The one constant in any war throughout history is simple; it is suffering.

- Kradik as quoted from his autobiography.

One, two, three, four, burdened by a blood stained soul. Five, six, seven, eight, innocence will suffocate.

- Vanara Nursery Rhyme.

Story Edit

A New World Edit

Blood Before Expansion 02

Vakudaru and Romis discussing the United Bygorian Ascendancy.

Vakudaru stood over the edge of a massive thousand meter drop into a huge canyon that stretched for miles across the surface of the planet Venreviazure, an Avine word meaning pale shade of blue for indeed the planet was such. Well, actually it was grey, but the blue light of the home star (that which got through the thick layer of clouds) made it appear as such. The first Vanara Empire colony in the Cyrannus galaxy had been established here and from here they would expand further, their species survival demanded it, the Milky Way and Mirus galaxies were becoming far to turbulent. The wind whipped up stirring the thick layer of ash left behind by so many extinct volcanos into the air. Closing her ebony-black eyes, Vakudaru lifted her head into the air and smiled as the wind ruffled her blue-grey fur. This planet was beautiful, in a very stark and bleak sorta way, but beautiful none the less. Her musings were interrupted by the sound of crunching foot steps. Vakudaru turned and saw the black-furred, orange-eyed Boyk military commander Romis Vulpix walking up to stand behind her.

  • Vakudaru - How goes it?
  • Romis - Well enough, there is plenty of minerals to be mined and many radioactive ones, also crops grow rather well in this volcanic ash granted you give them some light, but there is something else...
  • Vakudaru - Go on.
  • Romis - We're kinda close to Bygorian territory. Not boarder trouble close, the Cyrannian Waptoria clonies are in between us, but they have a polocy to let everybody that isn't an enemy pass through, so that isn't much of help. Alas, if the Ascendancy found us, it could very well mean trouble.
  • Vakudaru - Hmp, the Zarbanians should have kept a better leash on their dog, but tell the patrols to keep an eye out.
  • Romis - Will do.

The two were silent for a bit.

  • Vakudaru - Beautiful, isn't it?
  • Romis - If you're a goat.
  • Vakudaru - Cabbits seem to like it here.
  • Romis - Cabbits like it everywhere.

Romis turned and walked inside, leaving Vakudaru alone with her thoughts. Despite her nonchalant attitude the last thing she wanted was war with the Ascendancy.

The Build up Edit

An excitement had been building up in Bygore since the unification was completed by Lord Kradik and the conquering of the Cyrannian Imperium of War, and of course, the succesful claiming of the former Cyrannian Drakodominatus Tyranny Space that hung in between the space of the Troodontids, the Cyrannian Imperium of War and their own brick of space. For months, the army and navy had building up, using the Precursor artifacts left on their world, restarting old Tyranny factory-planets, and researching these new technologies in the pursuit of becoming the new dominate power. Part of this task included fleets going out and finding planets with 13th tribe artifacts for them to use by their Seers and honored researchers. If there where natives, then they would just be included into Bygorian culture and society. Little would stop their march to power. Not even the Imperium of War. Not even Brutego.

Overseeing one of these search-and-claim operations, was Captain Grosha Vun Kastentherpe. A young Deutzalanian Commander controlling the Kaiser-class Starship Royal's Venegance, Kastentherpe was the first Deutzalanian Commander to graduate in Bygore, and was making quite a name for himself for his diplomatic and military abilities. Currently, he was tasked with overseeing the capture of relics of the 13th Tribe. While he did not believe they where godly in any fashion, the Seers of Bygore had insisted on joining him to handle them.

Aboard his ship, Grosha was traveling with a small, but deadly exploration fleet, made up from Bygorians, synthetics and robotic infantry from the late Tyranny obsolete for them but not for the Ascendancy, and species formerly from the Zarbania Powers and Imperium of War. Grosha's task was to seek out more relics to assist in the Ascendancy's war of expansion, and sooner, or later, the war with the Empire of Cyrannus. Secretly, Grosha was more worried about reports of Vanara colonization going on. The Ascendancy had signed non-aggression pacts with certain other races, such as the Waptoria and even the Mendel, much to the surprise of the old Deutzalanian Klunckers, like himself. Yet, Kradik had said that the Vanara where far to barbaric for such things.

Grosha was en route to a new planet, beyond Bygorian space, dangerously close to where the Vanara where said to be located. Grosha was slow to approach. He did not want a battle with the savages. His monsterous SKordi Petty Officer, Gruzhull, turned to him.

  • Gruzhull - Sir! We have arrived at location safety. Further 'rders?
  • Grosha - Send out survey drones to find any artifacts. Stay on guard. We are practically in Vanara territory.
  • Gruzhull - Yes sir, as you will.

Grosha robbed his fingers on the special necklace his father had given to him upon his graduating from the academy, a token of good faith, and good luck. He hoped it would work, in this savage corner of the galaxy.

A Not So Routine Patrol Edit

Blood Before Expansion 04

Romis spots something of interest.

Romis paced around the control tower on the bridge of the Jithra-class cruiser the Usosorus, though this was just a routine patrol he felt a sense of foreboding like something bad was about to happen. Had he been a superstitious man he might have believed it, but as it was he wasn't and so he shoved these unnecessary feelings down, nothing bad had happened and nothing bad was going to happen. Indeed they had ran into a Waptoria patrol awhile back, the Waps had been quick to suggest that they patrol together, but Romis had pointed out that they were heading to quiet different parts of each others territory and so it would be impractical for them to stick together, to which the Waptoria had reluctantly agreed. It wasn't that Romis disliked the Waps, oh no he liked them just fine, but he was tried, grumpy, and wanted to get home to a hot meal and a warm bed. Not get stuck in a conversation with the fun-loving ecologists. It was just than a blip on the sensor screen caught his attention.

  • Romis - Get me an identification on that UO.
  • Sensor Operator - Working on it... its a UBA survey drone.
  • Romis - Damn! Pursue and destroy!

The drone must have figured out it had been spotted, because it turned and began to high tail it's way outta there. A Skeener-class fighter shot forward and broadsided the drone with a drill missile that bored into it's side and exploded finishing it.

  • Romis - Activate Accel drives and find these damn interlopers, we'll send them fleeing from her with their asses burning or destroy them utterly.

Grosha was waiting at the edge of Vanara territory waiting for the survey drones to return when Gruzhull alerted his attention to something.

  • Gruzhull - Sir, we are picking up negatively charged particle emissions.
  • Grosha - Whats the source?
  • Gruzhull - Its moving and growing bigger, its infinite.
  • Grosha - An infinite sea of particles with negative energy, Dirac Sea! Accel Drives!
  • Gruzhull - Only Vanara have Accel drives.
  • Grosha - Thank you captain obvious! Damn, we've been found out!

A flash of green and silver energy nearly blinded the two as the Vanara dropped out of Accel drive and cornered the Ascendancy fleet. The wolfish form of Romis appeared in a hologram.

  • Romis - This is not your territory begone!
  • Grosha - Don't speak to my like that foul tongued barbarian, your kind don't belong here.
  • Romis - Last I checked neither do Duetzalanian and look who I find running the show, tells me something about how Bygorian would be better off dominated by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

At this Gruzhull lost his temper and slammed his fist down on the hologram, wreaking the projection device.

  • Grosha - Idiot, those things aren't cheap ya know.
  • Gruzhull - Sorry.
  • Grosha - Never mind its time to make these warped monstrosities pay dearly for their insult and prevent them from tainting Lord Kradik's home galaxy.

And with that the two fleets struck, plasma against plasma, maser against laser, missile against missile. The fighting was fierce, once a Skeener class fighter latched onto the Royal's Venegance and began to terr away at it with it's claws and fangs forcing them to blast it off, but the UBA had the advantage and Romis knew that if he didn't get his people out of here now, if he didn't there would be no one to warn the rest of the Vanara forces.

  • Romis - Retreat, get back to Venreviazure and gather the rest of our forces!

The Vanara ships turned and revving up their Accel drives fled at maximum speed. As they were fleeing Romis growled savagely, conflict was unavoidable now and blood would soon stain the blue ash of their new colony.

The Titan's wrath Edit

Grosha slammed his fist on the arm rest of his captain's chair, glaring at his petty officer.

  • Grosha - We could've avoided that, at this stage in the plan, Lord Kradik cannot afford a race coming at him like this!
  • Gruzhull - What about removing their taint from the galaxy?
  • Grosha - Do you think we have the resources to combat 2 empires at once. Even when it's split between fighting the Imperial State, and the mysterious other zealots, the Galactic Empire could still destroy us. The Vanara would simply tax resources.
  • Gruzhull - What do we do, sir?
  • Grosha - I will contact The Titan-Lord himself.

Grosha typed a code in, contacting Lord Kradik at once. After a minute, Kradik's massive face appeared before, stern and almost impassive as he observed his Commander.

  • Kradik - What is it, Grosha?
  • Grosha - Sir, we have been engaged by Vanara ships, I need to know what to do.
  • Kradik - Did you attempt to talk them down?
  • Grosha - I tried, before a certain petty officer interrupted things.
  • Kradik - *waving his claw* Do not worry, track the ships, and find their colony. Devastate it. I don't want it being used anymore. I will send additional ships to assist in your "crusade". Do not fail, Grosha.
  • Grosha - As you command, my lord. None shall find us wanting.

Kradik nodded and closed the communications, as Grosha turned to his crew.

  • Grosha - All ships, this is your commander. Plans have changed. Lord Kradik himself has ordered the Vanara colony they are retreating to be wiped out, so as to send a message to the enemy. After this, we go back to finding artifacts. Prepare for war!

The ships slipped into hyperspace, heading straight for Venreviazure.

The Zarbanian ships dropped out of hyperspace, watching the colony closely.

  • Gruzhull - Scans have been done, sir. There is no way anything could live on that rock.
  • Grosha - A Vanara could. Move forward, blast the colony, but first, make sure there are no enemy ships near-by.
  • Gruzhull - Yes sir. Running scans, again.
  • Grosha - There should be a fleet, this is where we tracked them.
  • Gruzhull - We detect nothing sir. Though the asteroid fields give us trouble...
  • Grosha - Cowards! They leave their own colony unprotected. Head to the colony, target any military and economic installations, but leave the civilians alone. I will not have their blood on my hands.

The Fleet headed towards the planet, as quickly as could be allowed, when suddenly several Vanara vessels appeared, seemingly from no where, from the asteroid field, ditching their cloaking and going after the ships, maser weapons firing, and reinforced with other ships. They quickly adopted a typical Vanara strategy with parts of the fleet engaging before suddenly, quickly, and seeming randomly pulling out as those who had been holding back swept in to replace them, before repeating the same process. The tactic was actually quiet effective since it kept the Ascendancy forces switching the focus of their attack and slowly pushing them towards the planet. Grosha snarled the Vanara clearly had no intention of letting them get escape, but why push them towards the planet? It was like asking to get bombarded from orbit, then he realized why.

  • Gruzhull - Sir, scans indicate the Vanara colony is located in a massive cavern underground.

Grosha swore, he didn't want to get civilians killed and if he bombed the colony from orbit it would cause a cave in and that would most certainly get many if not all civilians killed. But maybe he could bluff them into surrender, it wasn't likely but at least it was something. The ships fired onto the planet below, but it soon became apparent the Vanara didn't have much to worry about when it came to enemy fire power causing a cave in. The ash in the planet's atmosphere was so thick that projectile weapons burned up on entry and energy weapons were diffracted and missed their mark complete, anything that did hit the ground had it's energy absorbed by the equally thick layer of ash on the ground, in other words it was an almost perfect natural defense. Sending ground troops would have inevitable, but he would have rather sent them down to an already weakened colony to minimize casualties on both sides. That was obviously not possible.

  • Grosha - All right here's how its going to go down, half of this fleet will land and attack the colony that way, the rest will stay and fend of the Vanara fleet it should suffice until reinforcements arrive and if anyone intentionally kills a civilian they won't be getting a ride with us, but walking home via the airlock.

Blood on the Surface Edit

The ships carrying the Ascendancy ground forces touched down on the planets surface and the soldiers lead by Field Commander Roudt Shilwitz leapt out ready for action. The first thing they noticed was the terrain, these troops had been on some strange planets before, but this one was right up on the list of bizarre landscapes. The whole thing was covered in pale blue ash and on either side of them were massive mountains, valleys, and ravines, but where they were was a plain with multiple trenches and pot marks winding their way through the surface.

  • Shilwitz - Come on men, lets get moving...

Suddenly a thin needle like chunk of metal imbedded itself in a chink in one of his men's armor, killing him.

  • Shilwitz - Get down in those trenches!

They scrambled down as several more shots flew over their heads. The soldiers fired from down in the trench and cry was heard from the other side, Shilwitz smiled, pay back. He took out a pair of binoculars, and scanned the horizon, looking for any foes. He picked up no heat signatures, or radiation spectrum. It appeared there was simply one man guarding the outside. Strange. Shilwitz turned to his senior Commissar.

  • Shilwitz - Commissar Tlic, I want you to lead the charge against the enemy cavern cities. It will be a tough slog, and I don't want anyone retreating.
  • Tlic - I will make sure the men fight to their fullest. Or die trying.

Shilwitz nodded, and lead his men out of the trenches, as he was followed by his routine, a Communications officer, and 2 Stormtroopers. He followed behind as the Commissar lead his Guardsmen.

  • Tlic - Remember, Lord Kradik's eyes are on you today men! Fight with courage and do not give them enemy a single breath! Do not step back! We are the warriors of Ascendancy, and we will defend it from any threat!

The Guardsmen shouted in praise, moving quickly towards the assigned locations, Sniper going ahead and taking down any Vanara soldiers who would slow them down. Finally, they got to the cavern opening, leading down to the Vanara colony. It was dark as the eye could see, and even snipers with their enhanced vision and goggles could see nothing.

  • Tlic - Alright, War-scions! Down the hatch first, eliminate threats, and establish a position for our forward command post.
  • Scion Leader - Aye, Commissar. Lord Kradik shall not find us wanting.

3 squads of War-Scions pulled out their Cutlasses, shot cables out from the anti-grav packs on their hips, and swung down, landing, and immediately getting to work, leaping about, as some shot down the Vanara soldiers, and other cut them down without mercy. The Vanara, however, would not accept surrender, and fired upon them, cutting down many of the War-scions, before being called back to retreat. The Scions held position, allowing their prey to escape, as the Guardsmen units and Stormtroopers grappled down, Guardsmen engineers opening open communications arrays, turret defenses, and other important pieces to construct their base, as Shilwitz and Tlic arrived on scene.

  • Tlic - Excellent work, War-Scions. Any of them escape?
  • Seargant - Yes, Commissar. We did not want to walk into a trap, or leave your position exposed, so we held position.
  • Tlic - Excellent choice.

Tlic turned towards the Commander, pulling out his pistol.

  • Tlic - Sir, how are we to deploy vehicles down here? A walker could cause a cave in.
  • Shilwitz - This will weaken our advance, but we will only deploy a few transports, and a 2 Bygorian Titan Suits via drop pod. It will weaken our ability to clone more units.
  • Tlic - Yes sir, we will do our best.

Tlic turned towards his soldiers and junior officers.

  • Tlic - Alright, you dogs, you're not gonna let these glory hounds steal all the kills will you!?
  • Guardsmen - No sir!
  • Tlic - Good! Move out. Your squads are being assigned locations now.

Lellay got out of bed and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. When she looked around she saw her mother loading up her positron rifle and sharpening her maser swords.

  • Lellay - Mama whats going on?
  • Azuria - Shhh darling, were being invaded, I'm going out to fight.
  • Lellay - Can I come, I'll kill them all.

Azuria chuckled at what most parents might have found disturbing, but for Vanara children this was a perfectly natural. Azuria knelt down and pressed her fore head to her daughter's.

  • Azuria - Your a brave girl and one day it is my biggest dream to see you grow up big, strong, and show these runaway Zarbanian dogs what real fear is. But today is not that day, you must go to the shelters with the other children. Make sure you take Phage with you.

Lellay nodded and ran over into her room to grab the ratty, stuffed wolf named Phage, her only possession. Azuria sighed, her daughter had been born on the way over to the colony and Azuria wished she could give her daughter a better life, one more deserving of the great hero she hoped she would grow into, then again most great Vanara heroes like Seerkar and Akanri had grown up in far worse conditions, so maybe it was the mark of a hero. Azuria chuckled at her silliness, it was what hero's did not where they came from that made them such. Just then her daughter came out carrying Phage, the two said goodbye and went their separate ways for what they hoped wasn't the last time.

When the Ascendancy forces entered the colony they were quiet struck by just how bizarre it was. The strange twisting fusion between metal and flesh so that the border between the two was almost nonexistent was certainly like almost nothing they had ever seen before.

  • Guardsmen - How did they build this all so fast.
  • Tlic - They only built half of it, the rest they grew.

They continued further into the city when suddenly the came under fire from above.

  • Tlic - Get to cover now!

The group ducked into an alleyway and looked around for their now silent enemy, one of Tlic's soldiers tapped him an the shoulder and pointed to the window above, Tlic nodded. They left the ally and fired into the building above, a burning body fell to the ground. However they soon found themselves under fire again. The two groups exchanged fire before the Vanara suddenly and inexplicably fled. Tlic growled he knew of this tacit, the Vanara were experts at it, attack, vanish, strike somewhere else unpredictable again. It made for long, tedious, often demoralizing conflicts, it also didn't help that when it came to Vanara, someone who might seem like an innocent farmer was just as likely to shove an axe blade into your skull, Grosha could say what he wanted about not hurting civilians, with Vanara there really was no such thing. To many in the Powers, and now in the Ascendancy, Vanara were creatures of nightmare who had taken on an almost bogeyman like persona, with mothers telling their children horror stories to make them behave. They continued marching forward firing on any Vanara combatants that showed their face, felling quiet a few more, but also taking quiet a few losses themselves. Off in the distance they could hear other fire fights going on. Turning the corner they suddenly found themselves staring at the hideous, blue, dragon like from of Bizuruz Chaos Head Sucroid. With a roar the beast charged electrical arcs shooting from it's body killing several soldiers before they manged to take it down, but not before several shards of energized glass pelted them from above.

  • Tlic - Retreat! Fast!

The group ran, firing above at the Phantons that purchased them, taking a few down. Slowly, they began to relieze they were being forced together with the others and it soon became apparent why. They had been forced together where the majority of the Vanara forces had amassed. A dark brown female Vanara shouted over to them.

  • Azuria - Leave this colony now and we will let you leave here alive.
  • Tlic - Lord Kradik has ordered you heathens forced from here.
  • Azuria - Never.

Tlic had to admit one thing. Their tenacity impressed. Perhaps if they could be forced to join the Bygorians, they could prove useful. He shook his head at such thoughts, and made a motion with his first arm towards his troops, as his second and third arm pulled out his pistol and saber. Both sides readied their weapons, the real fire fight was about to begin...

Kamal's arrival Edit

Kamal, Bachyeon child taught personally by Kradik, had joined his "father" months before. Kamal had become a Troubadour under his father's command. He was put on alert if he and his forces where ever needed in Ascendancy territory and their combat zones. He had grown bored reading the old texts of the Bygorians, which offered him nothing new to glean knowledge from, and did not lead to any leads in his path for godhood. He laced his thin fingers in front of him, as his fleet hung in orbit above the colony of Trikaccas. He needed something to concentrate his energies on beside his lack of essence materials to study. Suddenly, as he sat in contemplation, his father contacted him, his hologram appearing before him.

  • Kradik - Kamal, I require your services.
  • Kamal - Whatever you wish, sir! I am here to fulfill every command!
  • Kradik - The Vanara have established a colony in this galaxy. Despite Commander Shilwitz and Commodore Grosha's best attempts, it, and it's defenders, refuse to buckle. I need you to finally break them. I am sending you the coordinates now.
  • Kamal - I have read your mind. Those filthy creatures will bow to my will, my liege. None will survive.
  • Kradik - *smirks* Good. Travel and fight safety, son. Make me proud.
  • Kamal - Yes, my liege.

Kamal gave a silent command to his telepathic warriors and cultists. It was time. The Vanara could not possibly survive someone as powerful as Kamal, a God in the making. With that, his fleets zoomed into the coordinates, towards the Vanara's first, and last, colony.

The Manipulators of Kamal arrived, opening fire and tearing through the Vanara almost without warning. Even Grosha was surprised, and, quite frankly, astounded by how fast the Manipulators had managed to destroy the Vanara. Since Kamal had betrayed his empire to join the Bygorians, it made Grosha shudder at the idea if Kamal ever thought of joining the opposing side.

  • Kamal - Worry not, Gorsha. I am here to break the enemy. Me and my honor guard will land, and rip them asunder.
  • Grosha - *clears his throat* Yes...Yes of course sir.
  • Kamal - And there's a lot of people I'd betray. My father is not among them.

Grosha sat back in stunned silence, as Kamal and his honor guard of telepathic warriors loaded into their drop ships, and zoomed towards the surface. Kamal's face was emotionless and stone-cold, but excitement glistened in his eyes.

Shilwitz reeled when he received news that Kamal and his honor guard where on the way. He straightened his uniform and stood straight, but fear was obvious on his face. He gave an order to his top command staff: Make sure Kamal did not kill one civilian. Arriving behind him with his small force of telepathic warriors, Kamal sent an highly disturbing feeling to Shilwitz's mind, like skeletal nails scratching across a metal plate, as he telepathically contadted him.

  • Kamal - Lord Kradik's adopted do NOT kill civilians, fool. I may be a madman, but even we insane ones have standards.

He floated by Shilwitz with his other, genetically modified soldiers, each carrying Crystal Shard Slings, Fuel Rod Guns and even some Glasser Autocannons, as well as Essence Staffs to manifest their powers with in complete silence, like a funeral precession down the caverns, and into the fight of 2 gods of death, the Ascendancy and the Vanara.

The fighting, as Kamal and his honor guard reached the center of the colony, was horrible. Guardsmen of all species held the line against Vanara Troopers, firing round after round at their enemy, as Vanara savagely fired back with their shard-like ammo at the foe. One of their transports had been destroyed, the gaurdsmen hiding for cover behind it being caught in the blast. A few times, a few Guardsmen actually tried to run, only for a Commissar, either Tlic or one of his junior officers, to shoot them down to keep the men in line. Kamal and his forces moved quickly, erecting telepathic barriers in front of their soldiers. After doing so, Kamal and a small group of his Honor guard moved out, swatting at the foe with their telepathy like flies. Soon, however, a lone Vanara stood shooting at Kamal as her men fled behind cover. Azuria shot at Kamal, who easily swatted away the rounds with his telepathy. A grotesque, stiff smile formed on his face.

  • Kamal - That one will bow to my will.
  • Azuria - No Vanara will bow to you, monster!
  • Kamal - Amusing, little one.

Azuria fired her rifle at Kamal several times, only for him to raise a personal telepathic shield around himself, as he fired arcs of electricity at her, striking her several times. Azuria kneeled slightly, before dropping her rifle, and pulling out her sword. Kamal looked at her, head tilted, a bemused smile etched on his face. Azuria charged, slashing at him. He merely grabbed her arm mid swing, using his telepathy to crush her wrist and add to his strength. She screamed in anger, and ripped her arm free of Kamal's grip, slashing through his abdomen, through several layers of armor, as clear liquid spluttered out.

Kamal growled savagely, and reached out telepathically, grabbing his foe in his mind's grip.

  • Kamal - You shall suffer a thousand fold, lowly worm. And when you pray for death, the pain shall consume you further, mortal.

Kamal applied pressure, snapping her spine back, before moving up and, attacking her brain, swelling it until he induced a seizure. Kamal then simply snapped her throat, killing the Vanara and dropping her. He watched in silence at the broken body. Why did he always act so cruelly when angered? He would always lash out, yet he always regretted it. It was so hard to control. He snorted to himself. She was another lowly, ugly Vanara. They had invaded his father's galaxy, and he had dealt with it.

His thoughts were cut short when one of his Manipulator-underlings contacted, via telepathy, of course.

  • Manipulator - Sir, we are losing ground. Shilwitz wants a retreat, shall we follow?
  • Kamal - Yes, we will pull back now. No more loses today.

And with that, they silently left, Bygorian Titans holding off the Vanara while their infantry escaped, before slipping off themselves.

Nemesis Rising Edit

Lalley walked through what remained of the city and felt despair rising up inside her. People she knew lay dead at her, a Boyk who had instead of getting mad when she had broken into his apartment to check out a enticing smell wafting from his kitchen and given her three of the cookies he had been baking. He had been a good man...

  • Lalley - So why did he have to die?
  • ??? - Do you know him?

Lalley spun around to see a nurse standing behind her with a face mask that everyone was wearing.

  • Lalley - He's dead, why?

The nurse looked on sadly, many children were wandering around looking for their parents who had been off fighting, sometimes there were happy reunions, more often than not...

  • Nurse - Look we need a body count, there's a risk of plague if we don't get this all sorted out.
  • Lalley - I don't know, he gave me cookies once, I never new his name.
  • Nurse - Well thanks for trying.
  • Lalley - Uh hu.

Lalley turned from that body to something that made her howl in pain and horror. Azuria lay there her body bent at an hideous angel.

  • Lalley - NOOOOOOO!!!!

She ran up to her mother and buried her face in Azuria's now cold fur.

  • Lalley - No, no, no, no! Why, why, you said you would always be there, we would always be together! But now we can't.

Lalley heard someone approach from behind, but she didn't turn around. The person behind her was Baroness Vakudaru, she look at the crying little girl and felt moved but din't show it, the girl had pale pink fur and two different colored eyes, one dark blue and the other a glowing green evil eye, the clear marks of a psychokinetic and while she was loathed to use children, it could be their only chance against Kamal. Looking down she saw in place of legs she had a thick, muscular, serpentine, so the child was half Demonica as well.

  • Vakudaru - Do you know who is responsible for this.
  • Lalley - *still clinging to her mother* Who?
  • Vakudaru - The Centurion named Kamal in his service to that Bygorian bastard Kradik.

Lalley turned toward Vakudaru her evil eye glowing so bright the pupil could not be seen.

  • Lalley - Then I will destroy him utterly, I will kill them all, and I swear that I will pull him apart piece by until there is not even a single, STILL, LIVING CELL left.

Leaving Behind Ashes Edit

As The Bygorian fleet retreated back to their territory, Grosha looked out the window of his ship, watching the stars, and the countless planets that surrounded them. His gaze was far away, and cold. Shilwitz walked up to him, and stood at attention. Grosha bade him to relax with a wave of his hand. Shilwitz looked to his commander, worried.

  • Shilwitz - Something gnawing at your brain, sir?
  • Grosha - This latest raid on the Vanara, did we go...too far?
  • Shilwitz - What do you mean, sir?
  • Grosha - I saw the recordings of what Kamal did. When we first reached the space stage, Zarbania, Blarene, and the other Crown worlds where bombed to shit. We swore we would never be at the mercy of savages like the Mendel ever again, or be them ourselves. But look at how he killed that Vanara. That was...destructive. Evil.
  • Shilwitz - Sir...?
  • Grosha - I just can't help but wonder, what about that Vanara women's family, parents, friends...children.

He held his head in his hands, shaking his head. Shilwitz patted him on the back.

  • Shilwitz - I can't claim to know what your feeling. I've been on so many battlefields, I'm numb to it. But, I suggest Spiritseer Korswitin. He's the best therapist I know.
  • Grosha - Thank you. I just hope this gets easier.

As Grosha walked away, straightening his uniform and armor, Shilwitz watched him go off, before turning to the window, and with both hands on the railing, whispered one last remark.

  • Shilwitz - It never does.

Standing in the Ashes Edit

Vakudaru looked out over the city and what had been rought. Huge chunks of city and street and been blasted to pieces, the bodies of their dead being piled up and burned to prevent a plague outbreak, all except the skulls which were being made into a monument to the event and all those dead, the enemies dead...were given no such honor. They had been impaled on stakes and left to rot. Not all was bad though, the commander of their space forces, Romis, and a few others had survived, but not enough to mount an effective spacial defense, which was sorrily needed. Turning away from her balcony, she marched down to the conference room and send out a communication in a special Vanara code that had been recently developed, if who she was hoping was near by than she would hear it. Sure enough the face of Falling Stars Vector Admiral Miru appeared.

  • Miru - Vakudaru, it is a pleasant surprise to see you, how goes the colonization?
  • Vakudaru - If we don't get assistance there won't be a colonization.
  • Miru - Oh?
  • Vakudaru - We've been attacked by the United Bygorian Ascendancy and they have us on the ropes, majorly.
  • Miru - I will be there, unfortunately I can't provide any more assistance, the Mendel and Waptoria have their own issues to deal with right now.
  • Vakudaru - So no extra assistance.
  • Miru - Well...there might be a way.
  • Vakudaru - Really?
  • Miru - Don't hold me up to anything, but I will most certainly be there. Until then out!

Miru vanished from the screen leaving Vakudaru alone with her thoughts.

Lalley trudged through the wreckage filled streets pulling her mother's positron rifle behind her muttering a poem under her breath.

  • Lalley - Shadows steal the breath of a child at sleep. Phantoms of what we lost still drifting in the night. Digging deep into our bottomless souls. What awful things lurk within our hearts.

The last thing she expected to here was a voice drifting over.

  • ??? - Soon all shall despair. No one will care when your twilight calls. See we are all right here. Crying bloody tears. Souls forever scarred.

Lalley turned and saw a female, brown furred, yellowed eyed Boyk child slightly younger than her.

  • Lalley - You know this.
  • Boyk - Yeah, my parents died when I was young and Baroness Vakudaru took me in, so that's where I learned it.
  • Lalley - Huh, I learned from my mother.
  • Boyk - Really, where is your mother?

Lellay looked away.

  • Boyk - Oh! I'm sorry...
  • Lalley - Don't be its not your fault.
  • Boyk - Well who did, do you know who?
  • Lalley - That Centurion Kamal.
  • Boyk - So that's whats with the weapons.
  • Lalley - Yeah, I plan pay him back...with death.
  • Boyk - Will they let you?
  • Lalley - Don't know, don't care, I'm gonna do it.
  • Boyk - Well, good luck I guess.
  • Lalley - Thanks.

The two were silent for a bit.

  • Lalley - So whats your name.
  • Miyau - Miyau.
  • Lalley - Good to meet you, I'm Lalley.
  • Miyau - Good to meet you to.

The Plan After Edit

Kradik sat on his throne, after reading the report, scratching his chin. He would need to talk to Kamal about his actions, but the operation was a success, for all intents and purposes. He would have to go back and negotiate the release of the dead from the Vanara, but was certain the Vanara would agree, least of all he show them why he was the armored titan. Kul'Talis stood at his side, as usual, with his Drakodominatus Sovereign Executioner and the other Troubadours, minus Kamal and Commodus. Kradik stood up, followed by the Lords of the various Clan Dynasties and his advisors.

  • Kul'Talis - Sir, what do we do now?
  • Kradik - Whatever you wish, Kul. Meanwhile, I shall go, and get back the bodies the Vanara hold, and have something else planned.
  • Kalis'Martour - Hah. They could - scratch that - will kill you when you attempt to land.
  • Kradik - They've been devastated, and I feels our troops actions go against the accords. I will see their bodies are returned for burial back at home, and send supplies to help the Vanara a bit.
  • Skeeni - You're going to help them? But...they're the enemy!
  • Kradik - They've been devastated. They are a minor threat, if any, now. Besides, it would be dishonorable not to help them in someway.
  • Kul'Talis - What else do you have planned?
  • Kradik - I am going to need more relics and artifacts belonging to the Gods, and I know only one Bygorian who could do that.
  • Kalix'Martour - You do not mean Lord Trazrik'Axtin?

Kradik turned, his cape swooping behind, with a devious smile on his face, his 3 red eyes glinting like jewels in the sun.

  • Kradik - That is exactly who I want. He has acquired the most relics of the gods of any amongst us, and I need him if I am to advance the Ascendancy further.
  • Skeeni - Who is to say he will not steal those scared artifacts for himself?
  • Kradik - A good question, my loyal advisor.

Kradik walked towards his personal transport, just outside the front of the royal palace, petting the chin of his pet as he walked by. His advisors where speechless about what had just occurred, and could only watch as he began to board the transport.

  • Kradik - Play nice while I am gone, and don't go and divide up the empire again.

Kul'Talis's mouth was agape as his lord went to do possibly the most insane thing any citizen of the Ascendancy could do, and without any bodyguards. What was his lord thinking? He could only ponder that as his master waved his advisors good bye as though it was a pleasant afternoon.

Coming Of The Armored Titan Edit

Miru and Whiplash

Miru and Whiplash

Miru's flagship the Ayanaki sped through closed space with a large portion of her legion with enough fire power to level an entire city, that and the legions veteran DaiKaju named Whiplash which could level an entire city by itself, as well as a couple Rad-Eater Olympians and Black Thorn Vahallans. Miru sat down, contemplating the attack. She had been helping the Mendel out by helping to patrol their territory when she had received the call. Miru hadn't bothered to tell the Mendel what was going on. There wasn't time and besides, the Mendel didn't have the forces to spare as of yet. So she had torn out of there, leaving only a beacon behind in order to explain why she had left.

  • Sensor Operator - Commander. We've reached Venreviazure, what now?
  • Miru - Exit Accel, but keep hidden, we want to surprise the next Ascendancy wave.

The fleet entered this space and activated their cloaking devices using a gas giant beyond the asteroid belt as cover. The fleet sat still for several hours before a massive rumbling and growling sound echoed from below.

  • Miru - What's going on down there? Why is he acting up like that this?
  • DaiKaiju Handler - We don't know he just went nuts!
  • Miru - What the...
  • Sensor Operator - Admiral, we're picking up in coming Ascendancy ships!
  • Miru - On screen.

The screen appeared showing several Ascendancy ships passing by, while Whiplash below became even more agitated. Miru frowned. Whiplash was a very intelligent and well disciplined DaiKaiju. This was rather abnormal behavior. Miru sent out a probe beam briefly before reteaching it quickly, there was a massive heat signature radiating from inside that could only have come from a Kaiju-sized beast, and based on it's position in the ship it could only be one being...Lord Kradik. No wonder Whiplash was becoming agitated, Kradik produced a Synapse Field like the one the Zarbanian Warrior-Beasts generated, and Vanara DaiKaiju had proven extremely sensitive to this field. Miru left the commander's chair a walked over to a lift that took her down to where the massive beast was held. Walking up to the 70 meter, skeletal, insectoid, dragon-like, Ryu-class Kaiju. She reached up and scratched the beasts bony skull, whispering to it.

  • Miru - There, there its alright. Now we must be calm, we're trying to stealthy.

The beast quiet down with a rumble, but tension still radiated from it. Miru's communicator flashed.

  • Officer - Commander what should we do next?
  • Miru - Follow, cloaked and at distance, if they start to prepare to attack we attack.

The Vanara ships left the cover of the gas giant and followed the Ascendancy ships as they spend onward toward Venreviazure.

Kradik sat aboard his ship, having transformed into his titan form. He sat comfortably, stroking the head of Raider as his fleet approached the planet. He was quite confident that the Vanara would be still licking their wounds. He doubted they would seek a battle, and would let him negotiate. His officer, Tkar, contacted him from the command bay.

  • Tkar - Sir, we are nearing the system. We believe the Vanara fleet might be on the prowl. They could be tracking us now.
  • Kradik - I am aware. Worry not, Captain, we are not here to wage war. If they do attack, we will simply destroy what's left of their meager forces.
  • Tkar - As you wish sir.

Kradik sat back, as his pet Rondok growled slightly, lifting it's head up as though something approached. Kradik patted him on the head, chuckling slightly.

  • Kradik - Don't worry boy. We'll be out of here shortly.

The Vanara followed discreetly behind the Bygorian fleet, as Miru watched the ships approached the planet, slowly and carefully. She watched them. Lead by Kradik's massive dreadnought, and guarded by several other ships, she was surprised at the fleet's size. The Fleet that had launched it's first attack was much bigger, this one was a few frigates and corvettes sent to guard a massive dreadnought. Why come so small to finish them off? Especially with their leader leading them into battle?

As the questions whirled in her head, she watched the massive fleet loom closer and closer to the planet. She bite her lip, anticipated the worst from this fleet, and it sparked anger. They where obviously coming here to add insult to injury, to rob salt In fresh wounds before they could heal. She snarled to herself, and, then, was surprised to see the lead ship attempting to open communications.

Somewhat surprised, but still angry, she accepted, and opened her view screen. She saw the smiling face of Kradik before her, eyes glistening smugly at her.

  • Miru - You...
  • Kradik - Yes, tis I, dear lass.
  • Miru - What do you want here? Haven't you done enough damage?
  • Kradik - I realize my soldiers did a lot of damage, especially my son, Kamal, but I do not wish their actions in desperation to reflect badly on my people. I have come here hoping to provide aid and, also, retrieve the bodies of the soldiers your keeping, for funeral.
  • Miru - Why should we trust your savage words, after launching your disgusting attack against us?
  • Kradik - I am trying to make things better. Your not making it easy.
  • Miru - Try making thing easy when you've seen children without parents, their mothers and fathers torn limb from limb.

Kradik narrowed his eyes and glared at her, both his Rondok and Whiplash shifting uneasily and growling and moaning.

  • Kradik - I have seen such things! I was there when Zarbania and her Crown worlds where bombed by your Mendel allies! I've seen the death, the women and children burned to death! Do not speak of monsters Vanara, for your kind are monsters, and you are allied with them as well!

There was a long moment of silence as both sat back, both surprised at Kradik's loss of control and his rage, as well as his words.

  • Kradik - I'm going down there for my soldiers bodies, even if I have kill what's left of your colony to do it.
  • Miru - What happened to aiding us, Zarbanian liar?
  • Kradik - You will not get that from me. I want my troops bodies, and I will get them. Whether or not you stand in my way is none of my concern. You have pushed me to far.

Closing communications, Kradik contacted his officers on the bridge.

  • Kradik - Ready a transport at once for the surface.
  • Officer - But sir...!
  • Kradik - You will be shot!
  • Officer - As you wish sir.

Kradik snarled as he enveloped himself in mist, his form shrinking and folding away. He had tried to be reasonable. He had tried to negotiate. He was doing as his father taught, to be honorable, to seek that which was right in the world. Yet they had pushed him. He would retrieve those bodies, even if he had to destroy what was left of the colony to do. He paused once he put on his cloak, petting the chin of Raider, as he left for the hangar. As he walked towards the hangar, his crew mounting for battle, Kradik walked past them, everyone watching him as he walked by.

He at first felt what he was about to do was the very thing his father, and the Mendel Bombings had warned against, but Kradik silenced those thoughts. The Vanara disgraced the dead. No matter what those men did, they did not deserve whatever cruel acts the Vanara had in store for them. He would see to that.

He, upon making it to the hangar, marched into the transport, ordering the pilots out, and flying it down himself. The defenders really had no way of stopping him.

Miru snarled, had Kradik been telling the truth? It didn't matter now, all that mattered was that she had to get through.

  • Officer - Commander, we're slowly being surrounded.

Miru looked around and surprisingly grinned.

  • Miru - No. We're not.
  • Officer - What do you mean?
  • Miru - Look in two directions you haven't.

At first her officer only looked confused, before understanding dawned on his face.

  • Officer - Of course! We can still move up and down!
  • Miru - We're in space. We can go in what ever direction we want.
  • Officer - Shall we?
  • Miru - No. First, let them think it's working, in the meantime, prepare the Mobile Suit for me.
  • Officer - Are you sure? It's not been fully tested yet!
  • Miru - Just do it. There is a chance and so I will take it.
  • Officer - Yes, Admiral.

And with that, Miru left the bridge for the launch bay.

Kradik landed at the same location where his troops had not weeks before. He could the atmosphere burn, and writhe around him. It probably would've killed him had not had his enhanced body holding his soul, and his power, within. He snarled to himself as he stepped out, watching the landscape. He would not embarrass his people today by letting his troops bodies rot in the clutches of the Vanara for whatever purpose they had. He cracked his neck from side to side. Now was the time. Offering the 13th Holy ones a final prayer to forgive him for his infractions, Kradik turned his head to the skies, and held his hands out in front of him, as the wind picked up, and the air itself seemed charged with power...

The sensors within the colony, and both Vanara and Bygorian vessels scanning devices went hay-wire briefly as an energy surge consumed the area Kradik was standing. Everyone turned their attention to the area, essence and, some other energy throwing off their scanners. Inhabitants of all sides looked to their comrades and friends as they looked a the strange vortex that seemed to have created a black hole in their relay.

Back on planet's surface, Kradik finally stood once more, emerald scales shinning against the cold, dead surface of the planet. Mist escaped his jaws as he breathed out, his red eyes flaring with power as clenched his fists, his spines jutting from his back and shoulders in a display of power. As he stepped forward, the ground shook beneath his massive scaled feet, earth cracking and crumbling. Swiping his long, spicked tail across the landscape, Kradik released a trumpeting roar, signaling his arrival on the planet. And, with that roar, only one thought crossed his mind now.

  • Kradik - Now...Now I will unleash the power to destroy. Destroy every monster on this world.

Liberate or be Destroyed Edit

The Bygorian fleet charged at the Vanara, one forcing the back while closing in on the attempting to surround them and it was working. The Vanara fleet was soon completely encircled, with the Bygorians firing in on them like shooting fish in a barrel. However, the Vanara had a few tricks up their sleeves. As if on cue, they suddenly angled up and shoot over the Bygorian ships, letting loose a rain of fire from above. Several Vanara ships stayed on top, while others descended, trapping the Bygorians in a sphere of Vanara ships firing in on them. At this, a Skeener class broke free from the main formation and began to head toward the planet. Eventually the Bygorians shot, forward breaking apart the Vanara formation. The battle descended into complete chaos with both side more or less equally match and blasting away at any enemy they could get at. There was no obvious strategy, except annihilation of the enemy forces. Meanwhile the Skeener had made its way to the planet and fired a drop pod down to the planets surface.

The Liberty vs Kradik

Kradik was heading straight for the colony when an eerie wailing sound filled the air. He turned to see a large drop pod burning through the sky. Kradik growled, no doubt they had sent down that DaiKaiju of theirs. However, he was much surprised when the pod exploded in midair, reveling a humanoid white, blue, red, and gold battle suit suspend in the air by six metal, angel like wings and two powerful jet engines standing about 19 meters tall. A voice was suddenly broadcast from the machine.

  • Miru - This admiral Miru of the Falling Stars Vector piloting the Infinite Mobility Suit Liberty. Back down now, Kradik, and leave this place!
  • Kradik - Never! I will wipe you from the face of this galaxy and even this universe!

Miru didn't even respond, just jetted the suit forward at surprising speed, firing with the plasma cannons on the suit's shoulders. Kradik responded by firing explosive rocks from his maw, Miru leveled the suit's handheld Positron Rifle and blasted the rocks away. Kradik launched his claws like boomerangs forcing the Liberty to take evasive action. Drawing the Liberty's Maser Sword, Miru fired the Positron Cannons equipped onto the wings as well as the Drill Missile Launchers on the back. six bright red beams of anti-electrons fallowed by missiles designed to penetrate shields and armor slammed into Kradik spraying blood from the wounds. Kradik growled in surprise that his armor had been penetrated, but shock it off and drew one of his back spikes as a sword and charged Miru in the Liberty. The two meet head on in a blade to blade clash with Miru putting the suit's thrusters at full burn to compensate for Kradik's immensely powerful strikes. Kradik fired he explosive rocks from his mouth forcing Miru back, protecting herself with the Liberty's shield and chaffs. However this was not enough and she was forced straight into the ground. The Liberty stood one of it's bottom wings disabled, Miru growled and disabled the other bottom wing in order to maintain stability. Kradik swung his fist down toward her and Miru shot upward deploying the Liberty's wrist mounted Maser Sabers, putting the suit into a spin she carved her way up Kradik's arm, blasting up into the air once she reached his shoulder and firing down on to his back wit the Liberty's Rail Guns mounted on the waste. Firing off explosive rocks and his claws, Miru drew the suit's Maser Sword and Positron Rile and charged blasting away until they met in another rapid fire melee.

  • Miru - I'm sick of it! You who oppress and judge my kind unworthy of existing because of what we are! You could have just left us alone!
  • Kradik - You have not seen the bodies left by the Mendel! They attacked us without cause killing millions! And you have sided with them! You deserve this!
  • Miru - There is no justice in this world! We deserve nothing, good or bad, there is just what we get.
  • Kradik - So all who died during the Mendel attack!? Are you saying their deaths were meaningless!?
  • Miru - Not to you, obviously, but to the whole of reality, we are but dust, a single flame that will flicker out. So neither of us are justified in what we do! It's just what we fight for!
  • Kradik - I refuse to accept that!

Screaming, Miru disengaged and flew around Kradik firing at his joints, before coming back to the front. Sending her thrusters at maximum burn, Miru leveled the Liberty's Maser Sword and Maser Sabers before charging straight into Kradik penetrating just above the floral pattern on his chest, propelling herself up wards Miru fired of the Liberty's ranged weapons while carving her way upward, the blasts at close range melting and ripping away parts of the Liberty's armor. Screaming all the way as she cut her way up the his chest, the side of his neck and face, before finally disengaging after disabling his third eye. Kradik roared and Miru leveled all still working ranged weapons and fired into his maw sending him reeling, blood spraying forth. Kradik regained his balance and stood there growling with blood running all over him. The liberty hovered in mid air is armor glowing red hot and completely gone in some places with smoke pouring from it in a massive choking mass. Kradik roared sending more rocks fourth smashing into Miru sending her reeling. Stabilizing the Mobile Suit Miru flew around Kradik striking at his neck, snarling Kradik grabbed the liberty and began to squeeze. Miru fired off all of it's weapons causing as much damage to herself as to Kradik's hand, forcing him to let go. Flying low to the ground Miru fired up at Kradik while he fired right back down. Miru kept ahead as best she could bringing herself close to where the Ascendancy bodies had been impaled causing Kradik, blinded by his own rage, to destroy them with his own attack. Slowly as the dust cleared and Kradik saw to his own horror that he had destroyed the very thing he had come to retrieve. Raising his head to the sky he scream in pain and agony causing the earth to shake, before turning toward Miru in the Liberty. Roaring several times Kradik charged her letting loose with all the power he possesed, Miru responded in turn filling the air with smoke and ash so that neither combatant could be seen, only the occasional flash of light as they clashed. Finally it ended when Liberty came flying out of the cloud and crashed into the ground where it lay there burning. So after Kradik walked out of the cloud his foot steps like thunder upon the earth. He was soaked in his own blood from head to toe, only one of his eyes still functioning, and in several places his flesh had been blasted clean off revealing the very bone beneath. reaching down he picked up the Liberty intending to crush it and the pilot within when he noticed a red glow coming from within.

  • Kradik - What is the meaning of this?
  • Miru - I have activated the suit's self destruct. In a few minutes it will generate a nuclear blast that will destroy both of us and if you try to crush me within that time frame blast will happen anyway.
  • Kradik - What do you want?
  • Miru - Withdraw. Agree to this and I will stop the self destruct. If not, then you can kiss any chance of you taking down the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus goodbye. What you came for has been destroyed, after all.

Kradik growled, but set down the suit, what Miru said did make sense.

  • Kradik - All right, but tell your own forces to stop attacking.
  • Miru - Agreed.

Miru contacted her Vector and told them to cease fighting and get in contact with the Bygorians. After a tense while two ships ascended through the atmosphere, one Vanara and the other Bygorian. The Bygorian ship opened its bay doors and without a glance behind him Kradik lumbered aboard. The crew of the Vanara ship rushed forward to retrieve the Liberty and get Miru out of it. Once successful the two ships took off returning to space and to their respective sides that were both facing off tensely. Miru sighed it was time to contacted Vakudaru.

Next Steps Edit

Vakudaru was in her personal quarters when a message from Miru came in.

  • Vakudaru - Miru. What's new?
  • Miru - Both our forces and the Bygorians is currently not engaged in active combat, but with your permission I would like to negotiate for peace.
  • Vakudaru - And how do you plan to do that?
  • Miru - By appealing to their sensibility. They leave us alone, we leave them alone. That, and they don't want to waste anymore resources on us that could be used to combat the Galactic Empire.
  • Vakudaru - Alright. I trust your judgment on this. Do try to succeed for all our sake.
  • Miru - I will give it my all.

And with that Miru's face vanished from the screen and Vakudaru leaned back with a prayer on her lips for success.

Kradik sat in silence, as his advisors gathered via hologram. He had failed in his quest to retrieve those bodies. Their families would have no one to bodies to bury now. He had done more then simply fail in his quest. He had failed to give the troops he looked up to him a proper burial. His advisors began to argue amongst themselves on what needed to be done, what course of action they should take. Some said they should overwhelm the single colony with all their fleets, wipe them out. Others wanted to glass the planet from low orbit. Finally, Kradik stood, slamming his foot down for silence.

  • Kradik - We will ignore them. This was a mistake. Like everything involved with the Mendel and their allies. Any action will tax resources we could be using elsewhere. We will leave these pathetic vermin in their wasteland, while we conquer a galaxy.
  • Kul'Talis - Where do we begin?
  • Skeeni - Indeed. I doubt there will be a long lasting peace.
  • Kalix'Martour - Of course not. But we'll use it for now.

The lone Deutzalanian in the group, Armik, stood up, smoothing his suit as he cleared his voice.

  • Armik - I will go down and bring up a peace agreement with them. Should not be difficult. We have the power to enforce it.
  • Kalix'Martour - I will go with you. I do not want those savages mounting anymore of our people on pikes.

Armik nodded, as Kalix' hologram faded out, leaving the room for the shuttle bay.

Kul'Talis's hologram turned to his master, a frown on his face.

  • Kul - That was a rash decision, sir.
  • Kradik - I know that.
  • Skeeni - What now?
  • Kradik - We go back to the original plan. And I live with the shame of what I've done.
  • Kul - Sir, with respect, their bodies. Merely avatars for the soul. It's not the person whose being disrespected, it's merely a shell.
  • Kradik - I simply want to take care of everyone living in the Ascendancy. They have sworn their allegiance to me, as I have to them.
  • Kul - Yes, sir. Just be more careful with your oath of service.

Kradik dismissed Kul'talis and Skeeni with a wave, as both Bygorians bowed deeply, before flickering off. He turned to the screen, watching the planet with a stern glare.

  • Kradik - You have survived death, only to face annihilation. One day, I will make you pay, Vanara. And the day I return, the gods will shutter in their realm once I am finished.

He turned away, as he turned his attention to other politics go on across the empire.

Aftermath Edit

Miru walked down the streets of the city, looking around at the rebuilding going on. The Vanara and Bygorians had met aboard an Ascendancy space craft and worked out something of a non-aggression pact. Basically, it stated that neither side would attack or interfere in each others business: In essence, they left each other allone. However, Miru was still ill at ease. The Ascendancy was a Zarbanian, so to speak, and that meant they would be looking for revenge. On the other hand, the Vanara had been ill prepared for this conflict and had no assistance from their typical run off allies (two of which where here). Next time, Miru swore, would be different. Walking on further, Miru stopped at the memorial given to those who had died here. It was a simple stone grave marker with the names of those who had died carved into it. Several flowers had been planted around into and the skulls of all those who had died lay buried deep beneath. Miru turned, as she heard footsteps coming up from behind her and saw a young Vanara Demonica hybrid slithered up to the memorial.

  • Miru - What is your name, young one?
  • Lalley - Lalley.
  • Miru - Did you loose someone?
  • Lalley - Yeah. My mom.
  • Miru - How?
  • Lalley - That bastard Kamal killed her.
  • Miru - So I take it you want revenge?
  • Lealley - I do...But...
  • Miru - But what?
  • Lalley - To get my revenge, there needs to be war. And if there's war, then more people will suffer the way I did and I don't want that either!
  • Miru - So what will you do?

Lalley slumped down as hot tears streamed down her face.

  • Lalley - I don't know! I want one thing, but don't want what comes with it! It's so confusing!

Miru was silent for a bit and let Lalley cry for a bit before speaking again.

  • Miru - You know...We will be at war with them again. Eventually.
  • Lalley - Huh?
  • Miru - Think of it this way: The Ascendancy is going to go to war with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. If they win, they will want revenge and come for us. If they loose, they will be desperate for land and come for us. Either way, this clash will continue in one way or another.
  • Lalley - So more people will be hurt in the same way I was?
  • Miru - Perhaps, but perhaps not. This time we were unprepared, but next time we will be bigger, more powerful, more prepared, and have our allies to back us up.
  • Lalley - And then I can get my revenge.

Nodding determinedly Lalley turned to Miru with a steely look in her eyes.

  • Lalley - Teach me to fight! Will you? So I can stop people from being hurt the way I was and get my revenge.

Miru blinked surprised before nodding in agreement.

  • Miru - Alright. I shall teach you, but first things first. I have been sent to go alert our allies to this attack, the Ascendancy will soon find they have more than just our guns pointed at them.
  • Lalley - Then, let's go!
  • Miru - Alright. Come with me, for there is much to learn...

Kradik returned home to Bygor Major, covered in a fresh set of scars, surrounded by his guards. and limping slightly. He could regenerate quickly, but the battle with that savage had taken much of his energy. He snapped his jaws in anger as he thought of those Vanara. After all, he ahd his people had lost, and they had the gall to believe they could dictate his actions. He snarled as he got his mind back to the present. Once Kradik entered the royal palace to meet with the other Bygorian rulers, a young clan lord stood, blade ready.

  • Clan Lord - I think that excursion was a waste of energy, my "lord". Surely a better leader would...

Kradik silently stepped forward and slashed through him with his sword, cutting cleanly from shoulder to hip. The remains fell as the Drakodominatus Executioner chuckled, having already drawn his own sword at the same time as Kradik did. Kul'talis and Skeeni looked down, surprised, then looked at their lord, who growled like an animal.

  • Kradik - Would anyone else care to challenge a servant of the gods!? Come now, step right up!

When the other leaders did not move, Kradik marched his way to his throne, sitting down heavily with a grunt. He cracked his neck, as he cleared his throat.

  • Kradik - That was a waste of time, yes, but we have bigger targets to go after! The Empire, for example!
  • Armik - What of potential allies? For example, the Cyrannian Imperial State has similar ideals to us, and the Cognatus share our religious beliefs.
  • Kradik - *Waves his hand* I care little for either. I want this galaxy on a silver platter. If its inhabitants want to join me, fine. If not, they are merely more targets for me to step over. Or step on.
  • Kalix'Martour - Sir, is that safe?

Kradik laughed, which surprised everyone. They all looked at their master in fear and surprise. Kradik turned to Kalix, chuckling still, while holding his chest.

  • Kradik - Nothing is safe in politics or war, Kalix. That you of all would say that! *Grins* Please...Don't make me laugh, it still hurts from my little skirmish.

Kradik breathed deeply, hissing slightly, as his personal Spiritseer moved a little closer to tend to his master. Kradik waved him away, shaking his head.

  • Kradik - I am fine. Maybe not mentally, but we shall be ready.

Kardik was silent for some seconds, making sure everybody in the room was listening to him. Then, with a booming voice, he spoke again.

  • Kradik - Move our forces forward. We have the Cyrannian territories of the Imperium of War. More importantly, we have those Drakodomintus Tyranny as well. The Mendel are hesitant to move against us. The Waptoria are not, but are foolish enough to wait for the Troodontids in order to launch their own attack. They forget we have that small Android-Raptor Empire with their backs against the wall. They will not dare too attack us, and without them, the Waptoria won't as well. Now, it is truly time to fry the far larger fish. It is time to strike against the Galactic Empire.
  • Skeeni - What of the Vanara? Should we come back some time to strike back?
  • Kradik - No. Not yet, at least.
  • Kul - Then when, sir?
  • Kradik - When we are the sovereign force in the galaxy. Then, they will have no choice but to answer to me.

He stood, and began walking towards the exit. He stopped and turned as he neared it, as two Drakodominatus Honor Guard opened the massive golden doors for him.

  • Kradik - We are about to enter onto a new stage in power. Be sure you are ready my people, and do not end up like Lord Giira'D-yransha there.

He walked away as the Clan Lords and Deutzalanian Klunckers began to talk in hushed tones among themselves.

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