In the month since the armada arrived in Neraida space, dozens of engagements had erupted in the region surrounding the nebula, not least of all at the Girithian Oikoumene Sphere, where the Aeolus had recently discovered the last surviving Nagith. Patrolling in orbit around the allied-controlled sphere, the Republic Star Destroyer Concord and the Collective starship Liberty were assigned to look out for any nearby Neraida forces, the bulk of which appeared to be engaged with the primary fleet over twenty light years away. On the bridge of the Concord, Captain Onon Vebbar was joined by the famous Doctor Dané Elenya, who was assigned to the Concord by the xenoarchaeological corps to investigate the sphere and the various races which made their mark upon it throughout the millennia. As she interacted with her assigned console on the bride, she narrowed her eyes as she delved through some unusual sensor readings from a nearby system.

"Captain Vebbar? I'm detecting a high concentration of chroniton radiation from a nearby system. I recommend that we investigate," she said, her eyes darting across the screen attempting to ascertain the origin of such an unusual anomaly.

The captain scratched his head and sighed. "I'll need to clear it with Fleet Admiral Cretacea, doctor. After all, we are here to win a war, not to satisfy our scientific curiousity."

"I'm aware of that captain, but this anomaly cannot be a natural phenomena. Assuming that you studied temporal mechanics during your academy days, I shouldn't need to remind you of the dangers of such a find, particularly in the midst of Neraida space."

Captain Vebbar nodded. While he could admit to himself that he found the Doctor's candour refreshing, he did not appreciate his authority being questioned in such a way on his own bridge. Nevertheless, when he contacted the Admiral, he was not surprised to learn that Cretacea shared the Doctor's concern. If the Neraida were developing a temporal weapon of some kind, it could reverse the fortune of the alliance in the entire conflict. Sitting in his command chair, Vebbar opened a channel to Commandant Gavakar.

"Commandant Gavakar, we have detected a high concentration of chrontion radiation in a nearby system. Admiral Cretacea has given command of the mission to investigate to us both. I'll send the coordinates now." The Dracogodasimer commander scratched her snout and inspected the information before replying. "I've no idea what that means, but if the Neraida are involved, then count on me to tear them to pieces."

Vebbar smiled and gave the order for the navigation to plot a course for the system. Along with the Concord and the Liberty, Admiral Cretacea had assigned twelve other Republic vessels to provide backup, should the anomaly be confirmed to be of Neraida origin. Shooting off into the hyperspatial void, the flotilla soon arrived over a barren world, with the unmistakable silhouette of a Neraida gateway in low-orbit. Such gateways were used by the Neraida to quickly traverse space throughout the Cyrandia Cluster, implying that they had Oikoumene technology of sufficient power to breach the galactic barriers of Cyrannus and the Quadrants. Ordering the flotilla to red alert, Vebbar noticed that the gateway was larger than the ones already encountered by the Republic. It was clear that it was the gateway that was producing the chroniton radiation.

Battle of the Temporal Gateway

Republic and Collective forces fight to destroy the Temporal Gateway.

Rising from her station, Doctor Elenya scrutinised the gateway closely through the viewscreen. "Fascinating. The Neraida are attempting to open a temporal portal, captain! Who knows what kind of damage they could inflict if they manage to successfully open one. It's imperative that this gateway be destroyed." At the bridge of her ship, Gavakar narrowed her eyes. "You're saying they're making a time portal? They must be trying to un-make our victories! These machines are truly the most cowardly type of enemy."

Captain Vebbar nodded. "All ships, coordinate with the Concord and fire on these coordinates. Full turbolaser spread."

The Republic fleet, led by the Concord under Vebbar and the Allecto under the command of Captain Nerazachi, quickly engaged the Neraida fleet, which mainly consisted of Spheres and Probes. Evidently, the Gigamatrix did not anticipate such a bold attack against a seemingly barren system. The blue turbolaser fire of the Republic vessels lanced across the darkness of space, impacting against the smaller Neraida vessels. Using their manoeuvrability, the Neraida ships attempted to swarm the Star Destroyers, using precision weaponry in an attempt to break through the Republic shields. Captain Vebbar moved the Concord toward the gateway, utilising tractor beam repulsors to prevent the Neraida vessels from entering the quickly stabilising portal. Gavakar led the Indoctrinate Collective's fighters into bombarding the Neraida's vessels with their weapons, making sure to deploy her shipeater nanomachines to maximise the damage; she would watch them be devoured.

When a sufficient portion of the Neraida fleet had been destroyed, Captain Vebbar ordered all ships to immediately concentrate their firepower on the gateway. Though much of the fleet had been damaged in the vicious fighting against the Neraida, the ships that retained their weapons systems locked onto the gateway and fired. After three minutes of continuous fire, the gateway finally began to buckle. Over the fleet communication net, Captain Vebbar ordered all ships to immediately jump into hyperspace, lest they be caught in the resultant temporal explosion. One by one, the ships engaged their hyperdrives, with the last one leaving the system just prior to the collapse of the gateway and the temporal portal, creating a shockwave which consumed much of the system.

By the time the flotilla returned to the allied staging area, Captain Vebbar was informed that contact had been made with a species of alien known as the Aevarin, which controlled an empire on the fringes of Neraida territory. With the temporal portal destroyed, the Neraida would be forced to fight conventionally and should the Aevarin be believed, they may hold a key to their ultimate defeat.


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