Once again, conflict grips the galaxy and the cluster. This will be the war to decide the very future of the Empire.

- Guolivian

The New Cyrandia Wars's opening year brought about a return to galactic conflict that had been gone from the Cyrannus Galaxy since the end of the Great Cyrannus War. Armed with a devotion to their cause of independence from the ever-expanding Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Cyrannian Imperial State fought tooth and claw for its independence from Orbispira and the end of the domination of the Libertus and the Core Worlds.

Meanwhile, a far more dangerous conflict began to stir between the forces under the influence of the Primercer, an ancient Oikoumene leader and those under the control of his nemesis, the enigmatic Emperor of the Cyrannian Empire and Lord of the Mornûnendur, Tyrómairon. Simultaneously, in the outer regions of Cyrannus, the newly formed New Cyrannian Republic under the leadership of Apollo and Apaltar struggled to establish itself while facing threats both old and new that seek the destruction of the galaxy's re-emerging democracy. In the Quadrant Galaxies meanwhile, old rivalries and alliances resurface as the Cyrandia Cluster is once again brought to war.



First MonthEdit

Striking quickly, the Imperial State managed to capture many hyperspace lanes in the distant Mortiol Supercluster, using their new found dominance to attack the Mortalitas homeworld of Moreuse. Led by Zillum, the invasion was ultimately successful, leading to the capture and imprisonment of Moch-Na, Imperial Mandator and Queen of the Mortalitas. Proclaimed as the undisputed leader of the planet, Zillum began to prepare for his next assault. The loss of Moreuse came as a shock to the rest of the galaxy, who were unconvinced that the State posed a serious threat. Meanwhile on Orbispira, Senator Guolivian used the attack as a means to open up beneficial relations with the Draconid Imperium.

Across the galaxy in the newly declared Coru Secundus region of the galaxy, the New Cyrannian Republic watched with both interest and fear. Faced with threats such as the Rihanae Pact, the Icolian Assemblage and the Imperial factions, President Apaltar ordered a massive military build-up in order to protect the burgeoning superpower's status in the galaxy. In what many considered a show of force, the CRS Allecto managed to locate a Rihanae fleet, destroying it completely, sending a clear message that the Republic would not tolerate acts of violence against its citizenry.

Meanwhile in the Unknown Regions, Zillum launched his attack on the Saurornithantan homeworld of Carinateron, where he managed to pulverise the planet's defenses and kidnap Grand Mandator Bri'sa'tana. However, the timely arrival of an Imperial fleet under the command of Grand Admiral Carandial managed to drive off the dastardly Mortalitas and secure the planet.


Mortikran lies siege to Angforst

The conflict soon began to influence events in the Quadrant Galaxies, in which a plot led by Grand Mandator Garlboz and Commander Mortikran began to take shape against the Empire and Rambo Nation. Covertly aided by Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, the Hand of the Monarch of Rambo Nation, the rebels managed to capture the deadly Angforst Space Station, where the planned on using it to cut off the Quadrants with the Milky Way Galaxy by closing the wormhole. However, Garlboz was soon apprehended on the bridge of Angforst when a joint Rambo-Imperial taskforce defeated the rebel fleet, though Mortikran managed to escape.

As the first month of the war came to an end, the Cognatus Empire led by the Primercer began to stir, attacking and conquering the Imperial colony of Concord and sending the mutilated corpse of an Imperial officer directly to a Grand Mandator meeting on Orbispira, a clear act of war.

Second MonthEdit

Mysteries of Phaedron

Qulmé awakens.

My old friend. You have let that traitor you now call master dictate your fate for long enough. Come back to the light. Come back to my side.

- The Primercer to Mormuadain

Away from the front lines of the war between the Empire and the Imperial State, as well as the flashpoint of conflict between the New Cyrannian Republic, the Allied Terran Republic and the Cognatus Empire at the Amphryssos Campaign, Zillum was drawn to the planet Phaedron in the Outer Rim, where he came into conflict with Venatorius and Mormuadain of the Mornûnendur. Despite emerging victorious in the duel, the Mornûnendur themselves fell victim to the power of the Primercer, who had arrived at Phaedron to awaken an old ally in the form of Qulmé, an ancient Oikoumene who allied herself with the Primercer during his conflict with Tyrómairon during the Apotheosis Era. Leaving Phaedron, the Primercer and Qulmé returned to the Cognatus Empire while the Mornûnendur returned to their Emperor, who was most displeased at this unforeseen development.


Ships gather near Lianna for an important conference.

In the Quadrant Galaxies, Proconsul Apollo managed to organise a conference between representatives of the Galactic Empire and Rambo Nation in order to discuss matters of great, mutual importance to the factions of the Cyrandia Cluster. Confering with his friend Ramashe, the meeting was agreed to be held at Lianna Station. To the surprise of the other delegates, Apollo invited Aidan Collins of the Allied Terran Republic, who was escorted to the meeting by Admiral Reynolds of the ATS Leonardo da Vinci. Representing the Empire was Grand Mandator Apoyran of the Mid Rim while the Rambo were represented by Kya and Ram'Lendila. As per his role as Proconsul, Apollo arrived at the meeting via Captain Temer's vessel the CRS Phoebus and represented the New Republic.

Though most of the other delegates were sceptical about the Council, Apollo explained that it would regulate extragalactic colonisation as well as matters affecting all three civilisations. Getting straight to business, Diplomat Collins explained his requests including a military alliance with all three civilisations as well as permission to colonise both Cyrannus and the Quadrants. However, the Rambo delegates were uneasy to accept such a proposal but suggested to the Terran that the Empress had the power to accept.

A repeal of the Ním-Glare Concordat?! I was under the impression that the citizens of Rambo Nation have grown accustomed to this new relationship, for it offers both protection and stability. Take that away and there will be neither peace nor order!

- Grand Mandator Apoyran

The topic of the meeting soon turned to the Nim-Glaré Concordat, to which the Rambo formally requested an appeal. Shocked, Apoyran claimed that it was an unwise move but claimed that only the Emperor would know how to resolve the issue in a mutually beneficial way, something that the Rambo delegates agreed with.

Third MonthEdit

Battle of Abrion
Battle of Abrion

The Empire and the Imperial State clash over the Basileus colony of Abrion.

The Empire will be cleansed through turbolaser fire.

- Admiral Chathanglas

Two days into the third month of the war, a massive battle occurred for control of the Imperial loyalist Basileus colony of Abrion in the Southern Outer Rim. At the helm of his Basileus dreadnought, Admiral Chathanglas of the Cyrannian Imperial State led a vast fleet of over two hundred vessels against the equally large Imperial fleet in orbit led by Admiral N'Taevok of the Executor-class Dreadnought ICS Illustrious. The resulting battle filled the skies over Abrion with turbolaser fire and the gutted husks of once proud Imperial and CIS vessels. Using the firepower of her mighty Dreadnought, N'Taevok successfully downed dozens of CIS warships but ultimately the superior tactics of the rebel fleet demolished its defensive lines leaving the Illustrious vulnerable to the swarming CIS ships.

All around the dreadnought, the other Imperial ships entered hyperspace in the hopes of regrouping, though for the Illustrious it was too late. Under fire from the CIS fleet, the once mighty super star destroyer lost all power and collided violently against Abrion's planetary shield, incinerating the Illustrious and its crew. Within the hour, Abrion was firmly under Chatlanglas' fist.


Terran and Cognatus forces clash over Amphryssos.

Battle of Amphryssos

Nothing in the Cyrannian Galactic Code gives these monsters the right to attack an innocent planet. From our records, these Homincyadrae are peaceful beings, with no weapons or defences. However, these Cognatus certainly do. All ships, launch fighters, raise shields and fire at will!

- Terran Admiral Reynolds at the beginning of the battle over Amphryssos.

Several days later, a Cognatus Empire fleet under the command of Thaur Vicliquam was dispatched the planet Amphryssos in search of an ancient artifact which showed up on scanners. Upon discovering that the planet contained a native lifeform, the humanoid Homincyradae, the Cognatus began to exterminate all life on the planet in accordance with their strict religion forbidding non-believers from having any contact with any relics of the gods. However, the Cognatus presence around the planet soon drew the attention of the extragalactic Allied Terran Republic which sent a fleet under Admiral Reynolds to liberate the planet.

In the massive battle that followed, the Terrans only prevailed thanks to the timely intervention of the Republica, the flagship of the Cyrannian Republic that managed to oust the Cognatus from the world.


Apollo, Ramashe, Iovera IX, Tyraz, Maryah and others on Mou'Cyran during the signing of the Accords.

In cooperation with the surviving natives, Terran and Republic forces discovered the ancient artifact that led to the Cognatus attacking the planet. A lone Homincyradae girl activated the artifact and discovered the true origins of her people on the Plazithian planet known as Earth. She was also given a highly advanced terraforming tool that repaired all the damage to Amphryssos, transforming it from a bleak rock to a prosperous garden world. Some time later, the planet applied for membership in the intergalactic Terran Republic, which was accepted by the Terran government.

Mou'Cyran Accords

As the month drew to a close, an important diplomatic event took place on the New Republic capital of Mou'Cyran. In response to the recent upbuild in tensions throughout the Gigaquadrant, Proconsul Apollo gathered many of his political allies from across the universe to form a new alliance dedicated to the restoration and preservation of peace. Within several days, figures such as Empress Ramashe, Iovera IX, Tyraz and Maryah arrived on the planet and along with Apollo signed the Mou'Cyran Accords. Over the next several weeks other powers such as the Salsetthe Republic, the Republic of Cirith Beleg and the Naakjian Confederation joined the alliance. Political commentators pointed to the signing of the Accords as a representation of the growing political influence of the New Cyrannian Republic, perhaps at the expense of the Empire, throughout the Gigaquadrant.

Fourth MonthEdit

Battle of Tyranikus

Two massive fleets clash in orbit over Tyranikus.

The fourth month of the conflict opened with the pivotal Battle of Tyranikus during which the Cyrannian Imperial State under the command of Zillum launched a massive invasion of the Tiranozark homeworld of Tyranikus which was defended by an Imperial fleet under the command of Grand Admiral Tyrant. The resulting battle resulted in a decisive State victory with Zillum managing to infiltrate Tyrant's command ship, duel the Grand Admiral and convince him to join the growing rebellion against the Empire. With the Grand Admiral now fighting under the State, the remaining Imperial forces in the sector were slowly pushed back by the CIS and the Imperials who stayed loyal to Tyrant after his defection.

The Imperatore

Despite this defeat for the Empire, Emperor Tyrómairon would simultaneously launch the terrifying new Imperial flagship, the Imperatore under the direct command of Grand Admiral Carandial. With this vast new warship under his command, Carandial swore to himself that he would use it to purge the galaxy clean of the filth of the insurrectionists and prove the loyalty of the sizable population of Basileus who remained loyal to the Galactic Empire. Attacking the rebel fleet above Abrion, Carandial used the massive matter cannon fitted onto his flagship to completely annihilate the enemy fleet, claiming victory for the Empire despite Admiral Chatlangas' escape. After informing the Emperor, Carandial continued to fight in many battles throughout the Southern Outer Rim, claiming many victories for Imperial forces.

Great Battle
Desolation of the Bisistar 07

The massive land-battle begins.

Several weeks later, a new front of the Wars began in Coru Secundus when the enigmatic Bisistar Domain launched what seemed to be an unprovoked attack against the New Republic world of Venetia, new homeworld of the Republican Ermitant. Rallying the forces of the newly formed Mou'Cyran Accords as well as many other allies including those from both sides of the ongoing schism outside the Cyrandia Cluster in the defence of the innocent world. In what is considered by many to have been as large as many of the titanic battles of the Great Cyrannus War, the allies fought bravely to defend Venetia, ultimately emerging victorious despite massive allied losses. In an apparent gesture of goodwill, the Galactic Empire agreed to lend some resources to aid the Republic's reconstruction of Venetia, with many in the Republic considering it a measure to ensure the Republic's neutrality in the ongoing insurrection in the Outer Rim.

In the aftermath of the conflict, the Republic Senate allowed a new wave of colonisation in the outskirts of the Coru Secundus region, an action which returned much Gigaquadrantic attention to the galaxy. Though the amount of colonies was agreed to be small, nations such as the Indoctrinate Collective, Brood of War, Vanara and the Mendel Pact established new settlements in accordance to Cyrannian extragalactic colonisation laws. However, the Vanara colonies would soon become a target for the United Bygorian Ascendancy, resulting in a conflict which led to an increase of tension between the two powers.

Fifth MonthEdit

Battle of Khaidev
The opening week of the fifth month of the Wars saw the outbreak of the Battle of Khaidev, during which the Regellian Admiral Satra in command of the RWS Selam'Ori of the Rihanae Pact led an attack on the Republic world Khaidev on the borders of the Neutral Zone, hoping to take advantage of the aftermath of the Battle of Venetia. The battle began when a volley of hyperspace missiles launched by Regellian vessels materialised within the unshielded ships of Khaidev's planetary fleet, destroying most instantly while leaving the rest practically inoperable. With the planet's fleet in ruins, Satra dropped out of hyperspace with her own fleet and was prepared to launch troops to capture the planet when something wholly unexpected occurred.
Battle of Khaidev

The Rihanae Pact attack Khaidev.

Despite Satra's level of military genius, she did not anticipate the arrival of another fleet from hyperspace, namely a Mou'Cyran Accords patrol consisting of Republic, Algolurn, Naakjian and Divinarium vessels. Acting quickly, the Accord fleet organised itself into battle formation, led by Divinarium Ordinator Vyrtran of the Torch and Republic Admiral Danakar of the Sword of Peace.

Watching the planet from the ocean-striding cities of Khaidev, the citizens of the besieged planet watched on as the two fleets clashed for control over the planet. Admiral Satra managed to destroy a Republic Phoebus-class Star Destroyer and several other allied vessels before finally realising that a battle against such unfamiliar enemies would not end in her favour. Retreating into hyperspace, the Rihanae Pact fleet left the planet though they left much chaos and suffering in their wake. However, were it not for the timely arrival of the Accords fleet, the entire planet could have fallen to the xenophobes.

Attack at the Peace Conference

The Sword of Peace narrowly misses a deadly blast from the Syndicate vessel.

Several weeks later, the New Cyrannian Republic was chosen to host peace talks between the Galactic Empire and the Confederacy of Free Planets, which had been fleeing from the Imperial Battlefleet since the Great Cyrannus War. However, not all desired peace. Striking from the shadows, the Cyrannian Syndicate led by Flovos Pretio and under the command of Adelheidis and Zare'Anne attacked the ship on which the peace conference was taking place, forcing Republicans, Imperials and Confederates to put aside their difference in the face of the Syndicate's deadly new vessel. Despite their resolve, it was only through the intervention of the Adjunct that the Syndicate was driven off and the peace treaty between the Imperials and the Confederates was ratified.

Imperial State Visit

The Emperor's Shuttle arrives at the Rambo Capital.

In what many considered a surprise act, Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon made a rare public visit to the capital of Rambo Nation in order to celebrate the third anniversary of the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat and the beginning of the Rambo Protectorate. The resulting state visit saw both Imperial and Rambo delegates mingling at an impressive state dinner during which the Emperor discussed the future of the Concordat with Ramashe, informing her that it would not be a permanent fixture. In addition, the Emperor bestowed Ramashe with the title of Grand Mandator of the Quadrant Galaxies with the remainder of the state visit consisting of a twelve colony tour of many of Rambo Nation's most powerful worlds, showing the new level of friendship between the Empire and the Rambo, despite the violent beginning of their relations.

Sixth MonthEdit

Soon after his newfound alliance with the New Cyrannian Republic, the rogue Cogsangui Shiplord Thaur Vicliquam travelled in secret back to his home space in the hopes of finding potential allies in his quest to locate Voro Acetenus and spark a rebellion against the unholy rule of the Primercer. After several weeks of searching, he gathered his new found allies from all races of the Cognatus on the old Capital of Decatría, now a smouldering ruined world in the aftermath of the Great Cyrannus War. There, along with his lieutenant Morin Ehtar, the gathered rebels discussed at great length about the future of the Cognatus and the end of the Primercer's rule. In the following weeks, the Cognatus Rebels made their existence known to the leadership on Cognalorilos by attacking the new flagship of the Battlefleet, the deadly Melkón-class Dreadnought Harbinger of Truth. The resulting skirmish inside the mighty cruiser itself resulted in the death of Fleet Lord Uhlae Morman and the marooning of his loyal staff on a remote moon. With the Harbinger of Truth under his command, the newly christened Fleetlord Vicliquam rallied his forces and set out towards the Quadrant Galaxies in an odyssey to locate Voro Acetenus.


The attack on the Harbinger of Truth.

Concurrently to the Capture of the Harbinger of Truth, the Empire launched a renewed attack on Vasubandian holdings in the Northern Outer Rim. Imperial interests throughout that region of space were heavily damaged by the betrayal of Grand Admiral Tyrant and the Fall of Moreuse at the hands of Zillum earlier in the year, leading to the Emperor placing the newly appointed Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur in command of military assets in the region. The result of Vosætiur's ruthless and unforgiving stratagems in the Northern Rim led to the recapture of over twenty systems taken by the rebels in recent months, with the ultimate aim of the campaign being the capture of both Moreuse and Tyranikus within the space of three months.

Meanwhile, in the Southern Rim Campaign, despite the outstanding military leadership of Grand Admiral Carandial, the Empire's once unbreakable march towards Vasuband itself began to show signs of fatigue in the face of harsh rebel resistance, leading to infamous rebel Admiral Chathanglas using what many described as genius military planning to outflank the Imperatore Warfleet and attack the Imperial Shipyards in the Sluia Vas Sector, stalling Imperial advances into Basileus space for the remainder of the month.

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