Nanda Tessala is a human female officer in service of the Legatus Finduilica with ambitious to rise higher in the ranks. A loyal and capable officer within the Legatus Navy, by march 21 AQF she was assigend to serve within the elite Imperial-Legatus taskforce known as Raptor Squadron under mandator Camron Dar.



Nanda's light cruiser is disabled above Rottum by dissident forces

Nanda Tessala was born within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and was just a child when the Legatus Finduilica invaded the Kingdom and placed it under its protectorate. Joining the Imperial Academy she proved herself to be a capable fighter pilot and tactician. After a few years serving as an ASP-IV fighter pilot she was promoted to captain within the Legatus. One the youngest ever in the history of the Legatus. She was given command of an Arquitens-class light cruiser. One month after her promotion and assuming command of her light cruiser she was patrolling the area near Rottum when dissidents attacked the base and stole stored Space F16s. Arriving at Rottum to intercept the dissidents she made a vital mistake to attack them at close range and her ship was soon disabled.

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Realising too late the plan of Stench as the Falcon comes near

After repairing her ship, Nanda and her crew were part of the task force under command of Lady Astrosia and she faced the dissidents once again during the Battle of Home Base where the Legatus easily overpowered the desperate dissidents and send them on the run. Nanda and her crew were assigned to become part of the joint Imperial-Legatus task force known as Raptor Squadron, with a single goal of hunting down the Cyrandia Resistance. Her first mission saw her being dispatched to support Raptor Squadron troops at Tar Kuuraen where she unsuccesfully tried to prevent the departure of Resistance forces led by Corva and Tyronius. Almost managing to disable the CC-10 corvettes, Nanda and her crew were too late to evade collision with the light freighter Falcon commandeered by Stench as he rammed the Falcon into the engines. An act and sacrifice that allowed his two friends to escape capture. Nanda and her crew were forced to remain at Tar Kuuraen until their ship was repaired.

In August 2820, she was part of the Raptor Squadron fleet that disabled the Dinotopian Republic star destroyer fleet in orbit of Bikasulam, removing them from the war for a prolonged period of time. In September she commanded the Provocateur during the second battle of Ramgotheria though was surprised when she recieved orders to fall back to Pauvenris. Giving up her position she issued the orders to head towards Pauvenris.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Nanda Tessala is a proud and young captain in service of the Empire/Legatus. She proved herself to be a gifted yet inexperienced starship commanding officer. An ambitious climber, she regards her duties as vital for the Legatus and Empire and shows great disdain for dissidents and those that refuse the Imperial order.

Nanda, unlike many other Imperial officers shows a degree of camaraderie towards her subordinates, a trait she kept during her time as fighter pilot. However she can also be officious and petty towards subordinates and is sometimes described as too arrogant for her age. Her hair is dyed red and on her face she has facial freckles, something she doesn't like to be joked about.

Nanda commands the Arquitens-class light cruiser Provocateur.



Blue faceI envy them!


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  • Astrosia - The dark lady, she is spooky


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