The Naxridon Empire is a miniscule empire drawn into the Reclamation Conflict after the Xhodocto unleashed a series of attacks all over the universe. The Naxridon are barely into the Space Stage; making them a Tier 5 Empire. The Naxridon were inactive for almost a decade and recently begun to become involved again.

Species Edit

The Naxridon Species are an average sized race, about 5'8". They, like most reptilians, are cold blooded creatures - which thankfully Naxri (their homeplanet) is a warm planet. Naxri are slightly weaker than humans, but much faster and can climb great heights. They can also see better than humans and have a keener sense of smell and hearing. They are actually amphibious in most cases, as they can stay underwater and swim underwater for some time.

Naxridon are more articulate than humans and generally more intelligent. Naxridon militia can include biogenetically engineered soldiers (stronger and faster than the average Naxridon), but mainly Naxridon tend to stay away from battle when possible.

Naxridon lifestyle is very similar to humans - though the main difference is that Naxridon do not follow a religion, therefore having no knowledge of higher entities (such as Kamik'Shi). Naxridon, by nature, are a very inquisitive species, most or all of them being scientists or diplomats. They are not as extreme as some diplomatic empires, as they do have the power to go to war. However, compared to the other empires which dominate the universe, the Naxridon's milita would be instantly crushed.

History Edit


Naxri suffering from the Nuclear Winter.

The Naxridon's Empire was an economic takeover, certain nations bought out each other until one nation (the richest nation of all) controlled the entire planet. Some nations were warmongering, costing the lives of many Naxridon. Their civilisation stage lasted about 4,000 years. After the economic domination of the planet, uprisings happened which destroyed many parts of Naxri (some nations developed nuclear weaponry - Naxri turned into a nuclear warzone) and left Naxri's population short. Naxri suffered 1,250 years of Nuclear Winter, and took a further 1,000 years for the planet to recover from the destruction. And then a further 150 for them to develop advanced space travel.

The Naxridon soon discovered, much to their joy, 34 other species (which oddly just made their ascent into space), and created a intersolar alliance. The Naxirdon's extent spanned to 122 systems and 1,210 stations.

Xhodocto Invasion Edit

Spore 2010-10-11 17-42-30

A Xhodocto Hypercruiser files over N-8228

During the Reclamation Conflict, the Xhodocto were unleashed again. The Xhodocto willingly attacked many empires all over the universe, and three Hypercruisers came to Colony N-8228. The Hypercruisers intimidated the Naxridon into attacking the Xhodocto ships; the Hypercruisers retreated, only to have the Unidentified Ship fly over N-8228. The ship, about fifty times the size of a Hypercruiser, turned the planet to charcoal within minutes. Some escaped the planet, with seconds to spare. A comment from the Naxridon Commandant Liio is below;

Those ships just flew away like it was no-one's business. Then, all of a sudden, the planet was shadowed. This absolutely terrifying ship dwarfed entire continents...made us feel too small. We started the evacuation; our ship was the only one who made it out. A huge, red light appeared under the ship, and then, a blinding flash. It took many minutes for us for our vision to return, only to see our colony as a boiling ball of lava and smoking rocks. I knew the commander of that ship knew that we escaped, for some reason he turned away...and burned more colonies. 15,000 of us survived that day. 115 million were killed. Our extent went from 330 to 122 in three hours.

Some of the Naxridon survivors have taken refuge in the Sagittarius Dwarf, next to the Milky Way. They are under protection of the DCP, which is fighting against the Xhodocto in the war.

Reclusion & Re-emergence Edit

The Naxridon Empire, at the very time of the N 8228 Crisis seemed to have vanished. During this time, the Great Cyrannus War was in full swing, and the multiverse was wrecked by the Xhodocto. It appeared that the Naxridon Empire survived the onslaught in the Milky Way Galaxy - of which all seemed to be left of the empire. Judging by some estimates, the Naxridon's extent has raised from 122 to 849.

Militia Edit

Naxridon Empire Militia

The Naxridon Empire Militia is sophisticated for a Tier 4 empire - using high sources of technology given from the Kicath Empire.

Trivia Edit

  • This is Xho's least advanced fiction.
  • The Naxridon possess great similarities to the URC, but have far less extent.
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