Laoi Cretacea and Kara Inviá have matured quickly in the wake of their mother's untimely death. Nearing the end of adolescence, the two twins spend most of their time on the Rambo Capital, the world which Apollo calls home after the death of his wife. When the New Cyrandia Wars broke out however, the Proconsul found himself inundated with a heavy workload forcing him to spend more and more time on the Republic capital of Mou'Cyran. This story chronicles one of the more interesting voyages of Apollo's children to the capital of the Republic...

Dramatis personæEdit


Travelling near the edges of the Coru Secundus region of the Cyrannus Galaxy, Kara and Laoi sat comfortably in their ship's lounge watching the spiraling void of hyperspace pass by the window. Though they mostly resided on the Rambo Capital, they were in the midst of travelling to the capital of the Republic on Mou'Cyran to meet with their father, who was on business in the Senate. Though they were reaching maturity, Apollo decided to send the Adjunct to watch over them. Though he would have initially viewed this as a highly questionable parenting choice when he first met the AI, in the years since he met him, he proved himself to be a trustworthy individual, who served his life on many occasions. Both Kara and Laoi were incredibly bored of the voyage, with nothing but the Adjunct's enthusiastic speeches about the ship's systems to entertain them. Suddenly, Laoi heard something moving near the back of the ship.

As Laoi turned his head to look for the source of the noise, he could identify it as being none other than Gorf. The chubby, blue Grox-like entity had a bored expression on his face as he carried a Dvottie on his arms, most specifically Tigarlu, and he walked into the lounge nonchalantly.

  • Gorf - Ship needs more snacks.
  • Laoi - Gorf! How long have you been here?!
  • Gorf - Always been. We travel now. Right, birdie? See, birdie agrees.

Despite not being sentient... at least according to most scientists, Tigarlu nodded in agreement. Kara jumped up from her seat and hugged Gorf, who had been a constant figure in their childhood since they were very young. The Adjunct also seemed pleased to see Gorf, bouncing up and down in the air more enthusiastically than usual.

  • Adjunct - Greetings, unknown lifeform! It is a pleasure to see that you are fully functional!
  • Gorf - Hello, mister eyeball. Hello, mini-Apollo. Hello, mini-girl Apollo.
  • Adjunct - Pardon me, but the correct designation of these hatchlings is Subunit A-01 and Subunit A-02.
  • Gorf - I much prefer my names. Where we off to?
  • Kara - We are heading to Mou'Cyran to spend the weekend with dad.
  • Gorf - Ah. We spend days with Dad Apollo. Good. Not seen him in a while.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded throughout the ship, prompting everyone to look to the Adjunct for an explanation.

  • Adjunct: Odd. It appears that there is a lifepod along our course. I am detecting a single lifeform on board. Do you have any recommendations?
  • Gorf: We eat it.
  • Adjunct': I do not believe that it is made from edible material, I'm afraid. We could however, destroy it and smelt down its occupant. Judging from my readings, it is a biological entity which should agree with your digestive tract.
  • Laoi: Don't be silly, we aren't going to eat him. We should beam him aboard and find out what happened him. Maybe we could help.
  • Gorf: Bah. Okay.

Lowering the shields of their ship, the Adjunct beamed the occupant of the lifepod into the small medical bay of Apollo's ship. As the group approached him, they realised that he was a large male Cogsangui, whose armour showed signs of battle damage. Clearly this individual had survived a lot of stress and trauma. Laoi and Kara's only experience with a Cogsangui was their father's friendship with Voro Acetenus, a kindly individual who often brought gifts to the youngsters before the Empire forced him into hiding. As they approached, the Cogsangui woke from his coma. Standing weakly to his feet, he quickly caught sight of the two Libertus standing in front of him. Being indoctrinated into believing that the Libertus were a heretical race, the Cogsangui rushed forward, but as he approached the two, Gorf threw Tigarlu over his shoulder and jumped in front of the Cogsangui's path. A retch came out of Gorf as a beam of light was blasted out of his mouth and was launched at the Cogsangui's direction, aimed at his chest. The Cogsangui was blasted backwards, once again knocking him unconcious.

  • Adjunct: That was unexpected. Usually organics welcome it when they are saved from an eternity of floating through space.
  • Gorf: Gorf went all dream beam on creepy mouth man. Not very friendly.

Kara walked forward and scratched her chin, deep in thought.

  • Kara: Not very friendly at all... Yeah, I think we should restrain him or something and then wake him up.

Using force fields to lift the Cogsangui into the air, the Adjunct placed him on the bed. Suddenly, energy restraints appeared on the Cogsangui's limbs, preventing him from moving. Approaching the bed, Kara poked the Cogsangui with a nearby rod, waking the mighty warrior from his sleep.


The group converses with Thaur Vicliquam.

  • Thaur Vicliquam: Release me! Heretical filth!
  • Gorf: Creepy mouth man, stop shouting or Gorf will barf again.
  • Thaur Vicliquam: Unclean imp! You dare address Shiplord Thaur Vicliquam in such a disgusting manner?!
  • Gorf: Yes. You not Gorf's boss.
  • Laoi: Please, calm down. We mean you no harm. We rescued you from your lifepod, clearly you need medical assistance.
  • Thaur Vicliquam: I did not want to be rescued, I was in that lifepod to atone for my sins with my death.
  • Gorf: Creepy, depressing mouth man.
  • Adjunct: This is quite unsatisfactory. This individual's race is prone to this particular behaviour. I recommend that he is ejected from the nearest airlock for our own safety.
  • Gorf: Atone sins. You religious person?

Vicliquam was far too distracted with the image of the Adjunct floating in front of his bed.

  • Thaur Vicliquam: A construct of the gods! I am unworthy!
  • Gorf: Yep. You religious person.

The Adjunct floated very near to Vicliquam's face, as if he was analysing his very mind.

  • Adjunct: It appears that this specimen believes that my Creators are gods. And that I am some sort of divine instrument.
  • Thaur Vicliquam: Yes, we also played host to your kind. The Licent led us before the return of the One.
  • Gorf: But the god don't like being worshiped... You probably mean wrong god.

The Adjunct appeared to be startled for Vicliquam's words.

  • Adjunct: The Licent?! The One?! Explain yourself!
  • Thaur Vicliquam: Surely you know, holy one. The return of the Primercer brought about a new age of power for my people.
  • Adjunct: The Primercer has returned? This is most unfortunate. He was a traitor to my Creators and one that Tyrro'maironis cast away.
  • Thaur Vicliquam: A traitor to the gods. I knew I could not trust him.
  • Gorf: Too many complicated names.
  • Kara: Yeah, I have literally no idea what's going on.

The Adjunct's words apparently calmed Vicliquam, who had begun to doubt the Primercer's leadership over his people for several months now.

  • Laoi: Shiplord Vicliquam, we knew one of your kind before. His name was Voro Acetenus and he was a close friend to my father.
  • Thaur Vicliquam: Voro Acetenus was killed by assassins of the old regime, but I believe he was a good man.

Laoi and Kara remembered that only the Republic Remnant and the Indoctrinate Collective was aware that Voro Acetenus used a decoy to escape his assassination, fighting to rescue their father from the clutches of the Neraida Gigamatrix during the Dark Times.

  • Gorf: Yeah. Dead. Rest in peace etcetera.
  • Thaur Vicliquam: You have my thanks for rescuing me. Though I regret to say that I have little to repay you. My people will not likely welcome me back after my failure. Even if they did, I could not serve under a false god.
  • Gorf: Then you travel now.
  • Thaur Vicliquam: I do not know where to go, but I know what I must do. I must restore honour to my people by building our own path away from the influence of the False One.
  • Gorf: Dumb. Meant you travel with us.
  • Thaur Vicliquam: With you? After you vomited on me? I suppose I have no better option. Perhaps I will speak with this father of yours.
  • Gorf: Vomited soul power on you. Should be grateful.
  • Adjunct: Indeed! Your lifespan should now be approximately 5% longer than the average Cogsangui! According to my scans at least. They have been known to fail. Indeed, there was one time whe-

The others began ignoring the Adjunct, aware that this was the beginning of one of his hour-long speeches about nothing in particular.

  • Laoi: Our father may be able to help you hide from the Cognatus. I also know he... knows some people who might be able to help you restore your... erm, honour?
  • Thaur Vicliquam: Thank you for your help, small one. And thank you, strange blue one.
  • Gorf: We friends now. At least Gorf hopes so. Creepy mouth still creepy.
  • Thaur Vicliquam: I have never been... friends with an imp before. Are frequent vomits a regular part of such a relationship?
  • Gorf: Only if you try to kill us. Can do worse than that too.

Thaur thought about it for a second, clearly picturing an alternative to vomiting which disturbed him deeply. His mandibles clicked shut.

  • Thaur Vicliquam: I... would never dream of experiencing such a... dishonour.
  • Gorf: Not many would! Good that you understands. Will have sweet dreams around Gorf.

Nodding in appreciation, Thaur Vicliquam's restraints were removed and he was allowed to move around the ship, discovering information on the HoloNet that his people would never be allowed to know. Though he had befriended the group, he was still somewhat sad that he was now an outcast who would never be able to return to his people while the Primercer remained in control. Several hours later, the ship arrived at Mou'Cyran and touched down in Republic City, where Apollo was there to greet them. Laoi and Kara rushed forward to hug their father.

  • Apollo: Kids! It's great to see you! How was your trip?

Before they could answer, Gorf, Tigarlu, the Adjunct and their new Cogsangui guest stepped off the ship. While Apollo was surprised to see a Cogsangui at all, he was even more surprised to see him still dripping with some sort of liquid.

  • Apollo: Erm...
  • Gorf': Hello, dad Apollo. Hello, planet with creepy stuff.
  • Adjunct: Greetings Creator-Apollo! Your subunits, the unknown lifeform and the domesticated flightless bird have discovered a specimen of Species C-1204 and have successfully altered the parametres of his religious affiliation and spurred him towards organising a rebel movement within the geopolitical entity known as the Cognatus Empire.
  • Kara: All in a day's work.
  • Gorf: Gorf nearly made a hole on his chest with dream blast which kinda looked like barf. Don't judge Gorf.
  • Apollo: It's a bit too late for that Gorf.
  • Gorf: Gorf expected more of you.

Apollo winked at Gorf before turning his attention to the Cogsangui, who seemed to be quite awkward in front of all these people he would have considered heretics the day before. The two spoke at great length about Vicliquam's trials before finally directing him to the last known location of Voro Acetenus. Later that evening, Apollo, Gorf, Laoi, Kara, Tigarlu and the Adjunct watched the sun set over the sea beyond Republic City, confident that their new friend would bring about positive change in the Cognatus Empire.


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