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Prepare for annihilation. Your cities will burn. Your planets will be sundered. Your civilisation will be terminated. We are the Neraida. We are coming.

- Aedanius II of Neraida

The Neraida Gigamatrix was a feared and virulent force of assimilators native to the Cyrandia Cluster, which terrorised the First Gigaquadrant for over a decade in devastating campaigns of annihilation and subjugation prior to their final defeat in the closing stages of the Neraida War. Created millennia ago by the ancient Nagith Empire, the Neraida were created to serve as cybernetic slaves to their masters, designed to ensure Nagith dominance over the First Republic and to cater for their every whim as domestic servants, as well as robotic warriors. However, the Neraida eventually became self-aware, rising up against their "Parents" in a bloody uprising which proved to be a major catalyst in the final collapse of the empire during the Second Nagith War against the First Republic.

In the aftermath, the Neraida manifested themselves as three individuals, sharing a collective consciousness and a seemingly endless supply of identical bodies, beginning a destructive campaign across the centuries to bring order to what they saw as a disorderly cosmos. Spreading across the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus and into the Cyranai Galaxy, the Neraida came into conflict with the Grox Empire in the Quadrant Galaxies, assimilating them into a faction which became known as the Quadrantia Grox—which retained ties to the Neraida, while remaining distinct and independent. The three matrixes of Cyrannus, Cyranai and the Quadrants became disconnected, however, during a seemingly endless war with the Neraida's ultimate enemies—the alien Bisistar Domain of Cyranai.

Of the three factions, the Cyrannian Neraida were arguably the most aggressive, led by the most powerful of the original Triumvirate in a quest to reform the Gigamatrix. During the Great Cyrannus War, the Cyrannian Neraida unleashed devastating attacks against the warring United Republic of Cyrannus and the Confederacy of Allied Systems, assimilating millions before withdrawing prior to the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. In the aftermath, the Cyrannian Neraida assimilated Apollo of the Republic Remnant, using him to reconnect the Gigamatrix once more. The most feared power in the Cyrandia Cluster, the reforged Neraida Gigamatrix spread in an insatiable quest for order, facing intense opposition from powers such as the Bisistar and the Cognatus Empire, with the latter using ancient Oikoumene technology to besiege the original Neraida Core.

In the midst of the New Cyrandia Wars, the Neraida attempted to expand into the Milky Way Galaxy, where they assimilated many Terran colonies before attempting to seize the Grox Meta-Emperor, only to be repelled by the Salsetthe Republic. Nevertheless, using technology gleamed from the Meta-Emperor, the Neraida increased their power in preparation of a conflict which would come to be known as the Neraida War—a colossal conflict pitting them against the New Republic and their allies. The war ultimately ended in the skies over the Neraida War, when the former drone Selanius utilised a virus created by the Aevarin to infect the Neraida hivemind. In its last moment, the last Neraida gazed upon the last Nagith, Vanikaimar, and attempted to explain its actions before finally dying. With the death of the Triumvirate, the Neraida Gigamatrix ceased to exist, ending the war and a perennial threat to the Gigaquadrant.



The origins of the Neraida Gigamatrix lie in the ancient civilisation known as the Nagith Empire, which ruled large tracks of the Unknown Regions thousands of years before the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. According to ancient Nagith records, after the First Nagith War, but before the second, they became to experiment in dark methods of creating life. These experiments ultimately produced the Neraida, who the Nagith saw as their "Children". Ultimately however, the Neraida became self-aware and rebelled against the Nagith civilisation coming close to destroying it before slipping into the mystery of the Unknown Regions.

Over the ensuing centuries, the Nagith became embroiled in both an early invasion by the Bisistar Domain and the Second Nagith War, the latter of which ultimately resulted in its collapse. Meanwhile, the Neraida began to evolve into a remorseless civilisation of assimilators fixated on the pursuit of utter perfection by absorbing all life and technology in the universe. With no Nagith left to control their civilisation, the Neraida began to expand into other galaxies. Within one hundred years, the Neraida assimilated over six hundred alien worlds in the Cyranai Galaxy and launched a campaign in the Quadrant Galaxies over three thousand years before the Dark Times , where they came into conflict with the Grox Empire. The conflict ended several years later with the assimilation of the Grox into the Neraida, ultimately forming the Quadrantia Grox, one of the three main matrixes of the Neraida's civilisation. These Quadrantia "Grox" evolved with a disdain for the rest of the Gigamatrix, viewing them as lower lifeforms.

The reconnection of the Gigamatrix.

Several centuries later, an incredibly powerful unknown civilisation attacked the Gigamatrix, devastating it on a near complete level, separating it into three separate factions based around the Cyranai Matrix, the Cyrannus Matrix and the Quadrantia Matrix. It would not be for another two thousand years that the Neraida would once again rise to become the most feared force in the Cyrandia Cluster.


Engagement outcome doubtful. The Bisistar are an efficient foe.

- The Neraida

The modern Neraida Gigamatrix was formed in the year 02 NE, when the Cyrannus Galaxy lay under the iron claws of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. The civilization known as the "Cyrannian Neraida" managed to ascertain information regarding their mysterious origins, coming to the conclusion that their ancient civilization was split across the Cyrandia Cluster by their makers, with different factions in the Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyranai Galaxy being seperated by hundreds of thousands of lightyears. Eventually, the Bisistar attempted to stop the Cyrannian "Grox" from reconnecting with the rest of the Gigamatrix, hoping to prevent them from becoming more of a threat. However, with the unwitting help from the President of the Republic Remnant, Apollo, the Bisistar failed, and Apollo himself was assimilated. Travelling on a Neraida Cube, Apollo made contact with both the Cyranai and Quadrantia Grox, eventually forming the Gigamatrix.

Endless Conflict[]

Attacks against the Empire

One of the first acts of the Gigamatrix was to attack the Venator-class Star Destroyer, the Obliberator, captained by Mortikran. Surprising the lone Imperial ship, Apollo opened communications with Mortikran, before sending down Khuenaten to destroy and absorb the crew. Unfortunately for the Gigamatrix, Mortikran managed to escape, though the Obliberator itself was assimilated. With this, the Empire began seeing that the Gigamatrix was a much larger threat then it originally believed. Concurrently to their ongoing war with the Bisistar, the Gigamatrix also began learning more about their origins on various discovered Nagith planets. On one such planets, the Gigamatrix sent a task force consisting of Apollo and Khuenaten and various other drones. This task force soon uncovered that the original Neraida were the so-called "children" of the Nagith Empire. However, before they could uncover more about their origins, they were forced to escape when the cave came crashing down.

The battle of the Core begins.

The Neraida eventually learned of the location of an ancient Oikoumene artificial world, with technologies that haven't been seen in the galaxy since the enigmatic civilisation's disappearance. When they arrived, they were faced with a small Imperial fleet. A massive battle erupted between the two factions, each vying for dominance over Amemoriam's treasures. However, all this ended when the installation's volatile AI, the Adjunct activated Amemoriam's defenses, destroying all but a single Cube. Eventually, Republic Remnant learned that this Cube hid both Apollo and Khuenaten and invaded it. In the ensuing firefight, Khuenaten managed to escape while Apollo was captured and healed of his assimilation, thanks to the ancient AI Adjunct. Though defeated, the Neraida gained much from Apollo's knowledge.

Conflict with the Bisistar

This knowledge however, did not save the Neraida from a direct assault on their home system by the Bisistar. However, the Neraida also did not anticipate that the Cognatus Empire would join in on the Bisistar's assault on the central Core. The resulting battle was catastrophic on both sides. Though the Gigamatrix was arguably the most powerful faction, this didn't stop the Cognatus from retrieving the ancient Oikoumene artificial intelligence that lay in the heart of the Core. This AI, the Licent's movement from the Core caused an explosion that destroyed the Core, causing the Neraida to retreat. However, the ever adaptable Neraida gained much information in the battle and repaired whatever damage was dealt within a few weeks.

The Neraida came into direct conflict with the Galactic Empire for a second time as the third year of the New Era began during the quest for ancient artifacts. Unfortunately for the Gigamatrix, the Empire came out on top. A few months later, the Neraida attacked the Dhyrma Collective in the Cyranai Galaxy and managed to assimilate the majority of its technology and inhabitants.

The Neraida destroy the human fleet over Tírnanóg.

Invasion of the Milky Way[]

Insignificant mammals. Your kind and your galaxy will be assimilated by those nature has deemed your betters. The Neraida Gigamatrix are your rightful masters and have deemed this galaxy worthy of assimilation. Consider yourself honoured that your world will be the first to know transcendence within the fold of your new family. But first... tell me about Earth.

- Sakhmet

Though often considered to be a purely Cyrandia force, the Neraida surprised the Gigaquadrant in 04 NE when they initated a large scale invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy on two fronts, one against the Allied Terran Republic and another against The Civilisation's hold on the remnants of the Grox Empire. Striking first at the Terran colony of Tírnanóg, the Neraida completely overwhelmed the planet's defences and assimilated much of the planet's population seemingly beginning a campaign to conquer the human homeworld of Earth. Meanwhile, the Neraida also began preparations for their campaign against the Civilisation in the hopes of capturing the Grox Meta-Emperor. Amassing a vast fleet for the task, the Neraida approached the Meta-Emperor as it floated in space, only to be intercepted by a fleet belonging to the Salsetthe Republic.

A massive space battle ensued for control over the Emperor. However, unbeknown to the Salsetthe, a Neraida probe approached the Emperor during the battle and managed to assimilate a portion of it, gaining useful information that could aid the Invasion. When they had what they came for, the Neraida fleet self-destructed. Joint Mou'Cyran Accords intelligence believes that the Neraida continue to operate in the Milky Way, carrying out raids against any and all civilisations within their reach. Nevertheless, their presence in Plazith is believed to be minimal, perhaps indicating that their interest has turned elsewhere.

Attack on Moreuse

Consensus reached. Drone Khuenaten has been discontinued. Replacement necessary.

- The Triumvirate of One

Meanwhile in the Unknown Regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy, Neraida forces under the command of Khuenaten invaded the Mortalitas homeworld of Moreuse, where they came into conflict with the Cyrannian Imperial State under the command of Zillum and Tyrant. During the subsequent battle, Khuenaten himself boarded Zillum's flagship, gravely wounded Tyrant and fought a vicious final duel with the Mortalitas King. Ultimately, the nefarious drone was destroyed and the Neraida fleet routed. Back in Neraida territory, the Triumvirate of One deemed the resurrection of Khuenaten unnecessary, instead revealing their newest minion, the drone Aedanius II of Neraida- a clone of Apollo from his time as a thrall.

Neraida War[]

The Neraida battle the brave defenders of Venetia during the opening stages of the Neraida War.

In 09 NE, the Neraida launched a massive invasion against the New Cyrannian Republic, sparking a calamitous conflict which became known as the Neraida War. Within the first three months of the war, the Neraida viciously attacked Ithirebor, Barcamar, Cernunnos, Xellunactos and Mou'Llhei, prompting the Republic to pool its considerable resources toward ending the Neraida threat once and for all. With the invasion fleet led by Aedanius II of Neraida, the Gigamatrix were almost victorious on all fronts prior to the war's turning point during the Defense of Angrenos, when the former Caprigrox drone Selanius helped install matter turbocannons on the vessels of the ever-expanding Allied armada, allowing them to repel the Neraida during the Battle of Coruanthor, despite suffering tens of millions of both civilian and military casualities.

Led by Republic Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea, the Republic rallied a sizable allied force consisting of nations including the Indoctrinate Collective, the Mendel Pact, the Vanara Houses, Rambo Nation, the Delpha Coalition of Planets, the Unified Order of Cognalorilos and the Talven Empire, amongst many others, united in a final push into Neraida space through a newly discovered wormhole in the Concordian Nebula. With a foothold established in Neraida space, the allies began exploring the previously uncharted region of Cyrannus, with Captain Helo Roslia—one of the war's greatest heroes—being instrumental in discovering an Oikoumene dyson sphere, which hid the last surviving Nagith, known as Vanikaimar. Though Vanikaimar was sceptical about aiding the Republic, he gladly fought alongside the allies to defeat his "Children".

The Battle of the Neraida Core rages.

Toward the end of the conflict, the Allied Terran Republic discovered the peaceful Aevarin people, who had developed a highly advanced virus which, in theory, could be used to disrupt and destroy the Neraida hivemind. Before the allies could use the virus however, the Aevarin homeworld was besieged by both the Neraida and by the Bisistar, who entered the conflict to play a part in the final destruction of the Gigamatrix, agreeing to a tenuous cease fire with the allies. With the virus completed by the surviving Aevarin and the best scientists of the Indoctrinate Collective, the allies launched the final battle of the war in orbit over the vast Nagith Core.

During the conflict, the Neraida fought viciously to defeat their foes, though were unable to withstand the combined might of the Allies and the Bisistar. Boarding the Core, Selanius, Vanikaimar, Ryen and a contingent of Cogsangui warriors made their way to the central chamber, where Vanikaimar destroyed Aedanius and bore witness to the destruction of the Neraida. In their last moments, the Triumvirate addressed the Nagith directly, rationalising the destruction of his people by claiming that "parents must die for children to come into their own". With the destruction of the Triumvirate, the Neraida Gigamatrix was finally destroyed.


The destruction of the Neraida had an indelible impact on the civilisations of the Cyrandia Cluster, shifting the power structure of Cyranai and the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus irrevocably. In the Quadrant Galaxies, the Quadrantia Grox, due to their separate origins from the original Nagith-created Neraida, were only silently impacted by the destruction of their brethren, while in Cyranai, the loss of the hivemind separated some individual Cubes, forging independent factions of Marinox and Caprigrox drones. However, these factions became easy prey for the resurgent Bisistar Domain, which quickly launched a campaign to conquer the space previously occupied by the Neraida, an ambition mirrored by the United Order of Tophos and its Sublime Territories, a rising power in the Cyrandia Cluster.

In the aftermath of the conflict, Rambo Nation and the New Republic, under the auspices of the Pathfinder Fleet Project, began exploring the post-Neraida Unknown Regions, putting them into conflict with the powerful Ecclessoth Convocation.

In Cyrannus, the Republic, invigorated by the final defeat of the Neraida began renewed colonisation efforts into the Unknown Regions, under the aegis of the joint Pathfinder Fleet Project with Rambo Nation. The two allies sought to discover more Oikoumene constructs in the depths of space, only to encounter aggressive factions such as the Ecclessoth Convocation, which sought to expand their dominion into the now-empty Neraida domain. While millions were killed in the conflict, the Republic emerged from the Neraida War as a considerably more powerful civilisation, armed with reverse-engineered Neraida technology capable of challenging the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

However, while the galaxy celebrated the destruction of the Neraida, the last Nagith, Vanikaimar, allied with the newly formed Aldárae Order did not sway from his closely held belief that the Neraida were not capable of being defeated by a single victory. Instead, the Nagith warned, the Neraida would some day return as they always have and lest the civilisations of the Gigaquadrant were prepared, more dangerous than ever. Nevertheless, in the two decades after the end of the Neraida War, no evidence came to light that the Neraida survived the conflict. For the moment, at least, their defeat was final.

Society and Culture[]

The Neraida are led by the Triumvirate of One.

The Gigamatrix had no culture and no society. It was driven by one will alone, the will to conquer and assimilate all that stood in their path. It was the singular goal of their vast civilisation, which was often cited as being more of a force of nature akin to a swarm of locusts rather then a fully fledged society with customs and traditions. The Neraida viewed other stellar entities in the Cyrandia Cluster including the more traditional governments such as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus or the New Cyrannian Republic or even more alien ones such as the Icolian Assemblage as being inherently flawed and unable to fully understand the mysteries of the cosmos. Because of this universal belief across the Neraida's hivemind, the entire Gigamatrix was in a constant state of conflict with other civilisations due to their aspirations of a universal Gigamatrix free from chaos.

Prior to the Neraida War, the only known civilisation to stand against the Neraida and survive for any great deal of time was the Bisistar Domain, a powerful civilisation native to the Cyranai Galaxy. The Neraida craved to assimilate the Domain, while the Bisistar in turn saw the Neraida as an abhorrent form of life that should be destroyed to ensure their dominion over the Cluster. The conflict between the two giants spanned most of recent history, only to end in the fiery skies of the Neraida Core. In the aftermath of the final battle, the Bisistar capitalised on the defeat of their foes, to the detriment of the civilisations of the Gigaquadrant which aided them in the Neraida's destruction.


With the sole exception of the original Neraida, the Cyrannian Marinox and the Caprigrox, the Neraida was made up of hundreds of trillions of assimilated drones from millions of different species. Due to the main hive of the Neraida being located within the Unknown Regions, the most common drones observed were Corthrinus, Tiranozark and Libertus, the latter of which are Cyrannus' most common species. However, the Neraida assimilated members of species from most Cyrannian civilisations and showed no hesitation or remorse in the assimilation process. Only the Bisistar and the Icolian were proven to be immune.


The Neraida's hivemind prompted the Gigamatrix to see the term "individual" as flawed and antiquated, utterly beneath the collective consciousness of the Neraida. However, there were times when the Neraida felt fit to grant a level of autonomy to a drone, as seen during the re-connection of the Gigamatrix, when Apollo was given the ability to make his own decisions once he was assimilated instead of being subject to the complete hivemind. The case was similar with the Cyrannian Marinox known as Khuenaten who had such a degree of independence that he has developed feelings of vengeance towards the Mortalitas known as Zillum, a concept alien to the Neraida hivemind.

During the final Battle of the Neraida Core, the leaders of the Gigamatrix, the Triumvirate of One, experienced fleeting moments of individuality when the Aevarin virus was uploaded to their hivemind, though their destruction prevented them from fully experiencing the sensation.


The reconstructed Neraida Core.

The Neraida Gigamatrix controlled millions of worlds within their fold and constantly expanded their territory by ruthlessly assimilating all civilisations in their path. Until the destruction of the primary Neraida Hub in 2 NE by the Cognatus Empire and the Bisistar Domain, the Neraida operated out of the Marwolaeth Region of Cyrannus, in the south of what was once called the Unknown Regions. After the battle was lost, the Neraida spent several weeks rebuilding their central nexus, but without the Licent, the Oikoumene AI found within. Nevertheless, as ever, the Neraida adapted. The Gigamatrix was also known to exist in the Cyranai Galaxy and the Quadrant Galaxies, though in the latter, the matrix refers to itself as "Grox", something the rest of the Neraida found perplexing.


The Neraida's "military" consisted of large fleets of monolithic spacecraft much like those found in some Grox factions in the Milky Way Galaxy, perhaps alluding to a connection between them. The Neraida assimilated technology from the various races it encountered, thus expanding on the already impressive arsenal of the Neraida. The most infamous vessels used by the Neraida were the feared Neraida Cubes, massive box-like starships ranked among the most powerful vessels in the Cyrannus Galaxy, with only certain Imperial and Bisistar designs capable of fighting them on equal grounds. However, the Neraida also fielded a wide range of other vessels for other roles such as diamonds, spheres and probes.




Yellow face.pngDo not refuse your fate. It is inevitable.


Yellow face.pngAssimilation unsuccessful. Prepare for annihilation.


They will pay for kidnapping my son!

- Willelmus Cretacea

Good, unite so I can destroy you all!

- Zillum

Everything is going as plan.

- Tyrómairon

Neraida domination will ensue.

- Khuenaten

Neraida...you are limited.

- Meketanor

Mystery awaits beyond the Imperial borders. But it matters not. In the end, everybody... shall... succumb.

- Agnassana


- Santorakh

Their power is truly both frightening and awe-inspiring. We must be cautions of these "Neraida".

- Mercuris Federation

With the fall of the Grox Meta-Empire, the rise of the SubGrox Grox to fill the niche is to be expected. However, unlike the Meta-Empire we know next to nothing about the Neraida Gigamatrix.

- Delpha Coalition of Planets assessment

What?! No! God no! This is not possible!!!

- High Prophet of Honour

I'm all for order but this is just over the top.

- Tyton Sialis

How do they make boxes so scary? That's their trick card if you ask me.

- Agent Nu

I don't CARE if it is illogical to resist, I am still gonna resist!

- Thel'Vimicelnes



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