Though the Battle of Venetia was won, it was a Pyrrhic victory. Many thousands of Republic lives were lost to defend the peaceful world from the nefarious Neraida advance. Nevertheless, victory ultimately came, and with it, a sigh of relief echoed throughout allied space. The Neraida could be defeated. Orbiting over the Republic world Angrenos, the Aeolus was gradually being surrounded by a vast fleet of allied vessels, including the Liberty, flagship of Gavakar and the Herald of Retribution, command ship of the Primarch of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, Voro Acetenus. In the primary conference room on the Aeolus, Captain Roslia sat with his hands templed at the head of the table, awaiting the arrival of his fellow commanders. Commander Sevine, the executive officer of the Aeolus was the first to enter the room.

"Captain, may I present Primarch Voro Acetenus and Shiplord X'elorn Tolahven of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, Commandant Gavakar of the Indoctrinate Collective, Captain Garan Andarch of Rambo Nation, Admiral Juliana Reynolds of the Allied Terran Republic and finally, our own Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine and Captain Achille."

Helo stood to his feet as the commanders entered the room, saluting, shaking hands and bowing where appropriate. "It is a pleasure to see you all. Welcome to the Aeolus."

Voro placed his hand to his chest and bowed his head. "Good tidings, friend. I have just received word of your victory over Venetia. My congratulations. May it portend further victories to come." Commandant Gavakar nodded her head in acnowledgement as she shook the Libertus's hand as well. "And here we are, once again, fighting against a common threat. This galaxy, huh."

Admiral Kuestantine nodded. "Well most of us anyway. I wonder why the Neraida haven't attacked the Empire."

Meeting on the Aeolus

The Allied leaders meet on the Aeolus.

"I got the feeling they want you dead in specific." Gavakar replied with her arms crossed.

As the delegates sat around the table, Shiplord Tolahven slammed down his fist. "Disloyal currs!"

"In any event, we need to capitalise on our victory on Venetia. A victory to rally our people that the Neraida can be defeated." Helo said, raising a hand to calm the Cogsangui.

Gavakar continued with her arms crossed. Her voice was rather pessimistic. "Honestly, Venetia was a massacre. The victory there was a miracle."

Garan Andarch scratched his chin, deep in thought. "Perhaps we should employ guerilla tactics?"

"That would be a logical course of action." The entire room turned to face the new arrival. He was a Libertus to be sure, but was covered in cybernetic implants. "My name is Selanius. I am a former Caprigrox drone currently serving on the flagship of the Republic. My insight will prove invaluable."

"I didn't know drones could be, well, saved." Gavakar spoke with some surprise, being unaware of a being like Selanius being possible to exist.

Some at the table regarded Selanius with apprehension, though the former drone ignored them. "Fleet Admiral Cretacea wishes to inform you that a Neraida fleet approaches Angrenos. Naturally, I have formulated a defense strategy." Selanius interacted with a holographic display which emerged from his wrist. "I am sending your vessels schematics for matter turbocannons. Fire these concentrated streams of quark-gluon plasma at the Neraida and it should allow for a more efficient evacuation."

The entire table murmured. "I advise you all to return to your ships and prepare. We make our stand here!"


  • The first chapter of the Neraida War to receive a subpage.

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