The mind is in many ways a reflection of the universe itself, a microcosmos. All species may not reach this insight, but their minds are tools greater than any other.

- Master Gaula

The Psi-blade could be one of the hallmarks in applied Neural Physics. A projection of the user's mind that, if powerful enough, can cut through most fabrics in the universe and leave scars of hallucinations, even destroying the neural work of a brain.

Neural Physics is the metaphysical and abstract science practiced by the Tier V civilizations that use psionic energy as a source to power all their technology. It is, at its core, a Krassio concept. Blurring the line between philosophy and science, neural physics is not a mere belief to the Krassio as transsentient entities. They can harness its principles as a transcendent form of technology, used to create solid structures or travel the stars. The workings of neural physics are completely beyond the conventional technologies of younger races.


Drawing from exotic neurophysical energy permeating the cosmos (psionic essence), the Krassio made their artifacts effectively potent and very difficult to destroy, allowing them to exist for millions or potentially billions of years without decay. As such, evidence of the Krassio's mastery of neural physics remained in the Chandras Galaxy even though after their disappearance following the Great War of Ages, in the form of star roads, star cities and many other vast, effectively eternal structures. In a strange concept, the Krassio cherish the interaction of living beings with the universe, all individual experience adding to the totality of transcendent universal wisdom. To record and retain these life-patterns for all of the time, the Krassio use the Iluvii Realm, a metaphysical, ever-changing parallel universe maintained by the collective gestalt of all sentient and psionic-capable species, stored in neural physics architecture within the Chandras Galaxy.

Prominent Technologies[]

Psionic manifestation in the physical world produces exotic particles imbued with psionic essence into a sub-atomic level. These particles, called Iluvium by some observers, is what allows for psionic users to easily enhance themselves and power up their technology. This initial process, which allows all types of psionic technology, is named "Iluvian Distillation".

Psi Jump Drive[]

Breaching ships into previously untouched psionic space leaves a wake of psionic streamlining that facilitates travel for future vessels. This is called the Bor'eaa path

The Psi Jump Drive harnesses the psi energies emitted by the crew to force the vessel through the very fabric of reality, instantly "jumping" vast distances. Civilizations such as the Krassio can access the Iluvii Realm through the use of these drives, their jumps manifested in real-time durations within the hyper matter dimension while it may take a few minutes or an hour at the most. However, due to their dependence on the psionic energy for FTL travel, those who use Neural Physics for interstellar travel need the help of the creation of a psionic path called the Bor'eaa Path, which is created once the Krassio have established jump nodes that concentrate the Path into effective transit roads.

Psionic Shieldings[]

A Civatron activates his shield.

These extremely powerful shields are generated out of pure psychic energy by a cadre of psionic specialists on vessels and by a single user when using a personal shield.

To understand psionic shielding is to understand one's aura and materializing it using the concepts of Neural Physics applied to a defensive stance. All particles of Iluvium emitted by the user are channeled in the form of a grid that stops projectile fire, which works as a highly dense electromagnetic field only visible when an impact is seen. In the case of the Krassio, their shields are anti-high velocity penetration shields, rendering most of the firearms useless, as they would simply desintegrate at the event horizon of the shield's field. As such, many who face Krassio warriors tend to predilect melee weapons to counter them.

Psi Blade[]

Psi Blades, as they would call them, is a user's life and personality imbued in a weapon that is so dense and so filled with extra-dimensional energy, that it can easily cut through most of the materials it touches. Additionally, due to the blade being imbued with Psionic energy, a user's neural process and psionic might are directly linked to it. A Psi Blade may not kill its target all the time, but it can inflict serious wounds that eventually render a mind catatonic. In the case of demons, this power surge of psionic essence explodes like hellish, blue fire, disintegrating them for good.

Precognitive Interface[]

Krassio helmets are often equipped with a Precognitive Interface.

Advances in the field of Psionics suggest the possibility of creating combat computers capable of reading and analyzing the impulses of telepathic operatives before they are cognitively processed. Krassio helmets are often equipped with a Precognitive Interface, which amplifiess their mathematical calculations and prediction of a high number of possibilities to map out interstellar travel and tactical input. This allows the user to easily materialize psionic constructs like shielding and blades with ease.

Eternal Architecture[]

Civa Praxeum is a massive mobile planet that is able to consume colossal amounts of energy and travel sporadically throughout the galaxy.

Composed of complex sequences of thought, buildings and ships constructed through the methods of Neural Physics are rendered virtually impervious to any sort of combustion or energy weapons, with the exception of highly advanced weaponry such as essence-based weapons or hyper beams. These constructs are maintained by a near infinite supply of mentalic energy (psionic) produced unconsciously by the broad population of psionic users. So far the only ones able to pull this kind of pseudo-engineering are the Krassio.


Through automated Curation algorithms stored in customized Auto-curated Vaults, which are a highly-specialized computerized network that constantly acquires, analyzes, evaluates, and puts on display everyday artifacts it deems of impending historical import, creating a living museum of the present and a window into the zeitgeist, psionic-based civilizations such as the Krassio create continuous, asynchronous analysis of disparate data sets, allowing them for the accurate modeling of hitherto-unpredictable fluctuations in social currents.


  • As inspiration for the Neural Physics concept, The Valader drew his inspiration from the Precursors of the Halo Series, the Protoss from Starcraft, and the Psionic Ascension Path in Stellaris.
  • This technology is available to psionic imbued civilizations, the only thing its creator wishes is that you respect Krassio as its most advanced proponent.