The Nebulorians have existed for billions of years (oldest empire in my fiction). They have a history of causing great catastrophes in the galaxy, one in particular was the attack on the Biskin home world.



The Nebulorians lived in a alternate dimension that was then known as Omega Dimension, a dimension parallel to ours. This dimension was strange, it glowed a cyan with dark blue and only had a few galaxies, the rest being gigantic nebulae or just void. The Nebulorians made their home on a planet known as Nebulor. They lived there for thousands of years, becoming more technologically advanced. Other empires found out about Nebulor and its most vital resource: Shatorium, an energy that can go on for very long periods of time. And even better, it could be used as a weapon.

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First WarEdit

The other empires began attacking Nebulor, hoping to get their hands on some of that Shatorium. The Nebulorians quickly fought back, using Shatourium Guns. These new weapons completely shot down the bodily functions of the target and could even destroy vehicles. With their new weapon, the Nebulorians pushed back the attack. Next, they attacked the other empires instead, defeating them and stealing their technology.

Religious MotivesEdit

The Nebulorians continued to create new weapons and ships powered by Shatorium. Other empires still attacked them, but they were always defeated. Then, Lord Ne'yon, the current leader of Nebulor, had told his people that their god, Spevile, had contacted him. He said Spevile told him There are many unbelievers in the universe...they must be punished. The want to reawaken Spode. The Nebulorians decided to follow Spevile's commands and destroy any unbelievers. For the next 3,000 years, the Nebulorians destroyed races in their galaxy. In fact, they actually wiped out every empire in their galaxy. Ne'yon was pleased to have granted Spevile's wishes. But it was not over...not even close.


The Omega Dimension

Spevile contacted Ne'yon again, stating Your quest is not over my child. You may have stopped the unbelievers in this galaxy, but you have yet to visit the other galaxies..and dimensions.... Ne'yon gathered his new armies and battle ships and set corse for the other galaxies. Thousands and possibly ten thousands of years pass. The Nebulorians had taking the entire dimension.

Dimensional WarpEdit

The Nebulorians found out about another dimension, the only one with life forms. Ne'yon suggested that the Nebulorian scientists create a ship that can travel
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The Nebulorian fleet escapes the Omega Dimension

through dimensions. The scientists argued that the science behind moving through dimensions was impossible.

Ne'yon consulted with Spevile, asking him to grant the Nebulorians with the power to move to the next dimension. Spevile gave Ne'yon his energy and allowed him to be installed into war ships.

Creation of the HelmoreEdit

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Lord Ne'yon

The Nebulorians had successfully traveled to the Alpha Dimension (our dimension). The form they originally had in the Omega Dimension had changed. They were shorter, bulkier creatures. Ne'yon calmed his people by telling that they would regain their original Nebulorian form once they return to their homeworld. They began attacking unsuspecting empires and left no survivors. The supply of Shatonium was low and they needed to mine for more. They came across a planet full of rich minerals, they called it Minera. Once they landed, they found out that they could not mine for the Shatonium they desired. Ne'yon decided to create a new form of energy from the other minerals on the planet. Ne'yon had created an energy source he called Anergy. He used the Anergy to power the ship and created large suits of metal to contain the remaining Anergy. The suits sprang to life and obeyed the Nebulorian's every command. They were known as the Helmore.

The Helmore mined for more minerals to create Anergy and aided the Nebulorians in combat against the other empires. After about 100 years, Ne'yon and the Nebulorians left Minera and abandoned the Helmore. Ne'yon said that he could not wipe out such a loyal race.


The Nebulorians studied the galaxy for a few more years. Ne'yon was looking for something that could make him immortal. Even though Nebulorians can live for millions of years, they can still die. He then discovered the Galactic Core contained an object called the Staff of Life which was originally created by the extinct Spoxid. Ne'yon ordered the ship to set course for the Galactic Core.

The Nebulorians arrived at the galactic core and demanded that Steve hand over the staff of life. Steve tricked Ne'yon saying there was only one and giving him a single staff. Ne'yon didn't mind. He used some of the staff's power to increase his lifespan by a few million years. He later discovered what the staff could actually do, create life on even the most barren planets. Ne'yon saw such power as a threat and believed that Steve was going to use it to raise an army to defend the staff of life. He ordered the ship to return to the core but were quickly blocked by the notorious Grox. The Nebulorians, far from their home without resources to wage such a large war, cancelled their voyage to the core.

Attack on the BiskinEdit

As time went by, the Nebulorians gave Ne'yon the title of "The Almighty". This title kind of went to his head and he became arrogant and mad with power. He began to forget Spevile's wishes and created his own. Ne'yon saw a small race of people called the Biskin down on a lush planet. He needed more resources to keep the empire going. He attacked the Biskin and in one night, killed them all. Or so he thought. The Nebulorians harvested and glassed the planet.

Virus OutbreakEdit

The Nebulorians, being from a different dimension, were becoming sick. They had contracted a virus that ate away at their brains, turning them into flesh-eating zombies. Ne'yon could not handle such an outbreak and managed to force the zombies into another ship and launched them on a planet called Floo (The virus later became the Queen Virus of The Infectants).


The Nebulorians, low on resources, began to run out of food, water, and had completely depleted their Shatorium reserves. Ne'yon saw this as a serious problem. Without Shatorium, the Nebulorians could not create new weapons. Without food and water, they would all die. Nebulorians have a natural instinct to go dormant in times of scarcity and extreme weather conditions. Ne'yon and his people went dormant. And were never heard from again.


Wake-up CallEdit

Hundreds of years later, a huge explosion caused by the destruction of the Galactic Devastation Ray during the Galactic War caused the Nebulorians to awaken. They were dazed, confused, and had absolutely no idea how long they had been dormant. Ne'yon had discovered that they had been dormant for 300 years. In that time, the races they thought that they had destroyed were replaced by newer ones. The Nebulorians were disappointed to hear this news. All of that work...out of the window.

Return to MineraEdit

Ne'yon decided to pay the Helmore a visit. The Nebulorians arrived at Minera and found the Helmore. Ne'yon asked the Helmore to help them kill off the other empires again, but they refused. The Helmore remembered how the Nebulorians abandoned them. Ne'yon was angered and ordered that the Helmore should be wiped out.

Nebulorian-Alpha WarEdit

Second Battle of MineraEdit

The Nebulorians decided to pay back the empires who stopped their attack on Minera and opened a small vortex that led into the Omega Dimension. Ne'yon knew that the Volver could not resist such a scientific breakthrough. As soon as the Volver arrived, the Nebulorians began their attack. They destroyed two Volver Scout ships ant sparked a war between the two empires. The Nebulorians attacked Minera ruthlessly, bombarding their cities and killing thousands. The Helmore they killed were taken and the Nebulorians used their Shatorium shells and Anergy cores to produce more weapons. Without their famed general, Chainbarr, the Helmore stood no chance against Ne'yon's grand army. The Helmore had no choice but to contact their allies.

The Volver Empire arrived to help the Helmore, and forced the Nebulorians to flee.

Battle over AsconEdit

The Nebulorians decided to get the Volver Empire back for interfering with their war. The baited them out using a strange portal. The Volvers could not resist researching it, so they sent out scout ships to investigate it. Ne'yon tracked their movements and then attacked the ships. They found Ascon and began a full-scale war on the Volver. The Volver did not stand a chance against the Nebulorians alone. King Glynn, leader of the Volver Empire, got desperate and fired the Volver Empire's super weapon: The Volver Laser. The laser cut down the Nebulorian fleet and forced them to retreat.

Alliance with Dead WatchEdit

Ne'yon was shocked that the Volver had such a powerful weapon. He knew that they would gain allies to fight against them, so Ne'yon decided to find allies. He traveled the galaxy for a while and found the Dead Watch. He landed on their planet and spoke to their leader Tox Cano about joining the war. Tox agreed and an alliance was created. Ne'yon decided to attack Ascon once more.

Battle of AsconEdit

The Nebulorians attacked Ascon with their new allies, the Dead Watch. Their troops beamed down and began to kill many Volver Warriors. The battle seemed to be theirs when suddenly, the Soldarian Empire and Ugandalorian Empire appeared and defeated the Dead Watch/ Nebulorian fleet. This battle was a loss.

Unitech AllianceEdit

A man known as "Solid" proposed an alliance with Ne'yon. Ne'yon was unimpressed by Solid's appearance, as Ne'yon believes he is superior to all lifeforms. Solid then reveals to Ne'yon that he has a huge army known as the Unitech Citadel, rebels of the Waptoria Alliance of Species. The Waptoria had allied their enemies. Ne'yon agreed to ally, and the armies of both empires were combined.

Battle of MilitoraEdit

The Nebulorians attack Militora, the Soldarian Homeworld. Their forces overwhelm the Soldarians and begin to wipe out their armies. Suddenly, to Ne'yon's surprise, the Antroths arrive to fight the Nebulorian, Unitech, and Dead Watch armies. Ne'yon's forces were exterminated by the Antroths and Soldarians. Tox and Solid doubted that Ne'yon was as powerful as he seemed. To prove a point, Ne'yon went into the battlefield and wiped out the enemy military alone. He even killed Bengo Flett a Soldarian super soldier. The battle was a Nebulorian win and they forced the Soldarians and Antroths off Militora.

Spear's ConstructionEdit

Ne'yon used the technology he salvaged from the Biskin's Galactic Devastation Ray(GDR) and the Soldarian laboratories to build a brand new super weapon: The Spear of Apocalypse. Simply called the Spear, this weapon could wipe out all life in the universe with one powerful shot. But the design was flawed. The Spear took at least 6 days to fully charge and a year to recharge. Another flaw, probably the biggest, the Spear was powered by an Anergy Core. Anergy Cores may last forever, but they can be destroyed fairly easily. If the core is destoyed, then the weapon will explode. During the construction of the Spear, Ne'yon was working on another project. Ne'yon planned to rebuild Ziskin, former king of the Biskin Empire, who was found floating in space before the Battle of Militora.

Final BattleEdit

The Nebulorians found a planet with the Temple of Spevile, built thousands of years ago. The temple was where Ne'yon planned to fire the Spear. Then he could reawaken Spevile and regain his god powers. The allied forces soon found out what Ne'yon was up to and attacked the planet. W'tze and King Pulporious V faced off against Solid. King Glynn and Barda Clett fought against Lorka Gredyc, Tox Cano's right hand, and the new cybernetic Ziskin. Meanwhile, Queen Si'daal, Queen of the Antroths, and King Lavern, King of the Lavatufts, are escorted by General Oskel, general of the Antroth Army. They reach the temple first, meeting Tox and Ne'yon. Averil Daxur was captured by Ne'yon two hours earlier. Oskel and Lavern attack Tox. Tox defeats Lavern and kills Oskel. Ne'yon was forced to step in to stop Si'daal's spells. Ne'yon defeats her. Suddenly the fight is interrupted by Ugandalore the Great. Tox and Ugandalore fight to the death. King Glynn and Barda emerge from the bogs as W'tze and Pulporious emerge from the Jungles, both victorious in their battles. They aid their armies in the final battle. Ne'yon watched as his men tore his enemies apart. Out of the shadows, The Dark One emerged and attacked Ne'yon. Ne'yon and Dark fought each other, displaying their magnificent powers. Then King Glynn jumped in and helped Dark fight Ne'yon. Ne'yon was knocked down and enraged. Ne'yon grabbed Glynn with his telekinesis and destroyed the Dark One using the Spear's main laser. Glynn and Ne'yon continued to fight. Averil took a hit for Glynn and gave him an opening. Ne'yon realized that Glynn wielded the Legendary Blade. Ne'yon had been defeated by it before and was not about to lose again. He decided to activate the Spear's main function, Universal Annihilation. Ne'yon refused to die at the hands of an inferior life-form and was going to destroy the universe even if he died. Glynn evacuated the planet and used a nearby tank to tow the Spear into the Omega Dimension. Ne'yon was shocked as Glynn attacked the core and ravaged the entire Omega Dimension, turning the remains into the Shattered Dimension. Ne'yon is presumed dead along with Glynn. The remaining Nebulorains were soon slain by the allied forces.

Return of THEMEdit

Speville was revealed to be Ada, leader of the Nyarqaeshu. As he returned to the Milky Way, vowing to take back what was his, he revived the Nebulorains to serve as elite troops in his armies.

Empire StatisticsEdit


Nebulorians originally worshiped Spode like most creatures in the universe. When Ne'yon became the new Nebulorian Lord, he outlawed the worship of Spode and ordered that the False God, Spevile, be worshiped instead. The Nebulorians believed that Spevile would make them immortal and would grant them their every wish.


Originally, the Nebulorians had no real military force. During the First War however, the Nebulorians had no choice but to build a functioning military force. And when they did, they were feared in their dimension. The Nebulorians built and powered their weapons, armor, and ships with Shatorium. Shatorium was a powerful element found only in the Omega Dimension. In fact, all creatures that live or originated in the Omega Dimension are composed of Shatorium.


Nebulorians are tall, muscular creatures. They are deemed highly intelligent and are known to have long lifespans. Lord Ne'yon was known as the oldest Nebulorian being over 2 billion years old. Nebulorians can die however. They have a rather weak immune system and can be killed by common weapons and hazards. Nebulorians, being composed of Shatorium, can replicate their cells and regrow limbs if they are lost. Because of this however, Nebulorians are weak to one element:Alphorium. Alphorium weakens their physical capabilities and can kill them over time. Nebulorians can survive in almost any environment and will hibernate when resources are scarce. Nebulorians can hibernate for thousands of years. Some Nebulorians have the ability to use psychic powers, though this takes years of training to master.


Nebulorians believe themselves to be superior lifeforms or the "perfect" beings. The look down on any other race, even their allies, and view them inferior creatures. They fear Alphorium, stating that it is the bane of their existence. In fact, Lord Ne'yon ordered that all Alphorium be destroyed. To this day, the only Alphorium in existence is forged into King Brygon's sword, which was passed down from his ancestors.


Quotes from themEdit

Fear is an object that we own. Fear has no value to us. We are lords of the void.

Inferior life forms will die.

The Alpha Dimension is ours for the taking!

Quotes from OthersEdit

This war you've started has caused many people to die. You will pay dearly for your actions.

- King Glynn of the Volver Empire

You fools! This dimension belongs to us! You shall never take it from us!

- King Pulporious V of the Soldarians

What motive could you have for opening the Omega Dimension?

- Bengo Flett

My people do not appreciate your selfish motives. This universe belongs to every race, not just one.

- Queen Si'daal of the Antroths
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