Begining of the War[]

The Nebulorians of the Omega Dimension awoke from their many years of hibernation. They found out that the planets they had captured were restored and repopulated by another race. At this rate, their dark lord Spevile would not be able to desend from the Omega Dimension to lay waste to the Alpha dimension. In order to summon Spevile, the souls of non-believers must be offered. With new life forms on billions of other worlds the Nebulorians decided to travel to planet Minera to find the Helmore, the race they created, and gain their support for dimensional warfare. The Helmore refused to join the Nebulorians. Lord Ne'yon, leader of the Nebulorians, was enraged and declared war on the Helmore.

Major Battles[]

Second Battle of Minera[]

The Nebulorians quickly attacked the Helmore and did not hold back. Countless cities and strongholds were destroyed by Nebulorian bombings. On the ground, the Helmore infantry was no match for the Nebulorian Grand Army. Above the planet, the Nebulorians set up a blockade to trap the Helmore. The Nebulorians used the armor and Anergy Cores of the Helmore to create more weapons. Soon, the Helmore had no choice but to call in some help. They contacted King Glynn, king of the Volver Empire. King Glynn, knowing of the alliance between the Volver and the Helmore, agreed to help them win the war. Volver fleets soon arrived at Minera and together the Helmore and Volver managed to push the Nebulorians back to the far reaches of the galaxy. The Nebulorians were actually low on resources and were forced to retreat.

Battle over Ascon[]

The Volver returned to their home planet of Ascon and repaired their ships and armor. King Glynn had lost the signal of the Nebulorians and was fearing that the Nebulorians would attack Minera again. Out of nowhere, a vortex opened up a few lightyears away from Ascon. King Glynn ordered two scout ships to analyze the vortex. When the sout ships arrived, the Nebulorian fleet came bursting through the Vortex, destroying both ships and attacked Ascon.

The Volver and Nebulorian fleets engage in combat

The Volver were quickly overwhelmed by the advanced technology of the Nebulorians. Their ships had shield generators that could only be deactivated from the inside, Nebula Cannons that could cut through enemy ships like a knife through air, and advanced combat skills. King Glynn could not believe that the Volver could fall to such an enemy.

He had no choice but to activate the Volver's super weapon, the Volver Laser. The Volver Laser shoots a powerful laser that can tear through even the Nebulorian's shield generators. The laser was activated and the attacking fleet was destroyed. The Volver had suffered many casualties, and they would not be able to fend of another attack. King Glynn knew that he had to convince his other allies to join the Volver against the Nebulorians.

The Knights of Ugandalore arrive[]

On Ugandalore, in it's temperate forests and beutifull hills, beyond the HighLands and the LowLands, was the capital of Ugandalore, rustic, yet Futrustic, Made for utility, and for Looking like towering pieces of art. Traviadlbe, the ancient Capital of Ugandalore, has played witness to many Wars, and it showed on it's people and buildings.

Outside, The armies where being trained by Barda Clett and Ugandalore The Great. The Mighty army, Called the Imperial Legion of Justice. Ugandalore was at it's head, watching as the men, in full body armor, under the saw, did push ups. Barda Was with them, shouting Profanties to keep their spirits up.

That's when Ugandalore's assistant, a young women, arrivied with a mesage for him. he Shouted for Barda to join him, who got up, and jogged over to him.

  • Barda - What is it Ugandalore?
  • ugandalore - We have recieved a Transmission from King Glynn and the Volver.
  • Barda - Really, what do they want?
  • Ugandalore - They are udner attack by a strange new empire, very advanced, very deadly.

They came to the main Palace, a somewhat Grand structure by Ugandal Standards, and went to Ugandalore's office.

Once there, on Ugandalore holo-Emitter, was King Glynn, visably desevealed, and his armor pitted and scared. He waved to them.

  • Glynn - Ugandalore, Barda! I aquire your help!
  • Ugandalore - What is it, my dear friends?
  • Glynn - A new threat has arrivied. We ahve tried to destroy those idiots, But their too strong for our forces. I am contacting all of my allies for help.
  • Ugandalore - Shall we come and help?
  • Barda - No Matter what happens, we will fight these scum.
  • Glynn - Thank you, your courage will not go un-rewarded.
  • Barda - No reward or payment, We will arrive and help.
  • Glynn - Here is this *Sends a download* It's the tactical data we gathered on them.

Glynn said his good-byes and went to contact the others, as Ugandalore the Barda went into their planningroom. There, they began summong the other Clan leader, the other 6, and began formulating a plan based off the tactical data Glynn had given them. They all left, gathering their forces for battle.

Barda Went to Ugandalore, his weapons activiated and ready.

  • Barda - Are you sure we have the ability to fight these Nebulorians?
  • Ugandalore - We have the courage and heart.
  • Barda - Courage is seldom enough for legends and victories.
  • Ugandalore - How about weapons, Mr. bounty Hunter?

Barda Snorted and Began straping on his jet pack, stil speaking with him.

  • Barda - We won't be able to disactivate those shields without getting inside. How do we do that.
  • Ugandalore - we have our new Phase tech. That should work.
  • Barda - If you say so...

They Went off, ready to gather their forces for battle.

The Revenge of the Kryi'tsord[]

On the Dead Watch homeworld, very diffrent thing was happening. It had the Usuall Dead watch looks. Same Ugandalorian Buildings, Same armor, but a little diffrent and more fierce. Their buildings where darker and more intimdating, and one could see Drunken warriors sing horribly and chasing after women, only to get grounded in the face.

yet another glorious day in the life of Tox Cano, Overmaster of the Dead Watchers. he sat on his throne, enjoying the company of 2 females, when Lorka Gredyc, his second in Command, walked in, in full Blood-Colored armor, with a sowrd at his side.

  • Lorka - If your quiet Done Tox, We have a visitor!
  • Tox - *Laughs* Who is worthy of my presence?
  • Lord Ne'yon - Me.
  • Tox - Ahh, Who are you, and what in the name of The Devourer are you Doing here!?
  • Lord Ne'yon - I am Lord Ne'yon of the Nebulorians. We come with a purposall.

Tox scratched his chin, thinking as he waved his 2 females away.

  • Tox - Lorka, to me!

The 2 went away, and began discussing the idea.

  • Lorka - We don't know how powerfull this guy is, we don't even know how powerfull is empire is.
  • Tox - True...Let's kill him and conqueror his empire.
  • Lord Ne'yon - Before you do anything rash, I suggest you look out the window.

The Nebulorians close in from the Omega Dimension

The two looked out to see a huge navy, far more advanced then the Dead watchers, and looming over the Watcher Capital, weapons primed.

  • Dead Watch Admiral - Sir! We have a huge navy in orbit as well, do we engage?

Tox looked at Lord Ne'yon, then the Navy. Finally, an insane grin spread across his face.

  • Tox - No need. Leave them be Admiral. *To Lord Ne'yon* Why else should I ally with you?
  • Lord Ne'yon - You Know of the Volver, Allies, of the True Ugandalorians?
  • Tox - *Growls* yessss.....
  • Ne'yon - we are enemies of them as well. Prehaps if we work together, we both could destroy our enemies, and help eachother Conqueror the Universe! And you could have Ugandalore the great's head...
  • Lorka - I like that idea...
  • Tox - Yes! Let's be allies, and rip our enemies throats out!

Lord Ne'yon left, smiling, and went up to join his fleet. They departed, but left 3 ships in Tox's command. As such, he gave them a battlelion of his best troops to use in battle as they wanted.

Both where pleased. It was going as they planed.

Soldarian Support[]

Meanwhile on the other side of the galaxy, King Glynn proceeds to contact the Soldarian Empire for support. King Pulporious V, leader of the Soldarians answered the call.

King Pulporious the Fifth

  • Pulporious - Well if is isn't King Glynn. To what do I owe this honor?
  • Glynn - King Pulporious, we need the assistance of you and your people.
  • Pulporious - Don't tell me. You ran out of cash, and I need to bail you guys out?
  • Glynn - No...not that. We are in a war with a new enemy. The Nebulorians. Their technology is more advanced than even ours, and I've never seen battle tactics like theirs.
  • Pulporious - Really now? I hear you've had your share of battles, and not even you have seen tactics like theirs? They must be something.
  • Glynn - They are too powerful. We barely defended Ascon from them.
  • Pulporious - Alright. You have our support good friend. I'll make sure my army assists you in this war.
  • Glynn - Good, thank you. When can I expect their arrival?
  • Pulporious - In a few hours. I'll be sending Bengo Flett, our best warrior.
  • Glynn - Yes, I know of him. A must go. My people need to know the current situation. And if you happen to meet the Ugandalorians, do not engage. They are allies of the Volver as well.
  • Pulporious - Will do. Good luck. I will accompany the second fleet. See you shortly.

Pulporious ended the transmission and contacted his army. They all gathered and boarded the Soldarion Battle Craft, a massive Soldarian vessel that has served in every single war in Soldarian history. Then they all set off for Ascon.

Battle of Ascon[]

Shortly after King Glynn was finished talking to Pulporious, the Nebulorians made an unexpected return. And this time, they were accompanied by the Dead Watchers.

  • Soldier - King Glynn sir! The Nebulorians have returned!
  • Glynn - What!? So soon, I thought they would at least need time to refuel and rebuild their weapons and ships! We are still recovering from the last attack!
  • Soldier - They seem to be accompanied by an unknown fleet?
  • Glynn - Is that so? Tell the others to activate the Ascon Defense Grid. The turrets should hold them off long enough. Open communications with them.
  • Soldier - Yes sir! *the soldier proceeds to open communications with the enemy fleet*
  • Tox - King Glynn of the Volver. It's an honor to meet you. It's unfortunate that your people will soon be extinct.
  • Glynn - I don't know who you are, but you have no idea who you're dealing with here.
  • Tox - You are mistaken. I know exactly who you are. Hero of the Grox War, defender of Minera, and of course the destroyer of the notorious Biskin.
  • Glynn - So you've heard of me. I don't quite understand...you're a Ugandalorian! Why are you in league with the enemy?!
  • Tox - How dare you mistake me for the False Ugandalorians! I am leader of the Dead Watch, your worst nightmare.
  • Glynn - Listen...Tox, I have no idea why you'd be at war with us, but you had better rethink this foolish alliance with the Nebulorians.
  • Ne'yon - I assure you that our alliance is quite beneficial.
  • Glynn - You both are not going to take Ascon without a fight. I swore to my father that I'd defend Ascon with my life. I'll die before I let you take it.
  • Ne'yon - Well then..your death is assured.
  • The transmission ends*

The Nebulorians Attack Ascon

King Glynn decided to fight alongside his army. He ordered that all Volver citizens to retreat to the underground shelters. He said his goodbeyes to his wife and son. The attack had begun. Death Watchers and Nebulorians desend from their ships and attack Gartoomia, Ascon's recentley founded capital city. The Volver warriors were outnumbered and outmatched. King Glynn sustained some serious injuries and was unable to continue to fight. But then, out of the sky, came the Soldarians and the Ugandalorians. The two armies dropped down and pushed the enemies back. Bengo and Barda managed to destroy some of the Dead Watcher and Nebulorian ships. Ne'yon realized this battle would be lost if it continued. Ne'yon ordered a retreat of his forces. Tox was reluctant to retreat, but decided to as well.

  • Glynn - What took you guys so long?
  • Bengo - Don't you know? I always show up fashionably late for everything.
  • Barda - Good to see you again Glynn. Thanks for your help in the Pirate War. What exactly are these Nebulorians?
  • Glynn - I thought they were a myth. My grandfather, Zirux had encountered something like them before. My father told me the story. Apparently the Nebulorians are an acient race, even older than the Spoxid
  • Bengo - Older than the Spoxid? Is that even possible? I thought the Spoxid were the first beings in the galaxy!
  • Glynn - According from recent discoveries, the Nebulorians are from another dimension.
  • Barda - What? How could that be? The science behind that is impossible, no civilization in the universe has that kind of technology!
  • Glynn - Look, I'm not sure how they did it but it's true. Somehow they've come to this dimension and they want to take it for their own.
  • Bengo - They're powerful, but I think with enough effort....and fire power, we can beat them.
  • Barda - Don't get ahead of yourselves. They also have help from Dead Watch, Ugandal's sworn enemy.
  • Glynn - Yeah I know. I made contact with Tox earlier. It looks like we've got our work cut out for us fellas.

The three warriors walk into Glynn's palace as they prepare for the next battle.

Old Enemies[]

Bengo, Barda, and Glynn enter the boardroom where there is a holo-map of the galaxy. The three look over it to see if there are any suitable allies who can help win the war.

  • Glynn - The Helmore can't help us.. They aren't good warriors.
  • Bengo - You've got a point there. How about the Lavatufts?
  • Glynn - Great idea! King Lavern would most definitely lend us a hand.
  • Barda - What's that empire there? They are registered as allies of the Volver.

Barda points to a moon orbiting a gas giant.

  • Glynn - The Hyperon? They are great warriors. Though I'm not sure if-
  • Bengo - No. I will not fight along side a Hyperon.
  • Glynn - Why not? They can help us a great deal.
  • Bengo - They would not. I know them. They are the reason that the Soldarian Enhancement Program was started. All of those children died because of them! I witnessed those deaths...I caused some of them as well...
  • Barda - I have a dark past too, but it's behind me. For now, we have to focus on what's best for this universe.
  • Glynn - Barda's right. The Hyperon may be a loud, noisy lot. But they can truly help us win.
  • Bengo - ...

King Pulporious V arrives with the second Soldarian fleet. He enters the room.

  • Pulporious - Bengo, glad to see you made it in time. And Barda Clett! I've heard many great things about you.
  • Barda - It's nice to finally meet you King Pulporious.
  • Glynn - I can't thank you guys enough for coming to help out.
  • Bengo - Hey, don't mention it. You helped us take down the Biskin.
  • Barda - And without you guys, the Pirate War would still be raging.
  • Glynn - It means a lot fellas. Thank you.
  • Pulporious - Glynn, I've got good news. You were searching for allies correct?
  • Glynn - Yes. We need all the help we can get.
  • Pulporious - I've hired a bounty hunter who is known to be the best on his planet and one of the best in the galaxy. On par with Bengo and Barda, respectfully.
  • Barda - Is that so? Can't wait to meet him. We'll just see how good he is when he gets here.
  • Aveil - You won't have to wait mate.

The four turn around and find Averil Daxur sitting in the opened window.

  • Glynn - AVERIL!!

Glynn hops over the table and aims his plasma rifle at Averil's face. Averil immediately puts his hands up.

Glynn confronts Averil

  • Glynn - You've got some nerve stepping foot in MY palace Averil.
  • Pulporious - Glynn stand down! He's our ally! I hired him!
  • Glynn - What!? Why him!? Pulporious, you know more than anyone, Averil is the enemy!
  • Barda - I've never heard of him before today. Who is he?
  • Averil - Who 'am I? I'm the best assassin there is mate. Don't let anyone tell ya different.
  • Bengo - Yeah I remember him now! He caused the Galactic War!
  • Glynn - That's right. He did. My best friend died because of you. What's your story now? Still Ziskin's lap dog?
  • Averil - I'm merely tryin' ta make a livin'. As for Ziskin, he could no longer afford my services. Besides, I think he's dead now.
  • Pulporious - Do you understand Glynn? Averil's our ally now.
  • Glynn - ...alright. I still don't trust you though. One wrong move, and you're dead. Got it!?
  • Aveil - Ha ha ha! What ever you say mate.

Shadow's Fury[]

Meanwhile, Lorka Gredyc, with his new Nebulorin Frigate, Blood-Spiller had been sent on a mission to remove resistance from the Volvers' out colonies, basically Cutting their limbs off. Of course, Ugandalore the Great had seen ahdead of this, and had gathered a large Ugandalorian, Soldrian, and Volver Fleet to counter attack the Dead Watch and Nebulorian Fleet.

Just as Lorka entered the first colony, his ships where assaulted with near-never ending barrages of laser fire and Missles. Of course, the Nebulorian Ships where only shakened, but a few Dead Watch Corvettes fell, exploding into a cloud of debris.

  • Lorka - What was that! Open Communications at once!
  • Dead Watch Trooper - Yes Sir!

A moment passed and then...

  • Ugandalore the Great - Hello Lorka, Traitour to Our ancestor's ways.
  • Lorka - Ahhh! My Ugandalore, comeing to stop the Dead Watch and their Allies?
  • Ugandalore - I am not Your Ugandalore, and You will be stopped.
  • Lorka - We have more advanced Tech, More ships, and we are not a rag-tag little put-together excuse for a fleet. Your doomed. Join us, and we could grant you any wish!
  • Ugandalore - Actually, there is one wish I was hopeing you could grant....

His lead ships opened fire, taking out 2 Dead Watch Frigates.

  • Ugandalore - A Universe without the Dead Watch!
  • Lorka - This Universe will not have something...

The Dead Watch and Nebulorians opened fire, taking out a few fighter squandrons and a section of Ugandalorian Capital ships. The 2 fleets moved to engage, blasting at eachother. Ugandalore had the advantage in number and more skill, yet Lorka had better technology on his side.

It made for one bloody battle.

Finally, Ugandalore turned to one of Barda's close friends and Officiers, another survivor of Dormuncka's wretched experiments, Tilas Cornaded.

  • Ugandalore - Tilas, You ever command a fleet before?
  • Tilas - Once, just against an ALpha Grox Cube.
  • Ugandalore - Well, prepare to earn your wings.
  • Tilas - Ummm. Yes Sir!
  • Ugandalore - I'm going to grap an Interceptor, fly into Lorka's ship, and take both him and the ship out.
  • Tilas -What if you die?
  • ugandalore - Well we'd need a New Ugandalore, would we not?

He walked out of the Bridge of Revolution, and went for his favorite Interceptor. It had recieved a few, Un-lawfull weapon upgrades, mostly from the Black Market, but some from the Alpha Grox. It's un-board AI was extremely helpfull in a fire-fight, though annonying at times as well.

He activatied his Flight Mode, sealing in his suit for space, and connected 2 wires from his head to the Controll pad.

  • AI Zeta 234 - Hello Torscka Nitrocon, Hopeing to kill us both today?
  • Ugandalore - Actually, yes. Just help keep the fighters off me while I enter Lorka Gredyc's Flag Ship.
  • 234 - As you wish.

He activated the flight wings, and boosted the engines, and took off. As he flew out the a Hanger, 3 Dead Watch Star Cobra Fighters moved to blast him out. He aimed the rear canons and fired, blasting away, intil he hit 1, sending it exploding into the other. The Last one went to attack, but several blasts of Plasma ripped through it. A Vovler Fighter Squadron had destroy the Fighter.

  • Volver Pilot - Ugandalore the Great, We're ready to help, we'll give you cover, while you land.
  • Ugandalore - Good, But don't follow me in, this is a suicide mission.
  • Volver - As You wish sir.

His Interceptor and the Squadron zoomed toward The BloodSpiller, the Volver shooting away enemies that came too close. But it was too far. After A long, hard Struggle, only 1 fighter remained to cover him. It's engines where Aflame, and it's Pilot struggled to keep Control.

  • Volver - I'm Going in for a Kamikaze Attack on the enginne Block, wish me luck.
  • Ugandalore - Right, but I never got your name soldier...

But it was too late. The Fighter flew foward and slammed into the many enginnes of the Nebulorian Ship, going in a huge fire ball, and takeing 2 of the enginees out.

  • Ugandalore - i never got his name. *To Himself* Prehapes he will be happy in the next life, where a warm hand awaits him.

He punched the controlls foward, and zoomed into the hangar, to find several Dead Watch Troopers and Marines waiting for his arrival. He sat back for a while, not only to get his weapons ready, but to disconnect his life support from his fighter.

He jumped out, firing Plasma rounds into the first few Troopers. They fell with groans of Pain, as the Ugandalore Moved about, slashing with his Energy knuckles and Sword, striking down the Rebels. Finally, he stood over their bodies, reloading his Plasma Gun, and making his way to the bridge.

Ugandalore made his way through the ship, avoiding Dead Watch when he could, and massacreing them when He Couldn't. He made it to the Elevator to the Bridge, and went up. He heard a Strange sound, and turned to see 2 Dead Watch Wraiths, Pale, and Savage looking.

  • Ugandalore - Ahh, how cute, Look at you wish your little Bag Lady Nails and Pale little skin, some people need to get out more.
  • Wraith 1 - You will fall! The Nebulorians will Conqueror all, and we will be honored for bringing your head to Lorka!
  • wraith 2 - All will bow to us!
  • Ugandalore - Idiots, You cannot defeat everything! What of forces like the DeathMarch, or DCP?
  • Wraith 1 - Die scum!

The First lunged foward, striking Ugandalore's chest armor with his Claw-Like nails. Ugandalore managed to hold off against the blow, then Cut down on the being's arm, tearing it from it's body. The Wraith Screamed in Wretched terror, holding the spongy, gooey stump of his limb. Ugandalore then stabed the Wraith's face shield, sending his brain across the Elevator.

The Second tried to crawl out of the ventalation shaft from atop, but Ugandalore grabed him by the legs, and Stabed him in the sides with his Bladed Weapons, intil the Wraith stopped Struggling.

The doors opened, and Ugandalore, Covered in Blood, and Looking a little Shaken, Moved foward. A squadron of Nebulorians, much, much Stronger looking then the Dead Watch moved in, flanked by Dead Watch Blood Guards.

Lokra Jumped down from his Captain's chair, and waved them off, reading his weapons.

  • Lorka - Hold! I will deal with him myself!
  • Ugandalore - *Eyes Him weerily* Your move.

Lorka Rushed foward, striking eeveral times with his Blade. Ugandalore countered like the expert he was. He was Older, But had more experiance. Lorka Fought like A Demon, striking and pairing each blow. The Dead Watch and Nebulorians watched, the Dead Watch Impressed, the Nebulorians trying too look as though the fiened Interest.

Lorka struck at his side. Ugandalore jumped, useing his jet Pack to gain leverage, then slammed a Kick into Lorka's Face. Lorka Grunted, and went to strike at Ugandalore, who he thought was at his side, but found was behind him, and Blasted Lorka's Back, sending him Spiraling away.

The Blood Guard Marshall had not given up, and Blasted at Ugandalore repeatedly. Ugandalore tried to dodge, but caught a few blasts in the chest. Lorka moved in like a Savage animal, slashing and cutting at his armor. While Ugandalore's Armor was resilent, it could not take blows like that forever. He knew that his armor would be piereced, and he would fall.

Luckiely, the ship rocked as 3 Ugandalorian Star Destoryers moved in from behind, blasting at the ships's enginees. While they ahd not damaged the ship, it still left them shaking from the explosions.

Ugandalore used the advantage to Tackle Lorka and Stab him with his blade. Lokra Fought, punching and striking, but could not dislodge Ugandalore.

Finally, ugandalore, Knowing he had the advantage, threw a Gernade into several of the Ships Controls, before Lorka Kicked him down, and shot him in the stomach. The Ship shuddered, as it's internal Controlls failed.

  • Lorka - Grrrr! To the escape pods! Get out of here! Go now!

His troopers moved out, running toward the escape pods. Ugandalore Contacted his ship and order the Interceptor to leave him now. He was satified to see it flying off away from the Cruiser.

Lorka turned toward Ugandalore.

  • Lorka - You've ruined everything! This was my moment of triumph!
  • Ugandalore - You'll have to find another. I'm out of here.

He saw that there where 2 left, jsut 2 escape pods left. He jumped into one, shut it, and flew off. At least he wouldn't be dieing. Not today.

Lorka took one last look at his ship, and got into an escape pod. He had failed, but he would accept that fact and move on. He got into the last pod and flew off, watching as his fleet crumbled away like Dust in the wind.

So much chaos and blood, all for Tox's Pride. It made Lorka Sick to his very being. But he accepted there was nothing he could do about it. The Universe was lost, and so was the Dead Watch.

The arrival of the Waptoria[]

Back on Ascon...

Glynn, Barda and Ughandalore refreshed themselves from the battle. They did not see a group of organic ships land. They did not see that a Raptoranean sneaked up behind them, chuckling and clearly enjoying what was to happen next.

  • W'tze - Boo!
  • Glynn - Woah! I don't do that again! I hate surprises!

Barda walked over to W'tze, and gave him a friendly headbutt.

  • Barda - Good in stealth as always, isn't it.
  • W'tze - Yeah. So you guys go to a party and forget to invite us? Man!
  • Glynn - Ughandalore, this is W'tze, leader of our allies, the Waptoria Alliance of Species.
  • Ughandalore - So you are already aqquinted. Exellent. That makes things all the easier.
  • W'tze - Also commandant of of the Waptorian Exploration Teams.
  • Averil - And anything alse as well?
  • W'tze - No...Why?
  • Averil - So...still haven't revived the Green Suns? Shame. You were a...good boss, acttually. Fairer than most.
  • Glynn - What? W'tze...Averil served under you once...You never told me that.
  • W'tze - And you never asked.
  • Averil - Yeah, but he's disbanded it after your wife dragged you into re-joining the Waptoria?
  • Barda - Thank Zaraturai for that. The Green Suns didn't exactely make me Bounty Hunter life easy.
  • Averil - What did ya want? We were a private protection compagny, hired to protect people, and you were hired to kill folks. Of course we came to blows.
  • W'tze - Well, Averil...Since you're so melancholic about the past, let me take you to a walk. I need to tell you something important, actually.
  • Averil - And what should that be?
  • W'tze - Just wait and see.

With this, the two departed, W'tze smiling, Averil unsure what was going on. After walking deep into a forest for a while, W'tze smiled and turned to Averil.

  • W'tze - Averil...Don't tell anybody, but...Actually, I've been thinking about reviving the Green Suns.
  • Averil - What? Ya's no serious?
  • W'tze - I'm serious Averil. The name is going to be...Justice Without Borders, or JMB for sort.
  • Averil - Justice Without Borders?
  • W'tze - Well, yeah. We're needed that name change because we're going to work far more closely with the Waptoria...And that allows us to expand our funds hugely, let me tell you! So...You're in?
  • Averil - What did you hope? Course I am! So when is that project of yours gonna start?
  • W'tze - After this war is over, probably.

The Dark Stars[]

Tox Cano and Ne'yon were contacted by a ship, with looked like one of the Waptoria Alliance, but darker. On the screen appeared someone who exactely looked like W'tze.

  • Tox - Who is this?
  • ??? - I am W'tze's twin brother. Call me Solid, just like my brother is sometimes called Liquid.
  • Ne'yon - And what do you want?
  • Solid - Join you, in the name of the Si'nesh, father of Pain. My brother stand in the path of advancement and boundless hedonism for the Waptoria. I, and all of the Unitech Citadel of Sentients, are dedicated to the advancement of all Waptoria. Therefore I must destroy him.
  • Tox - All right. We could use some help.
  • Solid - Great. Our fleet is ready for battle.
  • Ne'yon - Where are your armies th-

Before Ne'yon could finish his sentence, a massive armada decloacked in front of the Nebulorain/Dead Watch fleet.

  • Ne'yon - You must be a good speaker to bring such a large armada with you.
  • Solid - Indeed I am. Our enemies shall tremble before our powers!

New Plans[]

  • Glynn - Ugandalore, I don't think your pal W'tze should hang around Averil for too long.
  • Ugandalore - Glynn, you must learn to trust Averil. I know you were enemies before but we need his services.
  • Glynn - Alright, but once he stabs us in the back, don't say I didn't warn you.
  • W'tze - Ok, we're back from our walk. What's the plan?

Barda pulls out a holo-map of the galaxy.

  • Pulporious - Alright, I have ordered my Soldarian Elites to aid you guys in defending our planets. Ugandalore, I need you to gather your army. Bengo and my other soldiers will aid you in combat. Tell your forces that we need to keep Ascon as our base of operations. Defend it at all costs.
  • Ugandalore - Will do Pulporious. I shall inform them as soon as possible.
  • Pulporious - W'tze, I need you and your men to rally the Hyperon Grand Khanate.
  • W'tze - Rightyo. I'll take Waptorian commandant Oji'b with me as well.
  • Oji'b - Hell yeah. I haven't done much of importance as of late, haven't I?
  • Pulporious - Barda, I need you and Averil to go to Volcanis-
  • Glynn - Volcanis? That's where the Lavatufts live. I think I should go. It's a bit dangerous for these two.
  • Barda - You forget that I am the strongest of my kind. I can handle whatever the universe throws at me.
  • Pulporious - I'm sure Barda and Averil can handle themselves. Besides, I have a better job for you.
  • Glynn - Better job?
  • Pulporious - It should be exciting enough for you as well, but you won't like it. You must go and ally with the Antroths.
  • Averil - Ally the Antroths? That's rediculous! No way they'd side with us!
  • Glynn - I hate to admit it, but Averil's right. The Antroths aided the Biskin during the Galactic War and terrorized my people before we were even space faring.
  • Ugandalore - We need allies old friend. May they be friend or foe. We need support from everyone we can get.
  • Glynn - fine...I'll go, but I won't make any promises that they'll ally. If anything I'll be shot on sight.

Glynn leaves the room and boards his ship, preparing for his mission.

  • Barda - Ok Averil, let's go.
  • Averil - Alright mate.

The two leave in Barda's ship and head for Volcanis.

Blitz Tactics[]

The Waptorian stealth ship difted silently trough the void, W'tze and Oji'b onboard it.

  • W'tze - Well once we are trough this asteroid belt, we should be in Hyperon space.
  • Oji'b - Can't say I like to be here. The guys once vassaslised us.
  • W'tze - And they treated us a lot better than the other folks in Tyris Major at the time.

The asteroids parted ways, revealing hundreds of habitats glinstening in the void.

  • W'tze - The Hyperon are a largely spacefaring race and mostly live on habitats. Much like our own species. Come on, we should introduce outselves.

W'tze de-activated the ship's claoking device. Almost immediately, he recieved a transmission.

  • Hyperon Khan - Trespassers! You are welcome to enter our space as you see fit, but do not expect to leave so easily!

Hangar bays on the habitats, which until then had been hidden, opened up to release fast-moving interceptor squadrons upon the Waptorian ship. They were soon followed by volleys of compact swarmer missiles and automated self-defence systems.

  • W'tze - And unlike habitats of Raptoranean design, theirs are well-armed!
  • Oji'b - Could've told that sooner! Raise shields! Commence evasive maneuvers!

A dogfight ensured, the Waptoranean ships weaving and sometimes rolling it's path trough the void to avoid Hyperon fire. More and more habitats powered up their secret weapon systems, until it seemed all but certain that the ship would be caught in a deadly crossfire.

  • W'tze - C'mon c'mon c'mon! Where are you!?
  • Oji'b - Who!? Who in the world are you waiting for!? Just destroy these interceptors already!

Just then, a voice blared across the military channel.

  • Grand-Khan Vaas - Cease!

The interceptors returned to base, while the rockets also diverted course.

  • Grand-Khan Vaas - Where is your hospitality, Hyperon of this system!? I was made aware that I would meet with these individuals beforehand!
  • Oji'b - He's our guy?
  • W'tze - He's our guy. Now then, Grand-Khan Vaas. We have pressing matters to discuss. Nebulorian matters...

Hell Raising[]

Barda and Averil arrive on Volcanis about after two hours in space. Volcanis is a lava world, covered with volcanoes and magma oceans. The heat is almost unbearable. Barda and Averil leave the ship and start searching for a town.

  • Barda - By Zaraturai! I can't believe how hot it is here! I'm not sure if we can stay here long.
  • Averil - I've got an' idea. 'Ow about I fly around a bit and see if I can find a city or something?
  • Barda - Good thinking. Though I'm not sure if you can actually fly though all of that soot and ash.
  • Averil - *Chuckles* You obviously never met a Violaven before. We can fly in and through anything!

Averil takes of with amazing speed and zips through the thick clouds of soot.

  • Barda - Hm...my jet pack seems to be malfunctioning. Must be the heat. I guess I'll just have to find something on foot.

Barda walks down the fiery path for what seems like hours. Averil had not returned. Barda continued to walk, but then he heard something. He knew he was being watched.

  • Barda - Who's there? Show yourself! *takes out his gun and turns off the safety*
  • ??? - You are trespassing...begone. Or face our wrath.
  • Barda - I don't want any trouble. I just need to find town.
  • ??? - yYou are of flesh and blood. Your kind is not welcome here, begone.
  • Barda - Listen, I came for help!

The voice did not answer. Instead, out of the shadows came a warrior, armed and ready to fight. It quickly attacked Barda with it's sword. Barda dogged the attack and shot the being in the face, killing it.

  • Barda - I didn't want to have to do that.
  • ??? - You should have let him kill you.
  • Barda - I need assistance from-
  • ??? - Enough! Warriors, destroy him!

More warriors appear, surrounding Barda. Barda knew that they were easy to kill, but he was out numbered 20/1.

  • Barda - This isn't good...

The warriors attack Barda, each being shot to death. One of which had his head completely blown apart.

  • Barda - Looks like I got em all. But...What's that?

The warriors began to get up, their wounds healing. In a few seconds, the regined their strength and health.

  • Barda - What the!? I killed those things! What's going on!?
  • ??? - These warriors cannot be killed by weapons forged by the hands of flesh and blood. You shall be burned to a crisp!

The warriors regroup and prepare to attack Barda. But out of nowhere, Averil dives in for a swift sneak attack.

  • Averil - Sorry it took me so long mate. I got held up by one of those things on the way back.
  • Barda - Did you kill it?
  • Averil - No, I didn't. I had to flee. These things can't die!
  • ??? - Surrender or suffer death.
  • Averil - Show yer self ya big coward! Let's fight man to man!
  • ??? - Very well...face my wrath!

A young man wearing royal clothing appears. He begins to create fireballs in his hands.

King Magmos

  • Magmos - I am King Magmos! You will die!

Lord Lavern, Magmos' father.

Magmos launches high powered fireballs at Barda and Aveil. They are both blown back and cannot stand.

  • Averil - 'ey! That ain't fair mate..ugh..
  • Barda - Ow...that's gonna sting in the morning...what are you!?
  • Magmos - I am a Lavatuft. King of the Lavatufts infact. People call me the Flamethrower.
  • Averil - Wot are you going to do with us now?
  • Magmos - Kill you of course.

Magmos aims for both and charges his fireballs again.

  • Averil - Dammit! I can't move!
  • Barda - Same here! It can't end like this!

Suddenly, a tall muscular man appeared. It was Magmos' father,the former King Lavern

  • Lavern - Magmos, what in the Volcanis are you doing? That isn't the way to treat our guests.
  • Magmos - F-father! These are trespassers! They need to be punished!
  • Lavern - Son, how can I trust you to lead our empire if all you do is burn strangers. These men obviously need our help. Come you two, let's discuss things somewhere private.

Lavern carries Barda and Averil to a room, so they can discuss the war.

Antroth Assistance[]

Meanwhile, King Glynn approaches Farmia, the Antroth homeworld. As he lands, the Antroths quickly recognize his spaceship and form around it with their weapons raised.

  • Antroth Soldier - Halt! You are not welcome here, Volver!
  • Glynn - I mean you no harm. I am here to speak to Queen Si'daal.
  • Antroth Soldier - The queen will not talk to scum like you!

Queen Si'daal walks to the landing area with her royal guard Oskel.

Glynn meets Si'daal, Oskel, and the Antroths

  • Si'daal - It's been a while, King Glynn. To what do I owe this displeasure of seeing you?
  • Glynn - I come seeking your assistance. This our entire galaxy...no, our entire universe is under attack.
  • Oskel - The whole universe? It must be those pesky Grox.
  • Glynn - No...what we're dealing with is worse than the Grox. They are from another dimension and what to overtake this one.
  • Si'daal - sounds troublesome...why should we lend you and your allies a hand?
  • Oskel - Because we owe them.
  • Si'daal - What? Oskel explain yourself.
  • Oskel - When we were fighting in the Galactic War, the Volver Empire and their allies destroyed the Super Weapon Ziskin had created. If Ziskin fired it, we'd all be dead right now.
  • Si'daal - Good point, Oskel. Alright Glynn, you have our support. We will follow you back to your allies.
  • Glynn - Thank you so much, Si'daal.

King Glynn gets back into his ship and takes off. He is later followed by a huge Antroth fleet and goes back to Ascon.

Ne'yon's New Toy[]

Lorka retreats from loosing from Ugandalore the Great and the combined Ugandalorian-Volver fleets.

Lorka arrives at the Nebulorian palace, where Ne'yon, Tox and Solid are going over battle plans.

  • Lorka - My lord, I have returned.
  • Tox - A success I presume. Did Ugandalore cry as you beheaded him?
  • Lorka - Actually sir, I failed to kill Ugandalore, but I managed to injure him badly.
  • Tox - *sigh* No matter. I shall have his head another day. Did you at least defeat the fleets of the Ugandalorian and Volver Empires?
  • Lorka - We almost won, but one of the Volver Pilots destroyed one of our ships with a kamikaze attack.

Ne'yon looks out of the window to find that no ships returned. Ne'yon walked back over to the table and looked to Lorka.

  • Ne'yon - So you allowed my ships to be destroyed?
  • Lorka - I had no choice. Time was short and I had to choose my own fate.
  • Ne'yon - You chose wrong.

Ne'yon raises his hand, lifting Lorka into the air with a mystical power. The pressure intensifies, crushing Lorka slowly.

  • Solid - What are you doing!?

Solid pulls out a pistol and aims for Ne'yon's head.

  • Solid - Put him down...or I'll shoot!
  • Ne'yon - *looks to Solid and then to Lorka* Fine.

Ne'yon drops Lorka on the ground. Lorka confused about what just happened, walked over to Tox.

  • Ne'yon - You'd be wise to not fail again, Lorka. If you do, both of our fleets better make it out of there. Or you will suffer the consequences.
  • Tox - He wont fail us again, Ne'yon. Or will you Lorka?
  • Lorka - I will not. Next time they will die.
  • Tox - Good. Ne'yon, I've got a plan. How about we attack Militora?
  • Ne'yon - Militora? Isn't that the Soldarian homeworld?
  • Tox - Yesss. If we can steal some of their weaponry, we can reverse engineer them to make new weapons.
  • Ne'yon - Brilliant. It actually goes along with my plan.
  • Tox- Which would be?
  • Ne'yon - I plan to create the ultimate weapon. The enemies may have numbers for now...but when I open the portal to the Omega Dimension, my entire army will pour into this dimension.
  • Solid - What does this weapon do? And what technology do we need to build it?
  • Ne'yon - It will draw power from this universe and blow a hole through time and space. I have access to one Staff of Death which I acquired from the Meeno Grox millions of years ago. And I also have the Biskin's Devastation Ray.
  • Solid - Sounds deadly. I like it. What is it called?

Ne'yon pulls up a massive weapon on the holo-screen. It has many coils and tubes with multiple Anergy and Shattorium cores powering it. It's main power source was a reverse engineered Staff of Death and fired out of a huge barrel. The weapon was at least 3 miles across and was around 5 stories tall. Ne'yon then looks back at Solid, Lorka and Tox.

  • Lord Ne'yon - The Spear of Apocalypse.

Strike of the Ultra Commandos[]

Ughandalore the Great returned to his allies, his combined fleet now monitoring the outer colonies, and under Talis' command. But this was not what made him so happy. Standing before him, where 6 other warriors, Arkaalin a Ughandalorian, Tilaos a Spikey, Uriet a Mucka, Pervarete a Cradosan, Trogov a Trugg, and Corhufu a Marinox. They where some of the most feared warriors in the Ughandalorian Empire, and controlled elements all their own. They where here, along, having already discussed that they where brought here to finally win the war.

  • Ughandalore the Great - Arkaalin, where are your other brothers and sisters?
  • Arkaalin - I could only summon my orgineal Six Brothers. Where's the Dead Watch, and their little comrades?
  • King Glynn - *Walks into the room* Now their attacking the Soldarian Homeworld. We need these guys there imediatly. The Waptoria Alliance and a divison of Ughandalorians are helping defend the planet.

Corhufu was doing a handsstand, looking quiet goofy. Yet all he did was smile away. Pervarte cleared his throat, as Tilaos studied his comrades silently.

  • Pervarte - You must excuse our friend here, he's a bit eccentric.
  • Arkaalin - Anyway, We'll deal with the proplem in no-time King Glynn.

As they departed, King Glynn went to Ugandalore.

  • Glynn - Is it safe to trust that Marinox? Who says he's not still loyal to the Grox Empire?
  • Ugandalore - He's loyal to a Grox Rebel Alliance. He's been like this since he's creation. While he is Innergetic and talkitive, he's a strong Knight, and a Great Ugandalorian.
  • Glynn - I'd keep an eye on him. Or rather, both them.

Ughandalore nodded, and the 2 went off to discuss the latest victory over Lorka Greydc and Nebulorians.

The 6 Warriors, along with some Ughandalorian Troopers, sat in a Frigate's dropod bay. When it was time, each got into one pod, and was sent hertling into the field of battle belong.

Trogov, the Trugg, was the first out. His brown armor glinted in the sun light, and he saw a troop of Dead Watchers and Nebulorians coming straight at him. He focused his powers, and launched them into the skies with pilars of ground and sand. 2 Nebulorians made it past, the first trying to sue it's powers of telepathy to blast him with pyschic powers. He dodged, went staight in, and kicked the Nebulorian into the skies, shattering both it's armor and flesh. The second went to attack him, but suddenly, was forzen in a block of ice.

Tilaos walked up to Trogov, and gave him a fist bump.

  • Tilaos - Brother, good to see you.
  • Trogov - The same to you. Now, shall we deal with these Little fools.

Oji'b and Waptorian Biotics were fighting on with the Unitech flesh-crafts, defending an island-city. Oji'b scored head shots, almost nonchalantely at times. It made fighting with overcharged plasma pistols seem easy. Still, Unitech flesh-crafts drove the Waptoria back on the ground, while the half organic-half synthetic Unitech ships had advantage over the fully organic Waptoria ships in the sky. It seemed that they were loosing, when suddenly a massive tornado destroyed the Unitech ships. A Marinox flew over head, sending grains of sand flying into the Unitech forces, cutting away their armor and flesh. Oji'b looked in surprise to see a Marinox land gracefully next to him.

  • Corhufu - Hello fellow air-skimmer. The name's Corhufu. How do you do?
  • Oji'b - Oji'b. Aaaand...I'm not a flat-walker most of the time.
  • Corhufu - *Laughs* Come on Spirit-Brother, time to quick-run to another battle.

Oji'b was already off, flying toward another island, as Corhufu followed, useing his air powers to help him keep up.

Oji'b landed, and began taking out Unitech synths and Dead Watch with ease. Corhufu landed, useing his wind powers to send gusts at his foes, and send them flying into the distance. Suddenly, fire burned an Unitech synth to a crisp.

  • Oji'b - Oh hi! And you are...?
  • Arkaalin - *raises his sword, causing fire to balze around it* Arkaalin, leader of the Commandos here, and one of Corhufu's brothers.
  • Corhufu - Hello, Lava-Spitter Knight! How goes your battle?
  • Arkaalin - Ok. I sent Prevarte to defend the main city with Super Commandos and Ughandal Defenders against Unitech. Uriet is leading the defence of an under-water base. I don't know where the Ice-lover and Trogov are.

Suddenly, an Unitech Pstteon Haemonculus screeched and pointed up to the sky. The enemies remain silent for a moment, beforfore they all retreat. As this was happening, the seas turned into magma, plants burned down, and animals died all around.

  • Arkaalin - That's not my doing.
  • Corhufu - *Flies up in the air* I'll check it out.

Corufu could see Grox ships appearing. It were not normal Grox ships however. They were charcoal black and fire-red. The Meeno Grox had appeared.

Battle of Militora[]

Meanwhile... Bengo Flett and his army continued to watch over Militora and Ascon. Suddenly, Nebulorian, Dead Watch, and Unitech fleets appeared in the sky.

  • Soldarian - Bengo sir! We are under attack!
  • Bengo - This late at night? Well let's show them we're not pushovers boys!

Bengo and his troops rush out into the battle field, guns ablazing. Bengo managed to take down a Unitech soldier with a heartstopping punch. The battle continued on for hours. Then the Nebulorian Mothership landed, allowing Death Watch Wraiths to enter the battle field.

  • Bengo - What the hell are those!? Men! Those things are now your main target! Fire at will!!

The Soldarians fired ther weapons at the Wraiths, but their weaponry was ineffective. One of the Wraiths fired, killing an entire squad of Soldarian troops. The rest of the Wraiths continued forward, killing Soldarians left and right.

  • Soldarian - Sir! We aren't going to last much longer! We have to fall back!
  • Bengo - No! I'm not falling back. A true warrior never surrenders. As a Soldarian, you should know this by now.
  • Soldarian - What are we going to do then?
  • Bengo - *Looks at the many Wraiths headed their way* I'll distract them. You radio for additional troops.
  • Soldaian - Yes sir!

Bengo vaults over the barracks and runs straight into the squad of Wraiths. Suddenly, an Antroth ship fires a space laser that destroys the Wraiths.

  • Bengo - Woah! I didn't see THAT coming.
  • Soldarians - It's the Antroths! They're helping us!
  • Bengo - I throughout I'd never see that day...

The Nebulorian Mothership takes evasive maneuvers and lands near the outskirts of the city. The Antroths land at the landing bay and are greeted by Bengo and the survivors.

  • Oskel - That was a bit reckless Bengo.
  • Bengo - Ah well, you know me. I'm glad you came when you did. We were pinned down petty good.
  • Oskel - Yeah, we seem to have a habit of showing up when we are needed.
  • Antroth - General Oskel, sir! The enemy is regrouping in the outskirts of town.
  • Oskel - Hmph. Let's get to the city gate and give our friends a warm welcome.
  • Bengo - Yeah...Let's.

The Enemies and Allies meet at the town gate, at instantly start fighting. Oskel runs into the battle and draws his Exo-Blade, slicing through his enemies with ease. Bengo follows, blasting off the heads of Nebulorian, Unitech, and Dead Watch soldiers. Tox and Lorka watch from inside of the Nebulorian Mothership.

  • Lorka - Lord Tox. Ne'yon's soldiers the..."immortal Nebulorians" are not as powerful as the legends say.
  • Tox - Yes Lorka, I've noticed. They seem weak in comparison to our troops.
  • Lorka - How about we kill them all, take Ne'yon's plan, and use it against our enemies?
  • Tox - How would we go about doing that Lorka? Ne'yon is powerful, you've seen that first hand.
  • Solid - It was nothing. He only used telekinesis. Besides, he obviously is mortal like any of us, he hesitated when I held a gun to his head.
  • Lorka - Yes. If you had shot him then, we wouldn't be talking about this now.
  • Ne'yon - Of course you wouldn't. You'd all be dead.

The three look up and see Ne'yon looking down from his balcony.

  • Solid - H-how long have you been standing there!?
  • Ne'yon - The whole time. So you believe I'm weak?
  • Tox - It's not that. You are not convincing us that you are capable of ending this war.
  • Lorka - You really need to prove yourself, Ne'yon.
  • Ne'yon - Your faith in me has been dulled? I'll show you what I'm capabale of.

Ne'yon walks into the battlefield, all of his troops dead.

  • Ne'yon - Oh dear...what a mess. Looks like I have to clean this up.
  • Bengo - It's Ne'yon! Take him down!

The allied forces open fire on Ne'yon. Tanks blast him, grenades exploding near him, and bullets striking his body. The allies ran out of ammo, and left a thick cloud of dust where Ne'yon stood.

  • Ne'yon - *waits for the smoke to clear* Are you all quite finished? Good.. my turn.

Ne'yon raises one hand and glows with energy. He suddenly blasts every soldier with a powerful kinetic shock wave.

  • Oskel - *struggles to stand* Agh..what is He?!
  • Bengo - I dont know, but my suit says his energy level is off the charts!
  • Ne'yon - I'm a true Nebulorian. The ones you have faced are mere clones, genetically inferior Nebulorins. I'm sorry to say, but you all will die.
  • Bengo - Not if I have anything to say about it!

Bengo hops to his feet and charges at Ne'yon head on. Bengo throws a punch at Ne'yon, hitting hims square in the face. Ne'yon staggers back, but is unharmed from the punch.

  • Ne'yon - I'm sure you can do better than THAT.
  • Bengo - Don't mock me!

Bengo kicks Ne'yon hard in the chest, then follows up with a roundhouse to the ribs. Bengo continues his assault with a flurry of punches and kicks and finishes with a hard blow to the stomach.

Ne'yon stands there, unfazed.

  • Bengo - *out of breath* How..how can you still be standing!?
  • Oskel - I've got this!

Oskel runs in swinging his sword at Ne'yon. The sword hits, slices, and stabs Ne'yon. Oskel then knocks Ne'yon back with a powerful kick.

  • Oskel - Now what?

Ne'yon stands up, unharmed. The blade did not even pierce his skin.

  • Bengo - What the hell is he!? Immortal!?
  • Ne'yon - Not quite. Like I've said before, I am true perfection. You inferior lifeforms cannot comprehend what power I have.
  • Oskel - Dammit! This guy is tough.
  • Bengo - *catches his breath* Im not done just yet!!

Bengo charges in for another attack. He lifts his fist in a swinging motion and continues to run at Ne'yon.

  • Ne'yon - Enough.

Ne'yon puts out one hand and grabs Bengo with telekinesis. He lifts him into the air.

  • Ne'yon -Now...you die.
  • Bengo- Ugh! Lemme go you blue bastard!
  • Oskel- Bengo!

Bengo is electrocuted by Ne'yon

Ne'yon shoots an extremely powerful lightning bolt from his hand, electrocuting Bengo. Bengo's suit became overcharged and the power cells burned out. With no power, the suit cannot protect Bengo very well. The lightning begins hurt and burn Bengo as it's power increases. Ne'yon raises the power and stops Bengo's heart.

  • Ne'yon - Foolish trash. *lets go of Bengo and turns to the ship*
  • Oskel - *runs over to Bengo and cradles his body* Bengo! Can you hear me!? Bengo!

There was no response. Bengo was dead.

Return to Ascon[]

The Antroths and Soldarians were forced to retreat. Militora was lost. Oskel commanded the two fleets and took them back to Ascon.  Oskel arrives in Glynn's war room where Ugandalore, W'tze, Glynn, Pulporious, and Barda stood.

  • Glynn - What happened?! I lost communications with Militora!
  • Oskel - We lost. They returned with even more power than before. 
  • Barda - What of the fleets? Did we loose them?
  • Oskel - We still have both. We managed to defeat their fleets, but Ne'yon was too powerful for us to handle. We have no ammo and suffered heavy casualties.
  • Pulporious - Damn...my home, lost. Where's Bengo? I'm sure he's taking the loss as hard as I am.
  • Oskel - ...Bengo is dead...
  • Ugandalore - What?
  • W'tze - Dammit. He was a good man.
  • Pulporious - How can this be? Bengo was our best man! He couldn't have been bested by mere soldiers!
  • Oskel - He wasn't. Ne'yon killed him with some weird powers.
  • Glynn - Mark my words gentlemen. We will avenge Bengo and all of our lost men!
  • Ugandalore - We have to stop Ne'yon before this universe is no more.
  • W'tze - Indeed. 

The leaders all began to create new battle plans. The final battle was nearing, and they needed to be ready.

Ziskin's Revival[]

Myths are Reality[]

Ne'yon  ordered his new troops to salvage the weapons and technology from Militora's cities and laboratories. With the technology, Ne'yon began to construct the Spear of Apocalypse. 

  • Solid - Ne'yon...we are sorry we ever doubted you.
  • Tox - Yes, we were not sure that you were as powerful as they say.
  • Ne'yon - It is very understandable. I have not been as active in this war as I should have.
  • Solid - I've been wondering, how exactly did you gain such power? I've never seen anything like that.
  • Ne'yon - These powers were bestowed upon me by the False God that will Come. 
  • Solid - How? That is nothing but a religious myth.
  • Ne'yon - So was I, and I'm standing here am I not?
  • Solid - True. But are the myths about you true? That you obtained the power of the False God and wiped out life on a galactic scale?
  • Tox - Of course it's not true. No one has ever done that in the history of this universe other than the Xhodocto. 
  • Ne'yon - It is true. I have killed trillions of life forms. In fact, I managed to destroy all life in over 600 galaxies. 
  • Solid - Wow...so it is true.
  • Ne'yon - Unfortunately, I do have my limits. After the billions of years of destroying life, my power was drained. I was forced to hibernate for 3,000 years. A awoke to this...new repopulated universe. My work had been undone.
  • Tox - So you're saying that as of now, you're at your weakest?
  • Ne'yon- Correct. And with this weapon, I'll be able to regain my god powers and recreate the multiverse!
  • Solid - Wait...what do we get in return?
  • Ne'yon - I can grant you any wish. Anything your heart desires, I can give you.
  • Tox - Heh heh...I've got the perfect wish too.
  • Solid- Fair enough. 
  • Ne'yon- Good. Now leave me. I've got work to do.

The Room[]

Solid and Tox leave the room and walk into the mothership's bridge. Lorka was already there, studying the ship's controls.

  • Tox - Solid, do you think that Ne'yon will actually give us what we wish for?
  • Solid - He seems like a man of his word. We'll just have to trust him for now.
  • Lorka - Drat...
  • Tox - Lorka...what are you doing?
  • Lorka - I'm looking at all of the rooms of the ship. All of them are open except for one. 
  • Solid - Does it say what's inside?
  • Lorka - *looks at the screen closer* It says "Project 7". I wonder what that could be.
  • Tox - It looks like there's something our buddy Ne'yon doesn't want us to know about.
  • Solid - Now, I wonder...What could he be hiding?
  • Lorka - We've got some time before Ne'yon finishes the Spear. Let's find out.

The three leave the bridge and walk down to the lowest levels of the ship.

Ne'yon's Secret[]

The three finally make it to a steel door. In bold letters, the door reads "PROJECT 7". To the right of the door, there is a code panel.

  • Tox - Looks like the door opens to a specific password. 
  • Solid - A 6-digit code at that. Anyone have a clue as to what it could be?
  • Lorka - Hmm...well the legends say that his blue glow could be seen from miles away.
  • Solid - Ok...let's see. 

Solid types in BLUE. The code is wrong and the letters are deleted, but the "B" remains. 

  • Tox - B? Anything else?
  • Solid - Perhaps the code is made up of the first letter of facts about him.
  • Lorka - That's it!
  • Solid - Let's see...he's intelligent.
  • Lorka - He's strong.
  • Tox - He's a King.
  • Lorka - He dreams of Immortality.
  • Solid - And he is a Nebulorian Prime.

The letters spell out "B I S K I N*

  • Solid - Wait..Biskin?
  • Lorka - I heard they were defeated by the Volver.

The door opens. The three walk into the dark room. The lights automatically flip on. They see scraps of metal, screws, bolts, and even robotic appendages scattered on the floor. In the center of the room is a table. Above it are surgical tools dangling from the ceiling. At the back of the room is a large tube covered by plated steel.

  • Tox - What is that?
  • Lorka - I have no idea. Let's be careful.

They walk over to the tube. There is a red button next to it. Solid presses the button. The plates of metal slide upwards until they are no longer visible. The tube lights up, and reveals something shocking.

  • Tox - Huh? Is...that really?
  • Lorka - No...it cant be! This guy is supposed to be dead!
  • Solid - This is really King Ziskin, guys. Ruler of the extinct Biskin Empire.

King Ziskin awakes, adjusting to his new cybernetic implants. He looks down at Tox and Lorka, ignoring Solid.

  • Ziskin - Who wants to die?  

Return of Ziskin[]

Ziskin climbed out of the tube. His cybernetic enhancements glistened and cranked as he stepped out. The three look up in shock as the mighty Ziskin walked towards them.

Cyborg Ziskin (Left) King Ziskin (Right)

  • Ziskin - Where am I? Who are you?
  • Solid - You are aboard the Nebulorian Mothership.
  • Tox - I am Tox Cano, leader of Death Watch. This is my right hand Lorka.
  • Solid - Remember me, Ziskin? I'm Solid, second-in-command of the Unitech Citadel of Sapients.
  • Lorka - Wait, I thought you were Unitech's leader?
  • Solid - If I were, we wouldn't be using Flesh-Crafts. I can't reveal who is the real leader either. Or the individual who send me here. Consider both a surprise...for later, of course.
  • Ziskin - Hmm...I see. Well I've heard of you all. Quite notorious the three of you.

Solid smiles, and nods. At this moment, Ne'yon entered the room.

  • Ne'yon - What is the meaning of this? You ruined the surprise.
  • Ziskin - Ne'yon! I cannot thank you enough for rebuilding me. I can finally have my revenge on that Volver scum, and King Glynn.
  • Ne'yon - Don't mention it. Besides, you were a key component to my plan.
  • Tox - We have just gained a powerful ally my friends.
  • Solid - Of that I am aware.

Solid waited until Ne'yon walked away to discuss the upcoming battle plans with Tox, then to Lorka with him until Ziskin was out of earshot.

  • Solid - Something is not right here.
  • Lorka - With what? The cyborg?
  • Solid - His name is Ziskin. And he wouldn't be so subservient to Ne'yon, y'know?
  • Lorka - Even after Ne'yon revived him?
  • Solid - Even after that. In fact, I believe that's the matter here. Have you any idea how Flesh-Crafts are controlled?
  • Lorka - Trough pain?
  • Solid - If it were only so simple. No, each Flesh-Craft possesses an organic inhibitor chip in what remains of their brain. We use it to effectively make ourselves and our allies invisible to the mutants, so that in they only attack others.
  • Lorka - You believe something similar happened to Ziskin then?
  • Solid - Exactly. I shared the date on the inhibitor chips with Ne'yon earlier, thinking it would cement our alliance. I wouldn't be surprised if Ziskin over there has one in his skull either.
  • Lorka - Then what do you intent to do about it?
  • Solid - To remove the chip from a live subject is impossible. Ziskin must die.
  • Lorka - *Whispers* You...You would want me to betray Ne'yon?
  • Solid - Betray him? Not at all. I merely want to save my friend. Once death has truly claimed him, I can simply clone his remains. If my theory is correct, eh won't even remember the time as a cyborg.
  • Lorka - *Crosses his arms* And why should I help you, exactly?
  • Solid - Who knows? Perhaps it is because I have come to trust you. Or perhaps it is because I am a fool.

He was silent for a moment.

  • Solid - Though imagine this: imagine that half of your body is gone, replaced with unfeeling metal. Imagine that your mind is not truly your own. Answer me honestly. Could you bear it to live in such a state?
  • Lorka - No...no, I would imagine I would rather kill myself than to give up my free will.
  • Solid - Then I have your coöperation?
  • Lorka - If our enemies do not kill Ziskin first.
  • Solid - Oh, that is what I am counting on.

Final Battle[]

Battle Plans[]

The leaders of the allied forces are all gathered in the war room. In the sent is the galactic holo-map. 

  • Ugandalore - My soldiers have tracked the enemies to a planet belonging to the S'actha Republic. There seems to be a temple of some sort.
  • Glynn - Yes, I've been there before. That's where they worship Spode. The S'actha are a religious lot.
  • Barda - I'm going to assume that they won't be helping us then?
  • Averil - Nah. They have a strong military force though. I know a guy, Herenzi, he's a S'actha Elite. He may help us out.
  • Pulporios - No. We can't risk the lives of people who have no involvement in this war. We must go there and defeat the enemy forces swiftly.
  • Si'daal - Wait a minute. That temple...it's used for religious purposes correct?
  • Glynn - Yes, why?
  • Si'daal - Why in the universe would they be there? I've never seen anything like that before.
  • Lavern - No...no no no. This is bad.
  • Ugandalore - What's bad? Is it a trap?
  • Lavern - Worse...I know that temple. It's the gate to the netherworld. Spevile's domain.
  • W'tze - Wait, I remember hearing that name from one of the Nebulorians. That's the False God correct?
  • Lavern - Yes. I've witnessed that power, and it's not good. If they get their hands on it, then we are all doomed.
  • Glynn - How do you know this?
  • Lavern - I'm one of the few survivors of the Nebulorian Invasion that took place thousands of years ago. We have to stop them at all costs.
  • Pulporious - Alright, I've got a plan. We will attack the planet. But we need to go in pairs. Vaas, take your Hyperon brutes in on the west side of the planet.
  • Vaas - Brutes, eh? We'll show you, Pulporious! The Hyperon more than that. We'll get the job done!
  • W'tze - Me and the Biotics will join you. 
  • Glynn - Ok, if you guys are taking the West, then it's only fair that we take the East. Ugandalore and Barda, my friends, will you join us?
  • Ugandalore - Of course. Let's make them bleed.
  • Barda - We will show no mercy.
  • Lavern - Hmm. Well the North seems pretty empty. I'll take my forces down that route.
  • Si'daal - Oskel, we will join the Lavatuft forces. Get the men ready.
  • Oskel - Yes ma'am. 
  • Averil - Hmph. Looks like I'm going solo. I'll see if I can sneak my way through the south.
  • Pulporious - And if you can't, try to get the coördinates of the enemy encampments. My army will lay down a barrage of heavy fire to destroy them.
  • Glynn - Alright...looks like we're all set. Let's move out!

The armies pour out of the atmosphere of Ascon and head for the small planet. The Final Battle was beginning...

East Efforts[]

The Ugandalorian and Volver armies land on the east side of the planet. The troops unload and set up camp. After about an hour, the men form up and march towards the temple. The are suddenly blocked by the Unitech and Dead Watch soldiers. The first battle had begun.

Ugandalore rushed in and slashed the Unitech flesh-crafts without breaking a sweat. He sliced off their limbs, head and even cut a few in half. Barda followed closely behind, cutting his enemies down with his clawed knuckles. A Death Watcher jumped on and pinned Barda down. Barda kicked the Death Watcher in the gut and gave him a blow to the head. His opponent stumbled back giving Barda a chance to slash his throat. Glynn flew over them, blasting each soldier he passed with his Volver Class Assault Rifle. He soon landed, crushing a Unitech flesh-craft with his weight. He drew his lightning blade, the Sword of Zirux, and followed Ugandalore into the battlefield. Glynn stabbed and slashed his enemies, filling them with volts of electricity. Soon the three warriors became overwhelmed. They were surrounded by the enemy forces. The Volver and Ugandalorian troops were pinned down by the ten Dead Watch Wraiths, a couple of Nebulorian Tanks and a Goretendril Parasite Engine made from the flesh of fallen Volver. The mere sight of it made Glyn feel sick.

  • Glynn - There are too many of them!
  • Barda - Stand back to back!

  The three stand back to back, shooting and slashing the Unitech and Death Watch armies. Their Troops soon make it to their position, but the enemies still have them out numbered.

  • Glynn - I've got an idea. Hold your breath!
  • Ugandalore - You heard the man men! Hold your breath!

The allied forces hold their breaths. Glynn curves his tail upward and pumps thick clouds of highly poisonous gas out of his tail and into the air. The poison fills the lungs of the enemies and kills them almost instantly. Glynn then flaps the clouds away with his powerful wings.

  • Glynn - Ok. We're good. You can breathe now.
  • Ugandalore - *gasps* That was brilliant. Why didn't you do that before?
  • Glynn - Thanks, it takes a lot out of me. It's a last resort tactic. Few Volvers still have the adaptation.
  • Bengo - Well, that's the end of them. Let's get to the temple.
  • Ugandalore - Wait...I sense a presence. 
  • Glynn - I felt a chill up my spine. Who's there?
  • Lorka - I can't allow you to continue your journey. It ends here.
  • Ugandalore - Ahh, Lorka, back for another lesson?
  • Lorka - It won't end the same way as last time, my Ugandalore.

Lorka steps behind a moss-covered boulder, wearing Nebulorian Elite battle armor.

  • Lorka - I've come more prepared this time. This armor is ten times more advanced than yours!
  • Glynn - Want me to handle this?
  • Ugandalore - No. This is my fight.
  • Barda - My Ugandalore, I will fight Lorka. You should take our forces to the temple to help the others.
  • Ugandalore - Fine. If you say so Barda.

Ugandalore rounds up the troops and leads them through the fen. Lorka allows them to pass.

  • Lorka - He can go ahead. Why? Because your men won't be able to stop our glorious plan!
  • Barda - That's where you're wrong, Lorka. We will prevail.
  • Glynn - You are a fool, Lorka. Two on one? You should give up now.
  • Lorka - You think I came alone? Come out...surprise.

Ziskin uncloaks himself, cranking up his new limbs.

  • Glynn - No...no...that's impossible...Ziskin!?
  • Barda - Ziskin...I've heard of him...isn't he supposed to be dead?
  • Glynn - Yes...my friend sacrificed himself to kill this bastard! He died in the explosion!
  • Ziskin - Heh, you cannot defeat me Glynn. I've been upgraded with Nebulorian technology. You will die this time around.
  • Glynn - Not this time. I'll make sure you don't come back again!

Glynn tackles Ziskin into the bogs, evaporating pools and blowing sinkholes in the ground. Barda draws his attention to Lorka and the 2 circle eachother.

  • Barda - You betray our ancestors, Lorka.
  • Lorka - *Laughs* Please, please...Barda, our ansectors where conquerors, like the Zazane and other warriors. Why, your anchestor Cadus Clett felt that we Ughandalorians where the master race, and should spread out everywhere.
  • Barda - He felt that we should share our ideals with those willing, not enslave them.
  • Lorka - Well, we'll start keeping slaves, starting with your wife!

Barda roared in hate, and rushed at him. The 2 locked blades, striking and blocking with precission speed. Barda fought hard and fast, while Lorka kept up his defence, being calm and cynical.

  • Lorka - Come now Barda, you can do better then that. What would your son think?
  • Barda - My son could destroy you, you slow moving idiot.
  • Lorka - I'll give you fast.

With his new armor, Lokra moved faster then ever, slashing and striking and Barda weak pionts, intil Barda was soaked in sweat and blood, and breathing hard. Lorka then activatied his much stronger jet back, and flew right into Barda, cracking his chest armor. The 2 flew right into a boulder, shattering it into tiny, sharp pieces that pierced Barda's armor. Lorka continued trying to stab Barda, as the Hunter slashed into Lorka's armor with his bladed kunckles. Finally, Barda brought his knee up between Lorka legs. Lorka, depsite his Cup-piece, was still injured from the attack. He roared in pain, falling on his back, right into a pool.

  • Barda - Something I read about during the Andromeda War. A Radeon did it to the High Prophet of Disdain. I can see why it works so well.

Lorka cursed something, and tried to get up, but Barda planted his foot securely on Lorka's chest, and began stabing his face. Lorka, having a little more wieght thanks to his armor, managed to throw Barda off. Barda crashes into a boulder and then onto the ground, splitting the earth. As he struggles to get up, Lorka kicks him into the same pool he fell in earlier.

  • Lorka - Now look at you, Hunter! Groveling in a pool of your own blood. You must see it's meaningless to resist by now.
  • Barda - No...I don't. You can try to kill me all you want, Lokka, I won't give in!

Barda, using all his willpower, got up, but was slowly driven back by his opponent.

  • Lorka - *Still advancing* Come now Barda, embrace the future, join the Dead Watch! We could grant you any wish! All you need to do, is kill Tox Cano, and become supreme leader of both Ughandalorians and Dead Watch.
  • Barda - *Getting up* Well, there is one wish...*Pulls out 2 blasters* A world with a dead you!

Lorka pulled out his own Blasters, and the 2 began firing. Finally, both where out of ammo, except for Barda, who had 1 round left. He put his gun away however, and jumped up with his jet pack.

Lorka activated his own, and the 2 began fighting in the air, attacking with their Melee weapons, before both Jetpacks ran out of fuel, and sent both flying into a small lake with a huge splash, soaking them both. Lorka waded out, his sword in hand.

  • Lorka - You know Barda, we're exactly alike. You're no diffrent from me. We are both warriors wanting to advance the Ughandal people! We're both honorless warriors on a quest to fill our egos. Why battle me any longer?
  • Barda- That's where your wrong, Lorka.

He pulled out his pistol and fired the remaining round into Lorka. Lorka stood for a second with a look of regret and remorse. Regret that he had failed his people.

  • Barda - I want to advance our people through peace and intelligence, you don't. But on that warrior part, you're absolutely right.

Meanwhile in elsewhere in the bog, the battle continues. Glynn draws his sword and charges at Ziskin. Ziskin blocks the blade with his arm and grabs Glynn, before throwing him away at high speed. Glynn crashed through a long-dead tree, managing to take it down on top of him. His armor took most of the shook, but felt a snap in his left leg. He got up with difficulty and waited for Ziskin to make the next move. Ziskin transformed his arm into a Nebula Cannon and shot at Glynn. Glynn quickly blocked it with his shield, absorbing the blow.

  • Glynn - Idiot!

Glynn fired from his pulse rifle with the force of 10 Nebula Cannons. The bullets went into Ziskin as well as the sounding mosses, intil small fires had spread across the bog.

  • Ziskin - I see you still have some tricks up your sleeve. So do I. You don't stand a chance.
  • Glynn - We'll just see about that.

  The two combatants eyed each other sharply. Ziskin spread his two new mechanical wings, thrusting him self at Glynn, using a high powered jetpack. Glynn jumped in to the air with his powerful leg muscles, dodging Ziskin's attack. As he landed, Ziskin turned around charged again. This time he actually tackled Glynn. Glynn drew his sword back and stabbed Ziskin in the chest. Ziskin's chest armor sparked and buzzed. He raised his blaster and shot Glynn close range, knocking him down. The sword stayed logged in Ziskin's chest.

  • Glynn - I'm gonna need that back.
  • Ziskin - Come and get it then.

Glynn charged at Ziskin again. Ziskin thew a punch, Glynn ducked it and grabbed his sword, still stuck in Ziskin's chest. He ripped the sword out and jumped back. Ziskin grunted in pain, looking at his pierced, bloody armor. Glynn ran at him and cut off Ziskin's biological arm. Blood poured out of the wet stump that was his arm. Ziskin screamed in pain.

  • Ziskin - You bastard! I'll kill you!!
  • Glynn - *Out of breath* Bring it.

  Ziskin raises his mechanical arm and shoots at high speeds at Glynn. Glynn tries to block with his shield, but the rounds were too quick and hit him directly. One plasma shot knocks Glynn's shield out of his hand. He tries to retrieve it but is stopped by a high powered kick from Ziskin's mechanical leg. The force was too much for Glynn's armor to handle and his chest plate was cracked. Glynn's energy supply was completely drained, causing his weapons systems to go offline. Glynn had to resort to hand to hand combat. Ziskin overwhelmed Glynn with his high speed and power. He punched, kicked and blasted Glynn continuously. He ended the flurry of attacks with a powerful punch that broke Glynn's ribs.

Ziskin stood over the fallen warrior.

  • Ziskin - Look at the mighty king of the Volver Empire. Oh so ready to die. You don't realize how much I've waited for this moment.
  • Glynn - You won't get away with this Ziskin...my men will not stop until you and your friends are dead!
  • Ziskin - Even on your deathbed, you believe you can win. *Aims his gun at Glynn's head* You will die this time. Any last words before I blast your head off?
  • Glynn - Yeah. Just one. "Zap".
  • Ziskin - What? Zap?

Glynn pressed a button on his armor and remotely set off a shock wave from his shield that was behind Ziskin. The electricity coursed though Ziskin's circuits and veins. This gave Glynn the opening he needed. He stood up, jumped on Ziskin, and jammed a Volver Grenade into Ziskin's chest wound.

  • Ziskin - Agh! No!
  • Glynn - It's over, Ziskin!

Glynn jumped off of Ziskin and glided into a pool. Ziskin's chest exploded with unbelievable force. All that was left of Ziskin was his head, bleeding heavily, with a part of his skull visible. Glynn walked over to it.

  • Ziskin - I was...so close...how...why?
  • Glynn - I'll admit it Ziskin. You almost had me. ALMOST. Your weakness was your arrogance. You also relied on technology rather than your physical and mental capabilities. 
  • Ziski n- No...this cannot be. I am almighty King Ziskin! Lord of the great Biskin Empre!
  • Glynn - The Biskin are extinct. I saw to that personally. And now you can join your race. This time, there will be nothing left of you.

Glynn fired a heavy stream of fire from his Lavatuft-Class Flamethrower. Ziskin was completely incinerated. All that was left were ashes. A strong gust blew by, scattering the ashes to the wind.

  • Glynn- Finally...he's finally gone.

The King of the Volver Empire emerged from the bog victorious. He waked with a slight limp, damaged armor, and too tired to fly. He went to where he left Barda, hoping that his friend was also victorious.

He found Barda, covered in blood and sweat, and armor cracked everywhere. Barda stumbled toward him.

  • Barda - King Glynn, you are victourous?
  • Glynn - Yes, and you?
  • Barda - I'd be dead if I wasn't.
  • Glynn - You look almost dead though, you need a medic.
  • Barda - No, I have more Stem Cells then an aveage Ughandal. I'll heal faster the you'd expect.

The 2 began to stagger away from Lorka's corpse, partically leaning on eachother for support.

  • Barda - It's time to gather some of our men and meet up with Ughandalore.
  • Glynn - Yes, and let's leave the past behind us.

They began to make their way toward Ughandalore's troops, who by now were advancing trough a snow-covered field with various small bushes...as meanwhile in the fen, Lorka's life support in his armor began to boot up his vitals again...

South Efforts[]

Averil lands his small ship near the south landing bay. He gathers his gear and steps off of his ship. Averil surveys the area and then cloaks his ship. He dashes off into the nearby swamp. Averil jumps from treetop to treetop, going unseen by his enemies. He soon comes to an enemy camp.

  • Averil - Hmm. 8 Nebulorians, 7 Dead Watchers, and 10 Unitech Synths. I thought their security would be tighter. Well I guess I'll just have to take 'em out.

Averil takes a handful of poison darts and quickly disposes of the troops. He retrieves his darts for later use and flies off into the clouds, over a mountain pass, over a snow-covered taiga, and all the way up to a wood made out of pure icicles, in with the gate to the netherworld proudly stood. He soon arrives and hides in one of the few real trees located there. He sees Ne'yon and Tox talking about the plan.

  • Averil - One, Two. Two leaders. 14 squads of 30 men. Three armies. 7 Tanks. About 8 ships...
  • Ne'yon - And one spy.

Ne'yon raises his hand and yanks Averil out if the trees with telekineses.

  • Tox - Hm? Looks like we have a visitor.
  • Averil - 'Ow did you find me? I can't be seen by radars or sensors!
  • Ne'yon - Ah yes a Violaven. Avias Yoinkerras. You possess razor sharp wings, the ability to run and fly at mach speed, and amazing stealth capabilities. Apparently you produce a bioelectric field that cannot be picked up by radars or any tracking technology.
  • Tox - You sure know your species.
  • Ne'yon - I've been alive for billions of years. I have knowledge of every creature in this universe. 
  • Averil - Ya got me mate. What are ya gonna do eh? Electrocute me?
  • Ne'yon - No no. I am well aware of your kind's resistance to electricity. I've got a quicker, painless idea. I'll just snap your neck.
  • Tox - Hang on Ne'yon. We could use him as a hostage. He's obviously valuable to our enemies. We might be able to get something out of trading him.
  • Ne'yon - Fine. I will trust your judgement on this matter. Lock him up. I must complete the Spear's construction.
  • Tox - Will do.

Ne'yon drops Averil. Tox grabs him and throws him in the Nubulorian prison cell. Despite the Soldiarian shelling later that day, they did so blind and caused only little damage. Averil had failed his mission.

West Efforts[]

In the western jungles, Hyperon and Waptoria troopers leave their camp, to a Unitech base nearby.

  • W'tze - Vaas, watch your back. The species of the Waptoria Alliance evolved in rainforest, but as Unitech is a Waptoria rebel group, this is their favorite terrain, too.
  • Grand-Khan Vaas - Understood. Watch out for surprise attacks!

They just entered the denser part of the forest, as they are assaulted by Unitech. W'tze shoots at the Unitech, while jumping from tree to tree. Meanwhile, the Hyperon army, on their nible jetbikes, attack any flesh-crafts they comes near. At last, they reached the base. It was completely silent.

  • W'tze - There aren't really any flesh-crafts around...no Unitech personnel either...
  • Grand-Khan Vaas - I don't see anyone...just a abandoned base.
  • Solid - You aren't alone you know...

Solid appeared out of the shadows.

  • Solid - Brother!
  • W'tze - It has been too long.
  • Solid - Yes, and guess what? Ne'yon granted me a small amount of his power. Small, but still large enough to kill you.
  • Grand-Khan Vaas - I invite you to try!
  • Solid - With pleasure!

Solid fired his rifle at W'tze in a single burst, but the Raptoranean avoided what bullets he could and sumonned a shield of energy to absorb the rest.

  • Solid - Tsss, tsss, tsss. Shame. But...it's not over yet!

Having only one Essence-infused bullet with him, Solid now opened fire with normal bullets, at high speed. The rain of phasic bullets would have passed trough anyone in it's way, killing them ibstantly, but W'tze cloaked and took cover before Solid had properly taken aim. Hence, it did nothing either.

  • Solid - Seems bullets don't work, eh? Well, try this instead.

Solid ran into the main building. The roof was blasted off, and a huge walker, piloted by Solid, appeared out of it.

  • W'tze - Vaas, if you don't mind, I could need one of those land speeders you guys here!
  • Grand-Khan Vaas - Take one so long at it is returned! Then let's take him down together.
  • W'tze - As you wish.

W'tze and Pulporous both fired at the mecha's body. It didn't had any effect though.

  • Grand-Khan Vaas - No luck! W'tze, can your essence abilities discern anything?
  • W'tze - Not when I'm under fire!
  • Oji'b - No sweat! I'll cover you!

Oji'b lay down a barrage of fire from his twin pistols, distracting Solid.

  • Solid - Pathetic.

The mecha fired a rocket at Oji'b and Vaas, forcing them to scatter. Then then, however, W'tze had sensed the mecha's weak spots.

  • W'tze - The leg joints! Fire at the leg joints!

Blitz Vaas fired at the mecha's legs, while W'tze struck two prescision shits at it's knees. The mecha was slowly damaged, but suddenly transformed from a two-legged into a flour-legged one. It ran.

  • Solid - Chase me if you can!
  • W'tze - *Angry* Oh, I will!

Solid's mecha ran off, followed by W'tze, who flew after it at top-speed. While Blitz Vaas and his Companion Jetbikers chased after them, even they could not carch up with the furious Raptoranean or the rocket-propelled mecha.

  • Grand-Khan Vaas - Damn. When do you Raptoraneans learn you have to control your emotions, and not the other way around?

As W'tze chased Solid, he did not notice were Solid was luring him to: the temple. Vaas and his companions, who tried to track where W'tze and Solid went to, did notice it, however, when the trees of the dense forest slowly turned leafless and covered in frost, and the ground froze over, becoming rocky in progress.

  • Grand-Khan Vaas - Highest speed, my companions! We are nearly there!

North Efforts[]

The Lavatuft and Antroth Warriors land on the northern side of the planet, with was filled with a lush savanna. Their armies stepped out of the ships, armed and ready to fight.

  • Oskel - My queen, the temple is only 2 miles from here. We should be able to make it there in time to help the others.
  • Si'daal - Alright Oskel. Move the troops out. Lavern, you do the same.
  • Lavern - Sounds good. *To his men* Let's go men!

The two armies begin their march to the temple. As they begin their way up, the environment changes. Instead of a savanna, they found themselves in an open forest, grasses and dead trees sticking out of the icy snow. As they reach the temple, they see many troops defending it. Not to their surprise, there were more troops here than anywhere else. Lavern quickly engaged the enemy, expressing his fiery wrath. He slammed, punched, kicked, and crushed the enemy soldiers left and right. Oskel followed behind, protecting Si'daal with his Exo-Blade.

The Lavatufs advanced, burning down Dead Watchers with their fire based weapons. The Antoths flanked the Nebulorains and attacked with laser fire and swords. Eventually, they defeated the armies and made it to the temple. Tox was waiting for them, his new Nebulorian Lord Armor powered up, humming and lights flashing.

  • Oskel - Men! Engage!

The Lavatufts and Antroths begin to fire their weapons. Tox quickly deployed an energy field that protected him from all attacks. The men stopped firing.

  • Tox - Your guns won't work on me. I have new technology. Ne'yon promoted me to Nebulorian Lord. I have ultimate power!!

Tox activated his upgraded blasters and blasted the army with violent force. Si'daal created an energy field and managed to save Oskel and Lavern. All of their troops were either dead or wounded.

  • Lavern - You monster!
  • Tox - Hmph. Look who's talking, lava lump.
  • Lavern - That's it you maggot!

Lavern charges at Tox and punches him square in his chest. The armor absorbs the blow and Tox counters with a leg sweep. Lavern staggers, then Tox kicks Lavern down the temple stairs. Lavern catches himself halfway down the stairs and leaps to the bottom. Lavern looks at Tox and smirks. He reaches his hand outward and fires a fireball at Tox. Tox's armor once again absorbs the blow, leaving clouds of smoke. Tox waves them away as Lavern prepares another attack. He quickly raises his blaster and fires at Lavern. Lavern fires the fireball and two attacks cancel. The two continue to fire, hoping one of their shots will hit. Eventually, the entire battlefield is covered in smoke.

  • Tox - Blast...I can't see a thing!
  • Lavern - *Whispering* Ok, Oskel, use your heightened senses to locate Tox. Then take him out.
  • Oskel - Got it.

Oskel rushes through the smoke, up the stairs, and straight towards Tox. He draws his blade quietly. He strikes Tox. Tox staggers back, and in a rage, he fires his blasters in all directions. Oskel kicked him in the shin and pierced his armor swiftly. Tox finally loses it and sends out a pulse of energy that clears the smoke. Tox locates Oskel and shoots him point blank. Oskel falls to the ground, coughing up blood. Tox stabs him in the leg. He pulls the sword out to find it diminishing.

  • Tox - What the!? My sword? It's melting!
  • Oskel - That's right. The blood of an Antroth is acidic. It melts anything other than me or my armor.
  • Tox - I'll be sure to leave nothing of you then!

Tox pulls out his new Nebulorian Nebula Cannon. He charges it up fully, and than blasts Oskel with full force, causing himself to stagger back as well. In one blast, Oskel was ripped apart completely, atom by atom. Tox was right, there was nothing left of him.

  • Lavern - No!!
  • Si'daal - Oskel!
  • Tox - I told you, I can't be taken down.
  • Lavetn - Si'daal. Use your magic on him!
  • Si'daal - Right! You'll pay for this Tox!

Si'daal raises her staff and fires a powerful blast at Tox. Tox arrogantly stands there, believing his armor would protect him. Ne'yon suddenly jumps in and redirects the blast into the ground, leaving a small crater.

  • Tox - What did you do that for?
  • Ne'yon - Apparently, you don't truly understand how essence works. That blast would have obliterated you. Not even the armor could handle that kind of force.
  • Si'daal- Ne'yon, you wretch! I'll destroy you for what you've done!
  • Lavern - Ne'yon...I'm going to kill you!
  • Ne'yon - Lavern? Is that you? I guess the past hundred thousand years have been good for you. As for you Si'daal, that was a very impressive attack...for an Antroth that is.
  • Si'daal - I'll show you impressive!

Si'daal raises her staff once more and fires energy pulses at Ne'yon. Ne'yon holds out his hand and absorbs every single bolt. He then converts the energy into high voltage lightning, knocking down and paralyzing Lavern and Si'daal. The force was so great that Si'daal's staff was destroyed.

  • Si'daal - No! Without my staff, I'm powerless!!
  • Lavern - I won't be able to fight them alone Si'daal!
  • Tox - Now you both will die!

Tox runs at the two and knocks them down. He draws another sword and prepares to strike Lavern.

  • Tox - Die!
  • Ugandalore - Not today!

Ugandalore blocks and counters Tox's attack, kicking him back. He then helps Lavern and Si'daal to their feet. The Volver and Ugandalorian troops move in shortly after to tend to the wounded.

  • Tox - The False Ugandalore! I am the true ruler! I deserve that title!
  • Ugandalore - Tox, you do not deserve to be Ugandalore! You are a traitor to our ancestor's ways.
  • Tox - Ne'yon! Kill him!
  • Ne'yon - I'm afraid I cannot help you. This is your fight.
  • Tox - *Growls.* Then I shall do so!

Tox and Ughandalore Charged, slamming their Weapons together, getting face to face.

  • Tox - You'll pay for what you did to my ancestors!
  • Ughandalore - That wasn't me. Take it up with my fore-fathers, when I send you to the afterlife!

Meanwhile, Solid's mecha also appeared. With a mighty essence blast, W'tze finally brougt it down. Solid climbed out the cockpit, and atop the mecha's remnants. He pulled out a syringe, ind injected himself with it, healing him. W'tze flew to Solid's position, and pulled off his chest clothes, something he only did when he was really angy. Solid charged, but W'tze evaded the attack, and kicked Solid on his chest. Solid quickly turned, and punched W'tze in the face. He tackled him, and trew him down, on the mecha's roof.

  • W'tze - Solid!
  • Solid - Liquid!

The two charged at each other, each attacking in the exactly same way, at exactly the same moment, as Blitz and his companians finally caught up. From the south, a cloud of kicked up snow could be seen. The Soldarian army had finally fought it's way trough Nebulorian lines. Under the shrewd tactics of Pulporious V, they hadn't lost many soldiers, and most were still in fighting shape. All the while, Tox and Ughandalore also fought, striking and fighting. The 2 clashed, while the others fought off the Unitech, Dead Watch, and Nebulorian Troops. Barda and King Glynn arrived, as did Pulporious and his troops. Both where greeted by the Ultra Commando Corhufu.

  • Corhufu - Sit back for a little, and take these *hands them syringes* You should heal quicker then usuall. It's the miracle healing Syrum known as Tradka.
  • Pulporious - Right. We Soldarians are not allergic to a little enhancement.

The Ultra Commandoes combined their powes, creating a terrible storm. Dead watch and Unitech were consumed by fire, ice, water, ground, stone, and air. Meanwhile, Tox and Ughandalore battled on top of a hill, as Ne'yon watched, fending off attacks from the 6 Ultra Commandos, and the 9 Life Guardians. Suddenly, darkness fell across the battle field, the ice turing to a sickeningly grey, and some Unitech Snipers standing in the shadows where consumed by them, disappearing with shattered screams.

  • Lord Ne'yon - What is the meaning of this?
  • Barda - No! It can't be!

Rising from the shadows, came a beast both horrible and majectic at the same time. His red eyes glowed in fury. It was the one being all Bounty Hunters feared to cross. It was simply known as the Dark one.

  • Dark - The Darkness has arrivied! *Looks at Ne'yon* Are you the one that killed Begno Flett?
  • Ne'yon - Yes, I killed the little worm easily. It was of no challenge.
  • Dark - He was one of the many Dark Hunters working for me. You have incured my wrath, mortal. Prepare for death!

Dark fired 2 beams from his eyes, hoping to decapitate Ne'yon. Ne'yon simply sent his beam of energy from his palm, meeting the beam, and causing huge amounts of energy to rip through the area.

  • Grand-Khan Vaas - Barda, who is this guy? Some kind of Elemental spirit? Mighty heaven I hope not!
  • Bard - He is the Dark One, a Master of the Dark Hunters, and one of my worst enemies. He takes deaths of his "servants" very seriously. That's why he's here
  • Glynn - Well, whoever's side he's on, he's proving very helpfull.
  • Barda - Don't get too attached, he's going after we're done.

The 2 God-like being clashed without words, fighting with both shadow-based and regular essence attacks. Meanwhile, Tox and Ughandalore contuined to battle, each equals to eachother. Tox Slashed at Ughandalore with his Bladed Knuckles, as the Ughandalore blocked with his Sword and contuined to block and parry attacks.

  • Tox - I shall have my throne, my Throne of Blood!
  • Ughandalore - Go back to your back-water planets, and trying to get women, because the moment I let you rule over our people as a Tyrant, is the moment I join the DeathMarch.

Tox swipped at Ughandalore's knees, who jumped and slashed downward, in an arcing motion toward his skull. Tox blocked, and then tackled Torska to the ground. The 2 fought, striking and even punching eachother.

Meanwhile, another foe landed to meet Barda. It was Lorka Gredyc.

  • Barda - Why don't you die!?
  • Lorka - Not even death can stop me...or my life support.
  • Barda - Glynn, get to the battle, help the Commandos...and Dark...fight Ne'yon, if you can.
  • Glynn - He won't know what hit him!

Glynn flew into battle, as the 15 struggled to fight Ne'yon. Even with Dark's help, it was clear just how difficult Ne'yon would be.

  • Dark - Ahhh, A Volver. Your race really amuses me. *Blocks a Another blast from Ne'yon* I wonder if your frail little body could even stand before Ne'yon?
  • Glynn - Jeez, no wonder Barda hates you.
  • Dark - Ahh, Barda is here? I knew I detected a weakling here.

He launched another blast from his finger tipes at Ne'yon, who projected a Energy shield, blocking both his attacks, and a blast of Ice and Fire sent by Tialos and Arkaalin.

  • Ne'yon - You are powerfull, "Dark One", but think of what we could do together. We could both become Gods. I have read your mind, it is what you hunger for most. Together, we could be the new Xhodocto!
  • Dark - You think you can kill my servant and then try and bribe me? So this is who I face. Ne'yon the Destroyer and slaver of mortals. Ne'yon the Pawn, Ne'yon the Fool, and soon to be, Ne'yon the dead Fool.

Both launched 2 powerfull beams of Darkness and essence at eachother, an intense balst of energy exploding form the center.

Spear of Apocalypse[]

The smoke clears, and the fighting continues.

  • Ne'yon - Dark...you are a formidable opponent indeed. I've never actually had to try in billions of years.
  • Dark - Don't get used to it, mortal! Your death is certain!
  • Ne'yon - Ditto.

Ne'yon fires a blast from his hands again. This one more powerful than the rest. Dark blocks it but cringes in slight pain. Ne'yon fires again, but this time Glynn blocks it with his shield, and then fires it back at Ne'yon. Ne'yon blocks, but is pushed back. Dark takes the opening and lands a powerful shadow blast to Ne'yon's chest. Ne'yon falls to his knees.

  • Glynn - How do you like that! A taste of your own medicine huh?!
  • Dark - Hmph, he's not as powerful as I thought. Volver, finish him!
  • Glynn - Got it!

Glynn rushes up to Ne'yon and draws his sword. He attempts to decapitate Ne'yon, but is electrocuted by his aura. Glynn, injured, steps back holding his burned arm. Ne'yon stands once more.

  • Ne'yon - It's going to take more than that to kill me.
  • Dark - What...is he?
  • Ne'yon - I've told you all before. I...am...perfaction!!!

Ne'yon roars into the sky. His aura expands and his power increases. He calms down and walks to the temple door. The door opens, revealing Ne'yon's super weapon: The Spear of Apocalypse.

  • Dark - What...is that?
  • Glynn - No! It's the Galactic Devastation Ray!
  • Ne'yon - Your're partially right. It's made from a Staff of Death and the Galactic Devastation Ray. But it doesnt destroy life on a Galactic scale. It wipes out all life in the entire universe!
  • Glynn - You're insane! I won't let you do this!

Glynn charges for Ne'yon, only to be caught by his telekinesis. His pulls Glynn near him and then looks at the Spear.

  • Ne'yon - Dark One, how would you like to see such a weapon be used?
  • Dark - That would be...interesting, to say the least. Though I refuse! I want to rule the universe on my own! You either serve me, or die!
  • Ne'yon - Hmm...very well. I just figured out what I want to test it on. YOU.

The Spear charges it's laser and aims for Dark. Dark begins to take evasive action, but is trapped by Ne'yon's powerful aura. The Spear fires, hitting Dark directly. Dark's body completely dissapears. Weather he died or not is a mystery.

  • Ne'yon - I must say that fellow was quite powerful. It took the force of a weapon that destroys universes to kill him...or whatever happened to him.
  • Glynn - *Struggling* Ne'yon! You'll pay for this I swear!
  • Ne'yon - *Laughs* How? I will soon posses the powers of Spode and Spevile. I will become immortal once again. You cannot defeat me!
  • Averil - We'll see about that!

Averil jumps in with a Nebula Cannon and catches Ne'yon off guard. Ne'yon blocks the blast, but losens his grip on Glynn. Glynn kicks Ne'yon in the throat and then the gut. Ne'yon drops him and holds his stomach.

  • Averil - Heh, did that hurt?
  • Ne'yon - It stung. And now you'll die!

Ne'yon raises his hand and attempts to use his telekinesis again, but it fails. The fight with Dark had drained him. He needed time to recharge. Averil realized this and rushed in for an attack. The two traded blows while Glynn recovered from his burns.

Ughandalore, Barda and W'tze where side to side again, fighting off Lorka, Tox and Solid.

  • Tox - Face it you 3 chumbs, this universe will die, and we will rise as the new Gods!
  • Barda - *Blocks another blow from both Tox and Lorka* Without the Dark One, we'll have trouble defeating them.
  • ??? - Do not be so certain.

Barda was confused. Had he heard that voice? or was it battle stress. Suddenly, a pitch black cloud appeared above them. Barda bit his lip, as he struck at Tox's chest. The smoke zoomed toward Tox and slammed into his body. Tox struggled for a moment, before screaming in pain, and falling to the ground. When he rose, his body was competely black and covered in red scars, like Dark's. His eyes were black and soulless, too.

  • Tox/Dark - I guess this body will have to do.
  • Lorka - Tox?
  • Dark - No longer. His soul had to die so I could have his body. I'll have to abosorb a few bodies to get back my former glory, but, I'll make sure my servant is not disgraced. Prepare to join him, Lorka.

Lorka and Solid clearly outnumbered. With some luck and skill, they could porpably take Barda, maybe Ughandalore and W'tze is they were quick. But Tox possessed by Dark? His troopers where falling back, and even the Blood Guard where not going to stand around knowing their resurgence leader was dead.

Lorka contacted his troops and ordered them to retreat. Solid did the same. They gladly accepted the order, while also taking as much Nebulorian Tech as possible.

  • Dark - Ahh, victory! Now, to deal with Ne'yon...
  • Barda - He and Glynn are already duking it out. Let's go and help.
  • Ughandalore - Warriors! TO ARMS!

Their troops roared in agreement, and while the wounded where treated, Ughandalore, W'tze and their men moved in to help Glynn, as did Lavern, Pulporious and what remained of their armies.

Averil and Ne'yon continue to fight. Eventually, Averil misses a punch and gets kicked in the face by Ne'yon. Averil stumbles backwards holding his bloody face. Ne'yon charges at him and continues to attack him at high speed. Ne'yon was too fast for Averil. He finally finishes him off by knocking him down with his forearm.

Glynn vs Ne'yon[]

  • Ne'yon - You seriously thought that I couldn't fight without my powers? I am a master of 23 martial arts.
  • Averil - Dang it...he's too strong!
  • Glynn - Averil stand down. This is my fight. I dragged everyone into this war, and I'm gonna be the one to end it.
  • Ne'yon - Ah yes...the Volver. You all are a persistent lot aren't you?
  • Glynn - I refuse to die a coward, so yeah.

Glynn charges for Ne'yon. Ne'yon had finally regained his powers and stopped Glynn with his telekinesis. But somehow, Glynn charged through and stabbed Ne'yon with his sword. Ne'yon fell backwards in disbelief and pushed Glynn back with an energy pulse.

  • Ne'yon - What the!? You resisted my powers!? How can this be!? And that sword actually...hurt me!
  • Glynn - I'm just as surprised as you are...But I'm not through with you just yet!
  • Ne'yon - The Volver...Amphibious Sapiens. Your kind have evolved with perfect survival adaptations. Antlers and claws for fighting, poison for self defense and immunity, powerful leg muscles to jump very high, wings to fly great distances, you can survive underwater and even in space for extended periods of time. Your race seems perfect. But only I am true perfection.

Ne'yon shoots a lightning bolt at Glynn. He blocks it with his sword and runs at Ne'yon. Ne'yon quickly dodges the sword, but is slashed a couple times before graving and slamming Glynn into the temple door. Glynn gets up ready to go again. Ne'yon raises his hand and grabs Glynn with his powers, then pulls him over to him.

  • Ne'yon - That sword! Remember now! It was Zirux's wasn't it!?
  • Glynn - Y-yeah...what's it to you?
  • Ne'yon - That bastard is the only person who ever defeated me! You posses my bane. And I will destroy it, along with you!
  • Glynn - This sword belonged to my great-grandfather! You won't destroy it!
  • Ne'yon - Zirux was your ancestor? Even better, I get to destroy his weapon and kill his descendant!

Ne'yon shoots a plasma bolt at Glynn, but Averil manages to take the blast for him. Averil falls to the ground, burned badly. Ne'yon loses his grip again and is attacked ruthlessly by Glynn. Glynn stabs Ne'yon In the chest multiple times and breaks his armor. Ne'yon fell to his knees, powerless against the legendary sword.

  • Ne'yon - No! This cannot happen! I am a god!
  • Averil - *Raspy Voice* You aren't anything. Just another fool like Ziskin.
  • Glynn - How does it feel to fall before an "inferior lifeform". You used your amazing power without rest. That fight with the Dark One left you drained.
  • Ne'yon - No...no...no!! I won't die here! I've accomplished too much! The non-believers will die!!

Ne'yon activates the Spear and sets it for Universal Annihilation.

  • Ne'yon - If I'm going to die...I'm taking thus planet with me!!!

The Spear was charging, and it could not be stopped. It's power cell started to coat themselves in boiling, superheated and highly acidic plasma that could kill even a Nebulorian. If that didn't do the trick, then it would electrocute the attacker.

  • Si'daal - Oh no! He's done it!
  • Lavern - We're doomed! Doomed, I say!

All of the soldiers, good and evil, looked at the shining, bright light. They were struck with absolute fear.

  • Glynn - W'tze, take our troops and Averil. I'll handle this.
  • W'tze - Glynn! We can't leave you! Besides it's no use if we all die anyways!
  • Glynn - Not if I can stop it. Go. I'll reroute the blast and turn it into an explosion. You guys need to be as far away as possible. Tell my wife and son...I'm sorry.
  • W'tze - What?! What for!?
  • Glynn - ......I'm not coming back.

Omega Destruction[]

Glynn flies over to the Spear as W'tze evacuates everyone onto their war ships. They take off shortly after. Ne'yon was sitting on the stairs, injured.

  • Ne'yon - I could have granted you any wish Glynn. I can bring back your friend...Shaank.
  • Glynn - Don't screw with me Ne'yon. Shaank's dead. He can't be bought back.
  • Ne'yon - Hmph...very well...I hope you realize that your plan to destroy this thing will fail. If it explodes, your universe will still be destroyed.
  • Glynn - Not if it isn't my universe.

Glynn hops in a tank and tows the weapon through a portal Ne'yon had opened. They ended up inside of the Omega Dimension.

  • Ne'yon - What!? No!! No!!
  • Glynn - It's over Ne'yon!!

Glynn hops underneath the Spear and stabs the core with his sword. The weapon explodes, destroying the entire Omega Dimension. Debris flies through the portal. Parts of the weapon....and Glynn's sword and helmet.


On a darkened planet, orbiting a black dwarf star, a flame appeared. It became bigger, and turned into Mortox III, leader of the Meeno Grox. Mortox walked to Dark's fortress, when he was suddenly stopped by Queen Tordaka.

  • Tordaka - Wrong planet, Mortox. This isn't territory of the Alpha Cyber Collecive.
  • Mortox - Female Grox. Inferior and unwanted.
  • Tordaka - Why do you and Terrox hate female Grox that much?
  • Mortox - You should know. Grox are genderless. Female Grox are an accident that was never meant to happen. Your gender means nothing to me. Your accidental personality...everything. Your deceptions, even more. Now, bring me to Dark. I have a deal for him.
  • Tordaka - *Disgusted* As you wish.

Mortox and Tordaka, guarded by some Bio-Morphlings, walked over to the fortress. On Dark's throne sat Tox. His body was already mutating. At his side where the Hunters Sentry and Recorder.

  • Mortox - Dark one.
  • Dark - Mirus Grox king.
  • Mortox - I have a deal. You will give me Tox' body when your healing process is complete. I also demand these bounty hunters: Fire-Dracoenix, Brute, Hybrid, Anarchoid, and Pyro-Maniac. You remember that Grox Warlord Tyrannt is missing in action? He was my second-in-command all way long.
  • Dark - Hmpf. But why should I give in to your demands?
  • Mortox - We want the same thing. You are Darkness incarnated, and I am like a mix of Fire and Death. Imagine the power we could reap from working together...you'll have a near-endless army of Conqrix at your command, charring everything black as night wherever they go...morehowever, if you accept, I can give you some Bio-Morphlings for the Mutran Spider Hordes.
  • Dark - Fair enough. The things you asked for will arrive at Meeno Attzerry.
  • Mortox - Great. Now, if you excuse me, I have other things to do...

Mortox once more turned into a flame, and dissapeared.

On the remaining Nebulorain flagship...

  • Lorka - Damn...We lost.
  • Solid - See the bright side of it. We got some Nebulorain ships to add to our fleets, and you are the new Overlord. Besides, I collected the remains of the Spear.
  • Lorka - I guess you are right...but still, Tox is dead.
  • Mortox - And you will join him soon.

Lorka looked, and saw Mortox. He drew his sword, but it was too late. Mortox burned Lorka to a crisp.

  • Solid - What have you done?

Mortox simply walked to Lorka's corpse, and injects him with a special serum. Lorka comes back to life.

  • Mortox - You have recieved death's blessing. You are practically dead, but the nanomachines in your body keep you alive. You can now summon undead to protect you. When time comes, Lorka, you and the Dead Watch will join the Grox.

Without taking other actions, Mortox dissapears.

  • Solid - Well, that was confusing. What was he talking about?
  • Lorka - I don't know. The only thing I know is that you should also try death. I feel reborn!
  • Solid - Anyways, we must wait, and strike again when the time is right.
  • Lorka - Indeed. The time will come. The Meeno will strike...soon enough...

The fleet entered a wormhole with brought them back to Mirus. The war had ended, but the dangers were far from over...

Victory and Sacrifice[]

Ughandalore, Barda, W'tze, Pulorious, Grand-Khan Vaas and the Ultra Commandos, along with the Soldarians, Volver, and other victors of the Allies, gathered to rember Bengo, King Glynn, and the other brave warriors who had died. It was on the Antroth home world, Farmia, so of course, Si'Daal and Oskel were present. Of course, Glynn's wife and young son, Brygon, were also in attendance. Their great grief was visible to the Raptoraneans in attendance, even at the other side of the plaza. W'tze had gone over in a futile attempt to console the two.

Ughandalore spoke on a podium, overlooking the crowds, a banner with Glynn's image draped behind him.

In memory of The Legendary King Glynnorious I

  • Ughandalore - I remember Glynn as a proud, strong warrior. He could've fit right in with my kind, and was a worthy leader to a worthy people. While we must remember him and his sacrifice for the Universe, We must move forward, and remember his great deeds with a strong heart, and a blade ready for any who would defile what he stood for.