We stand united for the liberty, prosperity, and security of all.

- NZTO charter

The Neutrality Zone Treaty Organization (NZTO) is an intergovernmental alliance founded in 2801 during the uncertainty of the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts between various extragalactic colonizers of the Quadrant 82 Neutrality Zone. It is an evolution of the Neutrality Zone Trade Organization and runs on roughly the same trade and legal infrastructure, only with added organs of intelligence and defense.

Given the instability that threatens the Gigaquadrant, many of the Organization's original members have carried over and chosen to adopt the alliance's terms. A few others––in an attempt to remain neutral––have left the organization and struck out on their own.

History Edit

Quadrants 4

The French delegation arrives at the 2798 Neutrality Zone Trade Summit.

The Neutrality Zone Trade Organization which preceded the current NZTO was founded in 2798 at the first Neutrality Zone Trade Summit, mainly involving the nations of France and the Drodo Empire. The organization then grew over time to dominate the Neutrality Zone. When tensions between the QHeer Stekeevel and the organization boiled over in 2800, the French and Drodo carried out an invasion of their space, leading to a period of instability between the organization and Quadrantian natives.

In order to deter potential agitators like the Lizardians, the Organization reformed into its current state at the Fourth Neutrality Zone Trade Summit in 2801, adopting numerous resolutions that provided for organs of defense and intelligence-gathering. Perhaps the most important resolution was the one that assured mutual defense––if one member was attacked, it would be perceived as an attack on the whole organization.

Great Xonexian Schism

The Second Heer Stekeveel War polarized the internal politics of the NZTO.

The NZTO would take an active role in the background of the early parts of the Great Xonexian Schsim as local colonial governments were increasingly forced to take on the burden of patrolling the shipping lanes as formations like the French 1st Colonial Group were sent off to fight. A great many NZTO formations, including the famed FRADOCORPS, took part in the First Battle of Katar.

Even though NZTO forces were victorious both in Mirus and the Milky Way, the Allies were forced to withdraw from the Milky Way in a demoralizing defeat which led to the massive 2802 GITO Financial Crash. The Neutrality Zone's economy was dealt a series of serious blows. The subsequent election of Jiihar Jivirik III to Premier of the Drodo Empire marked a serious change in policy in the Drodo Empire, and he quickly turned the NZTO into a tool to use against the embattled French Republic. However, his invasion of the Heer Stekeevel Confederation in 2802 and subsequent trade policies turned much of the nervous constituency of the NZTO against him, allowing French Quadrantia to muster enough votes to block the March of Stekeveelia from joining the organization.

The emergence of the French Colonial Empire in January of 2803 greatly strengthened the bargaining position of the newly independent Republic of Galactica, and allowed it the economic, political, and military viability to make serious gains in recovering its former sphere of influence. Faced with these shifting political tides, the Jivirik administration agreed to meet with the leadership of the French Colonial Empire in March of 2803 at the Franco-Drodo First City Summit.


Primary members Edit

Flag of the Republic of Galactica
Republic of Galactica
One of France's richest and most economically powerful colonies, the Republic of Galactica maintains a sphere of influence which stretches across much of the Neutrality Zone. They are based out of Galactica, which is widely considered to be the economic capital of the Neutrality Zone and hosts the headquarters of the Organization. While the republic is a part of the French Empire, it enjoys great local autonomy given the Empire's structure and government. They are also the founders of the valuable French Quadrantia Trade Route.
Drodo Colonial Flag
Drodoian Quadrant Colonies
Since 2795, the enterprising and industrious Drodo have maintained a growing presence in the Quadrants, their industry seeing business in the four corners of the Neutrality Zone. Like France, they maintain a large economic sphere of influence and a great degree of local autonomy from the Drodo Empire.
Mardvaeli Flag Quadrants
Mardvaeli Quadrant Colonies
An alliance of species from the Andromeda Galaxy, the Madrvaeli have attempted to emulate the success of the French and Drodo. Their ruthless trade policies and willingness to compete with the French and Drodo has won them a favorable economic position in the Quadrants. Because of trade agreements with France, much of their wealth feeds into the French Quadrantian capital of Galactica, and they benefit greatly from its prosperity.
Farengeto Colony Flag2
Quadrantia Farengeto
Drodoian allies from the Katar Sector, the Farengeto have just recently set up shop in the Quadrants and are rapidly becoming an economic force thanks to their proximity to the Ramsoria Run Trade Route. They are rapidly filling up their industry with foreign-bought hardware and technology to make up for their technological disadvantage. Through trade agreements with the French, some of their businesses operate out of Galactica.
Independent Sector Union Flag
Quadrants Sector of the Independent Sector Union
Part of the newly formed Independent Sector Union, a series of colonial holdings once held by the Greater Hal'Sk Empire before the onset of the Great Xonexian Schism. The Quadrants Sector of the Independent Sector Union is mostly undeveloped, infrastructure and economy wise, and is also suffering from a low-intensity armed rebellion from pro-aristicratic/monarchy rebels. Nevertheless, the Quadrants Sector of the Independent Sector Union is host to large amounts of untapped resources on their mostly untouched worlds (which the local and federal government is keen to start exploiting), and also host to the French owned Station Q8 which is home to Quadrant 82's largest Scion exchange, and brings various other forms of trade from all over the local area.
Heer Stekeveel Confederation
Heer Stekeevel Confederation (former)
Once a proud race, the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel were reduced to a federation of tribes in the early 2800's struggling to regain their racial birthright. During its short three-year existence, the Imperial Lacrimosae administration which oversaw half of the Heer Stekeveel territories was pawn of France, erected in the aftermath of the Invasion of Heer Stekeevel Space. Before they were annexed by the Drodo Empire and reformed into the March of Stekeveelia during the Second Heer Stekeveel War in 2802, they were modernizing quickly, drawing investment from all over with their cheap workforce and lack of regulations. Their annexation was a divisive issue among the ranks of the NZTO.

Sphere of influence Edit

Many other small states and planets are members of the NZTO, having joined for the economic benefits, the protection the organization offers, or both. These entities typically fall into the spheres of influence of one or more of the organization's primary members, a position which sometimes limits their economic power and renders them dependent to the nation to which they are tied.

The organization has mechanisms by which the different larger members have recognized their individual spheres of influence and promised not to step on each others' toes.

Organs Edit

Regarding trade Edit

NZTO task force

An NZTO task force on a peacekeeping mission in the upper parts of the Neutrality Zone.

Many of the original mechanisms of the Neutrality Zone Trade Organization have carried over to its new incarnation. Being a member of the organization means respecting certain rules, namely that a nation should respect diplomatic immunity, free trade, and that it should commit to fighting piracy within its borders. Forums are available to mediate trade disputes and the organization meets once a year in a summit meant to promote cooperation.

The organization's official reserve currency is Drodoian Colonial Dollar, and it is against that currency that others are weighted. It is by far the most commonly used in everyday exchanges.

Regarding defense Edit

The cornerstone of the NZTO's defense capability is the agreement between its members that if one member were to be attacked, it would be perceived as an attack on the greater whole and appropriate action would be taken. The organization also provides for mechanisms of joint military operation, making operations between more than one nation easier. NZTO-aligned ships patrol the Neutrality Zone and its trade routes more effectively than before. As a result, the threat of piracy has gone down to almost null for ships within NZTO-aligned space.

NZTO Council Edit

The central decision-making body of the organization is the NZTO Council, a body bringing together representatives from all of its member nations in the cavernous council room of the NZTO Headquarters on Galactica. It sets broad strategic goals for the alliance as well as deals with mundane day-to-day issues.

Diplomacy Edit

Foreign policy Edit

While each member of the organization has its own foreign policy, the alliance does maintain enough of a relationship with Quadrant powers to make its intentions clear. Rather than being its own agent in Quadrant politics, it acts as a facilitator between its member states and other powers.

Allies Edit

Sword&ShieldWhat can we do for you?

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Neutral Edit

Blank SpaceHm?

At War Edit

Crossed SwordsYou will regret crossing swords with us.

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