantied!

His forces responded with nothing more then cold verocity, firing plasma rounds at the biggest target they could find, as fighter and bombers took off to engave the Bisitar fleet. He crossed his claws in front of him, as the fires of several vessels danced in his blood red eyes. With a chuckle, he watched as his and allies ships shot up as many vessels as they could, before the Bisitar retreated back. Mentrex watched amused. What a good fight to be had!

  • Mentrex - Rally-Master Jorgon! Be sure we get a spot in the ground fight. I still what one of these foul serpents for my trophy room.
  • Jorgon - Yes sir. As you wish.
  • Mentrex - All vessels, link up with the main fleet, and launch repair units to assist our Vanara friends. After that, well, lets get ready for a fight most worthy of the clans.

Meanwhile, Zavarak had ordered his fleet forward, soon enough clashing with the Bisistar. The Algolurn fleet had managed to shoot themselves a way out, and the Vanara fleet had been secured by the Mendel, with meant that the Waptoria now got to deal with the brunt attacking Bisistar fleet. However, since the Waptoria had brought a larger fleet with them than the other two, they were able to handle it...yet. This was to change as Zavarak's ship came to blows with an Vila-class Destroyer. The Bisistar ship charged up it's main antiproton beam, right at the Waptoria ship.

  • S'ara - Watch out!

The organic ship managed to dodge the beam of the other one just in time, as it scaped the hull at high speeds. Would S'ara's reaction have come some seconds later, the hit would've been direct. Now, the Waptoria ship opened it's mouth, and sending a particle beam of ionized acid at the Vila-class, the score had been settled. The ship zoomed in, piercing the Vila's hull with it's fangs and clawed limbs. In retaliation, the hull of Vila-class deformed into an irregular mass of tentacles with started to batter the limbs in an attempt to cut them loose. From it's underbelly, the Waptoria ship then extended root-like vines, with wrapped around the tentacles and into the hull, stabilizing the ship's position. However, this meant that both ships were practically locked in place with one another, and with wounds on both hulls, both were open for an breach by either side.

  • Zavarak - Get into defensive positions and tell any Bio-Soldier, Chaos Head or Botana aboard via the groupmind to do the same. There is not much time.

True to his words, soon enough, screams of exitement, folowed by screams of terror and then by rasping laughter were heard. Then something dropped down an air vent. The reptilian vanguard growled at S'ara and Zavarak, and then charged for the latter, it's spear-like tail stretched over it's head, ready to stab. However, as it did, Zevarak jumped up at the last minute, right over the being, and landing behind it with unnatural grace. In the same move, he brought his spear downwards, impaling the saurian with such a force it died instantly, disintegrating into nothingness. Zavarak smiled, as his outlines became blurred, and then transformed into something else. A Changeling.

  • Zavarak - feels good to be in my true form...
  • S'ara - ...As long as the others don't find out.
  • Zavarak - That doesn't matter at the moment. Lock yourself inside the room over there, and tell that Mentex that he can get one of those Bisistar over here if he wants. But make haste!

S'ara did so, as Zavarak shapeshifted once more, this time taking the shape of a Bisistar itself.

  • Zavarak - Time to bake these reptilian infiltrators a cookie of their own dough...

He waited patiently until the vanguard's squadmates, each having assumed the shape of a different type of Bio-Soldier. Zevarak could tell it were Bisistar, though. The Buzz, a changeling ability with allowed him to detect shapeshifters, was right now giving him the most severe headach he ever had gotten in ages. Still, he was a Changeling, not a Skordi as everyone thought he was, and therefore did walk calmly to the infiltrators.

  • Zavarak - The pilot is assassinated. However, the second-in-command has fled into the room next to this one, and has sealed the entrance. I have managed to recover the opening code, however I did not proceed due to said room being used to birth new Bio-Soldiers. If I was to enter it, I would therefore be outnumbered, so I decided it would be the smartest to wait.

The Bisistar said nothing, only giving Zevarak cold glances of approval. He walked over to a terminal, were various neurons and veins intertwined. However, rather than using his goupmind-uplink to force the door to open, he instead opened a hatch in the room. With a thunderous noise, a waterfall of acid came crashing down, dissolving the Bisistar with shattered screams. As Zevarak stood on higher ground, he was unaffected. Once the Bisistar had been reduced to raw biomass, it and the acid were absorbed by pores in the floor.

  • Zavarak - Good. More biomass for the healing. At this rate, it will be done in no time.

Then, war chants were heard as a group of Mur Dooza stormed in. Zevarak changed back into his Skordi form, before engaging them. While he was forced to kill some of them, he used his uplink with the ship to have Botana vines sprout from the floor with entrapped most of the Mur Dooza in non-lethal prisons. This process was repeated various times over. Zavarak knew the Waptoria would want them studied, and if possible, absorbed into the Waptoria groupmind. After waves of fighting, no more Bisistar slave-soldiers came pouring through. However, Zevarak, at this point, was completely exhausted. He even had no longer the energy to shapeshift, having been reduced to his original room. A door opened, as S'ara came over, walking to her commander's side, her polearm firmly quenched in her hand. If they were to go down here, at least they would go down with a fight.

The eerie silence continued. It was obvious the Bisistar were planning something...Mentrex and his Mendel Pact Auxiliaries would better come quickly...

Rescue Edit

Mentrex, meanwhile, was en rout wit his men for boarding, having left the fleet under the capable command of Jorgon. With his force of Mendel warriors, Orgaat carnivores, and Kadalians, he hoped his help would be worthy for the Waptorians. He turned to his warriors, a bright display of color across armor and skin, and spoke.

  • Mentrex - Alright men, remember, intel says these are shape-shifters. Expect fighting conditions similar to our clashes with Changeling Hive-fleets, up-close and quite nasty. Keep an eye on each other, and use only traditional Mendel tongue. Let us hope Hoorangiir blesses us with victory this day.
  • Soldiers - Glory to Hoorangiir! Lord of evolution!

Mentrex hoped, at least, Hoorangiir, the Mendel God of war and ruin, was with them. He was not keen to see what these foul serpents yielded in battle. Guiding the 3 troops transports abroad the Waptorian vessel was easier then expected, and Mentrex narrowed his blood red eyes. Easiness was merely the first sign to an ambush. His troops landed in the hangar, securing the area, but finding it very silent, abandoned. However, Mentrex, as he got off his transport, guarded by several Ugandal Troopers, turned to see a new transport, Vanara in design, also landing beside them.

  • Miru - "Surprised?"
  • Mentrex - Slightly. I am, however, surprised at how easy it was to get here. I don't like it.
  • Miru - Neither do I.
  • Mentrex - I have ordered my warriors to approach this situation with caution, so we are using our native tongue, in case a cursed Bisitar kills one of my men and dares take his form. Do you know Ugandalorian?
  • Miru - Limited, but it should be enough for basic communication.
  • Mentrex - Then we should be fine. Just be careful, who knows what may crawl in this ship's interiors.
  • Miru - Roger, I shall meet in it's interior, until then, Miru out.

Mentrex grunted in response. He made a motion with his fingers, a silent command to all his warriors to begin patroling the area with caution. His colonel, a Walgolorian named Ryando, appoarched.

  • Ryando - Sir, the last known location of the commanders of this ship was near the bridge. Should we make our way there, or search for survivors?
  • Mentrex - Make our way directly there. There's no telling who is really a Waptorian here.

The Walgolorian nodded in response, as the Mendel soldiers split off, taking different routes through the ship, heading towards the location Tyando marked on his HUD, and transferred to the other Warriors. Mentrex and his contingent marched through, the ship darkened. Mentrex narrowed his eyes, before sending out a telepathic message to Ryando.

  • Mentrex' - Wasn't this ship fully active not a few minutes ago? What the hell happened here?
  • Ryando - We believe the Bisitar may have sabotaged some key features on this boat. Plus, we have no clue what their technology is like. That could have something to do with it?
  • Mentrex - Stay on guard, remember, we all leave home alive.
  • Ryando - Except the serpents.
  • Mentrex - Except them. Unless one volunteers for my trophy room, then he or she may stay alive for a few seconds in my company, before I decide what limb looks best on the wall, or if the whole body can be stuffed.

Ryando said nothing. The Commodore disturbed him to now end, with his savage trophy collection, running onto the battlefield with only his claws and natural armor, and talking so nonchalantly about killing...anything, bothered him. He silenced these doubts, as the squadrons approached the area, to find several bodies of unknown aliens dotting the area, some knocked out, some not. Mentrex chuckled.

  • Mentrex - Hopefully, one of these things decides to get up in a bad mood. Even one of these brutes' arms would look good next to a Drexialii head.
  • Ryando - We are nearing our allied commander, sir.
  • Mentrex - Let's get this door open, and meet up with some allies of ours, shall we?

Mentrex snapped his fingers suddenly.

  • Mentrex - You 2 Troopers, wait for our friend Miru. Remember, traditional Mendel. These shape-shifters don't know it, but we do. Stick it.
  • Soldiers - Aye sir!
  • Mentrex - *Back to Ryando* Let's pop open this door, shall we?

The two opened the door and saw a scene that was surprisingly peaceful, Zavarak, S'ara, a several bio-soldiers stood there with a few injuries, exhausted, but nothing severe.

  • Mentrex - Are you alright?

Ryando looked at his Commodore confused, they were supposed to be talking in Mendel, but Mentrex was speaking anything but.

  • Zavarak - We are, they were not to difficult to deal with.

Mentrax smiled and said something in Mendel.

  • Zavarak - *frowns* I'm sorry. I do not understand.

Mentrex's smile widened and he lunged forward, smashing Zavarak's head against the wall. The Skordi writhed and morphed back into Bisistar, before dissolving into nothing. Skordi, of all tribes, normally knew some Mendel as children. Obviously, this Bisitar did not know that.

  • Mentrex - Damn! They dissolve! That way, I'll never get that trophy!
  • Bisistar - You won't even have your life for long, savage.

Mentrex turned and saw the rest had morphed back into their true forms.

  • Mentrex - Where are the others?
  • Bisistar - Being dealt with and now so shall you!

The Bisistar lunged forward and began to grapple with Mentrex, the rest of the Mendel soldiers charged fourth clashing with the Bisistar he on. The two forces tore into each other fighting savagly. Mentrex threw the Bisistar to the ground and slammed his foot down crushing the Bisistar's chest in, he turned to see another Bisistar with it's claws raised ready to strike, but before either could attack the other a cloud of white gas evolved the Bisistar. Cellular death was slow as the monstrous creature was frozen to death, this time it didn't dissolve. Mentrex looked over the frozen beasts shoulder and saw Miru standing behind it with a coolant container in hand which she quickly discarded. The look in his eyes where comparable to an excited child.

  • Mentrex - Can I keep that?
  • Miru - I have no use for a frozen lizard, your welcome to it.
  • Mentrex - Good, now lets get the rest of these bastards!

The fighting was fierce, Miru using her needle launcher to take down enemies at range and maser swords for those who got too close, but she was unable to stop the one that latched onto her arm, Miru lashed out with her sword severing her arm, she didn't know if Bisitar were venomous or not, but she wasn't going to take that chance. The Bisistar was not so lucky, it's smile turned to horror as the flesh around it's mouth began to swell, blacken, and dissolve as the necrotoxin found in Vanara blood took effect and necrosis set in. A sick and twisted parody of a smile warped it's way across her face as the Bisistar's body thrash, bloated, distorted, and dissolved. Miru, like all Vanara, was a natural sadists and found this very enjoyable. She turned and saw Mentrex and what was left of the Mendel forces, not much that was left.

  • Mentrex - I suggest you return, we will go on.
  • Miru - Indeed, if need be I will commit to a DaiKaiju drop right into this ship.

Mentrex nodded, he hoped it didn't come to that, but if necessary it would mean the death of them all, having a 50 to 100 meter monster ripping it's way through here would assure that. Miru turned and ran back to her ship similar though spiraling in her brain.

Mentrex turned to 2 troopers.

  • Mentrex - You 2, get that frozen body back to the transport. I want my newest trophy safe and sound!
  • Trooper - Yes sir.
  • Mentrex - I am surprised by the losses we incurred in our fight. We will wait for the 2 other squads to link up before we carry on our search.

The remaining Mendel made their way slowly and continuously forward, after awhile the sound of running foot steps reached their ears. Turning to say something to Mentrex, Ryando was interrupted when Zavarak and S'ara, as well as some Chaos Heads carrying their own bounties, namely the ensnared Mur Dooza, came charging down the hallway before stopping where the Mendel stood. Mentrex barked something out in Mendel and Zavarak looked surprised before understanding dawned on his face and he nodded and replied in Mendel as well.

  • Zavark - We're fine, but just us, everyone else...
  • S'ara - We barley manged to escape with our lives.

Just then they saw Mur Dooza swarming around the corner right at them, a Bisistar overlooking them from a ridge.

  • 'Mentrex - There will be no barley about it if we don't get moving!

They turned and ran as fast as their legs could carry them, firing over their shoulders at the approaching enemy. Mentrex heard a crackling sound coming from his communicator as Miru's voice came through.

  • Miru - A fresh wave of Bisistar ships has just appeared, conflict would be highly inadvisable, we must escape soon.
  • Mentrex - We're working on it!

They eventully made their way to where the Mendel transport was docked, boarded, and took off with the Bisistar and their warrior-thralls nipping at their heels. Converging with the reaming Waptoria, Algolurn, Mendel, and Vanara ships were waiting. Just as they reached them the Bisistar struck, smashing into them at full force and sending them reeling.

  • Zavarak - All ships get out of here! NOW!

The task force tore out of there at maximum speed, while firing back at the Bisistar. Though the Bisistar took down a few more ships, they manged to outpace them and get behind allied lines, broken, bloodied, and beaten, but still alive and with valuable information, for the Waptoria, a new species to study and hopefully integrate into their groupmind, and for Mentrex, a new trophy for his taxidermy hall.

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