The Bisistar are a threat to us all! We must unite in the face of their attack and drive them back to Cyranai! The Ermitant are a peaceful people who want nothing more than a return to the peace and prosperity they enjoyed in centuries past. It is my duty as their President to protect and serve them, but I sincerely ask of you all to aid me. The Republic fleet cannot drive off the Bisistar alone, we must unite into a single force to prevent their aggression and show the rest of the Gigaquadrant that unity in the face of adversity is the future!

- President Apaltar

The Battle of Venetia was a colossal conflict fought during the month of N'ovemex in 04 NE between the forces of the Bisistar Domain and a united group of civilisations led by the New Cyrannian Republic including many members of the newly formed Mou'Cyran Accords in the defense of the new Ermitant homeworld of Venetia in the Coru Secundus Region of the Cyrannus Galaxy. The battle for control of the planet would ultimately be counted as one of the largest and most important battles in recent Gigaquadrantic history, bringing in civilisations from across the cosmos of the defence of the Republic planet. Though victory would ultimately come, it would come at a great price for the allied forces.



The Bisistar are attacked by the "Ermitant".

Deep within the Cyranai Galaxy, a lone Bisistar Space Station hung silently against the darkness of space, orbiting ceaselessly over a black hole. Located near the very fringes of Bisistar space, the countless crew of the station were in a state of perpetual red alert in the event of a Neraida attack, which began to decrease in regularity now that the ruthless cyborgs began an Invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy. However as it would transpire in the minutes to come, the doom of the station would not be at the hands of the Neraida, but a far more deadly threat.

Chapter One: False Flag[]

Suddenly, dozens of ships materialised into normal space. They did not possess the distinctive robotic appearance of vessels used by the Gigamatrix, but rather ships already faced by the Bisistar during the Cyranai Civil War. They were unmistakably Ermitant in origin. Throughout the station, the hyperadvanced weaponry of the Domain activated and began shooting lances across the void of space only to bounce harmlessly against the shields of the Ermitant ships, now numbering in the hundreds. Within moments, the Ermitant fleet opened fire, almost instantly destroying the Bisistar space station in a violent explosion that could have outshined a star.

Near the centre of the Domain, the Bisistar Queen watched footage of the event with a cold fury. She had considered herself merciful that she had not utterly annihilated the Ermitant when she had the chance. Now, they had joined with powerful allies and launched a campaign of vengeance against those who drove them from Cyranai. Dispatching her most feared enforcers, Tabornok Naticodoga and Filtroo Catulus, the Queen gave them a single command.

Find and destroy the source of the filth! Leave no survivors!

Chapter Two: ... Before the Storm[]

The Bisistar hold on Venetia.

The planet known as Venetia was chosen to be the replacement homeworld of the Ermitant people after they were allowed refuge at the New Republic. Their original homeworld of Puria was, at this point, little more than a sad memory under the rule of the Empire. Milinitt, the former president of these Ermitant, was promoted into a senator of the New Republic and her people were given the chance to rebuild their lives. Venetia was obviously inhabited by all kinds of creatures who lived under the Republic, but it was agreed that this world served as the newest bastion of the Ermitant race.

It was from there that they hoped to live a prosperous life once again. However, even under the most peaceful civilisation in the galaxy, there would be no immediate prosperity for the peaceful Ermitant people. Rather, they would face a great trial that would be considered by historians from across the Gigaquadrant as one of the most important battles in modern intergalactic history.

On the bridge of his flagship, Tabornok Naticodoga, the supreme commander of the fleets of the Bisistaran Realm stood motionless as his powerful ship sped towards its unfortunate prey. One by one, countless Bisistar ships materialised into orbit over Venetia, taking the small Republic defence force by complete surprise. Failing to activated their shields, many mighty Republic Star Destroyers crackled and burned under the intense Bisistar bombardment. Others managed to raise them, only to suffer a similar fate in the face of such extreme opposition. On the planet below, the citizens of Venetia could see bright flashes in the sky followed soon by the falling debris of the destroyed Republic ships which crashed like meteorites into the planet, only to be repelled by Venetia's planetary shielding.

Senator Milinitt stood motionless in her office, fixated by live hologram feeds of what was happening in orbit. One by one, the ships of the Republic fell to ships that were forever burned into her mind thanks to events that occurred over one year previously.

  • Milinitt: "The Bisistar."

Chapter Three: A Call for Help[]

The elaborate Secretariat Building in Republic City on Mou'Cyran.

On Mou'Cyran, the congress of the Mou'Cyran Accords was in full swing. Delegates from across the known reaches of the Gigaquadrant were gathered to debate and discuss the important events occurring within their empires, though a particularly important item on the agenda were plans by several members to establish a colonial holdings in the Coru Secundus Region of the Cyrannus Galaxy, the first for many of these empires since the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus expelled extragalactics soon after the end of the Great Cyrannus War. Just as President Apaltar was about to make a keynote address welcoming this new wave of colonisation, the council received an emergency transmission.

The face of Senator Milinitt appeared before the council, her face stricken and full of grief.

  • Milinitt: "Honourable representatives of the member states of the Mou'Cyran Accords and fellow Senators of the Republic, I come before you with grave news. My people's new homeworld is under attack from the Bisistar Domain. The Republic defence fleet in orbit has been destroyed and we are defenseless. Please, we don't have much ti-"

Before she could finish, the transmission abruptly ended, filling the hall with noise as delegates frantically discussed the situation amongst themselves. Attempting to end the chaos, President Apaltar took to the podium and spoke, his voice eventually drowning out the discussions between the delegations.

  • President Apaltar: "The Bisistar are a threat to us all! We must unite in the face of their attack and drive them back to Cyranai! The Ermitant are a peaceful people who want nothing more than a return to the peace and prosperity they enjoyed in centuries past. It is my duty as their President to protect and serve them, but I sincerely ask of you all to aid me. The Republic fleet cannot drive off the Bisistar alone, we must unite into a single force to prevent their aggression and show the rest of the Gigaquadrant that unity in the face of adversity is the future!"

Apaltar deep in discussion with other MCA leaders.

Many of the delegates expressed their approval while others remained silent, awaiting the response of other delegates, which one by one made their opinions known.

  • Cirith Belegian Diplomat: "We do not know about these Bisistar, but if they dare attack our ancient kin we will respond in kind. Admiral Lodoni will lead the forces of the Republic of Cirith Beleg in this fight."
  • Diplomat Eviran: "The Indoctrinate Collective will be more than content to be of assistance. Even if their experiences with the Ermitant are not the most pleasant, they are still with the Republic, and therefore must be saved."
  • Polar Crystal Diplomat: "We have never heard of a Bisistar before. But if they threaten the members of the Accords, the Alliance will make sure to make them regret this decision."
  • Tyraz Breek: "The name "Bisistar" is alien to my ears and those of my people, yet we have never been one to step back from the depths of the unknown. While Andromedan reinforcements shan't be possible for we are engaged in matters of our own, our militia within the Cyrannian expanse will be your sword to wield in my place."
  • Senator Lord Ram'Lendila Le Rambo: "Today is a dark day for the Cyrandia Cluster, for it is the day that we first face the dreaded claws of the Bisistar. While my people have never faced these shape-shifting terrors, we stand resolutely with our allies of the Republic. Together we have faced the Trucinex, the Imperial Alliance, the Cognatus and the Xhodocto and we remain strong and true. While I fear we do not have many ships to spare, Rambo Nation will serve with and protect our loyal friends."
  • Administrator T'ehbes: "We wish to put minimal effort in a war against an unknown alien race, such as the Bisistar. They, however, show a potential threat against the Gigaquadrant's intellectual life. As prior to what the evidences can provide. To minimize the risk and their omitting aura of danger. We are to particate the actions against the aggressive life. One our strongest available fleets will be placed among the available resources. It will be eventually lead by an appealing Subcommander. It will be in effect soon as our own council can sort it out. "
  • Comrade Commander Lushka: "The Chairman has authorized more resources to be allowed to be allowed to the fleet stationed in the sector. Reinforcement are probably already on the way. We will see what we will be able to do."
  • W'tze: "Of the Bisistar I've only heard rumors. Those rumors, however, are frightening. They go that this saurian race has shapeshifting abilities that equals those of the Changelings, with is defenitely saying something. We will direct our Cyrandia Fleet, their inhabiting Bio-Soldiers and some of our finest Orgaat Carnivores at this threat, whatever they truly are or look like, their ways cannot be tolerated. They must be stopped.
  • Zuki: "We shall assit the Waptoria, best to fight new enemies with powerful allies, no?"

Apaltar in conversation with other delegates.

Hopeful that a united fleet of the Mou'Cyran Accords could help defend Venetia, Apaltar nevertheless sent an emergency transmission to all other allies within range, including the Mardvaeli Republic, the Allied Terran Republic and the Delpha Coalition of Planets. As the council waited for the responses, one by one they arrived. Admiral Juliana Reynolds of the Terran Republic dispatched a fleet from the Terran colonies in Cyrannus while the Mardvaeli taskforce joined with that of the Naakjian Confederation, fresh from their own theatre of war in the Outer Rim. Last but certainly not least, the insectoid voice of a DCP representative filled the room.

Everybody was silent as the insectoid voice, unusually deep echoed through the congress chamber, its anger was buried deep and giving a slightly darker presence.

  • Warlord Titanozor: "These Bisistar... They are among those who seek to destroy the very foundations we have all built. If they dare to have the cheek of attacking the established order beyond reason it is intolerable. They will be the met with the righteous wrath and unbreakable fury of Cyrandia and her allies. The DCP will readily supply its Cyrannian fleets to meet this threat in kind, too, will our strategists contribute to the allied planning. May the Bisistar learn quickly that the Gigaquadrant will deal a shocking blow for their reckless attack."

Some stayed honourably silent, others cheered, and a few were taken aback by the admiral's warlike rhetoric.

Chapter Four: To War[]

The gigantic Allied fleet.

Throughout the Mou'Cyran system, ships from dozens of civilisations converged in the planet's orbit, met by the already substantial Republic fleet made up officers such as Willelmus Cretacea of the Republica, Helo Roslia of the CRS Aeolus and the CRS Valour under the command of Thonaloc. The Republic Star Destroyers were joined by a fleet of Rambo vessels under the command of Captain Mjärt of the USS Zalera, two DCP Dreadnoughts under Warlord Titanozor, a fleet of Brood warships under Admiral Hadruz Kullearm, ships under the banner of the Allied Terran Republic commanded by Juliana Reynolds, several Indoctrinate Collective ships commanded by Gavakar as well as ships from civilisations including the Waptoria Alliance of Species, Vanara, the Mardvaeli Republic, the Polar Crystal Alliance, The Divinarium, the Kicathian Republic, the Naakjian Confederation, the Algolurn Popular Republic and many smaller members of the Mou'Cyran Accords united in the hopes of galactic peace. To the surprise of many, in an apparent gesture of good-will, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus sent a small flotilla led by Captain Nirndal to aid the allied force.

By the time the last ship had assembled, the gathered fleet was one of the largest in Gigaquadrantic history, a shining beacon of interspecies coorperation in the face of a united threat to peace and prosperity in the universe. In his ready room on the CRS Republica, Admiral Cretacea was in consultation with the other leaders of the armada. A large bulk of the fleet was made up of members of the Mou'Cyran Accords, though to Cretacea's pride, even those who were not members joined with the fleet to protect the Republic as friends and equals.

Once the fleet had fully assembled, Cretacea addressed the entire fleet. Hundreds of captains and officers from dozens of empires listened intently to what the Admiral said, his voice rousing and defiant.

  • Cretacea: "You all know why you have gathered here. You have gathered here to answer the threat of the Bisistar against the peaceful Ermitant colony of Venetia. The peaceful inhabitants of this planet have done nothing to deserve such cruel treatment at the hands of these murderous monsters. We, the united fleet of the Mou'Cyran Accords and the allies of the New Cyrannian Republic are united under the principles of peace, order and stability; principles that the Bisistar spit upon. They will not grant you any mercy, and thus you should give none. Now, on my mark jump to these coordinates. For the Accords! For Order! For Peace! For the Republic!"

A thunderous battle cry was issued from the ships of the fleet, while others merely acknowledged Cretacea's transmission, eagerly awaiting the chance to face this new enemy and rid them from Venetia's orbit. Once the fleet was ready, Cretacea gave the signal and one by one, the vessels of the flotilla shot off into space. The more advanced civilisations arrived first, followed closely by those with slower versions of FTL technology. However, the sight that lay before them sent shivers of fear down the necks of even the bravest and most foolhardy of captains...

Chapter Five: Into Battle[]

The Republica and other allied ships fight the Bisistar.

A massive Bisistar fleet lay before the allied armada, numbering in hundreds spread out across the entire system, with the largest mass now consolidated over the besieged world of Venetia. Wasting no time, the allied fleet broke off into several battle groups each led by a powerful dreadnought. The largest battlefleet was led by Admiral Cretacea of the Republica while Fleet Captain Mjärt of the USS Zalera, Admiral Hadruz Kullearm of the Despoiler of Faith and Warlord Tricarrion of the Ikeaos led the remaining three. However, what lay before them was not only a massive Bisistar fleet, but gargantuan constructs with writhing tentacles that stretched ominously across the void.

On one of these so-called "World Eaters", Tabornok Naticodoga watched in anticipation as the doomsday weapons prepared to fire on the planet below. Suddenly however, Catalus pointed out a massive incoming fleet heading directly toward the planet. Speaking in their native tongue, Naticodoga scoffed at the situation.

  • Naticodoga: "Unfortunate, but not unexpected. Delay the World Eater's operations for the duration of our... new friend's stay. Dispatch the fleet, Catalus, and watch as we stamp on the throat of our foes."

Obeying the Tabornok's command, the Bisistar fleet zoomed in the direction of the Allied Fleet, firing its hyperpowered weaponry simultaneously, creating enough energy to engulf an entire star. At the fore of the Republica Battlegroup, a Venator-class Star Destroyer was eviserated by the overwhelming firepower of the Bisistar fleet while an Algolurn Kur-Class Frigate narrowly avoided a similar fate by dodging a lance of Bisistar antiproton.

On the bridge of the CRS Republica, Admiral Cretacea coordinated his fleet. In the corner of his eye, he noticed Lieutenant Leonarrk Relgalll, his Ermitant tactical officer seemingly in a trance.

  • Cretacea: "Lieutenant! We have no time for daydreaming!"

Leonarrk turned to face him, his features filled with emotion.

  • Leonarrk: "Those are my people down there sir... How many of them are dying as we speak?!"

Cretacea patted Leonarrk on the shoulder.

  • Cretacea: "Too many. But there will be more if we can't find a way to save them. Keep focused and we'll emerge victorious."
  • Leonarrk: "Yes, Admiral."
  • Cretacea: "Good. Now find me the nearest Bisistar cruiser and fire."

The massive forward cannon of the Republica unleashed a powerful burst of energy, which lanced across space and impacted violently against the hull of a Bisistar Nicor-class cruiser, eviserating most of the ship and leaving the rest to impact, though harmlessly, against the shields of nearby Bisistar cruisers. Holding position over the Republica as it swooped into battle was the Aeolus under the command of Captain Roslia, which managed to destroy a passing Bisistar frigate with a ventral hangar superlaser.

Chapter Six: The Zalera's Gambit[]

The USS Zalera and other allied ships in the midst of battle.

Leading one of the battlegroups, Fleet Captain Mjärt of the mighty Dreadnought USS Zalera led the second charge towards Venetia almost simultaneously to Tricarrion's gallant rush to battle. Though the Zalera was quite slow, it was shielded from the brunt of the devastating Bisistar forward fire by the fast moving Rambo and Republic vessels led by Captain Chianwe Apanoida of the USS Excelsior and Captain Berr'Rach of the CRS Odyssey. However, even the swift speed of the fastest Rambo and Republic vessels were no match for the lances of Bisistar weaponry, which shot down several ships as if they were flies. Suddenly, however, a large fleet of Imperium-class starships dropped out of hyperspace, already firing their weapons and thereby taking the closest Bisistar flotilla by surprise. Some individual, somewhere among the allied forces, had called upon the AI Netspace for help, and Apalos had answered.

Once the initial surprise had worn off, the capital ships were deemed to be too large targets for effectively combating the Bisistar, and so they began to break apart from the outside into smaller objects as their cores continued to fire at, and draw fire from, their opponents. Although each new craft, varying from the size of a Dvottie's head to that of a small starfighter, retained the same black colour of its parent vessel, it was clear to sensors that they took the form of Apalos Temple Ships. They immediately took to surrounding each of their allies as a bubble of protective drones, shooting down Bisistar torpedoes and sacrificing themselves to the most deadly beam weapons so that the battlegroup had the opportunity to survive for long enough to complete its mission.

The USS Excelsior and the USS Odyssey attack the Bisistar dreadnought.

On the bridge of his flagship, Tabornok Naticodoga coordinated his section of the Bisistar fleet against the enemy incursions. It would be his mission to prevent any hostile to reach the planet and the World Eaters positioned above it. However, he didn't anticipate an attack on the flagship itself. Bolstered by the effective Apalos intervention, the USS Excelsior and the CRS Odyssey along with a handful of support ships broke through the first Bisistar line and began opening fire on the massive Nicor-class Bisistar flagship. However, since they were designed for exploration and not warfare, it took the heavy weaponry of both the USS Zalera and a Republic Procurator-class Battlecruiser to break through the shields and damage the hull of Naticodoga's flagship.

Faced with a seemingly endless barrage of allied fire, Naticodoga immediately sent forward a dozen Bisistar Bioships, which drew fire away from the flagship as it withdrew to the World Eaters, followed slowly but surely by the separate battlegroups of the allied fleet.

Chapter Seven: The Despoiler of Faith[]

Of what were left of the fleet, Nar'karaex gathered together the Naakji's own and other ships assigned under the command of Nar'karaex. The fleet got few numbers of ships which other admirals could dream having one in their own fleet, or in their own possession. Giving the Naakjian more impression than what it could expect from the organization. Aside the more organized squadron of ship was a small group of Brood ships that were, too, gather together their own and assigned forces. Nar'karaex inspected the small group rapidly growing in size in the huge display on the opposite side of the command center the commander was facing.

The Subcommander's own pessimism gave it no hesitation to request a communications link with the alpha of the accompanying fleet. The commander lowered its' head and gently bit its' own tongue between the saw-bladed lips. Still standing at the same spot, still leaning against the same spot, the same hand-rail. Nar'karaex's head quickly rose as the huge display turned into a face of a Zazane. Was what the background suggests, he was inside his own ship's bridge.

Admiral Hadruz Kullearm narrowed his eyes when he saw what lay before him.

Nar'karaex argues with Kullearm.

  • Hadruz Kullearm: "I was put in command of this Battlegroup, Aemonkian. Follow my lead if you wish to survive the coming battle."
  • Nar'karaex: "Pleasant to hear. I'm assigned to this one. I too can determinate my own tactics. The sole purpose of this comms-link was to integrate our own tactics. So we won't be stamping on our own toes. Mhm?"
  • Hadruz Kullearm: "We are in agreement. If we coordinate our attack on the Bisistar destroyers, we should be able to shield the less powerful warships and fighters. Follow your own tactics, but be sure to keep in constant communication. May the coming battle bring us undying glory!"
  • Nar'karaex: Keep in mind that you should be able to maintain constant communication with your own manpower. So their last death rattles won't haunt for rest of your life. Unless you like to commit sadism. *snickering* Get it more straight: No one will die under your own command. I guess my ships will be able to share their bubble-shielding with the weaker ones. As long they are using the same frequency. Else it will vaporize them.
  • Hadruz Kullearm: "Our shidium will be both the hammer of the fleet and its protection, our ships do not need your bubble shields. However, feel free to distribute it to the other members of the fleet."

Nar'karaex took a small matter of silence and fixed their own head to the hologram of Bisistar fleets displayed by the holodeck. The fleet turned into an irregular form with lines dividing the fleet in different sections. It was surrounded by a dashed line representing the MCA forces available to the battle. As well as smaller clones that would represent reinforcements. By one and one were picked up by other own opposing fleets from the frontline with lines connecting to each one of them. Some fleets dared to pick more than one. Some -were probably smarter- didn't dare to pick solo on one. So they joined with an other fleet, creating additional lines to the same section.

Of what were left to the Naakji and the Zazane were least 2 other sections. There was more, but there still one, bigger, fleet which didn't yet occupied their own target sections. In a small hesitation, Nar'karaex bit once again their own tongue and gently nodded to the display. Still fixed to the hologram, as Nar'karaex can still see Hadruz' face on the gigantic display, deliberately questioned to the situation.

  • Nar'karaex: "Of what the samaritans and arrogant have left to us and an other bigger fleet is least 5 sections. Our least minimum, of what I can expect from us, should be two. My optimism says that we can manage three or four. If the bigger fleet doesn't make it in time. Their flanks seem to be fragile. What do you say as what your own evaluation determinate?"
  • Hadruz Kullearm: "Fear not, Aemonkian. The Despoiler of Faith, it's support craft and imminent reinforcements from the Divinarium and the Coalition will ensure our victory over these replacers of honour with dishonour."

Nar'karaex looked up with slight disappointment on Hadruz' rhetoric useage at beginning of his statement. But rather than start bucking about a such small thing. Slightly tilting its' head and slightly nodded in a way that seemed to be a physically awkward way to nod for the Zazane.

  • Nar'karaex: "To our battle, we bring in our powerful designs and weaponry. They bring a lot of honour. It's kinda funny because there's people who underestimate them. Too much. When they underestimate an adoption of e.g. French doctrine, they are probably underestimating the right empire, but in a wrong way. Specially Omni'kyos we got from the Republicans. Venator-class ships if you are wondering."

Nar'karaex straightened their head and smiled.

  • Nar'karaex: The sight of Bisistars tells me that they are powerful. The way they underestimate us is the same as a desire for, what those mammals from "Earth" so called "humans" call as, the Darwin award. No matter what, they are begging for death."

Agreeing with the Aemonkian leader, Hadruz closed the transmission and rallied the fleet. Now made up of Brood, Naakjian, Divinarium, Coalition, Mardvaeli, and New Republic vessels, the allied fleet under Hadruz and Nar'karex was now a force to be reckoned with. Swarming into battle, the battlefleet began firing weaponry in all directions towards the overbearing Bisistar fleet.

Back on the center of Nar'karaex's ship, the commander made an inaudible sigh and its' head was drowning in pessimistic thoughts.

  • Nark'karaex: "They always underestimate us. One day, they will discover our powerful truth."

Right before the commander was about to focus back on the ongoing clash that has just started. Nar's straight face turned into a smug smile. And mumbled in the darkest, raspiest demonic voice an Aemonkian can utter.

  • Nar'karaex: "And let it be a hellish suffering for them all."

Chapter Eight: Belly of the Beast[]

As the others engaged the Bisistar fleet, the ships of the Waptoria Alliance, surprisingly enough, distanciated themselves from the rest of the fleet. While the others kept the Bisistar busy, they had set their eyes on something that interested them far more. The tentacled, organic space constructs hung motionless in orbit of Venetia, the only thing that was moving being their tentacles. None the less, their appearance was deceiving, for the Waptorian ships clearly detected alien activity upon them.

Chapter Nine: Battle on the Surface[]

The massive land-battle begins.

As the Waptorian fleet headed towards the organic Bisistar structures, a fleet of Mou'Cyran Accords ships, including the forces of the New Cyrannian Republic, Rambo Nation, the Indoctrinate Collective, the Algolurn Popular Republic and the Delpha Coalition of Planets zoomed past to the planet below, taking advantage of the hole in the Bisistar defences created by the still suffering Allied Fleet. As the first landing vessels touched down on Venetia, the ominous tentacles of the World Eaters could still be seen from the surface while the once blue and healthy sky was replaced with a sickining green-yellow colouration. Though the landing battle force took heavy casualties in transit to the planet, enough had made it to the ground to organise a cohesive battle group led by Gavakar of the Indoctrinate Collective, Hadruz Kullearm of the Brood of War and General Oberon of the New Republic. Within twenty minutes, the various coalition forces had landed several thousand troops as well as a plethora of ground vehicles and airships of all shapes and sizes.

With only seven kilometres to go before Venetia's capital city, the road appeared mostly clear, with most within the unified army considering that the Bisistar had concentrated solely on space supremacy. Suddenly however, a high-pitched and deafening sound rang out similar to that of a falling meteorite or debris from the battle. Looking up, the allies saw a massive piece of Bisistar technology fall from the sky, impacting violently into the ground below, which was repeated time and time again as dozens of Bisistar constructs fell to the battlefield. Rising to the ground were massive Tripod Walkers, as tall as an Orbispira skyscraper. Valiantly, the allies showed no fear and fired their their weaponry on the new arrivals, which most of their shots bouncing harmlessly against the powerful shields of the tripods. In retaliation, the Tripods began firing on the allies, turning hundreds of soldiers, even though wearing advanced armour and shielding to ash almost instantaneously. Though heavier targets like the walkers of the New Republic and the Popular Republic fared better, they too needed more than firepower to defeat the devastating weaponry of the Bisistaran Tripods.

As the allies were slowly getting farther of the capital, the commanders called for more reinforcements. Barges arrived from orbit, deploying several heavy walkers. Has the barges delivered their precious cargo and retreating back to orbit loaded with wounds, a tripod fired at one of them. The smoking ship attempted to stabilize, but was shot down definitely by a second fire of the tripod. The barge lost altitude quickly and crashed on the very same tripod that took it down. In an attempt to rescue potential survivors, an APR regiment was ordered to move to the crash site. Their arrival was foresaw by the Bisistarans who sent a large group of their machines to deny anyone access to the wreckage. P-B Walkers sent walls of fire at them, destabilizing their shields, allowing incoming waves of bombers to come and bring them down for good, while Apocalypses finished them off. Although it's description seems like the rescue went pretty well, the tripods offered formidable resistance and the encounter lasted for hours.

The battle continues.

Despite the allied forces taking heavy casualties, the arrival of spare ships from orbit including a Republic Ares-class Frigate began to effectively use their ship-to-ship weaponry against the Tripods. Meanwhile, the leaders of the assault, Kullearm, Gavakar and Oberon came to the realisation that without immediate aid, the people in the capital would surely die at the hands of the Tripods as well as the ever present danger of falling debris. The three leaders came up with a plan for Indoctrinate Collective forces led by Gavakar to sneak behind enemy lines while the Tripods were occupied and rescue Senator Milinitt and any civilians encountered along the way.

Senator Milinitt sat in solitude on her room. A grim look present on the young Ermitant's face as she realized the gravity of the situation she was in. Her guards and many others who worked at the building she was in had been assassinated by Bisistar forces, and she knew her turn was coming. They had left her for last. Even with the help of the Accords, Milinitt wondered whether there was any hope for her or her people, after all, the Bisistar had chased them all the way from Cyranai. If they were defeated now, who could say they would not return later? The senator's doors were forced open by a powerful impact, and Milinitt stopped daydreaming and looked at the direction of the entrance. There was no one there.

At least, that's what it appeared at first, until the Ermitant woman found herself choked and lifted off her seat. Materializing in front of her was Filtroo Catulus, who held Minilitt by her throat, squeezing her frail neck between his fingers as he glared at her eyes. Milinitt remembered this Bisistar from the destrction of New Puria, for he was not something easily forgotten.

Milinitt watches the battle unfold.

  • Milinitt - Y-you!... Nondarrrt's murderer!
  • Catulus - Greetings, Ermitant. It appears you now realize you cannot run from me.
  • Milinitt - T-the Republic will stop you! W-we will-
  • Catulus - Pay for your crimes against the Bisistar Domain, that is what is going to happen. I sought to spill your blood for a long time, and today, I will have it.

A familiar sight appeared to Milinitt. Catulus' spear-shaped tail rose and aimed itself at her throat. Milinitt remembered how Captain Nondarrrt, once her most trusted soldier and friend, was murdered this exact way by Catulus during the Cyranai Civil War. The Ermitant realized there was no hope left at this point, and merely closed her eyes, awaiting for it to end. At least until the sound of a fist hitting flesh was heard.

Catulus let out a screech as an advanced-looking gauntlet collided with the side of his head, knocking the Bisistar into a wall and causing Milinitt to fall down into the floor, holding on her neck. The Ermitant looked up to see the gauntlet belonged to Gavakar, and the imposing Dracogodasimer aimed her assault rifle at Catulus' direction, ordering her soldiers to do the same.

  • Gavakar - Kill the slim little bastard!
  • Catulus - You will regret this, alien!

A hiss came out of Catulus as he leaped from his position, evading the gunfire from Gavakar and her soldiers. The Dracogodasimer warrior ran after the Bisistar, who used his flexibility to evade her attacks while noticing the Indoctrinate Collective troopers slowly surrounding him, leaving little room to evade. As he had come to this room for the sake of humiliating and killing Milinitt, he had not brought any weapon suited for fighting against an ambush. Catulus let out a pained roar as several shots hit his chest, and his eyes widened once he saw Gavakar charging at him, delivering a blow to his head and knocking him back. The Bisistar crashed into a window and pummeled down from the building, disappearing from sight.

Milinitt panted as she saw Gavakar walk over to her, offering the Ermitant a hand so she would stand back up once again. As she looked more closely, she could see the allied forces had rescued several civilians already, and Gavakar gripped on the senator's hand.

  • Gavakar - Come on, miss. Time to move before the little serpentine mongrels show up again.
  • Milinitt - ...Y-yes. Of course... Thank you.

As the battle on the surface continued, Gavakar and her elite force managed to board a New Republic shuttle which returned to the CRS Republica, where Milinitt was united with Cretacea's Ermitant tactical officer and many more survivors of the invasion. However, when asked whether or not she wanted to return to Mou'Cyran, she instead chose to stay on the Republica to oversee the rescue of the thousands of Ermitant still remaining on the besieged world.

Chapter Nine: The Tide Turns[]

The titanic battle over Venetia!

Information regarding the weakness of the World Eaters spread quickly across the fleet. To the surprise of the Bisistar, the vast majority of the allied fleet broke off from their various engagements and fell back behind Venetia's second moon. On the bridge of the lead World Eater, Tabornok Naticadoga smirked. The alien aggressors had attacked his home and thus, his people have returned the favour. Soon, he would lead his unstoppable armies across Republic space, burning every world upon which the flag of democracy flew. Turning to the primary launch console, Naticadoga launched a chain reaction that would result in all the World Eaters firing simultaneously on the helpless planet. Just as particles of energy began forming on the tips of the convulsing tentacles which began lurching towards the planet's surface, the allied fleet launched a counterattack.

Leading the charge down the middle, the CRS Republica fired a massive blast of energy directly at the main World Eater's main firing mechanism, followed in turn by the vessels of over one hundred civilisations from across the Gigaquadrant. Coupled with the building force of the World Eater's energy attack, the attack triggered a massive explosion which outshone the planet's star. By the time the explosion dimmed, all that remained of Naticadoga's World Eater was biomatter and slag.

Though he had managed to save himself by translocating himself to a nearby Bisistar dreadnought, the fundamental flaw in the World Eater's design became apparent. As he watched, he saw the other massive planet killers, which were all directed to fire at the same time, crackle and burn under the intense allied assault.

The Tabornok slammed his fist on the control panel as the once mighty World Eaters were relegated to history. Though his fleet remained strong; he was no fool. There was no way that the Bisistar could recover from the loss of their mobile battlestations. All across the planet's surface, the Tripods wrecked havoc on the allied forces though suddenly dissapated as all Bisistar units on the ground were snatched up by the dreadnoughts in orbit. To the surprise of the allied fleet, just as soon as the Bisistar arrived on Venetia, they vanished into hyperspace.

On the bridge of the Republica, Cretacea was in consultation with all major ship captains in the allied fleet, congratulating them for all they sacrificed in the defense of the Republic and the Ermitant. The victory did not come easily. A large portion of the fleet was either destroyed or in need of serious repairs and hundreds of thousands of soldiers had died fighting on the planet's surface. However, Senator Milinitt sighed in relief. While the battle showed that the Bisistar would always be out to destroy her people, it also showed her that there existed an entire universe willing to rise up and defend them against the nefarious efforts of the shapeshifters.


A Majestic cruiser travelled through the void of hyperspace, its crew intent on delieving their precious cargo captured during the aftermath of the Battle of Mou'Cyran to their secret headquarters, in the hopes of presenting it to the Board of Elders. Suddenly however and with no warning, every living thing on the cruiser died. With the exception of the important guest located in the cargo bay. In the pitch-black cargo bay, a soothing feminine voice was heard.

  • D'anna: "Overseer. There has been a complication in your plan. We have successfully tricked the shapeshifters into thinking that it was the Ermitant, not us, who attacked them. However, their counter-offensive has united much of the universe in Ermitant's defence."

The Overseer's eerie voice sounded in her head.

  • Overseer: "The plan continues. The orchestration of my capture by these "Majestic" and the attack on the shapeshifters were but the first act of the wider play... Now, organise an "accident" for this ship and inform Majestic that all aboard, including the test-subject, were killed. The catharsis of this universe is near."


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