The Tiranozark are friends to our people and yet they continue to live under the yoke of the Libertus. No longer! We will liberate these honourable warriors and add their military might to our own. All ships, open fire on the nearest Imperial cruiser. Set space ablaze with their exploding hulls!

- Zillum

As the New Cyrandia Wars raged throughout the Outer Rim, the Tiranozark homeworld of Tyranikus stood as a staunch beacon of Imperial loyalty against the rebellious Cyrannian Imperial State. As the fourth month of 04 NE dawned on the galaxy however, the nefarious eyes of the Imperial State's most infamous admiral turned their gaze towards this prosperous Imperial world...


Battle of TyranikusEdit


Two massive fleets clash in orbit over Tyranikus.

On the bridge of his flagship, the Benevolent, Zillum ordered his fleet to drop out of hyperspace. One by one, the mighty destroyers of the State dropped into orbit around Tyranikus with the Benevolent holding position near the front of the fleet. Dotting the planet's upper atmosphere were the triangular outlines of the Empire's feared Star Destroyers, which turned to face the new arrivals. Zillum sat on his command chair with a look of anticipation etched on his reptilian features.

  • Zillum: "The Tiranozark are friends to our people and yet they continue to live under the yoke of the Libertus. No longer! We will liberate these honourable warriors and add their military might to our own. All ships, open fire on the nearest Imperial cruiser. Set space ablaze with their exploding hulls!"

Across the vast State fleet, ships of both Mortalitas and Basileus design opened fire, unleashing vast lances of pure hypermatter-infused energy at their enemies. The larger Imperial ships merely shrugged these attacks off, while the smaller Frigates and Corvettes exploded under the intense pressure.

At the head of the Imperial fleet, the flagship, a vast Imperator-class Star Destroyer led the defense of Tyranikus by leading its fleet into close broadsides against the State fleet. Though once considered unrivaled destroyers, the Imperator-class had since met their match with the Phoebus-class of the New Republic and the Centurion-class of the Imperial State, and thus needed the help of its escorts to destroy the upgraded State ships. On the bridge of the Benevolent, Zillum watched the lead Imperator-class closely as it slowly approached through the debris of the front line of both Imperial and rebel vessels.

  • Zillum: "Prepare to broadside!"

As the two mighty ships lined up, they unleashed the full power of their cannons, blasting massive fiery holes into each others hulls. However, the superior firepower of the larger Benevolent ultimately prevailed, disabling the Imperator-class and leaving it as his mercy.

  • Zillum: "I will board that ship personally. Such a valiant commander would make a valuable prisoner."

The DuelEdit

As the battle raged through space above Tyranikus, an army of soldiers led by Zillum himself was teleported to the interior of the imposing vessel leading the Empire's defense, composed greatly by Mortalitas and Basileus troopers. Immediately upon arriving, Zillum found himself attacked by the ship's crew, and he could easily see a great number of Tiranozark and Viegar enemies unleashing fire upon his forces. The immense Mortalitas leader led the assault on the ship with little mercy, slaughtering any enemy who attempted to stand on his path to the enemy captain's command bridge.

As he slashed through the throat of a Tiranozark soldier, something caught Zillum's attention; firing at his direction as Lieutenant Lackuns, a figure familiar to him. It was only at this moment that he realized which ship he had boarded, and his eyes widened as he forced himself back to evade the strike of an equally large and imposing creature who attacked him with a pair of bladed gauntlets, causing a powerful thud as he landed. Zillum had boarded the Colossus, the flagship of Grand Admiral Tyrant, and it was the Tiranozark leader who had attacked him.

  • Zillum: "...Tyrant. I should have expected."
  • Tyrant: "Zillum. So it is true. You've become one of them. One of the rebels. You've become what you fought against."
  • 'Zillum: "'I did this for a reason, Tyrant. And I suggest you stand down."
  • Tyrant: "You seek to dominate my people now? Have you been fully indoctrinated by the Basileus?"
  • Zillum: Do not take me as a fool. I am no pawn, Tyrant. But you, you are a pawn of the Empire and so are your people. I do not wish to fight you of all people, b ut if you stand in my way, then I will not hold back."
  • Tyrant: "...I'd be ashamed of you if you did!"

Zillum and Tyrant duel.

Tyrant swung his immense blades at Zillum's direction with the intention of cutting through him, but the Mortalitas dodged to his side before attacking himself, thrusting his sword at Tyrant. The Tiranozark jumped backwards to evade the attack before lunging at Zillum, throwing his immense body frame at the Mortalitas and tackling him, their powerful physical strength struggling against each other as Tyrant delivered a jab at Zillum's side, taking some blood out of the Mortalitas before delivering a punch at his face, knocking him backwards. As Zillum stumbled back and put a hand over his jaw, he gazed at Tyrant with a look which did not show as much animosity as it showed respect.

  • Zillum: "I can see you have not grown soft. I remember these blows cracking the skulls of Cogsangui during the Intergalactic War."
  • Tyrant: "We met and fought our first common enemy there. So much time has passed, yet I remember it as if it was yesterday.
  • Zillum: "And speaking of skulls..."

Leaving Tyrant distracted by his comment, Zillum threw himself forward and launched a clenched fist at Tyrant's head, delivering a full blow to his forehead. The forehead is a sensitive spot for all Tiranozark, and he felt the punch, Tyrant roared out in pain and stumbled back before he felt Zillum's claws on his cheeks, scratching him. The Mortalitas attacked Tyrant with his powerful claws until he was hit across the side by Tyrant's tail, and whatever rebel and Imperial soldiers still remaining could merely watch as the two massive generals fought each other. Tyrant threw a hand forward and grabbed Zillum bys his throat, slowly lifting him in the air before throwing him at a nearby terminal, reducing it to scraps in the process.

  • Tyrant: "Using nostalgia will not change the fact you're a damned traitor, Zillum!"
  • Zillum: "Urgh. You call me a traitor, yet I know you are not the Emperor's most loyal subject."
  • Tyrant: "...That's none of your concern."
  • Zillum: "But it is. I know you merely joined the Empire to protect the Tiranozark. Do you not think they would be better off as freed from Tyrómairon's claws?"
  • Tyrant: "And face retribution from the Imperial war machine? Are you insane?"
  • Zillum: "I will make you see reason even if it kills you."

Power flowed through Zillum's body as the scraps from the terminal he was thrown at suddenly began levitating around him. Using his Mornûnenduran powers, the Mortalitas threw the damaged terminal at Tyrant, easily blasting him across the floor of the bridge before getting up and making a dash at him. With his powerful jaws, Zillum delivered a bite on Tyrant's neck, causing the Tiranozark to let out a pained scream as he felt himself being immobilized. Zillum gasped as he felt Tyrant retaliating by stabbing at his chest and stomach, but using his strength, he managed to pin Tyrant into the floor, immobilizing his limbs and disarming him.

  • Zillum: "Enough of this, Tyrant. Leave the Empire and join me, or I will be forced to end you here and now."
  • Tyrant: "Zillum... I truly never expected to... face you in battle."
  • Zillum: "Neither did I, friend. You fought well."
  • Tyrant: "D-do you... really think your Basileus lackeys can... free us from the Emperor?"
  • Zillum: "Again, Tyrant. Do not take me as a fool."

Freeing Tyrant's limbs, Zillum extended a hand to the Tiranozark to help him get back up. Tyrant smiled faintly as he was helped up, and while they were both wounded, they still had energy to fight. However, they would no longer fight each other. With their weapons in hand once again, both Zillum and Tyrant attacked the remaining Imperial forces, causing massive havoc at the ship as their admiral suddenly turned against them.

And meanwhile, Lieutenant Lackuns had watched the entire scene and heard the entire talk between the two, and quickly ran to the escape pods, so he could get out of there as soon as possible...

The Desolation of the Imperial FleetEdit


The two imposing admirals preside over the destruction of the Imperial fleet.

During the battle on board the Colossus, the Imperial and State fleet continued to battle it out in orbit over Tyranikus. With the flagships of both factions in the midst of battle against one another, their respective fleets fought on relatively equal ground. However, with Tyrant now firmly loyal to Zillum, the Imperial fleet was in for a surprise. Suddenly, the Colossus burst into energy and turned to face the Imperial fleet. A volley of hyperpowerful cannon emerged from the Star Destroyer, impacting violently against its former allies. Trapped between the planet on one side of the fleet and the advancing State forces in nearly all other directions, the defending Imperials could do little more than find escape hyperspace vectors unaffected by the newly established State interdiction fields. On the bridge of the Colossus, Tyrant and Zillum stood triumphantly as the Imperial fleet collapsed before their very eyes.

On the planet below, the Tiranozark population waited with bated breath for the result of the battle to be revealed to them. An hour after the final gun became silent, Tyrant sent the planet an open transmission.

  • Tyrant: This is your supreme leader. No longer the Tiranozark are the slaves of the Libertus and their corrupt Empire! From this day forward, I will lead our people along our own path to dominance alongside our honourable Mortalitas allies. Take heed that any resistance to this decree will be dealt with severely, for the new age of the Tiranozark is about to dawn!


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