We have spent centuries consolidating our power. Now finally, it is unleashed.

- Tyranus

The centrepiece of the millennia-old plans concocted by the Basileus, the New Basileus Empire was a formidable threat to galactic peace and civilization.

Unbeknownst to the United Republic of Cyrannus, and even the former allies of the Basileus, the Confederacy of Allied Systems, the Basileus Empire had been in planning for thousands of years, and believed themselves destined to lead the galaxy.


Leaving the Confederacy[]

Weeks passed since the last successful Confederacy of Allied Systems battle, and the Basileus became ever-increasingly frustrated with the Confederacies tactics in the war, criticizing the Quadrantia campaign and the tactics against the Republic, believing more ruthless methods of warfare are needed for the annihilation of the URC. The Tyranus made an official declaration of secession from the Confederacy, forming the New Basileus Empire to take the place of the Imperium. At last, his master plan was nearly complete and the Basileus rule of the galaxy was near.

Great Cyrannus War[]

Wasting no time, the Basileus struck from the Unknown Regions. Basileus Battlecruisers first appeared on the fringes of the Perliama Run, in the Hano Arm and held position. Unaware of their origin, the URC sent a diplomatic delegation to meet the new found empire.

The Diplomatic Delegations last seconds.

When the battlecruisers first appeared on the Hano Arm, Apollo decided that it would be best to send a diplomatic delegation to discover the motives and the identity of the unknown fleet. The sight that the delegation beheld was one of awe, a massive fleet stretching from as far as the eye could see. Meanwhile, on the bridge of one of the Battlecruisers, the Tyranus smiled, letting the diplomats send images of the fleet back to their superiors on Orbispira, before ordering his captain to open fire on the diplomatic ship, destroying it instantly.

Basileus Battlecruisers ruthlessly destroy the civilian vessels.

Before the Republic Navy could respond, the Basileus Fleet moved toward the Perliama Run, the main and safest hyperlane trade route of the Galaxy. The Imperator Tyranus looked out the view screen of his flagship and smiled as he saw the thousands of civilian vessels leading trade into the Core Worlds. Ordering the fleet to decloak, the hundreds of Basileus vessels fired upon the civilian fleets, ruthlessly destroying them with ease. Hyperspace interdiction fields were placed all across the Run, blocking the Republic from its trade activities in the Outer Galaxy and strangling the Core Worlds, including Orbispira.

The Smuggler Fleet ambushes the Basileus Blockade.

However, this collosal victory over the Republic was short lived and at the end of the Five month, the Basileus were ambushed by a smuggling fleet. In the ensuing space battle, the Basileus were defeated. The Imperator Tyranus was furious.

In the end of the war, however, the New Basileus Empire came to an end when it was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus along with the United Republic and the Confederacy by Tyrómairon.

Government and Politics[]

The Imperator Tyranus.

The Basileus Empire was led by the ruthless, yet charismatic emperor, the Tyranus. The Imperator Tyranus had absolute power over the empire, while preciding over the Basileus Council, which debated over the future plans and structure of the Basileus Empire. This council was led by the Imperator Tyranus and twelve other powerful lords that precided over the twelve sectors of Imperial space.

Under the Basileus Council, Imperial Intelligence was just as deadly as their superiors. The deadly agents of Imperial Intelligence was known to infiltrate, assassinate and bribe in order to assume rule over the galaxy.

Society and Culture[]

A Basileus captain observes the newly initiated Basileus Imperial Navy.

The Basileus can be best described as being sadistic, cynical and warlike, however unlike barbarous warlike beings, the Basileus are intelligent, ruthless and determined to succeed in every regard and will ruthlessly destroy an entire species if they have been crossed.

The citizens of the Empire lived pleasurable and good lives, though slavery of what the Basileus sees as lower lifeforms was quite common in the Basileus Empire and a strong pro-Capricyránae belief was widespread. This meant that the citizens of the Empire saw Capricyránae species as above other aliens.


The military of the New Basileus Empire had been in construction for centuries, with special emphasis on the Basileus Armada. The huge warships of the Navy were designed by some of the greatest minds amoung the Basileus, and was preparing to combat the United Republic of Cyrannus and assume control over the galaxy.


Controlling a vast portion of the Unknown Regions and the Outer Rim of Cyrannus, the Basileus Empire didn't have the population or the sheer scope of the United Republic of Cyrannus, but it did have a vast amount of colonies and its military was one of the largest in the history of the galaxy.

Constant military expansions across the galaxy kept the Empire in a constant state of expansion, spreading its influence across space and time.



Blue face.pngWe usually have no need for alliances. Perhaps we can make an exception.


Orange face.pngBe careful where you thread.


Red face.pngNow, your civilization is doomed.



Their departure from the Confederacy was unfortunate. Though the Mortalitas welcome their new ways.

- Zillum

As if we didn't have enough problems already

- Apollo

At last you abandoned that weight! Let the galaxy tremble before the Basileus' might!

- Mar-Júun

Stay AWAY from us!

- Captain Nondarrrt of the Ermitant Empire


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