Tuuros is divided. It always has been and always will be, until the end of time itself. We will make no attempt in uniting it; but we will indeed live in peace with those who live in peace with us.

- Tanaxelava Llatac, c. 20,548 BC in a speech condemning The Congregation

The Nansuloan Convocation (Tuuros Basic: Llatacnumucoal Nansuloanoalec) is a federal republic superpower situated within the Tala-Lok Sector of the Tuuros Galaxy. One of the oldest surviving states within the Tuuros Galaxy, the Nanusuloan Convocation has been at the forefront of Tuuros' democratic plight for nearly ninety five thousand years, and has endured many wars with its neighbouring states, many of which no longer exist within Tuuros' geopolitical landscape. Despite their comparatively peaceful regime, the Nansuloan Convocation are unmistakably grown from the Tuuros Galaxy, and have little to no tolerance of those who wish to bring harm upon them.


Establishing a political territory in the Tala-Lok Sector of the Tuuros Galaxy, the Nanusuloan Convocation originated from the Nanusuloan homeworld of Tallok Nal in 92,648 BC. Throughout its history, the Nanusuloan Convocation has arguably remained the most stable political state within the galaxy itself, although within its extensive history has also been subject and has instigated multiple conflicts. The Nanusuloans have had a long standing and uneasy relationship with the Asilaphean Empire - a state with more executive powers given to lesser individuals - that have had multiple territorial conflicts over the millennia. Within the past few centuries, the Nanusuloans and the Asilapheans have maintained unenthusiastic relations, although it has stabilised to the degree where embassies have been established as well as lucrative trade routes.

The Nanusuloans and Asilapheans collectively are part of an unofficial political alliance - only so named due to heavy instability within the galaxy itself, and thus the territories under their control have seen the least violence and war over the modern galaxy's history. Between the two, the Nanusuloan Convocation and the Asilaphean Empire have had military alliances against The Congregation in the past, alongside multiple other splinter factions of the Schism that are opposed to the rest of the galaxy. The Nanusuloan Convocation had suffered heavy losses in the conflicts against The Congregation, with the death toll reaching well into the trillions by the end of the War of Ages. Without the presence of the Congregation in Tuuros, the galaxy has becoming increasingly unstable as political and territorial boundaries are expanding at a volatile rate, and the Nansuoloan Convocation has remained fairly stagnant in comparison - their territories becoming more and more appealing to the less inclined for violence within the galaxy.



The Nanusuloan Convocation has undergone numerous political reforms, originating as a monarchy and in the present day a federal republic by most Gigaquadrantic standards. Within the Nanusuloan language, the equivalent of a president is the Llatac - elected by a political party as per a common period of elections every thirteen years. The inner provinces of the Nanusuloan Convocation are largely autonomous, with their own devolved councils and political congregations that echo back to the Llatac and the chamber he or she presides over.


  • Name - Tinuxulum Amutalzaovi Llatac
  • Role - President of the Nanusuloan Convocation
  • In Office - 2810 -

Amutalzaovi of House Tinixulum, Llatac of the Nanusuloan Convocation is the 242nd Llatac of the Nanusuloan Convocation. A former military commander, Amutalzaovi's tenure as the current Llatac has seen increasing pressure in the militarisation of the Convocation, as he himself believes that the Tuuros Galaxy has grown increasingly unstable in the decades after the Congregation's dissolution. Though his foreign policies are as accommodating as past Llataca, the increasing pressure of militarisation of the Nanusuloan Convocation has seen sociopolitical downturns, and many are projecting an economic downturn to the increasing size of the military.

Many fear that Amutalzaovi's intentions are secretly hostile despite multiple claims that his government have no intention of warfare against the more hostile civilisations of the Tuuros Galaxy. Nevertheless, Amutalzaovi predicts an oncoming war against the Schism which has seen polarised opinions; some see the Tuuros Galaxy on the fringe of a galactic war, whilst others believe that Amutalzaovi is using anti-Schism propaganda to justify a so-called vanity project.


Pro-Frontierist  · Expansionist  · Pro-Militarist  · Anti-Schism  · Anti-Gigaquadrantism


The Nanusuloan Convocation has maintained a territorial status of approximately 877,000 systems within the Tuuros Galaxy since the end of the War of Ages. At the Convocation's height, the territorial control of spanned across the Tala-Lok sector and peaked at approximately 1,419,000 systems, although their war with The Congregation had cost them multiple planets; many of which were salvageable following the Congregation's genocidal wake. The most important world, culturally and economically of the Nanusuloan Convocation is the Nanusuloan homeworld of Tallok Nal. The Convocation has twenty two autonomous sub-states within its territory, all of which are headed by a single Llanuctul, or councillor. Each autonomous state has a capital of its region.


Currently, the Nanusuloan Convocation is in a period of economic stagnation, and there are many expectations that Amutalzaovi Llatac's militarisation project will become a heavy factor in what is thought to be a declining economy by 2820. The Nanusuloan Convocation utilises the Tala-Yaton Exchange Unit, a currency also in use by the Asilaphean Empire and many fledgling states between the Tala-Lok, Tala-Tol and Yaton-Tala Sectors. Thus, the Asilapheans condemn the militarisation project that the Nanusuloan Convocation is undertaking; projecting a probable TYU 18.2 quadrillion debt for the Convocation if the project does not come to any fruition.

In comparison, the Nanusuloan Convocation is among the strongest economies within the Tuuros Galaxy; with its economic competitors being the Asilaphean Empire and the Sumikian Commerce Nexus. With a geographical situation close towards the core, the Nanusuloan Convocation has one of the largest figures for production of energy due to many energy projects harnessing from the galactic core - this has often been the subject of many political and violent disputes of the Convocation's history, and their energy sector has seen large peaks and troughs because of it.


Social Customs[]

The Nanusuloan Convocation is among Tuuros' most culturally diverse states; with approximately 30% of the 644.4 trillion population being of another race from the Tuuros Galaxy. Although the political state of the Convocation is against the races from the Schism, the Convocation in itself has very little record or presence of xenophobia within its territories, and multiple Schism Races live within the Convocations territories; although with Amutalzaovi's presidency, many of the Schism Races fear that their liberties will be taken from them. In a Gigaquadrantic sense, the Nanusuloans as a species have similarities with the Kicath in terms of social custom - both races have strong, analytical cultural customs and are ultimately tolerant of foreign culture. Religious practice is not sanctioned, nor is there discrimination against sexuality or race, although the latter varies throughout the Tala-Lok Sector. Racism is in fact legal within the Nanusuloan Convocation, although it is ethically frowned upon.


The Nanusuloans are almost universally atheistic; though not irreligious. Extremely small percentages of the Nanusuloans still practice the native spiritualistic religion that originated on Tallok Nal, although ninety five thousand years of spacefaring has secularised the vast majority of their race. Very few Nanusuloans practice foreign religions as well; although culturally they are tolerant of other religions. Belief in the Xhodocto is prevalent across the Tuuros Galaxy in varying levels of extremity; the Convocation deeming more volatile religious practices illegal.


Formal Relations[]



Green face.pngTo quell the flames of the galaxy is not with war but with words.

Good Terms[]


Blue face.pngHow unusual that you have not waged a conflict against us.

  • N/A



Yellow face.pngSay your piece.



Orange face.pngDo not test our patience. Many have done so and have been eradicated along the way.


Red face.pngAny sudden movement against us, and you will soon know why we have remained in this galaxy for so long.

  • N/A



For what strength they have, and they use their words? The time will come when their strength is tested, and whether they are worthy of our attention.

- Salaxannasus, Emperor of the Asilapheans

You are right to fear the Schism. Soon, you shall join it.

- Sethzak
  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II