The ecumenopolis Coruanthor was the most heavily populated world in New Republic space, mirroring in many respects the galactic capital Orbispira. The skies over the planet are often filled with songs of prosperity and commerce, with trade vessels from across the Gigaquadrant arriving on a constant basis. A day after the Defence of Angrenos however, the city world was darkened by a very grave threat, the Supercube under the command of Aedanius II of Neraida. Without mercy, Neraida dispersal pods were launched toward the surface of the planet reflective of Aedanius' eagerness to annihilate every square metre of this hubworld of the Republic.

The remnants of the Neraida fleet quickly annihilated the defence fleet over the planet, which had not yet been upgraded by Selanius' upgrade. Debris rained down onto the planet's surface, annihilating entire city blocks, with the Neraida's orbital bombardment incinerating entire regions of the city world. The shattered remnants of the defence fleet attempted to open fire, but it was ultimately to minimal effect, with the entire planetary defensive perimeter soon collapsing into fire and debris. At the very centre of the moon-sized Cube, Aedanius ordered a slight course alternation, bringing the nefarious vessel on an unrelenting course toward the beseiged planet. Just as the cube was about to fire its primary continent-smashing weapon, Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea's joint armada dropped out of hyperspace.

The Allied Fleet defends Coruanthor during the battle against the Neraida in 10 NE.

Leading the Unified Order of Cognalorilos was the migthy flagship of Primarch Voro Acetenus, the Herald of Retribution, alongside the Resolution and Truth, the command ship of N'thavo Xellunaion, the Supreme Lord of Concordant Resolution. Surrounding the Cognatus command ships was the Endurance of the Hallowed Star, under the command of Morin Ehtar and the Harbinger of Truth, helmed by Thaur Vicliquam. Following close was the fleet of the Indoctrinate Collective, led by Commandant Gavakar, who was eager too have her revenge for the destruction of Narsul. Representing the Allied Terran Republic was Admiral Juliana Reynolds of the ATS Leonardo da Vinci. A fleet of ships from the Delpha Coalition of Planets arrived, and developed a defensive perimeter around the flagship Taas'guul commanded by the admiral of the Delphan-Cyrannai Task Force. Scattered amongst the armada were the forces of Apalos, some taking the form of Imperium-class starships but most appearing as stealthy starfighter-sized probes secreted near to possible weak spots in their allies' formation. A number of the fleet's warships were sheltered within the mighty shields of the Defiance and the Fist of Iubar. These Kraken-class carrier-ships were surrounded by several other Talven vessels, led by Admiral Drusa Lucilius aboard the Storm of Votum.

Led by the CRS Republica under the command of Fleet Admiral Cretacea, the New Republic fleet consisted of the Spirit of the Republic under Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine, the Star of Cyrannus of Fleet Admiral Kaedar, the Aeolus, commanded by Captain Helo Roslia, the Spirit of Freedom under Admiral Aradraen, the Concord under Captain Onon Vebbar and the Endeavour, commanded by Admiral Vinchauk Il'Chahol. Rambo Nation was represented by the USS Royal Oak under the command of Captain Garan Andarch and a single Constitution-class starship.

The Republic and their allies rush to the defence of Coruanthor.

Distracted by the arrival of the mighty fleet, the firing sequence of the Supercube was disrupted, with Aedanius turning the primary cannon onto the new arrivals, which began unleashing the full force of their arsenal. A torrent of turbolaser fire lanced across space above Coruanthor, erupting from the batteries of the Republic fleet toward the monolithic face of their Neraida foe. Leading the charge, the Cognatus under Voro Acetenus likewise let their cannons roar, utilising their high manoeuvring capabilities to dodge the Neraida attacks, using precision targeting to fire on the weak spots of the Cube's hull. Where their shots landed, the weapons of Apalos followed, working to widen any wounds in their enemies' armour.

The Delphan fleet had limited experience with the Neraida, but had long experience battling their possible Plazithian cousin. The DCP fired transphasic torpedoes, missiles designed to dip in and out of different layers of hyperspace, causing bursts of high energy radiation effecting different resonances of hyperspace, in the hope it could inflict damage on the Neraida's multi-phasic regeneration layers by disrupting their hypermatter powersource. Conventional weapons were also used liberally. The Collective opened fire alongside the rest of the fleet, firing arrays of shipeater nanomachines at the hull of the Cube as to slowly devour whatever was not destroyed by the others and further disrupt the Neraida. The Talven forces moved to flank the Neriada's ships, dispersing thousands of fighters to repair and defend any allied vessels under significant fire. Using tractor beam projectors, the Talven warships began to launch debris at the Neraida flagship, occupying their point-defence systems.

On the bridge of the Republica, Admiral Cretacea's eyes darted from viewscreen to viewscreen, before turning to Commander Selanius, who nodded wordlessly. Giving the order, Cretacea unleashed the power of the Republica's matter turbocannons, which erupted from the prow of the mighty Republic flagship and lanced forward before meeting with the damaged hull of the Supercube with tremendous force, blasting a significant proportion of the superstructure into hyperspace.

Within the collapsing maw of the Cube, Aedanius' normally emotionless eyes flashed with rage. Just as he began transferring his consciousness to a new body in Neraida space, he activated the Cube's self-destruct protocols, causing it to explode with the power of a micro-supernova, destroying many Allied ships which failed to reach a safe distance in time. The Neraida had been defeated, though at a dreadful cost. Hundreds of millions of Coruanthoran civilians had been killed, with wide swaths of the city world's surface utterly devastated. The Cube's destruction created an explosion of such a magnitude that gamma rays created lasting damage to the ozone layer. Cretacea frowned as he looked at the ruined surface of the planet below. The time has come to bring the fight to these monsters.


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